Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | July 26th - August 1st, 2021 - alot going on (alot is probably not a big enough word here), fated situations, multiple planets change signs, Jupiter backs into Aquarius


What a week! 


FIVE planets/asteroids change signs and FATE plays its hand. With multiple challenging contacts with Jupiter things might feel OVERWHELMING. Everyone is almost certainly going to have alot on their plate (don't eat all of it).


TUESDAY - Mercury enters Leo and inconjuncts Jupiter

WEDNESDAY - Jupiter retrograde enters Aquarius

THURSDAY - Venus squares the Nodes, Mars opposes Jupiter, Mars enters Virgo

SATURDAY - Sun sextiles the North Node, Ceres enters Gemini

SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles the North Node, Mercury conjuncts the Sun, Venus inconjuncts Chiron, Mercury opposes Saturn


MONDAY - The Moon is in Pisces now - we are nourished by music, art, our imagination, connection, spirituality, rest, our past, our ancestors. The Moon in Pisces inconjuncts the Leo Sun - this month's Waning Inconjunct. Here is our first adjustment to Friday night's Full Moon in Aquarius. Bottom line with this one might be something like - it's not all about us. We might be all that, but we're not all that. An ego adjustment might be required. On the flipside Pisces might lose some of the appearance of innocence/that higher spiritual vibe as it meets with what seems to be a lack of appreciation. This is a rock and a hard place, a need to adjust. If we can incorporate the passionate fire of Leo with the calmer, more relaxing energy of Pisces we can make something work here, but it won't be easy.

TUESDAY - Mercury (communications, information, our mental processes, siblings, local community, commerce, transportation) says hasta-la-vista to emotional Cancer and moves into fiery LEO where he/she (Mercury is a bit of both) will hang his hat until August 11th.

Leo is the space we carry what 'makes us special'.

With Mercury (communication, intellect) here it will be easier to put our 'special' into words and to connect with the ideas and conversations that will push forward whatever we are most passionate about. We will want our words to be heard and appreciated now. So will other people. Even the most reticent among us will want an audience. Our thinking/ideas (Mercury) can catch fire (Leo). 


Speaking from our hearts will connect us to other people's hearts. Encouraging words will matter.

This is very powerful energy. Leo is our superpower and should be used wisely. People will hear us with their heart and well as their head. 

This gives the potential for hearts to expand as well as to be broken into little, tiny pieces. Keep this in mind.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, so words can burn now and words can dig us even more rigidly into our positions. 

This transit is excellent for teaching us how we express what we are passionate about. It's very supportive of 'top of the mountain' heart-filled type of proclamations and proposals. Do people listen to us? Does what we say matter? We will care about this now.


As soon as she gets into Leo, Mercury will inconjunct a retrograde Jupiter at 0 degrees Pisces - Jupiter's last aspect in Pisces before backing into Aquarius tomorrow. Challenging Jupiterian aspects often relate to exaggeration/overwhelm. Maybe we have alot to talk about/think about. We want to make sure we are not taking on too much/over-promising. Information/conversations might make situations appear much better or worse than they actually are. What we grow in our mind might not have any relationship to what we are actually growing - keep this in mind. 

(I usually feel these aspects a day or so early and over-reacted to a customer's problem last night. I should have taken a couple minutes to investigate the situation before responding and over-promising her and I had trouble sleeping, well, didn't sleep at all actually - very Mercury/Jupiter!)

WEDNESDAY - UPDATED POST - The Moon moves into Aries in the early AM EDT (after a void while we slept) - now we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. 


She trines Mercury at 7:48AM (good for communication, important conversations, send the email, make the call) and the Sun at 5:18PM EDT. The trine to the Sun is this month's Waning Trine - Aries/Leo. This is about action/courage with whatever is wrapping up. Note the ruler of Aries, Mars, is squaring Ceres. At the very end of Leo and Taurus, the 29th degree, so there could be a feeling of 'we have to get this DONE now". Pressure. Venus is also squaring Juno pulling in relationship challenges and maybe some nitpicking/obsession with making something just so. We can use the Waning Trine to work our way through these challenges - do something new, brave, maybe a bit impulsive, be confident. Trines are a smooth flow, so if something has to be pushed/forced - that's not the way to go here, look in a new direction/follow your heart.


A retrograde Jupiter backs into Aquarius, taking our story back to May 12, 2021. Growth in our Pisces house is put on hold (hopefully this will help the flooding in parts of the world!) while we turn our attention to our Aquarius house theme. Intuition gives way to logic. Ideas can come in lightning fast. Jupiter retrograde brings SECOND CHANCES, there's some gold we neglected to mine, some expansion that was halted and wants to get going (after some revisions). Maybe an old opportunity comes back around. Keep in mind, Jupiter is probably not so happy to be back here. He prefers his old stomping ground of Pisces to Saturn's realm of Aquarius, but there is something in our Aquarius house that needs some additional expansion/optimism/confidence. We'll take it! We will talk about this one as we move through it. And don't worry, Jupiter will be back in Pisces on December 28th.

THURSDAY - this day is loaded - UPDATED POST - the Moon continues her journey through masculine/fiery Aries. Her only aspect today an opportunistic sextile to a retrograde Saturn - good for dealing with authority, stepping into our responsibility. There is a connection to the past - maybe old work, old commitments, old groups. This sextile is Aries/Aquarius so we need to be our unique and brave self here.


Venus squares the Nodes. This is tension/frustration. Venus is in Virgo now wanting to serve/make things better. There is an issue (relationship, financial, resources, self-esteem) that must be dealt with before we can move forward. With the Sun and then Mercury set to sextile the North Node (our collective way forward) over the next couple days - we don't want to ignore this situation. Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini - the way forward is about asking questions, diving into the details, talking/thinking things through, keeping things small/local.


