Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Friday, October 30, 2020 - preparing for the emergence of something powerfully disruptive



The big story today is the Moon. In Aries we are nurtured by taking action, doing something physical, moving our bodies - she squares Pluto, then Saturn and finally goes void off an opposition to a retrograde Mercury at 12:12PM EDT. She's void until 5:18PM EDT. We talked a bit about this last night. 

These squares can be STRESSFUL. And again all this cardinal energy (wanting to start) with a retrograde Mars and Mercury (needing to stop) - making maybe people antsy. These Cappy squares can be depressing because we are literally being depressed, and if we are sitting still, literally SQUASHED. 


So move your body. Change your immediate environment around. Give yourself some time alone or do something different if time alone is your standard these days. That will help. Know there is a door/escape hatch out of this mess for all of us, no matter how deeply in the mud/weeds we find ourselves. It's COMING.

That Mercury square looks like an old ARGUMENT. Mercury is in Libra, so we have the ability to be kind/fair here (not an asshole), but we are going to have to reach for it. Use the void Moon this afternoon to chill out/cool off. 

Tonight the Moon will be in Taurus; the sign of her EXALTATION. Think comfort. Plan ahead - give yourself the time/space to take care of yourself. Get yourself some ice cream. Know the Moon will meet up with Black Moon Lilith (recently moved into Taurus herself), so if you feel like ripping someone's head off or doing anything you need to not do, know BML is active within you, asking you to let her out (LIBERATION!) - which is something we will need to do without ripping anyone's head off or tearing out the shrubbery.

Take care of yourself today. You are preparing for the emergence of something powerfully disruptive. And now that you KNOW that - what will you do with this information?

xo all

photo by the talented Dark-Indigo


Last night's part II of the Full Moon post was a re-write because I lost the first copy as Blogger was acting up and still is. I am going to add some info to each of the sign's today, so it could be worth a re-read tonight.

FULL MOON IN TAURUS | OCToBER 31, 2020 - part II - what's going out with a bang? through the signs



We dug into the FULL MOON chart in Part I HERE 


Let's back up a bit. 


The Moon is void on Friday, October 30, 2020 from 12:12PM EDT until 5:19PM EDT. She has gone void (from her perch in Aries) off an opposition to a retrograde Mercury in Libra. This speaks of a disagreement between us and another person, maybe about an old issue. We've heard this/read this/said this/thought this before. So, there's this kind of tense/frustrating/antsy/maybe angry (imbalanced) news or information and then the Moon goes void. Whether we stew in it or not is up to us - Aries is usually more of a 'shake it off' kind of Moon. 


By Friday night (5:19 PM EDT) the Moon has moved into Taurus - a sign she loves. She meets up with Black Moon Lilith (our rebellious feminine energy) at 1 degree, so there is maybe something here about what we have hidden/swallowed to stay safe/stable, maybe to have a roof over our head and food on our table. Our emotions can be primal/instinctive. BML is the motivation within us that we expect to be punished for/abandoned if we use it. The stuff we see happening in the world is also happening in our own homes and our own bodies.


It's not until 10:49AM EDT on Saturday morning that the Moon makes her next aspect. She opposes the Scorpio Sun (Full Moon) and then just five minutes later, she meets up with Uranus. We can expect the unexpected here (not totally unexpected), surprising results, unintended consequences, accidents are possible, so stay focused. 


With the Full Moon bringing things to a conclusion - something could go out with a BANG. 


Uranus is retrograde, so this isn't totally new/new, we can have seen this coming and this can also be US making some kind of unpredictable/liberating change. Full Moons are the best times to end stagnant situations as long as we realize this is going to be EMOTIONAL. 


Collectively this will be about our money, our resources, our self-esteem, our sense of security, the skills/abilities we take for granted, something that brings us comfort. 


The changes could focus us on what we are losing. 


Whatever comes to light/whatever concludes could feel de-stabilizing, even if that is the whole point of the thing (coming unstuck because, well, this is Taurus, fixed earth aka mud!) - keep this in mind. 


After opposing the Sun and moving across Uranus, the Moon is going to sextile Neptune, then trine the Cappy planets (remember on Friday she squares them, so now we get the smooth trines AFTER the change/unexpected) - Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. All positive aspects and her final aspect is that trine to stable Saturn. This tells us the Full Moon surprise/disruption/culmination that will play out over the next couple weeks is stabilizing in the end, supportive in the long term. Patience may be required to get to the good stuff, but it's out there.


If you have something that needs to end/that you need to stop doing - this is a powerful time to end it. If we don't make needed changes, or if we go off impulsively and do something totally destructive - that rocks our stability - we could come to regret our inaction/action in a couple weeks.


I don't usually do a "by sign" - because we can get a better feel, I think, by looking at the collective influence and I'm always afraid people will skip ahead to their sign, which they may or may not connect with, and miss the big-picture stuff which they almost certainly will. But here goes, let's take a quick peek, check your Sun and your rising and if you know the exact house for 8-9 degrees Taurus - this may or may not line up with your rising sign - find that house number and read that, too.


ARIES | Aries Rising (this is also a collective forecast) - the Full Moon is happening in your 2nd house of your money, your values, your resources and self-esteem. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. This is about a change in the way you make/use money, the things you hold onto, what you value. Mars is retrograde in your sign - you are changing and the things you want/the way you go about getting them is changing, too. The ruler of this lunation is in your opposite sign of partnership. Have you been overvaluing/undervaluing yourself? More win/win less me-first.


TAURUS | Taurus Rising - This is YOUR Full Moon Taurus and happening in your 1st house of yourself. Something about your physical self, maybe your habits, your stability is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this (could be through a relationship/partner), but it is ultimately liberating. Happening in your sign, this is another wake-up call for you. What is coming to light about yourself? What are you discovering? This can be a crisis or an opportunity. Your journey is changing and you are the one changing it.


GEMINI | Gemini Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. Maybe something you have been avoiding looking at or just suspected comes out and brings an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Keep in mind with Uranus in your 12th house for the last couple and next couple years - you are moving through a lot of unfinished business, your self-sabotaging crap is coming up, you are learning how to end things with integrity.


CANCER | Cancer Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, your tribe, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT maybe bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Why do you associate with the groups/people you do? Does something here need to change?


LEO | Leo Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement, goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. An opportunity to really get how much you are worth and what you really value is coming.


VIRGO | Virgo Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 9th house of travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Maybe you think you know something and you find some holes in your thinking/your beliefs. This is a transformation around what you think is possible for you.


LIBRA | Libra Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 8th house of other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, death, rebirth, sex, reproduction. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT (maybe through something you haven't wanted to look at) bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. You have Venus - ruler of this Moon - and Mercury in your sign, so unexpected events have a greater impact. What is out of balance here? What are you doing about your debts? Who has done something for you and you owe them something?


SCORPIO | Scorpio Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 7th house of partners and partnerships. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT (relationship turning point, partner's action) bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Keep in mind your partner is going through big changes, most of which you are a major catalyst for. They are mirroring your own need for freedom/liberation.You can get married or break apart. Your partner can offer you something or take something away.


SAGITTARIUS | Sag Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 6th house of your day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Stop doing what is draining you. have you taken on too much? You are about to find out. Take care of your health Sag!


CAPRICORN | Capricorn Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. Saturn is past Pluto in your sign (past the death), but leaves your sign for 28 years in just a few weeks, so if you need to get moving with some goal you best get on it - especially after the Scorpio New Moon in 2 weeks.


AQUARIUS | Aqua Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 4th house of home, family, your roots, mother, mothering, your ancestry, real estate, renovation or a home business. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. More changes on the home front for you my dear. But we know that's really where your heart is anyway!


PISCES | Pisces Rising - the Full Moon is happening in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood. Unexpected news, fast decisions/answers. Something here is subject to an unexpected (although not totally unexpected) JOLT bringing something out into the light or to a disruption/conclusion. The change will be either self initiated or outside events conspire to force this, but it is ultimately liberating. If news of a new opportunity hits be ready to grab onto it.


Keep in mind every ending is also a beginning and in just two weeks we will have a New Moon in powerful Scorpio with both Mercury and Mars direct!

xo all


Back with one final Full Moon post where we'll look at the U.S. election and factor in next month's Eclipse!

What to expect of the FULL MOON IN TAURUS | Saturday, October 31, 2020 - part I - surprising results, liberating situations, limits and rules, how do we see what we've never seen before, the divine feminine rising, the virus


On Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 10:05AM EDT the Taurus Moon opposes the Scorpio Sun (at 8 degrees) giving us October's second Full Moon and only Full Moon in Taurus.


The Moon, at 8 degrees, is exactly conjunct change-maker Uranus (retrograde). 


So, we have a spooky Halloween Full Moon focused on the very "unspooky" sign of Taurus instead of the usual Scorpio spook - even Halloween is doing its own thing in 2020!


