Friday, August 18, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo | August 21st - the heart of a lion, creating our brave new future, part II

89-LIon by Lucky978

See Part I focused on the U.S. situation HERE

Monday's Solar Eclipse in Leo is a super-charged New Moon! Hooked up with the North Node of our collective way forward, conjunct the powerful degree of the royal star and king-maker Regulus and it's the second New Moon in Leo this year and it is trining (brakes off) "anything can happen" Uranus (ruler of the South Node of Aquarius) -

this is a potent fresh start

focused on the theme of our Leo natal house (what house holds 28 degrees Leo in your natal and progressed charts - what are those house themes?) and Leo ruled creativity, children, romance, fun, games, our heart's desire, generosity, pride, confidence, courage and love.

August 6th's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius may have eclipsed something out or brought something hidden into the light. We talked about this eclipse HERE and HERE - this stuff is factoring into the next eclipse, but now we are focusing on moving forward.

Big energy moving through the collective fields means there is big energy moving through us!

This is the time we release our detachment (Aquarius) and we move into our heart (Leo). This is the time we take the thing that has alienated and set us apart (Aquarius) and bring it front and center onto the stage (Leo). It will be the thing we are proud of. It will be the thing that makes our heart happy. It will be the thing that when we think about moving toward it - we feel a little lighter, life feels a little easier. It won't be the big complicated thing we get a headache just thinking about actually doing.

This is the time we step away from the crowd and back into ourselves. We put the oxygen mask on our own face first. We stop revolting against what we don't want and start creating what we do want. We put away the phone and go play with the kids. We turn off the internet and use our computer to write that book we have been wanting to write. We turn our attention away from the masses - our pseudo family who agree with us - and toward the people we love who are right in front of us - who probably do NOT always agree with us. We are connected to the people we are physically connected to for a reason!

We have gotten ourselves into quite a bit of trouble by only looking at the stuff we agree with and talking to and interacting with people we agree with. We have lost sight of the fact we can get along with all kinds of people we don't agree with and the fact that lots of people out there do not agree with us and probably never will - and that's OK.

The trine (brakes off) to unpredictable Uranus (in fiery, independent and action oriented Aries) is a good indicator that we don't have to figure out how to get where we want to be. The universe can use whatever action we take to get us on the path toward our heart's desire. The Leo space in our natal chart shows what we are here to give and the world is hungry for it!

Things fall into place when we get clear on how we want to feel (happy, joyous, lighter) and do more things that make us feel like that. Do fun stuff and the universe will respond by offering us more fun stuff to do.

Things fall into place when we do the things we are already doing - 5 planets are retrograde folks - with more joy and an open heart.

This eclipse is connected to Mercury's retrograde journey AND this year's Venus story AND this year's Jupiter/Pluto story. The new beginning offered up by this potent New Moon could take some time to shake out. We have Mars hitting the eclipse degree on September 2nd (courage, anger, action), Mars conjuncting a retrograde Mercury (maybe an argument, maybe news that requires action) on September 3rd and Mercury stationing direct on the eclipse degree (28 degrees Leo) on September 5th (final decision, some kind of culmination point or results via information or communication). This is all going to take some time to unwind.

We also have Ceres opposing a retrograde Pluto on August 21st. This will play into the eclipse story, too, likely dredging up issues of dependency and control. There could be power struggles around nurturing  - maybe something like "if you want me to take care of you or give you this thing you need, then you must do this thing for me that I want" - maybe something that needs to be given freely comes with a few strings attached. On the other hand nurturing given freely can transform the situation. We'll talk about this more as we move through it.

So start thinking about your New Moon intentions for after Monday's eclipse. We had a New Moon in Leo on June 23rd so we might get another crack at something we started then.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and with the Sun ruling this New Moon - and the North Node of our collective way forward now in Leo also - this is all about following our HEART. Whatever new thing/situation/person/belief/action we choose to work with needs to be something we are excited about, it needs to stir us. It needs to not have any self-sacrifice or victim mentality connected to it. It needs to come with a certain ease. This doesn't mean there won't be work involved, but it can't be only work involved.

With the North Node in Leo now if we really don't want to do something and we do it anyway, it isn't going to work. What we want, what is calling to our heart, is the only thing that will work now. Choices get easier. I will do a post by sign when I do the weekly next weekend.


Let your heart guide you, forget logic with this one, clear your head, write what your heart wants not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known

Life has heard you. 

Know these things are already yours.

If you are lucky enough to get to watch this beautiful eclipse, be sure to have the proper glasses and understand exactly when it will happen in your area. It will only last a maximum of 2 minutes, so you don't want to miss it by misunderstanding the correct time - Mercury is retrograde and crazy crowds are expected so prepare for travel delays and get there early! Please, please bring your highest, most peaceful and joyous energy with you. Don't be afraid to look into the dark, but carry forward the energy of that moment the light comes back on.

And let's bring our pets indoors - they can get eye damage, too.

xo all

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo | August 21st - birthing a new nation, midwifery, the heart of a lion, Trump and the United States, part I

midwifery quote

Monday's total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) falls at 28 degrees Leo.

In mundane astrology (the branch of astrology connected with nations and global events) the Sun represents the ruler of a country; the king. The Moon represents the people. Our ancestors thought solar eclipses brought the death of the king as the Moon (the people) blocked out the Sun's rays (the king). Eclipses created panic because they were blamed for every single misfortune that followed them, and also because astrologers who tracked patterns often linked them to actual stressful events related to their perfection degrees.

I am not saying we should be panicking about this one, although I am not so sure millions of us should be trucking our butts into eclipse zones to give our attention (aka unconscious intention) to this powerful energy either.

Of course, if it was possible for me to view it from where I live, I would almost certainly get myself into the lightest, brightest state of being I could muster up (I mean people would need those glasses to look at me!) and watch it, too.

I am hoping people do not bring their most stressed out energies (from crowds, traffic, staying up all night before to get a space to sit?!, current events, etc) into this change-making vortex. Please take a few deep breaths and send our prayers for peace and happiness into this one eclipse watchers. Hopefully this moment of coming-together will result in all different people with all different views and backgrounds coming together in bigger ways, too!

Eclipses have also been known to be harbingers of bad weather - earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis - and I will admit that U.S. eclipse zone map all over social media with the crack across the U.S. makes me a little nervous

(also makes me think of civil unrest and the way our country is so politically divided - I am not loving that map being burned into so many brains, imagery is so powerful - but this is the way my own crazy brain works!).

For all of us, but particularly if you live in the north western United States, South Carolina and wherever the eclipse will be able to be seen at 2:30 PM EDT when it perfects - I would take seriously any sober weather preparations over the next few months. We should all have at least a couple weeks worth of food on hand.

This particular eclipse is the first total Solar Eclipse visible only across the entire United States since the eclipse of 1776 - the year of this country's birth. Many astrologers think that the physical location where an eclipse is visible increases its impact on that location. At its peak, 90% of the Sun in Washington DC - the seat of power in the world - will be eclipsed out. 

AND we have a President whose natal ascendant (many astrologers believe this to be the most important point in a natal chart) AND Mars are both conjunct 28 degrees Leo so the solar eclipse next week impacts Donald Trump's ascendant (his physical self) and natal Mars (war, action, violence, anger). This is bigly people. BIGLY.

The eclipse is also trining (brakes off) rebellious, chaotic and unpredictable Uranus (I have said before that Trump IS Uranus with the planet conjunct his natal Sun).

It literally feels to me like he can do anything he wants to do with this energetic line up

(or whatever is holding back his power from being eclipsed out is removed and he will be, too - impossible to know which is which).

For certain though the brakes are off something!

At the same time transitting Mars (war, violence) is conjuncting his natal Mars AND Trump was born on an eclipse making eclipses in general more impactful for him!

