Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - startling information, unexpected results, decision time, not a day to sit on what we know or close our eyes



We wake with the Moon still in "busy and chatty" Gemini - she has trined the Libra Sun at 5:17AM EDT, she squares Neptune at 1:50PM EDT and finally goes void off a productive sextile to a retrograde Mars at 9:56PM EDT. She will be void until 11:45AM tomorrow.

The Moon/Sun waning trine will help us with today's big aspect - Mercury opposing Uranus (first of three). This is unexpected news/secrets being revealed. Decisions. 


We talked about this in length HERE (see Wednesday).


"Mercury in Scorpio is diving into the truth/secrets/a deeper level of information - Uranus is kind of a flash of 'genius' that illuminates what Mercury has dug up. Some unexpected truth could come out now. Disruptive results involving financial/intimacy/merged situations. Oppositions to Uranus can bring abrupt endings. With Mercury walking shadows degrees she/he will walk two more times we will have this aspect again on October 19th (with Mercury retrograde) and finally on November 17th, so this could be the start of a series of revelations. 

Watch your language/words now. Be clear-sighted about the information/stories you tell and what you are allowing yourself to absorb. With Uranus, language is intensified - pulls us into the future. Think twice.

For some people this aspect can also bring technology/transportation issues. Surprises through siblings or our local community"


The good news here is the waning Gemini/Libra trine - this is information shared kindly/lightly, conversations with partners. So maybe whatever we find out here - the Mercury/Uranus deep dive - either involves a partnership or is communicated to other people. Maybe the communication brings things into a greater balance. Maybe whatever we do with the information increases our income/security/changes our values. We Mercury about to go retrograde and walking shadow degrees this will be a process.


This is not a day to sit on what we know or shut our eyes. Uranus brings the unexpected, but he also brings the detachment to help deal with it/the space and perspective to see it more clearly.

With Mercury/Uranus having two more oppositions - the next on October 17th with the Moon unaspected in Scorpio and the final on November 17th when the Moon is sextiling Venus - we can see this matter will be ongoing and more info will come out/more decisions made - it's not a "one and done" kind of thing, but situations can end well with that November sextile if we share what we know now/see what we are being shown.


xo all 

photo by the talented machihuahua

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