Monday, August 8, 2016

Mercury Conjunct the North Node - the messenger

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With Mercury (in Virgo) hooking up with the North Node today, we could get a message or "transmission of information" or have an insight about something that moves us toward our best future.

This could be something like someone emails us and tells us about a job opening or recommends a book we might want to read. If you have planets or points at 12 degrees Virgo in your natal or progressed chart it could be something even more important. Pay attention.

This can also be a time when we might meet someone who moves our story forward in some way. They could be someone that embodies Mercury - either appearing rather androgynous or fast moving or reminding us of a sibling, cousin or neighbor.

Or a conversation could come to us through an actual sibling, cousin or neighbor that points us in a new direction, clarifies a dilemma or confirms something for us.

This can also show up as a 'moment of choice'. Choose carefully.

This isn't something to strain to find - it will evolve organically and might even be more visible in hindsight. Virgo rules the tiny details and Mercury moves very fast, so it could be easy to miss .....


lynn bowes said...

You know what I need to do? Sit across the table from you so you can 'splain my chart to me. I have no idea if I have planets at 12 degrees or 98.6 degrees. I need one-on-one tutor time. Or a personal assistant who can handle all of that for me, right?

Still, very interesting and here we are, over halfway through the day, and I'm paying attention to what may come my way.

Catherine Ivins said...

You know what you have going on TODAY/TONIGHT Lynn - transitting Venus is walking right over top of your natal Venus (in Virgo, of course) in your 7th house of partnership. This happens once a year - some astrologers think whatever is going on now with Venus ruled love, money and values (and in your case partnership) kind of sets the tone for the next year. I've never been able to see it in my own chart though - always miss the transit date somehow! But all these planets as they move through Virgo will hit your Virgo planets in your partnership house.

Catherine Ivins said...

and Jupiter hits your natal Sun on the 15th - that would be a good time to start something new and long term ...