Today's Lunar Forecast | relationship tension, seeking balance, report card time, what responsibility needs to be completed, what mess needs to be cleaned up, I know we are tired of dealing with this thing - but that clock is ticking


The Moon in relationship-focused Libra will sextile a retrograde Jupiter at 5:29AM EDT and then move on to square the Sun, Saturn, the Nodes and Pluto.

A good day for independent work, not so good for dealing with authority figures. 
As the Moon reaches her first quarter we have the month's First Quarter Square between the Libra Moon and the Cancer Sun which speaks of relationship/balance/fairness issues - maybe involving that home/family/real estate situation we are dealing with.

We might be feeling something like - how do we get this ship back on an even keel/what is the right CHOICE?

Her square to the Nodes and Saturn/Pluto speaks of our need to FINISH SOMETHING. What is this thing that is hanging over our head? This dead thing we are dragging behind us?

What responsibility needs to be completed? What mess needs to be cleaned up?

These squares speak of frustration - adjustments. And with the Sun in Cancer and answering to the Moon - the Moon being stressed creates extra tension.

Adding to the pressure the Sun (our vitality, our energy, our ego) makes his annual opposition to Saturn (the wall).

We could hear a "no" or we might have to say "no". We might hit a limit or have to deal with some kind of burden.

Maybe a light shines on WHY we are being blocked and what obligations remain. 

Maybe we are being pushed in a difficult direction.

Saturn/Sun can also limit self-expression or bring father/authority issues.

An opposition appears to come from something outside our control, but it pays to keep in mind what an opposition really is - we are projecting this energy onto an outside person/situation and then that person/situation is mirroring it back to us. If we are awake we can see the ways our own actions/in-actions/thinking/beliefs have set ourselves up here. There is really only one of us here!

This energy might not feel good. Saturn can be depressing because it is quite literally like a weight pressing down on us. Saturn zaps our energy - take this part seriously. Get enough rest ... but don't fall asleep on the job, not today - at least not until the Moon goes void - ha!

The Moon will go void off that square to Pluto at 3:36PM EDT

(watch for power plays, jealousy, manipulation, troubling memories, unresolved security issues, immature emotions that interfere with intimacy)

and stay void until she moves into Scorpio at 5:29AM EDT on Wednesday - heads up tomorrow morning should be easier than tomorrow afternoon (more squares, but entrenched/fixed ones tomorrow!), so get things done early if you want smoother sailing.

So, the vibe for today is kind of uncomfortable and likely exhausting, but we need to get through this. We are in the summer eclipse spin cycle with Mercury retrograde and building toward a VERY cold winter in 2020 - things are intense.

We can't go backward and we can't totally move forward yet either.

We have a powerful eclipse next week that will shake loose whatever doesn't shake loose this week. Staying stuck is not going to be an option, so we don't have to worry about that.

For now - stay in your integrity, take care of your physical self, finish that thing that needs to be finished, clean up that mess, there is a clock running out somewhere in your life.

This ticking clock (which might feel like a time-bomb and in some sense IS a time-bomb) is also a GIFT pushing us to get things set up BEFORE we move into the winteriest part of winter by January 2020.  There won't be much we can do when we are stuck indoors with ten feet of snow outside. But right now there is. We can meditate. We can keep moving forward. We can do the "re's:". We can tie up those loose ends that are obviously loose - finish up that commitment.

Let's use Mercury retrograde to re-think, re-view, re-vise - we are back in the territory of last year's North Node - what does our heart want? What are we doing with our precious days on this amazing planet?

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | the pain/what we don't get is the springboard toward new money, new love or greater self-esteem, assertive language that isn't boastful or bragging, avoiding unnecessary arguments, being self-sufficent, being brave, being confident, no sleeping in

MONDAY, JULY 8, 2019

This is an INTENSE day.

The Moon is now in Libra focusing us on our relationships/our need for balance and fairness. She will sextile Mars and Mercury (opportunities with words and action within relationships) and square Libra's ruler Venus (frustration/tension within relationships) all by lunchtime EDT.

The Moon is answering to Venus (in sensitive Cancer) who will also square Chiron - this speaks of a painful relationship, money, self esteem, resources, values, beauty, women situation with deep roots; maybe a situation where we don't get what we want or a stressful family/home situation. 

Venus then moves into an opportunistic sextile to anything-can-happen/forward leaning and liberating Uranus. So, it's likely the painful situation where maybe we don't get what we are wanting brings us to the space of something NEW.

Maybe something more liberating. With Chiron in Aries we need to be self-sufficient. We need to be brave. This stuff isn't for sissies. With Venus in lunar-ruled Cancer and the Moon in Venus ruled Libra - both planets are strengthened now. We've got this thing.

We also have a retrograde Mercury meeting Mars in Leo. This is excellent energy for bold, assertive language. Maybe we are saying it AGAIN and this time we are being heard/seen. The downside to this duo is the potential for boastful talk or being so loud and proud (or angry) that we screw this potentially awesome energy up with an un-needed and unproductive argument, etc.

So, we need to be assertive/be seen/stand up for ourselves - but let's come from a space of our heart and not our ego.

If we come from our ego this week, there are planetary line-ups coming later in the week that will deliver us a walloping.

Even the Libra Moon can't make that pretty.

We are approaching our solar opposition to rule-making Saturn and powerful Pluto - expect road blocks and ego blows.

We can handle what the world throws at us - stay strong and heart centered. Choose your words with care. Choose the compassionate response and the high road. Hang on LOOSELY. With the North Node in Cancer - remember to prioritize self-care, home and family.

More in the weekly HERE

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | nourished through organization, cleaning up the mess, practical action, committing to a new plan, keeping in mind some things don't need to be fixed and sometimes good enough is good enough

The Moon moved into practical Virgo late last night. We are nurtured through organization now. By crossing our t's and dotting our i's, by details and plans. For the next couple days our attention is drawn to what needs fixing, editing, cleaning and attending to in a rational manner. Our daily work, our health, our pets - the stuff that needs our action and attention on a day-to-day basis.

Our critical eye is keen and with Mercury in loud (and proud) Leo we probably don't want to be talking about everything we notice.

After her time in Leo and the 4th of July fireworks (whether or not you are in the U.S.), there is probably a mess to be cleaned up somewhere or something that was pushed aside in favor of something else that was more fun. I know it's Saturday, but with whatever is on our agenda now we will feel better if we organize it and get it "just right". Ahh. Being productive feels good, but avoid obsessing over too many details or you will ruin your weekend. Life is messy. Keep this in mind.

The Virgo Moon will sextile Venus (in Cancer) at 6AM EDT - excellent energy for home/family projects and then moves on to trine Uranus (in Taurus) at 10:23AM EDT - stay flexible, change is good.  We might be committing (earth trine) to a new plan.

Her final aspect today is a trine to sacred Vesta (in Taurus) - the fire we are determined to keep burning. Here is where our focus on the details/the plan moves us into flow with our money/resources/self-esteem.

With Black Moon Lilith in early Pisces - the Moon will oppose her at some point which speaks of a need to let our hair down a bit. Go with the flow. There are things outside our control and things that don't need to be "fixed".

xo all

Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow - BACK UP THOSE FILES.

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Today's Lunar Forecast | chill out, nothing will come of it, unsure of how to proceed, an ego sacrifice, a day to follow your heart

FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2019

The Moon in fun-loving and generous Leo went void late last night (2:24AM EDT) off a trine to expansive Jupiter.

She will be void ALL DAY (moving into Virgo at 12:25AM tonight). Expect some twists and turns and if stuff appears out of nowhere "much ados about nothing". If you are in the U.S. and have taken the day off for an extended 4th of July - you won't miss much. Stay flexible. Have some fun. Don't start anything brand new. With the Moon drifting, unaspected, through the last degrees of Leo, we will need to be following our heart.

After the Moon gets into practical Virgo tomorrow we will feel the impetus to get things organized and "back on track".

Venus (in Cancer) is semi-sextile Mars (in Leo) making us unsure of how to proceed. What we want and what we have to do to get what we want are not quite in sync. Venus in Cancer is emotional, so we could be feeling the gap.

At the same time we have Black Moon Lilith (in Pisces) inconjunct Juno (in Leo). This is a rock and a hard place between the other woman and the wife. Fire and water. The part of us that wants to keep the relationship/agreement together no matter what and the part that couldn't care less about blowing the whole thing up. Juno is about partnerships and the sacrifices we make to keep things running; to keep the partnership/agreement safe (including the ways we look the other way, but also the ways we fight to maintain what we have) and in Leo - there could be quite a bit of ego/pride involved and maybe that is where the adjustment comes in. A blow to our ego. BML in Pisces is even harder to pin down, but an inconjunct with a Pisces point/planet could involve a sacrifice. 

Happy Friday everyone!

xo all

Mercury stations retrograde in 48 hours - BACK UP THOSE FILES.

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Today's Lunar Forecast | fun and games, time with children, a surprise, being ourselves, what needs to be finished up, facing our fear, father-issues, stop swimming against the tide, life is showing us our past and who we are right now, a road block


The Moon in fiery Leo today will connect with Mars (1:41AM EDT) and then Mercury (5:50AM EDT), so we are taking action and talking about what we are doing/what we want to do - the doing will likely involve our Leo house theme or the collective Leo themes of children, romance, creative projects, fun and recreation.

The Leo Moon will square Uranus this morning (9:11AM EDT) so there is some challenging wild card energy today (expect the unexpected) around groups, technology, maybe an Aquarian person or possibly something unexpected and likely frustrating coming to our attention involving money, our values, resources or self-esteem. Squares to Uranus bring out a need to be ourselves; to not be boxed in. Ego clashes could make someone bolt.

Venus (love) in Cancer (patriotism, home country), the energy of this week's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the Moon in fun-loving Leo could give July 4th celebrations extra oomph.

The big news today is we have the exact conjunction of Saturn (responsibility, limit, time, commitment) and the South Node (the past, the stuff we are stuck in now), which means he is opposing the North Node (our future). This is either bringing something to conclusion - likely something we have put alot of work/time into or bringing to our attention what we haven't done or some responsibility/commitment that is hanging over our head.

(Saturn on the South Node sounds like the Washington DC parade with tanks and military vehicles - see how strong/solid we are/used to be, and then that opposition to the North Node is asking does 'might make right' in the future? in the Age of Aquarius - the age of reason/the hive/science/technology?)

Saturn is retrograde and Saturn/South Node is a three time repeating aspect this year. We had this on April 30th and will have the final conjunction on September 28th - by which time you really need to have this thing wrapped up, maybe not all pretty with a big red bow, but life is moving forward then. This conjunction today (and events may not play out exactly today, but within a few days before or after) is the one where we are doing the "re's" - re-evaluating, re-vising, re-working, re-doing.

What needs to be finished? What obligation needs to lived up to? Debt paid back? Tradition put to bed? Father/authority issue re-worked?

Keep in mind we still have Saturn sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (the dream) - we have talked about this before. Working for the dream/maybe to solidify one thing we need to sacrifice something else. Another way this Saturn/Neptune sextile can come in handy is as an escape clause with this Saturnian responsibility.

Say, for example, you have an old tax situation hanging over your head or a student loan debt you haven't been paying - the Saturn/Neptune sextile can bring an ease to the situation when you face up to it. Maybe the bill that comes due isn't as bad or the process of straightening this thing out not as scary as you think it will be. You will have to sacrifice something (in these cases probably the cold, hard cash and maybe a few nights sleep), but then this thing will be done. The cord cut. You are free of this. Your children are free of this. Your future selves are free of this.

When I say your past life energy/your ancestors are lined up to help you with this - I am totally serious.

But we can't avoid the work. We have to face our fear with this thing.

Remember Neptunian dreams disappear as soon as we open our eyes in the morning - we wake in the land of Saturn. But if we only live in the world of Saturn we grow old and brittle - we need the Neptunian escape, too! We don't get these energies working together that often and we have this for much of this year.

Now, it's not easy to get these energies to work together because Saturn instinctively (like he did to Neptune, his son, in the myth) seeks to swallow Neptune.

To contain the dream.

We can see this in the immigrant situation vs the wall. This 'containment' doesn't have to be a bad thing (obviously the containment of people in cages is a bad thing), we need limits and perimeters and rules sometimes. Right? This is how Saturn keeps society from falling apart. But right NOW with this Neptunian sextile and Neptune's chameleon-like ability to change colors and blend in (something Saturn doesn't like - he likes things to change slowly over time, to be done right and by the book) we have the opportunity for everything to look very different. Neptune is the realm of God and the angels. We have the opportunity to act more God-like. To be closer to God.

This is happening in the collective, but in our own lives, too. Neptune is dissolving a wall/barrier that we have erected out of fear. Our internal Saturn, imprisoned by its own material framework, is being released. 

We (maybe unconsciously) have waded into a river that will carry us to a vast ocean of opportunity if only we can stop swimming against the tide!

If you think there is nothing you can do about the immigration crisis, that isn't true - and keep in mind this whole thing became front page news when Saturn and Neptune were squaring a couple years ago. We have a sextile now and still think we have the square! What we CAN do is take steps to have Saturn/Neptune work more opportunistically within our own lives. We change the world by changing ourselves because there is only one of us here.

The piece of this in play now is Saturn/South Node while sextiling Neptune.

If you are reaching the culmination with something (a dream - maybe something where you had to sacrifice something else to get it) allow yourself the space to appreciate it - you are ahead of your time. 

If you are in the process of wrapping up some long-term obligation - YOU ARE RIGHT ON SCHEDULE. 

If there is some kind of responsibility/dealing with authority/obligation/commitment that you have been avoiding doing what you know you need to do and it is hanging over your head and needs your time/attention/resources - get on THAT. 

(think symbolically, too - what is hanging over your head - is your attic a freakin' mess, is there something that hangs over your bed, ie over your head for many hours a night that needs to be changed - change that - is something in your life physically liable to crash down on your head? do you need a new hat? this may sound a little nutty, but symbolic shifts are magical and approved by Neptune)

And of course, through Saturn, the work stuff, the stuff that doesn't look so dreamy, is how we get to the dream now. This is how we stop swimming against the tide. This is how we get back in flow.

xo all

Saturn, this year on the south Node, and late this year into next year on Pluto - can create depression. We get depressed (if we have a tendency toward this) because we are literally getting pressed. The antidote for depression - at least partly - is Neptune. Think about how depressed sounds like "deep rest". Let's not grow old and brittle. Do your Neptune, too. Get enough sleep. Get near/into water. Hydrate. Make art. Listen to music. Dance. Watch that Netflix marathon now and then. Escape when you need to ....

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Today's Lunar Forecast | power plays and much ado about nothing, focusing on what's behind the curtain, the home/family situation gets some support, what we want becomes what we need, wanting to feel safe


The Moon in emotional Cancer hits some hostile territory this morning with oppositions to Saturn (3:01AM EDT) and Pluto (10:24AM EDT) - watch out for home/work balance issues, clashes with authority, power plays, limits, purges and brick walls. In between, she will trine (brakes off) imaginative Neptune, thinning the boundaries between us and other people or us and reality (less likely with those squares!).

The Moon goes void for most of the day (through 11:19PM EDT), off that morning opposition to Pluto.

In her home sign of Cancer though she continues to carry on (not just a regular void Moon, but I wouldn't start anything important today if you do not have to) - just know our emotions might be pulled into some dark spaces. Or maybe we are focused on Plutonian issues - intimacy, secrets, other people's resources, taxes, loans, inheritances, "power" situations.

After the void she will move into Leo focusing us on creative projects, romance, children, fun and recreation for the next couple days.

The big news today is Venus moves into Cancer at 11:18AM EDT (through July 27th).

Beneficial Venus is good news for that home/family situation we have been dealing with - she brings beauty, enjoyment and ease. Venus loves being in Cancer and Cancerian things move smoother.

What we want and what we need become the same things. 

With Venus moving into Cancer (answering to the Moon now) happening almost simultaneously with the Moon's opposition to Pluto taking the Moon void, it speaks of SUPPORT (the kind that makes us more attractive to what we want/need and makes us feel safe and loved) for the Cancer/Capricorn/Pluto situation.

From the weekly HERE - Cancer Suns and Cancer risings become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. All of our Cancer houses become more attractive, too.

Venus themes will be emotionally tended to. We will require more emotional connection to feel safe and secure.

We will want (or feel the lack of) whatever feels like nurturing to us.

Home becomes a more valuable space. Family is a resource. Our empathy increases along with our hurt feelings when we don't get what feels like "mom and apple-pie".

What we want (Venus) is to feel safe (Cancer).

The active feminine energy (Venus) connects with the responsive feminine energy (Moon). What we need (Cancer) meets what we want (Venus).

The fly in the ointment with Venus in Cancer is the kind of smothering/mothering that suffocates or we overindulge ourselves in some unhealthy way or we have an unrealistic expectation of someone else filling some childhood need. Watch for emotions that are "over-the-top" compared with what is actually happening.

What are we storing that is triggering these emotions?

xo all

After Monday's Mars into Leo (did you feel the boost of that?!) and yesterday's New Moon Solar Eclipse - today's Void Moon in Cancer could feel a bit wonky. Maybe we feel tired. A little let down maybe. Give yourself permission to sit with stuff and process. Void Moons feel kind of like Mercury retrogrades - things don't always go the way we planned. Stay flexible. Late tonight/tomorrow's Moon into Leo will feel much better!

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Today's Lunar Forecast | stopping to smell the roses, nurtured by ease and comfort, bold and confident language and fresh ideas is where we begin the process of moving those mountains


I am not sure what happened to my last two blog posts?! Ugh.

The Moon is in "let's get comfortable" Taurus now smoothly sailing past all those rough edges she had to face a couple days ago in Aries. Today she will trine (brakes off) Pluto and sextile (opportunity) Mars and Mercury.  

With a Taurus Moon we are nurtured by our resources, by what we already have, by what we OWN, through good food, the touch that feels like love, comfort and EASE. 

It's time to stop and smell the roses.

Mercury (in loud and proud Leo now) will trine Ceres (in Sagittarius). Mercury is pre-shadow, meaning walking degrees she/he will walk twice more due to his retrograde that starts next week (if you haven't backed up those files, do it now). We will be back here again in mid-July (with Mercury retrograde) and then again in mid-August when we wrap up whatever is starting NOW.

Mercury rules our communication, our thinking, writing, ideas, our local environment, siblings, neighbors, our transportation - which includes both our cars (that move us around) and our tech (that moves our ideas, words, etc). Ceres - this Mercury retrograde would be a good time to reread her story - rules nurturing, food, the seasons of our life, grief, loss of what we see as precious and innocent, loss of pets, complicated mothering situations, she sometimes shows up strongly when situations that are outside our control are activated.

Leo/Sag speaks of bold/proud statements/ideas that are outside our comfort zone. We are stretching ourselves, expanding our reach - through our words/our contracts. We have faith/wisdom with - what we are talking about/communicating. And we are talking about the stuff Ceres rules.

Keep in mind with Mercury's upcoming retrograde this stuff is at a jumping off point. July will require the re's - rethinking, reviewing, revisions - and then in mid-August the conversation/contract/idea moves FORWARD.

For now bold, confident language can begin the process of moving those mountains!

xo all

(in the collective Leo/Sag, Mercury/Ceres - will hopefully bring some new ideas - and things can get fiery because we are talking fire signs here - to the tragic immigration situation)

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Today's Lunar Forecast | pressure, challenges from authority, fiery words, a repeating storyline opens up, preparing for next week's lift-off, back up your computer


As the Moon moves through Aries today, she is going to trine Jupiter (brakes off) and square (frustration/crisis) the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. With Mars in lunar-ruled Cancer and the Moon in Mars ruled Aries - at least our Moon, not at her best in fiery Aries, has some access to her home-boy Cancer energy. And there is a sextile to social Venus this evening.

These squares are still challenging though. 

There is pressure. Blocks to our actions. Maybe from authority/something outside our control. Power struggles. Personal challenges likely focused on career/our goals. With both Saturn and Pluto retrograde, this won't be totally new stuff.

With Mars in Cancer we are wanting to take action when we are uncomfortable, but with the Moon in Aries squaring off against this powerful stuff today - we might have to just be uncomfortable! Yes, we might feel vulnerable and like we need to DO something about it, but let's take a breath before doing/saying anything we might regret later.

Mercury is going to leave emotional Cancer for fiery Leo (courage!) and will offer some support, but he/she knows she will be stationing retrograde soon (we are walking degrees/a storyline we will be going back over two more times), so we are getting excited about something new and heart-centered, but at the same time some part of us is knowing there is a longer road ahead to walk with this than we wish there was!

(note retrograde starts on July 7th - BACK UP YOUR FILES)

With today's challenges and Mercury (an uber important inner planet which rules our communications AND our day-to-day situations) heating up - stuff can get blown all out of proportion. With our words on fire and coming from our heart - let's choose to speak GENEROUSLY. Let's keep our ego in check.

Knowing Mercury is going to station retrograde and we are walking pre-retrograde (shadow) degrees we will be re-walking - know the info you hear now isn't the final answer. We will have time to look underneath the pomp. We will be back where we are now in the middle of August - through that time we will be doing the re-vising, re-viewing thing ... but not just yet.

Our Moon is waning. Finish up what you can. Lock things down. A BIG New Moon Solar Eclipse is happening in 6 days asking us to create an inner security, to grow where we are PLANTED.

Clear some space for that.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | what we have to do to get what we want vs that family/home situation, an old hurt, pushing ourselves to get something done, appreciating newness, getting above the grief over what we are losing

TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019

Our Aries Moon squares the Sun at 5:46AM EDT giving us this month's Third Quarter Square - the final lunar aspect with the Sun as part of the Moon's monthly cycle.

This is "me" and what I have to do to get what I want vs home and family.

Maybe this is us pushing ourselves to get something done with this home, family, mother, mothering, real estate, renovation, relocation, home business, family business situation.

Maybe this is tension/crisis between being strong and independent and being caring and vulnerable. Or we are trying to grow something too fast and that's where the obstacles/frustration come in. Cancer wants us to appreciate the "baby" stage and Aries wants to run with it.

Aries squares often represent new challenges.

At first glance it looked like the Moon (as us) is on her own today (other than this problematic, but predictable square), but when we add the minor planets into today's chart we see a Grand Fire Trine involving the Moon (Aries), Juno (Leo) and Ceres (Sagittarius) and of course, with the Moon moving through early Aries, we know she will meet Chiron (hurting/healing).

This is how life on planet Earth has gotten uber complicated (too much information).

In the old days, we would see the last quarter square and that would be it. And certainly just knowing your independent actions will meet some kind of familial obstacle would be helpful, but now we have all these other celestial bodies to deal with (astrological thought is that celestial bodies are discovered when we are ready to work with their energies and then synchronistically named).

So, we can maybe get a clearer picture, but maybe it just complicates everything and makes our head explode. This applies to all aspects of life in the Age of Aquarius.

Ok - back to Grand Trines - Grand Trines are complex aspects where three planets/points are each 120 degrees apart and forming a triangle. They share the same element - in this case Aries, Leo and Sag are our three fire signs.

Since the Moon is involved and moves quickly this won't be around for very long.

Fire adds intensity, passion, temper, initiative, irritation, action, ego. It heats stuff up and burns stuff down and it does not discriminate.

The players involved are our Moon - our emotional self, what we need to feel safe and secure, Juno (partnerships, agreements, contracts, things we don't want to look at - Juno was unfaithful Jupiter's long suffering, and sometimes angry, spouse)  and Ceres (nurturing, the seasons of our life, painful endings, grief, situations that are outside our control).

Let's unpack it. Usually with a Grand Trine I break it into its parts - the various trines.

Ceres (in Sag) trine Juno (in Leo). Ceres in Sagittarius is wanting to move us into a season of life that offers greater FREEDOM. She is operating from a space of "the big picture" - ABOVE our grief over what it appears we are losing, ABOVE the energies that are outside our control, ABOVE the situations that do not feed us. We nurture and are nurtured by our beliefs now, by a sense of adventure, through our enthusiasm and optimism (you might notice with your current situation without a sense of adventure/optimism/faith in something larger, you might feel like you are in some pretty deep sh*t). She is answering to a retrograde Jupiter, so this isn't a new situation.

Juno is in Leo and wanting to bring romance, fun, pride and our heart into our closest relationships/into our contracts and commitments. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the details of those contracts, maybe the stuff we do and don't do in an effort to stay SAFE and keep it all together - the stuff we maybe didn't want to look at before - come into the light (Juno answering to Leo's ruler the Sun).

This trine (and this is longer lasting than the Grand Trine, since it will only be today that the Moon is pulled into this) takes the brakes off these two energetics working together.

Now today the Moon passes through early Aries and connects into this energeic loop forming a triangle. The Moon in Aries is nurtured by taking action. Usually by independent action and time alone. And sometimes by getting royally pissed off. So all of this will temporarily energize the Ceres/Juno story and with the Moon meeting Chiron - something here triggers an old wound and hurts. Healing the hurt isn't the point here, learning to live with it and KEEP GOING is.

You will have to work all these word salads into your current situation. Tomorrow looks much more challenging - with power plays and a wet blanket to douse the fire (although Mercury into Leo WILL keep things hot and get things moving), so it's a use it or lose it kind of energy today.

Hope something here is helpful.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | plugging a leak, beauty and the beach, what we have/get vs the ideal, illusions and delusions vs clarity, disappointment, a costly escape, dissolving choices, making art and music, universal love and support

MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

The Moon in dreamy/watery Pisces is having a nice day with an opportunistic sextile to Pluto at 7:17AM EDT, a trine to Mars at 1:21PM EDT and going void off a trine to Mercury at 7:10PM EDT. She will be void until 10:38PM when she moves into Aries.

The Moon's aspects would make this a good day to work with a Piscean theme - art, creativity, healing, meditation, prayer, spirituality, being near water -

and (Pluto) step into our own power, reach out to someone powerful for support/connection, dive deeply into a Pisces theme (or the theme of your natal Pisces house), clean up a mess, work on something we have procrastinated, purge, (Mars) take action and communicate about (Mercury) that home/family/real estate/mothering/home business/family business thing we have been dealing with.

Trines are times when the brakes are off. There is flow between diverse energies. Pisces trines really dissolve boundaries, so keep this in mind. Like instead of the brakes are off and we move forward, the brakes are off and we can't stop!

The fly in today's Pisces trifecta is Venus (our money, love, relationships, values, resources, beauty and self-esteem) squaring Neptune (ruler of our Pisces Moon), so everything is impacted by that square - an underlying tension/crisis.

There is tension/crisis/frustration between what we have/what we want and the ideal/dream.

Following yesterday's Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (still in play) - we don't want to be buying into some kind of illusion/fantasy now. Venus is in Gemini offering choices, but the square to foggy Neptune tells us not all these choices are real. 

This could also be a time our bubble meets a pin. We might be disappointed. 

Sometimes squares are quite literal and personal - if you are a Libra/Taurus person this could be tension with a Pisces/Piscean person (something that happened in our family during a Venus/Neptune square was a Taurus rising child having trouble with a swim instructor). This could also play out as a Pisces/Neptunian person having trouble with a woman.

Money/love/self esteem (Venus) can dissolve/end (Neptune). Maybe a lack of boundaries becomes evident now through a tense situation. Maybe a leak needs to plugged. And this can be a literal leak (plumbing issue that costs money to fix) or a different kind of leak - like where is your money going? Are you making too many sacrifices for someone else? Are you working at cross-purposes to your values? Are you accepting less than you should be? Self-deception is possible now, but the Pisces Moon is sextile Pluto - there is an opportunity to look deeper. The truth is in there.

Limits around money and spending can feel very much 'not real' right now, so this would NOT be the time to make a big or important purchase. Mercury (our thinking) will change signs in a couple days and this square will unwind. Sit on it a bit. If something looks too big, too spacious, to the point where it is almost uncomfortable - that would be the thing to sit with.

We don't want to to be resisting all the creativity and universal love today's trines are offering us though. Go back and reread that first paragraph.

And keep in mind Neptune is retrograde (longing for something we lost or never had?) so our energies today are best spent on things started before last Friday. Make art/music, write, journal, meditate, get into the water. The Moon in Aries tonight will get us moving/feeling more empowered!

xo all

photo by the talented nile-can-too


Today's Lunar Forecast | celebrating a new season, light a candle, watch the sunrise, feeling unsure and unsafe, re-evaluating our dreams, feeling nostalgic and emotional, we can float or we can drown, a disorienting pressure, standing still

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2019

Our Aquarius Moon trined Venus at 3:41AM EDT and then goes void off an opportunistic sextile to Jupiter at 10:02AM EDT and will be void through 10:01AM EDT tomorrow when she moves into Pisces.

This would not be a good day to start anything brand new. Expect some twists and turns and do-overs. Not a bad day to get an early start on the weekend!

Neptune has been slowing all week, turning retrograde today at 18 degrees Pisces (a space he hasn't occupied since the mid-1800's). He will get all the way back to 15 degrees by late November when he stations direct. So people with planets/points 15-18 degrees of the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - will feel this retrograde strongest. We are re-vising, re-viewing, re-miniscing, re-leasing, re-kindling, doing the re's with our dreams/fantasies/ Neptunian stuff.

Neptune rules what is hidden and put away, the ways we self-sabotage, escape, sacrifice, our addictions, our imagination, lack of boundaries, connection, compassion, charity, hospitals, prisons, the things we do last, the things we have forgotten, our distant pasts, water, sleep, illness, healing, spirituality.

When Neptune is retrograde we get to see the source of the pain we are trying to escape/the reasons we self-sabotage/the realities we haven't wanted to deal with. We can see more easily how we push the stuff we don't want to/can't look at in ourselves onto other people, and they mirror it back to us.

Keep in mind both this year's major repeating aspects - Jupiter square Neptune (tests of faith) and Neptune sextile Saturn (building the dream/sacrificing something to get something more longer lasting/secure) involve Neptune, so he is a major player now.

Having Neptune stationed this week (uber powerful) in his home sign - where he will be for a few more years, has made things even more emotional! Endings especially, more powerfully felt now. It has also made it harder to make a clear decision and separate reality from illusion/delusion, our feelings from someone else's. Neptune fogs things up and dissolves boundaries.  

His station has made this week's pressures even more disorienting.

The best thing to do when Neptune is powerful is give Neptune something to do, so he doesn't have too much time on his hands to mess with us (dissolve our reality) - make art, listen to music, watch a movie, meditate, get in or near water - allow the escape. This is a very powerful time to connect with our pasts - childhood stories/emotions, our past lives, the lives of our ancestor's whose stories we carry forward.

That said, there is no controlling Neptunian energies.

With Neptune we can float or we can drown ...

The biggest news today - the Sun moves into Cancer at 11:54AM EDT - at 0 degrees Cancer we start the Summer Solstice (the southern hemisphere starts the Winter Solstice).

Cancer is the sign of the mother and the baby. Let's be kind to ourselves. Let's nurture ourselves. Know that any unsteady ground (instability) or unsure decisions will be exasperated now and trigger other times/spaces we didn't feel safe/sure. 

This isn't something we have to think about. Gemini season (the mind) ends when Cancer season starts. This is something we have to feel.
Solstice means standstill: the Summer Solstice is the time when the sun halts its journey over the Tropic of Cancer on its tropical journey north - then after three days, turns in its tracks and begins its journey south. The time of symbolic marriage - we call this period Midsummer.

The Solstice is like a powerful full moon in its potent energy, but like a new moon with its clean energy for a fresh start - instead of walking in the moonlight it's time to get up early and absorb the sunrise - at least one of the 3 days if you can - there is much magic at play now.    

Remember our DNA carries the energy of our ancestors who celebrated the solstice all over the planet for centuries. It is a powerful time.

Set your intention for the new season of your life. Light a candle and let it burn in the sunlight. This is the manifesting energy of fairy magic!

The Summer Solstice was once the BIGGEST celebration of the year.

The shifting of celebratory emphasis from Summer Solstice (Moon/Mother/Cancer) to the Winter Solstice (Saturn/Father/Capricorn - Christmas) reflects the dominance of the patriarchal paradigm of the last many centuries which we are currently evolving, so it is supportive of the emerging energies now for us to put our attention and intention on celebrating and enjoying this time of the year, too!

For today, lets appreciate the gift of a brand new season (summer or winter depending on where on planet Earth you hang your hat).

We are alive. We are heading into the eclipses. Life is changing for all of us.

Cancer is all about family and home and history and security - about having our needs met and meeting the needs of others we are close to. Family interactions will be sentimental. What we need and what other people need will be colored by our memories of how things used to be (or how we wished they had been). Comfort comes from people and situations that are familiar.

We could feel a bit lonely or nostalgic now.

Some of this is about vulnerability and how we deal with that. Can we see vulnerability as courage or can we only see it as weakness?

The Sun will shine a light on these areas as well as light up our natal Cancer house and its themes.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Her emotional nature comes from the fact she changes signs every couple days - contrast that with the Sun who moves through one sign a month or Neptune who sits in the same sign for fifteen years.

