venus and the north node | our values will determine our future - the huge energies of late July and early August are already in play


We talked about Venus and the North Node in the weekly HERE, but this is REALLY going to matter in a few weeks, so let's dive a little deeper.


As I write this on Monday, June 13th, Venus is at 18 degrees Taurus. 


She is sandwiched between Uranus at 16 degrees and the North Node (our best path forward) at 22 degrees. This is all happening in Taurus, so Uranus and the North Node are answering to HER. 


On August 1st, Mars will meet the North Node AND Uranus at 18 degrees, so he will be then where Venus is right now


(Uranus will meet the North Node on July 31st

That Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction will be speaking to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer (she will be conjunct Venus and squaring Chiron) - our wounded child/family/tribe - and Chiron in Aries - our wounded masculine. Ceres will be with the Leo Sun. The Sun will be trining Jupiter. Mercury will be opposing Saturn and squaring the conjunction, so we'll have a T-Square pointed at the Mars/Uranus/North Node. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Big things will be happening. The next day, August 2nd, Venus will sextile - opportunity - the North Node AND Uranus from 18 degrees Cancer.

From Cancer, on August 2nd, Venus will be sextiling (opportunity) the North Node. In Cancer, she will pull in home and family situations and be answering to the Moon. The Moon will be in Libra so pull in relationships/partners, fairness, justice and balance issues and she will be answering to Venus. This mutual reception (both in each other's signs) will give both energies access to themselves, strengthen them, but they have to go through the other feminine energy. 


This will all be happening while Mars is merged with the North Node and Uranus in Taurus and answering to Venus, too. And Venus and Mars will be sextiling each other! Whew! We really want to be in the right place when all this is happening.

I don't know what is going on in your own life, but the summer blockbusters and our future security is being set up NOW. 

OK, so back to the present. Venus has already passed over Uranus. Changes with our finances/our stability. Sometimes this will bring chaos/disorder. Sometimes good opportunities come out of the blue that bring change/anxiety. Remember Venus is in her own sign. She is strong/stable. And even though Uranus in Taurus is answering to her, Uranus has shaken her up. This doesn't have to be a bad thing and with Uranus in Venus's sign, unless we had something totally stuck in the mud and needing to be liberated by any means possible, it really shouldn't be.

Then, Venus meets up with Pallas - our wise warrior/justice energy. 


Everything happens for a reason. So, we NEED Venus to meet Pallas (merge the seductive Venus and the strategic Pallas) AFTER she has been shaken up and BEFORE she merges (as us) onto this NEW ROAD.

What this means to us is we need to strategize, recognize patterns, figure out what will make the most sense/cents. Picture the smart and savvy general at the war table making his plans. Now, this isn't just any Pallas, this is Pallas in TAURUS. So, these strategies should be grounded in reality. This is about making real moves and not just having big ideas. Plans/solutions should be simplified and based on ESSENTIALS. This is about real things we can TOUCH. Taurus is fixed and fertile earth - this is about what we want to GROW. 

Pallas meeting Venus tells us we need to SMARTEN UP!

(and note what Venus does this week, Pallas is doing next week)

Also in order for Venus to meet the North Node of Fate - she has to square Saturn and sextile Neptune. 


There is no way around this stuff. 


Even with travel restrictions lifting, she can't just sneak off to a Motel 6 and meet up with the North Node on the sly.

Both Saturn and Neptune are retrograde, so there are connections to old responsibilities/old limits/old paternal story-lines and old dreams, old ghosts, old needs for forgiveness/compassion/connection. All three of these planets - Venus, Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs, so they are all strong, able to function as they intend to. The kings of their castles. There is a reason for this, too. Life is HELPING US.

The square to a retrograde Saturn speaks of tension/frustration coming through our Aquarius natal house. Rules. Limits. This is Venus/Saturn, so what we want is RESTRICTED. We might have to work within certain limits/boundaries/rules. We might have to step into a responsibility we have been avoiding or let go of an old goal or lose something that used to stabilize us. We might have to work hard. Have patience. Venus can't beat Saturn. To get on the NEW ROAD we might have to change what we want. 


