weekly astrology forecast for creatives | November 8th -14th, 2021 - intensity, breakthroughs, how disciplined are you, power shifts, transcendence, words that wake us up!


MONDAY - Pallas stations direct, Pallas squares Ceres, Ceres sextiles Chiron

WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Mars, Mercury squares Saturn, Mars squares Saturn

THURSDAY - First Quarter Moon (19 degrees Aquarius)

FRIDAY - Sun trines Neptune, Mars inconjuncts Chiron

SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Uranus

SUNDAY - Juno enters Capricorn

On MONDAY, Pallas stations direct at 9 degrees Pisces squaring Ceres retrograde at 9 degrees Gemini who is sextiling Chiron at 9 degrees Aries.

Pallas changes direction, HERE is the Pisces wisdom/pattern we missed/new compassionate, imaginative or spiritual strategy. She immediately squares Ceres, retrograde in Gemini. The Pallas/Ceres is a repeating aspect from early October. Ceres in Gemini is smart nurturing, bringing a kind of open-minded curiosity to change of life/season of life situations. Pallas in Pisces is intuitive, going with the flow, but also maybe seeing patterns when they aren't really there or letting things kind of drift too much, so we've got this tension/frustration between our intuition/dreams and the facts/the details. 


A way through this one is that sextile (opportunity) to Chiron in independent/action-oriented Aries from Ceres. Smart nurturing/action, our ability to stay flexible/detach a bit emotionally and apply a smart focus to the details is healing (the Moon is in Cappy making oodles of good aspects, so taking things seriously/getting down to business will help, too). 


TUESDAY - UPDATE - the Moon in Capricorn will sextile the Scorpio Sun at 12:06AM EST, sextile a retrograde Neptune at 6:00AM EST and goes void off her monthly meeting with Pluto at 12:51PM EST. She will be void until 10:03PM EST when she moves into Aquarius. 

The sextile is this month's Waxing Sextile - Capricorn/Scorpio. This is good, pro-active energy for making headway with goals/projects/finances. Our New Moon seeds are growing. We are taking action. The sextile to Neptune puts us into flow with our dreams/intuition and her meeting with Pluto - our monthly lunar "death" - brings merging/purging/transformation and rebirth. The Moon in Capricorn is practical/counting her cans of beans and dollars in the bank. Her monthly "death" allows these little chinks to be slashed in the armor of thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning  around what we have been made to believe is practical/brings stability. Ideas about hierarchical necessity, Darwin's survival of the fittest (which really meant our ability to change/adapt and has somehow morphed into ideas about strength and power), the ways culture has changed through the worship of one male God/the Sun/Son, our need to be controlled, so we can be kept from doing wrong. This is personal and collective and Pluto is slow and relentless. A little emotional Cappy burial every month followed by a rebirth, always followed by a rebirth. We get a long void, so GET THINGS DONE EARLY (and Pluto has been late enough in Cappy for long enough that we've had many of these "deaths" followed by voids) - time to process what we have worked through - and then the Aquarian lunar cycle begins. The rebirth being more intellectual/less attached/more future leaning. Once the Moon gets into Aquarius she starts applying to all these Scorpio squares and her square to Uranus in Taurus and Thursday's square with the Sun, so our time in Aquarius will not be without its challenges/tension.

As always don't start anything new/important during the void - unless you want nothing to come of it - stick to routine matters and things you 'do all the time', so you won't have to do it all over again later.

WEDNESDAY - UPDATE - the Moon continues her journey through Aquarius - we are nurtured/nourished by intellectualism, our individuality/freak flags, our genius, revolution, our groups and causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, the strange and unusual, space/freedom/having room to think.


She squares Mars at 10:54AM EST, squares Mercury at 11:08AM EST, meets Saturn (Aqua co-ruler) at 11:14AM EST and finally squares a retrograde Uranus (Aqua's other co-ruler) at 7:45PM EST. This is all, uncannily as the Moon is apt to do, reinforcing what we talked about in the weekly below. Challenges. Obligations. Uncomfortable news/information/conversations/actions. The key here is the same, too - working with Saturn. Being responsible. Having patience. Doing the grown-up thing/using your grown-up voice. So, say for an example, an unexpected bill comes in. And it doesn't have to be unexpected, but it will be frustrating/produce tension. You will need to live up to your obligation with it. You can't just toss it in a drawer and go back to sleep. 


Remember this is a repeating aspect that started back on October 30th when the Sun squared Saturn, then repeated on November 4th when the Moon (in Scorpio) squared Saturn. So whatever is going on now can connect to whatever was going on back then. People with planets/points near 7 degrees of the fixed signs will feel this strongest. Today, this is number 3 of 3 - we have Mercury and Mars meeting and squaring Saturn while the Moon squares them and meets Saturn (Ginger Rogers doing what Fred Astaire does backward and in high heels). The Moon, being in Aquarius and meeting up with Saturn is SUPPORTING US. Whatever these limits/obligations/roadblock is her merger with Saturn gives us the emotional strength/fortitude to move past the block. Not by cutting corners or throwing in the towel, but by being smart, not taking things personally, being future focused and sober/responsible. This month in Scorpio is about stepping into our own authority/our own power - these transits are part of that.


OK - the lunar stuff above I have added Tuesday night - here's the regular weekly post for WEDNESDAY.




Mercury, meets Mars at 7 degrees Scorpio while they both square Saturn - remember Mercury is doing what the Sun did a few days ago, but now he is joined by Mars to add to the INTENSITY. Or we could say Mars is doing what the Sun did and he is joined by Mercury.