Next Mars in Leo, opposes a retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Here is a BIG result based on old actions. We can take on too much/have too much to do. Take care not to over-react/get all fired up or angry. We could push too hard to make something happen. This is an old issue/situation and we are being pushed to take some kind of action. Leo can take things too far and so can Jupiter. This aspect can increase our confidence, but tend to make us get ahead of ourselves. Happening at the 29th degree will give a 'now or never' feel to whatever we have going on.

Within hours Mars leaves showy "me, me, me" Leo for the more practical/service-oriented sign of Virgo (for the next 6 weeks). With Venus in Virgo - now what we want is moving into agreement with what we have to do to get what we want. Our movement forward is best done in a Virgo manner. This means sensible, precise steps focused on what is right in front of us (if Mars/Jupiter creates a big blow-up, here is where things start to get fixed). Collectively, our actions can focus on our health/taking care of our physical body and our environment.

Mars in Virgo can be excellent for productivity if he (as we) doesn't run entirely off course with perfectionism.

Mars in Virgo improves our ability to organize, to focus on the details and what needs doing right now; the next step. Since Virgo is a service sign, the actions we take that help us will most naturally help other people. Mars in Virgo can clean up the mess that Mars in Leo created. The wheat is separated from the chaff - yes maybe rather ruthlessly, this is Mars we are talking about. But in the end we are left with the wheat or whatever it is we need to grow the wheat. Either way the superfluous sh*t is gone.

On the other hand if we let fiery Mars get out of control in pious Virgo territory we could have a bigger mess on our hands even though everything looks all clean and sparkly. Mars can get very pissed off here if everything doesn't meet his exacting standards of perfection. So let's not go there. We could find ourselves taking action toward some quite impossible something or other. If everything has to fall precisely into place for something to work out - well, Mars in Virgo is the man for the job - on the other hand he doesn't see the big picture - just the details right in front of him - and can toil rather tirelessly with not much to show for it in the end, so we need to pick our head up once in a while! If we find ourselves, or someone else, demanding an impossible to meet goal or impossibly high standards of perfection we will know we have veered off course here. Mostly though Mars in Virgo is an excellent transit for reality based progress. 


We can all be more useful (and more healthy). 

Big moves made now may be more about ego/our need to shine and that makes situations/decisions tricky. The Mars/Jupiter at the 29th degree could exaggerate the need to ACT RIGHT NOW. In a couple days we will be acting more practically and thinking more clearly. By the first of August we will be better able to know what makes the most sense and by next Tuesday know the clearest path. What is our goal here?

FRIDAY - UPDATED POST - the Moon continues her journey through active/fiery Aries. She squares a retrograde Pluto at 6:43AM and goes void off a sextile to a retrograde Jupiter at 2:37PM EDT. She is void until 4:08PM when she moves into Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, and then trines Mars at 5:25PM EDT, so the day starts off with tension/frustration, but keeps getting BETTER. 

This is also the  day Venus inconjuncts Saturn, Jupiter squares Ceres (at that last play of the game/desperation 29 degrees) and Mercury sextiles Vesta.

The Venus/Saturn 'rock and a hard place' is a toughie. We might feel old/tired. We might feel less than up to whatever we are dealing with. With Venus in Virgo this aspect might make us feel like we have to 'fix' ourselves/work harder for acceptance/reward. Keep in mind an inconjunct is kind of a bottom-less pit. Jupiter/Ceres is a smother/mother aspect where we are overdoing some kind of caring (we can also be over-mothering ourselves with too much food/comfort, etc) or a change of life situation expands/feels over the top. Jupiter is retrograde, so this a repeating story or there is a connection to the past here.

Mercury's sextile to Vesta would be our way through - Mercury is in Leo now and Vesta is in Libra. Our attention/thinking/words are drawn to what matters most. Maybe we are sharing something that is important to us with other people. Telling someone how much we love them. Bold words/creative expressions, that are also graceful/refined/balanced create opportunities, especially within partnerships or with women. Courage people!

SATURDAY - The Sun in Leo sextiles the North Node (our collective/best way forward) in Gemini. We move forward by shining/standing out. Bringing what we came to bring. By having fun. By being loving/generous. Through children, our hobbies, romance, recreation. A great time to be with siblings/our local community. We are in the right place at the right time.


Ceres enters Gemini. Now our big life changes/season of life issues will come with more choices. Things that are outside our control might have a little more wiggle room. This is a great transit for writers/teachers. Our words/conversations are nourishing. Our mothering is smarter/funnier. Mom isn't baking cookies, but she is writing a cookbook. We might be mothering this and then that. Allow situations/people to move in and out of our life now. Keep it light.


SUNDAY - Now, it's Mercury's turn to sextile the North Node. Words/ideas/information move us forward. Our siblings/cousins, local community moves us forward. We might hear just the thing we need to hear/say just the right thing. Good for tech/transportation situations. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Mercury in Leo's fiery language/fun ideas are just the ticket now. 


Mercury meets the Sun. His/her superior conjunction. Arguably the best aspect for COMMUNICATION. Here is BOLD information. Here is the decision, answer, conversation that wakes us up. This is a culminating aspect - collectively this throws a light via words and information on Leo themes - our creative projects, recreation, romance, children. There could be drama!

Mercury then moves into an opposition with Saturn, so we know the information/revelation/idea will have built in limits/restrictions/rules/responsibilities. With Saturn in Aquarius this year, even Leo can't be all fun and games.

There is alot packed into this Action-Jackson week.


I have family headed to my house for their vacation this week. I will pop back in and update this post to add in the Moons (rather than writing new posts), so check back! 


