Monday, March 14, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 14th - stretching within structure

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This is another week we will be pushing forward through the misty energy that is the time between the eclipses. This busy period in Pisces season reminds us to take care of ourselves, set boundaries, avoid distractions and addictions and offer compassion. We've got this thing!

We kick off the week with a Gemini Moon so we will be communicating, multi-tasking (I hate that word, but nothing more appropriate comes to mind). We might be restless and ready to socialize. Decisions will be hard. Choices will be made. Testy situations might be best defused with a little humor. Save complicated conversations for clearer times.

Whatever is happening we won't have time to feel too deeply about any one thing as our emotions are all over the place. This is a day or two, of choices - maybe an argument - things don't go exactly as expected.

We might have to agree to disagree or something about the situation slips through our fingers. Things can repeat (as they tend to do) particularly with Geminis and Gemini situations (think communications, siblings, local happenings, transportation) now.

We have the quarter moon on Tuesday- traditionally a time of "crisis" (think about the Chinese symbol for crisis which also means opportunity) - when whatever we are working through this week subsides - we will be able to more clearly see how it brought a turning point in our fortunes this month.

If important decisions can be postponed until after the eclipse (last until August) next week, we'll do that. If not, as always, we will make the best decision we can with the information available, realize that every decision is really two decisions (the decision and the decision not to second guess ourselves) and work with any changes, pit-stops, reversals or blocks as they come up. There are probably no clear roads through now anyway.

Venus and Mercury (in Pisces) square Mars and Saturn (in Sagittarius). Squares are tension and frustrations - something 'outside' forcing us into doing it a different way. There is feminine vs masculine drama here. New, exciting possibilities are triggered. The stuff that dampens our excitement is triggered, too.

The mid-week Cancer Moon will have us wanting to nurture and be nurtured, feather our nests and connect with family. Projects put out into the world now are more likely to be 'embraced' when they embrace the other person right back!

As we move through the week and Mercury opposes Jupiter (retrograde in Virgo) and conjuncts Chiron and the South Node (in Pisces) the conversation or disagreement or situation will evolve. We will figure out ways to work around it or it will just become obvious that it’s time to let go of the idea, relationship or situation entirely. We are moving forward now. 

EXAMPLE for Scorpio (rising and to a lesser degree Sun) - Venus and Mercury are in your house of creativity, children and romance squaring Mars and Saturn in your house of love, money and values. Maybe whatever you are working with involving these themes - romance, a creative project or children or maybe a self-indulgence - is restrained by limits in money, self-esteem or priorities. Or maybe the actions you are taking in these areas do not create the money, reactions or movement you were expecting. The way forward with this involves letting go of expectations (ego). The open door, way forward, is there - you just have to widen your vision with this.

Mid-week we have the second of three Jupiter/Pluto trines. This is expansion plus transformation. We had this transit in October and we have another one in June.  

There are opportunities here.

The gains may be incremental - we are building through a detailed Virgo "one step at a time" process - but gains are gains and they will certainly accumulate over time.

At the same time taskmaster Saturn (in Sagittarius) squares communicative Mercury (in Pisces). The dream is once again tempered by the reality of the situation (our theme for 2016!) requiring us to stretch our wings within some structure. 

EXAMPLE for Taurus (rising and to a lesser degree Sun): Jupiter is in your house of creativity, children and romance trine Pluto in your house of opportunities - this can take the brakes off a creative project, an  issue around children or pregnancy or a relationship and the square to Saturn will also keep you focused on financial (partner's income, taxes, loans, other people's money) or intimate relationship realities.

The end of the week kicks off a new cycle - post coming mid-week! We are SO ready! xo all

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