Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sun into Taurus | what we really own, surviving and thriving

lovelove by bsium

The Sun moves from 'Action Jackson' Aries into "stop and smell the roses" Taurus today where it will shine a light on all things Taurus and light up our Taurus houses until May 20th.

This doesn't mean life slows down, but we will feel much better if we make the time to enjoy those slower moments, care for ourselves (and others, but especially ourselves) in loving and practical ways and appreciate what we already have.

If Taurus is stubborn, it's only because it rules really important things - the kind of things that have to be nurtured and preserved and seen through to the end.

As the Sun moves through Taurus, he will oppose our Scorpio planets, square our Aquarius and Leo planets (and since the Nodes are in Aquarius/Leo square them), sextile our Cancer and Pisces planets and trine our Virgo and Capricorn planets. We will all be burning Taurus fuel.

Taurus is the nuts and bolts of life. She rules our second house of everything important money can buy and everything important money can't. She rules food and nourishment. She rules the sensual touch that feels like love. She rules our resources - our money, the planet. She rules our self-esteem and values.

Ruled by balanced and beautiful Venus (hopefully Ceres someday which feels more right to me and empowers more female archetypes) our lives could get maybe more imbalanced until they topple over or we are forced to remove something from the more loaded side or add something to the weaker one.

Taurus is the space in your natal chart that naturally encloses what we are here to nurture, preserve and grow. It may be a space we have a bit less passion and ambition because we most naturally feel the need to sustain what takes root here. A bird in the hand thing usually applies to the theme of whatever space Taurus occupies in our natal chart. The energy is cautious because the thing we are holding/carrying here is precious.

It can also become the fear-based space where good things go to die - and then we carry around a bunch of dead stuff like a crate of rotted vegetables and wonder why we are so tired all the time. 

I can already feel my Taurus house, and my life, preparing for "let's shake it up" Uranus's upcoming visit (May 15, 2018- July 7, 2025) - maybe you can, too?!

Taurus is the first earth sign. A fixed sign - she values simplicity over complexity, calm over chaos, stability over flexibility, silence over noise.

Taurus is all about the fertile Earth (it is not a coincidence Earth Day is during Taurus season). The polarity of Scorpian sexuality - Taurus is sensuality - the touch that feels like love. Taurus coaxes us back into our bodies at the end of a hard day with a long hot bath. She stimulates our hands to pick up those tomato plants at the farm market and get them into the dirt. She encourages us to buy the quality thing that will last when we can afford it. She is the quiet voice inside us that whispers I love you when we stroke the baby's ear with our lips.

People will want to be comfortable (whatever that means to them) and might resist new and unfamiliar situations now. If you make/sell things for a living keep this in mind.

(I always get my best non-seasonal response when I email/mail stores that haven't ordered my jewelry in a while when I contact them right after the Sun moves into an earth sign)

It will be easy for all of us to wander outdoors and forget the pot of water boiling on the stove, the email that needed to be answered or the work waiting for us on the bench. Keep this in mind.

Life is moving fast now - but this energy can help us stay grounded. We'll stop and smell the roses, eat food that has touched the earth, listen to good music, purchase quality long-lasting items, get our hands dirty, appreciate the stuff that is right in front of us and we'll use Taurean strength and determination to be consistent and get things done (maybe just fewer and different things!).

In ten days the Taurus Sun will trine (brakes off) a retrograde Saturn (in Capricorn). We are slowly and steadily building something that will last here - we are re-checking the structure. Do we still need this thing? What do we need to survive NOW? What do we need to thrive NOW?

We are playing the long game.

Then around the middle of May, just a few days before the Sun leaves Taurus, Uranus blows into town - most likely for the first time in your life. Uranus is a super-complicated planet but it will become easy to figure out what we really value, what we really stand for when he moves into Taurus - because it will be the things we can cling to in the hurricane winds.

The stuff with the deepest roots get to stay.

The rest (the dead vegetables which could take the form of that job, those stocks, that relationship) will be blown away. We will know what we don't need because it won't be there anymore.

For now, get into your body - take a bath, get a massage - take care of your money - straighten those bills in your wallet, balance the books - here's a post about THAT , appreciate what you have, get your hands into some dirt, talk to your plants. Look into a mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

Taurus is a simple sign. Unlike its polarity sign of Scorpio, nothing in Taurus will be complicated. Just do what feels good. What feels right.

xo all

(most of this post is from April 2017 - Taurus inspiration endures)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Saturn Stations Retrograde | April 17th - September 6th - re-considering our commitments, re-thinking our responsibilities, re-assessing our ambitions, re-drawing our boundaries and re-valuing our time, NO is a complete sentence

Strength by pedadue

On Tuesday, Saturn stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn. He will move backward (from our perspective on Earth) until he gets to 2 degrees Capricorn and then reverse course and begin moving forward again (in early September).

If we have planets or points within these degrees of Capricorn or any of the other cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer or Libra - we will feel this retrograde strongest because Saturn will move over our natal "hot spots" three times. He has already made one pass moving forward. Now he will move backward. Then in the fall he will begin moving forward again. His retrogrades are annual and last for about five months.

Maybe think of a retrograde as if we are pressing the wrinkles out of a shirt. We move the iron forward, then we slow down a bit and move backward being careful not to iron in any new creases. Then we make one final pass forward more forcefully before we move on. This is kind of how it goes.

Right now we are starting the backward swivel part where we try to avoid ironing in any new creases.

Generally the best use of Saturn retrogrades is going back over structural issues. Re-considering our commitments. Re-thinking our responsibilities. Re-assessing our goals and ambitions. Re-defining our boundaries. Re-valuing our time. Re-structuring our projects. Sometimes we get to see what is holding us up because it isn't holding us up anymore. Dad is on vacation folks.

