Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 30th - keep it in balance

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I'm going to start with Monday even though I am writing this on Tuesday. Transits don't always appear to unfold at their most precise moment, so it is often just as useful to look backward as forward ....

Yesterday we had Mercury (words, communication, thinking) in Taurus (stability, stubbornness, grounded, value, money) trining (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto (transformation, karma) in Capricorn (business, commitment, time). This is a three-peat, due to Mercury's recent retrograde, we had this same aspect in mid April and a couple weeks ago.

There is something here about words we can count on or a conversation that lays it all out or something that has been proven to us being the way to go. It's a 'just the facts jack ' kind of influence. Mercury, Pluto (there is a North Node aspect, too, of our collective destiny here) - will allow us to focus on what we need to focus on and get our priorities straight.

(we've still got Jupiter in Virgo and are expanding through service, focusing on our health and the work that is right in front of us - details matter but perfectionism can derail us - note in a couple months Jupiter will move on to Libra and expansion will be all about partnerships, balance and who we know, any lack of boundaries and trying to go it alone will derail us - we've been lining ourselves up with the right flock for a couple years now, this will be the year it really pays off)

The Grand Earth trine we talked about before is starting to break up but we will still feel its impact on Thursday and Friday - good things can happen by just doing the work and showing up. This will be about what we value and hold dear - everything money can buy and everything money can't. If we have something to pitch or some move to make Thursday would be the day to do it.

The thing with trines is because they are easy, breezy aspects we often do not use them to their fullest potential. This happens with trines in our natal charts, too. They are the 'good karma' stuff we can count on that we sometimes take for granted. So whatever space this trine is working with in our chart we want to give it an extra push toward the end of the week. If you want to know where this is hitting for you just email me and I will check it out.

The biggest news this week is a Grand Mutable Cross and the New Moon in Gemini at the end of the week!

Now a Grand Cross is not a Grand Trine. This is not an easy, breezy, brakes off kind of aspect. You can picture a cross in the sky formed by planets (in this case Sun/Venus in Gemini, a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces) - the cross is formed by squares and oppositions - these are the tricky angles. In our natal chart squares and oppositions are the challenges we came in with. In our collective story - this particular Grand Cross, and they are not all that common, will run from today through the weekend.

This Cross is in the mutable (changeable) signs and could be about our options being at cross purposes. Multiple situations may come up. We have Neptune (dreams) and Jupiter (expansion) inflating our potential at the same time Saturn (time, authority, limitations) is bringing our feet down to earth or in a more challenging case holding our feet to the fire. Or maybe the solid thing we are building with Saturn (remember that dream we are building this year!) gets foggy and drifts off course. When Neptune confronts Saturn something is always released.

To work with Cross energy effectively takes balance - too much emphasis in any one place can cause us to shift off center. Stay flexible and keep moving! And yes, like actually moving, too - long walks would be a good thing now.

The New Moon at the end of the week will trigger the Grand Cross so we'll talk about that more thoroughly in another post on Thursday.

Just know for now that it might be best to remember the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. If everything seems to flip around on us this week, just know, OK, this is that mutable transit, this too, shall pass. If we get really thrown off our game we can use the fading Grand Trine energy to get our footing. Something has expanded in our lives in the last month under the trine - and yes, it may still be in its infancy, but feed that thing. There is something real there. The cross will kind of peak on Friday and take us into the New Moon energy on Saturday.

Also keep in mind Mars is still retrograde and moved back into Scorpio last Friday - this is that mucky stuff we have to deal with again. For me, some health stuff I thought I had moved past, roared back to life. Anything this has kicked up for us cannot be pushed under the rug. Mars has already walked the degrees he is walking this week several weeks ago and he will walk them again in a few weeks. This time it is the backward walk so we get to pick up anything we dropped/missed/skipped/avoided the first time. Trust me that we want a clear path for his final walk through later.

Retrogrades can work like this - we are walking a path. There is some kind of obstacle, problem, something or other that we see, but we kind of ignore it and keep going. Now normally this might be an ok thing to do because it's not our job to fix everything after all. 

BUT when we have to retrace a path during a retrograde it is our job to fix those obstacles, pick up the garbage, etc, because that is the point of the retrograde. It's saying, "hey over here, this stuff can't be ignored". 

Then we turn around. We walk the same space again - this is our third time on this patch of highway now - if, on our final walk through the obstacle is still there - the energy will either remove the obstacle in the most expedient fashion and maybe not to our liking or will force us around it and on to another path. It can also come back to bite us in the ass the next time we are on this road - often about a year or so later. 

Moons - Aries Moon Tuesday & Wednesday - initiate, get up and go. Wednesday - Saturn/Neptune square triggered - dreams vs reality, watch out for deception, get enough sleep, not a good day to make a clear decision, Thursday Moon is in Taurus - comfort, value, money. The Grand Trine is triggered - good luck with work, co-workers, pets, organization. Friday Balsamic Moon - reflect, rest, Grand Cross peaks - options, cross purposes, release.

Back in a couple days - time to make the donuts (or in my case, lockets) - xo all


DancingMooney said...