Can you imagine if the celestial body ruling our emotions stayed in the same place for fifteen years?

We wouldn't be moody anymore and certainly some people would be lucky enough to be smiling for over a decade, but we could be stuck in a bad mood through three presidents and two car loans. That's a whole lot of lemons, folks!

Looked at this way - the moody, changeable Moon is always our friend.

Feel whatever you need to feel now. Solstice means standstill - so stand still.

Get near water. Watch the sun rise if you can. Light a candle in the sunshine. Do that balance an egg thing.

And then let's be as gentle with ourselves as we are with that egg!

xo all

Cancer season is about home and family and with Neptune stationing retrograde as the season launches it wouldn't be surprising if we are gifted with a message from our ancestors. It would be a good time to pay them tribute with a space dedication in your home - be sure to include a photo of yourself as a child. Think about the ways your own story is woven in with theirs and how you carry your mother's emotional story and your father's physical story (and vice versa, too) forward.

photo by the talented Pandora Selezneva


Today's Lunar Forecast | stuff lightens up, going with the flow, continue to avoid pushing and unnecessary confrontations, pay attention because we are stepping into Mercury retrograde's July storylines now, relationships grow through romance, fun and attention


The Moon should have lightened things up last night when she moved into airy, quirky and progressive Aquarius at 10:01PM EDT - turning our focus to our groups and causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, technology, astrology, the internet, our friendships - for the next couple days.

We can be more emotionally detached now; more objective, more restrained by reason. The energies of the week (other than lunar) are still in play, but we are processing them differently. Still the yellow flag is out - no pushing, avoid unnecessary confrontations.

The Aquarius Moon will square (tension/crisis) revolutionary Uranus (Moon's ruler) at 8:56AM EDT bringing a surprise/something unexpected/change of plans/liberation to start the day. Stay flexible. After the disruption the Moon (our emotional needs) has some pretty clear skies for the rest of the day.

The Sun is at the very end of Gemini and Neptune is stationary/stopped turning retrograde tomorrow at the Summer Solstice. Endings are karmic now. Things are coming to a head to allow us to move in important new directions, but there is no need to rush.

Mercury hits 23 degrees Cancer today.

This is the degree she/he will station direct on July 31st, after her July retrograde, so the stuff we are dealing with now and over the next few days will clue us in to what we will be re-viewing, re-vising, re-vamping in July.

Pay attention.

Juno (relationships, partnerships, marriage, contracts) enters fiery Leo until August 23rd. Relationships can become more passionate (or any lack of passion more noticeable). More demanding of our attention (or any lack of attention more keenly felt). More playful. More romantic. Again, any lack of fun/romance will be felt more intensely.

Leo rules our 5th house where we have more of a tendency to roll the dice. With Juno here, our  commitments (she was the long faithful wife of philandering Jupiter) and loyalties might be more "in play", especially if we (or a partner) aren't feeling the love, ie attention, fun, romance.

What also happens with Juno in Leo is our Leo natal house becomes a place of greater commitment and loyalty. It's naturally a more playful/attention seeking/heart-centered space for us, so now we are committing to something longer-term here even when everything isn't sunshine and unicorns. Even when other people let us down. Even when we have to fight to keep what we don't think we should have to fight for (Juno didn't exactly take Jupiter's transgressions lying down). In this area of life (where is Leo in our natal chart?) we go all in for the summer.

xo all

photo by the talented pholwises


Today's Lunar Forecast | vicious and ambitious, power struggles, not making a mountain out of a molehill, avoiding confrontations especially with authority, speaking our truth while honestly caring about what the other person is hearing/feeling, keeping the long game in mind


Today our Capricorn Moon is really feeling the heat.

She will oppose Mars (6:22AM EDT), conjunct Pluto (7:16AM EDT) and oppose Mercury (7:19AM EDT) all before breakfast and before going void for the rest of the day, when she (as us) will already need a break, which we are rather unlikely to get. 

AND, to echo these emotional challenges this is also the day Mars and Mercury (in Cancer) are opposing Pluto (in Capricorn).

We could find ourselves (and other people) pushy and ambitious with our language and actions.

People (including us) might be demanding and domineering. Power struggles are possible. Our inner child will be fighting with their inner child. Words can be used as weapons now - as well as actual weapons being used as weapons. No dark alleys. No candy from strangers.

Drive carefully.

I have a family member with a Mars/Pluto opposition by transit and he told me when he gets off the phone he is only satisfied if he feels he has won the conversation.

In some way, and we will all be experiencing this through different situations - we are facing off against POWER. And by facing I don't really mean all steely-eyed across a table, but it might help to think of it like that and that power WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT BE MOVED BY THE LIKES OF US.

If we are thinking we can manipulate, cajole, destroy, change in some way - this powerful force we are up against - if we think this is going to be all sunshine and unicorns and smooth sailing - well, it looks like a big NO to that one.

It could be that "death" that has been postponed until fall when Pluto stations direct can no longer be postponed for some. What needs to end? Tomorrow, Mercury starts walking degrees he will walk two more times. If something can get wrapped up now, something you don't want to drag into July, here's your final curtain-call.

Mars, even with Mercury and the North Node tag-teaming him can't beat Pluto and Saturn especially with Saturn in his home sign and Mars weak in Cancer.

What Mars (as us) CAN do in Cancer (he'll be in Leo soon, hang in there) is remember he is the divine masculine. He can be consistently caring and consistently capable. He can stay focused on what really matters. He can be ambitious without being vicious. He can not go making any crazy power grabs right now because he knows he is playing a long game and his timing will be off - powerful enemies can be made now and stuff can backfire. 

On the plus side of all this -

we have Mercury (our thinking) and Mars (our actions) hanging out together. We can think it and then do it, very, very quickly and yes, this might get us into trouble, but it can just as easily get us OUT of trouble. We are thinking on our feet now (the Mars/Mercury conjunction is going to drag into mid-July due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde).

AND we still have Neptune smooth-talking Saturn, so the ability to turn dreams into reality although we have to be willing to make some adjustments with this (maybe a sacrifice). The sunshine and the unicorns and the smooth sailing are too many things to ask for. Maybe we can have the sunshine and the unicorn, but the seas are rough and the unicorn keeps poking us in the ass. We adjust.

Keep in mind Neptune/Saturn can also create the illusion that we have to do something. So, if you are thinking I have to do this and I have to do that - stop and decide if you really do!

The Moon is void almost all day, so the stuff that is happening, other than anything that hits in the morning, isn't as important as it seems.

Don't make a mountain out a molehill. The situation will be forgotten long before any of our over-the-top ambitious/vicious cray-cray will be.

Avoid unnecessary confrontations, especially with authority/power. Honestly caring about the other person will move mountains. Try some of that.

We might have to defend someone less capable or more vulnerable. It is possible that "home, family, home business, family business, real estate, renovation, mothering" thing is facing a challenge. More is required of us now and we are probably going to have to dig deep and provide it. Some of our efforts will probably not succeed now, but Mars/Pluto will provide us with alot of stamina to power through. If something has to physically get done, especially tonight - that would be a good use of this energy.

Mars/Pluto always makes me think of date-rape, so BE CAREFUL.

Pluto dredges up the truth, but it's not always a pretty truth.  If you are thinking you MUST speak your truth now, just know that stuff can get trampled and destroyed in the process.

Take a breath.

Proceed with caution.

xo all

photo by the talented oprisco 


Today's Lunar Forecast | building the dream, aggressive or defensive language, maybe your boss is lying to you, mouth avoid foot, walking our talk, our thinking is on fire, finding your flow, practical action with impractical stuff

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2019

Today's Moon in serious and duty-bound Capricorn will hook up with Saturn at 11:53PM EDT and then sextile Neptune five minutes later, echoing today's Saturn/Neptune sextile (second of three this year).

At 7:40AM EDT, Saturn (in his home sign of Capricorn) will sextile Neptune (in his home sign of Pisces). This first happened back at the end of January and will happen again in November (there are multiple indicators now that point us back to January/winter - what did you have going on then? how does it connect to this week's situations?).  

This adds structure (Saturn) to the dream (Neptune) or the voice of authority to a lie.

Watch for that one.

It's a good day for practical progress toward a vision/creative project/healing. Start a serious meditation/spiritual practice. Time is stretchy. It's a good day to take action on something we have postponed or thought we missed the boat with (Saturn is retrograde) or were previously overwhelmed with.

Around lunchtime Mercury and Mars meet at 21 degrees Cancer.

The time to walk (Mars) our talk (Mercury). Our words/thinking (Mercury) is on fire (Mars).

We are taking action with Mercurian themes regarding Cancerian stuff - so news, conversations, thinking, plans, agreements, offers and decisions (for some people Mercurian aspects often involve sibling situation, local neighborhood situations or transportation/technical equipment issues) regarding that home, family, home business, family business, real estate, renovation, relocation, mother, mothering situation.

Mars rules the "new", so try thinking FRESH START with this one.

Mercury/Mars speaks of aggressive language. In Cancer, this could be more passive-aggressive or defensive. We could feel defensive or we might have to defend something/someone now. Try to avoid taking things too personally. This combination loves a good fight/debate. The Sun is in Gemini so stick to the facts. Apply a lighter touch. We could say something we might regret - foot into mouth - or shoot out some words we can't take back.

Focus on what matters today. Tomorrow we have one of two all-workday Void Moons this week and that Pluto opposition, so use let's use today's supportive energies while we have them!

Our thinking and actions are working together. Our dreams and reality are working together. This doesn't mean there aren't obstacles. Mars/Mercury are staring them down right now. But there is definite FLOW today. You can make progress! Just be sure you are taking action on what you really want - don't scatter your forces too much because FLOW can be easily diluted into multiple directions (think water here) and then no one area gets enough. On the other hand we don't want to drown in good intentions either.

Ugh - let's not overthink this day. Walk your talk. Keep a cool head. Take practical (real world) action on slightly impractical (not real world) stuff.

Build that dream.

xo all

photo by the talented thefirebomb 


Today's Lunar Forecast | optimism and enthusiasm, casting our spell, thinking about the future, hearing or overhearing just the right words, connecting conversations, speaking from our gut, spotting a signpost

SATURDAY,  JUNE 15, 2019

The Moon moved into big-picture Sagittarius at 5:03AM EDT - and we start our build-up to Monday's big Full Moon. Her only aspect today is an opposition to Venus (in Gemini) at 8:22PM EDT.

The Sag Moon will turn our attention to (and we will feel nurtured through) - exploration/adventure, travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking.

When the Moon moves from deep Scorpio into "the sky's the limit" Sag - our mood lightens up - we are more optimistic, more enthusiastic. We just need to check any impulse to sermonize or push anything too far (yesterday's Mars/Saturn is still in play, too - stay safe, live to fight another day).

Get outdoors. Do something that feels foreign. Explore a new location. Have some fun.

The opposition to Venus could mean an adjustment with our income/resources or a testy situation with someone else (likely a woman or a Gemini type) over these themes or love, relationships, beauty.

Also today we have Mercury, following in Mars' footsteps, meeting the North Node in Cancer.

We are thinking (Mercury) about the future (North Node). We hear/overhear/read something that points us in a new direction. Ideas are the low-hanging fruit now - reach out. Communicate with compassion.

We can better see where things are heading. We could hear just the right words now that point us in a new (although maybe uncomfortable) direction.

The correct use of today's energy (a focus on the future - talking about it, thinking about it, seeing it) is an especially powerful way to line us up with a new and improved timeline.

Use precise language. No babble. With every word we are casting our S-P-E-L-L.

We need to pay attention to today's conversations and think about what we are thinking about.

Let's not paint ourselves into a corner talking smack.

Talk about what you do want, not what you don't want. It's Gemini season - a time to be led by language and curiosity.

So many things are wide open this year, although it is sometimes hard to see the forest (and the blue sky) through these damn trees.

There are still a couple things standing in our way - the responsibilities/reality we haven't wanted to face (Saturn retrograde), that death that has been postponed/mess that needs to be cleaned up (Pluto retrograde) and the stuff that used to hold us up that is now holding us back (the South Node in Capricorn).

Keep in the mind the North Node is new territory and this is uncomfortable to a human body that literally craves familiarity (see the work of Candace Pert and others).

Mercury is opposing the South Node - our familiar past. So, we might have to speak in sort of uncomfortable ways now - language we aren't used to. Go to a new bookstore or a new bookstore section. Talk to someone you wouldn't normally speak to. Just listen.

The words could come through a Cancer person or family member. They may not feel like some big thing or they might feel like someone punched you in the gut.

Cancer rules mothers and babies. Call your mother. Or talk to your mother who has passed - she is closer than you think she is.

xo all

photo by the talented flowerpottt 


Today's Lunar Forecast | feeling what's underneath, something comes to a STOP, reality won't be ignored, trust your intuition, let go and let god, turn up the music

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2019

Our Scorpian Moon is making all positive aspects today. She trined Mercury at 3:32AM EDT, trines Neptune at 8:53AM EDT, trines Mars at 9:12AM EDT, sextiles Saturn just a few minutes later and finally goes void off a sextile to Pluto at 3:45PM EDT. Then she is void until tomorrow morning.

Such an active Scorpio Moon will demand we look deeper/feel more, and not, as the Gemini Sun will have us more prone to do now, just scan over the details/the information. We need to actually read it. Understand it. There might be something underneath we don't want to know about, but we need to now. Watch for jealousy, compulsions, power plays.

Mars (in Cancer) and co-ruler of this Moon is uber active and uber uncomfortable. All these lunar aspects answering to Mars will give us courage/passion/initiative but Mars is facing off to ice-cold, steely Saturn. So we want to go, but we have to stop.

We might hit a roadblock - maybe in the form of an authority figure. This is not the time to be shirking our responsibilities. Reality won't be ignored. Reality is biting now. Hard.

Something could end in a less than satisfactory way. We are forced to STOP.

Mars is inconjunct Jupiter and trining Neptune. So Mars, housed in a most uncomfortable place for Mars - in Cancer, dealing with that home/family/real estate/mother/renovation/safety/security issue and co-ruling the Scorpio Moon (the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer will strengthen each other since they are in each other's signs) so dealing with financial issues, taxes, loans, other people's money, debts, inheritances, sex, divorce, fertility, intimacy issues ALREADY and now he is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Jupiter and trining (brakes off) Neptune, too!

Mars is put upon BIGLY - expect angry outbursts, passive-aggressive stances. Stay safe. No dark alleys. No candy from strangers.

I take the inconjunct to Jupiter as an indication that big, bold moves and promises aren't going to work. We go off half-cocked and make a mess of things. Or maybe our beliefs need to be adjusted - there is a give and take with something there. If you think it's your job to change someone else's mind/teach them a lesson - I can tell you right now - IT ISN'T.

The answer to today's dilemmas is two-fold.

First, the lunar aspects are looking pretty good.

A Scorpio Moon NEEDS to look under the hood, needs to know how this thing works/what is REALLY going on. There might be some kind of uncomfortable truth she needs to see/feel now. She needs to feel connected BIGLY. Intimacy will be important.

If nothing else is possible, pull out one of those 1000 piece jigsaws and get to work. As above, so below. Work the complicated puzzle into place - other parts of life will follow. They will have to.

Second, is that trine (brakes off) to dreamy Neptune.

Prayer, meditation, art, creativity, compassion, music, time spent in or near water - we might not be able to move a mountain - that inconjunct to Jupiter - but maybe we can TRANSCEND one.

Keep away from drugs or alcohol.

At risk of sounding like a wimpy coward - and Mars in Cancer is the divine masculine and NOT a wimpy coward - we might need to live to fight another day.

So, we do what we have to do/say what we have to say (keep in mind Mercury is right behind Mars) and then we walk away before it turns into a slug-fest. We release our need to win.

Something could happen in the collective that brings us to a point of collective compassion or forgiveness - maybe AFTER the anger. Whatever is happening in the news is important because Mars/Mercury are setting up next month's eclipses - so pay attention.

Mars (as us) isn't done for. Yes, he is facing the South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but he has lots of help via the Moon (answering to him AND in mutual reception today) AND that trine to Neptune AND even that inconjunct to Jupiter is helpful since it speaks of adjustment and tells us what not to do (some big move that won't work) AND he has the North Node by his side - our collective path forward.


Know we are likely to feel frustrated/angry/maybe jealous today. Some kind of momentum may come to a sudden halt. Our head might meet our desk (wow, this thing is really freakin' hard - note to self - bring a pillow).

We'll get quiet - except for good music, we need good music now. We will listen to our heart/intuition/things we only think we have forgotten. In here somewhere is a deep knowing. Be patient. Ask for guidance from the universe. Your ancestors. Saturn may be "the man", but there are higher authorities than "the man". Let go and let God. Be creative/paint/listen to music. BE COMPASSIONATE. Make something. Meditate.

Bend, so you don't break. Live to fight another day. Breathe through it. Bigger hands than ours have got this thing.

xo all

photo by the talented ankazhuravleva


Today's Lunar Forecast | intensity, a beneficial change/disruption, more options, deep and challenging connections, expect delays, prioritize self-care


The Moon plunged into deep Scorpio late last night. For the next couple days our attention turns to Scorpio themes - intimacy, loans, taxes, inheritances, other people's resources, other people's income, the things we are merging with other people, the stuff that is underneath, the stuff we don't talk about at parties. We are nurtured through deeper connections, getting to the bottom of things, a need for power and control.

The Moon in Scorpio will amplify the Mars/Saturn stuff over the next couple days.

At 9:10AM EDT, the Moon opposes Uranus. Expect the unexpected today/this morning. This is transformative tension/crisis. A shock. The good news is a sextile (opportunity) between Venus and Chiron with rebel Uranus at the mid-point (yod). So it's likely the change/disruption is beneficial somehow. Venus in Gemini should provide a lighter touch and more options. Roll with it.

There is an inconjunct - rock and hard place - between the Sun (in Gemini) and Pluto (co-ruler of our Scorpio Moon) at 22 degrees. If this is touching your chart, it might make things look more dire than they actually are. Like nothing is working right and everything is falling to crap. Sometimes things have to fall apart, or seem to, before they can come together. Keep this in mind now. There is good energy today for deep, although challenging, connections to be made/cemented. Stay open and compassionate.

This week and next are going to be challenging for many people - we are building a new world and the old one is clinging to us by its rotting teeth. We don't want to kick it in the mouth - there are still a few good molars in there we may need later - but, something has to give, these bite marks are killing our booty.

Speaking of giving, Mars will trine Neptune around midnight tonight - this is in play all week - unseen support and assistance. Your ancestors are literally lined up to help you. So is every dream you've ever dreamed. Arm in arm with every good thing you've ever done. And there is a sh*tload. Trust me on this. Keep your eyes and ears cued toward open doors/windows and messages.

Also keep in mind Mars (our actions, passion, initiative) hitting ice-cold, steely Saturn - you could already be feeling this or it's just up the road a bit further. Multiple aspects this week are very tight, so things are kind of "meant to be" with alot of situations.

We need to do our best and then we need to know when our best is done. Any combination of Mars/Saturn is excellent for getting meticulous work done (note for later - if you need a job done well find a Mars/Saturn person, any combination really, and give it to them).

The North Node (active this week through Mars and Mercury) is in Cancer - prioritize self-care, prioritize home, prioritize family. Mars (in Cancer) is agitated - we need to avoid stuffing our feelings, pulling passive-aggressive crap on other people and going off on someone and appearing all mama-bear fruitcake.

That's alot to avoid. Do some stretches. Stay limber. Breathe.

xo all

photo by the talented BigboyDenis


Today's Lunar Forecast | talking about what we value/love/money, getting it done early, doing something that feels good, feeling our way forward, finding our way home


Our Libra Moon squared Mars while we slept and then moves on to square Saturn (5:11AM EDT - roadblock), sextile Jupiter (5:26AM EDT - expansion, more beautiful/more balanced) and trine the Sun (8:57AM EDT) before going void for the rest of the day at 11:15AM EDT off a square to a retrograde Pluto (power plays within relationships/things out of balance).

The early waxing trine (Gemini/Libra) is smooth, forward-leaning energy - good for relationship communications, socializing, talking about art or design, talking about the value of things, whispering sweet nothings, translating ideas/our thinking/choices in ways that are pleasing. 

Get it done before lunch. Expect some twists and turns, and possible power plays/jealousy/intensity, during the long void and keep in mind this is not the day (after 11:15AM EDT) to start anything brand new if you want something "to come of it"

Venus, ruler of the Libra Moon, and in dualistic Gemini, is opposing Ceres (in Sag). This speaks of challenges through mothering/nurturing, what is outside our control, the seasonality of something/endings. With Venus in Gemini - there looks to be choices, but Ceres says not easy choices.

Keep in mind, and we talked about this yesterday and in the weekly HERE, Mars is conjuncting the North Node in Cancer. 

This is our actions lining up with our future.

Doing what FEELS right, acting on our needs, allowing our FEELINGS to be enough of a reason to do something/not do something/make a change - we automatically step into something more authentic.

Mars is opposing the South Node now - we are moving past - past life contracts, current life obligations and the debts of our ancestors. The stuff we used to count on to make us safe can no longer be counted on either. Our bag of tricks is empty. The emperor has no clothes. We are all out of aces. Pick your metaphor.

Time to move in a new direction (and yes, there will be potholes, delays and pivots ahead - don't think too far ahead right now, just go with your instinct/intuition/gut). Take a step away from the past. Release a bad habit. Past restrictions are not indicators of what our future holds. All kinds of restrictive cords have been burned away - we think they were holding us up, and they sort of were, but they were also holding us back.

Find something that feels emotionally satisfying today and do that. Something new. It might not be totally comfortable because our bodies are made to crave what is familiar. Find a balance.

Mercury is set to meet the North Node this week, too - watch for signs, conversations, new thinking that points in a more authentic direction.

xo all

the North Node is in Cancer - take care of yourself

photography by the talented martin stranka


Today's Lunar Forecast | a focus on relationships, bringing things into balance, seeking beauty, caught between a craving for what is familiar and a need for what comes next

TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2019

The Moon moved into harmonious Libra at 8:29PM EDT last night - we will be focused on (and nourished through) our relationships, a need for balance and justice and beauty for the next couple days.

She trined (brakes off) Libra's ruler Venus at 12:55 AM EDT and will move on to square Mercury at 5:02 PM EDT. Things should be mostly harmonious other than that dinnertime clash with Mercury - an argument/difference of opinion.

The Moon will go void tomorrow at 11:15AM EDT, off a square to Pluto - and will be void until midnight. So void for most of tomorrow while we deal with the power structure of our relationships. Sounds stressy. Just keep in mind the stuff that hits the fan during a void Moon (tomorrow) won't amount to anything in the long run.

The big news all week is an old out bounds (past the Sun and not following their traditional rules of engagement) Mercury and Mars (both in Cancer) approaching their meeting with the North Node and opposition to the South Node, Saturn and eventually Pluto.

Situations (possibly tense situations) are pointing us in a new direction. We have had it.

We can almost taste what it will feel like to be over there or to be past this or to have that. The problem with the North Node is since we haven't been there before, and our bodies are primed to crave what is familiar, we hesitate. Like a neglected child clinging for her life to an abusive parent we can't let go of what is, figuratively speaking (although with Pluto involved a literal translation will not be over the top for some people) - killing us.

And then, now that we have hesitated (a natural response to new territory) and 'now that' isn't the right wording here because we were always going to hit this roadblock, but my brain is working at half strength with this head cold - there is Saturn "the man" standing across from us, blocking our way. Mars/Saturn is stop and go.

We want the new, but we don't know how to leave the old.

Add the South Node and Pluto to Saturn's posse and we have what seems an unretractable GRIP on the old ways of doing things (which collectively might look something like working ourselves to death as we give our power away to old, crumbling structures). I know an awful lot of people right now who need to make career changes (Capricorn) and those changes are being activated through home/family situations (Cancer), but it will look different for each of us.

We have this incredible Jupiter/Neptune this year (plus Saturn/Neptune) telling us the way things were does not have to be the way things WILL be. 

Once the Moon gets into Scorpio, early Thursday we start to move into a Grand Water Trine and we have that Neptune we talked about in the weekly HERE to help loosen things up and dissolve some of these boundaries.

It's not about changing/fighting the past - forget those guys across the road for a minute - this is about us, as Mars in Cancer, the compassionate warrior, the divine masculine - moving into new territory. Forget the collective. This is personal. This is about what we need to believe in order to KNOW that something else, other than what has happened to us in the past, is possible for us NOW.

Saturn isn't the same old Saturn. We moved past Saturn with the invention of the telescope, but we still don't GET that. Have you ever seen the devil card in tarot where it looks like the people are bound up, but then you look more closely you can see their ties are easily escapable.

It's no coincidence both Mars and Mercury head into this week out of bounds, past the Sun and not playing by anybody's rules.

We'll talk more about this as we move through the week.

xo all

Keep your eyes and ears open now and take care of your immune system.

photo by the talented Michele-Riva


Today's Lunar Forecast | maybe needing to rest, fantasy vs reality, grounding our vision, opportunities for practical progress, unrealistic choices, a time of adjustment

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

The Moon in practical and grounded Virgo sextiles Mercury at 7:32AM EDT and Mars at 8:45PM EDT. At 1:59AM EDT she will make her First Quarter Square with the Gemini Sun.  

Efficient progress through communications and action and tension that requires we make adjustments.

We also have the Sun at 18 degrees Gemini squaring Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. This is kind of the opposite of practical progress, but could provide inspiration if we're lucky and smart.

The Sun square Neptune will fog up the works. It can be hard to get moving. Gemini/Pisces is not good for decision making, so this isn't the time to make an important one. Choices will dissolve. People could deceive us or think we are deceiving them. It will be easier to catch a cold (or worse), so do whatever you do to prevent something like that.  

The square to Neptune can dissolve our vitality making this a good day to rest. A good day for connecting with spirit and our muses.

And yes, I realize I have written practical progress and a good day to rest - see what energies you are resonating with. Neptune makes time and space kind of stretchy, maybe we can do both. 

I have this aspect natally and could write a book about it. You will likely find when you have an aspect natally and the aspect is in play through a transit - not necessarily touching your chart - it will activate your natal aspect. I have been very tired all week - wondering if I needed a Lyme's test (if there is such a thing, since I had that tick bite last month, but no bullseye), but knowing it isn't a good time to get a solid diagnosis.

It's a day to fix what can be fixed (that Virgo) and surrender what is out of our control (that Pisces).

The solid Moon with multiple good aspects will definitely help, but since it's Sunday anyway it might be best to relax, daydream, meditate, paint, listen to music, see a movie, spend time in water - give Neptune something to do, so he doesn't have any time on his hands to create distracting problems for us.

It will be hard to separate fantasy from reality, so keep this in mind. The skies are very changeable now - maybe toss a few ideas at the wall and check back in a couple days and see what sticks.

We have a challenging week ahead which I will write about tomorrow. Get something done today AND give yourself a nice long Neptunian break, too. 

xo all

photo by the talented solena fotographie


Today's Lunar Forecast | another fun day then things get more practical, options for love and money start to open up, the value of variety, wanting to talk about it


The Moon in fiery and fun-loving Leo trined a retrograde Jupiter while we slept and goes void off a square to Venus at 5:23PM EDT (shortly before Venus exits Taurus for Gemini), so today - especially before the square - is more of the Leo fun - time with children, creative projects, fun, recreation, romance, our natural spotlight, the stuff we are proud of. Just check any need to maintain airtight control of anything and we should do fine.

The Moon is void just 22 minutes when she moves into Virgo at 5:45PM EDT, for the next couple days. We are nurtured through the practical now. Through getting stuff done. Through organization. Through our pets and taking care of our health. We will feel better (more grounded) when we stick to a schedule.

Venus, after a few weeks in her home turf of Taurus, moves into airy Gemini tonight.

Gemini Suns and rising signs get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want and need. Whatever house in our natal chart holds Gemini hosts a visit from Venus now - making it easier for all of us to attract what we need in that area of life.

We are most attractive (use our Venus) through Gemini (our mind). It's a good time (through July 3rd) to be talking and communicating with lots of different people about lots of different things.

Venus in Gemini is about variety. In the mutable air sign (Gemini) the themes Venus rules - love, money, value, self-esteem, women, beauty - get more light-hearted. There are quickly more options available. There is also more duality - this is the space where our heart is saying one thing and our brain is saying something else.

We could suddenly recognize a mismatch between what we have and what we want. Or what we thought we had (during Venus's time spent in resource-rich Taurus) could be up for grabs now.

With Venus in Gemini life becomes more of a flirtation.

Communications are more casual, more lively and humorous. It's a good time to set aside any existing constructs about what we like and what we don't like and stay open to new experiences, new people and new situations. Say YES to the things that sound like FUN now.

This isn't the best energy to make an important decision (regarding our Gemini natal house theme or Venus ruled love, money, self-esteem, values, women or beauty) or commit to something permanently.

We don't want to be asking these things of others either.

For example it's not the best time to ask clients to be tied into a long-term membership, but it's an excellent time to think outside the box about who would be up for a short-term trial period. People will be more open-minded about less important things. For the next three weeks, it's time to "flirt", it's not the time to "put a ring on it".

This doesn't just apply to romance.

There are more options for love and money now - so stay open to the possibilities!

xo all

photo by the talented this-is-tis


Today's Lunar Forecast | exciting news, disruptive conversations, talking about what we are proud of, busy with children, words/thoughts can be painful, another chance to learn to live with an old pain, a bittersweet day

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019 

Our Leo Moon will sextile (opportunity) the Gemini Sun at 7:46PM EDT.

We are busy (talks, meetings, communications, conversation, local trips) with that Leo theme - children, our creative projects, romance, recreation - something we can be proud of, something that our heart wants.

This is also good energy to promote something we are proud of.

We have Mercury (in Cancer) sextile disruptive Uranus (in Taurus). Another OPPORTUNITY (or enhancement of the Leo opportunity since Mercury rules Gemini. This time via a surprise/disruption/innovation most likely within a Cancer theme (home, family, mother, real estate, renovation, home business, family business, security, history). Change things up. Think outside the box. Say it another way. Get out and meet new or different people.

News is exciting.

Immediately after sextiling Uranus, Mercury moves into his/her square with Chiron. We talked about this in the New Moon post; that Mercury, ruler of this week's New Moon, was going to move into some hurting/healing tension with Chiron.

Words/thoughts can be painful. With Mercury in Cancer - this could relate to that home/family situation or something from the past.

Whatever this is it won't likely be bandaged up by us (or someone else) saying just the right thing - with Chiron learning to live with the pain is the healing. 

Thinking about - "why do these words hurt? or "what is familiar about this" - here is another chance, via tension/frustration to work through and adjust to some, likely, very old family stuff.

An example might be something like the graduation of a child - where there are happy opportunities and a move toward the future  - and at the same time sadness/hurt about change/what we are losing/being left behind.

All in all this day feels rather bittersweet to me ...

xo all

photo by the talented thefirebomb


Today's Lunar Forecast | morning power plays, a nice wrap up to that home/family thingie, twist and turns and much ado about nothing, some late drama, last minute changes


Our Cancer Moon opposed Pluto (power struggles/plays - we could carry into our morning) at 3AM EST and goes VOID off a lovely sextile to Venus at 10:10AM EDT. A nice closing aspect. Projects started a couple days ago with the Moon's move into Cancer - that home, family, real estate, home business, family business, mothering-thing should end well.

Wrap something up.

During the five hour void - through 3:16PM EDT when she moves into Leo - is NOT the time to start anything new. Expect twists and turns. Expect nothing much to come of any crisis that crops up. I usually find I can get alot of routine work done during the voids, but sometimes find the things I do have to be re-done later - almost like the void Moon is a mini retrograde!

Once in Leo, the Moon will turn our focus to our natal Leo house theme and/or the general Leo themes of - children, fun, recreation, heart-felt activities, creative projects, romance, sports, finding our most natural spotlight. We are nurtured through attention.

She will square Uranus, planet of the unexpected/chaos/genius - at 11:36PM EST. This feels like some dramatic hullabaloo - maybe it clears the air or maybe we are dealing with last minute changes and surprises.

Keep in mind I list times when things are most exact, but we could feel Uranus's square to the Moon (disruptive crisis) anytime after the Moon moves into Leo.

Other stuff happening, but I have to take my sister to the airport, so will keep this short and sweet and in tune with Gemini season focused on the immediate.

Back tomorrow.

xo all

photo by the talented thefirebomb


Today's Lunar Forecast | moodiness, productive or pissed off, independent work, imagination, creativity, spirituality, nourished through connection, an emotional limit is reached, game over, the cable goes out


Our Moon in Cancer will hook up with Mars at 10:47AM EDT, trine Neptune at 8:05PM EDT and close out this day with an opposition to Saturn at 9:27PM EDT (she will oppose the North Node and Pluto in the wee hours of Thursday).

