Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | week of January 4th - freedom vs. control, mercury retrograde - part lll

the game by vi mark

I cannot believe this week has taken three long posts just to list all the aspects. If you are having a baby this week ... well, he or she is going to be carrying some very big energy!

Good luck to the new mommies and daddies out there with that :)

See part I and part II 

We are in the Balsamic Moon Phase (here's a post on Jess's blog about that) so if you are not feeling the New Year "go-go-go, hit the ground running, fresh start thing" use this time to rest. You can't really go wrong with the Moons.

OK, back to this week- today we have the Sun conjunct Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn. This feels like some kind of relentless ambition or a light thrown on some area of power. Whatever this is it is getting us ready for the New Moon in Capricorn at the end of the week.

On Thursday, Jupiter stations retrograde (yes, another retrograde planet).

This takes us back to the October 12th New Moon when Jupiter first entered the space he is about to retrace. You might remember we had a Jupiter/Pluto trine - a fresh start, wealth and abundance energy. I don't talk about that kind of thing very often (it's the whole glass half empty thing I think), so when I do, and I did, you might take notice!

There is a test with this transit (Moon square Jupiter) re: self control. We don't want to get over confident with this energy. Greed, extravagance are no-go's here. Remember, Jupiter is in Virgo - small, measured steps, just do the work. If something kicked off for you in mid October, this is your chance (through early May) to get all your ducks in a row with it.

Jupiter is stationing retrograde on the North Node of Fate and he is traveling with the Node of Fate for all of January and most of February! This is about connecting us with our fate. Since he is retrograde these connections may involve people, places and activities from our past. This will be about our work, health, daily routine or pets since the North Node (and Jupiter) are in Virgo (work, health, routine). Mercury will also be trining Jupiter during this transit (plus he is the ruler of Virgo!) - a VERY positive aspect. Check your natal chart for 22-24 degrees Virgo to see where this connection with fate will come from for you. 23 Virgo sits on the cusp on my 10th and 11th houses - so for me this will come through work (10th house) or a friend (11 house) - if you would like me to check for you, just let me know!

We'll talk more about this as we move through the winter, but let's keep our eyes, ears, minds and especially our hearts open. We don't necessarily have to say yes to every opportunity presented now, but we definitely want to take a phone number or business card!

I am going to do a 2016 year ahead post next - I have had a few people ask me for kind of an overview of the energies and also wanting to know when things are going to get 'back to normal'. The second part is easy because there is no 'back to normal' - life has reset for all of us.

It's like we've moved from the Serta perfect sleeper to the water bed - we just have to roll with it now even as our head bumps against the wall and we roll awake every time our partner takes a deep breath - that old mattress is sitting at the bottom of the garbage dump with two years worth of empty Hungry Man dinner boxes lying on top of it.

The mutable signs will feel this year the strongest. And with 4 Mercury retrogrades in earth signs in 2016, lots of physical changes to people's lives will be happening. Spring will be nuts. The way through everything is still Virgo .... we've got that part down .... 2016 will be a year of sobriety - we are all going to need a clear head for this one. xo all


stregata said...

Wishing you all the best for this year, Cat.
Could you please explain where/how this connection with fate is working in my natal chart?
xo Renate

Catherine Ivins said...

Happy New Year to you, too Renate! I have a wholesale order to do tomorrow and then will check your chart on Friday.

xo- Cat :)

stregata said...

Thank you, Cat. No rush. Please know that your taking the time to help is much appreciated. xo Renate

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Renate- Sorry I meant to get back here sooner! 22 Virgo in your natal is in your 10th house of career and public life (also the house of your father) so the connection with fate will come from something/someone to do with this area (career, public life, maybe a male authority figure, father, father's side of the family). Also your natal Jupiter is 25 degrees Virgo so very near everything that is happening now and then stronger when Jupiter gets back to this same degree in late spring/early summer. This year is your Jupiter return so this is all much more important to you! Here's a good link http://astrology.about.com/od/thebirthchart/qt/Jupiter-Return.htm

For this week (1/11) the Sun and Mercury (retrograde) in your 3rd house of communication (transportation, siblings, local community) trine (brakes off) Jupiter Rx and The North Node in your career house. You may reconnect with a someone from the past, or revisit a discussion or communication. Double check all emails/documents, as the discovery of errors can have a wide-ranging impact. Or maybe you correct or return to an official document, which can eventually position you in a more advantageous place. Think work/career/public life communications that move things forward (the forward may come later though, but it will come). Something with a sibling (if you have one or someone like a sibling) may require a second look. There are definite opportunities to advance maybe in a totally new career area or big change in public life with that Jupiter return but for now, look carefully at what you do versus what you earn or what you do vs your communications or 3rd house stuff. There’s no reason why reality can’t meet your expectations, but there’s some crucial details you need to work out or a more disciplined approach that needs to be applied. Saturn has past the degree of your Saturn return but you are probably still feeling him.