Taurus is ruled by Venus and rules our collective second house - our money, our values, our self-esteem, our security and our comfort. She rules our resources and represents Mother Earth. Taurus energy is nurturing/sensual - the Moon is exalted here - it brings us back to ourselves. The shadow of Taurus - the negative of any sign is always the positives taken too far - is our fear based thinking when our security is threatened (real or imagined) focusing us on all the reasons something we want to do won't work or all the reasons we can't have what we want. Taurus energy can be stubborn (like the bull) or passive (like the cow). In Taurus we either own it (whatever "it" is) or it doesn't belong to us.

Like all Full Moons, this is a Sun/Moon opposition. The Sun is in deep, dark, transformative Scorpio and the Moon is in earthy, grounded Taurus. Full Moons brings conclusions/results. They are culminations, peak power, endings - they are the moment in our breath when our lungs are full just a second before we begin to exhale.

Let's unpack the chart!


We have the Moon at 8 degrees Taurus exactly conjunct Uranus (also asteroid Triumpf who we will use as a stand-in/significator for Trump, but we'll get to that in the third election post) and opposing the Sun at 8 degrees Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus and so is the ruler of this lunation. She is strong in her home sign of Libra, exactly conjunct asteroid Magdelana and opposing Chiron. Mercury, retrograde in Libra and also answering to Venus is exactly squaring Saturn who is exactly conjunct asteroid Wuhan (who seems to be one of the very accurate stand-in/significators for the virus). 


Narcissus at 26 Virgo is exactly trining (brakes off) Saturn and Wuhan and inconjunct Mercury (asteroid Narcissus is one reason for the destruction the virus/our response to the virus has caused particularly in the U.S., being at 22 Cappy in the U.S. natal chart which Saturn/Pluto decimated in January - also I noticed last week that former President Obama has Narcissus at 27 Cappy, which is the degree of the U.S. natal Pluto (!) - Pluto's return to its signing of the Declaration of Independence position is THE real story we are living through here in the U.S).


I didn't toss our usual cast of characters into this one, trying to keep it as simple as possible. We are going to unpack this through contacts to the Moon and Venus (ruler of the lunation) rather than treat it as a full event chart. You will see why when we get to the U.S. election posts - sorry to be so U.S.-centric, but I think this will apply universally, too!

Now, the Moon meets Uranus every month as it moves through Taurus, but not while the Sun is exactly opposing. The Sun opposite Uranus is a big deal annual transit (of change and uncertainty/a need for greater freedom, surprises that create uncertainty/instability although they are ultimately liberating) - it can bring unexpected events/conclusions and closes out and begins a Uranus solar cycle - happening at the time of a Full Moon will give this aspect an even greater impact! 


If you have planets/points near 8 degrees of the fixed signs you will especially be feeling this one!

Uranus is retrograde, so this "unexpected" situation/event will not be so unexpected. Unless our eyes are covered as tightly as our mouths and noses right now - we should be able to see this coming. So on the one hand it will come out of nowhere and on the other hand it won't. 


And, remember, this is the Moon's event - a lunar event, so even though there is an opposition, Uranus is conjunct the Moon. The unexpected is coming through our Taurus natal house theme, so we somehow need the liberation/the chaos and something comes to light/or concludes that makes that happen. There is something here about moving away from "what can I/what do I OWN" toward something else. I hope I am making sense here. Of course, if you are a Scorpio rising with Taurus in your 7th house of other people - this unexpected/not totally unexpected change will come through someone else - a partner/another person (although they will really just be mirroring our own need for liberation). 

We'll go through all the signs in Part II!


Venus is exactly conjunct asteroid Magdalena who keeps coming up for me in charts lately, so let's take a look at her. I've found Magdelana on the angles of charts of people in my family who are more traditionally religious/Catholic. In the days leading up to the Full Moon - with the Moon's ruler Venus at the beginning of Libra (with Magdelana) and Mercury retrograding through the back end and bookending the sign of our relationships - the Catholic Pope made a statement approving of/endorsing same-sex civil union. Which would normally be a huge thing, and obviously is for some people and will be for everyone, but seemed to be quickly lost in the nanosecond news cycle.


(I remember Magdelana was hanging out with Uranus, back when Uranus was squaring Pluto in the summer of 2012 - remember 2012? I think you do! That was also during a Full Moon. 


I'd gone looking for indicators of the major timeline shift I was feeling, but couldn't figure out what the hell any of it meant, and yes, I still haven't - ack! - and found her sitting with Uranus as scientists at Cerns were announcing a discovery they thought was their Higgs-Boson, missing "God particle". 


At the time I was thinking about the divine feminine energy rising and if you think about Magdelana as a probable stand-in/significator for Mary Magdalene and the way her real story has been manipulated during the Age of Pisces (deceit) and the missing "God" as the missing feminine, it could be one piece of a very large and complicated puzzle. 


She was discovered and synchronistically named by astronomers in Nice, France during the 1891 Pluto/Neptune conjunction in Gemini - with the North Node in Gemini, too, as it is now. At that time, and keep in mind the importance of discovery charts, Asteroid Magdelana was exactly conjunct Ceres (19 degrees Aquarius), closely conjunct Juno and the Cancer Sun was situated tightly between Venus and Black Moon Lilith and Pandora was opposing Pallas, so all the ladies were active/animated/chatting it up.)


If we see Magdalena as a divine feminine energy relegated to "whore" status (Gnostic texts name Mary Magdelene as an Apostle and it was not the gospels that called her a prostitute, but a Pope in 591 who confused Mary of Magdalene with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Bethany was mentioned in Luke 10:39 as a sinful woman who anoints Christ's feet and then history somehow took on a life of its own and made the wrong Mary the fallen woman) we might see her merger with feminine Goddess Venus at this time as speaking of something of the divine feminine previously unacknowledged/shut out as unholy/unseen. 


That something feels invisible because we haven’t been accustomed to seeing it doesn't mean it isn't there. And this kind of brings us back to Uranus - our higher mind and carrier of our long-term memory/past-life trauma that we don't consciously know we know, but we are still reacting to it. 


Our brains are literally made to see what we are used to seeing. I remember once reading about a horrible animal experiment where shortly after birth a litter of kittens were placed in a room where they could only see horizontal (or was it vertical?) lines for many months and when they were finally brought into a normal room they kept bumping into vertical things because they literally couldn't see them. And they couldn't see them for the rest of their lives! 


The Age of Aquarius is bringing us into a quantum field - where we've probably always been, but now we are without the fantasy of the Age of Pisces, so it is probably more real even as life feels less real! We will eventually come to understand we are perceiving what we choose to perceive or else we will remain in a world of what seems to us like chaos because chaos (and Uranus/Aquarius) represents this range of possibility that was once invisible to us. Does this make sense?


So, we've got the ruler of this Full Moon, Venus, strong in her home sign and conjunct asteroid Magdelana. Merged. And we've got Mercury (information, communication) answering to Venus in Libra - so pulling in other people/our relationships/justice/fairness and squaring sober/authoritarian Saturn and Wuhan (exactly) and the other Cappy energies, too. So whatever change this Uranian Full Moon is bringing us - this might be something we don't really want to do/have to deal with. There could be challenging news/negative thinking. With Mercury square Saturn during a Uranus activation - there could be revolt/protests. There might be a connection to the virus or the ramifications/official responses to the virus. Venus is opposing Chiron - this is applying, so maybe the need for change or whatever this change is triggers old wounds/memories that we aren't safe/can't take care of ourselves/need to stand up for ourselves. There are some indicators, and we'll talk about them in the next post, that we could regret later changes we don't make now and over the next couple weeks.


Uranus, merged with the Full Moon on Halloween, is the higher octave of Mercury; our higher mind. Co-ruler of Aquarius (with Saturn - and we have multiple Saturn/Uranus squares in 2021 for them to fight this New World rulership out); Uranus represents the future, change, technology. 


In Evolutionary Astrology (and the work of Jeffrey Wolf Green), and I see the truth of this again and again in charts, Uranus in our natal chart is a trauma signature. So, Uranus in Taurus until 2026 might bring up fear/feelings of a loss of security/loss of resources. A subconscious terror of being reduced to survival-mode (see how fast hoarding impulses with Taurean ruled food kicked in last winter/spring) - and then we create exactly the thing we are fearing by putting ourselves into survival mode - making ourselves smaller/less intimate with others/building a wall around ourselves and shutting ourselves off from NEW possibilities which is what Uranus is all about, too! 


That's just what we don't want to do (and I know it sounds like what we are being told to do to stay safe!). Over the course of 2020 it has become increasingly evident that, whatever's really going on, our perception of it is being manipulated.


Keep in mind the mind-blowing astro for 2020 that we talked about back in January HERE wasn't about a pandemic at all (although this was the date the virus moved countries which is of course the definition of a pandemic). 


What I wrote back then was:

"There are two basic ways this could be playing out in our lives and in the collective.

1. limits/rules/authority is transformed - death (Pluto) of tradition/security (Saturn - the patriarchy)
or 2. authority (Saturn) is cemented - because this is happening in Saturn's sign - authority is made more powerful (Pluto)

And we may think we know what is happening, but with so many cycles ending/beginning with these conjunctions it will be hard to know.