Monday's Moon is included here. After the first couple days of August things will smooth out considerably, so hang in there!

xo all


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THE ASTROLOGY OF THE Full Moon in Aquarius | JULY 23, 2021 - here is what has filled the space the huge loss has created, the future crashes into our current reality, decisions get sticky, are we holding onto what heals or what hurts


On July 23, 2021 at 10:37PM EDT, the Aquarius Moon will oppose the Leo Sun at 1 degree giving us this month's New Moon - our annual Full Moon in Aquarius. Our next Full Moon will also be a Full Moon in Aquarius!

(this let's us know that whatever is happening now is so big/important it is going to take some extra time or more than one shot to get it right!)


So, in this bridge year, with the Age of Pisces at our backs and the Age of Aquarius barreling toward us like a freight train, with Aquarius' rulers - Saturn and Uranus - battling it out through multiple challenging squares (THE big aspects of 2021), we get TWO Full Moons in Aquarius - one at the very beginning of the sign and the next at the end! 


And in between the two, Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius, expanding those Aqua themes - MORE EXPERIMENTS ARE NEEDED (remember Saturn is in Aquarius, too, highlighting our responsibilities to the group as well as the 'new rules') and allowing us to get lucky by noticing what we missed the first time through!

So, let's unpack the first Aquarius Full Moon - this one conjunct the "world starts up again" degree of the 2020 Winter Solstice when Jupiter met Saturn.

Full Moons brings things to light, to a conclusion or to a peak point of fullness. 


The Moon reaches 1 degree Aquarius and opposes the Leo Sun. The Moon is EXACTLY conjunct Asteroid Chariklo and conjunct Asteroid Icarus (yes, another Icarus Moon - with another billionaire blasting into space). The Moon is trining Vesta and Black Moon Lilith - forming a Grand Air Trine.  The Moon in Aquarius is answering to Uranus and a retrograde Saturn and they are squaring (the square is separating) each other.


The Moon via a conjunction (and Sun via an opposition) have recently come off their aspects with powerful Pluto. We have been through a purging/transformation/death experience.  The Sun within days, the Moon within hours, but this also speaks of the one month, 6 month and 18 month cycles this Full Moon completes. And Mercury is about to oppose Pluto - secrets coming out/our thoughts can be obsessive/dark. Happening through the signs of Cancer/Capricorn indicates important, and permanent changes within our home/work in the world, both private and public lives, our natal Cancer/Cappy house themes. 


The Moon moves off her meeting with Pluto, enters Aquarius where we can detach/make some peace with our losses/lick our wounds. This may not be what we want, but this is what we have, and we ALL have something. Maybe this 'peace' has come through time/distance/logic. Or through a future-focus. Maybe this 'peace' has come from so much over-thinking/over-analyzing/over-deciding that our tired brain unfurls a white flag and gives up/in. Maybe this 'peace' comes through friends/groups/causes or our natal Aquarius house theme. 


With the Moon in airy Aqua we are able to detach from whatever has been lost, point our emotional compass toward the new.


Then just as we catch our breath, Luna almost immediately opposes the Sun, strong in his home sign of Leo. Here is where we are NOW.


The Moon (and Sun) are headed toward their connections with a retrograde Saturn - the Moon within hours, the Sun within days. Here is where, remember we talked about how changes/decisions were going to get sticky, well, here is where the stuff gets real. The Full Moon culminations/results, activated through the Plutonian death/transformation/fear/power struggle become more solid. With Saturn in Aquarius we are dealing with group obligations, limits, new rules, authority - although with Saturn retro, the rules/limits will not be totally new! 


Somehow we've been here before.


The Moon's most exact aspect is her conjunction with asteroid Chariklo. Although she is new to astrological interpretation since she was only discovered in 1997, we can look to her mythology and origin stories to learn more about her. 


In myth, Chariklo was the wife (some myths speak of her as the daughter) of the centaur Chiron. She is a wise nymph and mentor, supporting/nursing Chiron during his wounding and throughout the many years of his suffering. For this reason, she is thought to have a shaman-like healing nature and is activated in our charts during times of illness/injury. Located between Saturn and Uranus (the co-rulers of Aquarius giving her a decidedly Aquarius vibe) but closer to Uranus, so more Promethean-style 'great awakening' energy, Chariklo was discovered in mid-February 1997 (Sun in Aquarius) just as the Hubble Telescope was originally launched. So Chariklo also brings the gift of seeing beyond the horizon. She represents, via the energy of her discovery chart, the future crashing into our current reality, likely via science or technology.


At the time of her discovery Chariklo formed a perfect six pointed star/hexagram in the heavens along with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto (all at 5 degrees - what magic was February 15, 1997!). 


She was conjunct Saturn and Pluto (when time ran out) back in January 2020 and she was conjunct Jupiter and Saturn when they met on the Winter Solstice at the end of that same year and time started back up. And her energetic signature is all over this first Full Moon in Aquarius, too!


The Grand Air Trine speaks of balance/peace through the Full Moon energies with whatever results we are receiving/culminations we are dealing with - with whatever is coming to light. The energy spills onto the Leo Sun, so the key will be expressing ourselves in a new way. This won't have to be something forced, this will happen smoothly. The affection/attention/creation of something we can be proud of comes.  


The good/the new outweighs/outshines the trauma of what it took to get us here.

Keep in mind this is a Full Moon in future-focused Aquarius. We just engage, moment-by-moment, with what is freshly emerging in our life. By going back into what is lost/over we put the fresh new energy in danger of being lost to us. And this freshness, whatever form it is taking for us, is the seed of a new world. We must care for it as if it is sacred (and this includes our relationships and personal need for peace/balance with Vesta in Libra), because it is.

Full Moons are a powerful time for giving thanks - if we are noticing what we appreciate and noticing what we are grateful for, we can't be noticing (ie giving our attention to) what we don't want or what we don't have. The Full Moon always shows us what story we are holding onto

Feel your moments this weekend and you will know if you are holding onto a story that heals or a story that hurts. We can use this portal to the Chariklo energy to hold the space that allows us to release/leave hurtful situations (and allow others to) and move toward healing.

xo all 


Full Moons are a good time to create some space - empty a drawer, shelf, closet, let something GO.