The activities of our Capricorn house tend to slow down a bit so we have the time to establish a stronger foundation. 

Wherever Saturn goes, so does our time and commitment. When planets are retrograde, more of the work becomes internal.

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER/Cancer Rising with Capricorn ruling your 7th house cusp, Saturn's transit of Capricorn will be about strengthening that 7th house. Situations will arise (mostly through other people because this is your partnership house) over the course of Saturn's two and a half year journey here that will require your time and commitment to the affairs of this house. Maybe the person/people you count on will have challenging personal problems and you won't be able to count on them. Maybe you will have to step up. Maybe a relationships changes course - romantic, business, competitor. You thought it was going here and realize it is going there, or maybe it is going no where. Those Saturnian rules, goals and limits are up for re-view now. Maybe you were born with Saturn retrograde (and Saturn is retrograde almost half the year so many people are) in your 7th house and your ability to set limits and boundaries and accurately access what can realistically be expected within a partnership situation is skewed (unless supported somewhere else in your chart) and you have a predisposition to say, "yes", when you should be saying, "NO" (which is a complete sentence all by itself). So, now as Saturn stations retrograde maybe your partners' problems will ease a bit or maybe you will start re-considering your commitment to their issues. Maybe you will re-assess your boundaries and limits. With Saturn retrograde here this could be about a past relationship.

Keep in mind Pluto is about to station retrograde in Capricorn, too - this can intensify whatever Saturn has us re-evaluating or focus us like a laser beam on one specific issue.

This is an excellent time to take an accounting of what we have accomplished over the last few months while Saturn has been direct. Saturn doesn't always offer pats on the back - so let's give ourselves one now.

It is so easy to notice what isn't working that we sometimes don't take the time to appreciate what is. 

This is the time to deal with commitments and responsibilities from the past rather than taking on new ones.

For some people, just working with "NO" being a complete sentence would be an excellent use of this transit. This would also be supported by Chiron in Aries and our North Node in Leo - whenever multiple aspects are saying the same thing we know we are onto something!

When Saturn turns direct in the fall, Dad comes home and brings some external structure into our lives. This can feel supportive (if we have been doing our Saturn retro work) or like a wall/limit/roadblock (if we have been partying like it's 1999).

xo all

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chiron into Aries | healing the wounded masculine, stepping into our warrior energy, healing through action, facing our anger

not angry by ZNZtazmanijus

Early this morning Chiron left Pisces - where he has been hanging his hat since 2011 - for warrior Aries.

In Aries, Chiron turns away from the emotional, connecting reactions and the victim stories we grew through in Pisces (this is a long process he is going to be in Aries for seven years but will drift back into Pisces during his retrograde, September 25th, 2018 - February 18, 2019)

and toward our personal regeneration.

(as the Parkland survivors have been reminding us - and if they are annoying you that annoyance is something to look at, not to judge yourself, just to sit with it - the time for prayers and long-suffering silence is over and this isn't about guns, but yes, in warrior Aries, Chiron will be about healing our relationship with guns, too)

Aries is the first sign so rules newness. What does it take to embrace the new? It takes courage.

Chiron in Pisces has been about feeling and then surrendering the wound. Chiron in Aries will require action. Individual action. The kind of action that isn't always supported by other people. The kind of action we take for ourselves. This energetic is intensely impactful for the collective, too, although it could feel like we are all alone in whatever we do with this.

Our natal Aries house(s) theme(s) will be our personal field of healing. Every situation, person, place and thing - if honestly met - will simultaneously gift and wound us here.

I believe, as spiritual beings, we came here with a game plan - a blueprint, a set of guidelines for our life arranged in a language of patterns and archetypes. Some of our blueprints are very specific. Most, are specific in some areas and more general in others. We probably can't even begin to know all the reasons for this. They are almost certainly diverse and complex.

Our natal astrology chart is a complicated set of specifications designed to build up an individual and run him/her. Like we would build a car or 3D print a Christmas ornament, except our "blueprints" are a map of our consciousness. 

Unlike a machine, we always have the choice to become more conscious - more than our blueprints, we have free will - but without our blueprints we can't gain entrance here to life on planet Earth.

They anchor us in time and space.

It may seem impossible to believe, that you, that I, that all of us, came into being with a plan/possibility for Chiron (discovered in 1978, so not even knowable when many of us were born) to move into the Aries room in our "blueprint" - the space we have always had to fight, always had to walk through that door alone, always had to initiate, be brave, be motivated - in order to get anything done, maybe in order to be accepted - probably for lifetimes - that Chironic energy (wounded healer) was going to come into this space on April 17, 2018 - to work with this energy precisely as we carry it as of April 17, 2018, in order to heal the wounds we are holding/hiding here.

Life is magical that way.

There are a million ways this could play out.

A word salad could stretch our brain here, so let's do that: healing the wounded (Chiron) masculine (Aries), physical (Aries) disabilities (Chiron), going (Aries) until we drop (Chiron), healing through men, male bonding, healing through self-defense, healing through self-assertion, healing through conflict, healing through courage, healing by going it alone, healing through our instincts, painful instincts, healing by pushing past a vulnerability, healing through expressing/acknowledging unexpressed anger or resentment, healing by resolving competition issues, healing by being ourselves - you get the idea.

Remember our Aries house has always been the space we have had to fight/work alone/compete/push for what we want if we are going to have it.

Chiron is going to help us lighten this load.

And like the medic resetting a shoulder that has come out of its socket, here is the part where I say, "this is probably going to hurt."