You can't make this stuff up folks.

The chance of this particular eclipse (total solar across the entire country) occurring at a time in our country's history (Pluto's return to its 1776 position) when it can so strongly influence the country's leader (via planets and points in his natal chart) would surely give it odds no Vegas bet maker would touch. And yet, here it is.

He is the catalyst for something here. Our avatar for this watershed moment in United States history. This is the entire reason he was elected. This is the entire reason he was even born.

The United States will be a different United States after Donald Trump and after this eclipse energy plays itself out (probably over the next 6 months, although an eclipse lasting two minutes can play out over two years and remember eclipse energy also runs backward).

He is here to do the thing he is going to do, even if we (the people) do not like it.

Let's hope he and we get this thing right this time

(it could be his action here that leads to his demise as we "the people - represented by the Moon that eclipses him" decide this is not the way we define America, since America is approaching its Pluto return and in the midst of re-birthing itself and the last time we had an eclipse like this was when our country was born in 1776 - he could be the catalyst that brings us back together or finally breaks us apart AND he could just as easily be ruling the United States at this pivotal time to make the right decision as he could the wrong one). 

It is the karma of the United States itself playing out here - and how well or how poorly we have lived up to the promises of our July 4th, 1776 birth chart.

If Trump has some kind of personal demise, and I am not saying he will, it could be his demise has prevented a larger United States demise (although I think the United States as ruler of the world winds down fully one way or the other by the mid 2020's).

His soul could have agreed to take one 'for the team' in the way a beloved pet can be our avatar for a health situation. When I tell you he is the only person on the planet who could be withstanding the pressure he is feeling right now, and it doesn't look like he is handling it all that well, I am not exaggerating! If we, and maybe he, get through the rest of 2017 unscathed I can assure you he has done something right even though it may appear he is doing everything wrong - the challenges are that great.

(I know everyone is worried about North Korea and I did look at Kim Jong-un's chart, but it is hard to work with, since his birth year is uncertain - it does look like big stuff for him in November either way though, so that story isn't going away ...)

The eclipse is happening in Trump's twelfth house ruled by Pisces - secrets, secret alliances, hidden enemies, self-undoing, leaks, lies, illness, things put away, hospitals, prisons, poisons, memory, confinement, slavery, water, the Navy - too many possibilities that involve things currently in the news to see what is happening here. Plus the twelfth house is all about what is hidden!

There are surely big changes ahead for him and since he is the leader of the United States for all Americans and since the United States is leading the world, most likely for everyone. 

One tricky thing with eclipse energy that I have found from personal experience as well as other people's charts is they often work backward. The thing the eclipse is "eclipsing out" or "bringing to light" can happen days, weeks or months before the physical Sun is overtaken by the Moon.

And remember within two hours of the North Node passing through 28 degrees Leo (the eclipse degree) Trump fired Comey. And this is an uber powerful degree of the zodiac since it historically houses the royal star Regulus - which promises kingly glory if revenge is avoided.

And I would say we are already a very different country than we were before Trump, so I think some of this eclipse energy has already played out. Let's hope. With 5 planets retrograde the eclipse events are certainly already in play. And, yes, I realize this isn't very reassuring because lots of crap is already in play. With Uranus trining the eclipse - whatever it is, we won't see it coming. But we didn't see Comey's firing coming .... so it's possible that event is the shocker and what we have ahead are the repercussions.

I started looking at the royal star Regulus while studying Princess Diana's chart many, many years ago - her natal chart and important events in her life have amazing connections to Regulus and 28 degrees Leo (her North Node of destiny is here in her 5th house of romance, children and fun - all things that played a huge part in her life story). Maybe something will "come to light" now about her, too. It has been proven our chart points continue to be activated after our death. The chart of Great Britain and Prince Charles also have connections to this point and to next week's eclipse.

(Regulus has since moved into Virgo, the sign of the common man and service to others, one of the reasons both Princess Diana and Donald Trump have a connection with the "common man" - although Trump's life reads more like 'service to self' than others, maybe the eclipse will change that! I wrote about Regulus HERE last summer and HERE)

We can't tell what will happen because the future is still being written - by the energy all of us are bringing to our own situations - which are playing out within different story lines in varying degrees!

This time in history also has interesting connections to the astrology of not only the founding of the United States but also to the French Revolution's Reign of Terror - as noted by vedic astrologer, Sam Geppi HERE  - a time when after the citizens rose up and toppled the monarchy, the ones doing the toppling turned out to be equally or even more authoritarian and ruthless than the aristocracy/clergy, etc, they had deposed. So, is Trump's administration like the revolutionaries - are they "draining the swamp" only to be providing us with even more dangerous crocodiles? Or are they the "monarchy" - Trump does rule like a King and has installed his family in the White House - that the people will toss out? Either way, it feels like particularly challenging times for us. It is important to remember that big challenges present big opportunities though.

Eclipses are part of cycles called Saros Cycles and repeat every 18 years. Solar eclipses are super charged New Moons. They can 'eclipse something out' or 'bring something to light'. And, of course, every ending ushers in a NEW beginning.

This particular Saros cycle (in king of the jungle Leo) is known for eclipsing out kings or attempts at eclipsing out kings - 1999 Bill Clinton impeachment (I think we might have found ourselves enmeshed in a Hillary Clinton impeachment trial before the end of the year if she had been elected), 1981 Reagan assassination attempt, 1963 JFK assassination, 1945 death of Hitler and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1927 death of FDR, 1909 Taft assassination attempt - astrologer Marjorie Orr has catalogued some others HERE.  

What was happening in your life in 1999?

With Mars (war, violence) heading toward the eclipse point (he gets there on September 2nd, conjuncts Mercury on September 3rd and Mercury stations direct at the 28 degrees Leo on September 5th) we can pretty much be assured of lots of ego-centered aggression between the eclipse and Labor Day. 

With Mercury retrograde there is the potential for lots of misunderstandings, bad decisions (and possibly violence involving transportation) now and especially around the first week of September. 

I'm not going to sugar coat it - this is dangerous energy. Especially the last few days of August and the first few days of September. There can also be information "coming to light" that connects to Trump's and/or the United States twelfth house secrets. 

Eclipse events do not happen exactly on the date of the eclipse. The eclipse sets up an event chart - a kind of marker in the heavens and as planets hit that point - or the exact opposite polarity point - via transit THAT is when events happen. And somehow with an eclipse prior events factor in, too - like the North Node hitting 28 degrees Leo back when Trump fired Comey.

Whatever has happened, is happening and will happen - everything feels like it is falling into place for some big changes over the next few weeks and months.

I think this post has posed more questions than answers because during eclipse season when the lights go out and we are being quite literally "reset" - anything is possible. I hope it hasn't been too negative, but those who know me know it is easier for me to see the dragons than the daisies - I am working on this! Note to self - plant more flowers ....

We are in the process of birthing a brand new nation (our exact Pluto return is in 2022 when Pluto returns to its exact position of our country's birth) - gentle hands, strong hearts and mad-crazy midwifery skills are needed now!

Part II is HERE

xo all

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sun Conjunct the North Node | breadcrumbs ...

Ease by Hengki24

The Sun meets up with the North Node (our collective way forward) at 24 degrees Leo today.

A light (Sun) is thrown on our best path forward (North Node).

It could be a bright spotlight we can't miss or maybe it's a tiny flicker that catches our eye and pulls us over to investigate a new direction.

We might receive some confirmation we are on the right path now. Or a gentle shove in a direction we hadn't before considered.