Sorry this was a bit late. I entered the wrong publish date into blogger, at least this Moon will be in play for a while! Back tomorrow with the weekly!


xo all

Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of July 19th to July 26th, 2021 - adjustments, challenges, the conversation shifts, we aren't in Kansas anymore, the first of TWO Full Moons in Aquarius (whose rulers, Saturn and Uranus, have been feuding all year)



There is ALOT going on this week with multiple challenges, two inner planets changing signs and the first of TWO, big Full Moons in Aquarius!


MONDAY - Mercury squares Chiron, Vesta into Libra

TUESDAY - Mercury sextiles Uranus

WEDNESDAY - Eris stations retrograde

THURSDAY - Venus enters Virgo, Venus opposes Jupiter (retrograde), Mars inconjuncts Pluto

FRIDAY - Sun enters Leo, Sun inconjuncts Jupiter (retrograde), Full Moon in Aquarius (first of TWO)

SATURDAY - Mercury trines Neptune

SUNDAY - Mercury opposes Pluto

Let's dive right in!


MONDAY - Mercury @ 12 degrees Cancer squares Chiron in Aries 


Words/information/a conversation trigger an old wound/vulnerability around our identity, our ability to take care for ourselves/stand up for ourselves. With Mercury in Cancer, this could connect to family/home/security situations (or our natal Cancer house theme). 


(I know a double Virgo (Mercury ruled) with a dentist appointment at almost the exact time of this square (Aries rules the head), so I would anticipate an "ouch", but also the opportunity to heal old familial wounds through dental work - not kidding).


The Moon is in Scorpio and trining the Cancer Sun.


This is this month's Waxing Trine - so here is our way through the Chiron pain. With Scorpio we have to go deep/get to the truth/the bottom line. The Cancer Sun allows this to happen comfortably as we integrate Scorpio's intensity with Cancer's nurturing/compassion. We get more intimate (maybe with someone else, but this can also be with ourselves), go to a deeper level and feel heard/seen/nurtured. Alternatively if a painful truth is revealed the way through this will be self-care/comfort/whatever makes us feel nurtured. There WILL be a soft space to fall. Mercury's square to Chiron will make for uncomfortable information/conversations, but the Scorpio Moon says don't be afraid to look at why this is uncomfortable - why this hurts. The safety comes FROM the exposure/the truth, hiding isn't helpful.

This is also the day Vesta finally leaves Virgo for Libra. Our sacred focus turns to other people, our partnerships, women, finding balance/peace/beauty. Here are the issues that will keep us up at night now. The fly-in-the-ointment with this one will be Vesta's tendency in Libra to pour pink paint and call everything a Barbie dream house. 


TUESDAY - Mercury @ 14 degrees Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus


Mercury/Uranus moves the conversation/idea in a NEW DIRECTION (this will move us away from any bad feelings lingering from yesterday or maybe yesterday's pain is the reason we make a change now). This is smooth/helpful - a time for us to consider different options. The conversation changes. In Cancer, this could be about a home/family situation, something related to the theme of our natal mid-Cancer house, a security issue, something from the past/our roots, something maternal. Changes will be easily integrated/opportunistic. This can also show up as a FLASH OF GENIUS/bright idea/unusual way of communicating or rebellion against traditional thinking/old ideas - we are thinking outside the box. Our words are cutting edge AND comforting. We might also step back a bit or detach from any words/ideas that has been too smothering/too emotional.


THURSDAY - Venus enters Virgo, Venus @ 0 degrees Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces (retrograde), Mars @ 25 degrees Leo inconjuncts Pluto in Capricorn


Venus enters Virgo. Our Virgo house get a visit from the lovely Venus. Virgo Suns and Ascendants get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Our natal Virgo houses get more attractive, too!

Venus rules our love, money, self-esteem, values, relationships, women, beauty, our resources, attracting what we want - all areas are subjected to Virgo's keen focus and attention to detail now. We will be analyzing what we want and what we have. We will be analyzing our relationships. With Venus in service-oriented Virgo - LOVE IS A VERB.

The problems will stand out. We won't be able to miss them. And since what we focus on grows, sometimes things get worse before they get better during this transit. But this is excellent energy to fix what needs fixing and accept (or eliminate) what just isn't fixable. Venus in Virgo is about loving the details of something, enjoying the work, appreciating the craftsmanship and complexity of something or someone or some situation as well as the problems, Venus in Virgo can't miss those, and choosing not to dwell on them. 


Remember Venus met Mars last week in Leo - our masculine/feminine energies starting a new two year story in the sign of our heart, our center stage, our ego. Mars, moving a little slower than Venus, is still in Leo, but as Venus busts a move into Virgo the story shifts. Maybe our attention flows to helping others or something that needs fixing with a Venusian theme - how we look, what we value, our money/resources. Sometimes with Venus in Virgo we find ourselves giving a little more than we are getting (for now), the applause that came to us so easily in Leo, goes silent. This year, now that we are all familiar with the un-glamorous turn our lives can take (what the hell has happened to my hair), maybe we are more appreciative of this practical transit (plus she'll be making nice with Uranus and Pluto). Time to balance our books, clean up our relationships, iron our shirts and fix what needs fixing (like my hair, although I might wait for Venus in Libra!). Venus will be in Virgo until August 16th when she comes home to Libra. 


Now, just as Venus enters Virgo, she immediately opposes Jupiter, retrograde in Pisces. These are our two benevolent planets at cross purposes. Virgo/Pisces - the reality vs the dream. Here's what we wanted and here's what we actually have. Practical financial/relationship moves will be challenged by our hope for more. Oppositions, like Full Moon, can bring things to a result/culmination, too - collectively this will be about Virgo themes, so our work, health, daily obligations. Keep in mind Jupiter is retrograde and on his way back into Aquarius - our gold/luck is behind us - maybe this Venusian opposition - a little practical magic - can help us find it! The micro informs the macro. 