This looks like restrictions on what we can say/hear/access/think and at the same time increased attention to what needs to be said/done. This combination of aspects is making me think of the television series "Succession". Is anyone else watching that one? People can be demanding. Rules won't budge. There could be arguments. The positives of Saturn can provide an outlet here, although this stuff will be done with our back against the wall - knuckle down, do the work, be responsible, have patience. All this Scorpio is asking us to take our power back by doing the inner work/stepping into our responsibility/becoming an AUTHORITY. 


Apply more discipline - I know that doesn't sound sexy, but it is what will work. 


Keep in mind this is dangerous energy - drive safely, take care operating heavy machinery - only you can prevent forest fires. You know the drill. Also, keep in mind, Scorpio is intense/raw BUT isn't fast - although Mercury will speed things up and Mars IS flying, we still don't have to make ourselves nuts and rush around and make mistakes.


THURSDAY - the Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius squares the Scorpio Sun giving us this month's First Quarter Square. This is tension/frustration between merging and detaching. The independent/individualistic Aqua Moon speaks of the the need to step back from what has been absorbing our time/attention/resources. Get some air. It's time for a more intellectual approach. This could be a trigger for this weekend's "surprise" energy, so something could come out of the blue now. 


FRIDAY - UPDATE -  the Moon is void until 2:54AM EST when she moves into magical/mystical/delusional Pisces. As we see over and over, the lunar activity supporting/reinforcing the day's big aspects. She makes a beautiful/opportunistic sextile to Venus in Cappy (love, money, our values and self-esteem, our goals, career, authority) at 3:17PM EST, followed by a smooth trine to Mars in Scorpio (our actions/passions, merged money, intimacy, reproduction, third party situations). 

At the same time the Sun at 20 degrees Scorpio - answering to Mars and Pluto - trines Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces - here is smooth flow, something falling into place. We just have to let go of the need to control the outcome! Get out of our own way. Scorpio goes deep and Neptune dissolves/fades. Something could get more intimate/more compassionate. Here is us taking action on our dreams. Neptune, as these outer planets are apt to do, has been hanging out at 20 degrees Pisces for so long that people with planets/points near 20 degrees Pisces are probably feeling like they are being erased! This will be a nice influence for those planets/points now, a light shines on what you carry here. Something DEEPENS. Passion is felt. Action is taken. Our intuition/creativity is HIGH. This is transcendence, spiritual, universal love. Mars is also trining Pallas now - adding to our ability to navigate the Piscean waters with wisdom/intuition.

The caveat with smooth aspects to Neptune/Pisces is always our ability to get lost in the sauce, float off into lalaland, sleep/Netflix the day away, have one drink that leads to another to another. Keep this in mind.


SATURDAY - UPDATE - the Moon continues her monthly journey through imaginative/healing Pisces. She trines Mercury (remember this is the day Mercury opposes Uranus) at 12:22AM EST, sextiles Uranus (retrograde) at 1:43AM EST, meets up with ruler Neptune (retrograde) at 4:45PM EST, trines the Sun at 7:18PM EST and will go void early Sunday morning, 12:39AM EDT off a productive sextile to Pluto. 

The trine to the Scorpio Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - Scorpio/Pisces. This is emotional flow. Here we are feeling the next leg of our New Moon story. Again the Moon is offering us support with the day's big energies. As Mercury and Uranus oppose each other, she is trining one and sextiling the other - both smooth flow, so we know whatever happens there is a path through this/a greater hand guiding the ship. Our intuition/internal guidance can be trusted. Meditation. Prayer. Time spent near/in water can help. Our ancestors are helping us now.


Mercury at 12 degrees Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Here is ANOTHER chance (we talked about this in last week's New Moon post) to TAKE OUR POWER BACK - also a chance to say/hear something abrupt/shocking. Burn a bridge. Toss a fit. Scorpio can be deadly, and Scorpian changes are permanent, so keep that in mind. Also note today's lunar aspects will help.


On the other hand, these November oppositions to Uranus are opportunities for necessary power struggles when power balances can FLIP. They are cosmic opportunities for BREAKTHROUGHS. A brilliant idea can pop right into your head.


Mercury/Uranus speaks of unexpected information/a conversation, maybe around whatever came to light last week when the Sun opposed Uranus. Here is an answer. Or an abrupt conclusion. Maybe we change our mind. Here are WORDS THAT WAKE US UP. Words that set us free. With Mercury in Scorpio - secrets, hidden information, the stuff we have to dig up, uncomfortable truths can come out. Uranus is retrograde, so this is #unexpected, #not-totally-unexpected. Conversations will be intense. News challenging. Results permanent. Oh my. 


Keep in mind, we get one more go at these "opportunities to take our power back/surprise/breakthroughs" as Mars opposes Uranus next week.

Also keep in mind, that I am writing about aspects when they are most exact, but they are in play as they apply and unwind also. This is a big week, next week is big, too. Challenges. Opportunities. It's why we're here folks. 

xo all - I will pop back into this post and update the Moons starting on Tuesday!

artwork by the talented PaulWardArt

the astrology of the New Moon in Scorpio | November 4th, 2021 - disruptive change, evolving through the shadows, truth bombs, danger Will Robinson, liberation, pushed to shift gears


On Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 5:15PM EDT, the Moon meets the Sun in dark, deep, powerful and intimate Scorpio, giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Scorpio. 


The New Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to commit (Scorpion energy is fixed and committed) to goals that express the POSITIVE use of Scorpio energy. Focus. Courage. Passion. Plutonian Scorpio learns and grows through loss. We go down into the underworld, and in the end, it's not so much about what we have brought back with us as it is about what we have left behind ....

Scorpio rules our collective 8th house of intimacy - of other people's values, other people's money. Here is where we take the time to understand other people's motives. It's through the constructive traits of Scorpio - focus, resourcefulness, passion, probing, deep perception - that we experience real intimacy. We merge with other people physically and materially. Scorpio is our only fixed water sign. It's potent energy for making deep changes.