Maybe whatever this is, we are somehow strengthened - made ready for the path ahead, by WHAT WE CANNOT HAVE.


For Venus, the way onto the NEW ROAD/best path forward is the Neptunian sextile. This one isn't a problem. This one is an opportunity, but it NEEDS TO BE TAKEN.

Sextiles are active aspects and require action.

Now, Neptune is retrograde, so this opportunity has its roots in the past, too


So, maybe this is an old dream. 


When Neptune goes back, he can go WAY BACK, so maybe this connects to a past life dream or an ancestor's dream. And now here is an opportunity to integrate dreams with reality. We might have to return to a situation that asks for our forgiveness or compassion. We might be using our intuition/prayer. There could be some undefined need/longing here that we won't want to ignore. Dissatisfaction with what we have/can't have or maybe an inability to acquire more material resources - can awaken us to something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES, something more healing, more spiritual, more CONNECTING. 


Taurus (where Venus is) is fixed earth. Pisces (where Neptune is) is mutable water. These are very different energies, but are magical together. Reality and the dream. Making the dream real. An inner journey. 


This opportunity is coming through your Pisces house


What is the theme of the house Neptune rules in your natal chart (the house with Pisces on the cusp)? What is going on there? What needs to happen that is more simple/more sustaining? What needs to be forgiven? What is the unfinished business? What is the old dream?

Saturn rules karma and Neptune what is behind us, our ancestors, past lives - there are alot of old chickens coming home to roost over the next two months. Old books are being balanced - some of them long ago burned, lost to time, gathering dust on even dustier shelves. 


Bottom line - this is all about the ending of the old complicated sh*t "THAT WE JUST CAN'T DO ANYMORE" and the flourishing of a newer, more simple way of operating. Neptune is past Saturn - a space beyond limits and boundaries. This is like heaven and earth working TOGETHER to guide the shape of things to come, to make the solid world more ethereal and bring the ethereal realms down to Earth. There is something really important, a whole lots of somethings, personally and collectively, we need to get right.

Anyhoo, I wanted to pop this up since I am going to say something quite different in the Full Moon post, but these aspects, with their connection to late July's and early August's HUGE energies are something we want to pay attention to.


I hope this is helpful.

xo all

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weekly astrology forecast | June 13 -19th, 2022 - Full Moon in Sag, Mercury comes home, the seductive meets the strategic, slaying the dragon to enter the castle


This is a BIG week!


We have TWO major alignments including a BIG Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury coming back into his own sign - prepare to be BUSY - and Mars meeting up with Chiron - OUCH.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is on TUESDAY. Expect a BIG post! 


We have the Sag Moon (at 23 degrees, remember all those 23 degree NEW Moons last year interacting with Eris?) opposing the Gemini Sun while sextiling Saturn, squaring Neptune and trining (brakes off) ... you guessed it, Eris.

And we have Venus in her home sign of Taurus, meeting up with Pallas, crossing the North Node of Fate, then squaring Saturn and sextiling Neptune. Whew! BIG week for relationships, finances, our resources, values, self-esteem (and, of course, natal Taurus house themes).

Also, let's notice, once Mercury returns to Gemini on MONDAY, we will have FIVE planets moving through signs they rule/co-rule. This is highly unusual. Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces. This line-up,


(we also have a planetary line-up in the sky, from our view on Earth talked about HERE and a whole different thing, but maybe things are lining up or need to be)


strengthens those houses in your chart, since the natural ruler is HOME. There is no additional dispositor/planet/energy we need to be dealing with to get the house energy to its natural ruler, so  the energies can be most effectively themselves/function at their best and will make things SMOOTHER/more polished. The kings are in their castles.


This starts to unwind next week as Venus leaves Taurus and then unwinds more in early July. In the meantime - with our Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Aquarius and Pisces planets all home to their rulers right now there is not only significance to this ie a need for high functioning energies in multiple areas of life, there are surely also ways we can take advantage of this extra fire-power/wind at our backs!