This is also the day Mars - following in the Sun's footsteps who was following in Venus's - makes his own inconjunct - rock and hard place - to powerful Pluto (retrograde). Our conscious actions at odds with our unconscious impulses and why does it feel like we've been here before ??... because we have, duh.  Our flashy moves are not going to be appreciated by, and will not impress, the boss/authority/your father. Do we care? We will probably have to. And if we are stepping into our responsiblity we will get more from other people with a little appreciation - they will need to be coaxed/persuaded not ordered. Either way coming on too strong is probably not such a good idea. 


The Moon in Cappy (serious as a heart attack) will be trining Uranus, so embracing something new/different will be our way through this day. Change is good. Keep in mind this is an Earth trine, so think - practical progress.

FRIDAY - the Sun enters Leo (his home sign) and inconjuncts Jupiter in Pisces (retrograde)


The Sun (ruler of Leo) move into fiery, proud and performance-focused Leo offering us multiple layers of good news - even as he makes tricky aspects with Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus over the next few weeks - the years of easy summer living are behind us for a while folks, but that isn't all bad news, I promise! The Sun (our life force) gets out of the firing range of Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, there's that. And he exits lunar ruled Cancer (not his favorite place) and moves into the sign he rules. YES! In Leo, we focus on what our heart wants, children (our inner child), romance, fun, creative projects. Your Leo house (like the house of your natal Sun) is the space you are meant to SHINE. 


Prepare to get very shiny.


First up is an awkward contact with that same retrograde Jupiter who has been giving everyone else trouble this week, too. This inconjunct is Leo/Pisces. It's like we need a little self-sacrifice in order to succeed/shine. Our ego to yield to compassion or our lazy/escapist tendencies to get fired up and get us going. Either way, this is another aspect about adjustment. Lots of adjusting going on this week. Stay flexible. 

This is also the day of this week's biggest aspect, our first of TWO - Full Moons in Aquarius. This one conjuncting the 'world starts up again' degree from the Winter Solstice where Jupiter met Saturn (post HERE). Expect a BIG post this week.


And re-reading the Jupiter/Saturn post is really making me KNOW I need to find time (have been so damn tired these last few weeks, sorry) to write some more big picture posts - enough of the dailies that turn back into pumpkins at midnight!

SATURDAY - Mercury @ 22 degrees Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces (retrograde)


So now our words/ideas/conversations, maybe attuned to a home/family situation or our natal Cancer house theme - are REVIVING AN OLD DREAM. Or maybe we are enjoying our memories/talking to ghosts/our ancestors. The Moon in Aquarius is going to be detached and dealing with challenges today from Uranus and Mars, so tension/frustration might take some of the shine off this one.


SUNDAY - Mercury @ 25 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde)


Mercury - words, conversations, ideas, for some this might be a sibling or transportation or tech issue - sets off a power struggle. Maybe a reality check. There could be manipulative language. Obsessive thinking. Jealousy. Maybe a 'home vs work in the world' emotionally fired-up conversation. We will kind of be feeling what is being said AND also the shadow of the words that are being said. Keep in mind oppositions also bring results/culminations. Maybe a conversation is OVER. Pluto is retrograde, but Mercury is moving on, we won't be back here. The Moon in Pisces will make some nice aspects and take some of the edge off this one.


xo all


(once we get through the first couple days of August things will be much easier - hang in there)

artwork by the talented shahab68

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, July 17th, 2021 - power struggles, a blow to our ego, a need for balance within relationships, knowing that those things that stop are dead



The Moon continues her monthly journey through balance-seeking/partnership-focused Libra. She has herself a hell of a morning - she sextiles Mars at 1:04AM EDT, sextiles ruler Venus at 5:03AM EDT, squares the Sun at 6:10AM EDT and goes void off a square to a retrograde Pluto at 7:03AM EDT. 


She is void until 2:38PM EDT when she dives into Scorpio, trining a retrograde Jupiter two hours later. 

Her square to the Sun is this month's First Quarter Moon - Libra/Cancer. Our first square since last week's Cancer New Moon - this can draw our attention to home/family/partnership imbalances. Maybe we need to take other people into consideration. Airy Libra can help us see another perspective. Maybe we are the one with the short end of the stick/pouring pink paint over a relationship situation and calling it cotton candy. Maybe something needs to be re-balanced, needs more fairness, more beauty - pick your Venusian remedy. And with Venus in Leo there will be our heart to consider. Cancer can be needy/moody and Libra can bring just enough air/space - allow us to catch our breath, think things through. The First Quarter Moon brings the necessary tension/frustration to move our New Moon story forward. Its challenges cannot really be avoided.


After the solar square, the Moon will square powerful Pluto (retrograde) giving us another angle on today's Sun/Pluto opposition and pulling our relationships/partners, a need for balance/fairness/beauty, our emotions into that mix. The Moon in Libra square Pluto might also speak of deep/intense challenges going on with someone else that we are experiencing through them. The long void gives us time to think/chill out before she (as we) gets serious in Scorpio and trines (brakes off) an optimistic/hopeful Jupiter - #new,#notnew opportunities for real change. 

This is also the day the Sun reaches his exact opposition to a retrograde Pluto. 


Plutonian themes - life/death, finances, taxes, insurance, inheritances, other people's money or resources, merged money/resources, intimacy, power, control, sex, reproduction, losses or Cappy themes - goals, career, authority - are challenging our security/our ego or transforming our home, real estate, parental, family situation. We can feel like whatever is happening is out of our control or life and death. Secrets can be exposed.