The thing to keep in mind during the 18 months the North Node is in Leo: the best way forward will be heart-centered. It will require we be proud of what we have created. It will require us to take the center stage of our own life. It will require us to have some fun. It will require courage.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so think about where the Sun sits in your natal chart. That sign is how you will shine in this lifetime. That's your sweet spot. So what's your Sun sign and how can you be a better version of that.

xo all

The Moon is in conversational and multi-tasking Gemini today answering to a retrograde Mercury. This would be a good time to follow up with communications/ideas from before July 25th. Maybe something that didn't work out then, can work out now. Maybe someone who couldn't help us then, can help us now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Venus in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn | hot potato ...

rzecz tajemna by Anna-O Photography
Venus is uber active this week putting some finishing touches on a story that started around last Thanksgiving.

Today, in Cancer, she opposes Pluto (in Capricorn). This highlights power imbalances.

There could be control issues, compulsion, manipulation, competition, vulnerability and jealousy situations - they might seem to hit without warning but for those who are really paying attention this dance started in late November 2016 when these two planets conjuncted and intensified Venus issues - love, money, self-esteem, our values.

This transit can make things that are dark and secretive and even destructive (Pluto) attractive (Venus) to us. We could be drawn to things and people and situations we would normally steer clear of.

In Cancer and Capricorn issues around home/family vs. work could come up. This year's familiar storyline - "what would we do to succeed? what are we willing to sacrifice?" could worm its way into this chapter, too.

Or maybe we are embroiled in our chapter about "losing the thing we can't live without" or "losing control of something we want/need to control" - the things that makes us feel safe. Giving too much power to the stuff outside ourselves that we can't control is just begging for someone/some situation to come along and take it away from us during a Pluto transit!

With Pluto (passion) opposing Venus (attraction) the pull/seduction of whatever it is we are wanting can be so great we can't see clearly what is really going on.

With Venus in Cancer probably something that is rooted in our basic need for safety and security is challenged

Pluto rules karma, transformation, death and rebirth. Pluto lessons come through loss. 

Multiple people I know in long term housing situations were forced to move in the last few months. Many women I know whose power (and safety) came through their husband's income/position are working with losses there. The lesson is often that what we really want/need (Venus) is something we can only find within ourselves (Pluto).

Like the characters in the Wizard of Oz we learn we had the power, ie "core of the thing we were seeking/ thing we can't live without" within us all the time. We just projected that power onto someone or something else, so they could toss it back to us like a hot potato when the time was right ... and ripe ... for us to develop it.

With this story playing out in a big way over a long length of time, the lesson will not come cheap (or painless). 

In two days, Venus will be squaring Jupiter and even though squares bring tension and stress there could be enough benevolent energy here to bring about a successful transformation/conclusion. Venus's inconjunct with Saturn on Friday though makes me think there is some part of this we are not loving but we are just going to have to live with ...

For now - avoid power games, avoid manipulation. Don't be afraid to own up to the thing you are most afraid of losing. Bringing this stuff out of the shadows and into the light is the entire point of this transit. Remember that North Node in heart-centered Leo. We can love our way through anything now ...

xo all

Monday, August 14, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 14th - reality checks are imminent, updated post

the deepening twilight by Natalia Drepina

OK, we kick off this week with a newly retrograde Mercury (we are revising and revisiting and he is backing up over the degrees he walked last week via our conversations, communications, news, siblings, transportation issues). In the U.S. we had another violent action/news story involving transportation on or near a Mercury station day - we have seen that pattern in world events for a while now. Mercury is still moving very slowly this week ... and backward!

We are in between eclipses AND approaching the BIG Solar Eclipse of August 21st. We haven't had a total Solar Eclipse cross the entire continental United States since 1776 and with the U.S. Pluto return fast approaching - I'd say multiple reality checks are imminent. Expect BIG news when Mercury stations direct on the eclipse degree on September 5th and lots of confusion in the meantime. We will talk about this eclipse in detail this week but in the meantime let's look more closely at the next few days.

On Monday, the Moon is in Taurus. Our attention will on our finances, our resources - the things we value. We will be busy and this is good energy to get stuff done, even though we could be feeling the pressure as well as stronger emotions around unstable situations. Know that life probably isn't stable right now in the way you are wanting it to be - we are in between eclipses! 

The Moon makes several aspects today - first squaring Mars (could be an argument about money). Then (within minutes) sextiling (opportunity) Venus and giving us pretty much the opposite energy - money flows in, relationship issues move more smoothly. It's a mixed bag - whichever aspect is more closely hitting your planets and points is the one you will be feeling most strongly. Neither is long lasting although Venus is very active this week.

By mid-morning the Moon is trining (brakes off) Pluto making our interactions, especially with women and family members, more dramatic and profound. We want emotional depth. We uncover secrets. There could be monetary gains through female relatives. Trust your 'gut' instincts, especially regarding situations where you sense 'danger'.

The Moon is squaring the Sun (in Leo) bringing us to this month's Third Quarter Square of the Moon - the results come in. If this week's developments/outcomes are not what we had been hoping for - remember the upcoming Solar Eclipse is an uber-potent New Moon. And it's in Leo, the sign of our heart's desire! Start thinking about those New Moon intentions now.

Squares are tension and with the Moon is Taurus we could be feeling any lack of resources (money, time, etc) standing between us and what we want to create or any obstacles to something started around the New Moon on June 23rd. The Moon goes void at 9:15PM EDT.

On Tuesday, Venus (in Cancer) opposes a retrograde Pluto (in Capricorn). Whatever it is we want, the feeling is intense. We want it bad. There could be control issues now and subconscious desires bubbling up. We could be projecting (maybe power?) what we have hidden or need to find within ourselves onto other people. With Jupiter (in Libra and answering to Venus) set to square Venus on Wednesday/Thursday and inconjunct Saturn on Friday- something connected here could conclude then or some results be delivered.

The Moon is void until 10:05AM EDT then moves into Gemini. Good for multi-tasking and moving quickly from one thing to the other. Expect lots of communication. This is good energy to catch up on emails, etc. A good day for a road trip. We will be restless. 

On Wednesday the Moon in Gemini sextiles Mars giving us extra physical energy. Opportunities come through action. Keep communications focused and to the point. The Moon moves on trine (brakes off) Jupiter - this is great energy for being social. We could get news now or information that expands the situation. By dinnertime, the Moon is opposing Saturn and people become less flexible and more judgemental. There could be roadblocks or revisions.

Venus will be squaring Jupiter. Usually squares bring tension but with Venus in Cancer (answering to the Moon) and Jupiter in Libra (answering to Venus) - the feminine, receptive energy should keep everything moving a bit more smoothly. This is good energy for business and money - especially involving women - and for legal issues to get settled in a fair manner. Be out and about - bring your best self to all situations. The impulse could be there to spend money you can't afford to spend - especially on luxury items and in this case, luxury means whatever you can do without if it is outside your budget -  leave the credit cards at home. Have I said winter is coming?

Remember I am writing about these aspects when they are exact. Their influences can be felt when they first move into or out of aspect, too, so may not be felt precisely on the day indicated although the Moon's aspects pass quickly and will be very close/exact to when I write them. The other planets aspects influence us for longer periods.

I will finish out the week later today.

I had an early morning/middle of the night run to Newark airport to drop off my sister (sniffle) and ended up back in bed! We had a great visit AND with Mercury retrograde more than our fair share of mix ups.

Here is the rest of the week.

On Thursday and Friday the Moon is in Cancer. We are focused on home, family, real estate, safety, security, country, patriotism issues. An inconjunct between Venus and Saturn says that whether we get that thing we are really, really wanting or we don't, there is some kind of restriction or something here that just isn't fixable ... rock meet hard place. xo all

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mercury Stations Retrograde | a return to something started before July 25th - if your heart's still in it, fix it

without roots I grow and to light backwards by anna-o photography

Yesterday we had Neptune (in Pisces) exactly trining (brakes off) Venus (in Cancer). Both these planets are cozy and powerful in these signs and trines can normally be counted on to remove roadblocks and provide smooth sailing. Yes, if you are perched on the edge of a cliff, trines can remove that wooden cross bar keeping you from tumbling over, but in this particular case I think you would somehow manage to land on a nice patch of soft grass.