Yep, definitely some health stuff came back my way this last week... and still working my way through it... almost passed out at dinner (before we even ordered!) during our weekly Mexican outing... Called the doctor for blood work, thought for SURE I was hypoglycemic, and trying to learn how to work with that... blood work came back perfectly healthy (good news!) but I was still feeling ill and not sure what to do about it. Turns out I'm probably not eating enough protein. Plenty of fruits and veggies, but turns into too much sugar when I'm not eating enough protein to go along with it.

Been working hard in the yard lately trying to get it presentable for summer, and digging out the grass for the new deck... eating, but apparently not often enough nor enough protein... lesson learned. Anxiety kicked in over the weekend though, not feeling well, not knowing how to fix it, too weak to help with the deck - made me feel bad too.

Thankfully it worked out that the lumber yard hadn't delivered all of the wood we ordered, so the guys spent much of the day wandering from one Home Depot to another trying to get the missing pieces... and we'll try again on building that deck in a couple weeks. Learning so much about food these days. And how important it is to feed ourselves!!! So obvious, but lesson learned none the less.

So funny you told me a couple years ago, I might have some connection with food later in life, and it has showed up at my doorstep these last few months. I always thought I ate fairly decent, but still had much to learn about balance.

Balance is my new best friend. Have something to eat, do some work... take a break, have a snack... do some more work... rest, eat, sleep, repeat. ♥

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful Summer Cat. Always thinking of you!!!


lynn bowes said...

Is it possible that in 'walking the path again' that we may revisit old patterns and people from 25 years prior? That the possibility of being in the same space as a person who was toxic to us at that time will give us the chance to 'get it right' or otherwise prove to ourselves that we have conquered the problems that caused us so much pain in those years? I think this is more than a possibility this coming weekend. Asking for a friend. =-D

DancingMooney said...

Lynn I have a friend who was in a very unhealthy relationship and they parted ways last fall. Neither of them ever stopped thinking about each other though, and somehow they got in contact again this spring. Things are like night and day between them now... like your saying 'now we can get it right'. I feel that way myself in health and in business lately. I think that we definitely do rewalk some of our paths again and even again. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell- the protein makes very good sense. Sherry Truitt just started - yesterday- a Facebook group for people changing diets based on Whole30 - eliminating sugar, grains, most dairy. It's just a few people. Maybe you should join, too. So many people are dealing with the same health issues and it might be helpful to talk to each other, share ideas, recipes, etc. Nurturing ourselves, caring for ourselves, putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first - big lessons for us! xo

Lynn- Life is definitely not a linear journey - we are always circling upward like a spiral staircase and we definitely repeat the same patterns and hit the same spaces again and again, they will look somewhat differently each time because we are different. Our current Saturn cycle is from 1985-88, Jupiter is a 12 year cycle, and this one - Jupiter hitting our Virgo houses - started almost a year ago - so 25 years fits with that. We also have a Venus starpoint cycle - is this a romantic relationship? - that's every 8 years so works with 25 years, too. We've been working through a spring with more planets retrograde at the same time than we have seen in years so everyone is pulling in all kinds of old stuff, mostly just to be released. We also have a collective Pisces south node right node - so we are all releasing all kinds of toxic stuff. Even when we work out all the crap we need to, the cycle is still there going to be reactivated during the next transit, maybe years and years in the future. If your friend is pulling back the exact same person then there is probably something from that old relationship needing some kind of closure and yeah it could be as simple as it allowing her to see how far she has come from those days and giving herself credit for this journey. I had something like this recently and it really made my feel so much compassion for my younger self. I'm not sure if it's to 'get it right' exactly because it's tricky to think we can muck it up - because we really can't - we really do get so much growth from mistakes and problems and challenges. Although of course obviously we want to choose the path that brings the most joy and least pain. Sometimes the only road from a to b (her past) was the toxic road - if she could see the other options available to her to get to where she needed to go (and where we as a collective needed her to go to evolve the energy she carries for us) she would probably be glad she had this toxic asshole to evolve her. Assuming now she's in a place with much better boundaries ...

lynn bowes said...

Okay, I'll be honest here - I was asking for me, no a friend. ( I knew you knew =-D ) Anyway. This woman made my life a living hell while we all worked for the same law firm. A freaking living hell on earth. However, I went into therapy at the time and learned how to handle her and all sorts of other demons. I learned how to identify narcissism and how to keep myself from being manipulated. A good thing. Now all of us women from that office will find ourselves at the memorial service for our dear senior partner whom truly was the best of the best when it came to bond attorneys and, while I would not look forward to seeing this woman, I have always wondered how I would handle her today knowing what I know now. All of what you say makes perfect sense. I'll let you know how it goes.

And what Janell says is right, too. I may be wondering if I can 'get it right' just be reacting to this woman (ptooie) in a different and correct way. Very interesting.


Catherine Ivins said...

Hmm, the plot thickens ... and yes, I agree with Janell, too. I would hold the space you are currently owning, work with the idea that she has also changed - she's not the same person she was 25 years ago either. I know people say narcissists can't change, but I'm not so sure about that. There are middle age cycles that set all of us on our ass and require change. And remember, that energy in her met repressed energy in you. Empathic energy draws the narcissist but narcissistic energy also draws out the empath (when she doesn't have boundaries). Narcissism is really just a wound. It will be interesting to see what she triggers in you - all this Gemini right now is like - the glass is half full AND the glass is half empty. It's not so easy to come to firm conclusions. xo