Monday, December 7, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 7th - ready to pounce

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Ok, here we go. We will all be busy. The energy is similar to last week.

(this energy really breaks up around Christmas which will maybe give everyone one more thing to celebrate)

Mars has multiple major aspects. He squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Both of these positions are challenging. Let's look at them separately.

1. Mars square Pluto (this aspect is past exact - it was exact on Sunday - but still in play).

We might ask ourselves now:

"Where do I need to stand up for myself? How can I focus my will? How do I express anger? How do I work with power? When is my anger out of proportion to the situation?"

Hubs used to get really crazy in traffic when we were younger. I could never understand the big emotional response he would get when someone followed closer than he would like or pulled in front of him.

Being cut off  - other spaces where we have been cut off, where someone has shut us up, where someone appears to be have gotten "ahead of us",

being followed too closely - other spaces in our lives where people are on our back, where people have been nipping on our heels, breathing down our necks, where we have not been fast enough -

when we feel an emotion that is out of proportion to what is happening we know it is activating something else - something our physical or emotional self is holding.

If we are conscious this week - we might note what is activated in us and work on releasing it in healthy ways. Physical exercise is very helpful right now.

Anger can be a “negative” emotion,  when perverted into rage or violence or when it is repressed, so that it squeezes out sideways in passive-aggressive responses and actions. But anger is passion, too. We can't get angry if we don't care. Passion is the energy of creation - passion makes the world. Anger is a similar energy alerting us to the need to remake our world when our creation has gone wrong. Let's try to stay conscious.

Mars (war, starting energy, the development of will, the expansion of courage, anger, selfishness, what we go after, violence) squares Pluto (power, control, karma, transformation, authority). A square is a transit that creates growth through tension and frustration. Something happens and forces us to do something. Mars is in Libra (women, love, money, values, art). Pluto is in Capricorn (integrity, solitude, business, power).

Toss all the parenthesized words into your salad and see what you come up with in your own life.

(interesting there was a rare woman involved in last week's shooting while Mars is in Libra)

This transit will affect us most strongly if we have planets in our natal chart between 11 and 19 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Check your natal chart. Also see what natal houses hold Libra and Capricorn. Those will be the fields of play.

2. Mars opposing Uranus (this aspect is building, in play all week and will be exact on the 10th)

Mars (war, starting energy, the development of will, the expansion of courage, anger, selfishness, what we go after, violence) opposes Uranus (genius, innovation, technology, rebellion, eccentricity, fast change). An opposition is a transit that creates growth through opposition. Something or someone else is doing something to us. Something happens that requires us to make a decision. Mars is in Libra (women, love, money, values, art). Uranus is in Aries (starting energy, the development of will, the expansion of courage, anger, selfishness, what we go after, a love of the battle). You can see how this transit's similarities to Mars square Pluto makes it all the more powerful.

EXAMPLE - for Aries (rising, Sun in whole house astrology) : Mars (1st house) triggers Uranus (7th house) - this triggers the unexpected in a relationship. The other person (or you) makes an unexpected move. A bridge is burned. A fire started. Think this through first. Wait for the New Moon to make your next steps.

And of course we have the background Saturn/Neptune square requiring us to face reality and dissolving our illusions. Which sounds like a good thing until we are actually living through it. Also remember we are approaching winter and in the days of releasing what we don't need. Productive Moons all week, but expected the unexpected and with aspects to Jupiter, there will be a tendency to overdo things and have more to do than we can get done. Take time for yourself!

 (Note - if you are prone to panic attacks, this week's energy might bring one on. I had one last night. Haven't had one since March. Played Taylor Swift - Shake It Off. Went to bed early.)

On Monday, the Moon slides into Scorpio, conjuncting Venus and trining Neptune. Good time to focus on Scorpio stuff (Mon/Tues) - loans, taxes, insurance, finances, reproduction, death/birth issues. Venus trine Neptune can offer up a fresh start with a woman, love or income issue and help us attract what we need/want. Anything we have going on that requires intuition or Neptunian themes will get movement (brakes off). Some people will attract great inspiration (or possibly isolation - where'd everybody go?) - yes, those ideas really are already out there just waiting for the right person to "pluck" them like an apple. Be warned - commitment comes with the "pick".

Mars opposition is building - unexpected anger or angry actions can come anytime this week. Let's keep our heads. Negotiations can break down now. 

On Tuesday, there is a Sun/ Uranus aspect that brings the spotlight, an opportunity for sudden change or evolves us forward in some way. Anything that comes up quickly would have to be jumped on.

Mercury enters Capricorn on Wednesday where he will hang out for the rest of the month. Talks get serious. Communications take on a more professional tone. Watch peppering our conversations with nonsense and chitchat. Serious talk gets serious results now. Ideas presented to higher ups must be practical and structurally sound. Just the facts, jack. Mercury is answering to Saturn now. Take what you hear seriously, too. If you don't understand, ask for clarification. Mercury squares the Nodes of Fate and presents us with a crossroads. Make an adjustment.

On Thursday Mars opposition to Uranus is exact. Who is standing in our way? Who are we trying to control? How's that working for ya'? Whatever is happening between us and someone else is highlighted now - could be something that kicked off around November 24th is wrapping up or relate back to last weekend. Watch for fires. Don't leave candles burning. Drive safely. We'll keep our cool. There could be a lightning bolt attraction or leap for freedom that takes us by surprise.

On Friday we have a New Moon in Sagittarius - fire sign New Moons are very potent for fresh starts. There are also some other aspects (mystic rectangle - yes, there are things called mystic rectangles ... don't you love astrology!) giving this one the potential for something BIG. Will post about this in a couple days. Check the house of 19 degrees Sagittarius in your natal chart to scope out the territory. xo all

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