Let's unpack the week.


MONDAY - Mercury enters Gemini

TUESDAY - Full Moon in Sagittarius, Venus conjunct Pallas

WEDNESDAY - Mars conjuncts Chiron

THURSDAY - Sun trine Saturn, Sun square Neptune, Venus conjunct North Node

SATURDAY - Venus square Saturn 

SUNDAY - Venus sextile Neptune

On MONDAY, Mercury returns to his/her home sign of Gemini. He first crossed into Gemini on April 29th and then again, moving backward, on May 22nd. If we have been back and forth over something - reviewing, rethinking, etc - we should have a much better/clearer idea of where this is all going and what we need to do. We are moving on.


We will feel a difference in the days ahead as information and communications switch from turtle pace (fixed earth) to rabbit (mutable air).

Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow. We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be rather chatty, so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable, especially with the Sun in Gemini, too, so answering to a more Mercurian Mercury now. Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information can sometimes be unreliable. But easy, adaptable conversations, new facts/information suitable for the moment, can pull everything forward now.


Mercury will start covering new ground in a few days and will be in Gemini until July 5th.

On TUESDAY, the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun at 23 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon is sextiling stable Saturn (the Sun is trining) in Aquarius, squaring Neptune in Pisces and trining Eris in Aries. 


Expect a BIG post!


(this Moon is on the NRA's South Node 10th house, the Sun on their North Node, Jupiter on their Chiron, so let's hope some serious 'gun responsibility' legislation is in the news and not another freaking tragedy

This is also the day Venus meets up with Pallas - our traditionally feminine energy and our female warrior. Pallas's smart strategies, ability to recognize and get the most out of patterns, having the courage to fight certain battles as necessary - how to succeed/how to win - are merged with how we go about attracting what we want. This is a rather unstoppable combination, although having said that, Venus will square Saturn later in the week, so there will be stopping (the way through will be intuitive/Neptunian). Still, Venus conjunct Pallas - the seductive and the strategic - working together feels like a good thing. Stay away from anything manipulative/too complicated here, this is Taurus, keep things above board. Keep it simple. Venus/Pallas in Taurus attracts when we focus on what is best for us, what makes the most sense/cents.

On WEDNESDAY, Pallas's brother, warrior Mars, at 15 degrees Aries meets up with wounded healer Chiron. Very old wounds are triggered around men, masculinity, our ability to take care of ourselves/to be ourselves. Painful actions might be necessary. Situations can force us to confront a wound/weakness/vulnerability. We might be pushed to assert ourselves. It won't be comfortable. We might need to find constructive ways to deal with very old anger this week. 

On THURSDAY, the Sun, at 25 degrees Gemini - this is all part of the Full Moon story - trines Saturn and squares Neptune while Venus meets up with the North Node.


Here is the Sun's exact trine and square after he is opposed by the Sag Full Moon (something coming to light/to a fullness or culmination around our personal Sag house theme or the collective themes of legal situations, foreign situations, travel, educations, media, publishing, religion, our hopes/beliefs).  The trine points us toward what is stable/can be counted on, but is also an aspect where things might move too quickly, so be a bit extra cautious with conversations with authority, for example. The square to Neptune could mean words/conversations/information is confusing, exhausting, even misleading. Everything won't be quite as it seems. Or maybe we are seeing what we want to see. Stay frosty. Serious. Big girl/boy pants ON. Double-check. Slow down.


Since the Moon is doing all this FIRST, we will talk about this in the Full Moon post.

At the same time Venus, maybe in a preview of July's Mars/Uranus/North Node - offers us a vision of the FUTURE. She squared the Nodes at the end of March from 23 degrees Aquarius - a relationship, finance, resources, values crossroad. Now, she merges with our path FORWARD, in her own sign, so at her best, via what we are attracting/attracted to. This can be subtle, so pay attention to what comes to your attention. What makes you feel good/comfortable. The North Node (path forward) is in fixed earth Taurus. This won't be some 30" puzzle with 1000 teeny-tiny pieces we are doing on a 24" table. This will be more simple/stable. There is a directional arrow here somewhere - THAT WAY. Find it. Feel it.