With the Moon in sensitive Cancer we will be feeling whatever is happening. The conjunction with Mars TODAY will have us PUSHING for progress or something new within a Cancerian theme - either the theme of our natal Cancer house or the collective themes of home, family, home business, family business, renovation, real estate, mother, mothering. We could be productive or just pissed off.

Independent work is favored.

The trine to dreamy Neptune TONIGHT dissolves boundaries; adds imagination, creativity, magic, a connection with spirit. Our vulnerabilities and ability to be forgiving and compassionate link us with other people. Make/listen to music. We are nourished through connection (and alcohol/drugs so avoid these now). Maybe we go to a movie tonight or a concert, paint a painting or get lost in a Netflix marathon.

The opposition to Saturn ends the day/situation with a "no". Here's the wet blanket. A limit is reached. We hit a wall. We run out of time. Someone shuts down. Our emotions are spent. The cable zonks out - Netflix marathon over.

Maybe that Cancerian situation gets wrapped up. 

So, the day is apt to be emotional. There will be moods.

Avoid passive-aggressive behavior, guilt-tripping/gas-lighting anyone.

If we can not take things too personally the day will move much smoother - and we can learn alot about ourselves - what we need/what we are asking for/taking from other people. With the Moon connecting with the North Node our emotional buttons around vulnerability/safety/mothering that are pushed will be pushing us forward, too. Keep in mind the Sun is in Gemini - there is always another option.

xo all

photo by the talented meyrembulucek


Today's Lunar Forecast | words will be soothing or painful now, talking about the past, sitting with the uncomfortable silences, intuitive language, feeling what people are saying, call your mom


The Moon in multi-tasking Gemini will go void off a hook up with ruler Mercury at 11:42AM EDT - this is a nice closing aspect so things will continue to produce during the void. Stuff started when the Moon moved into Gemini a couple days ago will end well.

She comes home to Cancer at 12:17PM EDT focusing us on Cancerian themes for the next couple days - security, our vulnerabilities, home, family, real estate, home business, family business, renovations, mom, mothering, our roots and history. We are nurtured through familial connections now.

The big news today is at 4:05PM EDT when Mercury (our thinking, communications, local environment, neighborhood, siblings, transportation issues) exits his/her home sign of Gemini and moves into the silence of the watery womb of Cancer.

We will be feeling what people are saying now.

Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too.

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut and are taken personally.

They can be soothing or they can be painful.

Mercury in Cancer keeps it "in the family". Our power lies within.

Since Cancer rules both the mother and the baby, Mercury (communication, ideas, thoughts) in Cancer could be a good time to talk (Mercury) about what we need (Cancer). This will require a certain degree of discomfort and vulnerability.

Curb any tendency to fill natural silences. Think of that crab making his way quietly along the sand. Think before you speak.

(Trump has his natal Mercury in Cancer - this is one reason his verbal word-salads, which annoy so many people, are equally comforting to other people. It doesn't matter what he says. It's how what he says makes the listener feel.)

For the next couple weeks we could be thinking/talking/writing about Cancerian issues more often - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, ancestry, the past, mothers, country, safety, security.

With Mercury in Cancer we will need to step back now and then and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?". 

The difference - especially with the Sun challenged by the Neptunian fog and Mercury on course to oppose Saturn/Pluto and amp up our natural Saturnian potential to feel the pressure over the next couple weeks - could be a pretty WIDE GAP.

There will be times it will be best to think of that quiet crab on that quiet sand and just shut-up. 

Mercury will be in Cancer until June 26th, and will return to Cancer in mid-July due to her upcoming retrograde. The ways we hold onto the past as a crutch, an excuse or justification will be one of this summer's Mercury retrograde themes.

xo all

photo by the talented Pandora Selezneva 


Today's Lunar Forecast | a focus on our emotional and financial security, being productive, getting results, making love and money, a green light from dad, committing to what we want, good timing, comfortable in our own skin

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2019

The Moon moved into Taurus late last night (EDT) the sign of her exaltation. In Taurus our focus will turn toward (and we will be nurtured through) Taurus themes - the theme of our natal Taurus house and the collective Taurus themes of our money, income, resources, values, self-esteem, sensuality, the planet Earth.

She will conjunct anything-can-happen Uranus at 2:26PM EDT. She will make nice with both Saturn and Mars. We are productive. We get results. We make bank. Mars is in lunar Cancer - feeling like doing something is a good indication we should be doing it.

Keep in mind the Moon is wrapping up her monthly cycle, so it's more a time of rewards for a job well done than a time for starting something brand new.

The Sun is in Gemini - follow up via email, phone calls, etc. Home projects, renovations, real estate, mother, home business, family situations, family business - could be on the agenda.

Our focus is on our emotional and financial security now.

To further solidify today's energies we have Venus (ruler of that Taurus Moon) trining Saturn and sextiling Juno.

So, here is where yesterday's lovebirds get the green light from dad.

I could have written this yesterday, looked ahead to where the energies were headed (I admit I peeked and you did, too, if you read the weekly), but mostly things play out best when they are allowed to play out. Think about how knowing what is going to happen could change what we do and then we muck the whole thing up.

Imagine a quarterback on the field for an important play in an important game - the crowds are on their feet, the sweat is on his brow. Now imagine he already knows how the game will end. Whether he knows he will win or he knows he will lose we can see how this knowing wouldn't be very helpful during the game! 

Here is where we commit to what we want.

Something solid and long-lasting. Something that will grow more lucrative over time. We want what makes sense/cents.

We have good timing now. We take our relationships/money/our creativity seriously. We are aging gracefully/more comfortable in our skin. We find pleasure within boundaries and structured activities. A May-December romance or mentorship moves forward - likely something from the past since Saturn is retrograde. We are beautifying our base. Venus trine Saturn.

If we have been wearing our big girl/boy pants and living up to our responsibilities and doing the work - this could be a time when the rewards - financial/emotional - come in.

There is nothing especially flashy in today's energy. Saturn tends to dampen any kind of excess.

There is that Moon/Uranus conjunction, so our emotions, and other people's emotions, could be unpredictable or we could flip that and be comfortable with something that might usually make us uncomfortable, there could be a surprise - or maybe we call it a week and make an early Friday afternoon bolt for the freedom of the weekend.

Mostly today is about solid progress, getting to keep what we have earned, committing to what we want, getting a "yes". It will be easier to move into our heart today and work from there.

xo all

photo by the talented Light Lana Skywalker


Today's Lunar Forecast | good news that's maybe too good, the forest vs the trees, a resource from the past we can count on, a relationship or contractual limit is reached, an all day (almost) void moon

THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019

The Moon in action-oriented Aries will square Saturn, trine Jupiter and square Pluto - all before 11:08AM EDT when she goes void for the rest of the day.

Adjustments around our responsibilities, goals, ambitions, commitments, maybe coming through dealings with an authority figure. A limit is reached, someone tosses a wet blanket. All these planets are retrograde, so we won't be dealing with brand-new issues, although the situations themselves could be new. The square to Pluto could color the day with power struggles, but also points to transformative tension.

The void all day Moon usually allows us to get alot of routine work done (not the day to start anything brand new unless you can get it going before 11:08AM EDT), but expect some twists and turns and do-overs.

Mercury (home in Gemini) reaches his exact opposition to a retrograde Jupiter (home in Sagittarius) tonight. This could bring good news, but also the chance the good news is over-estimated. We, or someone else, could be promising more than can be delivered. I would say 'check the facts', but with both planets squaring illusive Neptune (home in Pisces), the facts could be challenging to sort out.

Good energy for writing, promotion, combining the big picture and the small details, presenting information with confidence. Just deal more with facts than opinion for best success. Don't exaggerate. Don't get all preachy.

Venus (home in Taurus) is trining the South Node in Capricorn and sextiling Neptune. There is some thing/someone/some resource from the past we can count on now. The South Node is what we are releasing so it could be some kind of enabling situation not totally in our best interest in the future, but for now, especially with that opportunistic sextile to limitless Neptune, it could point to a way through.

Juno (in Cancer) moves into opposition with serious Saturn (in Capricorn). This could limit/end/strengthen a contract/commitment/relationship. 

Just the other day she sat with the North Node and leaned into her future through committed relationships, so this brings to mind the picture of a newly engaged couple who meet the bride's father and pop says, "hold up a minute there buddy, you aren't marrying my daughter - the answer is NO". Which brings to mind the second question of why they are asking pops in the first place!

Maybe this is where the relationship/contract/commitment (so maternally nourishing in Cancer) meets some real-world situation that over-time and through hard work will stabilize it (if it doesn't end it now) - the kind of paternalistic nourishing that keeps the family fed and a roof over everyone's head, but brings to mind (why the hell do I keep typing 'brings to mind', I need coffee) questions about how and why we give our power away ...

Read more in the weekly HERE.

There is alot happening today, or alot that seems to be happening, keep in mind that LONG void Moon - that speaks of brings to mind (one final 'brings to mind') the possibility that not a thing will come of any of it.

xo all

Some things in these dailies will impact us (through our natal chart interactions) more strongly than others, but we have access to any of them. Lean into what sounds promising. Experiment. Venus sextile Neptune - unlimited resources, unending love. Mercury opposite Jupiter - the best news we could possibly hear, positive thinking, confidence. Venus is making her way, all comfy cozy in Taurus, toward trines to stabilizing Saturn and transformative Pluto and we have a New Moon in Gemini (fast change) in just a few days. When nothing is certain, anything is possible - let that be our axiom with all this mutable energy!

photo by the talented Alexanika


Today's Lunar Forecast | getting moving on things we have been procrastinating, illusions and delusions, the facts at odds with the dream, negotiating between the details and the big picture, we don't have to go looking for a fight to find one, our bullshit detector needs new batteries


Today the Moon in fiery Aries will sextile the Gemini Sun at 5:51AM EDT - this month's waning sextile - and later move on to square Aries ruler Mars (in Cancer) at 7:30PM EDT.

The Aries/Gemini waning sextile can offer fast (and new) opportunities through conversations, communications, choices, taking action on information.

Sextiles are like energetic handshakes. They create opportunities. Something new is available from these two planets being in these two particular places (picture two wheeler/dealers in a smoky backroom somewhere), in this case since it involves our fast moving Moon, for a very brief time. It is not a sure-fire success or an iron-clad contract but it could lead to these things because there is agreement here. There is a handshake.

Aries/Gemini can bring a kind of pressing insistence; an urgency to act or communicate, but keep in mind sextiles are gentle energetics. We just need to take some kind of action. Life can use whatever action we take to make use of these energies. This can get us moving on things we have been procrastinating. We probably don't want to be pushing anyone else though, although someone else could be pushing us or pushing back.

It might be hard to have an important conversation without some kind of passionate squabble.

At the same time Gemini's ruler Mercury (the facts/our thinking) is squaring Neptune (the dream/our brain on drugs).

So here's where the handshake maybe gets a bit shaky or maybe someone's hand is sweaty and the shake is more like a slide.

Squares indicate tension/frustration, maybe crisis. They are also the best energy we have to move things forward if we are flexible and smart enough to move past them in one piece (and we are, Sun and Mercury in smarty pants Gemini and all that).

Neptune encourages change and action through vision and imagination. We don't create vision (although there is creative tension here!) We receive vision. We shut up. We listen. We still our brain. We move our body.

The planet of our intellect (Mercury) at odds with the planet of our imagination and the ethereal realms (Neptune); both strong in their home signs - would be a time

it will be hard to separate the truth from the bullsh*t.

We won't have all the facts straight.

Or maybe reality is holding up the dream or the dream is holding up reality. Maybe an addiction/escape is an obvious interference. Or the facts are interfering with our planned Netflix marathon. There is also a semi-sextile from Mercury to Venus (also home in Taurus) - it could be hard not to take words to heart now.

It might not be the best time to make an important decision even though we might feel the pressure from the Aries/Gemini waning sextile to do just that!

Now, Mercury is going to move on to oppose Jupiter tomorrow. Both in the signs they rule (with Jupiter retrograde, so not a totally new situation, and both in each other's sign of detriment).

So we have the planet of the forest opposing the planet of the trees.  

We are negotiating between the BIG picture and the facts/details this week. 

Neptune can cloud things up and/or Neptune can bring generosity, compassion, idealism (an open line to the ethereal realms through meditation and prayer) to the situation.

Stay flexible. Stay open to new information.

Know everything you are hearing/reading, even saying, is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

An issue is being worked out. This isn't the time for definitive declarations.

Maybe the square to illusive Neptune gives us a peek behind the scenes, an intuition into other people's motivations or into a situation's machinations we hadn't seen/thought about before.

Just keep in mind there could be smoke and mirrors behind the smoke and mirrors, too. So stay frosty in case you need to fog up the glass yourself.

xo all

Tonight's Moon/Mars square (Aries/Cancer) could bring out our defensive (or protective) side. We won't have to go looking for a fight, for the fight to find us. And they are in each other's signs so more emotional/passive aggressive however this plays out. Use Mercury in Gemini to keep a cool head.

photo by the talented Surab Higupta Photo Art


Today's Lunar Forecast | growing through relationship, deja vu, dreams of the future, the details are brought to our attention, differences of opinion, the other side of the story, mountains are being moved to help us get home

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019

The Moon in Pisces went void last night (12:21AM EDT) off a sextile to transformative, grounding Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn). She will be void until 2:32PM EDT (expect some twists and turns until then and if you take the morning off you shouldn't miss much) when she moves into Aries focusing us on - and nurturing us through - Aries themes for the next couple days - action, initiative, passion, anger, men, time spent alone, our physical body, a focus on ourselves.

In Aries, she won't make any aspects until she sextiles the Gemini Sun early tomorrow morning.

Today we have Juno conjunct the North Node and trining Neptune. Our future is being tied to our committed long-term relationships. The agreements we make now with others - even if they seem somehow illusory or dreamy (they could involve an ending/sacrifice) - are moving us HOME, either physically or back home to ourselves.

Maybe we meet someone and feel like we have known them before (because we have) - maybe the meeting/person/situation has a significant impact on our future.

We are growing through our relationships.

Ceres (retrograde in Sagittarius) is opposing the Gemini Sun at seven degrees.

Through Ceres we confront life's cycles/seasons, styles of nurturing/mothering, the things that are outside our control, sometimes powerful/emotional endings. 

Ceres is retrograde, so this won't be a new situation. Maybe the Sun is shining a light on something outside our control. In Gemini, the Sun illuminates the other side of the story. With Gemini/Sag this will likely be the details of something vs the big picture/expansion. Maybe differences of opinion/belief are causing separation/strife now. Maybe the details/facts are coming at us from the outside and we want to stay safely cocooned in our big-picture thinking. A Ceres theme gets mired in the details/fine print.

Or it could be a Sag theme - either our natal Sag house theme or a collective Sag theme - foreign issues/situations/people, travel, higher education, weddings, publishing, media, politics, religion, our higher thinking - reaches a conclusion/culmination now. Through an opposition, something about this will be outside our control and likely won't feel so good.

This week, as we move toward the dark/balsamic Moon days and then the New Moon in Gemini (fresh ideas, new stories) is a time of endings/release.

The situations we are partnering with now/committing to - will grow. With Neptune hooking into the North Node - what isn't possible? We have assistance from the past/behind the scenes - our past, our ancestors, our past lives - mountains are being moved to help us get home.

The situations that have reached the end of their cycle will end (for now). Things outside our control will be discussed/brought to light. The Gemini Sun will bring our focus to the details - the fine print.

What we have to do to get where we want/need to be.

xo all

photo by the talented Anna1Anna 


Today's Lunar Forecast | innovative communication, new characters enter stage left, someone jumps ship (maybe us), choices, changes, detaching from what we own, wanting what is not available, wanting something else, the winds blow in

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019

The Moon in clear-headed, but stubborn and detached Aquarius trined Mercury (strong in his/her home sign of Gemini) while we slept making this morning good for innovative communication, finding new options/solutions and connecting with unusual (or Aquarian/Uranian) people.

Take a step back from the situation and you might find you have more options than you think you do.

By lunchtime the Moon will be squaring Venus (strong in her home sign of Taurus) indicating some stress/tension/crisis.

This could be us wanting what we want and that could be to take the rest of the day off and get a jump on the holiday (if you are in the U.S.) weekend. This could be someone (maybe a woman) leaving. Freedom/liberation vs what we want/need/already have. Maybe we just want to ignore what is wrong with the Venusian situation - love, relationship, income, finance, resource issue - detach from it.

Again keep in mind Gemini season - there are more choices/options than we had last week in Taurus season. The winds are changing.

There are aspects with Vesta and Ceres today that indicate a need to focus on what we hold most sacred - our values, what we have right now, the stuff we have already committed to ...

Also keep in mind that Aquarius Moon - tight grips lose ships. 

Heads up the Moon will be void all day tomorrow so expect some twists and turns and avoid starting anything brand new.

xo all

photo by the talented dim-baida

Today's Lunar Forecast | rolling with the changes, keeping our cool, buttons are pressed, talking about what hurts but keeping the conversation light, add some humor, add some choices, use your inside voice, think things through



The Moon is void until 1:49PM EDT, so expect some twists and turns this morning. I sometimes find myself, like I did on Monday, doing things over again (cue Bill Murray and Groundhog Day) during long voids.

The Moon moves into Aquarius after the void where we might focus on Aquarius themes (or our natal Aquarius house theme) and will likely somehow find ourselves nourished through them for the next couple days - some time alone, time with groups and friends, our causes and groups, the internet (can we be nourished by the internet - probably yes, until we can't anymore), staying objective, giving tense situations a little distance, being able to be ourselves.

The Moon will trine the Sun at 6:48PM EDT offering up this month's waxing trine (brakes off) between the Aquarius Moon and the Gemini Sun. In air, communications and conversations are highlighted, our emotions are quieted, things are more cerebral.  Say what you need to say in a cool efficient manner. Humor will help. Allowing other people choices will help - we aren't locked into the grounded earth of Taurus any longer. Again, approaching tense situations with an open mind and some detachment will help. Our minds open to innovative ideas even as the Moon begins to fade from view.

With the Sun in Gemini there are always more choices. Our brain is firing on cylinders that have been asleep for months (and yes, mixing metaphors is very Gemini, too).

We also have Mars (in sensitive Cancer) squaring Chiron (in not-so-sensitive Aries) at right around the same time. So, it will be hard to do anything that isn't hurting someone! We will all be easily triggered and apt to over-react. At the same time we have Mercury (home in Gemini) sextiling (opportunity) Chiron. Our words can help. The way we say what we say matters, too.

Keep in mind the Sun's trine to our independent Aquarius Moon - keep conversations cool (detached) and light, use humor, talk about options and possibilities. 

It might seem that any move we make is painful now and we can't win, but keep in mind Mars in Cancer isn't about winning!

Not in the traditional sense where someone else has to lose. Maybe there are other ways to win. Maybe ways that allow us to get a good night sleep regardless of the outcome.

Gemini season always offers more options. Talk about it. Think about it. Write about it. Make a list. Do some research. Get your facts straight. 

Some people will be dealing with other Mercurian situations - car trouble/choices, sibling or local neighborhood situations/choices, equipment issues/choices.

With Mars squaring Chiron and Mercury sextiling Chiron - we are painfully triggered (and easily able to trigger other people) - the pain brings out an opportunity to talk/think about deeper/older issues.

Chiron aspects trigger old wounds. And Mars in Cancer speaks of impulsive actions based on our childhood emotions. That guy in your face in the post office will actually be yelling at his controlling mother and you will actually be listening to your demanding brother. Everything will be taken out of context and relate back to something else. Powder kegs are hidden in the most unlikeliest of spaces now. Tread cautiously.

Stay cool and calm. Offer other people choices. Stay open minded. Add some humor.

xo all

photo by the talented laura makabresku

In my life, hubs has decided the best place for his about-to-be-homeless business (whose death, very appropriately with Pluto retrograde in this part of his chart, has been postponed until the fall due to some zoning issues) is in OUR BACKYARD. This move, which I am certain is quite illegal, will involve the cutting down of five trees (our last 5 trees, other than some pine trees I don't count, since Hurricane Sandy took so many out a few years back). So, he has changed course from planting hundreds of trees to turning our own yard into a tree-less lot (this is the same man who spent our grieving winter trying to nurse a dead houseplant/ficus tree back to life - a tree we were given when my mother died twenty years ago). This isn't going to happen, of course, (not in the way he is picturing right now at least) but I have to pick my battles in a most-unbattley manner because he is quite depressed over his business situation and this "plan" is the only thing that has perked him up for days and days. My plan is to use this Mercury sextile and Aquarius Moon to calmly and coolly and with a bit of humor (why does a rhino have so many wrinkles? because she is hard to iron - or something more in line with the situation, hopefully I can think on my feet) add some options to his thinking even as I realize I am pressing a very old survival wound of his (and mine).


Today's Lunar Forecast | nurtured by our responsibilities, taking action on a home/family matter, compassion, forgiveness, creative solutions, leaning into something new, following our intuition, combing through the knots


The Moon in Capricorn did her monthly sextile to Neptune while we slept and meets Saturn (6:22 AM EDT), the South Node and Pluto (11:57PM EDT) before going void near midnight EDT until tomorrow afternoon.

With the Moon in Capricorn we will feel nurtured by responsibility, through opportunities to lead/support other people, "by the numbers adding up", the goal being met, by people doing what they are supposed to do, by people taking us seriously. The Moon ruled by Capricorn's polarity sign of Cancer, is in her detriment in Capricorn - things are not so warm and fuzzy.

The Moon in Cappy says - if daddy don't work, the kids don't eat - we need to grow up. Edges are sharp and the round corners (and holiday weekend for some) are still a couple days away. People will be feeling like if they have to be working - everyone else should be, too. Whip crack!

With the Moon in Capricorn meeting Capricorn's ruler the spotlight will likely be on our duties and responsibilities today. Good for dealing with authority and even better for stepping into our own (just don't expect any hugs of appreciation). Moon/Pluto could indicate an emotional power play or emotional transformation.

We also have Mars (in Cancer) sextiling Uranus at 4 degrees Taurus and Neptune (in Pisces) trining the Cancer North Node at 18 degrees. Both of these aspects are in play for a few days before/after and exact today.

Mars/Uranus speaks of changes and innovation regarding - our home, family, home business, family business, renovation, relocation, nurturing, mother. Cancer/Taurus doesn't rush, so there is no need for some giant risk right now, but to get the most from this opportunity we will need to take some kind of NEW action. In Cancer, Mars (as us) is listening to his instincts. Uranus is saying it is time to update our Taurean agenda - our values, our money, our resources. There is an opportunity here.

At the same time imaginative Neptune is trining our North Node (way forward).  

Creative solutions/intuitive unfoldings - that move us toward something more authentic are possible now.

Today's energies are reminding me of this year's BIG Saturn/Neptune storyline - and the release/sacrifice, apology, forgiveness, compassion, ending - through which the NEW, lasting, and stable future, is being built.

The serious Cappy Moon, an active imaginative Neptune and Mars/Uranus - so much is at our fingertips now. What are we going to reach for? What is our vision? What do we want?

We can take a NEW action today. Our body knows what to do. Uranus will aid Cancer/Taurus in being a bit more spontaneous and innovative now. We will find the right words/actions.

We cannot neglect our responsibilities (we will feel like crap if we try with this serious Cappy Moon), but we aren't allowing ourselves to be drowned in them either.

Don't overthink things. Moon/Saturn can feel depressing, so take care of yourself. Lean into something new.

xo all

photo by the talented SAMLIM 


Today's Lunar Forecast | getting down to business, choices and challenges, news, information comes to light, a budding threat to our status, what we focus on expands, lucky when it matters, words are our fortune, time to get the word out

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019

The Moon moved into serious Capricorn early this morning. It's time to get down to business! She will oppose Mars at 10:35AM EDT in sensitive Cancer which could be indicate conflict and frustration.

Things will move forward in the afternoon when she trines Uranus at 11:42AM EDT (breaking the tension of that passive-aggressive Mars opposition) and then trines Venus (6:58PM EDT exalted in her home sign of Taurus) in the evening - tonight is good for money matters, relationships, socializing. So, the day looks like it ends better than it begins!

The big news today is the kick off to Gemini season. Time to GET THE WORD OUT.

See the weekly post HERE.

Information/an answer comes to light. Clarity. A choice is illuminated. Our mental faculties are ON FIRE. Time to talk about/promote the stuff we started/nourished during Aries and Taurus season. Imagine yourself a yellow dandelion, now one of those puffy wish-filled things and the wind carrying your seeds far and wide over the next few weeks.

The lights are flipped on. We will feel a difference in the days ahead as information and communications switch from turtle pace (fixed earth) to rabbit (mutable air).

Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow.

We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be rather chatty, so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable. Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information might at times be unreliable. We should be able to see more alternatives though.

With Mercury and the Sun moving into Gemini together and meeting exactly at 0 degrees Gemini - there is news, new information, choices, something coming to light (this could relate back to mid-March when they met up during that endless lala-land Mercury retrograde in Pisces).

They semi-square Juno (contracts, marriage, status, things we don't want to look at) in Cancer.

Semi-squares are budding squares - this one speaking of some sort of upset within a contract or with our status - maybe something we haven't wanted to talk about/think about that is now being talked about/coming into the light.

At the same time we have Neptune trining the North Node and Jupiter trining Vesta.

Whatever we have going on now is IMPORTANT.

It carries implications for our future.

Use that Neptune imagination/dream energy positively - we don't want to waste it in a trip to lala-land. The Cappy Moon should keep us grounded. Duties and responsibilities will be part of this.

Sun/Mercury can make us blinded by our own light - I sometimes have what I think is a brilliant idea that doesn't look quite so shiny a couple days out, so again no crazy leaps. Jupiter trining Vesta should allow us to expand on what is most important/make us lucky when it matters. 

It feels to me like an indication the crisis situation we are working through leads us to something more authentic and REAL and liberating. There is opportunity here. With Jupiter retrograde it could be something from the past or something we overlooked. Maybe it is an opportunity to find our lost faith ....

The way something starts is uber important in astrology and Gemini season kicks off with implications that it will be impacting our future, so pay attention. We have the Cappy Moon to take things seriously even as Gemini creates a need to lighten things up.

xo all

photo by the talented Yesterdays-Paper


Today's Lunar Forecast | confidence, enthusiasm, dreaming of the possibilities, a good day to call in sick and have an adventure, if we can avoid preaching, avoid starting anything brand new and can figure out when enough is enough (which might not be easy) we will love the hopefulness of this day

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019

Our optimistic Sagittarius Moon will square Neptune at 6:31AM EDT before going void off a conjunction to a retrograde Jupiter at 1:04PM EDT (void until 3:56AM EDT when she moves into serious Capricorn for the next couple days).

This is a day to allow our dreams and possibilities to come out and play.

We might be dealing with a Neptunian situation early in the day (in my case lack of sleep -ugh) - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, spirituality, imagination, hospitals, addiction, healing, endings.

Let's get our work done early - good day for creative work, working with the public, media, weddings, publishing, traveling, higher education, foreign situations, legal issues - so we can enjoy an adventure in the afternoon - something today could connect to next Saturday when Jupiter themes are again activated.

Just avoid the "overs" - over-promising, over-spending, over-estimating, etc and any Sagittarius proclivity toward standing on a mountain and delivering a sermon.

The Sag Moon squaring imaginative Neptune and then meeting her lucky ruler Jupiter could make everything/anything seem better/bigger than it actually is, but SO WHAT - WE NEED THIS once in a while!

Just not too huge a leap, ok, the Cappy Moon will arrive soon enough to bring us back down to Earth.

See more in the weekly HERE

Keep in mind that void Moon from 1:04PM EDT through the end of the day - not the best energy to start anything brand new or to send anything out into the world we need "something to come of". I usually find I get alot done during void Moons though - time gets kind of stretchy.

xo all

This is the last day of Taurus season - get outside and ENJOY IT!

photo by the talented niimo


Today's Lunar Forecast | feeling our way through the day, feeling other people's motivations, solving problems, intensity, those subway tiles cost too much or aren't available until July, the need to adjust/pivot/live up to a responsibility/rein in an expectation

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019

The Moon moved into Scorpio last night (the sign of her fall) waxing toward tomorrow's Full Moon focusing us on (and keeping us nourished through) the stuff that is underneath, the stuff that is hidden, the stuff we do in the dark, the stuff nobody wants to talk about, research, puzzles, intimacy issues, money issues, the truth.

We become more sensitive. More intense. The world gets a little darker and our eyes adjust to that. We are able to feel other people's motivations, which maybe makes us more private with our own. We play our cards closer to our chest. It could bring the feeling something has to be acted on RIGHT NOW because maybe (depending on our natal chart) we aren't used to this kind of emotional intensity. maybe something does, but just as likely we can allow these strong emotions to just move through us.

The Moon opposed Uranus at 12:03AM EDT (exhausted from an uber busy void Moon day, I slept like a rock after watching the first two terrifying episodes of Chernobyl on HBO), and is then pretty much unaspected all day. So, the Scorpio Moon is allowed to be the Scorpio Moon - we look under rocks, we notice things we missed, we solve problems, we are seeking intimacy and loyalty. If we are riding an emotional roller coaster today it is up to us if we want to toss our hands in the air and let our hair down or hold on tight.

The trine between Mercury and Saturn yesterday/today continues in play - we talked about that HERE - see the daily report for Thursday, May 16th.

We also have Vesta (at 20 degrees Aries) squaring Saturn indicating a roadblock with something we hold "sacred". It could be someone else (an authority/boss/older person maybe) isn't valuing what we value. With Saturn retrograde this won't be the first time we are dealing with this. Our focus is blocked somehow. Doing what we feel we have to do is limited in some way. Maybe something isn't worth what we thought it was. We spend weeks working on a project at work and now it isn't important somehow - the company doesn't need it/value it. Or maybe rigid routines, rules, fears are interfering with what we hold important.

Squares between Aries and Saturn can bring up issues around how we feel when we can't do what we want to do. The feeling of dad saying no. The feeling of being penned in by walls and rules. Squares require an adjustment. We have to pivot. Maybe we can't have this thing exactly the way we wanted it, maybe we need to revise our expectations somehow. 

A quick example could be we are renovating our kitchen and financial issues or timing issues (Saturn) aren't allowing us to get what we had focused on for weeks via Pinterest (Vesta) - say, I don't know, specific subway tiles for the backsplash. We need to adjust. If the tiles are truly a non-negotiable maybe we need to cut out something else, or postpone the party we had planned for when this whole kitchen renovation was complete or maybe we decide they are not as valuable to us as all that and we find a less expensive or more available tile.

And of course something like this could be playing out through a situation more important than subway tiles!

Back tonight or early tomorrow with the rest of that Full Moon post - see part I HERE where we take a look at the landscape.

xo all

photo by the talented aleksandra88


Today's Lunar Forecast | some adjustments this morning, our words have weight, thinking about the past, talking about boundaries, papers get signed, commitments are extra sticky, do you know what you are taking about? just the right words at just the right time

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019

I didn't get the chance to write the Lunar yesterday because we took a quick trip (10 hour roundtrip driving  - ack!) to Brimfield, MA for the big flea market. My short term memory is so swiss-cheesy right now, one day away from the charts and I forget where the Moon is - maybe she really is made of cheese :)

Today, we have an all work-day Void Moon with the Moon in social Libra going void at 5:37AM EDT, off a square to a retrograde Pluto. She moves into Scorpio at 5:26PM EDT and we start building toward this weekend's Scorpio Full Moon.

Keep in mind there is alot going on this week and our words/actions matter.

Before leaving Libra the Moon will trine the Taurus Sun - this month's waxing inconjunct - probably indicating some kind of rock and a hard place between what we want and practical considerations this morning. There is a need to be flexible. A need to take other people needs into consideration now. Diplomacy. Cooperation. Let's use that Libran energy while we can!

This would not be the best day to start anything brand new. Stick to routine. Roll with a few twists and turns. Excellent day for writing!


Mercury (in practical Taurus and answering to Venus) will trine both the South Node (19 degrees) and Saturn (20 degrees) in Capricorn.

We are talking about the past. Dealing with situations rooted in the past. Whatever we have previously committed to needs to be dealt with/completed now.

Opportunities come through careful planning and preparation as Mercury (communications, conversations, ideas, thoughts) trines serious Saturn (time, stability, hard work, authority) now.

There is a big fresh start coming for everyone, but in the meantime we have alot of loose ends to be tied up this summer (we don't want to be dragging these things too far into autumn AND we don't want to rush through them now either). There is a LONG GOOD-BYE in your life somewhere.

With Mercury trining Saturn (brakes off) our words matter. The papers we sign now matter. The commitments we make - to ourselves and other people - are extra STICKY. 

We can hear just the right words at just the right time now. 

At the same time Mercury is sextiling (opportunity) that North Node in Cancer. The answer is found within us. By moving into our heart. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable within a conversation/communication. By going home. By taking care of our physical bodies. By lovingly discarding the tired shells we have outgrown.