What is really happening is we have both of these things going on at the same time."


Tricky times we are living folks, maybe the absolute trickiest - so stay in your magic! 

The keys to this Taurus Full Moon will be to keep things simple. There could be a surprising result or something that comes to light that rattles our resources/values/habits/our natal Taurus house theme (next post). Hold on loosely. Movement is needed but too much impulsivity/anger could make us regret changes we make. On the other hand not making needed changes can also bring regret later. Best use of this energy - liberating ourselves from a stagnant/life sucking situation. It's tricky, but you're a smart cookie and will know what to do. Every ending is a beginning and every beginning requires an ending. What we lose/what we gain - in the end this Full Moon and the two weeks that follow - is all about LIBERATION. 


By the middle of November both Mercury and Mars will be direct, we will have a New Moon in Scorpio and it will be all systems go!

xo all

Back tomorrow night with Part II where we'll look at this Moon by sign and pull in whatever else I missed and then in part III we will look at the ways this Moon and next month's Eclipse which is reaching backward toward this Moon is likely to impact the U.S. election, one hint I think is Kamala Harris's natal Narcissus exactly conjunct the November Eclipse degree, but with Mercury stationing direct on Election Day and this weekend's big Full Moon (both Trump and Harris were born on Full Moons) conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus, maybe life is determined to make it anyone's game for as long as possible  ...

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - taking action, saying it again, encouraging independence, being kind and fair, making an adjustment/bringing something out of the shadows before it comes wandering out on its own and bites us in the ass


The Moon moved into fiery Aries while we slept (EDT) - now we are nurtured through our physical actions, our bodies, our passions, through men, by doing/starting/independence. She can be brave here, but sometimes too hasty. She opposes Venus at 5:32AM EDT (our actions/initiative/impulsiveness conflicting with fairness/beauty/balance maybe), then goes on to conjunct a retrograde Chiron while inconjunct the Scorpio Sun later today.


We are building toward Saturday's BIG Full Moon and today we reach this month's Waxing Inconjunct through the Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon (while the Moon sits with that retrograde Chiron). The Aries Moon is about some action/assertion that needs to happen - even though uncomfortable, it's more uncomfortable to ignore - before the Moon reaches its fullness. With the Sun in Scorpio this could have a Scorpian theme - merged monies, intimacy, obsession, manipulation, compulsion, life/death - or could be something we don't want to look at/confront. The stars say "confront we must" even through the inconjunct speaks of rocks and hard places. Old wounds triggered.

Our best way through this - Mercury retrograde (from 28 degrees Libra - keep in mind we are closing out October with Venus and Mercury bookending Libra - other people, our relationships, our sense of fairness/balance/beauty) is trining Ceres in Aquarius.

We had the first pass of this back at the end of September - multiple aspects this week are pulling us back there - so maybe an old issue needs to be talked about again, re-looked at, revised. 


Ceres in Aquarius is dispassionate nurturing/not hover-mothering - we can keep conversations calm, loving but not controlling. We are encouraging independence/smart decisions. Maybe we, or someone else, is moving through challenging 'change-of-life' issues/situations that feel out of our/their control. Aquarius can be friendly because it's not overly attached, so the key here can be to emotionally detach ourselves a little bit and then have the conversation/share the information/listen (the Moon in independent Aries can help, too, just don't be too impulsive or insensitive). 


Mercury is in good-natured and balanced Libra, so our words can be kind/fair. 


With the Sun/Moon in the Scorpio/Aries inconjunct we might need to be brave, but we don't want to be manipulative/controlling/too defensive. Cooperative/collaborative conversations are favored. Know this isn't a final/final because Mercury is retrograde and the waxing inconjunct is about adjustments more than solutions. Sometimes adjustments are all we get. Sometimes adjustments are all we need.


We have so many planets in cardinal signs right now - wanting to START something AND we have two personal planets retrograde advising us to continue to re-vise/re-think/re-do. We might be antsy, situations can be stressful/frustrating/depressing. We just want to be done with them, but we aren't/can't be yet. Tomorrow the Moon in Aries is going to start squaring those Cappy planets, so will pull us into more challenging energy before the Moon gets into Taurus, where she is EXALTED on Friday evening (EDT). 


October has been about a major transformation to restore balance and it still has one last trick up its sleeve ....

xo all

back with the Full Moon posts


photo by the talented Marina Coric

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | October 25th - November 1st, 2020 - a major transformation to restore balance, October goes out with a bang


SUNDAY - Sun conjunct Mercury, Waxing Trine - Pisces|Scorpio

MONDAY - Pallas sextiles Neptune, Mercury sextiles Vesta 

TUESDAY - Venus into Libra, Mercury retrograde back into Libra

SATURDAY - Full Moon Taurus conjunct Uranus

SUNDAY - Mercury squares Saturn, Venus opposes Chiron

So, this is a BIG Mercury/Venus week (re-negotiating the ins and outs of our close relationships/partnerships/money and values with multiple aspects taking us back to the end of September) with a jolt of surprising/disruptive Uranus tossed in ... on a Halloween Full Moon which is an unusual second Full Moon in October! Ack!

Remember what October is all about, and we talked about this theme in the Trump/Covid posts and it applies to all of us - this is about a major transformation to restore balance. Keep this in mind as we move through this final week!

SUNDAY - the Sun (at 2 degrees Scorpio) meets Mercury. We are now at the mid-point of this Mercury retrograde season, HERE/what is illuminated now - is what this Mercury retrograde season has been/is about for us. Something important can come to light. Clarity. It may or may not be pleasant - this is Scorpio - but it will be just what we need to know. Pay attention. And, yes, this could have happened yesterday or the day before as the conjunction tightened up. With Mercury retrograde this could bring someone from the past or an old situation to our attention. News comes in. Important and intimate, maybe financially focused conversations.

At the same time the Moon has moved into Pisces and into her monthly waxing trine with the Sun. This month Pisces/Scorpio. So here is support/compassion for the Scorpio message that is delivered. Something may have to be released to get something else. We might have to give up something we have used as an escape. The trine is our most positive aspect in astrology. The brakes come off. And in Pisces - our dreams/our connections/God/life/our higher self/our past lives/our ancestors are helping us.


MONDAY - Pallas at 18 degrees Capricorn sextiles a retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Our practical, measurable plans/work/strategies to establish security/build something real can lead to the manifestation of a dream. With Neptune retrograde this can be an old dream. This is Cappy/Pisces, so we might have to make a sacrifice/give up something to get something else.


At the same time Mercury at 1 degree Scorpio sextiles Vesta in Virgo. We are talking about important things/the things that matter and keep us up at night. Intimate conversations. Financial conversations. Communications/information is opportunistic. Again we are dealing with retrograde energy - this time through Mercury - so maybe we've had this conversation before/heard this information before or are dealing with people/situations from our past.

TUESDAY - After being cramped up in tidy and practical Virgo, Venus finally makes it home to Libra. Venus in Libra is about love and partnership, collaboration and compromise. Venus in Libra is about balance.

This transit (until November 21st) makes Libra Suns and Risings, who are already naturally attractive, even more so - both physically attractive and more able to attract what they want/need. Everyone's Libra house gets more attractive, too (what house was Libra in when you were born? what is the theme of that house? Where is Venus in your natal chart? This area of life gets more attractive, too, as transiting Venus grows stronger in her home sign).

We will be attracted to what we find 'beautiful'. We will be attracted to what we find 'just'. We will be attracted to what we find 'peaceful'. And these are the qualities people will find attractive in us and our work in the world. These are the qualities we'll want to bring to the table (and yes, flowers that would be a good thing to bring to the table now, too) to attract whatever we are wanting to attract now.

The potential for peace increases as we (the collective) move from critic (Virgo) to diplomat (Libra). The potential for people pleasing increases, too, so balance is the key now. Making life too much about the other person is Libra's shadow side. It's easier, or I should say, lazier, to just give in to something to have "harmony" than to work out the win-wins or half-assed win-wins that are sometimes required. We need to honor ourselves as well as the other person. It's simple, but not easy. If we think balance is easy we should stand on one leg for a while! 

In Libra, there is power in groups and alliances - but the emphasis (for now) is on the shared human experience of connection rather than on what might emerge later. It's not the time for thinking about how it will all play out, what we are getting or giving. It's just the time for the experience. We come into real harmony when we can see each other clearly. We don't have to always agree with each other. Agreeing isn't step two or even step one hundred and two. 


At the same time, Mercury has been retrograding through Scorpio, and now backs into Libra. 


This is where we were on September 26th/27th, so maybe something from that time is reactivated. Keep in mind she/he is at the very end of Libra, while Venus is at the very beginning. Now we have Mercury answering to a strong Venus instead of a retrograde Mars. 


An old relationship/partnership - romantic or otherwise - can come back around. An offer can be back on the table. We are re-evaluating who wears the pants/signs the checks - is this relationship/partnership/agreement/commitment still fair - is it still working for both parties?