Like the New Moon in Scorpio in October 2019, the Moon and Sun are exactly opposing disruptive Uranus, so we have our annual Sun opposing Uranus (unexpected shake-ups and changes) coming at the same time as the New Moon in Scorpio's powerful and transformative NEW BEGINNING. 


With Uranus retrograde and covering old territory, there is something not totally new or not totally unexpected about this disruption. Uranian oppositions can make other people/outside situations feel more distant/more impulsive or unpredictable.


The New Moon looks like a new beginning (in the dark, so lots we don't know right now) birthed from an unexpected and possibly chaotic and jolting shock/change/liberation. This could be INTENSE. 


Let's dive right in and unpack the chart!


The best thing about this New Moon is we have Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio (along with modern ruler Pluto) back in his home sign just in time to rule this lunation from a place of passion/power. Mars in Scorpio is all about FOCUSED ACTION. Concentration. Courage. Think of a scorpian's fast sting that can take out a much larger opponent. Being able to move/take action as needed. This is NOT about jumping into something foolishly, propelled by anxiety/anxiousness, but it IS about not hesitating to act when action is needed/the time is RIGHT. 

Pluto, Scorpio's modern ruler, is direct now, still at 24 degrees Capricorn, so covering old ground. He is quintile the Moon/Sun conjunction and the focus of a T-Square with Eris and Mercury.

The Sun is just coming off his square to Saturn at the end of October - the stop sign/road block/reality check/responsibility - which will be reactivated now and from November 6th - November 10th in some BIG ways (when the Moon will meet Saturn and square Mars, who will also be squaring Saturn) and then near November 18th, Mars is going to hit today's New Moon degree setting whatever is seeded NOW into ACTION.

Scorpio New Moons often bring up unconscious fears/truth bombs. We are meant to face them and step into a higher level of our own power. At the time of a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are on the same page, ready to begin TOGETHER. But this month we have the planet of change/the future/genius/chaos opposing this new beginning. This might show up as something outside of us FORCING us to make a new move/decision/emotional change. Over the next couple weeks there is universal encouragement/support/a boot at our backside - to look at what has been keeping us stuck and take action to shift this stuck energy.

Mars, at 3 degrees Scorpio, is conjunct, exact, asteroid Pandora, so I went looking for asteroid Wuhan (of covid fame) since the activation in 2020 of the Pandora/Wuhan conjunction on Algol in the United States birth chart (Sibley chart) was mega-impactful and the United States is approaching its first Pluto return in February 2022. At the time of this New Moon we see Pandora is conjunct Mars and Wuhan is conjunct the IC of the United States New Moon chart and conjunct the United States natal Sun which almost exactly squares this New Moon. Biden's natal Mars is also exactly conjunct this New Moon. This is an important time for the United States. We'll look at that in another post.

Mars EXACT conjunction with Pandora in Scorpio has me thinking (beyond pandemics and their responses) about the ways we 'try to keep a lid on things' and the way sometimes things need to fall apart and also the ways we sometimes hide away (what's that expression 'hide our light under a bushel') the very things we are intended to share.

With Mercury set to meet Mars and Mars set to square Saturn, both happening on November 10th and so applying (most aspects are strongest when applying) now - AND with a BIG eclipse season starting in two weeks and in play now, we are in some very active/challenging/opportunistic energies.

November's personal planets in Scorpio will offer us three opportunities, through their oppositions with Uranus, to TAKE OUR POWER BACK through unexpected (not totally unexpected) situations. Uranus and Scorpio/Pluto work very well together. Uranus slices through the inertia/all that fixed emotional baggage revealing the next level of possibility. Uranian energy is unpredictable and will risk everything to re-structure our consciousness/pull us into the unknown future. Make the uncomfortable comfortable - because we are hardwired to crave the comfort of what we are used to even if it's not good for us. Uranus energy is neutral, not innately positive or negative. It’s possible for Uranus to activate negative outcomes, but this is usually when we resist change and muck things up by hanging onto what is dead out of fear of what will happen to us if we let go. So, here's where Pluto/Scorpio comes in. Offering us an opportunity to see/feel what no longer has a pulse, the truth that is hidden, the fears that keep us stuck. It's a match made in heaven, or hell ...


These oppositions will be accompanied by Saturn squares (which slow things down, allow us to get our bearings, make things more real, create necessary roadblocks and stop signs) the start of Eclipse season and take us into December's final (not quite final) Saturn/Uranus square, this year's biggest repeating aspect. 

The big lessons of 2021 are brought to us through the Saturn/Uranus squares (order vs chaos) and the Gemini North Node. We are learning how to sit with the chaos/concede the chaos its space. Offer 'change' a cup of coffee and a place on the sofa. If we allow ourselves to be pressured into latching onto false conclusions/jumping into old stories so we can feel safe or certain we are just expending our energy propping up worn out situations/structures that need to collapse. It's about focusing on what we want and not what we don't want (which sounds so damn easy and why the hell isn't it?) - focusing, not on resisting change - but on what we want to replace the stuff we have lost WITH and allowing ourselves to stay curious and open and sit fallow when we don't know what that is yet. We aren't expected to have all the answers right now and the people that think they do - well, they don't (which obviously includes me and is one reason I have been blogging less often, so use your discernment with everything you read here). Thinking we know is just creating resistance to what is possible! We can't see where we are going and we can't get where we are going from here. So here has to change. That's what's happening and why we feel so anxious, ungrounded or half-dead - HERE is changing. We have to use the best of that Sag South Node - faith/hope (remember what Pandora held onto) and trust that the universe knows what it's doing!