Only make promises you know you can keep because you will be held accountable. If you say you are going to do something, you are actually going to have to do it or it is going to come back and bite you in the ass.

Avoid gossip. With Saturn being the king of karma and all that, it has a way of coming back around.

With Saturn retrograde the past is factoring into all of this.

Deliberate, thoughtful and sober words create the most impact. If we want to be taken seriously we need to take ourselves seriously. Conversations should be respectful. Do we know what we are talking about? If not, it's time to connect with someone who does. Lessons learned now stay with us, so what are we learning?

Communications and conversations with authority figures are helpful now. ANSWERS COME IN. Pay attention to what you are hearing. Be sure you are understanding what is being said and that you are being understood.

This aspect gives us the perseverance and concentration that creates stability and is good energy for paperwork that requires accuracy. We can focus on what is most important rather than what might at first appear most urgent.

It is perfectly alright to say, "no", "not yet" or "I have to think about it". We may hear these words now, too. That North Node sextile tells us, that even then, we can know we are moving in the right direction.

xo all

photo by the talented Zhivago86 


Today's Lunar Forecast | attracting what we want by choosing and taking action, stating our case, walking our talk, making a decision, reaching a tipping point, romantic encounters, cooperative language and action where we bring out the best in each other

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019

The Moon in Virgo works much of her magic while we sleep squaring Jupiter and trining the Capricorn pile-up (Saturn, North Node, Pluto) and the Sun (this month's waxing trine)

making this a very good morning for organization, making plans, doing the day-to-day kind of stuff that needs to be done. Fixing things that are broken. Solving problems. Improving things we've already started. Cleaning up. Doing our work. Taking better care of our pets and our health. We will be nurtured by knowing things are tidy and in their place.  

Routine is our friend.

At 1:18PM EDT the Moon will go void off a square to Mars in Gemini - there could be some kind of dust-up around that time (news, action) and things might be wonky until she moves into diplomatic Libra at 2:51PM EDT - focusing us on (and keeping us nourished through) - other people, our relationships, social activities, balance, social graces, beauty and justice for the next couple days.

The BIG NEWS today is Venus at the very end of Aries sextiling Mars at the very end of Gemini. This is us attracting what we want through assertive language, making a choice, walking our talk.

Venus rules love, beauty, money, our resources, women, our values and self-esteem. Mars in Gemini is about passionate (maybe angry) conversations, talks, meetings, news, sales, teachings, writing, siblings, neighbors, local neighborhood, our transportation, our electronic gizmos. Make any kind of word salad that works for your situation. If you know the themes of 28 degrees Aries and Gemini in your natal chart toss those in here, too!

Venus in Aries wants what she wants (for now) - she is fast and passionate. Mars in Mercury has brought us lots of options - enabled us to try a little of this and a little of that over the last few weeks.

They (as us) have done their job, but before they move into new energies - BOTH change signs tomorrow - how unusual (!) - there is something these energies want to do TOGETHER as us.

Coupled with today's Waxing Trine (Virgo/Taurus - building something stable and quality) this would be an excellent time for us to take action on a decision/idea/conversation. 

This doesn't have to be some big ginormous thing - life can use whatever action we take to get us what we want and get us where we need to go.

It does have to be us doing the doing though. We have to actually do it/say it. We might need to be brave.

There is no need to push too hard - something has lined itself up for us over the last few weeks. It's at a tipping point really. One little nudge and over we go!

This masculine/feminine energy merger is great for romance and friendships. Time to be out and about singletons! A Venus/Mars sextile with a waxing Taurus/Virgo trine sounds like the start of something real.

See more in the weekly HERE.

Keep in mind both these planets will change signs within hours of their sextile, so stay flexible.

Through cooperative language and action we can bring out the best in each other - today looks pretty damn fine.

xo all

photo by the talented IndieChild19


Today's Lunar Forecast | getting to work, practical power, standing tall and walking our talk, influencing, leading, confidence, having what it takes, tearing something down to build something better, they are putty in our hands, a second chance, a warning

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019

The Moon is in Virgo focusing us on (and keeping us nourished through) Virgo themes until tomorrow afternoon - our day-to-day activities, our routine, work, co-workers, pets and our health. 

She will trine Mercury at 10:47AM EDT (practical words are comforting, we are able to understand what someone means no matter what they are saying, good for getting stuff done), oppose Neptune at 7:14PM EDT (overly sensitive, good for creative work although there could be practical considerations that interfere) and trine a retrograde Saturn at 10:39PM EDT (another grounded earth trine, this one focused on the past - maturity, doing what needs to be done, taking care of business). 

The Taurus Sun is busy - trining Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn (in play for a couple days) and inconjuncting Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

With both these planets retrograde - we could get another chance/opportunity at something now. 

Whatever this is it won't be something entirely new. We have been here before.

This is reflective of major life changes. This is solid, practical power and transformation. This is us having the power/control over our own lives. Interactions with authority should go well. Taurus themes (love, money, values, self-esteem) and the theme of our natal Taurus house are empowered now. We can be bossy or we can be the boss. 

The challenge here is the inconjunct to Jupiter - which acts as a rock and hard place situation creating a need to adjust/cooperate with two seemingly irreconcilable situations - maybe we are uncomfortable with this stretch, so we sabotage it somehow, exaggerating the problems or minimizing the rewards/our strengths/what we have to offer. Or, as is always possible with Jupiter something appears bigger/better than it seems. 

The trine to Pluto speaks of us stepping into our own authority/our own power. We are taking control of our own lives. The truth is brought into the light and it is empowering. No one is going to do this for us - yes, we see this now. We are standing in our own shoes. And they are some powerful take-charge kick-assers.

The caveat will be taking something too far (too much kick-assing, being bossy vs being the boss) - power makes us too pushy/more self-destructive than empowered leading to us being humbled or maybe standing in these powerful shoes is so uncomfortable/scary we exaggerate any problems ("these hurt my feet - I can't do this, where are my fluffy slippers?") or minimize what we CAN do/what we DO have to offer. We cop out. Watch for whatever is too much - trines are easy aspects - we just have to pull the shoes on and walk. We don't have to actually kick anyone with them (although maybe a bit of the threat needs to be there!), but they can't stay boxed up in our closet either.

We want to balance the grounded practicality of Taurus with the enthusiasm and sense of adventure of Sagittarius with whatever is "coming to light" for us now. 

With Sun trine Pluto de-construction is probably required. Destruction is optional though and maybe not such a good idea with that inconjunct. Look for the difference. Check yourself.

There is also a semi-square from Mercury in Taurus to Mars in Gemini and these guys are in mutual reception so this is amplified. A semi-square is an aspect that shows something building toward being a problem later - it's kind of a warning. Maybe something here about being able to walk our talk. Doing what we say we are going to do. Mercury is going to trine Saturn later in the week making our words very sticky. We don't want what we say now to come back and bite us in the ass. We need to know what we are talking about or find someone who does. 

xo all

there is more in the weekly HERE
photo by the talented Lionique


Today's Lunar Forecast | not tossing the baby out with the bathwater, sometimes the way something used to be done still makes perfect sense/cents, the stuff that's been proven to work, save the drama for your mama, caring for your cash

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019

Just in time for the weekend the Moon moves into Leo at 9:14AM EDT turning our attention to our creative projects, children, our inner child, romance, fun and recreation for the next couple days.

The Moon will square Uranus at 3:18PM EDT, so the workweek is liable to end with some sort of DISRUPTION. Challenges/tension around what we value, our possession, income are possible. The Moon is more generous in Leo, but also more self-centered, so independent work, where we get to be our own QUEEN/KING is favored today. Drama is likely otherwise.

The Sun (at 19 degrees Taurus) will trine the South Node in Capricorn and this takes us into tomorrow's stabilizing Sun trine Saturn.

The Sun trining the South Node (been there/done that) in structural earth is kind of like the Sun being retrograde in a way (which it can't be). We slip easily and fortuitously into the past - maybe toward some kind of Capriocorny rule or "way things have always been done" that will work to our advantage now. What worked for grandpa can work for us, too.

With the Sun in Taurus whatever this is can benefit our bottom-line.

At the same time the Sun is sextiling our North Node in Cancer, so some action/movement on our part (remembers trines create ease and sextiles require some kind of efforting) toward that Cancerian enabled future (home, family, home business, family business, mother, mothering, nurturing, vulnerability) creates opportunity.

Keep in mind the Sun in Taurus is enabling this whole thing, so it won't be some, big complicated extravaganza.

The simpler the better.

xo all

P.S. Something to think about with Taurus is the way we value and carry cash money. Maybe we can take ten minutes today and clean up our wallet.

Here are some feng shui tips from a class I took a few years back:

1. Carry your cash in numerical order with the biggest bills on the top, always face up - you want to see the large bills when you open your wallet so you can tell yourself - I always have enough.

2. Have a large enough wallet that the cash is not all crammed in there.

3. Save receipts somewhere else - they represent money going out.

4. Consider ditching the photos and notes - your wallet is about attracting money and taking care of yourself with your money and nothing else. Use your phone for this.

5. If your wallet is falling apart or is hard to close (money will be flying out of your life) or hard to open (you will be too cheap with your money) - get a new one.

Buy one that you love.

6. Carry credit cards that feel good  - the card I carry is my Paypal card which says 'Business Debit' and feels more serious to me, like "yes, I have a business that requires me to make financial decisions I am responsible for" and yes, I can buy this Kind candy bar with it and no one is going to stop me. If you have cards that represent debt to you keep them somewhere else. If you have a credit card that means abundance to you in some way put that on top so you can see it when you open your wallet (yes that might be the one with Mickey Mouse on it).

(if we can see debt as society's belief in our future earning abilities and are not afraid of it, it doesn't always have to feel negative)

7. Take care of your wallet. Know where it is.

8. Do not keep stagnant money in your wallet. Use it. Bring in new bills. Money wants to flow.

9. Don't be all - "this cash is dirty, I need to wash my hands"

(of course, cash IS dirty and we DO need to wash our hands - I 've read that 80% of one dollar bills have traces of cocaine on them (!) and I didn't tell you this, so you could rummage in your bag for some one dollar bills to lick on a particularly stressful day, no I did NOT).

10. Watch your language around money. Since we have been on a credit card fast, hubs has a habit of saying to me "I don't have any money" when he is out of cash and I keep saying to him, "you mean you don't have any cash" - which of course is even more annoying to him than it sounds here (have I said I have had transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury for YEARS), but words matter. It will drive people ape-shit if you try to correct them though, so just focus on your own language.

Think - cash is my friend. Then care for it like you would a friend - give it a cushy place to stay while it is with you, keep it safe and protected, show it a good time now and then.


photo by the talented Spiegellicht


Today's Lunar Forecast | does this still make sense/cents, pushing past the expiration date, the gold flakes in the bottom of our pan, power plays, bigger and better, the need to adjust and look at the big picture, still a time of practical action, what needs to be paid off?


We begin the day with the Cancer Moon trining imaginative Neptune - good for creative work, spiritual work, healing.

She sextiles the Taurus Sun at 1:56PM EDT giving us this month's Waxing Sextile - an energetic to move forward with whatever we started at the May 4th New Moon. If you set your New Moon intentions last week, this would be a good day for action focused on the New Moon's (Taurus) need for something solid and practical and today's Moon's need for something nurturing and likely focused on our bottom-line needs, home, family, real estate, home business, family business, renovation, mothering, mother. Sextiles are opportunistic energies, but unlike trines - we need to make an effort. 

It would be best to take action before the Moon starts opposing the Capricorn line-up (Saturn, South Node, Pluto) starting at around 4:44PM EDT. That energy looks like limits, power plays, manipulations, compulsions, jealousy and kind of echo this week's big Venus challenges.

Venus (in fight-for-it Aries) will trine Jupiter and square Pluto.

Both of these big boys are retrograde, so we have been here before. That square to Pluto could have us feeling the tension of really, really wanting something. If we are trying to manipulate a situation into turning out a certain way or a person into doing something we want or giving us what we want - we might be treading on thin ice here (it's spring now the ice is melting). Venus in Aries is not afraid to push though and with that trine to Jupiter we might be able to get pretty far - just think about WHY you want this thing. Does this make sense/cents?

We could also be dealing with a power play or powerful person/authority now. There is pressure and tension and the need to adjust/pivot. It's not an easy week.

Venus's trine to Jupiter (brakes off) expands whatever we have going on.

If we can stay positive and optimistic we can see higher/farther now.

Keep in mind Jupiter is retrograde. We have walked these same degrees via previous similar situations before. There is something we missed or lost the first time through - an opportunity could come back around for another look. 

When our desire for that green grass OVER THERE is greater than our fear of losing what we need to lose to get to that green grass OVER THERE - that will be our sweet spot of time. Keep in mind this year's theme (Neptune/Saturn) - releasing/sacrificing something to build something stronger and more stable.

Venus/Jupiter is one of THE BEST aspects in astrology. What more can we want? Maybe we are thinking too small. There is an opportunity in here somewhere. Optimism will help. Looking a little further out and thinking a little bigger will help. This won't be something brand new. Did I say we have been here before? Trines are smooth flows of energy, so we won't have to push (there is that Venus/Pluto square though we will need to deal with). This doesn't mean we should be standing still though. The waxing sextile is a time of action.

This is Taurus season, so there is no need to rush (although, yes, we could feel pushed to nail something down now).

Practical action is needed.

Think long term stability.

So, what do we want? Does it make sense/cents now? What is the thing that builds on that New Moon intention for greater stability? What faith has been lost? What adventure passed us by? WHAT GOLD DID WE MISS THE FIRST TIME THROUGH? Maybe what was beyond our reach is within our reach now, but we have our arms folded across our chest and are looking the wrong way (aka backwards).

This might not be some giant nugget because we would have seen that.

Those gold flakes are harder to spot. Maybe we need to go deeper. Maybe we need to look again. The Moon is growing and some opportunity, inside and outside of us is growing, too.

The elephant in the room though is today's Venus square to Pluto which won't be ignored - there is still an adjustment here and we need to be clear that we aren't clinging to something just because we are afraid of losing it or afraid of losing our power/control. Then we get what we think we want and we don't want it anymore. Or worse, the person we become to get it, is someone we can't even look at in the mirror.

We are moving forward. But we have to get past the old/dead thing first. The mess that needs to be cleaned up. The fear that is still sucking away our real power as we cling to the dying patriarchy.

Avoid over spending now. Avoid over-promising now. Avoid over-merging.

See power plays/manipulations for what they are (fear of loss of control). With Jupiter anything that feels too good to be true is probably alot of hot air - and that's OK as long as we don't stuff it into a balloon and ride it into a mountain.

Hot air can be warming. Hot air rises.

Tonight's last aspect will be the Cancer Moon squaring Venus at 10:05PM EDT before she goes void until tomorrow morning. Maybe love/money issues are not settled and we are not feeling secure about something, but that Moon in Cancer, the sign she rules, still performs in the void. Emotional issues around love and money will require tenderness and compassion, but there can be comfort now.

We are going to have to roll with some punches today/this week. And they will hit tender spots where blows have ALREADY LANDED. Just how sore are we? Get a massage. Take a bath. Get outside.

Take practical action. Look for opportunities we might have missed that DO NOT require a hot air balloon that just might be leaking. Check any tendency to control/manipulate - AND have compassion for ourselves (and others) when we find ourselves playing these games. See this for the fear it really is. Can we hold a space for it without judgements or guilt trips?

There are some closing aspects this week with the Cancer Moon and Venus squaring the Cappy planets. Do we need to pay off something/a debt? End a commitment? Eliminate something draining?

Stay positive! There is gold in that pan somewhere ...

xo all

photo by the talented the firebomb


Today's Lunar Forecast | shocking news, not wanting to be boxed in, brainstorm, network, say what is on your mind, car issues, sibling surprises, we change our minds, that brilliant idea that comes out of nowhere, breakdowns and breakthroughs, pressure, practical magic, stay positive


This is another big day.

The Moon is void until 5:06AM EDT when she comes home to sensitive Cancer - turning our attention to Cancer themes - home, family, security, home business, family business, mothering, real estate, renovation for the next couple days. She will sextile Uranus at 11:06AM followed by a sextile to Mercury (both in Taurus) at 11:13AM EDT.

The sextiles to the Moon in her home sign can help us deal with (Cancer is emotional though, especially when her security is threatened) whatever surprising news/information Mercury's conjunction with Uranus today brings us (3 degrees Taurus). This could connect us back to something from April 22nd, when the Sun met Uranus in this same space.

Both our mental planets are together inviting radical thought, genius ideas, new ways of thinking. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury connecting us to group consciousness. Our personal thinking/communicating (Mercury) meets the collective information/ideas that are outside our personal control (Uranus).  

We are thinking outside the box. New, radical ideas ARE the low hanging fruit now.

This is excellent energy for brainstorming and networking. Revelations come in.

Uranus won't be tied down and Mercurian people (strong Virgo or Gemini) will be feeling that. These guys are meeting in Taurus though, so there will be practical considerations.

Freedom isn't free.

There is also the possibility of unexpected, even shocking news, that can rattle our security.

Maybe our actual security or maybe our emotional security. Is there a difference? With the Moon in Cancer sextiling the whole thing, we will be feeling our way through this.

(with all of this happening in Taurus and answering to Venus who is being blocked by both Saturn and Pluto - any financial/relationship news/information will have this added heaviness - keep in mind tomorrow's trine to optimistic and expansive Jupiter - the situation is still in flux)

This is also a time when we will say what is on our mind. 

With Mercury in Taurus - the sign of "I have" - we need to be owning our words and thinking. We can think before we speak. We can state our case. Simple words will carry the biggest punch.

(although punching people with our words is so last month, but you know what I mean)

Keep in mind Mars is in Gemini and answering to Mercury - we might have to get something off our chest now, this doesn't mean we can't be kind/compassionate at the same time.

A good day to have a mental breakthrough (hopefully those positive lunar sextiles will prevent the mental breakdown #kidding #notkidding).

Our plans will be subject to change. We could change our minds.

Tonight the Taurus Sun will sextile Neptune in Pisces. We have been moving toward this since the Taurus New Moon last week when the Moon made this same aspect. This one is harmony, inspiration, connection, healing, endings, subconscious stuff that comes into the light - there is magic in practical things now.

With the lunar sextiles and the Sun sextile Neptune plus tomorrow's "lucky" Venus trine Jupiter - hopefully if we are hit with surprising news it is good news or if it is upsetting (those multiple blocks to Venus are definitely PRESSURE) there should be - keep in mind I can't see your natal chart - solutions/clearer skies/release by the end of the week and into the beginning of next week.

So, maybe the information comes in today. We know what we need to know - factually and intuitively. And maybe tomorrow is when the action comes in. There is pressure here.

Stay positive. Take practical action.

xo all

People who get Mercury aspects as cars/transportation/electrical equipment/computer - could have issues with these things now. And people with strong Uranus might have already had this aspect play out/or in play, since they are "ahead of their time" with this stuff.

photo by the talented oprisco 


Today's Lunar Forecast | a need to adjust, tension, issue with authority, a limit is reached, a responsibility/fear keeping us stuck, something still needs to be cleaned up before we move forward, can't feel the love, a professional challenge, time to get real

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019

The Moon in Gemini is uber busy today - squaring Neptune at 8:14AM EDT (talk about the dream, maybe we start the day with unrealistic expectations about what we can get done or maybe we are still groggy from the cold medicine we took last night, the words flow), sextiles Venus at 12:35PM EDT (we are feeling emotionally fulfilled by other women, beauty, the ka-ching of our cash register, connected, collaborative, it's a yes), opposes Jupiter at 5:10PM EDT (our words get big, maybe too big, our feelings are amplified for better or worse) and then goes void off a conjunction to Mars at 7:49PM EDT (movement toward what we are passionate about, fiery words, an argument, a board game, study).

Not sure how helpful any of that was, since the Moon in Gemini is ambidextrous and ambi-every thing, so this could all play out multiple ways.

Gemini energy is typically about talks, communications, ideas, information, agreements, sales, decisions, meetings, offers - some people more often or sometimes find it focused on sibling situations, transportation/electronic issues, local activities, neighbors.

Venus is meeting the Moon (with an opportunity) and Saturn in a harsh square that will require we make an adjustment.

Venus is squaring Saturn, retrograde in Capricorn at 20 degrees. She does this while squaring the Nodes and Pluto (although not exact). Venus, already in her detriment in Aries, is stressed.

We saw this coming in the New Moon chart - a responsibility/limit from the past is keeping us stuck, even as we are moving in a new direction. This could be an actual situation or a deep-rooted fear/habit we need to release.

Big girl/boy pants must be on now because whatever this is - WE OWN THIS THING.

I am pulling this next part from the weekly -

We can't go any further without changing something - we have to pivot. So, maybe we get a 'no". Maybe whatever is happening has us feeling less than desirable/beautiful right now. There could be some kind of reality check. Women are challenged. A relationship is challenging. A limit is reached. The money isn't there. Time's up.

Maybe we face a professional challenge or issue with authority. We could have to adjust to an older person.

At the same time she (as us) is squaring the South Node in Capricorn (what we are releasing) and the North Node in Cancer (our most effective way forward). Nodal aspects tell us to pay attention. There are karmic consequences playing out here. We are releasing old goals/fears/out-dated definitions of success/our paternal inheritance and moving toward a more personally meaningful/softer/home and family oriented/nurturing/maternal interpretation of success. The Lunar Nodes are like a class we take collectively that changes every 18 months. Life gets way easier if we stay on track with this because then it is on to the next class.

This is a turning point. We face the music. We adjust. Maybe we move on. 

The Sun is in Taurus - practical action, folks.

xo all

Venus is going to trine Jupiter later in the week (optimism, expansion), so chin up, if this energy now is pressing on you particularly hard!

photo by the talented LichtReize


Today's Lunar Forecast | confidence, increased sense of adventure, if frustrated slow down, words that wound, impulsive moves we might regret, angry words rooted in the past, time to be deeply present, don't shoot the messenger


The Moon is moving smoothly through Taurus today - sextiling Neptune at 2:01AM EDT and trining Saturn at 6:22AM EDT and then going void for the day off a trine to Pluto at 11:10AM EDT.

A good day to take things easy if we can. It's May - time to be deeply present.

She will move into multi-tasking and communicative Gemini at 11:40PM (call your sister/brother) turning our focus to communications, conversations, information, paperwork, planning, our local community, siblings, transportation, writing, learning, teaching - for the next couple days.


The big news today is Mars, in Gemini's, exact opposition to a retrograde Jupiter, in Sagittarius, at 23 degrees at the same time he is inconjunct a retrograde Pluto.

This has been in play for a couple days, so you might have already felt this/be feeling this, and this will unwind itself over the next couple days.

This energy increases our confidence. We could feel adventurous and strong now. 

On the downside this energy could make us impatient. Frustrated. We might want something to be bigger/further along than it is.

We might make impulsive moves we regret - or say things we might wish later that we hadn't. Arguments rooted in the past are possible. Avoid triggers and over-reactions.

Keep in mind the dark skies and tender seedlings that have just been planted. Big, bold moves (and words!) can lead to wasteful energies and a tendency to trample the very things we are seeking to build.

Slow down.

Can we channel this energy (courage, passion, anger, frustration, initiative) into the kind of enthusiasm and optimism that doesn't take things too far, too fast? This could all play out through communication, conversations, commerce, writing, information, siblings, transportation, electronics. The inconjunct to Pluto requires an adjustment. How far do we want to take something here? How much of ourselves/our resources are we willing to merge/unearth?

Mars days can be hard to the extent we are not fully participating with our natal Mars energy.

Stuffed anger tends to come up and out. We might feel better, but other people could feel like sh*t. It may be this stuff needs to be said though, particularly if the conversation is challenging outdated beliefs/truths.

Just keep an open mind and allow other people's truths to be heard, too. With Mercury in Aries - words can be used as weapons and that inconjunct to Pluto (death/rebirth) could make it hard to revive something we have just taken a knife to. Like having an argument with a boyfriend/spouse and no make-up sex after - that kind of thing, maybe because the conversation/argument is with our sister or friend or grandfather, it doesn't matter.

The connection we are really seeking through the argument doesn't exactly happen ...

Our memories are swiss-cheesy. We remember what we want to remember - the stuff that confirms our story of ourselves to ourselves.

It didn't really happen exactly the way we think it did. 

May is going to be way easier/calmer than the last two months. Take a breath. Slow down.

xo all

photo by the talented dim-baida 


Today's Lunar Forecast | time gets stretchy, deep conversations, adapting and compromising moves mountains, speaking truth to power, the challenge to change our lives, nurtured by men and passion, maybe a late-day/late-night shake-up

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019 

Our Aries Moon squared a retrograde Pluto at 3:17AM EDT, trined a retrograde Jupiter at 4:06AM EDT before going void for twelve hours off a 4:47AM EDT conjunction with Mercury (which was exactly the moment I gave up trying to fall back to sleep and just got up).

The Aries Moon is nurtured by masculine mojo - by being around men, by independent action/initiative, by the use of strength and through passion and anger. A long void during a dark Aries Moon could make it rather hard to get moving. Or maybe with the Moon answering to a multi-tasking Mars in Gemini we could be feeling extra restless and impatient. Like something new is on the horizon, but where the hell is it already.

Um, it's starting tomorrow actually ... (or even as early as this afternoon)

Things mellow out after the void (4:18PM EDT) when the Moon moves into comfortable Taurus (although less comfortable than it used to be due to its Uranian house-guest), likely turning our emotional focus to Taurean themes for the next couple days - our resources, our money, our values, our self-esteem.

She will conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus at 10:15PM EDT closing the week with some kind of late-night jolt to our safety and security. Or maybe we just get a call from an Aquarian person. Let me know if you want me (an Aquarian person) to call you and maybe that will prevent the "jolt" :)

Also today we have Mercury conjuncting Eris (23 degrees Aries) and trining Jupiter. So, Mercury moves past yesterday's square to Pluto and runs into angry-outsider Eris (still trining a retrograde Jupiter in our Sagittarius house).

He (as us) is going to be SO HAPPY TO GET INTO TAURUS NEXT WEEK!

A good use of this energy would be to use our voice for a cause we believe in. Write a letter to your Senator. Call the White House/Parliament. Let your voice be heard.

Jupiter allows us to see the big picture, the truth of the matter, to act on faith, to move mountains.

Eris transits have been linked to violence from someone who has been dis-empowered and Mercury rules transportation - hopefully we don't see anything like that and today's slower moving energies prevail.

What Eris really carries is the challenge to change our lives. The negative stuff comes in when we won't/can't adapt or compromise. Hooking up to Mercury (our ideas, thinking, words, communication, siblings, local community, transportation) while Mercury is squaring Pluto and trining Jupiter does sound a bit like a powder keg. And keep in mind Mercury's square to the Nodes - what we are saying/thinking/reading is impacting our future and our past right now (yes, we can change our past).

There are conversations that need to happen. Ideas and information that needs to be discussed. Power struggles that need to be played out. Hidden stuff that needs to be brought out into the light. Maybe the vulnerabilities that are exposed in the process (that North Node in Cancer) will bring all of us closer to the TRUTH (that trine to Jupiter) and to each other.

Stay adaptable. Speak your truth. Accept it is not everyone else's truth. Try to avoid ego clashes. Maybe we just need to get out of our own way.

Note the almost all workday Void Moon - not a good time to start anything new. Time could get a bit stretchy today though and we could get alot done if we apply ourselves which might be challenging with the dark Moon.

Get some extra rest if you need it (I think I will). Back tonight with tomorrow's New Moon in Taurus post - our fresh new beginning through PRACTICAL ACTION. 

xo all

photo by the talented nylon juvenile


Today's Lunar Forecast | intense interactions, talks, meetings, conflicts, confrontation, having that difficult conversation, going deep, pushed to decide, someone goes there, fast lessons, turning a corner, stay positive, hang in there and hold onto that flashlight


Our fiesty Aries Moon (what we need) will conjunct Venus (what we want) at 10:39AM EDT - we feel a need for harmony/beauty, we want to feel good - and later moves into a square with a retrograde Saturn at 10:16PM EDT - this could feel more isolating/depressing - it is harder to connect and feel connected.

The Moon in Aries isn't very touchy-feely - we could need some time alone now or to work more independently.

Mercury at 23 degrees Aries will trine Jupiter (retrograde in Sagittarius) and square Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn).

Interactions will be INTENSE.

Maybe our thinking/ideas are challenged. Maybe we are forced to see something we don't want to see. Keep in mind we aren't seeing everything yet - the skies are dark and Pluto rules the underworld. Power plays/manipulations are possible. Merging. Purging.

Words are blunt. 

With Mercury in Gemini and answering to Mars - there are FAST LESSONS here.

We could be verbally bullied or be pushing our words onto other people. If we get into an argument today, someone is going to go there, yes THERE. 

This continues yesterday's focus on communication, talks, meetings, our physical actions, issues with authority. We could be pushed to make a decision.

If we are looking to CONVINCE someone of something, this is good energy for that - keep in mind this will only work to our advantage (we are reaping what we sow very fast these days) if we are willing to go full Pluto and confront the underlying issue/deep secret no one wants to talk about.

Fears grow in the dark and we still have yesterday's flashlight.

The way out of this is through it - better days are ahead starting tomorrow and Saturday's NEW Moon in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted, is going to be powerful - maybe it's a conversation no one wants to have/plans that need to be made.

The trine to big-picture Jupiter (also retrograde, so whatever we are dealing with will have its roots in the past - be consequences from our past actions/in-actions) can allow us to see the forest as well as the trees. To think outside the box. Jupiterian optimism (a Jupertarian-type person; bigger is better thinker) or a sense of adventure can help the situation. Jupiter also rules the legal system, so depending on our situation, legal recourse could be possible now.

The trine to Jupiter tells us there are positive options here.

Deep understandings can come through these energies. Before and after transformations where things are changed for the better.

There could be a difficult corner to turn today with few soft spaces of comfort, but once we are past it, we are past it. 

This is good energy for research and getting to the bottom of things and for a focused PUSH (here is where that flashlight comes in handy - we are not looking at everything right now, just this one important thing) regarding something from the past. Moon/Venus (that soft space) will help, too.

xo all

photo by the talented worlds of smoke


Today's Lunar Forecast | walking our talk, putting ourselves first, new words, relationship challenges, the world needs heroes - why do you think we are all obsessed with Game of Thrones and the Avengers, being brave and assertive, making mama proud


This is a  Mars, Mars, Mars day!

The Moon moves into Aries at 6:24AM EDT turning our focus to ourselves, what we are doing to get what we want, independent action. The Moon won't make any major aspects until tomorrow morning but will enter her dark (balsamic) Moon phase (waning crescent) this afternoon. A good time for rest and reflection, although the other aspects today could make us more likely to feel restless and antsy and won't really support this.

The Aries Moon can make everything all about us (this applies to other people, too, so what they are saying will be about them, what we are saying will be about us, etc), but the dark skies will make it harder for us to tell this is what we are doing.


Aries ruler Mars will inconjunct Saturn and the nodes while sextiling Mercury who will be squaring Saturn and the Nodes. We could feel pressured to make a choice now or our choices could get restricted. We could be under the gun to finish something. We could feel the pressure of time/limits. We can't allow self-doubt and negativity to stop us. There are loose ends to be tied up.

Aspects to the Nodes create/resolve karmic situations. So be attentive to what you are thinking/saying/writing/doing now - because the consequences WILL BE IMPORTANT. We need to be brave and assertive AND take care we are not using words as weapons or defense barriers.

Conversations and situations may be challenging. 

Keep in mind that North Node in Cancer - where is the North Node in Cancer in your natal chart? Where is your natal North Node? Cancer is about caring and nurturing. We have to keep this in mind.

Yes, the skies are dark, but there is work to do now, so get a flashlight and FOCUS. Something needs to get finished. There is a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Maybe us stepping into our power and responsibility IS cleaning up the mess.

Mars and Mercury are SEXTILE and in mutual reception. There is an opportunity here somewhere between our Gemini and Aries houses. We need to walk our talk. Maybe there has been something we have been resistant to hearing and now we need to. I know this is Aries and things will be personal, but let's try not to take things too personally now.

The dark skies tell us we don't know everything. There is stuff we can't see yet.

At the same time we have Venus (in ARIES) conjuncting Vesta at 12 degrees and then moving into an opposition to Pallas at 13 degrees Libra. Relationships situations will be challenging. Venus is all commando in Aries "I want what I want" and Vesta rules what is really important - the stuff we focus on, the stuff we put our time and energy into, the stuff that keeps us up at night when it isn't working - so however this energy is playing out for us and it will be more important if we have natal or progressed planets or points in the mix - again, it will be all about us.  

Maybe we need to stand up for ourselves. Maybe we need to put ourselves FIRST.