Today, Venus (still trining Neptune) will conjunct Ceres and Neptune will trine Ceres. This will bring Ceres energy into whatever story-line we are working with and maybe even into our Mercury retrograde journey.

Ceres is the mother/child energy of unconditional love.

This brings our awareness to maternal issues, childhood issues, security issues. Ceres rules the seasons and carries the energy of "impermanence" - nature's promise of security through the death and rebirth cycle. All this compassionate Neptune, Pisces, Venus, Cancer, Ceres energy has me thinking that whatever is dissolving or being washed out, lost at sea here - won't be as bad as we are afraid it will be. We have to trust the divine timing of life here. Summer can't be spring and autumn can't be winter.  But there is always more joy, more tenderness, more of whatever we are seeking - even though it might come in a different form depending on the "season".

At 9PM EDT tonight Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, fast moving gizmos, transportation, siblings, our local neighborhood) stations retrograde in his/her home sign of Virgo.

The usual Mercury retrograde disclaimers will apply for the next few weeks It's time to think "re".

Rethink, redo, re-examine, research, repeat, reunion, reminisce, revise, remove (clutter ie the stuff that gets in the way of our life moving efficiently), revisit, relax.

This is not the best time to plow full steam ahead with new things. It's not the best time to sign a contract because things will come to light later that require revision or our thinking (Mercury) can change after Mercury moves direct (September 5th).

It's a good time to READ THE FINE PRINT. Use clear language - we need to be doubly sure people are understanding what we are saying and that we are understanding other people, because wires get crossed now. Double check the email before hitting 'send'. Mercury, the fleet footed messenger, rules things that are fast moving from our computers to our cars. BACK UP FILES.

Take extra care driving. Slow down. We need to give ourselves extra time to get where we are going. There will be delays - bring a book. This is not a good time to make a major decision and even small decisions will go wonky. THINK THINGS THROUGH. Be clear about the consequences.  

Rushing, while Mercury is moving backward, can trip us up.

The space of the sky (and YOUR natal and progressed mid Virgo/late Leo house themes) Mercury is backing over rules our work, health, paperwork, our pets, organization, people we hire, people we work with, our day to day activities - situations in these areas could slow down so we can "re"visit, "re"vise and "re"vamp.

We can catch mistakes and catch up with MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. 

Someone could leave or someone/something from the past could reappear. There could be miscommunications. Stuff could break down. Delays are likely. Plans will change. We can't prepare for everything, but we can slow down and double check what we are doing.

Maybe something from the past needs a second look - most likely something started before Mercury hit his/her retrograde degrees on July 25th. Go back over it. Is it still worth fixing/finishing? Does it stand out (remember this whole journey ends in the limelight of LEO)? Is it still special? Is your heart still in it?

Until September 5th, when Mercury stations direct, it would be best not to focus too much on future situations, 'what ifs' and final conclusions - let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let's take care of what needs taking care of in the present and the stuff from the past that has "re"appeared or "re"mains unfinished.

With so much energy moving backward in the middle of eclipse season - that's more than enough.

We are straddling two worlds now, sitting in the space between the two eclipses AND Mercury will station direct next month at the exact same degree of the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Leo - this stuff is all working together in ways we can't quite see yet!

This weekend, Mars will reach the same degree the Sun (15 degrees Leo) held during last week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - remember how this works - the initial activity, in this case the Lunar Eclipse, creates a kind of checkpoint and events transpire later as other celestial bodies reach that same checkpoint (our births are checkpoints, too - although checkpoint isn't the word I am looking for, but my brain is foggy this morning!).

Mars is about action, initiative and anger. And he's in Leo where he's loud and bossy. Trump has Mars in Leo and, after I breathed a sigh of relief at hearing he would be on vacation during this transitional time period, was very Mars in Leo with his brash posturing on Twitter about North Korea last week (we'll talk more about this next week when we talk about the next eclipse).

The same energy is available now to us to say/do things we could regret later or respond to drama in a way that escalates angry situations. Keep this in mind, too, now. Of course, worked in a positive manner, Mars in Leo provides the courage and confidence we need now.

xo all

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mercury Conjunct Vesta | an important detail catches our attention ... again

wind by thefirebomb

The thing that stands out most to me today is Mercury's contact with Vesta at 11 degrees Virgo.

Vesta gives us a certain reverence and attachment to what we hold sacred. Mercury (stationing retrograde tomorrow, folks!) in Virgo is about attention to details; caring about something enough to take our time with it.

Surely this combination (Mercury and Vesta) is about seeing/working with/communicating about 'the details' of something. This is excellent for stilling the monkey-mind, but isn't good energy for seeing the big picture, so keep that in mind if you are making a decision now.

I've said before to postpone important decisions until mid September, if you can, but I realize this isn't always possible! If you must make a decision now, just know you haven't seen the last of whatever information you are working with. There will be adjustments.

Using these energies poorly will have us fixated on something we don't need to be fixated on or overly critical of something or obsessing about some news or information or what someone has said to us (or about us).

It could be that someone else is being overly critical of us and that gives us something to think about!

But here is something really interesting.

This isn't the first time this month Mercury connected with Vesta. They met up at 7 degrees Virgo last Wednesday, August 2nd. Did some detail come to your attention around that time? Are there any planets or points between 7 and 11 degrees Virgo in your natal chart? If there are, Mercury's retrograde will be sure our attention is focused THERE (on those themes).

With Mercury stationing retrograde tomorrow there is probably something here trying to catch our attention.

(where is your attention now? what are you devoting your time and attention to? what are you talking about? writing about? thinking about?)

There is unlikely to be a resolution right now with these energies indicating a long'ish' review of whatever this is, but it could be helpful to think about what we are thinking about today. If it relates to something that came to our attention around last Wednesday, know that it matters and will likely figure in to Mercury's retrograde journey and likely the eclipse story for us ....

Don't take it as a sign that you are 'meant to do something', etc - we are in the middle of two powerful eclipses and a Mercury retrograde - we can't see what we can't see now.

There is also a lovely trine (brakes off) between Venus (in Cancer) and Neptune (in Pisces). This is perfect energy to practice loving compassion - especially within family groups or groups that feel like family - and praying for peace.

The Moon is in bossy Aries so working/dealing with others can be challenging. Solo work can be very productive though. xo all

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mixed Bag Today, Mostly Good | energized through alliances

long dream by thefirebomb
Lots of aspects today plus an all day Void Moon!

The 'shiniest' aspect of the day (since it involves our Sun) is the Sun (in Leo) sextiling (opportunity) expansive Jupiter (in Libra) - 18 degrees

This is a good aspect for attracting (Libra) attention (Leo). This is a good aspect for joining together (Libra) for creative, fun, romantic, risky or altruistic activities (Leo).

Opportunities come through the king/star of the show/father archetype (Leo) and his/her allies/partners/collaborators (Libra) working together. Be fair - other people must be taken into consideration now.

Mercury (in Virgo) sextiles (opportunity) Venus (in Cancer) - 11 degrees.

Sensible and caring words are what is needed. Opportunities come when we present practical advice or critical information in the form of a 'pat on the back'. This isn't about being "fake", this is about making the other person feel secure and cared for. Words that make us feel safe and nurtured create the opportunities now.

Vesta (in Virgo) trines (brakes off) Pallas (in Taurus). This is probably my favorite aspect today and it involves our female 'drawf planets' or 'asteroids' or whatever the astronomers are calling these two right now.