Our Pisces house gets to breathe a nice sigh of relief. Chiron will be back for a few months, during his retrograde, to tie up the loose ends in Pisces and give our Aries houses (and especially people with planets/points in early Aries) a short respite.

Chironic healing doesn't mean the wounded space just disappears.

Like the scar after the deep cut, there is always something here we kind of have to learn to live with. The healing comes through acceptance. The healing comes through our learning to work with/live with the wound - the embrace of our scars - somehow this shifts our energy and we become like a beacon attracting others with similar wounds (the way a recovering alcoholic can help an alcoholic in ways no one else can).

That's where the collective thing comes in. But for now this will be all about ourselves. Remember this is a process. We can't jump ahead and skip steps.

We will heal by learning to express anger, aggression and force in healthy, positive ways. 

For today - if we think about why we aren't doing what we want to be doing - who/what we are afraid of angering - why we are pissed off at men/the man/him - what we are resentful about - why we don't defend ourselves - why we are always defending ourselves - why we push our physical bodies so damn hard - why we don't get off the couch - we might find a place to start.

xo all

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 16th - HUGE WEEK, big news/events in the collective, the surprises they keep on coming, plot twists, are we busy living or busy dying, dad takes a powder, the wounded masculine needs a bandaid, we all need to hug a tree, identity crisis

Little Spring. by Lileinaya
The big aspects this week are:

SUNDAY - Mercury stations direct (4 degrees Aries),
New Moon (26 degrees Aries)
TUESDAY - Chiron enters Aries,
Jupiter opposes Venus and trines Pluto 
Sun trines Galactic Center
Saturn stations retrograde (through September 6th) at 9 degrees Capricorn
WEDNESDAY - Sun conjuncts Uranus
THURSDAY - Sun enters Taurus
SUNDAY - Pluto stations retrograde (21 degrees Capricorn)

This is another HUGE week, even after the first New Moon of the astrological year and Mercury direct, which are big news all by themselves. Chiron exits Pisces and enters Aries for the first time since 1968 - crossing the world-hot-spot Aries point. Saturn stations retrograde mid-week for five months then Pluto stations retrograde next weekend for five and a half months.

On SUNDAY night we have the BIG Aries Full Moon kick off to our new lunar year. We have had a month of Capricorn holding back Aries and now Aries gives Capricorn the finger and HERE WE GO.

Are we busy living (Aries) or busy dying (Capricorn) - what's it gonna be, folks? Decide.

The only way an Aries New Moon could get any newer is to join Uranus ... and yup, it does.

See my post about this HERE.

Mercury stations direct. Answers come in. We get greater clarity around whatever is going on in our Aries houses. Things that have been stuck for the last three weeks will start to move forward now

(maybe especially, because Mercury rules our mental processes, whatever we have been going over and over in our heads).

Keep in mind that Mercury is still walking the degrees she/he has walked before (once forward and once backward) and won't be covering entirely new ground until early May.

So, we still have one final pass over this territory- older and wiser.

Also, keep in mind, it will be 10 days (April 25th's square between Mercury and Saturn) before Mercury is making contact with any planet other than the Moon, so although we will start to make progress now, some things might still be kind of left blowing in the wind. It always takes some time after Mercury is direct to fully figure out what the retrograde was intent on teaching us and get moving again.

On MONDAY the Moon is in stable Taurus and trining serious Saturn encouraging us to build on those New Moon intentions. Actions that link career/authority with money, our resources, values and self-esteem work together beneficially now. The Taurus Moon has us seeking comfort and security. Always good energy for a massage. Nature is especially grounding with the Moon in Taurus.

The Moon will support us over the next couple days with 3 trines to planets in Capricorn and a sextile to Neptune (this is why we will have happier planets next month when the inner planets start to move into Taurus) and an opposition to Jupiter. Nothing the Moon (our emotions) can't handle and mostly beneficial energies.

On TUESDAY, Chiron moves into Aries for the first time since 1968.

We are going to talk about this as we move through it and I will write a post. I am in no way a Chiron expert, we will make this journey together! This will be about the healing of our masculine energy. In Aries, Chiron turns away from the emotional, connecting reactions and the victim stories we grew through in Pisces (this is a long process he is going to be here for seven years and will pop back into Pisces during his retrograde) and toward our personal regeneration.

I think this will be more "oxygen mask on our own face first" energy (like the Leo North Node).

We have been shattered by 'virtual reality' as Uranus and Eris have rampaged through Aries and our first houses of ourselves these last few years and pushed us to the very limits of our physical bodies.

Are we still in our physical bodies? We are about to find out! Our nervous systems are fried, but we still can't stop clicking.

Chiron in Aries will ignite a process to heal this, as well as our masculine energy fractured through decades and lifetimes of war and competition and the loss of the mother. Chiron is the wound and the cure - it is through Chiron that we face a lost part of ourselves - our sense of 'other-ness'. His journey through Aries will bring him into contact with that other discordant outsider energy; Eris.

This seven year transit is going to be about finding our Aries courage and facing our personal vulnerabilities. It is going to force into our consciousness aspects of our life we have neglected.

Hello Catherine, meet Catherine! Yikes - does my hair really look like that from the back?!

Today, as he transits over the Aries point (and he will do this three times between now and March 2019) - the world axis point - our attention will turn to a world event that will catalyze something for us collectively. And this collective story will have a relationship to our personal story. One story, myriad ways of experiencing it. Or something like that.

Then Chiron will be back in Pisces, due to his upcoming retrograde, from late September until mid February (the time to wrap up our Chiron/Pisces storyline) - so whatever happens between now and September will be a good indication of the kind of things we will be working through when he settles into Aries for his long stay.