Bottom line with this one - hang on loosely! Take action as needed and on what you are passionate about. All the personal planets are direct, we are meant to be IN MOTION. What starts will matter.

New Moon Intentions

Setting intentions for "Scorpio stuff" (or the stuff ruled by the house that holds 12-13 degrees Scorpio in our natal chart) during a Scorpio New Moon can be very powerful. Just stay open and flexible because something from that Taurus house of ours is going to shake things up! These intentions might include  - empowerment, change, crisis skills, self-mastery, sex, soul mates, financial partnerships, avoiding power struggles, secrets, psychology, charisma, restoration, forgiveness, obsessions, compulsions, strength, loans, debts, taxes, inheritances, contracts, releasing revenge, jealousy and guilt, your Scorpio natal house theme

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning both certain and light/calm) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

This is a kind of an accident prone New Moon, so stay frosty.

Weekly Astrology forecast for Creatives | November 1st - November 7th, 2021 - momentum, sudden change and surprises, what we want changes, our thinking/the conversation changes, a big month kicks off with a big new moon



We start the week, and month, coming off Saturday's exact Sun square Saturn stop sign/reality check/truth bomb. Whatever this 'brought to light/unearthed' for us last week, we can expect it to NOT be a one-and-done or unwind quickly. 


The Moon, following in the Sun's footsteps, will square Saturn just hours before Thursday's New Moon AND on November 10th (now here's some gnarly astro), the Moon will meet Saturn and square Mars, who will, of course, also be squaring Saturn. All of this is happening with Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius, so people with planets/points nearest to 7 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be feeling this the strongest. 

Thursday's New Moon in Scorpio will be EXACTLY opposing 'anything-can-happen' Uranus - although with Uranus retrograde whatever this churns up for us will not be totally unexpected. The next day, two of our inner/personal planets change signs - a strong indicator that changes are in store this week for many people and probably all of us.


Also with Venus heading into sober Cappy  and Mercury into powerful Scorpio - it's TIME TO GET SERIOUS, PEOPLE! 


November and December are not for sissies - more about that in the New Moon post.

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury trines Jupiter, Sun trines Pallas

TUESDAY - Mercury squares Pluto

THURSDAY - Sun opposes Uranus, New Moon in Scorpio (12 degrees)

FRIDAY - Venus enters Capricorn UNTIL MARCH! Mercury enters Scorpio

SATURDAY - Mercury sextiles Venus


On MONDAY, Mercury (flying through the end of Libra FINALLY) trines Jupiter (in Aquarius) at the powerful 22nd degree. Still covering old territory until he/she gets to 26 degrees Libra on the Scorpio New Moon (Thursday) - today's trine is a repeating aspect from September 20th and October 3rd, so there could be a connection NOW to information/communications from THEN. This is our final pass through here with both planets direct. Positive, expansive conversations. Opportunities. Faith/hope. Reach out. Talk to people. Remember Mercury is STILL in Libra, so think - cordial, social, diplomatic, fair. 


At the same time, the Sun in Scorpio is trining (more brakes off) Pallas in fellow water sign Pisces. The Sun in Scorpio is energized by the stuff we don't always want to talk about/look at. The smooth flow to a gentler/compassionate Pallas makes it easier to see/feel very old patterns/escape mechanisms/self-sabotaging tendencies. We can also more easily forgive/seek forgiveness. Pallas in Pisces pulls divine wisdom/inner knowing into today's mix. At the same time, the Sun's 'search for truth' in deep Scorpio can allow us to see any ways our Pallas has gone off track in nonlinear/watery Pisces - seeing patterns that don't exist/connecting dots that shouldn't be connected, etc.  

On TUESDAY, Mercury squares Pluto (at 24 degrees Capricorn). This is a repeating aspect, too, and pulls in tension/frustration with our goals/authority/career/Cappy house theme. Coming right after the high-flying Mercury/Jupiter makes it obvious some real-world responsibilities/security issues will pull us back down to Earth. Here is also where any power imbalances/passive-aggressive energies (saying one thing when we or they mean something else altogether) could be highlighted. Manipulation. Threats. Fear of what might be lost/dying. Our thinking obsessive/feeling like life and death. Again, we've been here before - this ain't our first rodeo. This is Mercury's FINAL aspect in partnership-focused Libra before we merge/purge in Scorpio - what do we own here/what have we contributed to whatever this mess is. Taking our power back means taking responsibility for whatever we are projecting onto other people. What needs to go/stop. 

On THURSDAY, the Scorpio Moon meets the Scorpio Sun at 12 degrees EXACTLY opposing a retrograde Uranus. It's SURPRISE - BIG REVEAL TIME even with these dark skies. 


Expect a BIG post. 


This is also the day Mercury starts covering new ground in Libra, so new conversations/information/ideas are pulled into the New Moon's brave new story-line!


On FRIDAY - Venus enters Capricorn - until March, yes, I said March, due to her upcoming retrograde and Mercury dives into Scorpio (finally leaving Libra after his/her long retrograde) until November 24th.  What we want changes. The conversations changes. With two personal planets changing signs and a New Moon opposing Uranus in the same week, everyone will have SOMETHING new going on.

Venus enters Capricorn. This is a LONG and important transit where she will cross the January 2020 'time runs out' degree THREE times and deal with Pluto - still hanging out in 'time runs out' territory - THREE times. Expect a BIG post.

In the meantime, in general, Venus (love, money, women, values, self-esteem, beauty) moves into Capricorn today. Capricorn is the sign of structure and discipline. In Capricorn season (winter) these are the qualities that kept our ancestors alive. When Venus visits this space of the heavens these are the qualities that help us attract what we want and need.