Remember we are living within thousands of years of a patriarchal system that is dissolving. We would expect small celestial bodies to carry feminine archetypes because they were unconsciously named during patriarchy - we can't really imagine all the ways we serve patriarchy because it is all we have known (in many lifetimes) - small, doesn't mean limited. It doesn't mean weak. The stories of these powerful archetypes may have been dismissed and dis-empowered, but they become more and more alive as we notice them.

Vesta in precise Virgo focuses us on a specific idea or detail in a practical, caring way (remember Vesta is about devotion to home and hearth and safety). Pallas is in grounded "Earth Mother" Taurus. There isn't an overnight quick fix here because this situation/problem hasn't happened overnight and these energies don't rush, but mending one specific part of this thing with a solid and durable solution shores up the important stuff. What is the most targeted, least complex thing to do? Think long term and strategic. That's the move where the healing starts. Release the brakes on that.

And of course, today's opportunities (sextiles, trine) are not without their obstacles and come with a caution - and yes, it has flashing RED lights and is playing the theme song from JAWS.

Mars (initiative, action, anger, war) in fiery Leo is inconjunct dreamy, drifty Neptune.

We could take a foolish or delusional action now (especially in haste or anger) that wipes out the opportunities.

Keep this in mind. Please.

The Moon was in Pisces last night (do you remember your dreams last night?), and is void all day before its move into Aries (1:20AM tomorrow morning). That space after Pisces makes today a good day for HEALING and imaginative, spiritual work. The void means it's not a good day to launch a brand new project. Aries means it may be hard to fall asleep tonight if we get home too late!

xo all

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 7th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it's Leo season LET'S HAVE SOME FUN

Mermaid by Mpolskaa

We start the week with MONDAY'S Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

Usually, with Eclipses, I find we start to feel the energy about 6 months prior, so probably six months ago there was some change in our thinking/beliefs and we started to move in a different direction maybe without us actually moving in a different direction. Then the Eclipse season acts like a portal to connect that thinking/belief realm to our 3D physical reality and over the 6 months following the eclipse the changes manifest ... and life is different.

With me, eclipse events happen almost exactly one month to the day before or after the eclipse if I am going to be significantly impacted. Other people have events within the week. If this Full Moon brings a conclusion or culmination, we might also have felt it around the time of the Uranus station August 3rd or back on July 10th. Events transpiring now could take us back to February's New Moon in Aquarius. This eclipse is in the same space as the eclipse of August 1999 - does the summer of 1999 ring any bells? Do you see any similar themes to what is happening now?

This all might seem a little vague, but if it is impacting you, you will know about it. You won't need me to tell you that something is being "eclipsed out" or "coming to light".

Results of an Aquarian Full Moon will almost certainly involve themes of liberation, disruption and separation. I wrote about this eclipse in Part I HERE and Part II HERE.

Eclipses 'eclipse things out' making this is a good time to get rid of stuff. Sometimes when I am at a crossroads trying to decide which direction to take (or maybe to strike a grand bargain with the universe) - I get rid of something.

Sometimes a whole lot of somethings.

(once an entire business that I flew to Chicago and dumped onto my niece's livingroom floor)

I sell it or give it away or throw it away or often I leave it at the curb with a FREE sign carelessly lettered on a piece of cardboard and it is ... gone ... fast.

One of the great things about the crowded state of New Jersey is that there is a home for every unwanted end table, broken flower pot and bottle of Debbie Gibson cologne circa 1988, although I have two chairs on Craigslist right now that no one seems to be biting on. So I will take a bag of clothes and box of books I've been saving for the Full Moon and drop them at Goodwill.

This is probably something like what our ancestors did when they were fearful of eclipses, bargained with the Gods (please don't take that, here take this!) and fed virgins to volcanoes. But I don't think I have any virgins lying around. Just old sweaters.

On TUESDAY, the Aquarius Moon will sextile (opportunity) a retrograde Uranus. Maybe something old is new again here. Aquarian/Uranian themes could dominate the day - the internet, technology, astrology?, groups, advocacy, causes, freedom, friendship, unique projects or our biggest baddest goals. The Moon will be void from 3-6PM EST, so not a good time to start anything new. After the void the Moon will be in Pisces making us more able to pick up subtle impressions. We'll be more sensitive, more imaginative, maybe more desirous of ESCAPE. Definitely close up shop early.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon is in Pisces all day. She trines (brakes off) Venus in Cancer, opposes Mercury (in Virgo) and hooks up with Neptune. Favorable energy for healing, women, beauty, money, real estate, home, family, love. Lots of water - so an emotional and sensitive day. There is some adjusting today with an authority figure or with our responsibility or goals (Saturn). Good beach day - if you are playing hookey though, don't post any pics on Facebook or you will probably get caught.

THURSDAY is a great creative day with good energy for relationships. The Moon is void from 9:38AM EST until midnight though, so don't start anything new.

There are two very good aspects today and one that looks like it will all work out in the end! This is a good day to plan something with a partner or work with the public. You can shine!

First, Mercury is sextiling Venus. This brings opportunity through communications, conversations, ideas, siblings, our local community,  involving work, health, pets, women, money or love. There could be good news involving a real estate deal, renovation, relocation, family issue, home issue, etc. If you need to talk to a woman about something - this is the day. Return the call. Send the email.

We also have Mars being a bit cranky with Neptune so maybe something with our Leo ruled stuff - creative projects, children, romance, recreation or maybe something with our Pisces ruled stuff - healing, spirituality, imagination, hospitals, art - gets a bit of a shake up. There could be a bit too much passion or some anger here, too.

We also have the Sun (in Leo) sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter (in Libra), so hopefully that angry/passionate situation Mars is stirring up works out in the end or expands us in some way. This is good energy for relationships and partnerships. Venus will be impacting everyone today. Get dressed. Show up as your best self. Strive for beauty and balance. Play fair. If you meet someone new today he/she might just be a keeper. Of course, they will be showing you their best self so there is that part to consider!

FRIDAY looks like another good beach/hookey day. We won't feel like working. Tell the boss your astrologer told you to take the day off - ack! This is actually a pretty good vacation week. My sister is in town from Olympia, Washington starting on Tuesday. You would think she had some astrological assistance planning her trip. :)

On SATURDAY Mercury stations retrograde (HAVE YOU BACKED UP YOUR FILES?!). Venus (in Cancer) trines (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). Events will conspire to have us looking BACKWARD. Post to follow.

xo all

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The August Eclipses | Part II - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 7th

Breath by Tanja Moss
Part l is HERE - read it first.

August is a huge game changer month!

The way we go into the month (although some people strongly influenced by what is happening will be going into the month swimming in these turbulent waters already) will not be the way we come out.

If we don't have BIG news (real news, not the current stuff that passes for news where we can't tell up from down) in the collective during August my shock will be 'astronomical'. And, yes, I'm going to use this word often from now on, why the hell have I been saying BIGLY when I can write ASTRONOMICAL - although now that I see it in capital letters I am not liking it quite as much.

Anyhoo, let's start with a look at where all the players are as we head into our first eclipse, the partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday afternoon.

Venus went into Cancer last week. Venus loves being in Cancer. Her placement here will allow us to value (Venus) Cancer territory ie home, family, safety, security, mother, ancestry, country, women. She doesn't move into anything challenging until around the middle of the month.

Mercury is in Virgo. Mercury loves being in Virgo (a sign he rules). His/her (Mercury is a rather androgynous character) placement here allows our thinking to be more analytical. We want the facts. We want the numbers to balance. We want conversations to get to the point. Virgo rules our day to day activities, our work, our health, our pets, our service to others (without self-sacrifice please) and because Mercury will soon be re-tracing the exact steps he is covering now while moving backward, we know some information we are working with NOW will be up for review, pretty much all month.

