Thursday, June 4, 2015

owning our gifts | part I

pandora by mary pohlmann
"One person who did not listen was Pandora. Her story comes from Ancient Greece and her curiosity brought a whole heap of trouble."

When I googled Pandora's story this was the first couple sentences to pop up. And it's pretty much the way most people remember the story - the first woman on Earth, made by the Gods, she wasn't satisfied and wanted more, more, more, had to open that damn box and it unleashed untold agony on the world. 

She is the ancient Greek's version of the Eve story and a key foundational block of the patriarchy paradigm we've been living.

Now that the sacred feminine is rising (and the sacred masculine) this isn't about the feminine energy taking over - we had a matriarchal society prior to patriarchy - this is about the merging of the two. 

And yes, it is not a coincidence we have Bruce Jenner (which sounds an awful lot like gender) becoming Caitlyn Jenner and finding acceptance (she grew the biggest and fastest twitter following in the history of Twitter the other day).  

She carries big time Greek Hero archetypal energy from her days as an Olympian - this timing is sacred and for everyone. 

(yes, even as it makes many of us a little uncomfortable - that's what it is designed to do)

Most likely the reason so many people have been Keeping up with the Kardashians is to be more openhearted and accepting of this moment in time - we just thought we were watching bad TV.

This version of the Pandora story is not the original version - the original story didn't include the "woman unleashing untold agony on the world" chapter, but the new version is very powerful because so many people have heard this story and carry the energy of this (and Eve) today. The key to this altered version of the Pandora story is the "Hope left in the box" part.

I used to make a locket that included the dictionary definition of Hope and every time I sold one the person would ask me to switch out the word Hope for something "more positive". I couldn't understand it. Maybe "hope" felt passive as if we were just sitting around "hoping" instead of taking that bull by his horns and making stuff happen. 

Well "hope" isn't passive - what hope really is, is receptive. It's a feminine quality. Hope isn't the opposite of making stuff happen, it's the opposite of despair. 

When women entered the workforce we followed the same path set by men - working hard to prove our worth - we fit into the existing paradigm. Some things changed and over decades minutia of balance crept into the workplace, but not much. Now, time has sped up and more is changing and being accomplished (and failing) faster.

Life is an energetic exchange.

When we are doing something we love around others that are equally invested in what we are trying to accomplish, there is less energy expended because it is a natural flow, and it regenerates itself within the process because less is being expended this allows for balance rather than using willpower to force the constant expending of energy. So, it isn't about getting ahead so much as coming back to center.

The energy on the planet is different (more different in some places than others probably since physical space carries karma and memories, too - some places are denser). The reason people are so exhausted is the constant expending of energy forcing stuff to happen is depleting. People used to be able to work hard at work they hated, come home, pour themselves a beer and feel good they were taking care of their families. This took a toll on us body and soul but we could do it. The new paradigm is less supportive of this. It isn't because people are lazy or spoiled or want things to come easy, it's because this ease is the way life actually works best now.

Stuff is moving too fast. If we push, the thing we are pushing against has moved before we can even get a foothold! We will know we are doing this when it feels like it's one thing after another, like we can never slow down or catch a break. To work with this new paradigm we need to be flowing with what is happening and not pushing or forcing against stuff that will move and drop us on our ass.

(one thing we can do right now if we are feeling depleted is call our energy back to us - literally walk around our home and call our energy back from every room, talk to the people from our past, do this out loud, it doesn't matter where they are, Mercury the planet of communication is retrograde and looking backward so the timing is perfect, and pull our energy back from them - sometimes our energy is everywhere but where we need it to be - you might have to do this slowly over time)

OK, back to our gift and Pandora. This summer we have Venus in Leo for most of the summer, yes, she moves into Virgo for a short while, but she moves through the entire sign of Leo (every degree, so everyone gets this) and then backtracks through some of it again. Ruler of the 2nd house of our money and values, she is going to show us what we really value and then double back so some of us can really see what that means.

The reason this summer is important - Venus transits Leo every year at this time - is because of this protracted stay and because we have Jupiter in Leo this year. Leo is a fire sign - so it is high energy, physical, positive and enthusiastic - it brings fire into the things we love (Aries brings fire into the things we begin, Sagittarius brings fire into the things we explore). Venus is the sign of the things we love and Jupiter will expand everything and make it more. Also Leo is a fixed sign so it is stable and fixed in its position (Taurus is physically fixed, Scorpio is emotionally fixed and Aquarius is fixed with ideas) - Leo is fixed with love. That's why the Leo space in our chart is important - the stuff we love is in there and not going any place!

Pandora, yes there is an asteroid Pandora, and a way to see where she falls in our own chart, is typically seen in astrology as the space we carry too much curiosity and can get ourselves into trouble. But it's also the space we carry that box of "hope"!

Her story (and that of Eve) is the story of the shift from a life of natural ease and abundance provided by nature to the reality where we must toil to survive. As we release this story (and it's being released naturally as we move out of patriarchy because it is a foundation of the patriarchy story - where we blame the damn woman for all the world's troubles), it might be helpful to look at this space now that our "gifts" are rising.

For now just go to / free horoscopes (top of page) / extended chart selection / add your info leaving most things set to default / set to Natal Wheel Chart / at the bottom of the page you will see a long blank box - type in 55 (that is the asteroid Pandora's number) / your birth chart with Pandora added in will pop up and we will take a look at where she is and how this plays into the changes we are all managing now.

Up next Part II owning our gifts (notice this is a plural word - we all carry multiple gifts and access to unlimited ways to use them!) - how this all works together and how to work with it now

xo all - if you want me to find Pandora for you just email me - your birth info (date, time, place) and I'll let you know the house and sign for Part II - you won't need to know this for Part II, but it might make it more interesting

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