Now, usually Mercury enters Libra while traveling direct. He enters via Virgo - our conversations, ideas and communications have been picked through quite thoroughly by now. We all know where we stand, and where everyone else does. We are tired of talking/bickering about this stuff and are probably craving more pleasant and civil interactions.


This time is different. 


He enters via Scorpio (intimacy/depth/maybe not such pleasant conversations) while moving backward.  

So, we've been through the hard conversations. We've looked under the hood. We've checked the numbers and seen what adds up and what doesn't. We've merged and we've purged. Maybe something has died. Maybe something has died and been reborn. 


Life always, always knows what it's doing, so we are back in Libra now for a reason (because this will be a quick back and forth!). Our words/ideas/conversations need to take 'other people/another person' into consideration now. It's not enough to be 'true' - it needs to be 'kind', too. 

We are still covering old ground - we've been here before, but we need to be more polite now. And we won't have to stuff our feelings to do this because Mercury will be answering to Venus, not Mars! We need to listen. If we want our communications to hit their target we need to make the other person feel heard. We cooperate/collaborate. We find common ground.

SATURDAY - Are we ready for the SECOND Full Moon of the month (called a Blue Moon) - this time in Taurus and exactly conjunct anything-can-happen Uranus (and exactly conjunct asteroid Triumf which feels like a good stand-in/significator for Trump, so we'll take a look at that and even how because it is an acronym it is usually listed in all capitals, but I am choosing not to see it and share it that way!) and Uranus is retrograde, so anything can not really happen - whatever this is we've had a preview. We can't say we weren't warned. This Moon is also exactly conjunct the U.S. natal (Sibley chart) Uranus.


This is also the activation date for the November 30th Lunar Eclipse in Gemini that kicks off our holiday eclipse season. Eclipse events often happen exactly one month before the eclipse (or one month after), so we'll talk about that, too. Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. This is a powerful Halloween Moon - one final BLOW OUT to enable this month's theme of a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION TO RESTORE BALANCE. 


Whatever comes in/whatever goes out, will - in the end - be liberating. And keep in mind, this isn't always (or ever, but that's another story) about something happening to us. This can be us making an unexpected/maybe sudden change, maybe that finalizes something - BUT a change that makes us more healthy (and we'll talk about this in the Full Moon post) - and this could be physically healthy or financially healthy or mentally or emotionally healthy.


Expect a BIG post. Change can't be stopped folks.

SUNDAY - Here is where a retrograde Mercury, at the end of Libra now, backs into her/his square with Saturn - (this is a repeating aspect and we had this aspect the first time on September 23rd, so again we are back to the end of September with our words/ideas/information/conversations) AND we are going to have this square - tension/frustration - again a third time with Mercury direct on November 6th. Repeating conversations/revising commitments. Reality checks. Our thinking could get a little depressing. We can't have everything we want. Balance/relationships require maturity/responsibility. This is the middle of the three-peat, the space where Mercury is retrograde, so we are re-vising, re-viewing, re-peating, re-investigating now.

On the same day Venus (in Libra) opposes Chiron (in Aries). Us vs me. Together vs alone. This could be all the same thing as the challenging Mercury/Saturn, so maybe the reality check hurts. Maybe we don't get who/what we want. An old/deep wounding around our ability to take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves/be ourselves is triggered, probably through someone else's words/actions. 


This can also show up as regret if we didn't make a change at the Full Moon and now it is too late or if we made a change that is destabilizing and now we are feeling the fear of that. This 'feeling the fear' thing doesn't necessarily mean we made a bad move.

OK, instead of the dailies I think I am going to do the Full Moon by sign and the U.S. election posts. Keep in mind everything we talked about before the Full Moon will be waning/unwinding at the time of the Full Moon, everything we talked about after will be applying/building.

So, October is going to go out with a bang. November is another huge month - Mercury will station direct, Mars will station direct, Venus will start squaring the Cappy energies, Jupiter will meet Pluto for the third time, Eclipse season kicks off. December will be even BIGGER.


(that's OK, we'll sleep when we're dead and the one thing the pandemic has probably taught us is that we are glad we aren't). 


Remember to take care of your physical body, Vesta is in Virgo - stay hydrated, get some exercise, get extra rest, clean up your messes, wash your hands.


xo all


photo by the talented ByrdsEyePhotography

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, October 24, 2020 - getting back on track, sticking like crazy glue without the crazy part, sprucing something up, making a commitment



The Moon in Aquarius squared Aquarian co-ruler Uranus (retrograde) while we slept (EDT) and goes for a LONG void starting tonight at 5:53PM EDT off an opportunistic sextile to a retrograde Mars making today a good day to roll with any twists and turns that come up/do something new and take action - maybe with Mars retrograde to get something re-invigorated/moving again.


She will be void all day tomorrow, until 5:18PM EDT when she moves into Pisces - making tomorrow not the day to start something new. It's a Sunday. Get some extra rest. Time gets stretchy. Actions won't be very sticky, so stick to routine tasks. 

(The unstickiness of void Moon activity should not be discounted - Obama's second term started on a void Moon and Trump's first order of business was the unraveling of it. I once decided to paint my porch floor. Knowing this was not such a routine task - such as sweeping the floor, etc - and knowing the Void Moon wasn't particularly auspicious (having gone void off a square) and my natal Cancer Moon's finickiness during voids, I did give some thought to waiting the void out, but I thought to myself  it's just a porch floor and it was a very short void, so I plowed on. First order of business - move everything off the porch. And I had already kind of done this, but there was some heavy wood that still needed to be moved. Thinking myself #clever, #notclever, I moved the heavy pieces under the porch for safe/temporary keeping. I was about to start painting when I realized this under the porch storage was not such a good idea - dripping paint - so I had to move all the heavy wood a second time - this "doing it all over again" lasted almost exactly to the minute the length of the Moon's void. Also I was not happy with the color and repainted the whole freakin' thing a few weeks later. Now I have a natal Moon in Cancer, so my Moon answers to whoever the Moon is answering to - so may be more susceptible to lunar issues than most, but you will find this kind of stuff is common if you started tracking it - which I am not suggesting we do - let's not make ourselves any crazier than 2020 already has - just something to keep in mind for big starts or projects that involve moving hundreds of pounds of wood)

Today's the day Venus moves into her exact smooth trine with Saturn at 25 degrees. 


Virgo/Capricorn. Earth. Commitments. There are real solutions here to relationship/financial problems. They will be more practical than sexy, but there is SOMETHING here. We attract what we want by being disciplined/responsible/doing the work. Committing ourselves to small steps that make up the hard slog up the hill. We already know what these steps are. 

This is the opposite of the Void Moon's unstickiness - THIS WILL BE STICKY. Think fly paper vs washi paper. And if you have never touched fly paper -and I'm not sure why I have - think of that cricut stuff that can't be unstuck if it touches itself. Something like that. Putting a 'ring on it' now means we will pay hell (and this is Saturn, so I am not really joking here) getting it off. Keep this in mind. 


We talked about this in the weekly:

"Venus rules love, money, our values, women, beauty, our self-esteem (Libra and Taurus) and in Virgo, ruler of our 6th house house is currently concerned with our day-to-day activities, our routine, work, co-workers, pets and our health. Saturn rules structure and things that are real and have weight, time, goals, hard work, discipline, fathers, older men and responsibility (Capricorn).

Trines create smooth energy - the brakes are off - the vitality will flow and work together naturally. This trine will apply to our natal Virgo and Capricorn houses and their themes.

Now these houses are always in trine, but today, inhabited by attractive Venus and hard-working Saturn, the vibes are particularly useful.

If Venus and Saturn were people they would be a young, loving, attractive woman and a serious, responsible older man. You can see how these two people could bring out the best in each other (not in a sugar-daddy kind of way - Saturn ain't nobody's free ride).

We carry both these archetypes within us - what can we do now to cement their merger?

We could make a commitment (Saturn) within a relationship (Venus) now. We could make a commitment with our money - maybe to the more responsible handling of it. We could make a commitment to valuing ourselves. We could commit to the hard work of being more beautiful (ie Venusian) or birthing something beautiful. We could beautify (Venus) our career (Saturn). This would be a great time for cosmetic changes within a business. Spruce ups now will pay off over time.

Venus/Saturn is not going to be about developing some trendy thingamajig because with Saturn the payoff comes over time and our trendy thingamajig will be gathering cobwebs in the corner. For creators this isn't so much about new styles as new methods. Both form (Venus) AND function (Saturn) will matter here. People will be drawn to more traditional, quality items that will last. Rewards for past work can also come in now. 


Our existing relationships can grow stronger since we can more easily get on the same page. There is a mutual respect here. Relationships between people of different ages started now would likely be long-lasting.