Capricorn Suns and Risings get more attractive now (both more able to attract what they want and easier on the eye). Our Capricorn houses (natal) become more attractive, too.

This is the time to get serious with Venus ruled themes.Where are we investing our resources - our time, esteem, relationships, resources, money? What are we getting back? Are we putting a whole lot of time into one thing, but all our revenue is coming from this other thing? Sometimes this is ok, but maybe it's not. It's time to check in with ourselves. Venus in Capricorn is an excellent time for organizing our finances so we can attract more money that sticks. I used to be a Bank Manager and noticed that how a person attracted/earned their money usually correlated to how sticky that money was later. And I once wasted a ridiculous amount of money on something I hadn't done enough research on because the money had come to me too easily - a way my self-esteem, at that time, couldn't line up with.

Venus in Capricorn allows us to recognize we attract what we earn (ie if we've attracted it with Venus in Cappy rest assured we HAVE earned it), so we get to KEEP it.  Tradition will become a focus - the way something has always been done. This doesn't mean we have to continue doing things the way we've always done them, but these things will come to our attention now.

We get more serious about love, too. If something isn't going anywhere, this can be the transit we cut it loose. Our focus returns to what is real. We attract stability and longer lasting success/love/money by finishing what we start and honoring our commitments. This is all just general Venus in Cappy stuff, this year's transit is a bit different and more amped up and we will talk about that in its own post. 

Mercury enters Scorpio. The planet of communication (Mercury) ingresses into the sign of power, transformation and secrets (Scorpio) until November 24th.  This is excellent energy for deep (Scorpio) investigation/research (Mercury). Instead of learning/thinking/communicating about a little of this and a little of that, now is the time to go "all in" with a subject we are passionate about.

Our mind can focus. Is this still true with the internet/youtube/facebook/pinterest/instagram/tiktok, well we are going to find out. Multi-tasking will be harder because our intellect will want to sit with one thing for longer than we usually do. We will be getting to the bottom of things and will not be satisfied with Libra's (Mercury's last stop) conversational civilities. We'll want to know, and think/talk about, what is really happening.


It won't always be comfortable.

The hard truths won't be blurted out spontaneously (although with that Uranus opposition some of this is possible) - we will have to dig for them. Decide first if you really want to know what is hiding underneath because Plutonian authenticity is not only transformational - it is permanent. There is no going back to "not knowing". Mysteries can be solved. The truth could come out. Secrets can be languaged and spoken out loud.

Difficult conversations will create deeper levels of intimacy now. If you are dating someone and you have sex (also Scorpio ruled) with them you can never go back to not having sex with them even if you never have sex with them again. The intimacy is still there. See what I mean. It will be like this with our words now. And once we know the information - we own it. It's our move (with Scorpio the move might be internal). It changes who we are and we ignore who we are at our own peril (this is how we start carrying around stuff that is dead and Scorpio rules that, too).

Careless language (disrespect for ourselves and others) and our careless treatment of other people's words (and their reaction to ours) will be karmic. Keep this in mind. There could be battles for mental supremacy and mind games during this transit. People prone to manipulation could be extremely effective (or someone will finally see right to the bottom of what we are doing - maybe that someone will be ourselves). This is a time to take a good, long look at what we are really seeking when we are trying to make a situation/person behave in a way that pleases us. Think about it. There are gold nuggets to be mined now. Even tiny specks can be used to create great fortunes. Scorpio rules our inheritance.

The fly in the ointment here is that we might think we are mining for gold when we are really just obsessing on the same old same old. Scorpio rules obsession and compulsion and our minds could easily go there now. Notice it. Don't judge it. Think about - "what does it mean that I keep thinking about this?". Scorpio rules death, too. It's not only what we dig up, but what we put into the ground that matters now. Maybe some words/language/story needs to be put to rest. 

Now, I've written a HUGE lot for Thursday and this doesn't mean this is going to happen on Thursday - this is just the starting point. And keep in mind the South Node will be in Scorpio in just a few weeks, so everything Scorpio AND Taurus is about to become mega important.

On SATURDAY, Mercury - who has been UBER busy this week, so we should expect to be busy, too - at 1 degrees Scorpio is going to sextile (opportunity) Venus at 1 degree Capricorn. This is water and earth which makes mud, but also mudslides. I like the Scorpio/Cappy sextile. We are connecting/deciding/conversing in deep/serious ways. Making cuts and commitments. This stays. That goes. 


Life is serious. Would I say deadly serious? Well, yes. Yes, I would. 

xo all


back with the New Moon post!

artwork by the amazing Alice Neel

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 - moody mamas and manipulative children or vice versa or something like that ....



The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer (since yesterday). 


Maybe our attention has turned to home matters, real estate, renovation, home or family business. With a Cancer Moon we are nurtured/nourished by home and family, by mom and apple pie. 


She is all over the place today - squares Mercury at 1:09AM EDT, trines Neptune at 10:47AM EDT and opposes Pluto at 6:07PM EDT. 


The Moon in "mama-bear" Cancer is sensitive/protective/self-protective/moody. The square to Mercury in partnership/fairness/balance focused Libra speaks of difficult conversations or information. Maybe feelings get hurt. It is easy to take things too personally. The smooth trine to Neptune in Pisces pulls in compassion/reminiscing/forgiveness, but then we move into our monthly lunar opposition to powerful Pluto. Things get intense/uncomfortable. Something can feel like life and death. The stuff that is not being said becomes more important than what is. Oppositions are similar to Full Moons and bring culminations/peak energy/endings. Maybe hidden information comes out. Someone says what needs to be said (or maybe it doesn't but it gets said anyway and now it's out there) and it doesn't feel so good. Power struggles, maybe reminiscent of childhood situations. Manipulations. This can also bring up situations with other people's money, merged funds, taxes, inheritances, loans, reproduction, intimacy issues. 