Mars (Venus is answering to Mars) sextile to Mercury should help us find our courageous best voice and the NEW words to help the situation, just keep in mind Mercury in Aries tendency toward anger or language that is too coarse or harsh. Gemini rules our collective third house where we are the student - what do we need to learn?

Stay open and approachable.

Venus then moves into an opposition with Pallas (our wisdom/strategy) in relationship focused Libra maybe putting what we want at odds with someone else.

This might be uncomfortable, but this is why we are wearing big-girl/boy pants and carrying a flashlight.

Ever notice how brave people are in movies when they are carrying a flashlight? They go into dark basements and out into dangerous storms. Maybe it's because they can only see this tiny little piece of what they are really facing (what, you don't think it is the flashlight?!).

Maybe this is us during a dark Moon in Aries - not being able to see everything helps us to be BRAVE.

Hard conversations and uncomfortable actions might have to be undertaken. We might have to be a little selfish now. And yes, we can be kind and selfish.

This isn't about being a rebel without a cause. The cause matters.

We need to have our priorities in order.

We need to know what really matters to us. We need to know where to shine our flashlight.

So, if we knew the actions we take now, the words we speak, whatever is written down - are helping us resolve troublesome karma and create new, more positive karma (consequences) what would we do/say? How would we act/think/talk if we were AT OUR BEST?   

If we were brave and assertive. Then let's go and be/do/say that.

The world needs heroes. And heroes need to put their own oxygen masks on first (of course not all heroes need oxygen masks, no one wants to see Aquaman in an oxygen mask .. and I mean no one, but you get the idea).

Also think about that North Node in Cancer.

What would make your mama proud? What would make your home/family more secure? The bathwater is getting tossed, that can't be stopped, but that baby needs to be held onto.

xo all

photo by the talented Cala-Rossini


Today's Lunar Forecast | the long good-bye, stepping into an old responsibility, reconnecting with an authority figure, our power lies in the past, releasing mega ancestral karma, time is running out and time is on our side, getting it right this time, the long road to freedom


Our dreamy Pisces Moon is uber busy today - hooking up with imaginative ruler Neptune at 6:32AM EDT, squaring Mars (tension, the need to take action, maybe stressful news) at 10:22AM EDT, sextiling (opportunity, get things done, good for dealing with authority) Saturn at 11:33AM EDT then Pluto (sort of a ditto) at 4:47PM EDT and finally squaring Jupiter (closing the deal, expansion) at 5:57PM EDT.

With Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all retrograde there is something about whatever we have going on that is familiar. We've been here before. Tie up any loose ends.


The big news today and this is a major story of 2019 - is Saturn, freshly stationed retrograde in his own sign, so very powerful, but out-of-sorts, conjuncting the South Node of Fate.

He is going to travel backward through the middle of Capricorn WITH the South Node of Fate until the end of September. He is going to meet the South Node (exact conjunction like he is today) again on July 4th and finally on September 28th. These are times of powerful endings. There is something within each of our stories - and we ignore this at our own peril - whose time has come. 

With Saturn retrograde our power lies in the past - our reputation, the work we have already done, the stuff we have taken ownership of or avoided, the contracts we've already signed, the commitments we've already made. This is the stuff we can count on.

We may be re-connecting with an authority figure or our own authority now. We may be stepping away from a responsibility that doesn't belong to us anymore (maybe it never did).

There is a MAJOR ending/change playing out this summer.

It is VERY important we take care of our business; handle things in a very responsible way. The way we finish whatever this is that is finishing will be the ground our next chapter is built on.

This cannot be avoided.

And you don't need me to tell you what it is for you, because you know what it is, but I am doing a post by sign where we will look at some possibilities.

I don't like to write that time is running out (because time really is on our side here), but in some ways time is running out. Saturn is not the same old Saturn. The emperor has no clothes and we can all see that now. The tower is going to fall and there is something we need to finish and move on from, so that it doesn't fall on us.

The good news and there is LOTS OF GOOD NEWS here -

we are releasing mega ancestral/past life karma. 

What is really happening is we are being FREED from the past. From the stuff that has been holding us back, but looks like it was holding us up. From the fears of our fathers. From the sins of our grandfathers.

But because we are used to these structures/restraints, they have gotten comfortable to us and it might even feel like they are supporting up - losing them could bring up alot of fear.

So, this is a process. 

We get a long good-bye because we need a long good-bye. The bandaid comes off slowly.

We don't have to toss the baby out with the bathwater. The stuff that gets tossed is the stuff that is FINISHED. We can trust this. Life has our back. Always.

If we are dealing with the loss or illness of an important person - it isn't the person we are being freed from, but certain aspects of the relationship. The role they played for us that we need to take responsibility for ourselves.

This can also be a second chance for us to get the credentials we need, to step into some authority/responsibility we have been avoiding. We get a do-over and the fears we are releasing will help us do this. But we will have to take action. No one is going to do this for us.

Situations might conspire to push us into a corner. Things could get uncomfortable. This is OK. Sometimes this is what is needed. Being in a corner gives us multiple angles to push off from. Time may be running out, but it's not out today.

I am though out of time this morning :) and this is all too big for one post anyway. We will talk about this more as we move through this. And there is more in the weekly HERE.

Today has some very solid supportive energy for whatever we have going on.

xo all

and let's not forget our retrograde Jupiter - our hunt for buried treasure/finding our faith again - we will talk more about this in the retrograde post, too

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Today's Lunar Forecast | progress stalls, a limit is reached, the answer is no, the rules change, proving ourselves to ourselves, dad takes a vacation or moves into our pocket, a day that probably ends very differently than it started

MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019

The Moon moved into imaginative and sensitive Pisces last night at 5:11PM EDT. Today we have this month's waning sextile as she sextiles our Taurus Sun and we head into the Moon's monthly balsamic phase that will take us to the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday.

The waning sextile is a gentle opportunity. In Pisces/Taurus there could be the release (dissolving) or the attraction (no boundaries) of something physical.

The big news today is Saturn's station as he turns retrograde until mid-September.

Something could come to a STOP now or reverse course. Progress toward a goal could stall. Maybe some work that was done/something that was built has to be re-done/re-built. We reach a LIMIT. Maybe we get a "no" from an authority figure or have to step into our own authority and put the brakes on something.

If we have worked hard and ethically, we don't have to worry about Saturn - and I get alot of Virgo readers (Virgo ruling my 10th) who don't know how to stop working (or stop feeling like they should be working) and sometimes encounter problems just so life can show them they can't fix everything!

If we have planets and points in our natal chart between 13-20 degrees Capricorn we could find rules tighten. Or some older, traditional way of doing something is required. This won't really be a surprise unless we've really had blinders on although the recent energies have provided plenty of blinder opportunities. Saturn has been covering his retrograde degrees since January. We are probably already in the thick of this. 

I wrote about this more for MONDAY in the weekly HERE and will write a post this week about this summer's retrogrades.

Saturn retrograde is like repeating a grade in school - we can goof off all summer and fail the class again, probably in a bigger and more substantial way in the fall, or we can knuckle down, re-do the work and GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME.

Saturn will be traveling backward conjunct the South Node of Fate. Something is ending. Better said - something's time has come to an end.

Maybe an old responsibility is tossed back in our lap now. Or it could be that a problem/responsibility ends.

For some people, pressure could ease up now. It might be like Daddy Saturn is going on vacation. We could spend the summer goofing off? Staying out late? Run up the electric bill? Wearing out his favorite chair or leaving his tools out in the rain to rust? But if we do this - a very big opportunity will be lost. THIS is the time to prove ourselves to ourselves. There are always rewards for work done/re-done during Saturn's retrogrades. Always.

While Saturn is retrograde we feed ourselves on power that comes from the past - maybe through the reputation we've ALREADY BUILT, the work we've already done, our strong personal values (what did Dad teach us by his presence or lack of presence, by his examples good or bad), our deep instincts built over multiple lifetimes or the qualities of ancient heroines/heroes or our ancestors. 

Maybe this is potent nourishment - we thrive and we get the summer vacation (dad backs off) or maybe it isn't and we will feel weaker, more vulnerable now and we get the summer school (dad leans in), but either way, we ALL have the chance - especially with the South/North Nodes impacted ALL SUMMER - for rewards and a new start in the fall if we get this summer right, put on our big girl/boy pants and do the work that is required of us to prove ourselves to ourselves.

If we are looking for a job, this would be the time to go back to places we had previously applied/worked or to reach out to old bosses/workmates.

We'll talk more about this as we move through it.

The Moon has a positive contact with Uranus today, so things could turn around on us and we find ourselves feeling quite differently by the time we go to bed than we did when we woke up!

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | lighten up, something stale that needs to change, leaning into the future, just knowing what to do now, fresh words that lead to expansion/adventure, keep in mind this weekend's caution flag

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019

The Moon enters Aquarius at 5:27AM EDT. Our focus for the next couple days could turn to our friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring us into relationship with other people, our advancement, technology, our original projects.

With the Moon in Aquarius we could find ourselves (and other people) more inclined toward just being ourselves, not wanting to be tied down or fenced in, maybe more distracted and distant. Things that were feeling heavy yesterday could lighten up as the Moon moves from earth to air.

The Moon squares Aquarius ruler Uranus at 10:56AM EDT - change, stimulation, some people will want to be shocking. By 6:18PM EDT she is squaring the Sun, giving us this month's Third Quarter Square (tension) - the Aquarius Moon squaring the Taurus Sun at 6 degrees. This is frustration between what we have/what is comfortable (though maybe a bit stale) and the future. The Moon in Aquarius can help us get some emotional distance from the situation and feel what needs to change. 

Tonight the Moon will sextile Venus - good for social connections (in my life this will be time spent between an Aquarian person and a Venusian, Libra/Taurus, person), group activities, it's Friday night - have some fun.

Also today we have Mercury (in Aries) trining Ceres (in Sagittarius) at 13 degrees and Juno (in Cancer) sextiling Uranus (in Taurus) at 2 degrees.

Everything here is smooth energy with a focus on what is fresh and new. Partnership agreements, and with Juno in Cancer they will likely be focused on home/family/mother/security/real estate - move ahead with something NEW. So, in a choice between the tried and true and the new and untested now - go with the new and untested. Uranus in Taurus probably won't take things too far.

With Mercury in fiery Aries trining Ceres in fiery Sag - fresh, assertive language can be invigorating and nurturing. Positive encouragement. Adventure. Something more.

All in all, a lighter, forward-focused day with only that Third Quarter Square to give us any trouble (of course, I can't see your natal chart and this is a general reading) and Third Quarter Squares are necessary trouble - the kind of flies in the ointment that make the ointment BETTER.

Keep in mind we are within orb of this weekend's Mars/Neptune square I wrote about HERE and if that is hitting your chart strongly you might be feeling it by now.

There is the possibility of a disappointment, a self-sabotage, actions that get us nowhere.

No drinking and driving tonight. Take care of your personal safety. Bars/night clubs - anywhere we are not on solid ground (even church is a Neptunian place) - wouldn't be the safest places to be this weekend. This can also feel like other people not supporting us and arguments around that.

No big decisions right now. The caution flag is out.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | gving Caesar what is Caesar's, big girl/boy pants needed I hope they are pressed and ready, situations conspire to remind us of our responsibilities, pressure, permanent endings


The Moon moves through serious and goal-oriented Capricorn today. She sextiled Neptune at 5:22AM EDT and then moves on to conjunct Capricorn's ruler Saturn at 10:33AM EDT and then a retrograde Pluto at 3:47PM EDT going void for the rest of the day.

Early morning's opportunistic sextile to dreamy Neptune is good for creativity, visualization, meditation, healing. The energy gets more serious after mid-morning when the Capricorn Moon meets Saturn in Saturn's home sign. This is a serious loop of serious. Give Saturn what he wants. Tend to responsibilities. Focus on your goals. We might be dealing with an outer authority or the need to put on some big girl/boy pants and step into our own. The Moon's contact with Pluto in the late afternoon speaks of power struggles, something feeling like it is life and death - which it could actually be for some people, but I hope not for you - big money, other people's money, sex, merging, purging.

Structural endings. This is a time in life when we are bumping up against limits - internal and external.

There is PRESSURE.

Remember pressure makes diamonds, but pressure also creates depression. This energy might not feel so good. Saturn can be depressing because it is quite literally like a weight pressing down on us.

There is alot of energy now around endings. What needs to go?

The Moon speaks of what we need and Pluto looks at what we feel we need and says "you no longer need THIS". And it's gone. Not instantly, like Uranus would do, but PERMANENTLY. With Pluto retrograde we are working a process with a major, major ending/transformation. The ivory tower falls in January 2020 - we don't want to be living in it or under it when it does. There is a mess in our life that needs to be cleaned up, so we can step into greater INTEGRITY and sustainability. What is it?

After the Moon goes void - maybe we should call it a day if we can.

Take a breath. Clear the clutter to get ready for the Moon in airy and detached Aquarius tomorrow when things will feel lighter. 

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | words are weapons, choose your words carefully, standing up for what is important, focusing on our goals and ambitions, power struggles ease up or intensify, merging, purging, transformation, the permanent change that is coming


Today's Capricorn Moon puts a focus on our career, goals and responsibilities.

She trined the Taurus Sun while we slept giving us this month's waning trine. Earth trines are solid and practical. Things flow in a direction that makes sense. We are building on what we already have to make something that is richer and more secure. We are ambitious for more.

After she trines the Sun, she squares Venus so there could be some tension (relationship. financial) here and later on today (2:13PM EDT) she will square Mercury (in Aries) which could provoke an argument or challenging new/conversation. This could also be a sibling or local neighborhood issue or even a transportation issue.

At the same time Mercury is squaring Vesta (our sacred devotion/focus), so any argument or challenging conversation/news now will have more impact. We might feel compelled to say what is really on our mind now because the subject matter is VERY IMPORTANT TO US.

Keep in mind Mercury in Aries can be impulsive and words can be used like weapons.

Choose your words carefully. 

The big news today - and I will write a post on this - we have Pluto stationing retrograde (at 23 degrees Capricorn) until October 30th.

There are a couple ways Pluto retrogrades tend to work.

First, if we have any planets or points in his retrograde path - which would be 23-20 degrees Capricorn (the other cardinal signs will feel the squares to this, Libra and Aries, and the opposition, Cancer)

there could be an intensification of whatever in your life Pluto is getting busy transforming through purging and merging.

There could also be an easing up as situations slow down to give us a chance to go back over something. Some kind of "death/transformation/permanent change" is delayed. The governor calls and we get a temporary "re"prieve.

There is some breathing room, but the time needs to be well-spent because the merging/purging./transformation will start back up again in the fall.

The outer transformation becomes an inner transformation.

Pluto is transformational - permanent change is evoked. Plutonian experiences have a before-and-after quality. We have to go into the dark. We hope to come out alive. We are changed and there is no going back to the ways things were before. 

This could have a Capricorn theme - career, our work, our goals, the way we show up in the world, our inner authority or the theme of the house 20-23 degrees Capricorn holds in your natal chart. This could also be pure Pluto - life/death, other people's money, the things we merge with our people (resources, property, our bodies), inheritances, sex, reproduction, debts, taxes, loans.

Plutonian growth comes through power struggles, compulsions, manipulations, purging, merging - something feels very much like life and death.

With Saturn also set to station retrograde within just a few days - things can get pretty intense or they can ease up (if they have been intense), depending on how all of this is interacting with our natal chart.

We will talk about it in a retrograde post.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | planning the next step, trouble that pops up today likely won't amount to anything, loving what hurts, loving our flaws, fears around not having/being enough, an old wound gets triggered, give it some air


The Sagittarius Moon goes void off a conjunction with Sagittarius ruler Jupiter at 7:43AM EDT and will be void until 6:50PM EDT.

This energy could feel expansive - we could be more optimistic. We could also be dealing with a Sag theme - a travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs, higher thinking - something we are taking to the next level. Maybe something that requires planning.

The all day Void Moon means this is not a good day to start anything brand new or launch something into the world we need "something to come of". Good for something you want to fizzle out. Good (and maybe even lucky) for all those Sag themes listed above.

Crisis now, inflated by that final Jupiter conjunction will most likely not amount to anything. 

Void Moons bring twists and turns, things are out of our control, so just go with the flow.

At 6:50PM EDT the Moon will move into serious and "get-down-to-business" Capricorn, so a focus on work and responsibilities is likely. A late night trine (11:46PM EDT) to future-leaning and "anything-can-happen" Uranus, could bring a disruption/change, but it shouldn't be too upsetting. We might get a premonition of something that is going to happen or have a new insight we can put into practical use. This could also be an encounter with an unusual person. There are many ways this can play out.

Venus will conjunct (meet) Chiron at 3 degrees Aries. This might connect back to last week's Mercury/Chiron hurting/healing words. This feels like an opportunity to be brave. To love ourselves. To forgive ourselves for our weaknesses.

Maybe there is some kind of attraction to what hurts here. Like we just want to wallow in it! Whah!

We might be extremely sensitive to Venusian issues now - beauty, love, our values, resources, our money. Painful feelings. Not being/having enough.

This could be about making peace with our looks, with our bank account, with our relationships - some things just can't be fixed from the space we currently occupy.

Some deep insights are possible now.

People will be attracted to our vulnerabilities now (not our strengths).

We might not want to turn away from other people's woundings/vulnerabilities now either.

Saying when we don't know. Allowing ourselves to be embarrassed. Admitting when we are afraid.
And when someone comes at us from this space having the courage/compassion to love/support them.

Think of the way news will come out about someone we know or maybe a celebrity, etc and they are admitting some kind of weakness and we are MORE drawn to them. Maybe we didn't even like them before, but now we are feeling a human-connection to them. Or how when someone we love shares something painful, it only makes us love them more. Venus/Chiron can be kind of like that.

Note what triggers you today - the space where your emotion is bigger than the situation warrants. Sit with that feeling for a bit. Give the energy a safe space. It doesn't need to hide and then pop out when you least expect it. It is very old and very deep. What is it really all about?

Allow others that same gift of a safe space. You do NOT have to fix anything. Try out the idea that everything "not perfect" doesn't require fixing. Not because the beauty is there despite the flaws, but because the flaws themselves are beautiful.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | fast change, here is where the change becomes real, integrity, don't take things too personally, angry and antsy, we don't have the whole picture

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019

Today's Moon in Sagittarius could see us focused on Sag themes (or your natal Sag house theme) - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs, higher thinking - something we are taking to the next level.

She will oppose Mars at 2:34PM EDT and square Neptune at 8:03PM EDT - making us angry, antsy or motivated. Know we don't have the full picture here.

The Sun meets Uranus in Taurus - for the first time in many decades. Any solar meet-up begins a new story and with Uranus we know to expect the unexpected.

This is the chapter we get the PLOT TWIST to wake up us.

Our Taurus house is getting a seven year update that started with a preview last spring and now here is the space in time where we move fully and wholly into the changes. Stuff is becoming real. 

Collectively Taurus rules our second house of what we own. Our values, our self-esteem, our money, our resources. All of these themes are subject to NEW ways of doing things now for all of us. With Uranus here we need to be ourselves, step back sometimes to get a little distance from the stuff we are owning (so it doesn't own us) and remember our humanity  - there is alot happening in the skies now around the theme of INTEGRITY - and things out of integrity being razed to the ground.

Our integrity (wholeness) IS our currency now.

The Sun meeting Uranus is a light (Sun) being thrown on something unexpected (Uranus).

We could feel a strong urge (Sun) to be free (Uranus)  - and the Moon/Sag opposing Mars could energize this even more.

This could be a flash (Sun) of genius (Uranus). A cosmic download of our future. We are given a crystal ball now. So what do we see? We are becoming the magic/new world to such an extent that we have to be asleep to keep the old world going. Do we really want to keep an old dead world going?

So Uranus is waking us up!

This is shock (Uranus) and awe (Sun).

This aspect will often show us to what and to whom we are tethered. This might be shown to us in a way that doesn't feel so good. But not necessarily.

Uranus (the conductor of our fastest route from point A to point B) uses what works and sometimes the stick works better than the carrot.

Sometimes we just aren't hungry enough to even notice the carrot

(although I'm betting most of us are hungry for a little more stability and security right now).

We could meet this energy in the form of an actual person. Maybe someone new and unusual or we could be Uranus and our new and unusual self or thingamajig could attract a person/situation that lets it shine or brings it attention.

It is always better to use this kind of energy rather than be used by this energy.  

Do something NEW.

Get outside today and take care of the Earth. Appreciate her. Clean up your mess. Strengthen your foundation. Change is coming.

Don't be careless though. Uranus rules chaos.

There is more in the weekly HERE

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | creative production, tending to what we already have, attracting something new, investing in what matters, shifting values, taking charge of what we want, going deep with something, merging and purging, putting our feet on solid ground

SATURDAY, April 20, 2019

After reaching fullness yesterday the Moon went void until 8:41AM EDT when she moved into Scorpio.

She will trine (brakes off) imaginative and dreamy Neptune at 2:39PM EDT, sextile serious Saturn at 7:19PM EDT and finally sextile Pluto at 11:59PM EDT before going void at midnight.

Good aspects today that inspire creativity and productivity. 

Tonight looks to be serious/stabilizing. We are going deep with something. Time to eliminate whatever we don't really need/love. Planning for permanent change. Merging and purging. Situations that take us to a deeper level.

AND we have both the Sun and Venus changing signs today!  

Shift happens. 

Venus moves into independent and courageous Aries. Aries Suns and ascendants (first house Aries) become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. Everyone's Aries house becomes more attractive, too!

In Aries, Venus will be thinking, "what's best/in it for me?".

In Aries, Venus is passionate and assertive. She takes charge. She is a WARRIOR.

Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor (watch your wallet!) and we'd be on to the next thing.

Maybe challenging as a long-haul energetic, but as a transit, ie transitory, Venus in Aries can get on with the business of getting us what we want in a very effective manner.

We could want and attract something NEW over the next month. Venus will be in Aries until May 15th.

The Sun leaves action-oriented Aries for "let me sit here and smell the roses and count my money and my blessings" Taurus.

Here is where the seeds that went into the ground during Aries season (spring equinox) begin to take root. Our ideas/projects become more solid and grounded. We are investing in what is important to us. We are caring for and appreciating what we already have. Taurus is a nuts and bolts energy - our fixed earth sign. This is about the stuff we can touch, taste and smell. Taurus wants quality over quantity.

Ruled by balanced and beautiful Venus our lives could get maybe more imbalanced until they topple over or we are forced to remove something from the more loaded side or add something to the weaker one.

Taurus is the space in our natal chart that naturally encloses what we are here to nurture, preserve and grow. What house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? What is the THEME of that house?

It may be a space we have a bit less passion and ambition because we most naturally feel the need to sustain what takes root here.

A bird in the hand thing usually applies to the theme of whatever space Taurus occupies in our natal chart.

The energy is cautious because the thing we are holding/carrying here is precious.

It can also become the fear-based space where good things go to die - and then we carry around a bunch of dead stuff like a crate of rotted vegetables and wonder why we are so tired all the time ... and smell like brussel sprouts.

As soon as he enters Taurus, our solid and practical Taurus Sun will be on a collision course with change-maker Uranus (exact next week, but we could feel it now). If something has grown too stale here -

if something needs to CHANGE. It is going to!

Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth, so let's get outside and appreciate her today.

We need each other.

xo all

photo by the talented sollena fotographie 


Today's Lunar Forecast | moving forward, stressful communications, checking the facts, diplomatic skills tested, starting a new conversation, asking for clarity, whatever decision we make now moves things forward if we take action, do we need a wake up call


The Moon enters our cardinal air sign, balance and justice seeking Libra, at 7:22 AM EDT setting up Friday's Full Moon and focusing us on our relationships for the next couple days.

In Libra, the Moon makes stressful aspects with Mercury (communication challenges) and Uranus (fast change) and Chiron (ouch).

Libra's diplomatic skills are tested.

If we can save potentially stressful interactions (or any big moves) until the late afternoon, when the Moon has moved past most of this stuff and starts trining a more effective Mars - things will run smoother.

Mercury finally leaves Pisces after TWO MONTHS and enter fiery Aries. The fog lifts. It's time to start a new conversation. It's time for action

With Mercury in Aries our language and thinking becomes more focused, clear-headed and passionate. We don't want to talk about/think about everything (Pisces) we just want to talk about this one specific thing (Aries).

Mercury (ideas, thinking, language) in Aries puts our instinct into words.

Our mind gets faster. Our tongue gets sharper. Words get pushy.

It is easier to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want/need. Arguments can become more frequent as language becomes more competitive.

With Mercury in Aries answering to Mars and Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury - both are words and our actions are working together now. Fast moving Mercury is happy to be in fast moving Aries and vice versa. The floating we have been doing with everything answering to dreamy Neptune ends.

Obstacles become less obstacle-y.

(keep in mind Neptune can make things feel familiar and keep us sleepy and dreamy, so some people, and maybe us, could be in for a rude awakening now)

The Moon in Libra adds some indecision, but the mutual reception between Mercury and Mars will allow  

whatever decision we make to move things forward.

The Aries Sun will trine the Galactic Center (seat of creation) today.

Here is our Sun (as us) reclaiming our true identity as part of source energy. This could be like touching base with our homing signal. There could be more reassurance now we are on the smoothest path. If something changes suddenly, it could be us being pulled back on course.

Fence sitting is not a comfortable place in 2019 - our ass will get splinters and our legs will cramp up - fast moves will be equally uncomfortable unless we really know what we want and are working from a space of integrity (wholeness). Saturn will make commitments sticky, so keep this in mind.

The best moves now will get us to a place of greater INTEGRITY.

More on that in the upcoming Jupiter retrograde post.

(something to think about now if you are old enough to remember the early 1980's, is what you were committing to then - or maybe what your parents were committing to then - did you commit from a space of fear? or a space of love? we are getting another shot at this stuff in a new way - what have we learned in the last thirty something years?)

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | communication, information, getting the work done, strong winds or maybe the winds die down, a day that comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion


Our organized Virgo Moon will oppose dreamy Neptune at 11:09AM EDT, trine serious Saturn at 3:40PM EDT and transformative Pluto at 8:10PM EDT before finally squaring an expansive and retrograde Jupiter at 10:02PM EDT.

The morning would be best for imaginative/creative/spiritual activities. Plan on having your feet firmly on the ground by late afternoon when it will be time for sober action/taking care of your responsibilities. Good energy for dealing with authority and stepping into our own authority. Good for career and getting the work done. Something is moving to a deeper level in the evening before that late night Jupiter creates an end of day SPLASH.

Mercury reaches the degree he/she first traveled on March 5th when he stationed retrograde - so conversations/communications/information now could take us back to that time. We are older and wiser now.

Expect an increased flow of information, stuck stuff to begin to move forward and everyone whose words have been caged up a bit, to be especially CHATTY. 

We also have loyal and steadfast Juno (in Gemini) trining (brakes off) rebellious "never met a line she didn't want to cross" Black Moon Lilith (in Aquarius) at 28 degrees.

This one feels like the wife and other woman meet for coffee. 

(Maybe it's windy and their hair - Juno's stick-straightened longish bob and BML's mass of untamed curls, somehow get tangled together as they both reach the cafe door at the same time. Juno, smoothing her hair with her hands, orders an iced coffee; light and sweet. BML shakes her wild mane even looser and orders an espresso. They sit together at the busy bar and maybe for the first time ... they talk to each other.)

With Juno of two minds right now in dualistic Gemini and BML uber-cozy in Aquarius there is intellectual affinity here.

And enough emotional de-tachment for OPEN MINDED discourse.

This is our commitments and us doing "what's right" and maybe the spaces (keep in mind we are building toward a second Full Moon in Libra this week and the Moon moves into Libra tomorrow, walking that first Full Moon in Libra's path, so we start to feel this relationship balancing energetic) we look the other way because "we don't want to know what we don't know"

working SMOOTHLY with the part of us that just wants to BITE THAT DAMN APPLE.

Maybe the rules can be broken this time. Maybe we can let our hair down.

Or maybe the reverse is true for us and the rules are just stretchy enough somewhere for our "to hell with the rules" nature to work within them.

Maybe we can tie our hair up and still get our groove on.

xo all

And I am reminded of a very windy day riding my three year old daughter on the front of my bike, her hair blowing into my face, when I said to her loudly, "you need a hat!" and she replied even louder, "I need a pinwheel!!".

photo by the talented seeing light


Today's Lunar Forecast | the smarter we adjust the luckier we get, the cost of more, having the right credentials, paying the price for what we believe, maybe not knowing when to stop, get organized, change a habit, get to work

MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2019

The Moon enters dutiful Virgo at 6:14AM EDT turning our focus to paperwork, organization, our daily habits, day-to-day activities, our health, pet care and work for the next couple days

No sleeping in!

She will trine (brakes off) future-leaning (and unpredictable) Uranus at 9:42AM EDT - change is good. Do it differently. Good for breaking an old habit and embracing a new one.

Uranus in Taurus is making fast change "sticky" these days.

At 11:28PM EDT our Virgo Moon, answering to Mercury, will square Mars (in Gemini), also answering to Mercury. This could lead to an argument or maybe something more like a debate. Maybe our mind is racing from one thought to another and that makes it hard to sleep. Maybe the tension (square) is our logical mind saying one thing and our gut instinct another - with the Moon being its most logical in Virgo, though, this doesn't look unsolvable. Adjust.

The big news today though (and this has been building for a couple days and will take a couple days to unwind) is Venus in Pisces squaring Jupiter, retrograde in Sagittarius at 24 degrees.

Normally this square might be something like too much of a good thing causing a crisis. Like we eat too much cake and get a stomach ache. We overspend. We attract more than we need and this is a problem somehow. We over-reach. We over-promise. We expect too much. We love something/someone too much (is this possible? maybe sometimes it can be).

We just don't know when to stop.

This can be true now, too, of course, so keep this in mind, BUT with the square tempering the buoyant energies, Jupiter retrograde in his home sign and Venus exalted, I think today's energy is more POSITIVE than excessive.

If we have been working/re-working the last few week's of Mercury's retrograde and shadow period in dreamy Pisces - we might just be in LUCK now. Someone is going to get lucky. Something is going to pay off. This likely won't be something that falls into our lap - we will have had to adjust/work for it, probably in the past. If we don't see anything rather fortunate right now - we have the next four months of Jupiter retrograde to find our treasure!

Maybe there is something here about the cost (Venus) of expansion (Jupiter).

Do we have enough money? Do we value ourselves enough to reach for more? Do we have the credentials we need to do what we want to do?

Or maybe something about what it is costing us (Venus) to believe what we believe (Jupiter).

Are our beliefs (thoughts are energy) lining us up with stuff we don't want? Can we change our beliefs to get more/better? Or can we change what we are wanting? Can we appreciate what we already have?

Can it be enough?

xo all

I am not sure this energetic makes this the best tax filing day - we might be disappointed in our refund or owe more than we expected - the Virgo Moon's trine to Uranus in Taurus might provide a solution though. Think outside the box.

More in the weekly HERE.

photo by the talented Michela-Riva


Today's Lunar Forecast | lost opportunities coming back around, another chance at something, getting lucky, love and money transformations, being brave and confident, following the path of least resistance

SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2019

We have some exciting aspects as the Leo Moon trines first Jupiter (in Sagittarius) and then the Sun (in Aries). We even have a FAST Grand Fire Trine TONIGHT before the Moon goes Void at 9:38PM EDT.

Today is this month's Waxing Trine (brakes off) between the Leo Moon and the Aries Sun AND we have both the Sun and the Moon trining (brakes off) a retrograde Jupiter in his home sign. We also have Venus sextiling Pluto. This all looks GOOD.

Jupiter being retrograde in Sagittarius will NOT be like last year's Jupiter retrograde through Scorpio. Then, we were digging through basements and looking in dark corners.

This year, we are going back to look for lost opportunities, maybe things that previously expanded so fast we couldn't get a handle on them and now we can or maybe a space where we restricted ourselves - where we didn't have permission to follow through with our vision.

I am going to write a post about the four month Jupiter retrograde, but for now let's look at today's chart, because there is something to take advantage of right now.

The Waxing Trine between Leo and Aries (who are good buds anyway) is about courage and confidence. Initiating something we can be proud of.

Fresh starts or action with children, romance or with a creative project.

With both the Sun and Moon trining Jupiter there is optimism and enthusiasm here and opportunities to take something further.

With Jupiter retrograde there could be another chance at something we thought we had missed. Something here needs a second look. Maybe the second time is the charm. We could get LUCKY.

The problem with Jupiter is, being made entirely up of gases, sometimes things look better than they actually are - retrograde this problem is tempered.

We can focus.

Plus we've been through all the Pisces minefields. We KNOW what we are getting into now.

Keep in mind these energies are in trine. This is a smooth flow.

We won't have to push or fight to get something (we will need to be brave and confident and this energetic loop offers us this -in fact it is these very energies that make us LUCKY).