Mentors (Saturn) and muses (Venus) can show up. Take what you want seriously. Maybe you will get it. This has been in play for a couple days, is exact today and spends the next couple days unwinding, but is still in play."


xo all 

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, October 23, 2020 - commitment issues, rough edges, needing more space, what are we trying to control, giving something a little bit of air



After her void, the Moon moves into airy Aquarius at 8:17AM EDT. She reaches her first Quarter Square at 9:22AM EDT, then goes on to square a retrograde Mercury at 5:48PM EDT. 

With the Sun in deep and probing Scorpio and the Moon in airy Aquarius this First Quarter Square (lunar square following last week's New Moon) might indicate the need to detach/take a step back from something that has become too intense. Scorpio is about power/control and we can be trying to control/manipulate a situation without even realizing it. 


The Moon's move into Aquarius - if we feel tension/frustration/struggle - is our signal to give something a little space.

Tonight's square to a retrograde Mercury (in Scorpio) may be more of the same. It could bring a disagreement/argument over an old issue as deeply felt/simmering grievances get aired. Freedom vs commitment. Control vs the need to give some situation/something/someone a little freer rein. There are things that need to be worked through (probably not totally worked out because Mercury is still retrograde and this is a process) before Mercury backs into Libra next week. Squares bring tension/frustration, but are sometimes the only thing that gets stuff moving.

Last week's New Moon was all about our relationships


Does something need greater limits/more focus or less control/more freedom? 


This is probably the day our uncomfortableness lets us know what we need or what someone else does!

xo all

photo by the talented LichtReize

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, October 22, 2020 - feeling the pressure, getting things done, the show has ended but where do we go from here, moving past the shame


The Moon continues her journey through Capricorn. After a tense square with a retrograde Mars at 11:15AM EDT, she makes good aspects for the rest of the day including a sextile to a retrograde Neptune, conjunctions with Jupiter and Pluto, a trine to Venus (this one right around the time of the final U.S. Presidential debate) and finally goes void off a conjunction to Saturn at 12:35AM EDT.

There is alot going on. We are focused on goals/responsibilities. The Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn and Cappy is a harsh taskmaster. He gets it done, but the Moon in Capricorn can make us feel over-responsible/too serious/like there are not enough cans in the cupboards or zeros in our bank account and afraid to put one thing to an end to move into something else. The energy is good for production though - getting things done, dealing with authority, stepping into our own.

If we are already depressed/pressured today can amp things up. Know this is transitory. This whole thing is. 


It's like we are sitting in the theater and the movie has finished and the credits are rolling and we are still sitting there. And the guys come in to sweep out the theater because the show has finished and we raise our feet so they can sweep up our dropped popcorn kernels, but we are still sitting there. And we are not even sure why because was the movie really that great anyway? Do we really want to sit through the whole thing again?

(and doesn't watching the Presidential debates feel like we are watching the credits for a movie that has already finished?!)

The Sun enters Scorpio at 4PM EDT. 


Scorpio is about deep intimacy and Scorpio is about passion. What are we passionate about? What makes us excited? What makes us so angry we see red? What makes our heart thump so hard in our chest that we fear explosion? Anything? Have we made any space for anything like this? And now the Sun is answering to a retrograde Mars (and Pluto), so that will be interesting.


Scorpio is the natural ruler of our 8th house - other people's resources/the resources we have merged with other people - our investments, debts, loans, mortgages, inheritances, spouse's salary, taxes, the ways we merge/share with other people, sex, reproduction (which doesn't always include sex now), banks, death, birth, power, transformation, karma.

It is the natural house of our shadows and taboos - all the stuff civil Libra, and polite society, doesn't want to talk about. 

Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of things and isn't above just burning the whole thing down (its modern ruler is Pluto after all) to do so. This whole 'rising from the ashes' thing strengthens Scorpio like the spaces metal has been welded or skin has been scarred. We will want to know people's motives/see what makes things tick. Scorpio likes to keep her secrets, but she is going to meet the Sun in a couple days - bringing to light the challenges ahead - and she is on a collision course (an opposition) with Uranus in Taurus at next week's Full Moon, so this 'secret keeping' thing is not so much happening. Truths will come out.

This is also the day Vesta moves into Virgo - maybe her favorite sign. And she will be in Virgo until, drum roll please, July of 2021! That's a really long time, and it looks like we will need it, to get our collective sh*t together. Virgo is about our daily activities, the way we make use of our time, our work, our service to others, our health, the way we organize ourselves, our paperwork, the ways we handle details, keep things clean. Vesta is focused and so is Virgo. This can be intense. We'll talk about this as we move through it. 

Her first aspect - which sets this whole cycle off - is a trine to Black Moon Lilith in Taurus - moving past the shame of holding on to things/declaring what is ours/enjoying our physical senses without apology. With Black Moon Lilith in Taurus it can be hard to feel satisfied, hard to know when enough is enough. Vesta in Virgo can help with this - pare things down to the essentials, help us see what truly matters, what fires need to be kept burning or we freeze to death. And BML - plus the Sun's move into Scorpio - will crank things up for Vesta, bring the heat; the passion. With Vesta and BML meeting at 0 degrees we are working with these energies from the ground up. This is where we start.


(I think this Black Moon Lilith trine to Vesta in Virgo - Virgo ruling the service providing aspect of the police/first responders/health care people, etc - will help the Black Lives Matter movement connect better with this energy/pull the service aspect of this community into their own and Vesta in Virgo can help BLM clean things up, tighten up their focus over the next few months.)


xo all


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22-10-2020 11:22:40 th Sextile ⚹ ♆ Neptune ♓, R ♑ Capricorn 18°32' 22-10-2020 13:43:52 th Conjunction ☌ ♃ Jupiter ♑ ♑ Capricorn 19°50' 22-10-2020 18:40:03 th Conjunction ☌ ♇ Pluto ♑ ♑ Capricorn 22°34' 22-10-2020 21:09:17 th Trine ∆ ♀ Venus ♍ ♑ Capricorn 23°56' 23-10-2020 00:34:41 fr Conjunction ☌ ♄ Saturn ♑ ♑ Capricorn 25°48'

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the October Astrology of Trump, Covid and the United States | a major transformation to restore balance, part III - extremely dangerous time for Trump


I will link to the previous posts in this series at the end.

This will be short and sweet and wrap this series up (not another dangler, Cat - you are not making jewelry here!). We'll look at Trump/Biden and Election Day and Inauguration Day in another post. I suspect it is not going to go smoothly and that there are more twists and turns ahead. And we don't need astrology to see that!

OK, back to Trump, October and covid. 


So, exactly as Pluto stationed direct, Trump came home from the hospital 

(which we said in the last post about Trump and covid could help him pull a rabbit out of his hat and we'd kind of know where we stand with his health after Pluto's change of direction)

claiming to feel 10 years younger and certainly he appears/sounds to be back to his old self. He had a couple beneficial transits, but it's still quite an amazing turnaround/rather mind-boggling (if totally true) - although nothing about Trump should boggle our minds by this point -  this rise from the sweaty sheets of his death bed almost as fast as a bed's sheets can be changed.


Astrologically this might be a good lesson in the importance of rulerships and not to discount them, because the ruler of Trump's 6th house (of health) is Uranus, located in his 10th house (of his career/public life), so having the ruler of his 6th in his 10th - the ramifications of covid/disease can show up there, too.  


And they have, with recent polls showing him sinking.


But, if we keep in mind this whole "rising from his sweaty death bed sheets" thing - I would not count out his re-election no matter what the polls are showing. Especially with his buddy change-maker Uranus so active. Now that he has survived/bounced back from his immediate 6th house challenges (the illness - although there could be something lingering with this), maybe his 10th house career can bounce, too. 


I imagine his bed is made pretty well by the White House staff (tight sheets=extra bounce).


On the other hand Biden is far from out either (and he has some of the same virus transits Trump has) - we will look at the election and inauguration charts in another post.

For Trump's supporters, who love that he is shaking the country up, it might be good to know his re-election (if it happens) appears central to the 'United' States literally being shaken apart. We talked about the country splitting apart as a worse case scenario in the Gemini North Node posts and by the time we get to the U.S. Pluto return's exact first pass on February 20, 2022 (with the transiting North Node exactly on the U.S. chart's natal Wuhan/Pandora conjunction and malefic fixed star Algol and conjunct Trump's mid-heaven - another totally unbelievable chart) we will really be in the thick of whatever a potential second Trump term (or a Biden/Harris term) will bring us. 


Whoever wins will have his/her work cut out for them. Maybe the split has already happened in bigger ways than we can see right now. Time is showing itself as rather non-linear and stretchy these days.

For now, let's look a little sooner ahead to the Taurus Full Moon on October 31, 2020 that will close out the month conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus. Full Moon on Uranus sounds about as Full Moon "ready to howl" as Full Moon's come.

I have said since Trump was elected, he kind of is Uranus - born with Uranus conjunct his North Node and Sun and displaying a very chaos-producing/liberating Uranian nature. The Sun (ruler of his Leo rising chart) opposing Uranus at the time of this Taurus Full Moon will impact him in similar spaces again since Taurus rules his 10th house and Uranus rules his 6th house of health and is located in his 10th house of career/public life.