EXAMPLE FOR GEMINI/GEMINI Rising - Chiron is moving into your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Challenges via your personal vulnerabilities could be subject to public exposure. You might be embarrassed. Your warts could be on display, but in the long run it will be those warts, or the process that exposes them, that is the part of your healing journey that heals other people. Or maybe you bring an inner battle into the public sphere. Maybe your Chiron "outsider" story is going to play out through your friendships/groups/causes or with a particular friend who acts as a catalyst. You could be a mentor/guide or meet one and probably both will happen at some time over this transit. Chiron is going to show you (over the next few years) how effective you truly are at shattering the obstacles that keep people separated. Your wounded warrior is waking up Gemini!

At the same time we have Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio) opposing Venus (strong in Taurus) - stretching that Venusian financial/love situation and trining (brakes off) Pluto, strong and still in Capricorn (preparing for his retrograde this week).

This is that 'coming back to life' energy we talked about in the New Moon post. This is an expansion (Jupiter) of what we want (Venus) with a powerful green light from Pluto - who Jupiter is answering to! Impacted by the New Moon in Aries maybe this is us giving ourselves a second chance!

Keep in mind Jupiter is retrograde so - going deep instead of wide, expanding something that is already in play - with Pluto in Capricorn and answering to serious Saturn - going with whatever has the best chance of paying off in the long run, whatever offers the greater stability over time. Venus rules love, money, our resources, our values and self-esteem, women and beauty.

Maybe don't waste this energy pouring over pretty pictures on Pinterest all day! At least not all day!

EXAMPLE FOR PISCES/PISCES Rising - this transit is happening between your 3rd, 9th and 11th houses. You could receive good news now. Positive expressions could come through an idea, information, a conversation, learning, teaching, a sibling or within your local environment. This might impact your 9th house - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking via your 11th house - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Just keep in mind that expansive Jupiter is retrograde - so this will be about going deep instead of wide, re-working something already in play. Note - keep in mind I can't see your personal chart, and your houses, even with a Pisces rising, could vary a bit and would vary the forecast. The good news/information you can use part is most likely on target.

Also on TUESDAY, Saturn stations retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn.

Since Saturn is the development of self-discipline via challenges, struggle, hard work and restraints having him ease up on us a little is very likely a good thing. Do I hear a hallelujah?!

Some kind of limit - where is 9 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart? - is removed.

Astrologer Steven Forrest says (I'm trusting my memory with this, hopefully it's not too swiss-cheesy today) - Saturn in our natal chart is the area we must learn to walk our talk and walk it all by ourselves. It's the space where any lack of self discipline can quickly lead to our undoing. It's the space where we make peace with solitude and develop patience.

Saturn rules structure. During his retrograde we will be going back and retooling and shoring up the physical structures in our life (including our bodies). Saturn rules time. Time is on our side now. We just need to trust this (patience people!). Saturn's retrograde offers us the time to "re-make" the structure of something before it is too late. It's a time to reconsider rules and obligations.

In Capricorn, this is going to take us back over recently covered ground dealing with the theme of our Capricorn house and collectively our career, authority, our goals, our father, rules - you get the idea. This period could allow a re-view or re-working. For some it will be a time to slow down and get a better handle of what is and isn't working. Someone from our past, especially work-related, could re-appear. An old responsibility could be back on our plate.

Pay attention to any situations that shift gears NOW because this will be the ground we are re-working through September.

FOR AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS Rising - Saturn is retrograding in your 12th house of what is hidden, put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. Something here is being re-visited, re-viewed or re-worked. Since the 12th house is one of the houses that rules our past you could be severing old ties or releasing certain responsibilities over the next few months. If you are trying to control the uncontrollable (an Aquarius dealing with control issues - that sounds about right!) - the 12th house ruled by Neptune is like trying to hold onto water - there could be some relief from that now as Saturn eases up. Your co-ruling planet, Uranus, is active this week, so it could take you a bit to figure out what Saturn's retrograde will be about for you if you get caught up in the other stuff. Note - keep in mind I can't see your personal chart, and your houses, even with a Aquarius rising, could vary a bit and would vary the forecast.

The Sun (at the very end of Aries) trines - brakes off - the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy; the solar system that houses all the planets including Earth.

This is most likely the place where time and space were created so you and I would have a place to learn and grow and work and play.

Saturn (security, stability, the patriarchy, the rules, duty, judgement, authority) spent quite a bit of time on or near the Galactic Center last year - getting a makeover or maybe I should say a make-under.

Interesting that on the day he stations retrograde, the Sun, in action-oriented Aries, will trine this space.

It's like the teacher steps out of the room and the kids take over! Of course, with Aries (Mars) the 'kids' could be playing with fire. Hopefully Saturn took the matches with him.

Tuesday is huge and of course, everything won't all play out on Tuesday and probably won't all be one thing.

On WEDNESDAY, after an early A.M. void, the Moon will enter Gemini at 8.02AM EDT. Life gets busier. We are more mentally active over the next couple days. This is the first Gemini Moon we have had with Mercury direct in weeks, so we will likely be catching up with missed information, communications, connections and appointments. This is good energy for sales, presentations, teaching, sibling interactions, short trips and errands.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus with Uranus still at his New Moon degree. This exactly squares the United States' Pluto (karma, transformation) and we have a President who is Uranus (via being born with this very aspect). 

Something unexpected will "come to light now" - PLOT TWIST - as Uranus and the Sun kick off their final solar cycle in the warrior sign of Aries for our lifetime. 

This ties into Sunday's New Moon energy and we can all expect the unexpected ... again. 