And remember our seductive energy (what we want/attract) is working in combination with our strategic/game-plan/courage energy (Pallas!) and there is likely a reason we need all this firepower now, things might be challenging - be brave!

Note, Venus meeting the North Node happens just before she squares Saturn (exact on SATURDAY) and sextiles Neptune (exact on SUNDAY) - the reverse of the Moon this week who is squaring Neptune and sextiling Saturn. 


What does that mean?

Well, for one thing, these are two different houses of experience - Sagittarius (which we'll talk about in the Full Moon post) and Taurus - so two DIFFERENT areas of life.

The Taurus story-line shows us a path forward BUT is challenged by reality or a limit or the group or age/resource/responsibility/authority/finances/time - some Saturnian red light. Something that feels like a "no", something we are going to need to work through, probably can't be ignored. THIS is very quickly followed by an opportunistic sextile to Neptune, the dream (and keep in mind both Saturn and Neptune are retrograde, so both the challenges and opportunities have their roots in the past). So, the way through the challenge will be through Pisces - our intuition, imagination, escape, healing. Maybe Venus/Pallas (through us) recognize what can't be changed and need time to rest/return to an old dream. After her sextile to Neptune, Venus's final aspect in her home sign will be a smooth trine to Pluto next week. 


So, something is going to end well here! 


Keep moving. Move through the challenge, be smart, use your intuition, reconnect to the dream. This will be about your Taurus house theme and the collective Taurean themes - money, resources, values, self-esteem and Venus's other traditional themes - relationships, partners, balance, fairness, women.

I hope something here is helpful. 


I think after I work out the Full Moon post, this, and the next couple weeks will all make a great deal more sense!

Back with the Full Moon in Sagittarius post next.

xo all

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today's astrology forecast | Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 - saving the pink paint for the unicorn



The Moon moves into Libra today. Now we are nurtured/nourished through other people, our relationships, through balance and fairness (we will also feel all the ways these things are lacking in ourselves/our lives/the world). She opposes Mars and Chiron (in Aries) this morning/today and trines the Sun tonight. 

The oppositions to the planets in Aries can bring up pain/disagreements/anger/old wounds. Libra, in an effort to maintain peace/balance, can bring out any tendencies to pouring pink paint over problems and calling them a Barbie's dream house. Let's avoid that passive-aggressive crap and the 'projecting/exploding all over people' stuff. Libra/Aries is together vs alone, women vs men, collaboration vs independence, peace vs war. 


These things can feel very far apart, but they are just the other side of the same coin. We need to find the middle ground here.

The Moon's trine to the Sun will help/gives us a way through any trouble spots. 


Libra/Gemini. Keep things light. Use humor. Offer choices. Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is recently direct and Venus is all comfy in her home sign - this is good energy for new ideas/conversations. There are ways to feel good/comfortable. We don't have to pour the pink paint, can save that for the unicorns we might be needing at the end of the week. 


Talk. Write. Listen. DO something together casually. Be flexible/adjust. The Libra Moon/Gemini Sun can open up our thinking. We can see other points of view, maybe even that other side of the coin ...


As always, keep in mind the BIG picture. 


Our inner planets are all direct now. The Moon is waxing (growing). This IS a time for forward movement. If something that started/went to sleep back in April/May has WOKEN UP, our attention will likely go THERE. Collectively, this is Gemini season - time to talk, write, socialize locally, try new things/a little of this and a little of that, flirt, take care of your car/your tech, call your sister.

xo al1


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Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 - honing our focus, what needs to be fixed, what is most helpful/healthful right now



Now the Moon is in practical Virgo. We are nourished/nurtured by being of service, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, a well organized closet, being helpful, being practical, being right/critical (ouch), taking care of our physical body, taking care of our pets, taking care of our employees/co-workers, prioritizing quality over quantity, doing good work, fixing something.