Things will fall into place and it will be the thing that IS falling into place that will be the thing to lean into.

The Venus/Pluto sextile indicates money/love transformations. Going deeper. Merging our resources. Tomorrow, Venus is going to square Jupiter and that is an aspect that is especially helpful if we have already worked through the problems and know what we want.

The Moon in Leo today wants to have some FUN and the trines will take care of themselves. Tonight would be good for some kind of action between your Leo, Aries and Sagittarius houses. I know it is a Sunday night but if there is some kind of action you can take before the Moon goes void at 9:38PM EDT, with a passion project, etc - take it.

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? What would you do if you believed you could do it?

The wheel is turning folks. So much is going to change in the week ahead!

xo all

photo by the talented Art-of


Today's Lunar Forecast | power plays, manipulations, intense experiences, deeper problems surface, total transformation, a new love or way to love, a new way to make money, a new life, starting where we are, pay attention to synchronicities, pay attention to everything


The Moon moved into fun-loving and generous Leo at 3:50AM EDT turning our focus to creative projects, children, recreation and romance for the next couple days.

She will square Uranus (in Taurus) at 7:13AM EDT and then go on to sextile Mars (in Gemini) at 7:12PM EDT.

The early square to Uranus could indicate a disruption to our Saturday plans. With Uranus in the Mother Nature sign of Taurus - maybe the weather isn't cooperating. Or maybe some other kind of disorderly behavior is preventing us from getting our "it's the weekend!" Saturday vibe going. Maybe it's mom who is being inconsistent or maybe it's just an actual Aquarian person who is providing the tension (and maybe it's us).

Work with Uranus. Do something different. Moods are changeable today, so is the weather.

The Leo Moon's sextile (opportunity) to invigorating Mars tonight favors bold action. Have some fun. Excellent for putting energy into creative projects, time with children (or your inner child), romance, exercise.

TOMORROW looks way better!

The big news today though, is we have the Sun (in Aries) squaring Pluto (in Capricorn) - remember we had the Moon square Pluto just yesterday, so this could be a continuation or something else. This is probably not the time to go up against an authority figure, not the day to fight city hall.

Speeding will get you a ticket.

No dark alleys. No unsavory characters (when people show you who they are, believe them and move on).

Power struggles. Ego trips. Attempted manipulations. Deeper problems surface. Expect INTENSE experiences. We are crammed into a corner and our only available action is to PUSH our way out. Scorpio situations. Death. Birth. Big money issues. Purging. Danger. Cleaning up the mess. Reproduction issues. Sex. Ambition.

Transformation. Plutonian experiences/transformations are permanent. They have a before and after quality to them. We are changed. We can't go back because there is no back.

That skin is shed.

We also have Venus (love, money, women, beauty, our values and self-esteem) trining (brakes off) the North Node of Fate (our future), so whatever is going on now is not only ending one life (way of seeing ourselves), but opening the door to a NEW LIFE.

Something is pointing us toward a more secure and more satisfying direction, toward something MORE REAL than likes on a screen or pats on the back from our boss - something is pointing us HOME (literally or home to ourselves).

(so many people are involved in real estate, relocation, home business, mother - ie your first home - and renovation situations right now - that North Node in Cancer is that energetic)

Mercury made this move earlier in the week, so maybe this reconfirms Mercury's message, builds on it, now is the time we fall in love with it or maybe it takes multiple happenings to GET OUR ATTENTION.

A new love (this doesn't have to be a person), a new way to make money, values more in line with who we authentically are now, self-esteem, a NEW LIFE. Something brilliant. A thought. An idea. Information comes in.

What's it gonna be? 

And what are we willing to give up/CHANGE (that square to Pluto) in ourselves to get true satisfaction, comfort, REAL security?

With the square from the Sun (our ego) to Pluto (power, permanent change) coming at the same time whatever Venus is chatting up with the North Node (our brightest future!) -

it will likely require us to either

1. let go of something that is dead (start with that leather handbag not carrying a handbag changed my life, I am not kidding) or 2. change how we see ourselves and probably BOTH.

With Venus (what we want) meeting the North Node (untested future) in Cancer (what we need - something nurturing) maybe there is a way to combine these energies in a new way now.

Start with what you already have. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities now. Pay attention to everything.

xo all

What does Venus rule in your natal chart? what are the themes of your Taurus and Libra houses?

photo by the talented Iskaeldt


Today's Lunar Forecast | challenges, tension, needing to be brave, pressure, rage against the machine, stabilizing a love/money situation, wanting to believe, adjusting our ambitions, time to wake the f*ck up

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019

Today is off the charts. I need a nap (or to punch someone in the nose) just looking at the chart!

The Moon, at home in emotional Cancer, will trine Neptune and Venus, oppose Saturn, square the Sun, and oppose Pluto all by 4pm EDT. She will go void at 7:32PM EDT off a trine to Mercury.

Independent work is favored today (if we have any say in this and we most likely won't).

The square to the Sun makes this our First Quarter Square - this month happening with our Cancer Moon squaring the Aries Sun. This is the first challenge to last week's New Moon in Aries. Simmering tension is brought to the surface, maybe through the actions of a moody or impulsive person, although we could find it is our own inaction that brought the situation to a head. Whatever this is, it is likely to be emotional. We might need to stand up/protect ourselves or someone else. We might need to defend our home.

The Moon's oppositions to Saturn and Pluto speak of authority challenges and power plays.

Responsibilities are burdensome. Pressure (cue the Billy Joel song). How much can we handle?

Life is determined to make us more comfortable with innate emotions (that we will need to prevent a numbed out future) like rage and powerlessness.

The Moon will join with the North Node and oppose the South Node - at the same time the Aries Sun is squaring the whole thing, so this is a BIG deal and impacts our future. 

Decisions made and actions taken now will have wider ramifications. Maybe there is a choice between doing things the way we have always done them (or the way they have been done before,/following the rules) or moving toward something new, but something that somehow feels more authentic. Braver. More independent. Keep in mind that North Node in Cancer - allowing ourselves to feel our emotions, allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable (which although scarier, is actually making us safer), coming home. Maybe we need to shift away from outdated descriptions of success. 

Maybe it's time to ADJUST OUR AMBITIONS.

What would really matter in your life if time were running out? 

Cancer is about what we need, not what we want. Feel the shift in your body and emotions when you turn your attention there. 

At the same time Venus sextiles Saturn. There are opportunities now to stabilize a financial/partnership/resources situation. Think quality over quantity. Think rewards for hard work. Long term investing is favored. Disciplined spending and savings pays off. Putting the time and effort into a relationship will pay off. This is good energy to pay down/off debt or to start a savings plan. Relationships launched now could be long-lasting, security-focused or between a younger/older person. Think mentor. People will be looking for a commitment.

What do we value enough to make a commitment to? Hint - it better be something aligned authentically with who we are NOW. We have to be able to walk our talk because our walk will be VISIBLE. In the future there won't be anywhere to hide. Our bullshit will be obvious.

At the same time and we talked about this a bit yesterday for last night, we have Mercury squaring Jupiter for the third and final time since late February. This can make us overly optimistic about something, so we need to watch for words that make things seem bigger or better than they actually are. We could be missing important details because we really, really want to BELIEVE.

On the other hand (yes, we always get at least two hands, sometimes as many as eight and if anyone has figured out that squid in the OA season II, please cue me in) this can also be exactly what is needed (some optimism, seeing the big picture) with today's HEAVY energies.

Just keep in mind Mercury (our thinking) is still in Pisces and Jupiter is made up entirely of gases.

Imagine we are standing at the shore line up to our knees in the cold ocean. When we look down into the water everything looks foggy. Our legs look two sizes too big, almost like one wide mermaid's tale (or this is how I imagine myself, clamshell bra and all). The shells and pebbles at our feet are not in exactly the place they appear to be when we reach for them. Even in the clearest water things are illusory and shifting.

Then the tide flows out. The shells at our feet look a lot more ordinary and less colorful and they are smaller than we thought they would be.

Instead of things being closer than they appear, they now appear to be exactly where they actually are. Stuff is a little less magical - the mermaid's tail/tale turns back into our ordinary legs; sunburned and spider-veined - but now that we have legs again we can do all kinds of things we couldn't do before. Maybe sometimes the tail/tale is needed to keep us sane and protected, but at some point it just gets in our way.

This could be one of those times.

xo all

photo by the talented Sea-of-Ice


Today's Lunar Forecast | prioritizing self-care, comfortable with the unexpected, staying in the game, what we know vs what we feel, relationship adjustments, what has stopped working? what mess needs to be cleaned up?


The Moon came home to emotional Cancer at 11:31PM EDT, last night, intent on turning our focus toward home, family, mother, mothering, home business, real estate, renovation, etc, for the next couple days.

Her only aspect today is a sextile to Uranus at 2:49AM EST making us more comfortable with the unexpected, but also more emotionally unpredictable (other people will be, too). Try something new.

This is a week with alot of turbulence - crazy highs and lows. Take care of yourself. Prioritize your own self-care - whatever that means for you.

Chiron is now at 3 degrees Aries (out of his shadow degrees from last year's retrograde) for the first time in 50 years. It is natural that we are afraid to do whatever it is we need to do because we probably have never done this before. This would be the thing that no one else can do for us. The thing we have to do alone.

The Sun is going to square Pluto (and the Moon) tomorrow. Something needs to change. We can't control everything and trying to control the next six months is going to leave us emotionally drained and without reserves.

At the same time we need to show up and refuse to feel powerless. .

We are heading into our second Libra Full Moon of the month which is all about our relationships. 

If we have been wearing rose-colored glasses and pouring pink paint on something we are cruising for a bruising, folks.

Some things to keep in mind here because we are all in different spaces in this process 1. we need to prioritize self-care (our health and the health of our important relationships that nurture us) 2. we need to keep things simple - the more complicated our life is, the more moving parts there are to break down, the more gears we need to grease, the more exhausted the next six months will leave us 3. we need to clean up our mess - whatever these words mean to you, if they strike you, you will know what you have to do 4. we need to show up (Pluto transits can be isolating and I have had Pluto on my Mercury for two years, so I know what I am talking about with this - I mean I think I know what I am talking about because keep in mind I have Pluto sitting on my Mercury!) some things are outside our control, but we CAN control our response, we can take responsibility for where we are and for the decisions we make moving forward, we can STAY IN THE GAME 5. we need to stay physically active - next month we will start having planets hitting Uranus in Taurus, we need to be limber for that 6. with Pluto and Saturn on the South Node this year we are in a cycle of completion - we are completing cycles within this life, within our past lives, for our ancestors - this isn't easy and I think we should avoid the urge to jump into a big commitment (this doesn't mean avoid change - change is unavoidable now) as soon we are shaken loose from something else - this is how we get trapped in another karma cycle, this may not be true for everyone, but it's my thinking right now and I am putting this thought out there 7. we need to be looking ahead and this won't be easy because the future WILL NOT look like anything we have done in the past and we need to be playing a long game, cutting corners now will only give us sharp edges to run into later

That's a mouthful and I'm not sure how useful any of it is.

Mercury, still somewhat lost in Pisces, is squaring a strong and still and newly retrograde Jupiter - what do we believe? Are we willing to reach beyond what we believe? Are we willing to believe something else?

The Sun (strong in Aries) has moved past yesterday's square to Saturn (stronger in Capricorn). He is moving toward tomorrow's square to Pluto (strong anywhere) and the Moon (strong in Cancer). Ugh! The Sun, as us and as strong as he is in Aries, is being outgunned here. And the forces attacking us are our own traditions, beliefs, the stuff that worked for us in the past that is no longer working, our crumbling structures, the ways we rely on things we deem bigger and stronger to take care of us. We will never find our superpower as long as we are relying on this stuff. Our powers are numbed out. Someday in the not-so-distant future it will be OBVIOUS we don't need this stuff, but right now it isn't so obvious.

For today, we have Pallas, retrograde in Libra inconjunct (rock and hard place) Venus in Pisces. Pallas is strategic. She sees patterns and makes smart adjustments. Retrograde in Libra she is re-visiting/re-viewing a relationship issue. Venus is magnetic. She attracts what she wants. In Pisces, she is intuitive, dreamy - boundaries dissolve.

Maybe a decision is needed and one partner (or part of ourselves) wants to draw up a pros and cons list and the other partner (or other part of ourselves) wants to go with their gut. The inconjunct tells us there is no right or wrong answer here. There are just different perspectives.

There will need to be some give and take between our sound reasoning and our intuitive knowing now.

Compromise is needed.

No one is going to win, but no one has to feel like they lost either.

xo all

photo by the talented aufzehengehen


Today's Lunar Forecast | a limit, a slowdown, a disappointment, a breather, we stop blowing before the balloon bursts, access to unlimited creativity, more options so look again, truth, deep conversations, universal love


We have this month's waxing sextile at 6:06AM EDT when the Gemini Moon sextiles the Aries Sun. This offers increased options as more information comes in or maybe with today's Sun/Saturn square showing us a stop sign or limit, the waxing sextile (growing opportunity) can offer some kind of workaround.

With Gemini's ruler Mercury in Pisces answering to Neptune and Neptune meeting beneficial Venus today - we can be highly creative now. If something you want (Venus) should drift away (Neptune) now, know space is being created for something else to drift right on in!

Venus/Neptune is universal LOVE.

Compassion. Forgiveness. Be careful with your money because Venus rules that, too, and connections with Neptune tend to make our money into everyone's money. Boundaries are thin.

This is a good time to give money to charity.

Jupiter stations retrograde until August 11th. He will move from 24 degrees Sagittarius through 14 degrees Sagittarius when he will reverse course. If you have planets or points between those degrees in Sagittarius and also the other fire and mutable signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces - you will feel this retrograde strongest. We have gone as far as we can go with something - growth will slow now as we take the time to re-plan, re-do, re-think, re-invent, re-work.

There is something we have taken as far as it can go for now with our Sag house. It's Aries season, so any kind of slowdown can make us antsy, angry and could lead to impulsive errors. Take a breath. Stuff that just keeps growing and growing is NOT sustainable. With Jupiter in Sag and intent on giving EVERYONE a lucky break this year - here is where (over the next few weeks) an opportunity can come back around.

For now though it could be that we feel we have missed out on something or something isn't as good as we thought it was or maybe an opportunity/potential is withdrawn or turns out to be disappointing. 

After a season of Jupiter/Pisces (rose-colored glasses) - Jupiter's retrograde station followed by Mercury into Aries next week - will bring us a reality check.

The Sun (in Aries) is squaring Saturn (in Capricorn). We talked about this in the New Moon post. Here's that stop sign. The limit is reached. A road block. There is tension, frustration. Maybe someone/something in authority is preventing our progress. Maybe we want to do this new thing, but have this other responsibility. Maybe there is a tremendous pressure to get this job done right. This can feel depressing.

How are we getting around this?

Hint - that waxing sextile between the Moon/Sun shows us there are options and workarounds! And Venus/Neptune brings access to unlimited creativity - meditate, pray. The Saturn/Sun could be just what is needed to bring the Neptune/Venus vision to life!

The Gemini Moon will square ruler Mercury at 10:43AM EDT so maybe our gut instincts and our intellect are not in agreement with something. There could be an argument. The Moon moves into an opposition with Jupiter at 1:25PM EDT this is just BEFORE Jupiter stations retrograde. This could make us more optimistic than the situation calls for or maybe we have trouble finding the brakes (I think Sun/Saturn will take care of that though).

All in all, it feels like everything balances out today somehow doesn't it?

The stuff that has gotten too big and out of control gets reined in. We are given time to review. A breather. At the same time we have access to unlimited sources of creativity/universal love and a waxing sextile in Gemini (ideas, communication) and Aries (action, initiative) to keep things from getting stuck and stagnant.

The Sun/Saturn and Jupiter station will bring hold ups. The Neptune/Venus and waxing sextile create opportunities for other options to move into those stalled spaces. Stay open. Stay flexible.

If all of this isn't enough today, we also have Mercury sextiling Pluto - so the opportunity to go deep with something, have an honest conversation, get to the bottom of things, figure out where the bodies are buried.

Whatever we have going on - know that any slowdowns will give us the space to process. We are building something real here. We are playing a long game. We need to be authentic. We need to show up and refuse to feel powerless. Trying to control other people and situations will backfire. Any ways we have gotten sidetracked into lalaland that aren't helpful will show up, so we can deal with them.

xo all

Let's not let the beauty of Venus/Neptune meeting in Pisces get lost in the shuffle today - how interesting this aspect comes at the same time as all the stops and slowdowns. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would say higher powers are at play to keep us from using its power! So, let's not lose it, but let's not get lost in it either. Avoid alcohol, addictions, escapes. Make some time today for creativity. Make a vision board. Meditate. Pray. Time spent near or in water will help. Listen to music. Dance. Be compassionate. Loving. Feel the love that created us. Nothing self-sacrificing though - keep in mind that North Node in Cancer - nourishing ourselves stays at the top of our agenda.

photo by the talented mo-ten


Today's Lunar Forecast | getting stuff done, a conversation or information that changes or confirms our direction, third times the charm or three strikes and we're out, an old wound gets our attention, time to stop watering


The Moon in Gemini hooks up with fiery Mars at 4:15AM EDT giving us some extra energy and courage today. Was anyone else unable to stay asleep? We can get things done quickly. There could also be arguments and passive/aggressive situations.

The smart girl gets the worm, folks.

We might start to feel the uber creative energy between Venus and Neptune begin to build today - see Wednesday in the weekly for more about that.

I will pull the rest of today's energy from the weekly posted HERE

Mercury trines the North Node for the third (and final) time. A trine is a 120 degree aspect in astrology. Two planets (or points) are forming one side of a triangle. They are working in harmony, stimulating each other toward increased activity and success.

We want (and always have) some of these in our natal birth chart. They are our subtle super powers. We can't see through a wall, but maybe we can see when someone is bullshitting us. We can't leap tall buildings with a single bound, but maybe we can leap over obstacles without getting mired in indecision.

Or we could think of them like a tool we are carrying in our pack for this lifetime. We need a screwdriver. We pull it out without thinking, we use it, it works, we put it back. It's something that's there. And it's helpful.

Today we have Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, information) in Pisces trine the North Node (destiny, our collective way forward) in Cancer. This is the quiet voice that urges us forward. The encouraging word that keeps us going. This is the conversation or idea or information that changes or confirms our direction. This is that thing we read at exactly the right time. 

So pay attention now.

Trines don't jump off the shelf and announce themselves, "HEY YOU, yes, you, over here, listen to me!".

They are like that screwdriver.

Except this time it's not in the backpack we were given at birth, it's only available to us for a short time - and if we are not paying attention we'll miss it. The screwdriver will float off to wherever it is screwdrivers go when we don't need them (partying in the junk drawer with the flash light and extra batteries probably).

Keep your eyes and ears open. Talk to people. Because this ain't our first rodeo (this is the third trine in a series of three) - we have probably heard/said/thought this before, we have re-vised it, re-visioned it, re-viewed it (maybe unconsciously with Mercury in this long slog through Pisces - it could have even come through a dream) -

and now we know the direction forward or we make the decision or we say the words that need to be said.

This is a water trine, so it could be more of an intuitive knowing we have been feeling our way through. Allow the words to flow. 

We also have Venus (love, money, resources, values, self-esteem) in Pisces semi-square Uranus (in Venus ruled Taurus) - this is one to pay attention to. Semi squares are baby squares. There may be some tweak we can make now to prevent a more frustrating challenge (something unexpected) later on.

Vesta meets Chiron at 2 degrees Aries.

This is going to focus our attention on our Aries wounding. Maybe we need to stand up for ourselves. Maybe we need to make a brave move. If we are feeling insecure or uninspired (unable to initiate) events can transpire that bring this to our attention.

And finally - every day this week is like a week - Ceres will station retrograde (our first retrograde since Mercury went direct) at 14 degrees Sagittarius.

This is the same degree Jupiter will station direct on August 11th - so if you have planets or points near this degree you have an important chapter working itself out. It is time to re-view something we are nurturing/mothering, maybe something we don't have control over. In Sag things can expand too quickly and maybe too optimistically. So now we get a chance to slow down and either allow something to nurture itself (over-watering kills plants as well as lack of water) or allow situations out of our control anyway to unwind themselves a bit.

xo all

photo by the talented parvana photography


Today's Lunar Forecast | wanting more choices or greener pastures, wanting to put a ring on it, partnership disagreements, the ways we don't see what we don't want to see or hold onto something at any cost, the details vs the big picture, getting to the truth, all work-day void moon, nourished by intense experiences


The comforting Moon in Taurus goes void off a trine to transformative Pluto (in Capricorn) at 4:28AM EDT.

She will be void all day until she moves into Gemini at 5:15PM EDT.

The all-day void means this is not the best day to start anything brand new, but that trine (brakes off) to Pluto allows us to focus on our goals, interact with authority and boldly step into our own power and authority.

The Moon is waxing. Void Moons can make some things wonky, but it is still a time to move projects forward.

Intense experiences are nourishing. We could connect with other people in deeper ways today, but could also find ourselves more possessive/obsessive.

The Gemini Moon tonight will pick up the pace - expect the next couple days to be busy with lots of communications/news/information and errands.

We also have Jupiter at 24 degrees Sagittarius opposite his wife Juno at 24 degrees Gemini.

This is their third opposition since last August. Partners and partnership agreements may want different things. Someone/something from the outside may appear to be limiting our choices. Maybe we believe something different than a partner believes. Or one partner wants more freedom.

Jupiter (expansion, optimism) opposite his long-suffering wife Juno (commitments, contracts and the way we maintain the things we deem worth holding onto at all costs, the ways we don't want to see what we don't want to see) at the degree of his upcoming retrograde station LATER THIS WEEK indicates at least part of his retrograde "review" - over the next several weeks - will involve partnerships/commitments/agreements.

With Mercury (our thinking and ruler of Gemini) on the final leg of his long slog through idealistic Pisces (the rose-colored glasses must be slipping by now) maybe there is something with this Jupiter/Juno opposition about the facts/details (Gemini) not lining up so neatly with our hopes or the big picture (Sagittarius). We are charged now with seeing something again that we don't want to see. 

Lies vs truth.

Someone is seeing the forest and someone else is looking at the trees. 

A superficial knowledge of something at odds with someone else's deep knowledge of the subject matter. Do we know what we are doing? Do we have all the facts? How can we gain a deeper knowledge of something?

Maybe the versatility and choices of Gemini are coming up against the "put a ring on it" higher commitment of Sag. What are we going to choose? Do we really have all the options we think we do? Are we ready to commit to something?

I'm sorry I didn't get to the weekly forecast on Sunday - the weather here was just too good, FINALLY, to be indoors looking at charts.

I will get it up by tonight/tomorrow. There is a crazy amount of aspects this week from Wednesday on as that New Moon in Aries plays out and Venus is uber active!

xo all

photo by the talented Ceecore


Today's Lunar Forecast | taking physical action, what feels nourishing?, paying the bills, the end of what no longer supports us, taking down the shrine, clearing the clutter, courage, learning something new, exploring something outside our comfort zone, cords get cut, metamorphosis


The Moon moved into fiery and energetic Aries at 10:56PM EDT last night. An Aries Moon turns our focus to action, our physical body, our brand, our passions/desires, our ability to show up. With Aries ruler Mars answering to Mercury our actions could also be focused on Mercurian themes - our local environment, sibling issues, writing, communications, emails, transportation, meetings, errands, sales, yada yada.

The Aries Moon sextiled Mars at 4:15AM EDT providing us with courage and initiative today. Just avoid attempts at co-ercing other people into doing what we want them to do. Pushing might get us what we want today, but isn't a good long term success strategy. We should be standing in our own shoes. Doing what is best for us.

The BIG news today - and today is when this energy is exact, but this is a LONG transit, and has been in play for a while, is we have Pluto (death, transformation, rebirth, power) conjuncting the South Node (our past, what is ripe for release, our comfort zones) at 23 degrees Capricorn.

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) rules that uncomfortable stuff no one wants to talk about (ie taxes, sex, reproduction, the ways we merge with other people via our money/resources/bodies, other people's money, compulsions, obsessions, manipulations) - our dark secrets. Pluto transits bring PERMANENT change. The truth comes out.

In Capricorn, Pluto on the South Node speaks of the death/exposed rot of what we had previously considered solid. Powerful people fall. Traditions. Sacred Cows. They are all going down. The structures that have supported us in the past, but have now become things we need to let go of. This "letting go" is a process. April is a huge release portal. Life is changing in really big ways for all of us.

Mercury is finally coming off dreamy, but deceptive Neptune - but won't be covering totally new ground until April 17th. We know alot more than we did a few weeks ago, but

we still aren't totally thinking straight. 

Something might have looked really, really good (and it still might look pretty damn shiny), but will turn out to be a mirage. Don't bet the farm just yet. Things will be alot clearer in a couple weeks. In some cases we will find we have less power than we thought we did; in other situations more.

We are living through the ending of a paradigm. And this is a bridge year.

It's like we are looking at an open book and on the left page we have the world the way it used to be with everything black and white, with patriarchal systems and structures that looked like they were holding things up, because they were, but there was also a whole lot of energy those same structures were holding down - the stuff underneath that we didn't want to look at/deal with.

As these structures crumble from both their own decay and the rising of the oppressed energies underneath the world is shifting. It has no choice. We have no choice. This is happening collecting and also in our own individual lives. We intended to struggle our way through this time period. The stuff we counted on to be real shifted the moment someone put a telescope to their left eye and saw past Saturn. Our limits were always false constructs. 

On the right page of our open book is the future.

That crack in the middle of the book - that space in between the old and the new would have a big smudgy arrow drawn in red marker - "THIS SPACE", it would say, "THIS SPACE IS WHERE YOU COME IN".

Yes, we're in the crack. We have to stay flexible. We have to bend. The crack is actually an almost infinite space. Maybe the book isn't such a good metaphor! Outside our 3D world this is all happening at once, but here on planet Earth this is happening NOW.

Keep in mind our north star, that North Node in Cancer (which I haven't been writing about enough!) - we need to take care of ourselves, do what is nourishing and calming, create a home, not be afraid to be vulnerable - this is about what we NEED, not so much about what we want (like last year's Leo North Node). With the ground shifting beneath our feet we must find ways to feel stable and safe. What house does Cancer rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house? Where is your natal Moon? What is that house's theme?

Also today, and this is good news, we have the Aries Sun trining - brakes off - Ceres (in Sagittarius). Ceres is the Earth Mother and in Sagittarius she speaks of our optimistic and fertile future. The Aries Sun is physical action/initiative/passion.

Today is more good energy for taking physical action. We are releasing and cleaning up the mess AND we are taking action outside our comfort zone. We need to be brave. We are brave or we wouldn't even be alive here on this planet.

This is our life. We need to grab hold of those reins that are flying about in the wind!

Pluto on the South Node is ENDING old obligations. It's time to pay off our debts. And yes, our past life debts and the debts of our ancestors can come into play. If things seem to be going poorly for you, just know this is what is happening. It's not bad luck. Stuff is just coming due. You WILL get past this. You WILL be less encumbered. We all will.

(this would probably not be the best time to be taking on a large obligation!)

A load is being taken off our back even if it feels like something important is being lost. Sometimes our strongest connection to a situation/person/resource is through karmic energies, so when this cord is cut it can make us feel kind of numb. We aren't as connected anymore.

We can go on and build new cords - and some people will feel so naked they will grab onto whatever comes along now and commit to THAT - but here is a chance to discover what we are without the cords and old obligations.

We can help this energy along today. Pay the bills. Pay something in FULL. Repay a favor. Pass it on. Write a thank you letter. Thank your ancestor. Release your ancestor. Take down a shrine. Tell the truth. Clear the clutter.

xo all

photo by the talented Parvana Photography


Today's Lunar Forecast | finshing up, power plays, making mountains from molehills, striking while the iron is hot, making the call, putting the plan into action, the courage to turn our attention and intention on what we want and on fixing ourselves, where there's smoke, alive and kicking


The imaginative Pisces Moon sextiled Saturn while we slept, sextiles powerful Pluto at 9:08AM EDT (good for a morning power meeting, good for business connections) and then goes void at 11:35AM EDT off a square to expansive Jupiter when mountains can be made out of molehills.

She will be void until 10:56PM EDT as she moves into "let's get this thing started" Aries, so void most of today, keep this in mind.

Void moons are not the time to start things or launch anything into the world we need "something to come of" because the Moon isn't connecting with any other energies.

The Moon is waning and Mercury is still in her/his shadow, walking degrees in Pisces she has already walked two times. This is still a time of finishing things up, creating space for the new that is coming after April 5th. It's also a good time to work on projects/situations that began before February 20th when Mercury went void. We are still re-working, tweaking stuff, uncovering what we need to know, looking for the TRUTH.

Vesta (our sacred devotion) enters fiery Aries giving us the courage, determination and initiative to focus on what we want.

In Aries (through June 9th), Vesta will push for action.

At the same time Chiron (at 2 degrees Aries) is sextiling (opportunity) Mars (Aries ruler) in Gemini. There may be more than one way to do something, more choices/options than we think. We need to be smart now - and even with Mercury still muddling through Pisces, we can be. We have learned alot over the last few weeks and even the last few days. There is something here that needs our action NOW.

It might be something a little scary. Something that requires confidence, physical stamina or some solitary move.

If this strikes a chord with you, this might be the time to strike - the iron is hot.

If these words mean nothing to you - look for some action you can take between your Gemini and Aries house themes or work with the collective themes of (Aries) action, initiative, passion, anger, you, your brand, your body and (Gemini) words, communication, paperwork, ideas, thinking, email.

Make the call. Write the email. Put the plan into action. Talk about what you want/need. Be assertive. Be passionate. Be yourself.

The Moon is dark, but we are still alive and kicking.

Also keep in mind mistakes can be made during the dark Moon, especially when we have just had Mercury conjunct Neptune - those rose-colored glasses blinding us, too - so, take your time. 

Anything that seems too good to be true IS too good to be true. Get your facts straight. Take focused action. A hot iron doesn't mean we leap from a tall building - it just means there is something here ready to be USED.

xo all

And realize there are stop and go energies at play today - the nearly all day Void Moon - which note then moves into fiery Aries, TOO, for tomorrow - and the Vesta ingress, Mars sextile that stimulate healing action. That's how life is. A reason to move and a reason to wait and energies at play that support both, because we live in a free will universe. We have choices. And with Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury - more options than it first appears. Look harder.

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Today's Lunar Forecast | water water everywhere, the third time's the charm, three strikes and you're out, did the message get through yet, cover your mouth, wash your hands, something drifts away, something else drifts in, sensitivity, inspiration, a miraculous mindset, stay in your magic


This is the most Pisces day I can remember. Pisces people we love you!

We have the Moon in Pisces meeting THREE different planets AND Mercury (in Pisces) meeting Pisces ruler Neptune for the THIRD TIME.

What the hell?!

The Pisces Moon will meet Venus at 2:31PM EDT, Neptune at 9:24 PM EDT and Mercury at 9:58PM EDT.  

That's alot of merging in a sign without boundaries. This is another day we are going to have to go with the flow.

Take care with the kind of environment you expose yourself to. Another person's emotions can jump right into your body, so can their cold germs, so can their thoughts. Maybe even their Great Aunt Esther - who really knows how this works (of course you could find yourself suddenly able to whip up her famous blueberry cheesecake, so there's that)! Boundaries are thin to non-existent right now. AVOID toxins. Eat food grown from the earth. This would not be the day to be scrubbing at the walls of a moldy basement. Skip the chemically moisturizer and the scented candles. I am not kidding.

When Mercury meets Neptune it is hard to know what to think.

On the other hand, this ain't our first rodeo.

We have been working with these energies since the Virgo Full Moon on February 19th when something came to light or reached a culmination. We know more now than we did then, but we are still running on instincts and inspiration. If you must make a major decision now I hope you have been eating well and meditating/praying!

Pisces rules endings and something could end now/drift away. This is creating the space for something else.

If something is not quite living up to the hype the truth of that could be revealed 

(more will be clarified mid-month when Mercury finally leaves Pisces and gets into Aries). 

There is ALSO creativity, healing and spirit here. 

MAGICAL assistance from the higher realms and from our past connections. A time to talk to God. A time for miracles. We are never, ever alone. 

Maybe that whisper from our heart is loud enough to hear now. Maybe we finally pick up the phone.
There is also a a semi-square between Venus (sitting with the Moon) and Pluto (in Capricorn).

This is a potential future problem/frustration that some kind of tweaking now might prevent. This is between our Pisces and Capricorn houses. With Venus (love, money. resources, values, women) also hooking up with that dreamy Pisces Moon this would be a day for all of us to watch our benjamins.

As something ends, something creative or inspirational is starting. 

If we feel like we are underwater/drowning - now would be the time to learn to float!

This is powerful energy to pray for assistance/answers!