The Scorpio Sun (conjunct Trump's natal Chariklo - the asteroid named for Chiron's wife, whose orbit takes us from Saturn to Uranus/from Cappy's stability to Aquarius chaos just as Trump himself has) transiting Trump's 3rd house (4th by rulership, so his home, foundation) of news/information is opposing - things culminate, peak, come into the light. That conjunction to unpredictable and chaotic Uranus can indicate another twist. 


Trump was born on a Full Moon, so they are VERY powerful for him. I would think this one speaks of the closing out of his career, but his gazillion connections to the United States natal chart makes me wonder if we will ever be truly free of him/his impact.

This is the last lunation before the election, although keep in mind it is a closing lunation. 


During the last New Moon (final opening lunation before the election and in play on November 4th, although of course impacted by the Full Moon by that time), Trump had that Grand Cardinal Cross - which he still has some access to, but needs to initiate something new and he seems determinedly on the path of the "same old thing", maybe unaware the world that got him elected the first time has ended.

That last New Moon (again the last New Moon before the U.S. election) - in the chart we drew for Washington DC has 3 degrees Sagittarius exactly on the mid-heaven which is Biden's ascendant/rising degree. Biden's natal North Node (fate) is 0 degrees Virgo which is currently the home of fixed star Regulus


(the king maker star that promises riches and glory but downfall if vengeance is not avoided - had been at 29 degrees Leo for the last 72 years which is Trump's ascendant/rising degree and closely conjunct Biden's natal Chiron and was in play at the Great American Eclipse of August 2017 when Trump had fired Comey and vengeance wasn't). 

0 degrees Virgo, Biden's natal North Node, is also home of Trump's natal Hera (Juno to the Romans and we know his natal Juno is conjunct his natal Chiron). 0 degrees Virgo is the degree of 'the common woman'. 


It is also conjunct Kamala Harris's natal IC (base of her chart/herself), so do we move from the king to the common woman in both a literal and symbolic sense or can Trump/Uranus pull another rabbit out of his hat at the Full Moon - we'll talk about that in the election post!

And then we are getting out of politics again because whoever wins this thing - the energies/the new storylines are much bigger than politics and happening in our personal lives, too, we really don't need to turn on the news to see/feel it. 


The 'common woman' is actually US after all, all of us. Every man. Every woman. All the asteroids/dwarf planets, mostly feminine energies and truly, truly pregnant with new possibilities - these fragments of culture/our personal stories woven into the strands of our DNA to be activated as they are discovered and synchronistically named. 


Is it any wonder life is more complex than ever?! 


We either bust every telescope on the planet - would this work? probably not - or we learn to flow with the changes of universal consciousness/sometimes chaos. 


For the United States one important question is - how do we move into a more equal and humane culture with this myth/dark cloud of American exceptionalism hanging over our heads. Probably we can't, so along comes our Pluto return just in the nick of time. Kaboom. Trump, the virus/our responses and their ramifications disrupting our Capricorn second house perception of who we are, what is valuable/what matters, what goals are important, how we maintain and support ourselves and others. 


It's surely time to pivot, personally and collectively, but still tangled in the dead cords of the old world we are unsure what that would look like and what that even means, but if we don't do something different we are going to feel more and more empty.

We'll look at the election charts next week.

xo all


photo by the talented losesprit


Trump/Covid the announcement, part I, part II

Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - the power's in the details, what we really want wants us right back, coming home to the garden, more balanced nurturing


The Moon moved into sober Capricorn while we slept (EDT). We put our bare feet on the solid Earth/feel a need to create something solid/live up to our responsibilities/count our pennies/get to work. 


She sextiles a retrograde Mercury at 3:49PM EDT then trines a retrograde Uranus at 6:32PM EDT. Intimate conversations move things forward/connecting with influentional people and situations. That smooth trine to Uranus can allow Cappy's unflappability to integrate the unexpected in mature/practical ways. 

This is also the day Venus trines Pluto (22 degrees Virgo to Cappy). This is well supported by the Moon. Maybe a good kind of obsession/intensity where we take the time to make something better - a relationship, financial situation, beauty or values issue. Powerful Pluto touching a personal planet with a POWERFUL trine - personal empowerment/transformation. Virgo/Capricorn - solid, realistic movement toward what we want. Pluto is the great eliminator so maybe this smooth contact with Venus in Virgo can help us eliminate relationship/financial habits that are no longer serving us (or anyone else). We are carrying around these outdated commitments/contracts whose cords have been cut/whose paperwork has been marked 'paid in full'. Maybe it's time to set some burden down. Venus in Virgo asks "what's most healthy now"?

At the same time the Sun (in Libra) is trining a retrograde Ceres (in Aquarius) at 28 degrees. Issues around nurturing/mothering/season of life issues can come into greater balance. Libra keeps things light/social. There isn't any need to pry/to cling. With Ceres retrograde this will be an old issue. The Sun's light can bring the situation into the light and the smooth trine clicks something into place.

This is also the day Black Moon Lilith moves into Taurus. It's good to finally get her out of Aries! Here is the outcast part of us in the sign of Mother Nature/the garden. We move from being angry/antsy/wanting to break something to needing to build/have/grow something solid/lasting. Here we are back in the garden and we want what is rightfully ours/what has been denied us. It will be interesting to see what happens with the 'Black Lives Matter' movement during this transit (BLM always makes me think of BML and BML was on the United States natal Venus as the words were first spoken in a conversation between two women in California via a Facebook post "I continue to be surprised at how little black lives matter. Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter."). 

There could be something painful early in the day when the Moon squares Chiron intensified by the fact there is nothing soft or comforting about a Cappy Moon. Just keep in mind we don’t need to inflate ourselves/create more chaos or overdo things when something is a struggle. We don’t need to hide away and shrink from the demands of the world either.


Sometimes - and keep in mind we have both Mercury and Mars retrograde, so two of our three personal planets (!) - we wait on the celestial winds of inspiration or passion to fill our sails and while we wait we attend to the small details of our everyday lives. Small things gradually build to become large things. And when we pay attention to the details of our lives, particularly when they are about caring for ourselves and others, what gets built is VERY powerful. Which brings us back to today's Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. 


And from the weekly about Venus/Pluto:


"We can use this energy for a deeper look - rather than nit-picky critique- at what isn't working/what is missing and can uncover practical and workable solutions. If we have been letting something slide - our health, daily obligations/schedule - this energy can power-up/enable us to hang in there/get back into something healthier or more organized. We can deepen our commitment to what is healthy. Again this is Virgo/Cappy - staying on task = success, staying healthy = success, being of service = success."


xo all 

photo by the talented Hakan Photography

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 19th - 26th, 2020 - an old opportunity comes back around, financial/relationship commitments, unexpected/liberating/disruptive information and conversations, truth comes out


MONDAY - Mars squares Jupiter, Venus trines Jupiter while inconjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Juno opposes Uranus

TUESDAY - Venus squares the North Node

WEDNESDAY - Venus trines Pluto

THURSDAY - Mercury inconjunct Chiron, Vesta into Virgo, Sun into Scorpio

FRIDAY - First Quarter Moon (0 Aquarius!)

SATURDAY - Venus trines Saturn

SUNDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury


This is ANOTHER busy week. We finally get all the nice trines Venus has been promising us - relationship, financial commitments are possible. Mars repeats his square to Jupiter (although they have changed positions) while Venus is trining Jupiter - an old opportunity can come back around, probably in a new way, so pay attention and be moving forward/taking action. Huge leaps from tall buildings will not be needed. Secrets can be exposed this week. Information/conversations can be liberating or disruptive, but either way will not be pushed back into the closet or ignored. We won't be either! Vesta moves into Virgo so make your health, the cleanliness of your environment and the organization/structure of your daily routine a top priority.


Let's unpack the week, then we will add in the Moons in the dailies.


MONDAY -  Mars squares Jupiter, Venus trines Jupiter while inconjunct Mars, Mercury opposes Uranus, Ceres stations direct (Sunday). Whoa! This is the second Mars/Jupiter square - we had the first back on August 4th, so maybe we are going back over something from that time that needs to be re-done. Maybe we are changing our position on something. This is tense, but probably motivating, maybe driven by constraints/a time or maybe resource crunch. This speaks of big moves, power-plays, and keep in mind Mars is retro and with Mars inconjunct Venus (in Virgo) too much work/pushing could undermine our health/the quality of whatever we are doing/shoot the hell out of our daily schedule. At the same time Venus is trining Jupiter, so something about this 'go big' thing or maybe our Cappy career/goals can fall into place now if we focus on the day-to-day/the details/our service to other/the quality. There could be something here we really can use (even if it's not perfect) as


an old opportunity can come back around!


As with any Mars square in Aries - tend to your personal safety. No dark alleys. Avoid unnecessary dangers. Drive safely. Get some exercise.