She trines Venus at 12:05AM EDT, Uranus at 10:25AM EDT and squares the Gemini Sun at 10:48AM EDT.

That square to the Sun is this month's Waxing Square - pushes us to get something FIXED. 


This is an important obstacle to last week's New Moon in Gemini. Won't be overlooked. The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Virgo. Both Mercury ruled signs and Mercury is direct in Taurus on transformative Sedna.

We talked about the square in the weekly HERE


The Moon in Virgo needs to FOCUS/be productive. Sometimes a square to the Gemini Sun brings something to our attention and then we change our mind. Virgo is excellent for spotting that fly in the ointment/problem and for problem-solving. Also for helping pull our scattered Gemini attention back to something THAT MATTERS.  


Again, what needs fixing? What will be helpful/healthful?

The Moon is trining both Venus and Uranus in rock-solid Taurus. If this is something about our stability/our money/our values - the smooth trines will allow something to fall into place if we take some kind of action. Today is part of the Venus/Uranus journey to each other that is exact at the end of the week that could bring financial/relationship shake-ups, but ALSO unexpected new connections/new money/new resources/new love. 

For today, let that Virgo Moon move you toward something pure/practical - maybe something postponed with Mercury retrograde, that now needs to be focused on/fixed. 

xo all

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Weekly Astrology Forecast | June 6 - 12, 2022 - talking about the bottom line, shocking clarity, changes with love and money, plots twist


I hope everyone had a nice weekend! 


Hang in there. Summer is COMING!


So where are we now? Mercury is direct and Saturn is retrograde. Something might have/might be about to TURN AROUND on us. 

On Friday we have the final perfection of April/May's repeating Mercury trine Pluto (this is the one with Mercury direct and Pluto retrograde, new conversations/information, old truths/intense situations). TRUTH, deep excavations, intimate conversations, intensity around money, sex, taxes, resources, values, inheritances, careers/goals, third party situations, health situations. 


Thinking/talking about 'life and death' matters, actual deaths or situations that feel like 'life or death'.


This has been in play for a few weeks, is exact again on Friday and then will wrap up a few days after that. This is transformational energy, is what Eclipse season was really all about. We aren't the same people we were a few weeks ago. How will we use these transformed energies?

(when we fight Eclipse 'upgrades', and believe me I understand, I have multiple middle-degree fixed placements that are getting hammered since I like things TO STAY THE SAME - we get as glitchy as our tech when upgrades are not made)

On Saturday, Venus will meet up with Uranus (this is really in play all week as it applies, strongest at the end of the week) - unexpected money, love, values. 

Money can come in or go out. Relationships can CHANGE. What we want can change. 

We don't want it anymore or we suddenly want SOMETHING ELSE. People can come in or make an exit. What we own can turn out to be more/less valuable than we thought it was. 

Something we thought we could count on might be shaken loose, and, yes we can't count on it anymore, but at the same time we are somehow freed up. 


Combined with the Mercury/Pluto feels like this week could bring some kind of SHOCKING CLARITY.

MONDAY - Sun sextile Chiron

TUESDAY - First Quarter Square (Gemini/Virgo)

FRIDAY - Mercury trine Pluto (3rd of three)

SATURDAY - Venus conjunct Mercury


MONDAY - Sun sextile Chiron, Uranus conjunct Pallas, Mars squares Ceres


Uranus reaches the degree of Pallas in Taurus (heads up - Gemini and Cancer season will both have oodles of Taurus energy this year). Out of the box insights. Sudden wisdom. New, even sudden/shocking strategies. Old patterns/routines, etc gone. New patterns start in an instant. This is about physical/real-world stuff, not pie-in-the-sky imaginings. In Taurus (fixed earth) stuff gets SIMPLIFIED. Does it makes sense/cents? It's a go. This isn't about some fancy/decorative thing. This is about SURVIVAL. Our security. Our resources. Our values. Our self-esteem. Our money. New plans. New strategies. Maybe something is stuck and gets a reboot.