With the Sun moving into Taurus afterward and Uranus set to move into Taurus next month (a space he hasn't occupied since 1942 and where he will stay until 2026 - Taurus, exalted in Scorpio is considered in "his fall" in stable Taurus) this could be a glimpse of something to come. 

Anything "coming to light" might stress, likely through instability and potential instability, Taurean themes - security, contentment, money, our resources, the planet.

In our personal lives there could be another surprise, liberating break from restriction or disruption from the status quo. Uranus conjunctions usually bring EXCITEMENT!

There could be an abrupt ending/fresh start/disruption.

This aspect always makes me think of an unreliable dad (and Saturn is retrograde, too!).

This is good energy to do something new. Freak flags will fly. Uranus rules the 11th house and our minds can be open to new ideas and experiences now. Stay flexible and go with the flow.

Since Uranus rules accidents it would be a good idea to try to avoid unnecessary risks and impulsive behavior - especially anything brought on by us feeling restrained (for example a hasty move with our car when we don't want to wait) or feeling bossed around. People will not want to feel boxed in. Challenges to authority might not end the way we had hoped.

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER/Cancer Rising - the Sun and Uranus are meeting up in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. Whatever you had going on at the New Moon in any of these areas continues to offer surprises and innovating energy. There could be a change in your job or career or with someone in authority that gets you moving along a new path or doing something in a new way. This could impact your relationship to "the group" or with friendships or one friend in particular. Keep in mind Chiron is moving into your 10th house this week also as well as Mercury stationing direct here. Your career, goals, responsibilities should be a focus. With Aries in your 10th house you have always had to fight, and stand up for yourself, for what you want with your career/goals. What you have you have earned. The Sun then immediately moves into your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology- the house Taurus will begin rocketing through next month encouraging some 'herd-separation' as you design a path uniquely your own over the next few years!

On THURSDAY, the Gemini Moon squares dreamy Neptune making it hard to tell fact from fiction now. We are doing lots of adjusting today so stay flexible. The Sun enters stabilizing Taurus maybe making it feel like one of those mornings after big news when things don't seem quite as bad (or quite as good) as they did the night before. Maybe.

Burning Taurus energy for fuel now our attention turns to Taurean themes - our comfort, security, money, resources, our income, our possessions, our values and self-esteem - all that 2nd house stuff. What house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? Events will conspire to shift your energy there. Any Taurus planets in your chart will meet up with the Sun over the next 30 days (Scorpio planets will be opposed by the Sun and Leo/Aquarius planets will square the Sun). In Taurus, the Sun is prudent and stubborn - and doesn't really want to fight anymore. The fire of "let's go for it" in Aries yields to a more earthy and resolute "let's take it one day at a time" kind of thing in more laid-back Taurus.

On FRIDAY, TGIF! The Moon moves into home and family oriented Cancer focusing us on family, real estate, renovation, security, safety, patriotism, mom, history. The Moon will sextile the Taurus Sun in the a.m. - good energy for opportunity within those Cancer or Taurus themes. The Moon squares Mercury in the evening - maybe not the best date night energy. Just stay home. Cancer/Taurus says take a long bath. Cook a nourishing meal. We could be challenged by a conversation, news or just Friday night traffic.

xo all

I am sorry I didn't get to the New Moon info by sign with that last post - UGH!

My body - neck, shoulder and elbow - is not cooperating with long stints at the computer right now and I thought it more important to get the weekly done for the week ahead.

If anyone has anything important going on or would just like a personal heads up please email me or leave a comment and I will check your rising sign/houses for the Moon.

Please take the time to do your New Moon intentions (or make a vision board) during the best hours in your area - Sunday night between 9:57PM EDT and 1:50AM EDT. If you miss this wait until after 7:51AM EDT on Monday - but try to shoot for the best time Sunday night.

This is a late degree New Moon and doesn't give us much time to take advantage of maximum potency!

Friday, April 13, 2018

New Moon in Aries | April 15th - rising from the ashes, expect the unexpected, new territory, playing the long game, new Lunar Year begins, Mercury direct, the wait is over, make a vision board!

aren by aufzehengehen

We kick off the Lunar Year with a New Moon in pioneering Aries (Sun and Moon at 26 degrees Aries) at 9:57PM EDT on Sunday.

This is the first New Moon of the astrological year AND in the take no prisoners, get fired up, let's start something NEW sign of Aries. The space of 26 degrees Aries in our natal chart is going to be where we are ready for change NOW. This is impulsive, fiery energy.

Normally at the New Moon, dark skies energy, we take baby steps in a new direction. With this one, I would suggest kicking it up a notch, and actually, if we are impacted by this, we probably won't be able to avoid the extra notch even if we wanted to!

Years ago I heard an astrologer say that for Aries life is like, "Ready. FIRE! Aim.".  

This is what we need to be cautious of here.

So we will think before we act (and speak). Although there are no planets in air signs now. Hmm, what are we thinking? Maybe we won't be! Wait, there is Pallas in Gemini - she is strategic and Gemini rules choices, so there's that!

This New Moon is all about Aries energy. What is Aries? Aries energy is very self sufficient. This is the energy of "me". The baby of the zodiac, Aries can't always see the other person's side of things because if they did they wouldn't be able to take quick, decisive action and that quick decisive action is what they are here to manifest.

So, the Aries New Moon in a year with a North Node in Leo - this truly, is a time to put the oxygen mask on our own face first! This is about what we want now (and with Uranus conjunct, it will be different than what we wanted before) and should provide the courage and determination to get something going. We may not have a single minded focus (Pallas in Gemini) - but our actions will speak louder than our words now anyway.

Aries doesn't have the staying power of some other signs (although Saturn's position at this New Moon will help us with this) because he doesn't need it. Aries isn't the cross country race. Aries is that first powerful kick off at the starting line.

