Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mercury Conjunct Saturn | focus on what matters, use common sense

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Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, siblings, local neighborhood, transportation) meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius today.

This could bring sobering (or stabilizing) news or communications. Maybe a 'no' has reduced our options. That's OK. Now we can focus in on what really matters.  

This is excellent energy for critical thinking. Common sense is favored.

Negative thoughts can flourish with this energy. We don't want to live here, but maybe we can put this to use. The lie or inflated thinking/idea/communication will be easier to "hear". Not easier in an emotional sense, but the stuff without solid grounding will stand out. Maybe we can formulate solid plans to avoid the pitfalls ahead.

If we are already depressed or worried, words and communications can feel heavier. 2016's Saturn square Neptune transit has worked us all over. We are empty of illusion. I am hoping we are all standing with like-minded others as we make our way through the dissolving landscape.

This is Sagittarius season and Sagittarian themes have been prominent for many, many months. What can we learn from those who are different from us? How are we more alike than different? Can we see the ways we really all want the same things .....

It will be easier to argue with older people or authority figures with this energy. Keep that in mind.

xo all

NOTE - The Moon is void until 2:45pm EST. 

(also today's conjunction will connect us to the Sun/Saturn conjunction on 12/10 - so today's information or communication could further impact us then)

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