A retrograde Mercury is conjunct Juno (Juno is a huge player in 2020) and opposing Uranus. The opposition is a repeating aspect from October 7th, so this could take us back to a surprising conversation or unexpected news from that time. Relationship agreements/contracts being discussed. Mercury is in deep Scorpio, so our thoughts/conversations/the information that comes in and is exposed now - is intense. Juno represents not only our marriages and committed partnerships, but the hierarchical structures that underpin things (remember she would do anything to hold onto her position) - she is in Scorpio now, determined to KEEP WHAT SHE HAS. Mercury is retrograde, so we are re-thinking/re-assessing maybe intimate/financial situations. 


Secrets can come to light. News/conversations can be unexpected, liberating or disruptive. This can happen into Tuesday, since it is exact late on Monday night EDT.

TUESDAY - Venus (in Virgo at 18 degrees) squares the North Node (in Gemini). Both answering to a retrograde Mercury. Tension/frustration - a need to change/adjust. Relationship, financial, self-esteem, values issues - we are confronted by what isn't working/doesn't line up with the future. The cost of love. The price of these intangibles. What can be fixed and what needs to be left behind. Squares motivate action - what are we going to do about this?

WEDNESDAY - Venus (in Virgo at 22 degrees) trines - brakes off - Pluto (in Capricorn). Trines are smooth/easy, and this speaks of an intensified focus on Venusian themes - our relationships, love, money, self-esteem, resources, what we want - without anything manipulative/compulsive. We get the best of Plutonian transformation without the STING of the life and death obsession. We can use this energy for a deeper look - rather than nit-picky critique- at what isn't working/what is missing (again via those Venusian themes or our natal Virgo house theme) and can uncover practical and workable solutions. If we have been letting something slide - our health, daily obligations/schedule - this energy can power-up/enable us to hang in there/get back into something healthier or more organized. We can deepen our commitment to what is healthy. Again this is Virgo/Cappy - staying on task = success, staying healthy = success, being of service = success. See SATURDAY for Venus trines Saturn - this could be all the same thing.

THURSDAY - the veils thin as the Sun enters Scorpio - our annual month of intensity/merging/purging/excavation - deciding what gets to stay and what has to go (and, of course, it's not always up to us). And, often, if we allow ourselves to go deep enough into our buried fears/unconscious taboos uncovering unexpected (especially with that opposition to Uranus these days) sources of power, intimacy and stability. Scorpio is very black and white - we commit or we quit. The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 22nd.

Now Mercury (at 6 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts Chiron (in Aries). Information/truth can hurt. Make us feel alone/unstable. Maybe not enough as we are. Mercury is getting to the bottom of things/looking under rocks, showing us important stuff we may not want to see. Chiron in Aries is our wounded masculine/warrior. He requires us to show up/be brave/keep going/pull our own asses out of that well. Scorpio/Aries isn't so soft/comforting anyway and they are both answering to Mars who is retrograde. We are confronting and confronted by very deep and very old wounds - childhood, familial, past-lives. Maybe this is about our need to take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves. Here is an inconjunct, so there isn't any kind of band-aid/no quick fix. It is a good time to listen. If you are triggered (and about to over-react), try asking yourself - "isn't it interesting I am having such a strong reaction to this - what is this reaction of mine really all about". If we need to speak our truth, know the other person's reaction, if over the top, is likely coming from a deeper/older wounding. Know these triggers serve a purpose, but let's do our best to language things kindly now. Take the high ground, it has the best view.


As Venus starts finishing up, preparing herself for next week's return to her home sign of Libra, Vesta enters Virgo. Now it's our Virgo house theme or the collective Virgo themes of - our health, our work, our pets, our day-to-day routine, our daily obligations, our service to others  - that is keeping us up at night. We'll talk more about this as we move through this transit. Vesta will be in Virgo for the rest of the year.

FRIDAY - the Moon (at 0 degrees Aquarius) squares the Sun at 0 degrees Scorpio. This is our first quarter square - moving the Libra New Moon story from last week forward via tension/frustration.


0 degrees Aquarius is also the degree Jupiter will meet Saturn on the December 21, 2020 Solstice - our third and final (and we only get one of these) major aspect of 2020.


If we thought 'time running out' was big - well, 'time starting back up' looks ABOUT 10 TIMES BIGGER.


The chart for 12/21/2020 is totally cray-cray and makes me think of 12/21/2012 - the Mayan calendar expiration date - when we thought something was going to happen that didn't (although maybe it actually did, and here is where we catch up with it). I will need two shots of whiskey - and I don't drink - to even begin to unravel this. It's not easy to move into Aquarius when we are refusing to let go of these dying Cappy structures!


At 1:20PM (!) on December 21, 2020 - we will have Jupiter exactly conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius (starting a 200 year cycle in air), the Sun at 0 Cappy conjunct Mercury (within 1 degree), Mars exactly conjunct Eris, Pluto exactly squaring Eris and Mars, Lilith exactly conjunct Uranus (!), Vesta exactly opposing Neptune, Pallas exactly sextiling Chiron, the Moon exactly opposing Pandora and Wuhan opposing Hygiea (within 1 degree), Saturn and Jupiter exactly sextiling Juno who is exactly conjunct Astraea (Goddess of service, peace and justice who became the constellations Virgo - and possibly Libra - when she left the Earth after Pandora's box was opened at the end of the Golden Age/Silver Age and was said to return at the time of the New Earth/new Golden Age and you know we are going to have to look into THAT). And there's MORE.


Nothing is random, so maybe a clue/crumb gets dropped now for later - pay attention. This is Aquarius/Scorpio. The Sun is intense/going deep and the Moon wants to keep a little distance/think or overthink things through. These are fixed signs, so heels are dug in/our thinking inflexible. Scorpio rules (among other things) big money/life and death and Aquarius ' the people'/our higher thinking/the future, so we'll see what develops. 

SATURDAY - Now Venus (25 degrees Virgo) trines Saturn (25 degrees Cappy). 

Venus rules love, money, our values, women, beauty, our self-esteem (Libra and Taurus) and in Virgo, ruler of our 6th house house is currently concerned with our day-to-day activities, our routine, work, co-workers, pets and our health. Saturn rules structure and things that are real and have weight, time, goals, hard work, discipline, fathers, older men and responsibility (Capricorn).

Trines create smooth energy - the brakes are off - the vitality will flow and work together naturally. This trine will apply to our natal Virgo and Capricorn houses and their themes.

Now these houses are always in trine, but today, inhabited by attractive Venus and hard-working Saturn, the vibes are particularly useful.

If Venus and Saturn were people they would be a young, loving, attractive woman and a serious, responsible older man. You can see how these two people could bring out the best in each other (not in a sugar-daddy kind of way - Saturn ain't nobody's free ride).

We carry both these archetypes within us - what can we do now to cement their merger?

We could make a commitment (Saturn) within a relationship (Venus) now. We could make a commitment with our money. We could make a commitment to valuing ourselves. We could commit to the hard work of being more beautiful (ie Venusian) or birthing something beautiful. We could beautify (Venus) our career (Saturn). This would be a great time for cosmetic changes within a business. Spruce ups now will pay off over time.

Venus/Saturn is not going to be about developing some trendy thingamajig because with Saturn the payoff comes over time and our trendy thingamajig will be gathering cobwebs in the corner. For creators this isn't so much about new styles as new methods. Both form (Venus) AND function (Saturn) will matter here. People will be drawn to more traditional, quality items that will last. Venus/Saturn will only be together for a couple days, but this is the card to play now.

Our existing relationships can grow stronger. There is a mutual respect here. Relationships between people of different ages started now would likely be long-lasting.

Mentors (Saturn) and muses (Venus) can show up. Take what you want seriously. Maybe you will get it.


On SUNDAY - the Sun (at 2 degrees Scorpio) meets Mercury. We are now at the mid-point of this Mercury retrograde season, HERE - what is illuminated now - is what this Mercury retrograde season has been/is about for us. Something important can come to light, and since this is Scorpio, it might be something that isn't so pretty to look at (but not necessarily). On the other hand it will be just what we need to know.


xo all


photo by the talented Hakan Photography

New Moon in Libra | October 16, 2020 - relationship opportunities/challenges, balancing things out, releasing dead passions, moving toward greater stability and happiness



We get what might be the most challenging/opportunistic New Moon of the year (cardinal t-square) in the sign that rules our relationships. Given the amount of time we have spent in the last few months with the same person/people I don't think this is much of a surprise!

On Friday, October 16th at 3:31PM EDT, the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun (at 23 degrees) giving us this month's New Moon; our annual New Moon in Libra. Because this is happening in Libra we look to our natal Libra house (23 degrees) for the kind of theme we will be working with personally. Then we consider the general Libra themes (relationship, partnership, balance, justice, women, beauty) and we consider what Libra's ruling planet Venus is doing and where she is. And, finally, we look at the event chart for the time of the New Moon.