People could be very sensitive now. Move gently through these inspirational energies. Listen to music. Know the fog is lifting. Stay in your magic.

xo all

Tomorrow's energies are much more stable and grounded - business situations, etc (if for anything other than inspiration/team building) that can be moved to Wednesday might be much more productive.

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Today's Lunar Forecast | no easy answers, impatience, everyone gets restless leg syndrome, choices disappearing, something wants to be finished, going with the flow, get some extra rest, drive safely


The Moon slips into Pisces at 10:46AM EDT where she is going to be VERY busy for the next couple days. Today she will square Mars (in Gemini at 0 degrees) at 12:43PM EDT and then move on to sextile Uranus (in Taurus at 1 degree) at 1:29PM EDT.

That square to busy Mars (our action, initiative, passion, anger) might make us impatient.

We are moving in too many directions at once or no directions at all.

Options appear quickly and then disappear/change just as quickly. There are more questions than answers. No clear way to play it smart.

Situations could be tense and people (including us) easily irritated and then we are too tired to fight. Arguments could come out of nowhere (and evaporate just as quickly).

Avoid impulsive actions. Drive safely.

The Moon's sextile to Uranus might make us more comfortable with what is making us uncomfortable, provide a release through something unexpected or it could just feel like it speeds everything up. Tomorrow the Pisces Moon is making so many aspects we won't know if we are coming or going because we will be coming and going - under dark skies and in deep water!

The Moon is a waning crescent in dreamy Pisces. We still have Mercury in Pisces covering old ground. We have Mars in Gemini answering to that drifting Mercury - this is not the best energy to make a clear decision or for things to just proceed in a straight line.

Let's kind of go with the flow today. Get some extra rest. Find some time to rewatch a favorite movie.

Turn up the music. 

It's probably a good day for solitary work. Creative/even genius work could be produced now.

But something wants to be finished. Its time is over. Its light is gone. Our focus will likely be drawn back to that.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | time for friends and groups, transparency, radical openness, stepping back from any power struggles, a warning, something that tastes like the future and smells like independence could fall right into our lap - I hope we are sitting down to catch it


The waning Moon is in Aquarius now drawing our focus to Aquarian themes - the goals that bring us into connection with other people's goals, our friendships, groups, causes, the internet, charities, gatherings, our big bodacious dreams, the future, chaos, dis-order, detachment.

She will sextile (opportunity) the Aries Sun at 5:53PM EDT (9 degrees) creating this month's lunar waning sextile.

Aries/Aquarius sextiles are the incorporation of something like "here is what I am doing to get what I want" and "here is where other people come in and can benefit, too". The whole becomes greater than just a sum of the parts. 1+1 doesn't always equal 2, sometimes it equals 200.

With fire/air, something good, that smells like the future, and tastes like freedom - can fall right into our lap.

So, this is the time to be connecting with other people, making future plans, leaning into what we want. What is the best use of our time now that could produce the greater payoff later? Aries/Aquarius requires independent and original movement. We have to stay open to radically new concepts. We have to be ourselves. We have to be authentic. The parts of us that don't line up - the ways we are squeezing ourselves into the spaces we don't fit - any incongruence between our walk and our talk - will be our trouble zones -

these are the gaps that need to be closed because they are quite literally ripping us apart.

We have Pallas (at 23 degrees Libra) squaring Pluto (at 23 degrees Capricorn). Pallas is retrograde and in Libra she is re-vising, re-viewing, re-working and in particular, re-balancing, our relationships and contracts. Squaring powerful Pluto could bring power struggles, an issue with someone/something in authority. With Pallas retrograde will be back here again in July when she is direct, so if we are dealing with this, this is part of a PROCESS.

With the Moon in detached and future-leaning Aquarius, take a step back from the struggle. Loosen the reins. Look into the future and visualize the best possible outcome of this. Notice how that would feel. Then step back into your current chapter/storyline carrying this fresher perspective. Give something some space. Spend time with your friends. Focus on something bigger than your own problem.

We also have Venus (in Pisces) semi-square Saturn (in Capricorn) so maybe a money/love/resources issue is challenging. The dream vs reality. There could be something here about poor timing. The semi-square is half a square - it's a young aspect. I take it as a warning. Like, we ignore our shrinking bank balance at our future peril. It's a time to stop, look and listen. It's some kind of evidence of future tension. A tweak made now can prevent a bigger problem down the line. What needs tweaking?

At 2:12AM EDT, Mars leaves the muddy ground of Taurus for multi-tasking Gemini (thru May 20th) - there will be no shortage of Gemini fused activity, contradictions, commerce, communication and choices in the weeks ahead. Lots to do.

With Mars in the sign of our intellect - we can think (Gemini) before we act (Mars). Although we have to keep in mind Mars is now answering to Gemini-ruler Mercury who is still finishing up in dreamy Pisces. Mars in Gemini can scatter our focus, but with Mercury still in Pisces we might not even notice! By the time Mercury gets into Aries in the middle of April and we have Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury and Mercury in Aries answering to Mars - our actions and our thinking working together in the best possible ways - we will really be getting somewhere!

Mars hasn't been in Gemini for two years so our Gemini houses (and Gemini people) will be AWAKE.

The Moon will go void on Sunday night at 11:02PM EDT and then will move into imaginative (and sleepy) Pisces on Monday morning. Plan to hit that snooze button a couple times.

xo all

photo by the talented Tamara Will


Today's Lunar Forecast | working like a boss, limits, rules, obligations, the purge, letting go, power struggles, powerful endings, re-creating an old situation, wrapping up the cords that might trip us up later

FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2019

Our serious Capricorn Moon met up with Saturn last night (12:59AM EDT) and meets up with powerful Pluto this morning - 7:35AM EDT at 22 degrees followed by the South Node of Fate (24 degrees). She goes void off a trine (brakes off) to action-oriented and brave Mars at 8:04PM EDT and then moves into liberating Aquarius a couple hours later.

Her conjunctions to Saturn/Pluto/South Node could bring our attention to an old situation or to whatever is ending or needs to be wrapped up. Power struggles or issues with authority are possible as well as the need for us to step into our own power and authority. Today's energy connects us to the wider energetics at play in April and there could be a kind of "sneak peak" now.

The conjunctions, the trine - they are all in stable (and touchable) earth signs, so whatever we are dealing with now will be a "real" solid thing. Limits. Rules. Obligations. With the South Node involved we might be re-creating a situation from the past and not even realize it! Maybe we just need to let go. The stuff that is truly ours cannot be lost.

Let's get to work. Act responsibly. This is a good day to work on long-term goals. Step into our authority. Research and dig into the details of something. Work with what is underneath/buried/hidden from view. Take care of business. Our focus could be on a Plutonian matter - financial, sexual, reproduction, divorce, maybe a third party situation.

The trine to Mars moves things along, but those powerful conjunctions will likely bring some roadblocks.

Keep in mind Mercury is now direct and walking degrees he/she has walked two times before. Everything won't be totally clear until she gets into Aries in mid-April, but something should be moving forward now or we are in the midst of it. Three planets station retrograde in April - so even with Mercury still a but foggy and the Moon waning - we want to be moving forward with, or on from, the things we need to.

It's Friday - focus on what needs to get finished. Let's clean up our mess. Organize our finances. Wrap up any dangling cords that might trip us up later.

Know that any limits/rules standing in our way now are designed to slow us down for a REASON. 

We are playing the long game.

Stuff is falling into place for EVERYONE. And this is all happening at different levels and different paces, so let's keep this in mind if today has us focused on what feels like it is falling away.

xo all

photo by the talented Sea-of-Ice

Today's Lunar Forecast | tension, a need for adjustment, the new vs the way we've always done it, impulsiveness vs maturity, rules and responsibilities won't be ignored but neither will progress, FORWARD movement, more clarity, coming unstuck, building the dream, releasing what isn't real, moving toward a space that's more authentic



At 12:09 AM EDT, the Capricorn Moon squared the Aries Sun at 7 degrees offering us this month's Third Quarter Square Moon.

Squares are tension/crisis. They require us to take new action, maybe in follow-up to whatever came to light or to a culmination or conclusion back at the Full Moon on the Spring Equinox.

We adjust.

A square between Aries and Capricorn is kind of the young man fighting against authority. Something new and untested vs the way we have always done something. Our impulsiveness vs our mature restraint. This could all happen within us or we could project this onto an outside person/situation.

With the Moon in sober Capricorn, answering to a strong Saturn in his home sign, there are rules/limits/responsibilities that won't be ignored.

At the same time Mercury stations direct in Pisces. YAY!

This has been a long and drifting retrograde. I wrote about it HERE. Although Mercury is still in Pisces and going to meet Neptune AGAIN and still covering old ground, so not totally clear and focused - this is still forward movement.

We aren't looking in the rear-view mirror where everything is distorted.

Whatever came to a stop when Mercury stationed retrograde on or near March 5th, can begin to move forward. 

If something was too "pie-in-the-sky" when Mercury met Neptune just a few days ago, we will know that now.

If "the dream" has grown some legs, this is when those legs reach the ground and (as us) start making progress.

We won't be covering totally new ground with this or be on solid mental ground (real vs unreal) - remember Mercury stationed retrograde at the very end of Pisces - until she/he gets into Aries on April 17th.

There is ALOT of board to cover between now and then though.

April moves us BIGLY into the energy of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020. It might be the most important month of the year. And the New Moon on April 5th and Full Moon on April 19th, both connect us to this powerful portal.

THIS will change the lives of every single person on Earth over the next year and a half and throughout the 2020's.

We will talk about it this weekend.

Tonight the Capricorn Moon will sextile Mercury (news, information, plans, communications that create greater stability) and then sextile Neptune - again bringing us into that Saturn/Neptune sextile energy of 2019 - building the dream and/or the sacrifice that needs to be made to make it real.

xo all

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Today's Lunar Forecast | doing business, getting or giving a hand up, fast money, love at first sight, moving something in a new direction, a change of habit, using our resources in a new way, getting the job, a sudden opportunity, lean into it


The Moon in stable and ambitious Capricorn makes nice with both Venus (sextile) and Uranus (trine) today and they also make nice with each other (sextile).

Good surprises. Good for connecting with people, especially for business. Help from people in power/authority is there if we need it. Our hand is out also, pulling someone else up.

Women making bank - and what's with NASA pulling the plug on that all-woman spacewalk because of a medium sized spacesuit shortage? Did I read that right? An all-woman spacewalk is such an inspiring use of Venus/Uranus. Make that happen NASA!

Relationship and financial goals get set or met now.

Situations involving authority figures or the need for us to step into our own authority can go well.

Keep in mind, our mind, Mercury, is at a dead stop in Pisces and still retrograde, so there is that. Tech glitches, email mistakes, scheduling mix-ups, yada, yada are still par for the course, so let's continue to take the time to double check any important stuff we are doing/saying/sending out. 

Jupiter (at the 24th degree of Sagittarius, the degree he will station retrograde in two weeks) is sextiling Pallas (in Libra). This is good for observing big patterns and working with and solving large-scale problems (especially within our relationships/partnerships/contracts).

We might also find ourselves, especially if we are not feeling valued, exaggerating something to prop ourselves/our position up now. Or being shocking just to shock. If we catch ourselves doing something like this - detach a bit, dial it back, maybe think, "isn't it interesting I am doing this" or maybe "WTF, am I saying/doing?!" then just get quiet (bite tongue) and ALLOW what is genuine and genuinely needing to be said/done to move forward and the bullsh*t, that is not in anyone's best interest, to unwind itself. This can happen in a split second. Withdraw your attention. Don't feed anything that feels over-INFLATED. The whoppers need to stay within the golden arches now, or is that a Burger King thing? Whatever it is, you get the idea.

Someone else unloading on us something that feels over-blown or over-estimated, etc, could happen, too. This doesn't mean we have to call them out on it, although we certainly can and might have to and we can do this and still keep things civil now, know they are feeling under-valued/under-powered. Under something. The "under" leading to the "over" if you see what I mean.

On the other hand something now and especially today could go very, very well - THE BIGGEST AND BEST-EST NEWS -  I have saved the best for last, you are welcome (!) - we have

Venus (love, money, women) reaching 1 degree Pisces (the beginning of the dream) and sextiling (opportunity) "anything-can-happen" Uranus in "let's get this shaky-ass thing stabilized" Taurus at 12:44PM EDT.

Uranus in Taurus (for the next seven years and I did a post about that HERE) is about fast change with our resources/values.

And today's sextile to magnetic Venus in dreamy Pisces provides the energetic synergy to ground a relationship or financial opportunity and make something real and solid. This could happen very quickly. And in an unexpected way. We are going to need to lean forward to meet this.

Taurus is grounded earth, so this is about a physical change - something we can touch, taste, smell. Kiss goodnight. Take to the bank. 

And now today's line-up is making me think of this year's Saturn/Neptune sextile theme - turning the dream into a reality. 

To access this energy for the bridge we are building this year (into our future) will require fast action in a new direction.

Take the new job. Change the habit. Start the business. Put a ring on it. Use your existing resources in a new way. Love something/someone else.

xo all

photo by the talented Nikolas Brummer 


Today's Lunar Forecast | emotional conversations, re-hashing information, confusion, avoiding over-promising and over-reacting, keep swimming, don't settle because nothing is settled, giving yourself some room to roam


The Moon (in optimistic Sagittarius) will square - tension/frustration - a retrograde Mercury (strong and still and preparing to station direct) and then a strong Neptune this morning. 

Stuff will be hard to pin down. Conversations could be emotional. Our minds in flux. Information confusing. What have we forgotten/ignored/pushed to the side?  Issues from the past could take precedence - what we are re-viewing, re-vising, re-thinking.

Avoid the "overs" now as in over-doing, over-reacting, over-counting on something, making anything overly complicated or overly important because the energy is not settled. 

Bubbles could pop or our rose-colored glasses could be wearing rose-colored glasses. Energy could be wasted on stuff that doesn't amount to much.

Keep in mind though, with Mercury sitting on Neptune there isn't much that isn't possible now .... and stressful situations, sometimes even the most confusing ones, can lead us to something solid as a rock if we just keep swimming.

Don't jump to conclusions though

(with the Mueller report dropping last Friday during a Void Moon and a retrograde Mercury on Neptune even that, which I assume would be clarifying material, won't be clear until mid-April, and in the end, might never amount to anything .... Trump's chart does look pretty stressed in April though. It IS clear through the astrology of 2019 and beyond that no one person is coming to save us. Not Mueller. Not Trump. We are the ones pulling ourselves out of the well folks. To quote the Hopi here - we are the ones we have been waiting for).

Do enjoy the last day of this month's Sagittarius Moon by doing something "outside your comfort zone" - expand your world in some way. The next couple days will probably be work, work, work. Whatever the word "roam" makes you think of - do some of that today.

Writing, creativity, music, healing, meditation, prayer, anything that requires use of our imagination could be productive. If we can push through any blocks, even the sky isn't the limit with this kind of stuff.

The Moon goes void at 10:37PM EDT off an expansion and optimistic conjunction to Jupiter at 24 degrees - this is the degree Jupiter will station retrograde in two weeks. The Moon will be void until 10:07AM EDT tomorrow when she moves into Capricorn focusing us on our goals and taking care of business for the next couple days.

xo all

Venus says farewell to Aquarius "it's been nice loving you from afar my friend" and moves into Pisces "is that your arm/thought/money or mine?" at 3:43PM EDT. I write about it HERE - see Tuesday.

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Today's Lunar Forecast | the wound is how the light gets in, how we heal, seeing weakness as something other than weak, an intellectual strategy to not hide anymore, fallen cakes and heroes

FRIDAY MARCH 22, 2019 


OK let's see where we are. The Sun moved out of Pisces on Wednesday (spring equinox). Yay! We still have Mercury retrograde here, but having the Sun move onto solid ground and into a space he is exalted will help.

Today is the day he meets wounded healer Chiron - this was part of the Full Moon/Equinox chart we talked about HERE. At the time of the Full Moon this aspect was building toward today's conjunction. After today this starts to unwind. Since the Sun is going to move through an entire sign in only a month - solar transits are quick.

When the Sun meets a planet/point - something is illuminated and a new cycle kicks off. Chiron is the wounded healer - meaning the healer who is wounded. Our natal Chiron position is a very old and very deep wound we carry - think childhood, family karma (reaction to the actions of our ancestors), past lives, tribal conditioning. It isn't something we are charged with fixing in a traditional way because it isn't something we can fix.

It's like,

(and this might be a very poor metaphor because it's early and my brain is still on EST from two weeks ago)

we bake a cake and it falls.

It looks like a crater. There is not much about this cake that looks like a cake. And instead of baking a new cake - say we are out of eggs or something - we are charged with carrying this fallen crater cake around with us forever.

Some days we can tuck it into our backpack and some days we can stick it behind the sofa, but other days there is just no hiding this thing. So people are going to see it and some people are going to snicker and point at our sad little cake.

But, other people, the ones who have also made crater cakes, will be attracted to this point of weakness in us. They will stop by and spontaneously talk about their own fallen cakes and this can even happen to us with our cake safely hidden among the dust bunnies behind the sofa - they will just somehow know the cake is there.

And in this way, and other ways, too (like when recovered alcoholics help people trying to reconnect and recover or when someone is made fun of for something as a child that later ends up being THE thing that creates their greatest success), we become a wounded healer. A shaman. Kind of just by being alive. For us, personally, our healing here comes through, 'learning to live with the wound'.

So, today, we have the Sun meeting wounded healer Chiron; letting the light in, kicking off a new chapter. Our backpack is in the laundry. The crater cake has no place to hide. 

This has the energy to heal, but also to hurt.

In Aries, this can feel like a battle. Like we are being attacked, ambushed, called out, abandoned. Or maybe we are seeing weaknesses in other people now. Can we hold space for their weakness without judging it as a weakness? Without judging them as weak? Without pulling out our sword, stabbing it into their cake and holding the damn thing over our head so everyone else can see, too? And if this happens to us can we hold our ground and not go all cray-cray out of proportion to the situation and look like a maniac. Can we really look at why we are being activated so strongly without judgement? These aren't really questions. I don't know.

In a world filled with the pretty pictures of Instagram and Pinterest it might seem there is no place for crater cakes to be accepted (sniffle). But maybe the real truth is those pretty pictures are making us even more hungry for stuff that is real and authentic and well, stuff that is kind of a mess, aren't we?

Cue the crater cake. Maybe there is nowhere to hide because we aren't hiding anymore.

We still have the Venus/Mars thing from yesterday that might feel like love is a battlefield. And today we also have Venus meeting Black Moon Lilith (the pissed off outside energy) in rebel Aquarius. It all sounds a bit similar. As transits are apt to do when life wants to get our attention.

The way through some of this - and there is always a way through some of this - we have Pallas (in Libra) trining both Venus (what we want) and Black Moon Lilith (we want freedom/something different/to be accepted).

Pallas is our strategic warrior energy.

In air sign Libra, she is thinking about harmony, diplomacy, connectivity, principals of justice and balance. Libra energy creates a space of balance where we can live and let live. With Libra always seeking balance (and beauty) our attention could be drawn to imbalances now - both in our own lives and out in the world.

Libra is ruled by Venus, so like yesterday we are back to Venus in Aquarius - giving the other person/situation some space, being ourselves, detaching a bit from the outcome, thinking outside the box, looking at what we don't want to look at, noticing what we missed especially when it comes to LOVE AND MONEY.

Can we step away from what we want just long enough and just far enough to give everything some fresh air? to gain some different insights? to try something else? Venus is only in Aquarius for a few more days - what can we do with this?

And now that we are ten paragraphs into the lunar forecast maybe we should look at the Moon, also in Libra.

This morning she will square Saturn followed by a square to Pluto - so the morning could be stressful, power struggles, challenges to and through authority. Good for solitary work and focus.

By lunchtime though (EDT) the energy shifts for the better -

the Moon sextiles (opportunity) an expansive Jupiter and then goes void off a trine (brakes off) to, you guessed it, VENUS at 2:10PM EDT. So from lunchtime until 2:00 we have a couple golden hours to reach out to other people, promote whatever we have going on, socialize, yada yada. All kinds of Sag themes - travel, higher education, media, legal issues, foreign dealings, weddings and Aquarius themes - groups, causes, friendship, the internet, tech, the goals that bring us into connection with other people - can move forward this afternoon and tonight.

The void on a Friday afternoon makes me think we should call it an early work day if we can - we won't miss much.

She will be void until 10:16PM EDT when she moves into Scorpio, focusing us on Scorpian themes for the next couple days - other people's money, loans, taxes, inheritance, spouse's income, intimacy, merging resources, sex, reproduction, investigations, problem solving, elimination, life/death, destruction, bringing something back to life. It sounds like we will have our work cut out for us.

xo all

didn't mention the Moon's opposition to "expect the unexpected" Uranus at 11:37PM EDT - I guess we'll try to sleep through that one

(photo by the talented Lover-and-the-Wild)


Today's Lunar Forecast | all knees and elbows, the men vs the women, your right brain is fighting with your left brain, making adjustments, giving something some space, keeping our eyes on the future and our feet on the ground, a cup of black coffee and a dirty carpet


ankazhuravleva/art/raspberry-sorbet-in-Amsterdam-580530254    The Moon moves through "let's get organized" Virgo today almost totally unaspected. Excellent energy to get practical stuff done. Spring cleaning. Paperwork. Good for attending to things that are broken/sick. Keep in mind Virgo's pricklier qualities and watch for the kind of perfectionism that means we don't get something finished and watch we are not being critical with ourselves and other people.   Virgo encourages us to prioritize our health, to value quality over quantity, to be of service to others (not at our own expense though and especially not at the expense of our health), to care for our pets, to take care of the day to day things that make our life our life. It also rules co-workers, employees, our daily activities and our work.   If we think about Virgo's place in things as we move through the hero's journey we call the zodiac. Virgo is the first sign that thinks about 'other people'. We spend the first five signs focused on ourselves - forming an identity, expressing who we are. And then in just ONE SIGN we transition toward relating to other people. That's why it feels like such a pressure cooker. We move from "how can I be special?" (Leo) to "how can I be useful?".   That's a pretty hard right turn!    People with strong Virgo (and I attract them by the way, my 10th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo is a kind of homing signal, so if you are reading this you are quite likely to have a strong Virgo) are critical because they care. Criticism is never helpful though.   We might have to respond to something today that we can't make 100% better, but we might still have to respond. Focus on the details. Use commonsense. Do one thing at a time. Do your best. Know that it won't be perfect. Nothing in nature is perfect. Know that perfect isn't the point.    That critical eye needs to be turned off sometimes. We might have to train ourselves to look past what isn't working and see what is.   Also today we have an opportunistic sextile between Vesta (our sacred devotion/focus on what matters) in Pisces and Pluto (power, life/death, rebirth, transformation) in Capricorn.   Both signs rule focus in a way although Plutonian focus is much more emotional (compulsion, obsession, etc) and Vesta's more duty-bound. Either way I suppose this energy would be good for getting to the bottom of things/situations and transforming them. These would be the things and situations that we are giving our time and attention to.   We could also look at it like this - Vesta is moving through Pisces maybe dissolving the importance of things we used to hold sacred. Those sacred cows are being sent out to pasture. And this could be leaving us feeling quite adrift as the things that used to matter to us don't hold the same pull on us. So maybe we are fighting this "drifting" because we need something to hold onto. Now she moves into an easy connection with death (Pluto) and our attention is easily/smoothly lifted where it needs to be released. We might not even notice the death and then one day we realize we are no longer so focused on this thing/situation/person anymore.   (we could also find ourselves devoted to something Plutonian and THAT moves smoothly - like maybe your child is constipated and you are focused on getting her to go to the bathroom, it could be something quite literal like this :) or maybe we are focused on reproduction and that moves smoothly now or an inheritance/loan/merging finances/sex - you get the idea)   We are in a process of transforming and here is another energetic mechanism that is moving us through this.   xo all   photo by the talented ankazhuravleva

Our Moon wanes unaspected through Libra today, her ruling planet Venus (ruler of Libra) is in the thick of it though. We talked about alot of today's energies in the Full Moon post HERE.

Today we have Venus (in Aquarius) squaring off with Mars (in Taurus) at 23 degrees. People with planets and points in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) near this degree will feel this energy strongest and have already been feeling it. Venus is what we want and Mars is the action we take to get what we want.

When these two energies are at odds - we tend to make the wrong moves, say the wrong things. Our receptive energies and our active energies are out of whack. 

Venus wants Mars to bring her a cup of coffee the way she likes it and he forgets the cream and sugar. Maybe on purpose because he is pissed off at her or maybe accidentally on purpose because there is a whole passive-aggressive storyline running underneath their relationship or maybe because MERCURY IS RETROGRADE IN PISCES and approaching Neptune ... again, and he just forgot the damn cream and sugar.

Maybe it doesn't really matter why (although it just might) because what it really means is we either need to find another way to get the cream and sugar, toss the coffee or drink it black.

An adjustment is needed.

Put another way we want to sit quietly over there just enjoying the action from a safe distance (Venus in Aquarius), but we somehow manage to knock over a friend's favorite potted plant (Mars in Taurus) and there it lies on her carpet (also a favorite, of course, and did I mention, this is a WHITE carpet ... and your friend's favorite aunt gifted it to her ... before she died) - things/us are awkward. Stuff gets broken. Sometimes stuff that can't be put back together quite so easily.

When these kind of things keep on keeping on, as it undoubtedly has of late for people feeling this transit, tension builds up. Then we get the exact aspect, today, or maybe as this aspect unwinds itself over the next couple days, there is usually some kind of explosion of energy - maybe heroic, maybe combative, maybe sexual - whatever it is, there is usually some pushing involved.

Somebody wins and somebody learns or something like that.

Maybe neglected (I think that plant DID need water) or hostile energies are brought to the surface where we can deal with them.

(Trump's natal chart is aspected by this now and over the next few days)

At the same time Venus is sextile (opportunity) Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Jupiter in Sagittarius. And, did I mention, the Moon is un-aspected in Libra - reporting to Venus today. So, our receptive energy is doing a bit better than our active energy. My money is on Venus here.

So what do we do with this? Well, we have that sextile to Jupiter, strong in his home sign of Sagittarius- optimism, reaching beyond the "local", taking something another step, exploring, the stuff connected to Jupiter - legal issues, travel, foreign issues, weddings, religion, education, media, politics AND the theme of your natal Sag house can create opportunities now - keep in mind Mars (our action, initiative) isn't cooperating, so adjustments will be needed. With Mars not getting along with Jupiter right now we want to avoid coming on too strong. Papa don't preach.

Also keep in mind Venus is in Aquarius - she needs some space here. Group/internet activities can go well. We need to keep ourselves detached enough to be able to see the big picture (Sag). We need to keep our eyes on the sky (Sag) and the future (Aquarius). This is actually very compatible stuff - which is why these signs are naturally sextile each other.

Don't fence anyone/anything in now - including yourself. Take healthy action in the direction you want to go. Stay flexible. If something isn't working what can we do about it? Know that nobody is bringing us the cream and sugar. Mars got lost on his way to the fixings bar and is now busy flirting up the hostess- we are on our own for now.

And that's OK, because black coffee is better for us anyway, right?

Stuff isn't easy with any of this, because life is tricky and it is up to us to stay in our magic. We didn't come to planet Earth for easy. That is obvious to all of us by now. But we truly are all in this together, all different pieces of the same puzzle - never forget that - even if at times we are feeling all alone. 

xo all

photo by the talented Julie-de-Waroquier


Today's Lunar Forecast | getting stuff done, a focus on our health, spring cleaning, knowing that perfect isn't the point, looking past what isn't working, sacred cows being put out to pasture, a walk on the wild side

TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2019 


The Moon moves through "let's get organized" Virgo today almost totally unaspected. Excellent energy to get practical stuff done. Spring cleaning. Paperwork. Good for attending to things that are broken/sick. Keep in mind Virgo's pricklier qualities and watch for the kind of perfectionism that means we don't get something finished and watch we are not being critical with ourselves and other people.

Virgo encourages us to prioritize our health, to value quality over quantity, to be of service to others (not at our own expense though and especially not at the expense of our health), to care for our pets, to take care of the day to day things that make our life our life. It also rules co-workers, employees, our daily activities and our work.

If we think about Virgo's place in things as we move through the hero's journey we call the zodiac. Virgo is the first sign that thinks about 'other people'. We spend the first five signs focused on ourselves - forming an identity, expressing who we are. And then in just ONE SIGN we transition toward relating to other people. That's why it feels like such a pressure cooker. We move from "how can I be special?" (Leo) to "how can I be useful?".

That's a pretty hard right turn! 

People with strong Virgo (and I attract them by the way, my 10th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo is a kind of homing signal, so if you are reading this you are quite likely to have a strong Virgo) are critical because they care. Criticism is never helpful though.

We might have to respond to something today that we can't make 100% better, but we might still have to respond. Focus on the details. Use commonsense. Do one thing at a time. Do your best. Know that it won't be perfect. Nothing in nature is perfect. Know that perfect isn't the point. 

That critical eye needs to be turned off sometimes. We might have to train ourselves to look past what isn't working and see what is.

Also today we have an opportunistic sextile between Vesta (our sacred devotion/focus on what matters) in Pisces and Pluto (power, life/death, rebirth, transformation) in Capricorn.

Both signs rule focus in a way although Plutonian focus is much more emotional (compulsion, obsession, etc) and Vesta's more duty-bound. Either way I suppose this energy would be good for getting to the bottom of things/situations and transforming them. These would be the things and situations that we are giving our time and attention to.

We could also look at it like this - Vesta is moving through Pisces maybe dissolving the importance of things we used to hold sacred. Those sacred cows are being sent out to pasture. And this could be leaving us feeling quite adrift as the things that used to matter to us don't hold the same pull on us. So maybe we are fighting this "drifting" because we need something to hold onto. Now she moves into an easy connection with death (Pluto) and our attention is easily/smoothly lifted where it needs to be released. We might not even notice the death and then one day we realize we are no longer so focused on this thing/situation/person anymore.

(we could also find ourselves devoted to something Plutonian and THAT moves smoothly - like maybe your child is constipated and you are focused on getting her to go to the bathroom, it could be something quite literal like this :) or maybe we are focused on reproduction and that moves smoothly now or an inheritance/loan/merging finances/sex - you get the idea)

We are in a process of transforming and here is another energetic mechanism that is moving us through this.

xo all

photo by the talented ankazhuravleva


Today's Lunar Forecast | we play then we clean up the mess, integrating both ego and spirit, selfishness and selflessness, lightening our load through forgiveness, compassion, shake it off, moving with the changes

MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019 


The Moon in Leo will oppose Venus and square Mars this morning (diplomacy is scarce, we are pushing for something or someone is pushing our buttons) - a good morning for working alone - before going void at 11:18AM EDT off a trine to expansive Jupiter which could turn our focus to travel, higher education, our beliefs, media, religion. politics.

Things that can be done without having to worry about how they will "turn out" are good things to do today.

Before leaving Leo, the Moon will inconjunct - this month's Waxing Inconjunct - the Pisces Sun at 28 degrees. This is the last lunar aspect we will have before the Sun enters Aries in a couple days and kicks off the New Year. The Pisces Sun can feel like the Moon and the Leo Moon can feel like a Sun - there is something now about incorporating BOTH ego and spirit.

Maybe we want to do something for ourselves, but then we know we will feel guilty about it!

Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places so this won't be easy - we just give a little bit on each side and allow things to unfurl imperfectly.

We won't end up with something all wrapped up with a pretty bow, but we will be changed through the experience of attempting to reconcile the unreconcilable.

So we might do something for ourselves now - what our ego wants - AND release whatever we are taking on when we do what we want to do. Maybe that would be GUILT. Maybe it would be some JUDGEMENT about what it is we are wanting. If we think something makes us 'less of a good person' or is a waste of time - it might be time to look at what that kind of thinking is doing to us.

The void Leo Moon says - shake it off.

Our vibration is lowered when burdened with heavy memories/blockages. This entire month we are working through a process of lightening our load. This might be a piece of your process. 

So, if you take yourself to a matinee movie and then feel guilty afterwards, write the word guilt on a  piece of paper and set it on fire (over a nice safe porcelain sink, of course) then do some of that thing you could have been doing while you were munching down popcorn and watching Captain Marvel.

You will be surprised how self-satisfying a spontaneous bonfire in the kitchen sink can feel.

The Moon is void until she moves into "let's get organized" Virgo at 9:41PM EDT focusing us on Virgo themes - or our Virgo natal house theme - for the next couple days - our day-to-day stuff, our health or other people's health, service work, our work, co-workers, our pets. She will trine Uranus tonight - unusual things will be more comfortable, good for working outside the box, unexpected/unusual details can be integrated into more practical plans.

xo all

Keep in mind all the weekly energies we talked about HERE are in play now, too!

photo by the talented Gerry-And-Me


Today's Lunar Forecast | walking our talk, paying attention to what we are paying attention to, stabilizing the dream, guided by ghosts, it's Sunday the Moon is in Leo have some fun with your kids or your inner child
SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2019 


Our Moon sails through the day unobstructed in Leo (children, fun, romance, creative projects).