At 2:01AM EDT on the 28th, the Moon will go void off a testy square to Mars at the end of Libra leaving us feeling antsy. Don't force a late night conversation/action that doesn't need to happen. It might not go so well.


The good news - keep in mind, all day (in play all week) Venus is applying to tomorrow's sextile to Jupiter. Expansion. Hope. Luck. Opportunity. Ka-ching. This is your Sagittarius house and your Aquarius house all powered up with goodies. Everyone gets something this week/some kind of LUCKY. How is this impacting you? What can you do with this? Just keep in mind the whole over-estimating thing/going too far, too big too fast. We talked about that and more in the weekly HERE.

xo all


artwork by the amazing and talented Meluseena - I make a lovely locket with her HERE

  • Cancer Moon square Mercury in Libra (15 deg)
  • Moon trine Neptune Rx in Pisces (20 deg)
  • Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn (24 deg)

The Moon/Mercury square triggers emotional discussions that veer between extremes. It will be difficult to have a polite convo because sensitivities will be heightened. There could be dramatic statements or difficulties in saying/hearing something clearly. Before you respond, step back and think. 

The trine to Neptune can encourage a healing flow and compassion but that will take you right into the opposition with Pluto. So what begins as smooth access to certain needs/feelings will quickly reach an intense culmination - fears of loss, neediness and parental issues will be activated. There could be an ending/breakthrough that allows you to access something that's been repressed, but it won't feel comfortable. The full spectrum of emotions will be activated with a range that includes mothering/smothering, childlike helplessness and manipulative withdrawal.

Nonetheless, don't shrink from what's revealed - a mini "death" can clear the way for enhanced self-sufficiency. Also, this can be a good time to recognize who you're handing your power to - no one has the power to make you feel anything (you're in control of your emotions). 

Painting by Dirck Hals (Wikimedia Commons)

This Week's Astrology Forecast for creatives | October 25th - 31st, 2021 - a need to catch our breath, expansion, hope, luck, faith, taking a risk without betting the farm, the push and pull and deep dive of this year's scorpio season begins


Was last week a roller coaster ride or what?!


The Sun is in deep, dark Scorpio now - the fixed space of the autumn season. I'd say the space where the dead stay buried, but with Mars' Scorpio ingress this week, that might not be totally true. 

Venus is very active. First up a creative/spiritual, but maybe delusional and almost certainly exhausting square to Neptune (maybe a hangover from last week's ups and downs and fast crash landing) and then an opportunistic sextile with an expansive and LUCKY Jupiter when we'll have to know when to stretch/reach for more and when to say when.


The Last Quarter Moon in fixed signs followed by a Sun square Saturn (also in fixed signs) should keep us grounded/from going too far/will pull in the reality police.


Let's unpack the week!


TUESDAY - Venus squares Neptune, Mars sextiles the Galactic Center, Ceres conjuncts Black Moon Lilith

THURSDAY - Venus sextiles Jupiter, Last Quarter Moon in Leo

 SATURDAY - Mars into Scorpio, the Sun squares Saturn

TUESDAY - Venus, at 20 degrees Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. The Venus/Neptune square is tension/frustration/maybe disappointment. What we want might dissolve/fade away.  Sag/Pisces can both be rather pie-in-the-sky energies, so keep one foot on the ground now. Not everything is quite what it seems. We might be pining for something we think we lost that we never actually had or wanting something without even knowing what it is. There is some kind of leaky/bottom-less cup here. We want more.


Take a breath. Maybe a nap.


Ceres meets up with Black Moon Lilith at 11 degrees Gemini. Black Moon Lilith (as us) in Gemini has made her escape from the garden. She is saying what she wants to say/thinking how she wants to think. Ceres is retrograde - this is their second meeting and pulls us back to a situation from early August. This portal is the re-thinking, re-languaging, re-evaluating part as the mother energy (can also bring up change of life situations and situations outside our control or in need of compromise) meets the taboo/won't be anyone's ball and chain feminine energy. 


Mars, nearing the end of his FREAKIN' EXHAUSTING journey through partnership/fairness/balanced, passive-aggressively indecisive Libra now sextiles (opportunity) the Galactic Center - our homing signal/Black Hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Our actions/passions - again, think Libra - cooperative, diplomatic, fair - are calling in a new co-creative power. Collectively we are letting go of the need to project our issues onto other people in order to defend our own vulnerabilities. We are learning (through Mars disposition of Chiron in Aries) that we can take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves, that being vulnerable is one of our superpowers - that being vulnerable AND REAL does not equal being weak. 


Mars is hours away from coming home to Scorpio - where we will go deeper, act with passion/power, merge more fully, prune the dead wood. With Chiron in Aries - and answering to Mars - we are a couple years into a collective healing through a shift from tribal power to individual power (he will be in Aries until 2027). Mars journey through Libra every couple years is our opportunity to take back some of what we have been projecting onto other people AND, at the same time, bring some of our newly-formed "individual selves" into our relationships/the way we do 'fair' now, the way we do 'balance'. This is tricky because our group memory is tribal and something deep within us is always sending out warning signals when we venture too far from the 'tribe' or in this case, the way relationships 'have always been' done, but that old version of loss of self within intimate relationships is no longer possible. Which makes everyone, yes, a little more lonely (at this point in the cycle anyway, we'll have to see how we work the next few years), but also keep in mind we are carrying our unique spark at a very intimate level now and no one can take it from us. We will likely have to take some action to activate this sextile now, but seriously creative downloads are possible. Pay attention. Act with courage and civility/fairness. This will add power to Thursday's Venus/Jupiter sextile. 