He will station retrograde on August 12th (right in the middle of the two eclipses!) and station direct on September 5th - the same day Mars changes signs and at the same degree of the August 21st eclipse so we know Mercury ties into the eclipses AND we will not be totally clear with everything that is happening until at least September 5th and maybe not until Mercury starts covering entirely new degrees a couple weeks later.

Mars is in Leo. Mars loves being in Leo. His placement here asks us - although Mars isn't much of an "asker" - to take action (Mars) from our heart (Leo). Fiery Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger, war, military) in equally fiery Leo (enthusiasm, heart, love, ego, pride, creativity, courage, greed) is a major player in BOTH eclipses his month. At some point during August all the personal planets - Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury will be in Leo!

Jupiter is in Libra. His placement here is about expansion within our relationships. It's about art, women, justice and balance. The final Jupiter/Pluto square (the major transit of 2017) was exact yesterday. This has been playing out, since last November's first square, within the collective as media vs government, courts vs government, media/courts vs big business, sexual abuse and sex trafficking stories in the news and courts, etc. In line with this transit we had that greedy "pharma bro" guy going to jail and  U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions tell a room full of reporters yesterday he will make it easier to jail them for not releasing sources (watery Neptune is home in watery Pisces for a good long stay they should let it 'sink in' that leaks are probably going to continue).

And Pisces placement in Trump's chart (which impacts the U.S. chart while he is running the place) makes everything Neptune in Pisces is likely to bring even more likely - leaks, lies, secret enemies, prisons, hospitals, water, poisons, toxins, confusion, addiction, miscommunication, foggy thinking, isolation. On the other hand Neptune in Pisces can make it easier to hide what we need to hide (not during eclipses though!), dream, imagine, see what is behind the curtain, see what others can't, etc.

Uranus is retrograde in Aries. He stationed retrograde right at the beginning of August AND he rules Aquarius and the Lunar Eclipse on Monday. Uranus in Aries has been fighting and disrupting his way through everything since 2011. He is a major player this month, so we know whatever the eclipses "bring to light" or 'eclipse out" will be unexpected. Keep in mind eclipse action can happen for a couple months prior and after the actual eclipses - usually on or near the eclipse date (so around June 21, July 21, August 21, September 21, October 21st).

Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius. He will station direct a couple days after the Solar Eclipse (August 21st) so he will be pretty much standing still at the time of that eclipse and uber powerful. A stationary planet is like moving your finger through a flame and stopping over the flame!

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. So at one point during all the crazy August energy we will have Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune retrograde!

The Sun is in Leo. The Sun loves being in Leo, the sign that he rules. The Sun has just recently moved past Mars for the first time in a very long time. Our intuition, our trust in the universe as a safe and abundant place for us, our higher guidance is leading our actions. I see the Sun overtaking Mars just before eclipse season as a good signal that whatever is happening has a higher purpose for all of us. We need to be following our heart. We need to be brave - and yes, we learn to be brave by encountering situations that require us to be brave, but with the Sun in Leo, we have the courage to face whatever we need to face now.

If we are on the fence about something, this isn't really the best time to make an important decision and jump off (unless we are pushed, of course) - let's see how everything shakes out by the end of August/early September. Some splinters in our ass will be a small price to pay for letting the stuff that is going to unravel, unravel FIRST.

Know that stuff is happening to get us in touch with our hearts (the north node in Leo) and detach us from our detachment (Aquarius).

I want to stick with talking about Monday's Lunar Eclipse until we are through it.

The big Solar eclipse a couple weeks later will take a couple posts to unpack. With unpredictable Uranus ruling the first one - let's see what that one shakes loose first. 

During the first week of August we have Venus changing signs, Mercury hitting his retrograde degrees, Uranus stationing retrograde, the final Jupiter square Pluto AND a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Whew!

So in early August we might feel a strong urge to make a big change (and this change could be made for us and we'll talk about that next). But we can't see everything we need to see yet. Jupiter in Sagittarius needs to check out everything and Pluto in Capricorn wants to focus like a laser beam on one specific and probably ambitious move. We might be willing to take risks that are too big here. We need to take a breath and look around some corners and under some beds. If we are wanting to break away from something now, let's slow down and think it through. Are we sure will be better off on the other side of these shifts without this thing/situation/person? Maybe we are. But does it really need to happen right this second?

(this doesn't mean we don't make the move away from something or someone or some group, but if we can wait, let's wait until Mercury is direct on September 5th and then we will know for certain it is the right decision)

With Jupiter in Libra in the middle of this Full Moon we should be looking at the big picture within our relationships, thinking more diplomatically, weighing the pros and cons, being willing to compromise.

Now, if this change is forced upon us. Poof! Something is gone. Or maybe something come to light that pushes us to make a change. Maybe we see something we can't un-see. Let's not panic and make a crazy move that is the first thing that pops into our head. Slow down. Take a breath. Let's let a little bit of this erratic energy unwind a little. It may not be possible to control what is happening but we can control our response/reaction. Take small actions if possible until you have a clearer picture of everything that is happening.

Monday's Lunar eclipse is in our South Node of Aquarius. The South Node is what we are releasing. We need to release in order to move forward, so for certain something's gotta go here.

My first astrology teacher in the early 90's said in the late 2010's and early 2020's people would be going mad as a hatter and mad as a hornet. She was right, but since she couldn't imagine both the gifts and challenges of the technology headed our way she was wrong, too. She saw the future, through astrological patterns, where we were 'all connected' but couldn't see the technology that got us there, so thought the 'all connected' thing was a more solid way of being connected. She saw it as something like we would be reading other people's minds in a way that made it difficult to tell fantasy from reality, borders would be thin and we would all be 'blending together'.

We aren't reading each other's minds, but we do know what is happening around the world as it is happening. The line between what is truth and what is a lie is very blurry. Our news has become like the commercials we watched as children with an agenda and corporate sponsorship. The borders between us are thin. We are blending together - nationalities, sexes, etc.

She saw the patterns, but couldn't see the vehicles we would create to get us there. It's the same for all of us now when we look ahead into the Age of Aquarius - we just don't know what we don't know.

At the end of 2012 many intuitive people were feeling that the world as we knew it was ending and we were ascending into a higher energy (which it did and we were). In the 3D world, this process looks more like the 'Facebook effect' where we are all seeing different things. We are all living in different realities. There are problems inherent in only looking at the stuff we want to look at, in only seeing the stuff we agree with, in only relating to our own flock. And now we have to figure these problems out. That's one of the things the Age of Aquarius is all about. Learning how can I stay me and let you be you and we can get along and live together even though I do not agree with you.

We are moving from the age of patriarchy (Pisces) into the age of equality (Aquarius) ready or not. Keep in mind this will not be the age of matriarchy (yes, we have the rising feminine now because the feminine in all of us, women AND men, has been suppressed and is rising to meet the masculine energy, not to run the whole show) - we've been there, done that - although most of the age of matriarchy has been erased from our 'his'tory books.

For now, we have this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius asking us to release our Aquarius shadows. 

Fake connections, detachment, over-thinking, over involvement with the group at the expense of the individual and at the expense of ourselves, over investment of time and resources in technology. 

It is not a coincidence that the last New Moon, the one in Leo, had us working through issues of real family vs our hive mind family and tribal shock.

So hold on loosely. Focus on the highest attributes of both Leo and Aquarius - following our heart, generosity, dignity, enthusiasm (Leo), logical thinking, non-judgement, vision, non-conformity (Aquarius). 

Don't get into a power struggle now. Compromise maybe or don't commit until you are clear. For certain, the high road is the one with the best view and the cooler breezes.

Individually this eclipse is about the polarity themes of our natal, and progressed, Leo/Aquarius houses -  if you don't know where they are in your chart just leave a comment or email me.