Aries energy isn't about winning or losing (maybe don't tell that to an Aries sun sign!) - Aries is about daring to start that race in the first place. Aries supports jumping in and taking action. He doesn't promise us that we will come out a winner or even come out alive (yes he's ruled by Mars and he's totally bad-ass), but he does promise us we will have evolved from the experience.

And that's what we're here for. We didn't come for the outcome, the outcome has already been decided. We all win in the end. We came for the experience. Aries knows this.

Now let's look at the connections the New Moon is making. Remember at the time of the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree. Every connection the Moon is making the Sun is making, too - so everything is amplified.

Don't be distracted, or lulled into complacency by the dark skies - the energies are uber powerful now. 

The Sun and Moon are conjunct "anything-can-happen" freedom-loving Uranus, sitting at 24 degrees Aries, just a few weeks from his move into Taurus.

When a planet conjuncts another planet it's like a guest comes in from out of town and takes over.

Maybe they put their feet on the coffee table, toss their coat on our favorite chair and polish off that bottle of wine we'd been saving. Maybe they clean the kitchen and cook us dinner. Either way, they are hard to miss.

Uranus is the planet of genius and rebellion and 'anything can happen'. Uranus is charged with shifting us from point A to point B via the fastest possible route.

Uranus gives the energy at this New Moon some unpredictable electricity. Something can come from out of nowhere - all the i's are not dotted and all the t's are not crossed now.

What is actually going to happen is we have the New Moon - the Sun and Moon meet in Aries at 26 degrees - then a few hours later - SURPRISE! - the Moon (our emotions) meets Uranus ... then because the Sun moves much slower than the Moon - the Sun (the light) will meet Uranus on Wednesday.

With Pluto sitting with Mars - the ruler of the New Moon - maybe something we thought was 'dead and buried' will rise from the ashes.

Mars' trine to benefic Venus and sextile to dreamy Neptune should help.

The sextile (opportunity) with Neptune could mean Pluto's resuscitating efforts come through our imagination.  


And we can't ignore the elephant in the room - powerful Saturn sitting almost still, preparing to go retrograde in a few days, and conjunct the Moon's ruler Mars.

Now, remember Mars has already gotten past Saturn before this New Moon! And this matters. We are further ahead than we think we are now.

Saturn isn't really a stop-sign here. He's more of a drag on our wheels that prevents our fast acceleration, some added weight in the trunk - that yes, slows us down, but also helps moderate our balance/speed in bad weather (there are always two sides!) and over uneven pavements.

He is the sign in the road that tells us SLOW DOWN - CHILDREN AT PLAY

(except with Saturn everyone is old and no one is playing).

Results from whatever this New Moon gets started will be hard earned and pay off OVER TIME.

That's OK.

We are playing the long game. We are building something to last and when Saturn and Pluto meet up at the end of 2019 and into 2020 our results will be clearly visible!

At the same time as this New Moon, Mercury, retrograde in Aries since March 22nd, will station direct at 4 degrees.

So, whatever we have been re-viewing, re-doing, re-vising, re-visiting is apt to SURGE forward - or at the very least because Mercury is still squaring that serious stop-sign otherwise known as Saturn (and Mercury IS going to meet Saturn again) - the "re's" will END.

With Uranus activated, things could turn on a dime. Get your roller skates ready.

The New Moon is squaring Pluto (in Capricorn).

This is more of this April's Aries/Capricorn battle - keep in mind that next month when the planets start to move through Taurus, these squares will turn into opportunistic sextiles (YAY) - that's why I have been saying we can't just sit this energy out and avoid it. We need the tension/challenges of the squares. We need our rough edges smoothed out by rubbing them against other rough edges. With Aries/Capricorn - something wants to go and something is making it stop or slow down. This is the impulsive, inexperienced son vs the serious, experienced father.

This ties in to last Wednesday's square between Pluto and the Sun - that power play energy with the hidden agenda. What was that all about for you?

At the same time Jupiter (in Scorpio) is sitting across the sky from Venus (in Taurus).

Anytime Jupiter opposes anything we can be assured something is being stretched.

This can be a good thing - think of your favorite yoga pose or the $5 you turned into $10 with that half-off coupon. Or a stretch can be a bad thing - think about that stretch that threw your back out, that bounced check or when the truth gets stretched into 'alternative facts'.

Venus rules love, our money, our resources, our values, women, beauty and our self-esteem. Taurus and Scorpio rule our money houses. With that Jupiter opposition maybe there is something here about someone getting wedded to their position and not wanting to negotiate. There could be something about excess and wanting too much. With Jupiter retrograde and going to return to these degrees again - it could pay off in the long run to keep some skin in the game.

Don't burn any bridges here, but don't over extend yourself financially or over-commit your time/resources either. If you have already overpaid, overspent - there could be a bill to pay now. With Venus interacting with Mars and Jupiter (and Pluto!) at this New Moon there should be actions you can take to make this situation better. Maybe especially financial situations.

And this means - better over the long haul - remember Saturn is in Capricorn until 2020 - the LONG GAME IS THE ONLY GAME. Even as the first spring blossoms break through the ground - winter is here.

New Moon Affirmations 

This New Moon is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Aries - the head (headaches, acne, eyes, brain), the overall physical self, exploration, initiative, courage, leadership, strength, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper tantrums, anger, stress from inaction - what do we need more of in our lives, what are we needing to release.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning certain) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - with a fire New Moon maybe write your affirmations on strips of paper and burn them - now release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.

The best time to do your New Moon affirmations and make your vision board is after the New Moon and before the Moon goes void of course (don't do this while the Moon is void!). 