Mercury reaches 21 degrees (moving retrograde through Pisces) connecting with Vesta (the devoted focus we talked about with the New Moon post a couple weeks ago) and sextiling (opportunity) Mars in Taurus. Black Moon Lilith inconjuncts the North Node in Cancer.

Mercury met Vesta back in mid-February. Maybe our thinking/some information that came in aligned with what we value - maybe we said what mattered to us. Then at the New Moon on March 6th, Vesta was conjunct the Sun/Moon and Neptune. She aided our New Moon intentions - which were set whether we did this consciously or unconsciously - by keeping safe and protected what we have given our attention to.

Now our thinking (or re-thinking Mercury retrograde) again aligns with what we value (Vesta). We say it again. Maybe a piece of important information/a conversation/intuition/dream catches our attention that we missed last time. Maybe we are made to re-consider what "facts/intuition" we are devoting ourselves to ... the Moon is in Leo focusing us on our heart/what we love.

Tonight, Mercury is sextiling Mars giving an energetic PUSH to our communications. It's good energy to initiate another conversation. Say it again. Actively listen this time. Make a plan.

We talked about this yesterday. Communication or information stimulating action. This is not some BIG step because Mercury is retrograde and Mars is in stable, but slow Taurus - neither of these guys are happy campers right now. BUT a step is needed. Something practical. Something that makes sense - even if our thinking is confused, we can see our way clear to this action now. We walk our talk. We talk our walk. This is more stabilizing the dream stuff that 2019 is focusing us on.

Sextiles between Pisces and Taurus is the opportunistic energy that connects the spirit world and our 3D life on Earth - this is what is really happening now - we are lining up with our soul intention.

We are being guided by ghosts now. We talked about this quite a bit in the Nodes post HERE.

BML inconjunct the North Node might speak of a need for freedom being incompatible with our best way forward or maybe it is our anger, likely at what we perceive to be an injustice, that forces us to break stagnant patterns/get moving.

Life is pushing us toward real change. Those comfy chairs on the sidelines have been re-moved. They are in a landfill somewhere covered in ants and cardboard coffee cups (sigh). If we haven't made the changes we needed to make over the last couple years - we are in the energy (this year) of those changes coming at us from the outside.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

It's a good day to MOVE OUR BODY. Spirit and earth are connected through us. Instead of just listening to the music - sing or dance to it. We are being rebuilt. Drink lots of water.

xo all

photograph by the talented pro-non


Today's Lunar Forecast | back to the drawing board, taking another look, something or someone from the past, deep conversations, talking to ghosts, looking under the hood, whatever information comes in now prepare to take action on it, this won't be ignored



Our Cancer Moon is BUSY. She will oppose Saturn, sextile Mars, oppose Pluto and trine Mercury (retrograde) - all before 9AM EDT.

At 2:03PM EDT the Moon will trine our Pisces Sun giving us this month's waxing trine. With both planets in water signs (one cardinal, one mutable) as we build toward this week's Full Moon (in partnership/balance/justice focused Libra) this is an energy of ease. We feel connected. The connection is comfortable/stabilizing. Compassion/empathy flows. The more we release/give - the more we get. This is similar to last night's Moon trining Neptune, so maybe this is a continuation of that.

She goes void after the trine until 8:57PM EDT - so will be void from 2:03PM EDT to 8:57PM EDT, a good time to rest, recharge, get routine work done, don't launch anything or start anything brand new. I find time gets kind of stretchy during void Moons and I can sometimes get alot done.

The Moon moves into Leo tonight EDT focusing us on Leo themes for the next couple days - children, our creative projects, romance, fun, recreation. After her move into Leo she squares Uranus which could bring something unexpected, regarding your Leo house theme or the general Leo themes mentioned here - a challenge, a last minute change of plans, etc.

Also in play today is Mercury (retrograde in Pisces) sextiling Pluto (in Capricorn) at 22 degrees. 

We had this sextile when Mercury was direct on February 22nd - WHAT DID WE LEARN THEN? - and will have this one a third time in April. With Mercury preparing to sextile Mars in a couple days, whatever this is, we are going to have to take action on it.

This is excellent energy for an intense intellectual focus. We can concentrate. Deep conversations are favored over lightweight chitchat now. Honesty. Getting to the bottom of things.

Information comes in - and this might be something we already kind of know, but weren't ready to deal with before or something/someone/a situation from the past that comes back up. 

With Mercury about to back into a sextile with Mars (Sunday/Monday) - a fire is being lit under our winter-weary ass, we are not going to be able to avoid taking some kind of action.

We have alot of repeating patterns this week with a retrograde Mercury following the Sun - information comes to light/we take action on what we learn. This might sound general, but you will know what this is about in your life. These repeating patterns plus this week's Mercury/Sun contacts with the North Node of Fate speak of something trying to get our attention; they speak of the IMPORTANCE of whatever we are dealing with.

We need to take care of this NOW so we can get to something else LATER.

We are going deeper with something. We are looking under the hood. Maybe we are getting a second chance. We are re-vising, re-working, re-novating, re-thinking something.

This is probably an old issue, but we are charged with dealing with things in new ways - keep in mind Uranus (fast change) is in Taurus now as well as Mars!

xo all

With Mercury retrograding through the ethereal realms of Pisces this information could come in telepathically or in a dream. This could be more about internal changes than external stuff. I will talk more about this in the next post.

photo by the talented ankazhuravleva


Today's Lunar Forecast | drifting along with a dream, water water everywhere, talking too much, exaggeration, hearing it/saying it/thinking it again, paying attention to signs, moving toward a more authentic life

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019


Our waxing Moon continues her journey through her home sign of Cancer with a trine to Neptune at 10:17PM EDT. This could make us more emotional, even more open to absorbing other people's emotional states. Sadness, compassion, melancholy. With both planets in their home signs this energetic loop is strong and excellent for creativity, meditation, spirituality, healing. We are comforted by music, dance, addicting substances (so watch those), escaping through a movie, etc.

Two of our repeating aspects with the Sun/Mercury perfect (reach perfection) today- a retrograde Mercury squares Jupiter (at 23 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius) and the Sun trines the North Node (at 24 degrees Pisces/Cancer).

We talked about both these aspects in the weekly HERE.

Mercury squaring Jupiter is almost always going to indicate something is overblown. The story is exaggerated. Something looks better (maybe worse, but likely better) than it actually is.

Maybe there is too much talk, and if we are bogged down in the mud with Mars in Taurus, not enough action.

Maybe some big idea is being over-emphasized while the details are being brushed over.

We had Mercury square Jupiter back on February 22nd when Mercury was direct, so whatever is happening now, could bring us back to that date. Perhaps some information/idea/conversation is coming up again. Maybe we are getting a second chance at something. Maybe we bought the cow and now we are finding out there isn't any milk. They will square each other again on April 12th when we get a kind of clear-headed conclusion.

For now, we are going back and forth over something.

This is an optimistic energy and optimism should never be discounted, it's what makes us LUCKY, squaring illusive and dreamy Pisces though - we don't have all the facts.

This is not the time to bite. Something is still under-cooked.

At the same time the Sun (with just a few days to go in Pisces) trines (brakes off) our North Node in Cancer - just like Mercury did yesterday.

We are being assured we are moving in the right direction with something. 

Pay attention to what catches your attention now. The people you meet. The ideas you see/hear/think. The angels are tapping you on the shoulder. Trines are easy energy. Blocks are removed. This isn't anything we have to push for.

This is our next practical step toward living a more authentic life. The future is guiding our choices now.

xo all

note the prior day's Lunar Reports are under Follow the Moons at the top of the blog.

photograph by the talented Ceecore


Today's Lunar Forecast | information comes to light, decision time, take some physical action, more wind at our back than baggage on our back, life can use whatever decision we make and whatever action we take to get us where we need to be



The Gemini Moon is very active, very early with an opposition to Jupiter (5:50AM EDT), square to the Sun (6:27AM EDT - First Quarter Square) and finally a square to Mercury at 8:30AM EDT.

She then goes void for the rest of the work day continuing to focus us on Gemini themes - communication, information, ideas, our local community, siblings, errands, transportation issues - it's a good day to reach out and follow up on things previously set into motion.

Our Gemini Moon's First Quarter Square (exact at 6:27AM EDT - Moon square Sun) brings us to a point of tension/stress/crisis that requires ACTION. 

With the Moon in Gemini, apt to give us too many choices and currently answering to a retrograde Mercury and with the Sun in imaginative, but sometimes foggy and let's just "go with the flow" Pisces it will probably feel easier to not decide. 

Keep in mind this 'deciding to not decide' thing is a decision, too.

AND the energies in play today support us taking an active role now.  

Information will come to light. If no new information comes in now, know we already have all the facts we need. 

Information can be challenging now.

So, we decide what to do with this. We take some kind of action

Life can use whatever we decide and whatever kind of action we take to get us where we need to be. 

This isn't a test, but might feel like a test (especially with the Moon in Gemini) if we are the kind of person who turns every decision into a test. 

Remember that over-thinking thing we were releasing in 2018? We released it because IT DOESN'T WORK anymore. 

There is a reason Mercury is in ethereal Pisces RIGHT NOW. 

We are being divinely/intuitively guided. Unimagined possibilities and our own untapped inner resources are WAKING UP.

Keep in mind this isn't about THE decision, this is about a decision. Mercury is still retrograde. We are still re-working, re-thinking, re-vising AND we are making a decision now. Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs, not much is set in stone right now.

Don't blow this all out of proportion and freak yourself out.

But also don't allow yourself to get stuck in the mud here because yes with Mars in Taurus we can be standing in a field of mud (and maybe something even smellier), so I hope you are wearing the proper footwear (and maybe a gas mask).

Everything isn't really up to us anyway. We aren't really going to miss what's behind door number two by choosing door number one. Both doors lead to the same place.

We aren't wasting our time when things don't work out exactly how we hoped they would, because things are always working out - we just can't see the big picture because we are too close to our own life. Decide to give something your best shot. Then decide to not look back. Decide to not judge what you are getting out of this/if this is working out, too quickly. Saturn is in Capricorn. We are playing the long game (and doesn't that sound better than when I kept saying "winter is coming"?).

Life has our back. Our ancestors have our back. The past we have earned has our back and the past we no longer need, where we totally screwed things up, is dissolving at record speed.

There is more wind at our back than baggage on our back now. We are just used to carrying the baggage, so we might still feel it there even though our load is lessened.

The Moon moves HOME to Cancer at 5:49PM EDT. Our attention moves to collective Cancerian themes (and our natal Cancer house theme) for the next couple days - home, family, real estate, re-novation, re-location, home business, mom, mothering, our roots, ancestors, history.

Her only aspect today in Cancer is a sextile with liberating and forward-leaning Uranus at 6:31PM EDT. This can be stimulating - an opportunity can be made from something unexpected or anything that is 'sprung on us' now, but with emotional Cancer could also make us and other people a little testy. Try something different. Do something else.

The BIG news today is multiple aspects perfecting - we have Mars trine Saturn, the Sun conjuncting a retrograde Mercury and Mercury trining the North Node in Cancer.

We talked about all of this in the weekly HERE, but let's recap.

When Mercury meets the Sun during the Mercury retrograde cycle we have reached a time when either the information comes to light or we have enough information by now. There is transparency, facts - which have been shifting in Pisces - and CLARITY. This energy will aid our First Quarter Square decision making and the First Quarter Square will add a lunar thrust to whatever is revealed now.

At the same time Mercury is trining (brakes off) the North Node in Cancer. This is us getting where we need to go by being more sensitive/vulnerable/home and family centered. So whatever is coming to light now is pointing us in this direction. This is our North Star here. The Moon's move into Cancer tonight will make this even clearer as we move through the next couple days.

With Mars (in Taurus) trining Saturn (in Capricorn) - grounded action is supported. This isn't about us leaping into the future, but solid, practical steps will move this whole thing forward.

Do something that when you are finished you can actually SEE, in solid form, what you have done.

Mars (action, initiative, passion) trine Saturn (stability, patience, built-to-last) is one of the BEST aspects we get - BUILDERS get this natally - and here it is at exactly the time we need it. It is in play all week! And then Mars will trine Pluto next week! Trines are smooth flows of energy. Blocks are removed. We are all builders now.

The stuff that used to stop us isn't stopping us this time.

With Saturn we have to step into our responsibility. No one else is going to decide/act for us. We are playing the long game. The return on our investment will take TIME. Big moves are not needed right now - Mercury is retrograde - but some kind of move is needed.

There is no quitting unless we are making a decision to move onto something else. Then we take action on the 'something else'.

By the end of the month it will be easier to see/feel where we are headed and by mid-April things will be full-steam ahead. The results will be visible by summer.

Keep in mind also that Chiron is in Aries - we need to stand on our own two feet, courage is healing. 

xo all

photograph by the talented Boris Zaretsky


Today's Lunar Forecast | wanting to achieve, benefitting from our dark spaces, being fearless, exaggerated possibilities, something could be stretched too far, the power of our pure intent



Today's busy Gemini Moon is going to trine (brakes off) Venus at 1:57PM EDT  - this is grace, harmony, love, our emotions are reflected through beauty - making something more beautiful - feeling the beauty, feeling the love. Our minds are operating at full speed today. Our thoughts/needs maybe a bit more unconventional now. We can feel the future.

At 5:43PM EDT, the Moon will square (tension/frustration) Neptune. We could be feeling fragile/maybe victimized in some way. Maybe something has just been emotionally exhausting, our brain is fried, too and we need rest - with Mercury retrograde in Pisces we need more sleep this month anyway and the time change hasn't helped!

We have multiple aspects perfecting today. The Sun sextiles Pluto (at 22 degrees - Pisces/Capricorn) and then moves into a square with Jupiter (at 23 degrees - Pisces/Sagittarius).  And Mercury (retrograde in Pisces) is going to back into these same aspects in a couple days.

With the Sun sextile (opportunity through effort) Pluto we want to ACHIEVE. This is raw power. Sexual magnetism. Something that has been buried is brought into the light and found to be useful. Our compulsions/obsessions can actually work to our benefit now. We can push through resistance.

We turn that pile of crap into our golden opportunity.

This is power/fearlessness without ruthlessness.

We get sh*t done.

Now, the thing to keep in mind while we are getting sh*t done - is that the Sun is going to quickly move into a square with Jupiter

and this aspect speaks of over-doing it.  

Something is stretched too far

(and yes, this can be taken literally, too, so don't overdo heavy lifting/repetitive movements unless you want to pull something!).

There is exaggeration here.

It doesn't mean there isn't something good here, too, something real, but we are dealing with Pisces and Sagittarius - something is certainly too idealistic; something is certainly inflated.

There is confidence. Willpower. We are optimistic - and this kind of Jupiterian energy is what makes us lucky. It is the time to SHOW UP.

Mercury is going to hit all this stuff going backward. So we get the light hitting the situation now. We see it. We are seen. But there is still a process we are working through. Mars is in Taurus, so nothing is getting off the ground quickly anyway.

If you are feeling overwhelmed - take a breath. Don't over-promise now.

We could take on too much or too many things at once and then nothing gets finished.

Or nothing gets done right and we have Mars trining Saturn tomorrow - stuff is going to need to be done right.

It might be better to dive intensively into one thing.

And it won't be easy to do that because with that Gemini Moon with Mercury retrograde in Pisces we will want to be all over the place.

Our pure intent is uber powerful now. Focus. Feel your power. That's the real deal. The Sun/Pluto will help. Alot.

Just don't toss out your back. Or toss too many Benjamins at something that seems too good to be true.

xo all

We talked about this more in the weekly, see Wednesday HERE. Read Thursday, too because tomorrow is more amazing energy and it is all pulling us into another level of life over the next 10 days.

photo by the talented Stefan Beutler 


Today's Lunar Forecast | a morning void - get routine stuff done early then the pace quickens, saying it again, healing words, bringing your power to the situation, the witch is invited in



The productive Taurus Moon continues until 5:33AM EDT when she goes void off a sextile to Mercury. The Moon will be void until 11:48AM EDT when she enters Gemini and the pace picks up.

She will be in Gemini for the next couple days so expect - increased communications, emails, texts, errands, ideas, learning, teaching, writing, sibling interactions, transportation situations, moving things including ideas and people from one place to another, local community issues, etc -

the Moon in Gemini is quite capable of doing multiple things at once and we will be, too, now.

Keep in mind Gemini's ruler Mercury is retrograde - so we might be doing some of these Gemini things over later on or maybe we are re-vising, re-working, renovating them now.

She moves into a sextile with wounded healer Chiron (at 1 degree Aries). Words are healing. Write a poem/a thank you note/a letter of apology. Lunch break would be an excellent time for a healing meditation.

Outside of our lunar influence we have Black Moon Lilith sextling first Mars (at 17 degrees Pisces/Taurus) and then Saturn (at 18 degrees Pisces/Capricorn) today. Cords are being cut, cages unlocked, blocks dissolved and boundaries/foundations strengthened.

The witch is invited in.

If we give her (as us) a space at the table we no longer have to fear her (our own) power.

At the same time time, Juno (the wife) is opposing Ceres (the mother), so maybe something we are nurturing is challenged through a relationship. This is like your kids want your attention and so does your hubby, but for two different things. There isn't easy middle ground. And this energy works without kids or hubbies.

Maybe there is something now about what we can and can't control. Maybe we want to be growing this thing over here, but our responsibility, our commitment, lies over there. Or maybe this is more about emphasizing the spaces involved - Gemini/Sagittarius. Knowing a little about a lot of things vs a deep knowledge of one thing. The local vs the foreign. Our true beliefs vs what we say/think on a daily basis. Oppositions - which are really projections - feel like something is coming at us or happening to us. If you have planets/points in your natal chart near 12 degrees of the mutable signs you will probably feel this opposition strongest.

Keeping the lines of communication OPEN will allow these energies to work themselves out, although there might not be any conclusions right now - keep in mind Gemini's ruler Mercury is retrograde.

Another day without lunar challenges - just note the void hours and use them for practiced, routine work. They are not the time to launch anything into the world - with the Moon unaspected, we don't want to be starting something brand new or launching something into the world we want "something to come of", because nothing will.

It would be a good time to file your income taxes though!

xo all

photograph by the amazing I Must Be Dead


Today's Lunar Forecast | taking some practical action to ground last week's New Moon dream in REALITY, tending to our resources, nurtured by change

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019 


Today's waxing Taurus Moon has all positive aspects beginning with a dreamy sextile to Neptune at 10:17AM EDT. This is good energy for creativity, working with a dream, using our imagination, meditating, spirituality.

The Moon meets Mars (in Taurus) at 11:26AM EDT - this is building something from the ground up. Taking our time and making things to last. Projects started now/steps taken now will bring stability, but probably not move forward quickly. Keep in mind - stubbornness, digging too deeply into a fixed position will get things stuck. And Mars in Taurus can stop to smell the roses (a good thing now) .. and never get started again (not so good).

The Moon moves into a smooth trine to Saturn (2:34PM EDT) - maybe we are feeling nurtured by hard work. Conservative leanings, doing things the old-fashioned way. There are restrained emotions here, but this is what allows us to do what needs to be done. Something stabilizing, over time, slides into place now. Note if we have been smelling too many roses and fallen asleep in the garden, we could also get a wake-up call here via a reminder about our responsibilities/limits/obligations.

At 7:13PM EDT, the Taurus Moon sextiles the Pisces Sun at 21 degrees - offering us this month's waxing sextile. Take some action, either physical or symbolic, to ground last week's Pisces New Moon dreams in reality. If things have gotten confusing or overwhelming - draw up a plan. Take the next practical step. This isn't about big moves or fast moves, but this is the time that action will create opportunity.

At 10:13PM EDT the Moon trines Pluto - this is us digging into something/going deeper with something from a grounded emotional space. We are comforted by intense experiences now.

We also have Venus (in Aquarius) sextile Ceres (in Sagittarius) at 11 degrees. This is love, nurturing, tending to our money/resources. We are nurtured/mothered through new or unusual friendships, by our groups and causes Maybe by someone giving us (or us giving them) a little more space. If we are feeling detached - nurturing other people/animals (even other people's animals!) would make us feel more connected now.

Lots of positive aspects today!

xo all

photograph by the amazing ankazhuravleva


Today's Lunar Forecast | noticing the good stuff, taking action on that New Moon intention, courage, initiative, starting something new, relationship flexibility, smooth sailing



It's all good news for our waxing Aries Moon today as she sextiles Venus (8 degrees Aquarius), sextiles Juno (10 degrees Gemini) and trines Ceres (11 degrees Sagittarius).

If you haven't spoken/written your New Moon intentions yet today is it! This is as good as it gets. I write about it HERE - see the bottom of the post.

With the Pisces Sun sextiling stable Saturn today, too - THIS is a day to take some kind of action toward that New Moon Piscean intention.

There are multiple opportunities for good stuff to come from this day - let's go look for them!

Great energy for work progress/situations with authorities and stepping into our own authority. A good day for social activitites - nice Friday date-night. Just call it a night before that Saturn square a little after 3AM EST.

Relationship situations can improve, just stay flexible and curious. Things that felt outside our control earlier, may go a little smoother now.

The key to everything will be to use that Aries Moon - courage, action, initiative.

Action is needed, but nothing too pushy - the energy is all smooth and easy.

Keep in mind Mercury is still retrograde, so continue to double check plans, communications, etc.

xo all

Keeping it short and sweet today because I just remembered a morning appointment I had almost forgotten! If we had something that didn't go well before February 20th - when Mercury began walking the degrees he/she will walk three times - this might be the time to give it another go/make another call/send another email - it probably won't get all wrapped up in a pretty bow right now, but we could make some headway

Today's Lunar Forecast | set those intentions, say it again, re-working what isn't, paying attention to what has your attention, one man's trash may just be another man's trash, keeping your eyes on the road, a crisis of confidence doesn't need to be a crisis


We wake with the Moon in Pisces having squared Jupiter and sextiled Pluto late last night.

Let's start the day the Pisces way (clever, eh?) - meditation, visualizing how you want to feel, connecting - with the Moon headed into Aries this afternoon after a short void - imagining courage and confidence should work out to our benefit.

Get those New Moon intentions done because Piscean manifestation is happening with or without our conscious assistance. It probably works better without us, but it is still good to have some input!

I have been rounding up our old toys for our local college's twice a year consignment sale. I google the toy to get some idea of what it costs, halve the price, then enter each toy into the sale site along with my price, print a tag and tape it to the toy. You get the idea. I had become fixated (Vesta!) on this one particular toy, because my google search brought up crazy prices - more than $200 - for a toy I had purchased, used, at this same sale a couple years ago for probably 20 bucks. Of course, just because it is for sale on Ebay for $200 doesn't mean it is going to sell for $200, but it still caught my attention.

Also, I have great memories of playing with Sully with this particular toy - a Fisher price parking garage and it is in perfect condition and pulling at my heart strings. Maybe I should just keep it. Anyway, I finally tell myself, "this is ridiculous, he hasn't played with this thing in 6 months and it takes up a gigantic amount of SPACE, let's let it go".

I enter it into the sale site for $40, congratulate myself for doubling my money and decide I deserve a green iced tea from Starbucks. On my way, and I am not kidding here, I spy - and believe me it took some spying because this toy was lying on its side and half covered in branches - this EXACT TOY free by the side of the road in front of someone's house. WTH!  It is winter here, there isn't anything sitting in front of anyone's house right now. And this is a vintage toy which hasn't been manufactured in years (which accounts for the crazy prices on Ebay). But here it is. I turn my car around, seriously taking my life in my hands, we are talking about maneuvering through fast moving traffic carrying caffeine-hungry people on COFFEE runs. I grab it and toss it in my backseat. At home, half an hour later, I get a better look at it and now it doesn't look so good. Like, I see why it was out at the curb. And now my car smells like wet leaves. Maybe something worse.

But, let's think about what just happened. I had been really focusing on this toy and attracted to myself another of the exact same toy. I don't know what I am going to do here, but I do know I am not going to waste any more of this strong portal energy thinking about THIS

(I should probably erase this entire post not to give this whole thing anymore juice, but maybe you can learn from my lesson!).

We are kicking off this month with some powerful mojo and RIGHT NOW it is at its peak. SET THOSE INTENTIONS and be intentional about them!

We have to do the day to day stuff, yes. But don't forget the magic because it is happening with or without us! Find some quiet time. Get your ass into a chair and still your mind.

Vesta meets the Sun (and Vesta) today at 16 degrees Neptune. Again, our focus matters. A light (Sun) is shown on the dream (Neptune) or maybe on the way we are invalidating what we are wanting with our distracted focus on something else. Or with whatever we are doing to escape what we should be doing. 

The Moon goes void at 2:08PM EST off a conjunction with a retrograde Mercury. Excellent energy to set intentions around what we are re-leasing, RE-THINKING, re-vising, re-visioning! This month's Mercury retrograde is alot about dissolving old blockages.

This afternoon is a good time to be re-wording whatever isn't working. Say it again. Once more with feeling this time.

At 3:27PM EST the Moon moves into fiery Aries - we are called to take some action now (the Moon is going to make an EXCELLENT aspect tomorrow with Venus). The Moon's contact with Chiron could trigger a wound around confidence. It's big girl pants time remember. We can handle what comes at us now. Be brave. We truly, truly have the wind at our backs.

So, pay attention to what comes to your attention now. There are synchronicities here. Your shoulder is being tapped. Can you feel it?

And now, I am thinking that this "parking garage" I found (because we are looking for another garage for hub's business) has a larger significance I will write about tomorrow, because it is time to make the donuts here.

xo all

Today's Lunar Forecast | manifestation, practical action, compassion, forgiveness, re-inventing the dream, re-visioning, find some quiet time, talk less, listen more, casting your spell by spelling it out



We wake with the Pisces Moon sextiling Mars in Taurus (6:25AM EST) - we know what we want and we know how to get it. Practical actions that come through inspiration/intuition create the opportunities. We feel supported. We are acting (Mars) on our emotions (Moon). Compassion, forgiveness - hopefully these are the kind of feelings we can move forward with and ground in Taurean practicality today.

(Although Taurus is about to get a whole lot less stable starting today - see my post about that HERE)

A few years ago - during a major personal Neptunian transit in 2012/2013 - compassion became a major theme in my life.

(like a giant mirror was being held up to me - I even started collecting vintage hand mirrors at that time as the physical and nonphysical melted together - you have to imagine Dumbledore standing beside the mirror, too, saying "this is how you are now being - this is who you really are" some days it wasn't a pretty picture)

I am not talking about the dictionary definition of compassion which is : a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it; pity.

True compassion holds a higher vibration - it has nothing to do with removing the pain or suffering of another person which we can't really do because the karma (ie energy attraction, cause and effect, our perfectly pre-planned, but not predestined life experiences) - that created it in the first place will just recreate it in another form.

Compassion is not about seeing anything or anyone as less than or as broken. 

It's the opposite of that. 

Pity is about judgement. Compassion, in its highest sense and the only sense worth working with, is about non-judgement. It's really about the active expression of acceptance for the world and for people exactly as they are; exactly as we are - being able to look at the whole world (and so ourselves) without expectation that it should be any different.

You may be thinking so what does this have to do with New Moon manifesting?

(although you probably know by now I am a wordy blogger and have to work circles around my circles to get to what I am trying to say; "spit it out" my Jersey father would have said - this is not to make you dizzy dear reader - although I do have a certain fondness for this state of being - but rather to draw you into something slowly - so that even if you come away thinking 'she has totally lost her mind with her ramblings' at least you will have had a few minutes of quiet time - you're welcome)

Manifesting happens in the current moment (it is miracle-making after all).

Compassion gets us into that moment. It allows us to still hold the vision of amazing possibility for the world (and ourselves) but we don't use it as a standard of comparison for rejecting where the world (and we) are right now.

We don't get what we want by hating what we have. They are two different currents and we can't jump ship from that space. Compassion gets us into the place of accepting what is. The space of manifesting where ALL new things are possible.

At 11:03AM EST, The Moon moves into her monthly conjunction with the Sun (and toward Neptune and Vesta who are all cozied up together) giving us our annual New Moon in Pisces.

This is a really good one.

Since she meets the Sun while applying to her conjunction with Neptune/Vesta (she meets the Sun at 15 degrees, and they are at 16 degrees) - the New Moon intention is planted and then she moves into the support she needs to give it inspiration and a sacred focus. Sextiling Saturn creates stability, a fertile soil AND pulls the energy of this year's Saturn/Neptune sextile into our New Moon portal.

I wrote about the New Moon HERE.

You want to get your intentions spoken/written sometime AFTER 11:03AM EST today and BEFORE the Moon squares Saturn at 3:43AM EST on late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Thursday is all good. You want to avoid some troublesome aspects at the end of the week because this New Moon really doesn't have any.

Keep in mind the sanctity of putting what you want into WORDS. You are spelling things out. You are casting a SPELL. 

Don't waste your words the next couple days. If you hear yourself talking some nonsense - zip it. Your intentions will have more power when you set them/say them/write them if they are not surrounded by verbal rubbish (this includes the space you use to write them also - clean it up first and air it out). Spend time in quiet contemplation now. Meditate before and after.

Mercury is sitting powerfully still at the final degree of the final sign this week - offering us a month of cosmic re-invention. The portal is open. 

xo all

photograph by the talented oprisco

Today's Lunar Forecast | time to re-pair, re-vision, re-view, re-flect, not a time to rush, drifting back into something .... back up those files


The Moon went void at 3:10AM EST off a sextile to liberating Uranus

She moved into imaginative and other-wordly Pisces about 5 minutes later as we release, release, release in build up to tomorrow's New Moon in Pisces.

(We woke up here with me saying it was 7:15 and hubs replying, "I can't just jump right out of bed for God's sake!" - he heard me bossing him to hurry his lazy ass up when I was just reading the time on my Kindle and wondering if I had any eggs downstairs. What I didn't do was go all cray-cray on his cray-cray because I knew it was rooted in our history - of me implying he needed to hurry his ass up -  and Moon in Aquarius contacting Aquarius ruler Uranus doesn't want to be told what to do. He came downstairs all huggy which I moved into very easily because there was nothing to hold onto here from that tension. We both let it go. And obviously this is a small thing, but kind of the way to move through Pisces if you want to stay sane ... and partnered this month.)

With the Moon in Pisces our focus could turn to more Piscean themes for the next couple days - art, music, creativity, healing, spirituality, secrets, stuff from the past, boundary issues, self-sacrifice, self-sabotage. A less structured side of life.

The Moon will drift along unaspected. Maybe that will amplify today's kick off to this month's primary transit, Mercury stationing retrograde at 29 degree. Maybe we will just kind of drift into it (or drift back into it!).

Mercury is at this degree for the entire week, so whatever this is it will be a point of FOCUS.

We are going back over something - something needs a re-pair, re-vision, our re-flection.

I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in great detail HERE and that post is going to turn into a series as we move through the month.

At the request of a couple people looking for old Lunar Forecast posts I had been deleting when I wrote a new daily - I will now link to them in the FOLLOW THE MOONS at the top of the home page, so they are still available, but won't be in the top posts which seemed to me like it would be confusing - old posts will be there starting with yesterday's.

xo all

photography by the talented Irina Jonanne

Today's Lunar Forecast | feeling generous, an instinct to take something further, learning more, teaching more, cooperation, the power of the group, do you feel lucky?

The waning Aquarius Moon's only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to expansive and optimistic Jupiter (in Sagittarius) at 11:30AM EST

This makes me think of that feeling when we start out the morning of a road trip - something that smells like adventure (or hazelnut coffee) and tastes like freedom (or a cinnamon dunkin donut)

and we are not thinking about the sugar content AT ALL because we are on a ROAD TRIP and we hunt through our bag for a dollar bill because it doesn't feel right AT ALL to just drop our quarter change into the glass tip jar because we are on a ROAD TRIP.

Except the Moon is waning, so we are doing more finishing than starting.

Maybe whatever we are finishing now we are really, really glad to be done with!

This is not so much a day for the details, they could get lost - it's the energy of the big picture. The feeling of there is always more out there. There is a generous spirit here. There is cooperation here. A need for freedom. An instinct to take something further. Good for working with other people. Good for connecting diverse groups of people. Teaching, Public relations. Group presentations. Put yourself and your work out there.

Take your knowledge of something to another level or to a wider audience.

EXPECT things to go well.

Sagittarius gets lucky because Sagittarians think they are lucky. And I know the Sagittarians reading this are saying to themselves, "I don't think I am lucky!" (and then they buy a scratch-off, win $5 and buy themselves and the guy in line behind them another ticket).

We get luckiest today within group situations, when we are leaning toward the future and when we stretch our boundaries.

xo all

photograph by the talented oprisco

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