Pluto is retrograde - the landscape he transforms is as much internal as it is external this time around. The Sun's light can show us our need for control/empowerment/our place within the family. The power/lack of power in our roots. How stable are we anyway? Personally I had no parental guidance to speak of, none that taught me about life except by watching them live it, and trying to avoid their particular pain. This is probably not so uncommon. 


Keep in mind the Moon's trine to Jupiter happening right around the time the Sun perfects his opposition to Pluto - Jupiter is the way through this. Faith/optimism. Also keep in mind the Moon is in Scorpio by this time, so answering to that retrograde Pluto she squared from Libra. We are merging/purging, going deeper. We are reminded that we are still alive. That those things that stop are dead. That we will not abandon ourselves this time. 


That First Quarter Square will require action/a re-balancing. If you have planets/points nearest 26 degrees of the cardinal signs, something is being completely and permanently TRANSFORMED this summer.


xo all 

Note the Pluto opposition is one of July's biggest aspects and, although it perfects today, it has been in play for a few days and will take a few days to unwind. Something ends/transforms through Cappy - authority, career, our voice in the world, our Cappy house theme and this ending/transformation impacts our security, roots, home, family, our natal Cancer house theme.

artwork by the talented Claudia Tremblay

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday and Friday, July 15th - July 16th, 2021 - a dream for our home and family, old wounds, tense conversations, letting go of what we can't control



We wake on THURSDAY (EDT) to a void Moon - her last aspect late Wednesday night's trine to a retrograde Pluto. She is void until 10:32AM EDT when she moves into Libra. 


With the Moon in Libra we are nourished/nurtured through our relationships, partners, balance, fairness, peace, beauty, women. Her first aspect - a square to Mercury at 10:09PM EDT - this one is building all day, so might make us a bit mentally antsy and prone to disagreements/arguments. Stressful conversations/news/decisions around home, family, real estate, renovations, parents are possible.

This is also the day the Sun trines a retrograde Neptune at 23 degrees. Cancer/Pisces.


This will increase our sensitivity, empathy and need to connect with family/familial-feeling people/situations or maybe people in need. Kind and compassionate actions, even small ones, move us forward in gentle ways now. 


Our physical life-force (and home/family situations) can work smoothly with Neptunian themes - art, music, charity work, compassion, forgiveness, romance, spirituality, the ocean, escape, delusion, addiction, the things and people 'put away', healing, research, institutions. Our intuition is high - dreams (the kind we have when we are sleeping) colorful. Our ego attaches to spiritual pursuits/to art/to music. This would be an excellent time to make a vision board - maybe especially for a home renovation/new home/family goals. 


The potential downside with this energy is getting in over our heads or becoming too unbounded and because Neptune is retrograde, giving us a do-over, well, oops she did it again. Trines (brakes off) can take us from zero to sixty very quickly/smoothly, nothing is stopping us - they are that slippery slope your grandma warned you about.


Chiron stations retrograde at 12 degrees Aries. 


With Chiron strong at station maybe a wound/vulnerability is seen/felt. Chiron's retrograde says this wound is becoming our 'inner work' as we backtrack through (to re-vise, re-view, re-work) our masculine landmines - asserting ourselves, being able to take care of ourselves, being ourselves, being able to start/motivate ourselves, being able to fight when necessary. I like that this is happening during the Sun/Neptune Water Trine - our triggered woundings/hurts now more easily dissolve/fade. Family history is just foggy enough to be celebrated rather than fought over. The cosmos offers a little natural anesthetic until Chiron gets his backward groove on. Chiron will be retrograde until December 19th. 

On FRIDAY, the Moon, still in balance-seeking Libra, trines a retrograde Saturn at 6:32AM EDT. Good for dealing with old commitments/rules, authority, a mentor. Good for working on goals or long-term projects with a partner/another person early in the day. Discipline brings balance. Venus, the Moon's ruler, inconjuncts a retrograde Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces. So, the trine (brakes off) to stable Saturn and inconjunct (rock and a hard place) with Neptune tells us to stay grounded/practical. The dream must adjust to the reality. The Leo/Pisces inconjunct sometimes speaks of health issues (because Leo is Pisces 6th house) and both signs avoid dealing with them for different reasons, so take care of yourself now. 

A retrograde Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn trines Ceres at 23 degrees Taurus. These two are ancient enemies (Ceres was Pluto's mother-in-law) who came to an arrangement. Another trine, so this is smooth, easily maneuvered. Pluto speaks of loss but this doesn't have to be something pried from our fingers. This is good energy for negotiating/accepting things we cannot change/season of life situations/adjustments regarding third party situations. The empty nest. Cappy/Taurus speaks of our finances/resources. An Earth Trine is practical/solid progress.


Hope something here is helpful.

xo all

Saturday is the Sun's opposition to a retrograde Pluto (we'll talk about this in the next post), this week's most challenging aspect and in play all week - this one clears the slate in some way for all of us .... collectively speaking we are talking about career or public life results/endings, turning points. Home vs work. Power struggles. With oppositions we can't deal with something ourselves so we create (unconsciously) a situation outside ourselves to force us to deal with it. And Pluto says deal we must ... keep in mind that trine to Ceres as a way through - the give and take/acceptance of what can't be changed ....

artwork by the talented fdasuarez

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday and Wednesday, July 13th -14th, 2021 - nourished by practicalities, avoiding criticism, a bold new chapter kicks off as Venus meets Mars in Leo, Pallas stations retrograde so the wise woman has one eye in the rearview mirror now




The Moon is in Virgo on TUESDAY - we are nourished/nurtured by being of service, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, a well organized closet, being helpful, being practical, being right/critical (ouch, let's avoid this one), taking care of our physical body, taking care of our pets, taking care of our employees/co-workers, prioritizing quality over quantity, doing good work, fixing something (yes, broken or not). 