Since this is a late degree New Moon we don't have much time this month to get the best results.

So, do your affirmations and/or your vision board on Sunday night after 9:57PM EDT but before 1:50AM EDT.

xo all

Don't miss doing your affirmations this month. This is the perfect time to make a vision board for 2018, too!

Also, keep in mind if you are a last minute tax-filer and putting your energies this weekend into that, this will influence the New Moon energies and your month/year ahead. Which could be a good thing - taking your money/resources seriously, being organized, being appreciative - or not such a good thing - stressing out about any lack, giving your power away, being unorganized.

Get clear on what you are setting up energetically now because you are putting it into play for the long haul.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 9th - part II

The Storm by Spiegellicht
The forecast for most of the week is HERE.

I thought instead of editing that post to include the end of the week I would just pop up a second post. I try to do a weekend forecast on Friday morning, but I thought this week's storyline, that feeds into the weekend, probably needed to be posted sooner.

I will do a New Moon forecast by sign later in the week.

Let's get back to the week ahead.

We begin FRIDAY with the Moon in dreamy, sensitive Pisces. She sextiles Pluto and then goes on to trine Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio and answering to Pluto) - all before breakfast.

The Moon goes void at 7:27AM EDT off that Jupiter trine. The Moon is void until 11:25PM EDT when she moves into Aries.

So, Friday is not a good day to start anything new or launch anything into the world we want "something to come of" - maybe a good day to mail that tax return although Mercury is still retrograde so that could be debatable!

It is excellent energy - what better than a Balsamic Moon in Pisces! - for meditation, prayer, forgiveness, release.

It would also be a good day with that last aspect Jupiter trine to do promotional work, media, travel, teaching, deal with existing legal issues - any Jupiterian theme we started prior to March 8th.

Friday's energy starts the build-up toward Saturday's powerful Pluto/Jupiter sextile and Sunday's New Moon in Aries and Mercury's station.

We could be dealing with Piscean themes - healing, art, spirituality, endings - Scorpian themes - finances, loans, taxes, sex, reproduction, divorce, death, rebirth, intimacy - and/or our goals, career, authority situations.

With the Moon hitting Chiron at the last degree of Pisces - there could be something heavy or painful or that has us feeling emotionally vulnerable now. We, and other people, could be very sensitive - keep this in mind. Maybe something here about wounded-women or a mother-wound or something painful around not belonging or not fitting in. This is a transit. It is transitory. Feel it. Thank it for its message. Let it go.

While we sleep on SATURDAY, Jupiter moves into sextile (opportunity) with Pluto. Now we will see what this week's power plays have amounted to.

This is an important three-peat aspect.

We had this first on January 15th at 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn, then today at 21 degrees with Jupiter retrograde and then the final sextile will be on September 12th at 18 degrees with Pluto retrograde.

These sextiles will most strongly impact those with planets/points around those degrees.

This is about DEEP change. Fortune favors the bold with this one. Jupiter is expanding Pluto's power. Someone is making a big, bold move. There is opportunity here, but we will have to confidently act on it. This could be about our beliefs about what is possible.

Remember Jupiter is retrograde so this is still re-vision energy. This is about going back over an old opportunity or clarifying/adjusting what has happened since January.

What did you have going on around the middle of January the first time these two mega-energies danced together in Scorpio/Capricorn?

On SUNDAY Mercury stations direct (YAY!) at 4 degrees Aries. What have we learned since he/she stationed retrograde back on March 22nd?

Mercury will not start walking totally new territory until May 4th, but today's station at the time of a New Moon pretty much guarantees that whatever this retrograde has been about for us - NOW WE KNOW.

We have had plenty of time to re-do/re-work any impulsive plans or re-mediate any reckless language. Hopefully this has been time well-spent. We know we are older now, best to be a bit wiser, too.

Keep in mind Mercury still has that final square with Saturn (wall, rule, limit) - this time with Mercury direct and Saturn retrograde on the 25th.

At the same time we have the big New Moon in Aries conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus. I will do a post about this one, but wanted to put it into context with the rest of the week because the New Moon's shock and awe will be connected to the Pluto square the Sun we talked about HERE for Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will talk about the New Moon by sign in the next post.

What has changed in your life since Uranus entered Aries in 2011? Probably alot! The next few weeks will be our last push for more of that before Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th.

Remember I am writing about aspects when they are exact, they are in play as they build and release, so events might not happen exactly on the days mentioned.

xo all

I will get back to our Trump series this week, too. This New Moon is conjunct Uranus (when I write Uranus just think Trump!) so he is likely to make a big move or be a catalyst for something explosive this week. Having a New Moon conjunct Uranus means in 6 months we will have a Full Moon (October 24th) conjunct Uranus, so anything he does now will likely reach a peak/conclusion then.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 9th - transformative challenges, self-created crisis to learn how powerful we are, a darth vader projection, love, opportunity, potential, surrender, slips through our fingers, the run up to the New Moon blast-off

Crystal by asalisinasa

On SUNDAY we had the last quarter Moon - the waning square to the Sun - at 18 degrees in serious and ambitious Capricorn (Sun in Aries). Last quarter moons are different from first quarter Moons. It is still a time of stress/tension regarding choices - but now the seduction is to hold onto something that is ripe for release.

Maybe from habit or a need to stick with what we started - but there is something here now that is 'past its sell-by-date'. Something that has come as far as it can go. The tricky part can be recognizing it. The other tricky part is letting the energies complete and pull you back into yourself.

Capricorn can lure us into the past, back to old ways of doing things - old rules, old judgements, old crutches and burdens. And we have Pluto in Capricorn digging through the sludge, so this is not a comfortable journey. The Moon can shine a light on the discomfort here.