Keep in mind Uranus has been in our Taurus house, "shaking stuff up", since the middle of 2018. Now, here's Pallas, a change agent, too, stripping away illusions.

At the same time, Mars, at 9 degrees Aries is squaring Ceres in Cancer. This is tension/frustration. Mars in Aries wants to GO/do and he (as we) runs into this challenge with mama-bear Ceres. Maybe this is our/someone's personal needs vs home/family. Maybe a situation forces us to take action to protect ourselves or someone else. Maybe we are forcing nurturing/mothering on someone or some situation that doesn't need it/want it. Maybe this is about a change of life/season of life issue that needs a kick in the ass, so here comes Mars to do just that. 


Rather than down a half gallon of Ben and Jerry's we can use today's third perfecting aspect as a way through the scuffles - the Sun, at 15 Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries. 


Ask questions. Don't be afraid to discuss what hurts. Creative opportunities come as painful issues/wounds are talked about. Although the subject matter may be deep/important this is Gemini, so KEEP CONVERSATIONS LIGHT. Consider your options. There is more than one answer/way through here. Or maybe this is about seeing two sides to the story. Be brave. Everyone's weak spots/fragile spaces/vulnerabilities are being exposed with a Sun/Chiron and that's ok/that's what HEALS. What did Rumi say, "the wound is the space where the light gets in"? Look for options. Be willing to adjust. Keep words light.

Gemini season (Sun in Gemini) requires flexibility. We can plant that flag on the 'hill we will die on', but even if the flag gets to stay, we might still be dead. Do some yoga. We want to live.

On TUESDAY, the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini (16 degrees) giving us this month's First Quarter Square - challenge to whatever started at last week's New Moon in Gemini. With both Virgo and Gemini ruled by a newly direct Mercury trining Pluto (and unwinding a square to Saturn as they move away from each other) - this is IMPORTANT. The Moon in Virgo wants us to focus on one thing/stick a pin in something/DECIDE. This is a square, so won't be comfortable. This is Virgo, so the best choice will be practical, helpful, healthful and sensible. The Sun in Gemini, who wants to move from one fast thing to the next NEEDS to adjust to the Moon here and so do we.

On FRIDAY - Mercury trine Pluto, Mercury, at 28 degrees Taurus, trines Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn.


This is the final hit of a three-peating aspect we first had back on April 28th. We are getting to the truth/the bottom line. This will be about your Taurus house theme or the collective themes of money, resources, values, love, self-esteem, Pluto in Cappy can pull in career/reputation situations, too. Trines are smooth aspects, this makes deep/intense words/information easier to discuss. The 'keep conversations light' thing is so four days ago. Now, information is intense, BUT the smooth connection allows something to click into place. Pluto/Mercury speaks of transformational ideas. Powerful words. People speaking their truth. It will be easier to manipulate/be manipulated, too, so keep this in mind. Some might take advantage of this energetic flow for their own agendas. Both planets are in earth signs, so there is something practical here. This has been/is a long transit. Reality is transformed.

NOTE - the Moon is in Libra. She makes a nice trine to a retrograde Saturn at 8:27AM EDT, but by 1:36PM EDT she is going void off a challenging square to Pluto. So, although Mercury has the smooth trine, the Moon is making a tense/frustrating square. Whatever this Mercury/Pluto trine has been about for us - it's been in play for weeks and wraps up in about another week - it is likely challenging our partnerships, tossing something out of balance or just feels unfair.


On SATURDAY - Venus conjuncts Uranus. Venus, at 16 degrees Taurus already meets up with disruptive Uranus. People with planets/points near the middle of the fixed signs are already feeling the quaking and shaking of this one.


Collectively here is where our love, money, resources, values, the planet/weather, self-esteem, Taurus house theme is DISRUPTED/changed/innovated.

