Sunday, January 10, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 11th - back in the driver's seat, positive progress and reading smoke signals

drive by simsalabima

Everything old is new again ....thank you New Moon in Capricorn! Still time to set your New Moon intentions. This one is in the Capricorn house of permanent changes, so changes we make before the first quarter Moon on the 16th will have excellent sticking power.

Our Sun in Capricorn trines (brakes off) benevolent and lucky Jupiter (recently retrograde in Virgo) on Wednesday and then trines the North Node of Fate (also in Virgo) on Thursday. The Sun is then conjunct Mercury (retrograde in Capricorn) and trining Jupiter and the North Node. This week could feel pretty damn good. Maybe we'll all win the Powerball!

While these influences are exact mid-week, we may feel them as early as Monday.

With Mercury's retrograde (especially in sober and all-business Capricorn) coaxing us to take a second look, to make a correction, to ask that question again - this alignment is the perfect opportunity to get it right this time. 

Venus is now in harmony with Uranus giving us a very real opportunity for something/someone we thought was over or something we thought we missed out on to come back around again. So, although for brand new opportunities this is the time to take our time, for past opportunities or things or people that we were maybe disillusioned with or thought we were finished with, well, maybe we'll decide to give it another go-round or maybe this will at least be a good chance to clear the air and energy, so we can all move on. Either way it's a win.

Being sober and taking care of business will play a large role in any success now but there is also an element of "luck" with right time/right place situations. Any luck or opportunity will manifest because preparation has met inspiration has met right timing! It will be what we do with the information/work that is right in front of us that makes us "lucky". Water signs (Sun and Rising) can be especially lucky with money now.

Some things may appear to just fall right into place. Yes, even during Mercury Retrograde this happens sometimes :)

Sometimes there's a little twist first. Like maybe the house we want falls through, but then suddenly the house we wanted last year, the one we really wanted in the first place is suddenly available again. Or maybe a person or situation from the past turns back up at precisely the right time to get us thinking, and moving, in a new and better direction. Maybe a mistake we find while we are re-checking one thing (that costs us money) leads us to discover another mistake that will save us a bundle.

The profit/advantage to us may or may not be immediately apparent - it may show up later on. Maybe when Mercury stations direct at the end of January or maybe when Jupiter stations direct in early May.

Both Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs. So there's a need now for work, practicality and a focus on the small stuff (yes, still - we're ready for this, right). We may not be able to move forward from where we are now, but we can rework old information or redo something. Earth signs are about making things real. The stuff being re-rooted/re-routed now will lead to actual physical changes and material manifestations. Where is your Capricorn house again? What were your New Moon intentions?

This is the time/space that can put us back in the driver's seat or at least reconfirm/illuminate why we started down this particular road in the first place.

Note - the Moon is void all day Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (expect some wonkiness, best times for practiced, productive work) . This week's energy will also bring any pre-holiday chickens home to roost - so whatever we pushed off our to-do lists then will have to be pulled out to be taken care of now. Bills, too (ouch).

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Funny you should mention 'house' since we have made the decision to move from the farmette and into town. (It's not the amount of work it takes to maintain acres and acres; it's the maintenance of all of the equipment you need to maintain acres and acres.) I have gone through all of our cra . . . ahem, possessions and have bags of trash and those things weighing us down. Wow, that feels great! And out of nowhere, no sign on the lawn, a potential buyer looking to move into the country called to us! Weird coincidence? Perfectly set intentions? So now it's out in the Universe that we are ready to make a change - no hurry, no necessity to rush into anything - just ready.

I don't know where my Capricorn house is but I have re-booted my brain to get ready for this big change. Big. Scary. Change.


Catherine Ivins said...

Interesting .... your Capricorn house (natal) is your 12th house. The 12th house is the final house (ruled by Pisces/Neptune - your chart ruler actually since you are a Pisces rising) so it rules the unconscious - what have we swept under the rug? like those bags of trash ha! it also rules the places that confine us (prisons, hospitals) or spaces that 'limit our freedom' so if the responsibilities of your farm have just become too confining this makes perfect sense! the 12th house is where we stand on the precipice and decide which way we go next .... with your north node in Pisces this is kind of the space you carry around for all of us anyway ... thank you :) xo

Catherine Ivins said...

of course, you are aquarius rising if I round differently (you have both in your 1st house) - still fits though!

lynn bowes said...

Again - funny. I have been telling Ed that this next move will be into our final house. I ain't doing it again. Surely that doesn't mean my days are growing short???? eek. So much to do!

Another issue is that being out here truly has limited us from doing things that would be closer in town. When you live 20 miles from all that is happening, you tend to stay put and not get out much. Hmmmmmmmm. So it's all unfolding as it should.

I carry the 'deciding space' for everyone?

Catherine Ivins said...

well, a piece of it as an aspirational thing :)

it's funny we want to move from town to a farmette ... stay put and not get out much, yes, I could see that, that wouldn't be a good thing for us either, at least hubs wouldn't like it, I can hunker in pretty good, not so good for me anymore though

well, maybe just your last big move or maybe you will be there a very long time or maybe you'll just stand on that precipice and decide again!