We have a bold New Moon conjunct Uranus in just seven days - we don't want to be carrying this old Capricorn/Saturnian fear into the New Moon's fresh start energy.

What burden can be laid down now?

Pace yourself.

On MONDAY, the Moon (she moved into Aquarius last night) will sextile - opportunity - Mercury in Aries in the late afternoon (3:16PM EDT). This is good energy for business and for communicating with other people including your groups and causes. We should be able to detach, really listen, be a little more articulate and not take things so personally. Diverse opinions/ideas are supported and will advance whatever we have going on.

On TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY, the Aries Sun squares Pluto (in Capricorn - we said this month was going to be all about Aries-Capricorn!).

This aspect makes me think of Darth Vader. It makes me think of earthquakes. Challenges and power struggles are likely. With Pluto/Sun squares this is about transforming some aspect of ourselves via tension/crisis. And the crisis is somehow self-created and self-perpetuated. Or maybe we are up against forces greater than ourselves - more powerful. Or maybe we are doing battle with a Scorpio person or situation (financial, sexual, life/death) - this would have to do with the hidden Scorpio in us we are projecting onto them, so we have to deal/work with it!

With Pluto (ruler of the 8th house) there is always stuff happening that we cannot see - so we don't know what we don't know here.

At the same time Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio) is inconjunct - that rock and a hard place - that same Aries Sun. Mercury is deep in the final days of her retrograde journey through Aries. Whatever we are going 'back over' or re-fining through re-duction requires additional work. Jupiter can make any situation look bigger - sometimes better - than it actually is. Are we taking on too much?

In general we will be dealing with Plutonian situations - fireballs - finances, sex, intimacy, death/rebirth, reproduction, fertility (birthing struggles), 3rd party situations, power struggles, compulsions, obsessions, manipulations and the themes of our personal CAPRICORN and SCORPIO houses.

These energies can bring us into contact with incredible stamina - a kind of all-or-nothing Scorpio resolve. We just need to be sure (and with Mercury/Jupiter retrograde it is hard to be sure) we know what we are really fighting for/struggling with here or we could shoot ourselves in the foot. Win the battle, lose the war kind of thing.

EXAMPLE FOR AQUARIUS/Aquarius Rising - This is about your 3rd house (Sun in Aries) - communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or some situation in your local neighborhood. There could be a verbal power struggle, maybe an argument. Maybe something contractual. And your 10th house (career/big life goals/public life - Pluto in Capricorn) - and yes, these could be two different things, but they will interconnect somehow. There is something behind-the-scenes you need to adjust to. Keep in mind that later in the week Jupiter and Pluto are going to form an opportunistic sextile as you take another look at something or clarify/re-assess it. This is all about a new public ambition or career goal you are moving forward. Your big dream still needs a few more tweaks. When Mercury moves direct at the time of the Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus at the end of the week you will likely get some surprising new information/decision/answer. This could be about the stuff that is happening behind the scenes earlier in the week. Stay flexible and able to adjust your goals to the facts/what is actually real right now.

Also on TUESDAY, Venus (love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values and resources) trines - brakes off! - her lover-boy Mars. 

Venus is fat and happy in Taurus. Mars is lean and mean in Capricorn. To have these two working together is - how does Martha say it? - "a VERY GOOD THING". 

Our wants and what we do to get what we want are working together. This is good/great manifestation energy. Good for relationships. Maybe that thing we want moves a little bit closer as we attract it/take action

The Moon goes void on Tuesday at 12:06PM EDT for the rest of the day.

On THURSDAY, the Moon is in watery Pisces. We are more sensitive now - this began yesterday - and open to more subtle vibrations. 

Venus sextiles Neptune. This is smooth sailing. This is a healing, gentle touch. This is good shopping energy, good for beautification projects. GOOD DATE NIGHT. You could meet a dreamy eyed Pisces who will ply you with flowers and sweet talk. Let him/her.

Something should fall into place now or slip through our fingers.

If something ends now - it is meant to end. 

The blow should be cushioned; the fall into a bed stuffed with feathers. Maybe this is just because we are worn out from the battle (!), but whatever this is, if something ends now - it was always meant to end now. 

The journey to this point has BEEN THE POINT. Let it go. It is time. The 'opportunity' here comes through surrender.  

And, of course, as smoothly as something slips away something could slip into place, too - maybe a financial, relationship dream.

Know that whichever way the waters run for you now we are all playing a long game. We all win in the end. And if we are not winning, it's not the end. We've got this thing.

EXAMPLE for VIRGO/Virgo Rising - your Venus story this week plays out through your 9th and 5th houses - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking and creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. The trine (brakes off) between Venus (what you want) and Mars (what you do to get what you want) tells you your creative applications geared toward moving your life outside your comfort zone are where you want to apply your efforts now. This is your best chance of success. Your assurance/courage increases as you journey forward through these energies. Neptune's sextile through your partnership house (Pisces) speaks of an opportunity now for a smoother, maybe more spiritual, connection with a partner or a partner's faith in you and their tender support (healing energy) for whatever is happening.

The BIG news and new adventure for all of us kicks off this coming weekend at the New Moon plus the high point of the month is on Saturday as Jupiter sextiles Pluto - for the 2nd of 3 times this year!

I will be back to finish out the week later today (time to make the lockets and I need some acupuncture on my shoulder/elbow this morning) and then will do a big New Moon post by sign later in the week. 

Note the Moon is Void ALL DAY Friday.

This looks like a week with many twists and turns. It is perfectly timed foreplay for the fresh start that begins at the end of the week!

xo all