The Moon will oppose Jupiter (in Pisces) at 7:00AM EDT and then go on to sextile Mercury (in Cancer) two hours later. Likely making up for Monday's meanderings we get down to work/make more solid plans. With Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo - the Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception and then we top that off with an opportunistic sextile between the two. More good conversation. Good for sales/commerce. Practicality/organization feels good/comfortable. 

This is also the day Venus meets up with Mars (19 degrees) in passionate/fiery Leo. The queen and the king are in the castle!


YES, this is as good as it sounds. 


Their last meeting was at 4 degrees Virgo back in August 2019, that reached a culmination/result (their opposition) in November 2020. Now, they start a new story, in Leo, something a bit more energetic, romantic, creative this time, I should think - what we want/desire and what we need to do to get what we want - together on the same page, and this time instead of it being a page in a medical journal or fix-it magazine (which is ok with me actually) - we get the steamy romance novel/adventure journal - BLOCKBUSTER.


Venus/Mars in Leo. We see what we want and we go about getting it. Courage. Passion. CONFIDENCE. Good for getting the girls and boys back together. Excellent for new creative projects/new chapters with children or romance. Our feminine and masculine energies are both working through our heart/our Sun.


The fly in the ointment is the Leo ego, and whether this is a big old horsefly, a nasty green biter or a docile housefly is up to us - our need for attention/appreciation that pulls us toward our white hot spotlight (a good thing), can also push our co-stars right off the stage. Leo is the last sign before we start needing other people, but this being Venus and Mars, we are probably going to need other people, I mean that is kind of the point here. If everyone is just snapping selfies we are going to waste the love/joy potential of this transit. The next time Venus and Mars meet will be in Leo's polarity sign of Aquarius (on that HOT Jupiter/Saturn degree - the world starts up again degree from the Winter Solstice), so now is the time to follow our heart (before we start following our head).


People with planets/points nearest 19 degrees Leo will feel this conjunction strongest, but everyone's Leo house and Venus/Mars energies are impacted. WE ALL GET A FRESH NEW START ... IN A CASTLE, yes a castle, why not our home is our castle, no? (keep in mind this is part of the Cancer New Moon story - how can we make our home our castle people? Is there space we aren't using - how can we use it - think about yesterday's Mercury/Jupiter. Is there something that needs to go/a mess that needs to be cleaned up? Think about the New Moon's Pluto opposition). 


Being a fiery fellow, Mars is strong in Leo, giving the upper hand to Martian maneuverings (as opposed to Venusian receptivity and ability to attract) which means taking action to get what we want, being brave, not being afraid to show-off a little, letting our heart rule the show. 

This will be a welcome change after their two-year story-line through Virgo (which was needed) - our health, work, the practical aspects of relationships. In Leo, things will be more fiery/risky. The potential for happy endings (well, at least happy beginnings) goes WAY UP.

Going to write a BIG post on this transit.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon continues her journey through Virgo. She trines Uranus (we are more comfortable with change/unusual people and situation) at 6:24AM EDT, sextiles the Sun at 9:46PM EDT and opposes Neptune at 10:16PM EDT.

Her sextile to the Cancer Sun is this month's waxing sextile - Virgo/Cancer. Here is an opportunity - and there will be a smooth flow with this - to move our New Moon story (about family, home, safety, mothering) forward through Virgo - by being of service, being practical, taking care of our health/pets, doing quality work, getting organized. This Waxing Sextile is at the hot/evolving 22 degrees, so powerful ... and maybe self-sabotaging if poorly handled. Which it won't be. Stay practical.

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 27 degrees Pisces. We have had alot of Piscean retrogrades the last couple years as 2000 plus years of the Age of Pisces comes to a close.


Now it's Pallas's turn to backpedal. 

Our wise warrior woman (as us) finds the answers are behind her now/in the past. What did we miss? Our instinct/dreams/illusions will be re-viewed/re-visited. Some dots we failed to connect the first time through/some divine wisdom/intuition we didn't act on - retrogrades offer us second chances. Some of our imaginative strategies/patterns (also escapist tendencies) will be re-examined. We'll get another look at our self-sabotaging habits and the draining people and situations that create the energy leaks that wear us down. She will be retrograde until November 2021 and will finally leave Pisces in February 2022. 

Tuesday and Wednesday both look pretty damn good. The Moon is waxing, so a great time for starting/initiating/growing.


xo all


artwork by the amazing benteschlick

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, July 12th, 2021 - caring words, talking about the past, allowing faith/hope/optimism to take root, home feels like more, long void moon so plan for a casual start to the week



I will have to write dailies this week as Sunday got away from me! I will get them up the night before if possible.

The Moon is in loud/proud fun-loving and generous Leo on MONDAY. We are nurtured by tending to our heart/our desires, nourished through fun, children, our creative projects, the activities of our Sun sign, our natural white-hot spotlight. PEOPLE NEED ATTENTION. Underline this.


She meets up with Venus at 7:13AM EDT and then goes void off her meeting with Mars at 8:29AM EDT. This is easy going/creative/beneficial energy. She will be void until 4:30AM EDT on Tuesday, so Monday is a long void Moon day. Her meetings with Venus and Mars pull some lunar energy into tomorrow's new Mars/Venus story. Depending on the weather you may be able to see Venus and Mars in the night sky now, near the Waxing Crescent Moon!

From, the unfinished weekly:

MONDAY - Mercury @ 1 degrees Cancer trines a retrograde Jupiter in Pisces

Excellent energy for communications/words that feel good. A family/home situation EXPANDS. The brakes are off. We can see the BIG picture. This is a water trine, so can be emotional, connecting, maybe WET. Decisions/conversations, many centered around events and situation and people from the past, are in positive flow. The emotional language we are speaking/hearing with Mercury in Cancer allows for better connection - for situations to expand - for greater optimism/hopefulness/faith. Our words/their words are more tender. Conversations/contacts more fruitful. Call your mother. Call your sibling. Send the email. Connections are made. Our faith returns. We might hear good news, maybe around a home/real estate/family situation. With Jupiter retrograde this won't be a brand new thing, the situation will have its feet in the past, but the news/information/conversation will be new. The only potential fly in the ointment with Jupiter is the whole over-doing thing, so in this case, oversharing information/overstepping boundaries. Maybe talking about something that is too personal or being overly-mothering with someone where it's not appropriate. Cancer/Pisces is more receptive than reactive though, so most likely whatever we are sharing/whatever information comes in will be soothing and calming.