What we want can change. We don't want it anymore or we suddenly want SOMETHING ELSE. What we own can turn out to be more/less valuable than we thought it was. Something we thought we could count on might be shaken loose, and, yes we can't count on it anymore, but at the same time we are somehow freed up. PLOTS TWIST. Hearts are OPENED. Sometimes broken opened. 


Venus in Taurus wants ease/comfort, but here Uranus is merging with the Goddess, SHAKING THINGS UP. There is no telling what we or someone else will want right now.


On Monday, Mercury will be back in Gemini and the pace/communications will pick up! 


Back with some dailies and a big picture about next year.

xo all

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the astrology of friday and the weekend | June 3-5, 2022 - decisions, a change of direction, a Leo Moon weekend so have some fun

Sylvia Demers Artwork


We begin FRIDAY with the Moon wrapping up her journey through her home sign of Cancer. She trines Neptune at 5:04AM and goes void off an opposition to a retrograde Pluto (power struggle, home vs career, family responsibilities - Neptune is the way through this one - chill out a bit, pray/meditate, listen to music, get yourself to the ocean) at 11:14AM. 


The Moon is void until 2:38PM EDT when she moves into Leo and trines Jupiter - making late Friday afternoon/Friday night a good time for adventure/to shine. Good for date nights, fun with the kids. A time to be generous. Have some fun.

This BIG news today is Mercury stations direct! 


We talked about this HERE


Delays, revisions, etc - whatever has been holding us up since about May 10th will begin to move forward. Decisions will be made. Some things that BEGAN during the retrograde period will begin to unwind. But, Mercury is still in grounded/stable, but fixed earth Taurus, he won't get fully up to speed until he gets back into Gemini (his/her home sign) on June 13th. 


With Mercury in stable Taurus what moves forward now will need to make sense/cents.

On SATURDAY, the Moon continues her monthly journey through Leo. We are nurtured/nourished by fun, romance, children, attention, THE WHITE-HOT SPOTLIGHT. She trines independent/action oriented Mars at 6:15AM EDT, squares Venus at 6:46AM EDT (some relationship/financial tension possible), sextiles the Sun at 7:22PM EDT and squares Uranus (tension/frustration/surprising developments) at 11:46PM EDT.

The sextile to the Gemini Sun is this month's Waxing Sextile. 


This one is all about strutting our stuff. Information, choices, following our heart. Here is some of the 'potential', the creative opportunity of the May 30th New Moon in Gemini. The Moon is waxing/growing and so is our NEW IDEA/CHOICE/WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED.

The challenge today is the Sun's square to Juno, bringing a light on a relationship/contract tension or frustration. We could be having trouble deciding/committing or with Juno in Pisces, the terms of the agreement/relationship can be too unstructured, loosey-goosey. Maybe one party is distracted. The way through this one is that Waxing Sextile - Gemini/Leo - talk about it/deal with facts and details/follow your heart. 


There IS a creative solution here.

This is also the day Saturn stations retrograde until late October (25 degrees Aquarius). We talked about this, too, in the weekly HERE. We are reviewing our careers, goals, responsibilities, obligations/relationship with groups and authority. Saturn's retrograde can see us letting go of certain restrictions/obligations or stepping into them. Situations with authority can turn around. This can be a second chance to do the right thing. 


We will talk about this more as we move through it.

On SUNDAY evening, the Leo Moon steps into some tension/frustration - an opposition to that retrograde Saturn at 5:03PM EDT, followed by a square to a direct Mercury at 7:12PM EDT, so both planets stations are challenging us emotionally. Maybe through work/responsibilities/authority/group situations/financial situations. Maybe we just don't want the weekend fun to end and it's time to get serious. She goes void off that Mercury square (disagreement/argument/challenging information) and is void the rest of the night. So, enjoy Sunday before that opposition to Saturn might rain on your parade and use the void of course moon at night to rest/relax/prepare for next week.

xo all

artwork by the talented Sylvia Demers