a full moon in libra tomorrow collides with that spring busting out vibe

moon dancing strongly encouraged
Tomorrow's full moon in Libra may be kind of a doozy with effects felt for the next few days.

It's also the first full moon of the astrological year which begins with Aries, we are in the midst of Passover, ending the Lenton season approaching Easter, spring has sprung - and we have 4 major planets challenging this 'relationship' moon - whoa!

The only company this new moon has is the asteroid Justitia - you can probably guess from her name what she is all about.

She holds the scales of justice (divine justice) and truth and fairness and how appropriate this New Moon is in Libra (which represents some of the same things plus relationships) - also appropriate that the high court is looking at the fate of Prop 8 (marriage equality) right now. It's an order from chaos cycle for sure.

There is this dynamic at play of us (Aries) vs. others (Libra) - not versus like throw everyone into a boxing ring and see who is still standing, but there might be a little bit of this out there for us, so we need to keep our cool and not get all judgey on everyone and most especially on ourselves - not a time to stick our head in the sand though.

There is a sense of setting all the elements of our lives onto a giant scale and checking for imbalances - what needs to go? what is complete?

Things from the past come up for healing - maybe some startling things - stay open, assertive and empowered - we may just have to agree to disagree though.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to get this up, since I wrote it a while back. I've been having some health stuff lately - nothing major, just some old stuff cropping up - makes total sense with this cycle, but it's put me a little behind this week (is there a week I am not a little behind - the only person on the planet who does not think I am a little behind is standing behind me muttering 'not sure I would call that little'). It doesn't feel very spring-like here - I hope it's better for everyone else!

growing our business by leaps and boundaries

Unbounded Girls Polarity Ring with Sarah Donnell
Setting boundaries for our business isn't a one time set it and forget it kind of thing.

(unless you are in the crockpot business and if you are please hook me up with some new recipes - I just got one - I am already obsessed with it)

It's a practice.
We are always growing; always expanding.

(and when it feels like things are standing still it is just because things outside of us are busy catching up with us or falling into place for us)

We have no choice in this. It is just how the universe works. Our business works the same way.

When we are in the process of deciding to step into a new space or a new level or achieve something we have never tried before or whatever this looks like for us - there is always this part of us that wants the exact opposite.

(this is what polarity is all about folks, it's not just a locket after all)

There is a part (maybe an arm or a leg or an ovary) that just wants to hunker down and stay where we are

This isn't a bad thing (until it is, because it will be sooner or later).

A few quiet moments getting centered in our own heart will tell us if this "stay where we are" thing is about love - really loving where we are right now and wanting to wring every last drop of joy from it or if this "stay where we are" thing is about fear - of the unknown, of failing, of making a fool of ourself, of letting go of something good to just maybe have something great.

Creating boundaries around what we say we want is the best leverage we have against all the inner struggle (which might look like outer resistance, but it's really all inner stuff - trust me) that is certain to show up as soon as we decide we want something more.

Setting and upholding clear and healthy boundaries creates a place where self-sabotage is much less likely. I could write a gazillion posts about self-sabotage or maybe just one someday but it will be a doosie (stay tuned).

When I have some direction I want to take and I don't commit to a specific action I am never free of it.

The part of me that wants it - the part that doesn't want to "stay where we are" will be nagging me all the time. "Well, are you going to work on it now? How about now? What do you mean you are going to the movies, you can't go to the movies - you need to work on that thing we want!"  

But when I set up some boundaries for the leap - "I am going to work on this thing I want every Wednesday from 8 to noon" for example - then I am free and don't have to think about it the rest of the time.

Structure creates freedom.

Another boundary I have set up in the studio is not to answer my own phone. No, I haven't figured out how to get Olive to answer it (yet) and obviously if I know someone is going to call me at a certain time I answer the phone.

But for the rest of the time I set up a voicemail system and I return calls at the same time every day - yes, once a day (except for a customer emergency - I mean if a Polarity customer has somehow magnetized themselves to a train track and a speeding locomotive is fast approaching - I'm on my way - all my lockets come with a 911, 24 hour free emergency response unit, of course).