We are preparing for Pluto's move into Aquarius (Age of Aquarius - we are probably already in the Age of Aquarius, but by the time Pluto hits the sign we will all be certain) in just 6 short years!

Whether we get a robotic future, run by a small elite class, where the many, the rest of us, are numbed out and equal in our hidden desperation or an egalitarian society where we can all live together, expressing our authentic selves in a free society. This isn't wishful thinking (although there is always the possibility I am mad as a hatter AND  a hornet) - this is truly our only options. Ages last over 2600 years, so we won't get to see the full roll out. We are here for the kick off though, the ones to get this whole party started. We are the ones who matter (LEO!).

My best advice for this first eclipse if you have stuff hitting the fan now, is to make small solid steps where you can, but not to make any big moves until we come out the other side of this crazy month.

xo all (back with the weekly tomorrow)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Final Jupiter Square Pluto | 3rd times the charm .... what are we willing to risk to succeed

1935 by arvael18

Jupiter (in Libra until October 10th) and Pluto (in Capricorn 2008-2024) have squared off three times this year. First in late November, then in late March and for the last time today. 

Squares create friction and challenge. They are stressful. They test us. They reveal to us how we react and respond to tense situations.

Jupiter in Libra wants justice or peace. Pluto in Capricorn wants power or transformation. In our own lives we could feel this as a hunger to succeed at something and the questions around what we are willing to do or risk to succeed.  

This could be conflicts between work responsibilities and our personal relationships, power dynamic tension within relationships, authority issues and even infidelity issues - some kind of unfaithfulness within a relationship or partnership structure. Imbalances will show up if one person is compromising too much and/or one person has too much power.

If this stuff is hitting personal planets in your chart, major breakthroughs are possible now.

This is a series of aspects that started around last Thanksgiving, so where are we now? Maybe we have taken a leap of faith (Jupiter) and increased our power (Pluto) or maybe we have taken on too much and are dealing with the realities of that now. Know however the story is playing out in our lives, things will start to cool down as the planets begin to separate and this square unwinds itself.

This could be a major turning point (with its connection to next week's Lunar Eclipse - you might not see results for a few days) for some 2017 stories since this is a major transit for this year.

For today, let's check ourselves when trying to push our beliefs on other people - not a good idea. Judgemental attitudes will create conflict with others. Know everyone else is dealing with this, too, so keep a cool head. 

Relax. Fear of the future is what is getting us all tangled up now. It's eclipse season and we just don't know what we don't know. Loosen the reins a bit ....

xo all

(I had two people tell me that advice to let someone's mother move in with them and sleep on their couch was very bad advice - this was something I wrote about in a recent post. Now, I didn't tell the person to take in her mother. I asked her what her heart wanted to do - what was the simplest, least complicated thing. This person gets along well with her mother. Her mother is already in her house about twenty hours a week watching her children. She just didn't want the added interruption/responsibility. She was really asking me "if I let her move in - will she ever move out?" so we were looking at timeframes, etc. The couch part is my own invention. I have no idea if an actual couch is going to be used, although if you want someone's stay to be short, offer them your couch - turning over the master suite and having it painted in their favorite color is probably a bad idea. Please don't take this story as meaning we need to help other people at our own expense - which I think is what both readers were saying I was saying. I wasn't saying that. Or if I was saying that I wasn't meaning that. This was her mother. And maybe mom sleeping in her car would be more heartache than safe in our livingroom, right?")

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Uranus Stations Retrograde | loosening our grip

trio by alkapralka

Late last night Uranus stationed retrograde. He will be retrograde through the end of the year.

If we have been hit by a curveball recently things may smooth out a bit. For other people it will be the retrograde degrees that bring the intensified changes.

The degree Uranus stations (28 degrees Aries) trines the August 21st Solar Eclipse also at 28 degrees. Trines allow things to happen faster by removing roadblocks. This could be a good thing because now you can get where you are going. Or it could be a not so good thing if say the roadblock is preventing your car from speeding over a cliff. The best use of a trine is to take action rather than allow the action to happen to us.

And, of course, the best way to take a good fall if your car is already too near the cliff to change course - is loose limbed, don't tense up - or drunk, that works, too.

Uranus is also the ruler of the August 7th Lunar Eclipse since it is in Aquarius - his station, meaning his seemingly erratic energy that gets us from point A to point B in the most expeditious manner our current situation can possible line up with - ties in to both eclipses. He has been sitting almost still in the sky for a while now which is why the eclipse commotion (area of focus) is already in play for many people.

This is where knowing your natal (and progressed) charts will come in handy. Uranus is at 28 degrees Aries and moving backward. Let's say you have a planet at 29 degrees Aries - well, Uranus will be backing away from that planet. If you have been on a rollercoaster ride with changes this year in the area of life ruled by late Aries in your chart (remember Uranus moves very slowly and transits last a long time), then your rollercoaster ride will slow down - you might even be able to exit the damn ride. 

But, let's say you have a planet at 25 degrees Aries, well now Uranus will begin to move toward that planet. So, just when you think it's safe to go back into the water, you see another shark. Whatever this disruption is - it will be strong enough to finally shake loose whatever it didn't manage to shake loose the last time it crossed your planet (while it was moving direct). So, things might appear to get worse before they get better. What is really happening is that you are being freed up. With the eclipses involved I am thinking the stuff we are "freed up" from is not stuff we are so intent on losing. But it won't be a total surprise either, even for those people who claim it is ....

If you have planets or important points (think of 12,3,6 and 9 on the face of a clock) around 28 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - you will feel this whole thing strongest.

The best way to work with Uranus (this would be kind of like working with Donald Trump, who with his natal Uranus sitting on his natal Sun, would probably cause the people who work with him to age in dog years, trying to keep up) is to loosen our grip on things. Stay open to changing our mind and direction. Expect the unexpected. Maybe what seems totally crazy, will make sense later on.

After he moves into Taurus next year, his retrograde then will take us back into Aries. Yes, another trip over those beleaguered late degrees of Aries - sorry! But by then I suspect most of us will be so focused on what he has been shaking up in Taurus (ruler of our money, our resources, the planet, weather, food) that we might not even notice ....

Uranus is retrograde for 5 months of every year and for most people it is like background noise. We don't notice unless he is touching our charts directly. This year, with his tie in to BOTH this month's eclipses, we could all be feeling this.

xo all

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The August Eclipses | part 1 - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 7th

head in the clouds by pawssou

The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon and 400 times farther away. Does the chance of this being anything even slightly random strike anyone else as impossible?

Wouldn't the odds be "astronomical"?

As we approach the big "American" eclipse on August 21st - which will not just impact America btw - there will be more and more astronomy talk on the news, hopefully some astrology voices will be heard, too.

Someone told me recently that it was such a coincidence that the eclipses were in Leo/Aquarius this year and the Nodes of the Moon have moved into Leo/Aquarius, too (North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius). Hehe! The nodes of the Moon, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic ARE the eclipse points so eclipses ALWAYS happen in the signs of the North and South Node because that's what the North and South Nodes are! I thought it was funny that she said this because I always say North Node this and South Node that and probably never explained them!

Maybe the big news this summer is the August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo. But before we talk about that one and there is ALOT to talk about, let's take a look at the first August eclipse next week - in many ways this one looks bigger to me than the next one!

On Monday we have a Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) at 15 degrees Aquarius. Full Moons are the culmination point of the monthly cycle. There are natural endings and conclusions. The night sky is lit up and something comes to light down here - both in the collective and within our own lives. It's a time when the Moon is opposite the Sun. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius - the Leo/Aquarius polarity themes (as well as the polarity theme of your Leo/Aquarius natal houses) will be in play.