On THURSDAY, the Leo Moon squares the Scorpio Sun at 5 degrees. This is our Last Quarter Square before next week's powerful New Moon in Scorpio opposing (anything-can-happen) Uranus. This square is fixed energy. The Leo Moon wants to have some fun OUT THERE and the Scorpio Sun wants to get to the bottom of things/stay home and do a puzzle. Our ego, need for attention/appreciation is at odds with what we want to keep hidden/out of sight/in our back pocket/close to our chest. Do we put it all out there or hold something back? The Leo Sun can also bring attention to something we don't want to look at/deal with. This can also show up simply as the tension between going out and being visible and staying in and doing our own private things.

Venus, at 22 degrees Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter at 22 degrees Aquarius. Here is smooth flow. Here is what we want meeting the opportunity to get it. Luck. Freedom. Expansion.


But also - and I don't want to focus on this, but I do have to say it, especially since Venus is coming off that square to fantastical/sometime delusional Neptune - with Venus (at the powerful 22 degrees) in Sagittarius answering to more-is-more-is-more Jupiter (at the powerful 22 degrees Aquarius), the possibility to take something TOO FAR.


On the other hand, and this is why we get two of then, the rewards with Jupiter ALWAYS come with some risk/hope/faith.

On SATURDAY - Mars comes home to Scorpio (after two years) joining the Sun and will power up our Scorpio planets!

With Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger) here we will think about what we are going to do before we do it. Scorpio likes to premeditate. And, yes, that sounds slightly criminal and mostly devious, but this is Scorpio we are talking about! We could be doing things in secret. Shh! Mars in Scorpio can be good for our physical energy since Scorpio is continually re-generating itself. 

Because Scorpio rules our 8th house of compulsions and obsessions we could find our actions driven by our impulses. If you find yourself caught in a loop - STOP - ask yourself - why am I doing this again? why am I so mad? why do I want this so badly? what am I really trying to get? We can get alot done with Mars in Scorpio let's just make sure it is stuff worth doing.

Scorpio is our fixed water sign. It's job is to strengthen our emotions. But fixed water is well, kind of fixed. Think frozen. Think concrete. Think quicksand. It can make it hard to change course if we get too emotionally wedded to whatever it is we are focused on. If you are heading into the quicksand anyway, keep one hand on a tree branch, like they do in the cartoons, to pull yourself out later. But don't say I didn't warn you if the branch breaks.

Where is Scorpio in your natal chart? That area of life will SNAP TO ATTENTION now.

Collectively this is also a good time to take action with Scorpio ruled themes - other people's resources, debts, loans, inheritances, mortgages, taxes, insurance payments, intimacy, sex, reproduction, life and death issues, stuff that is dead in the water (or caught in the quicksand). This is a good time for renovation projects/bringing something back to life. With Mars blasting through this collective area we will have more energy, initiative and control over these subjects than we usually do. Keep in mind we will also be more passionate about them and easier to anger.


Mars will be in Scorpio until December 13th. 

SATURDAY is also the day the Sun, at 7 degrees Scorpio, will square Saturn in Aquarius. 


Here is a stop sign/road block/reality check. New rules. Here is our responsibility to the group/to the future. Happening during the Mars/Scorpio ingress pulls some additional seriousness/sobriety into Mars time in Scorpio. Also some stop and go/give and take energy. Maybe something here about secrets wanting to come out, but needing to be hidden from the group or because of certain rules. Truth/honesty vs detachment. Saturn will be at 7 degrees through the volatile November 10th energies we will talk about in the November post, so whatever we have going on now we could be dealing with for a while or dealing with again.


xo all


artwork by the talented Patrick Delaunay

the full moon in aries | october 20th, 2021 - the stuff that won't stay stuffed, endings without closure, fighting for justice and balance and other people, choosing freedom over comfort, rising from the ashes a brand new person


The Full Moon is always a time of cosmic tension - the Moon opposes the Sun. 


On October 20th, 2021 at 10:57AM EDT, the Moon, at 27 degrees Aries, opposes the Sun in Libra. This is the culmination of the Aries New Moon that launched the lunar year back in April, so maybe something from that time is finishing up. Feels like years ago, doesn't it? Time has kind of swallowed us up, so it probably was! On the other hand 2021 is FLYING isn't it?!

At the time of the Full Moon - situations peak, culminate, come to light, conclude. 


Results are delivered.

With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all stationing direct within the last couple weeks - WHOOSH - the tables turn.


Let's get right down to it. Let's unpack the chart! 


The Moon opposes the Sun - Aries/Libra at 27 degrees. Me vs we. How we partner. How we balance and share. Is justice just? An Aries Moon is raw/impulsive/self-centered. The energy can make us antsy and accident-prone.


The Sun is conjunct Mars - ruler of Aries and so ruler of this lunation. He is opposing the Moon and in the sign of his detriment, Libra, so answering to Venus (in Sagittarius so wanting her FREEDOM). Mars squares (tension/frustration) powerful Pluto in Capricorn. Destructive/passive-aggressive action. Or maybe a fast ending? An ending without closure? Which isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes a problem situation ends and we never quite know what the hell happened, but it's OK because it's over.


Keep in mind, this is a Full Moon in independent ARIES - if we are going to be truly ourselves - better whole than good (as Jung would say), other people may not always be so happy about it. This isn't about being a selfish asshole, but we are going to have to stand up for ourselves and we are going to have to get angry sometimes. And we are going to have to find ways to work with these feelings that are NOT destructive. And, that don't allow this personal and collective tension/stress to dump directly into our nervous system and impact our health or force impulsive choices. With Mars in Libra other people will have to be taken into consideration, something Mars doesn't like to do, hence his detriment here. 