Julia Roberts made Pretty Woman at twenty one years old and refused to do a nude scene. It wasn't like she was a big movie star - it was her first starring role after all. She made a movie about being a prostitute and became the biggest movie star on the planet without doing a nude scene (even in 199? that was pretty remarkable). I don't think her success happened in spite of  her setting this personal boundary. I think it happened because she set this boundary and then she practiced it.

Now, I'm not exactly comparing my refusal to answer the phone with Julia's refusal to take off her clothes but I kind of am (and I refuse to take off my clothes, too - in fact my customers, and Olive, demand that I don't ... in writing actually). Maybe it's time we all sat down and really got clear with our own business boundaries - who knows what kind of freedom we can create for ourselves with some structure.

a wake, magical thinking and if you call me ma'am I'll cut ya'

We went to a wake for hub's 93 year old landlord. She was a real firecracker and he loved her. She lived her entire life in our very small town - in the very same house in fact. And although this information got hubs all wet eyed about small town life, it made me want to move now.

I flashed ahead to a time when I could be laid out in that same room, except no one would have ever heard of me, people would be all - who? how long did she live here? that long?? hmm I never even noticed her. what house? oh her - she was the one with the Kerry sign and the ... dandelions.

I want need to move folks. 

So I start affirming for the right house.  I don't make a vision board and get all focused on the details (although I do waste half a day on pinterest) - I am not trying to manipulate anything here. I know that the unwritten subtitle to the book The Secret is The Secret to More Karma. This is too big a deal to get what we want and then figure out we don't want it.

I release a personal focus - I affirm this move to be in the best interest of all concerned. I call in divine order - I know that our ideal home is out there for us as well as the ideal buyers for our home.

I mentally return my home to the universal flow so someone else can line up with its vibration easily.

I detach from the outcome - detachment is the most important part in all of this - this creates space for creation.

So now we are fixing up our house, which is going to be a process (notice I didn't say this is going to be a lot of work, because I don't really want to put that in writing although I guess I just did ... probably because this is going to be a lot of work) because we have let things slide around here. But I know there is some other woman, maybe on pinterest right now, imagining it - I don't want to let her down.

For those who don't believe in this manifesting stuff I want to offer up the following story that also happened this week as proof.

I really hate the word ma'am. I think we all do. I am not sure why. Maybe because it sounds too much like damn or spam or mammogram. Visions of dentures and bobby pins and someone gently holding my elbow and guiding me down the stairs always pops into my head.  

It makes me feel like the human equivalent 
of a wilted corsage. 

I mean, do you think Joan Jett would put up with this crap?! I might have to take somebody down!

There is a local restaurant where the waiters and waitresses always say this - drives me nuts (note- they call hubs "sir" and he loves it). I think "sir" would drive me nuts, too. I would have to think of it in a "to sir, we love" (great movie) kind of way if I were him.

We went there this week and before I went in, I did a little silent release of my annoyance at this word - we can only change ourselves after all. I thought about how the letters could be rearranged into mama and I loved that word, so I just imagined ma'am as someone actually calling me mama as in red hot mama, of course.

The waiter approached our table and I'm thinking red hot mama, red hot mama - and the waiter says "Hello folks. Sir, what would you and the young lady like to start with?"

I spit water all over the place.

(and yes, this did kind of make me feel like I was out to dinner with my grandfather and about to order myself a rootbeer float and some mcnuggets, but proof is proof folks and at least I didn't have to start a brawl and do one of those Jersey Housewives table-flips we all learn here in nursery school - although that would have given the town something to remember me by)

Next week I will get back to my money series and some Etsy stuff I've been procrastinating posting about. Have a nice weekend everyone! xo

gone fishin' ... without any actual fish having to worry

Catching up with some wholesale stuff and balls I have dropped lately ... back to bloggerworld soon - I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! xo