This polarity (warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my lockets?) is about our ego vs the collective, the king vs the people, the stage star vs the audience, our heart vs our head, following the rules vs breaking the rules, following our heart vs maintaining unity within a group, yada, yada - we work this polarity best when we blend big heart (Leo) with big mind (Aquarius).

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is just a few days after Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) stations retrograde. There are multiple aspects involved with this Full Moon, but the Uranus station is important.

This might be about stepping away from a group or feeling like we don't fit in anymore. We could be re-evaluating something that is restrictive or that we perceive as "holding us back". I also get the feeling from looking at the other aspects and seeing what I am dealing with in my own life (my natal Sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius) that there is something here about a person, situation or event, taking away our personal power.

Or more correctly stated, this loss of personal power is the feeling that is generated. It could feel like a threat to our safety, security or way of life.

We'll want to work through our feelings about whatever is happening between this eclipse and the next one. Releasing what is happening to God/Goddess/the Universe - trusting that what is happening is what needs to happen ....

Eclipses are usually about loss and often the thing or situation or belief or person we lose is not something we are ready to let go of.

Things that are already shaky and uncertain, areas that are already volatile, these are the spaces where things tend to come to a head. Often the 'eclipsing out' appears to be 'out of the blue' or sudden, but it is almost always something we could have or should have or did see coming.

Because we have the big Solar Eclipse a couple weeks later, it makes me think the things we lose or see at this one might be particularly challenging (this doesn't mean it is necessarily a big devastating loss, just that whatever it is we are tasked with releasing is challenging to let go of or whatever it is that 'comes to light' is challenging to look at probably because we won't want to take the action it is forcing) - since this eclipse is kind of clearing the space and making room for the next eclipse.

At the time of this first eclipse on August 7th, the Sun will be hanging out with Mars (in Leo) - so both planets will be opposing the Moon. The Full Moon is always a time of Sun vs. Moon - hence its reputation for crazy stuff to happen - but with Mars involved here, this one has an extra kick. Mars can bring passion and initiative. Mars can also bring anger and violence. Managed poorly we could see shocking abuses of power (this Lunar Eclipse also carries the energy of this Friday's final Jupiter/Pluto square). Managed well - a gigantic creative push to get us to the top.

There are some GREAT aspects for this eclipse, too. The Moon is trining Jupiter and the Sun is sextiling Jupiter. Both increase our opportunities for GOOD LUCK and expansion (Jupiter). Let's focus on them. We'll likely have to wade through the other, muddier aspects to reach these, but they will be worth the dirty boots.

So hold on loosely. Focus on the highest attributes of both Leo and Aquarius - following our heart, generosity, dignity, enthusiasm (Leo), logical thinking, non-judgement, vision, non-conformity (Aquarius). Don't get into a power struggle now. Compromise. The high road is the one with the best view and the cooler breezes.

If something ends or someone leaves, eclipses are reset points - it's/they're gone. If something comes to light now that pushes us away from a group or situation or ideal or vision - it is something we are meant to see now.

This is a karmic culmination point - we have been building toward it for a long time ....

We'll talk more about the Lunar Eclipse in next week's post, but I wanted to post a heads-up.

Eclipse season is not the time to make any big crazy moves if we don't have to because we don't know what we don't know.

We can't see there from here. Let's let the eclipses do their job first. Let's see where we are all sitting by the first week or so of September when Mercury has done his magic, too, and assess from there.

With that North Node in Leo the right move is not going to be some super complicated thing where twenty things have to fall into place for us to get what we want. Following our heart should feel natural. There is an ease to this. 

I have a friend whose mother lost her house (so many people have lost long term housing situations in the last few months!) and the friend is unsure and worried about her mother moving in with her. She loves her mother, but is thinking about all the problems that could happen and the changes her own family will have to make. So, I'm asking her, "well what is the simplest thing here? If your mother doesn't come to stay with you what will happen?" She tells me, "well, there isn't really any other place right now, but I'm not sure I want to do this!".

The North Node in Leo is saying to go with our heart. So what does she do? Is she following her heart (oxygen mask on own own face first, right?) by helping her mother or isn't she? Is she really hurting herself by helping her mother or is she overthinking and projecting the situation too far ahead?

Leo brings us to the bottom line. She loves her mother. She has a couch and a pillow. Her mother has a head that needs a pillow. There you go. That is the simplest thing (and yes, I know this isn't simple, but the first, next, best step almost always is).

(and, of course, if there is any way to push this whole decision off until mid September she should do that and she will be glad she did)

Thinking twenty steps ahead is what Aquarius does - we don't want to be doing that. Right now we follow our heart. We have to trust this stuff to work out. This overthinking thing "my mother is going to live on my couch forever!" which our heart knows is ridiculous, but our head is stressing over is often what keeps us from following our heart.

This "following our heart" thing isn't about all of us hopping into an Uber and heading to California to be movie stars. Your head might want to be a movie star (and I guess someone has to be one), but I can promise you your heart's desires are much closer to home .....

xo all

Monday, July 31, 2017

Venus into Cancer | July 31st - August 26th ... attracted to what feels like home

hanna by aufzehengehen
Venus moves into nurturing Cancer today.

Venus in Cancer is the maiden becoming the mother. It is a natural fit. 

Cancer Suns and Cancer Risings (Cancer ruling the first house of our natal chart) get more attractive - both easy on the eye and able to attract what they want. What house holds Cancer in your natal chart? That house will be more attractive now, too - meaning able to attract our attention, and other people's attention, to that house's theme. 

If you have any planets in that Cancer house in your natal (or progressed) chart Venus will meet with (conjunct) those planets over the next month. Planets in Scorpio and Pisces will trine Venus at various times. Planets in Taurus and Virgo will sextile. Trines and sextiles offer opportunities and we will need all the easy energy and opportunities we can find over the next few weeks!

While Venus is in Cancer we will be dealing with everyone's inner child and inner mother AT THE SAME TIME. We might look in the mirror and see our mother. We will be attracted to people who remind us of mother, home or safety. Our own and other people's childhood patterns related to love and mothering or lack of love and mothering will be observable. We will all be more likely to touch each other - physically, emotionally and verbally - in comforting ways.

So, when that strange guy at the post office with the four inch sideburns and two inch nose hairs, steps a little too close and even touches your elbow while chatting you up about the dangers of cellphones you probably won't even flinch. Probably. Especially if mom had sideburns, too.

Kindness matters now. Yes, of course, kindness always matters. But people will be needing it. Most of us, especially women because Venus rules women but not only women, will be more sensitive. More sensitivity can bring us closer to other people. It can also make life more painful. An offer to make someone dinner or a few extra moments spent with someone who needs a shoulder to cry on can make all the difference now.

We will feel a stronger urge to fit in ... somewhere. Most especially somewhere that feels like home.

The primary urge of Venus in Cancer is toward security. Safety and security, home and family - will be what everyone is wanting. The people and places and situations that make us feel protected will be the spaces we can recharge our Venusian batteries.  

The things we want and the things we need will turn out to be the same things.

Venus in Cancer is less direct. People influenced by this transit will be hinting at what they want/need instead of reaching out. Know this and allow everyone a few extra moments to get to whatever it is they need to get to. Our vulnerabilities will not turn off the people they normally turn off. We will not be walking past that homeless guy quite as easily.

This doesn't mean we open up to just anyone although we will be surprised at who is opening up. A crab's shell (Cancer means crab) keeps it alive, but it is continually being outgrown. We most likely know by now where the safe spaces and safe people are.

We'll go to them and we'll be them.

The next three weeks are setting up to be pretty challenging. Hugs will help. I have a niece who hugs long and hard and hardly ever lets go first. She's a Cancer. Let's try to follow her example now - and not let go first.

xo all