With Mars applying to his square to Pluto - exact in two days - it will be very hard to suppress the kinds of feelings we might normally suppress. Mars square Pluto is DANGEROUS/deadly. Powerful. Painful. With Mars separating from his trine to Jupiter (luck/expansion) - here is what comes AFTER the optimism/opportunity. Pluto says to get this you have to let go of that. And with Pluto we often won't know what this is, just that THAT is gone. 

What is actually happening during a Mars/Pluto square is a kind of passage/portal is activated between these two energies - this activates not only our collective Libra and Capricorn houses (this time with Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn), but ALSO our natal Mars and Pluto. They get to have a conversation. Squares are tension/frustration, so the conversation is kind of FORCED. Pluto can bring out Mars in Libra's repressed feelings about relationship/balance/justice. The subtle, and not so subtle, power struggles that are playing on guilt and dependency show up in the bright light of the Full Moon. 


Our goal with whatever we have going on - avoid the negative sides of Mars and Pluto - that would be impulsiveness, needing to burn something down, destructive anger, manipulation, jealousy, control, possessiveness. But we can't just hide ourselves in a closet and wait this week out. Hidden issues will come up to be dealt with. Squares put our back against the wall. With Pluto, it might feel like someone else is holding all the cards. Something isn't FAIR. We need to channel the positive Mars to deal with this. That means courage. That means independence. In Libra, it also means diplomacy and civility. That's why this is so tricky. It's easy to be brave and independent when it is all about us, when we have nothing to lose, but what about those times when it isn't and we do? 


And remember Mars is answering to Venus in Sagittarius who wants to be FREE and she is answering to a newly direct Jupiter in Aquarius who is certainly wanting that, too! Jupiter is back at 22 degrees Aquarius, where he was last March, and he will be here for the rest of the month. There isn't really the rush the Moon thinks there is!


The Full Moon chart shows Mercury, also in Libra and trining Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. Lilith is all for burning the whole thing down, too, so, again, care is needed here. 


Pink paint won't be poured over problems, but we don't have to pour gasoline.

That trine, the Mercury/BML, opens ANOTHER portal, pulls in Gemini. More than one choice. More than one way through. More than one conversation/idea.

This looks to me like what is beginning from the scorched soil of whatever Pluto is killing off, offers more than one option/choice, but it comes through Black Moon Lilith! More courage needed. More truth. The taboo/stuff we haven't wanted to look at/talk about in polite company is pulled into the mix. We have to go through HER. Where is BML is your natal chart? What does she need to express?

If we look further ahead at what the Moon is doing we can see what comes next. 


This is a very late Moon (27 degrees) so shortly after opposing the Sun she goes void. Everyone goes to their corner to lick their wounds maybe or we are kind of not knowing what to do next. Then she moves into Taurus, the sign of her EXALTATION. Here is comfort. Here is what we have now. 


Then BAM, she squares Saturn, newly direct in Aquarius and covering this ground for the THIRD time. This can bring clarity/reality, but might bring up a great bit of fear. A road block/stop sign. We might feel pushed to give up something that is ours or we are just really feeling what we don't have. Now, here's the thing to remember, because her next move is a meeting with chaotic/change-maker Uranus, this isn't just about the ending/culmination/what the Full Moon brings to light, this is also about WHAT COMES NEXT if we can embrace the innovation/change/future and let go of what we NO LONGER NEED. We get to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. We get to be a brand new person.


So by Thursday evening EDT - because remember the Moon does in two and a half days what it takes the Sun a month to do - she is hanging out with Uranus. They are both in Taurus and answering to Venus - in Sag and what does SHE want again? Freedom! And in Sag we know things always work out better when we take a little RISK. 


As the Moon moves through Taurus she is going to inconjunct Venus. Give and take. A rock and a hard place. Keeping what we have - our resources, our money, our values, our self esteem (Taurus) vs freedom/those greener grasses over there that we might or might not reach (Sagittarius) - sorry there's no guarantees with any of this. 


Then she inconjuncts Mars - more Venus interacting uncomfortably with planets answering to HER. Mars needing to be balanced/direct and not all passive-aggressive nonsense and finally the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto - here's where the square to Pluto from just a couple days earlier gets some emotional smooth flow (with authority/power) if we have managed this Full Moon story by not hiding and not burning the whole place down. 


By Saturday, she is in Gemini meeting the North Node of FATE - the path ahead for us - and meeting up with Black Moon Lilith, now we are emotionally merged with our cosmic bad-girl. This is Gemini - what have we learned?? In Gemini there is always another door/window/CHOICE. Stay flexible. Keep an open mind. Ask more questions. Lilith wasn't afraid to run away from the garden, well, maybe she was afraid but she chose freedom over comfort anyway and in some way we have to do this now, too.

Bottom line - this is a volatile Full Moon - Mars/Pluto pulls in some DANGER WILL ROBINSON flashing lights, but also makes some power moves/plays on OUR part possible, too. Just get real about your motivations - the negative Mars/Pluto we talked about earlier are the no-no's. Although even the no-no's are probably not totally avoidable right now because the stuff we have stuffed is coming up. If we can stay motivated by justice, balance, freedom we have a better chance of lining ourselves up with the best possible outcomes. 


Pluto (and Eris) will pull in the things we don't want to look at and Mars will say look (and deal) we must. Release what is dead. You won't have a choice anyway. And in Plutonian language if it isn't growing it's dead. 


We can rise from the ashes a BRAND NEW PERSON with this one.


I 'll hedge my bets with a trip to Goodwill with some old faux leather handbags - kind of the modern version of tossing virgins into volcanoes, I think - and try for some sorely needed justice/change in my own life over the next two weeks as this Full Moon's story unwinds.

xo all