Something to keep in mind as we talk about the ways this New Moon is challenged - because the Libra New Moon wants to keep things light and balanced and peaceful and flirty and this chart speaks of something else - is that it is usually the challenges in these charts that bring us our greatest opportunities for growth. I know it sounds cliche and like something someone says when we are down and we want to punch them in the mouth, but luckily for them we just did our nails (heads up - my nails look like they were attacked by a badly behaved poodle, so I just might punch), but it is still true. 


Libra New Moons are about new ways to partner/new people/new connections/new situations. New LOVE - not the deep kind necessarily (although it could be), but the social kind that gets us invited to coffee and walks in the park. New peace and harmony. New negotiations. What is fair now? What is balanced now? What does justice look like now? This is a cardinal energy - something is going to START.


The stop gate to the NEW is Mars retrograde in Aries.


Are we willing to let go of our ego attachments that are no longer serving us/making us feel loved/bringing us peace? Can we let go of the stuff we are no longer passionate about? Our old ways of doing relationships? The old things we are doing within our relationships? The old ways we fight or the old ways we flight?


The Cardinal T-Square points to that Cappy Pile-up - Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter - and most exactly asteroid Wuhan. The changes wrought by the virus. The limits. The rules. We are at a very BIG moment.


Let's unpack the chart!


The Moon/Sun are at 23 degrees Libra. They oppose Mars (retrograde) and Eris in Aries and square the Cappy pile up - Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter and most exactly asteroid Wuhan. Venus, ruler of Libra and so ruler of this lunation is in Virgo answering to a retrograde Mercury (in Scorpio) who is opposing Uranus. She opposes Neptune (applying), trines the Cappy planets (all applying) and exactly trining Pallas (in Cappy) and is sandwiched between asteroids Pandora and Narcissus (who is exactly semi-sextile the New Moon). The New Moon is trining the North Node in Gemini while Mars trines the South Node (in Sag). Juno opposes Uranus (and we are going to look at her mega-importance in both the U.S. natal chart and Trump's chart in our next post). Vesta opposes Ceres.

With the important opposition and multiple squares - we can see this New Moon beginning can come at us with our back against the wall. There is tension/frustration. Limits. Rules. Libra seeks balance and whatever is seeded now will be anything but! We can expect relationship tension as we move through the next month, but there are also very strong indicators for IMPROVEMENT/RELIEF later in the cycle. For now there is a Cardinal T-Square aimed at Cappy with that empty Cancer leg, so all hard edges with no soft place to fall 


(unless you have something near 23 Cancer in your natal - like President Trump with his Saturn/Karma exact conjunction here being transited by asteroid Hopi - another stand-in for covid for him with Hopi exactly conjunct Wuhan in his natal - plus another stand-in for the Hope Hicks connection - and giving him a Grand Cardinal Cross. There could be some changes in his health now/his day-to-day, even within his partnerships or maybe with his natal 6th house (health) ruler in his 10th (career) - changes within his career. We'll get back to him, asteroid Narcissus and the U.S. historical Hopi - "kill all the buffalo to kill all the Indians" in the next post. More chickens coming home to roost). 

Just off that Sun/Mars opposition this week (plus the solar squares - we have a big one on Sunday, too) we are being asked - who/what do you want to partner with now? is this relationship balanced? is this working? have I lost me to we? do I need to give up a little me to even have a we? Situations will arise that enable us to find out! And the Cappy pile-up pulls in not only this year's restrictions (covid and our covid responses/authority/responsibilities), but collectively career/ambition challenges and also our Cappy natal house theme challenges.

The good news is the best aspect in astrology is arguably the 'trine' and the New Moon is trining the North Node in Gemini. 


This is in the very recent past, so we already have an open door somewhere. Something that has fallen smoothly into place, whispered "over here", drawn us an arrow. With the North Node answering to a retrograde Mercury - this open door could have a connection to the past, too. And with Mars trining the South Node and Venus (ruler of the Moon) trining the South Node's ruler Jupiter - it might be through what we are leaving behind/the door that closes/that we close, that shows us the way. 


If it's not this way then it must be THAT WAY.

And keep in mind, we have to factor in our own PERSONAL North Node from our natal chart - THAT will be the way through, too. The current energies are influencing the energies we CARRY. Always.

AND we have Venus, ruler of this lunation exactly trining wise Pallas (in Cappy). 


This speaks of strategies, practical systems, connecting the dots - realistic plans for what will make us feel more secure, more financially stable, more connected to other people, MORE LOVED. This is fortuitous and she moves on to trine the other Cappy planets next week - more stability, more power, more luck. And yes, these are practical earth signs, so the harder we work the luckier we get, but that's ok because that's how we roll anyway. This situation is unbalanced, yes, but there is a way through this if we can just keep our wits about us. Big girl pants on. We are a general here and not a foot soldier. 


The Moon is in Libra so we are weighing out our options, our goals, our ambitions, our next moves.


(it's not a coincidence the U.S. is having hearings on a new female Supreme Court Justice right now)

Before she gets to these other trines, Venus, is going to have to get past this approaching opposition to Neptune - exact on Sunday - so the details (of our relationships, our money, our values) get blurry/confusing. Maybe too fantastical. Keep your credit card in your wallet and your eyes off that cute guy, who won't be nearly as cute tomorrow and maybe he will be off with your wallet. There might be vague results here, maybe a disappointment. Oppositions can bring endings. With Venus in dutiful Virgo - are we going to keep serving this situation, this relationship, this project or not? 


But ultimately Venus reaches her Earth trines and later in this same New Moon cycle reaches her home sign of Libra - this is a very good signal we will reach some sort of agreement/cooperation, fair deal or partnership decision during this cycle!

Let's look at some of the event chart's other aspects to flesh this out. And you might have natal energies that more closely align with something here.

We have Ceres (at the end of Aquarius) retrograding back toward an opposition with Vesta (almost finishing up in Leo). A detached style of nurturing/or collective need at odds with our sacred focus/our heart's desire. We have Juno (in Scorpio) opposing Uranus (in Taurus). Maybe this speaks of our need to get to the bottom of things within a relationship vs the potential instability this will bring to our finances/resources. Or this could be about mergers/intimacy vs liberation. It is not only Mars, but Mars' sister Eris that opposes the New Moon now wanting to just blow this whole thing up. All these energies have a voice now. Everyone gets a seat at the table.

With Mercury retrograding through Scorpio there can be some deep/dark truths we don't want to look at and with these challenges to this cardinal New Moon (fresh start) something we won't want to deal with/adjust to, but adjust we must. We'll talk about the New Moon energies as they play out over the next couple weeks and the next month. 


We are on the precipice of some very big changes! There are big/better turning points coming. And we are figuring out what we need/want now. This is a PROCESS. This New Moon chart allows us to look ahead at the next month and see what we will be dealing with emotionally. We can see it's not an easy chart. But nothing about 2020 has been easy, so this last leg won't be either. That's OK. We are playing a long game. We've got this thing. 

And keep in mind that new beginnings launched through squares and oppositions can be the difference between, for example, you redoing a room because you have company coming in a week (and the kind of pressures, time restraints that would entail) and you are redoing a room because you just got a bonus at work and really want to redo that room! It doesn't have to be some big crazy thing - unless you have planets/points in your natal/progressed charts in the crosshairs. Collectively though, this is one big old stressful chart that kind of pulls everything together!



Get grounded - we have moved from an earth sign into air so this is important - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both certain and light-hearted/happy). It is a good idea, since the New Moon is literally a blank sheet, to work in a clean, uncluttered space and maybe right after a bath or shower.  We are planting seeds in the dark here - think about the ultimate seed in the dark planting - making a baby. What would you do then? Do that (yes, maybe even that, Venus is in Virgo answering to Mercury in Scorpio and this is about our relationships, it can't hurt).

I find affirmations are most effective if I speak less on New Moon days so my words will hold more weight when I need them to. I usually burn a white candle to help me focus and thin the veils between me and me. It also helps to channel ancestral energy a bit since I am always thinking as I move my story forward, their story moves forward with me. Write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together. Speak the words out loud. 

This month, I'm writing mine on my chalkboard while burning a white candle - when the candle burns out, all by itself, then I erase the words first and then clean the blackboard with water. Some people store them until the corresponding Full Moon (in this case during Aries season) and burn them then. Do what feels right. 

I don't think it's terribly important what we do with our writings as long as we are not pulling them out and checking on them all the time. 

We are not handing a honey do list to the universe! We are lining up with the universal energies of creation here.

And I wouldn't be sharing them with other people, although this is Libra so there might be exceptions to this, which also feels like it dilutes the process or pulls them into our story. I was writing them on my blog for a few months, as examples for people, and that definitely wasn't helpful.

Then - and this is the important part - release your attention from your words knowing your intention is known. 


Know these things are already yours.  

xo all


Since the Libra Moon is going to close out with a square to Saturn (tonight), let's wait for the Scorpio Moon to do the intentions (she will close with a sextile) - so sometime between 6PM EDT tomorrow night and 6PM EDT the next night. Think about not only what you need from other people, but what you are willing to give/offer, too. We need to be willing to do things differently if we want to have different results.