By Tuesday, the Moon will be in organized/practical Virgo where she will oppose Jupiter and sextile Mercury, so today's energy will shift into something more actionable/detail oriented. If we are glossing over the details on Monday, and we probably will be, Tuesday is when things start to get firmed up. Plans are made, etc. Tuesday is also the day Venus meets up with Mars in Leo. They last met in Leo back in 2015 when Venus was retrograde, so having them meeting now when they are both full-steam ahead and on equal footing in heart-centered Leo is a great gift to us - there are some potential pitfalls (as always my Mercury in Cappy will find them, lucky us) we will talk about tomorrow. Venus (as us) has a few challenges, adjustments to make, at the end of the week, but the first few days of this week are looking good. We even have a beautiful and magical Sun trine Neptune on Thursday. 

xo all

artwork by the talented shepa

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, July 10th, 2021 - digging through the old crap, a void moon, as the sun goes down the lights come on



We are moving through the energy of yesterday's New Moon - the Moon continuing her monthly journey through her home sign of Cancer. 


She trines a retrograde Neptune at 7:10AM EDT (this is dreamy/emotional energy tinged with nostalgia/maybe some sadness) and goes void off her opposition with a retrograde Pluto at 12:10PM EDT (what do we keep/what has to go, dealing with an old loss/death, power struggles, secrets). The void might exacerbate the unsettled energy/extreme feelings of the Moon/Pluto and would will be a good time for purging/de-cluttering, delving into psychological studies, killing off a bad habit, bye-bye Felicia.


The Moon will be void until 8:21PM EDT when she moves into fiery Leo (see if you can feel the energy pick up) increasing our courage, energy, DESIRE to have a little fun. 


A summer Saturday night with a Leo Moon - we'll take it! Next week is looking good - I can't wait to write the weekly.


xo all

artwork by the talented borda

the meaning of the New Moon in Cancer | July 9th, 2021 - a focus on home and family, making ourselves at home wherever we are, doing change in a whole new way, following our intuition, pressured to make the important things important




On Friday, July 9th, 2021, at 9:16PM EDT, the Cancer Moon meets up with the Cancer Sun at 18 degrees giving us a New Moon - our annual New Moon in Cancer. 

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so this is always an important New Moon. Last year we had two New Moons in Cancer (life determined to have all of us doubly focused on home and family) and for two years before that our New Moons in Cancer were also Solar Eclipses, so we are kind of settling down this year with just one regular New Moon! 

Cancer rules home, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, country, patriotism, home businesses, family businesses, the root of the matter - our emotional security - and, of course, the theme of your personal natal chart's Cancer house -  this is where we get the NEW BEGINNING


So, we have the Moon and Sun meeting at 18 degrees Cancer. They are trining Neptune, sextiling Uranus, squaring Chiron and opposing Pluto. Also semi-sextiling 18 degrees Leo, where Venus will meet up with Mars in just a few days. Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon and Sun are conjunct. Together. On the same page. Home/family matters. We can see it and feel it. They trine a retrograde Neptune - this is applying so this 'coming home/fresh start' is enabling an old dream. For the smoothest flow, we are following our intuition. 


They are sextiling Uranus - this is separating (has already happened). The breakdown/breakthrough that has brought us to this New Moon has already happened. The CHANGE/need for freedom/need to be ourselves is now in an opportunistic angle to the fresh start energy. HOW we create change is changing (the heroine's journey vs the hero's journey). Uranus and the Moon (Aqua and Cancer) are in synergy - Uranus wants revolution and the Moon says ' well, maybe not just right now, I don't feel secure enough/safe enough yet", and the events of this lunation put these energies into a smooth flow. We are not heading out on some winner-take-all hero's journey this lunar cycle. We are heading within/home where the heroine's (think Harry Potter) connections and compassion enable another, more inclusive, kind of adventure. Maybe the new is also the safe!

The Moon and Sun are squaring Chiron - this one is separating, too - the pain has already happened/played out. It still hurts probably, because when Cancer hurts, Cancer HURTS, but we are also in some ways past it. Maybe because what's done is done.


The Moon and Sun are opposing a retrograde Pluto - applying, but wide and Pluto is retrograde, so the Plutonian loss/death/transformation can be said to be 'in play' here, but there is alot of road to be walked between here and there. Still, the fresh start coming from an old loss/death. Oppositions to Pluto can trigger jealousy, power plays, manipulation, but also access to real truth if we go deep enough.


Semi-sextile the degree Venus and Mars will start their own new cycle in a few days speaks of this New Moon's connection to that. The Moon/Sun adding their voice to the Venus/Mars story in egoic Leo - home, family, our need to care and be cared for, security, safety, our tribe - something here needed there


Cancer and Leo are neighbors so they bicker and they barbecue.


(we'll talk about the Venus/Mars in their own post!)


This Moon looks pretty uncomplicated (perfect for Cancer) with all aspects a little wide, although still emotional (being Cancer) and pressured (with that opposition to powerful Pluto). So it's collectively about family connections/staying closer to home/coming home to ourselves/making a new home - something we will be collectively experiencing over the next four weeks as this cycle plays out.



This is a powerful energy to focus our intentions and make affirmations around general Cancer themes : mothers, motherhood, self-care, nurturing, home, family, real estate, home business, family business, food, breast health, stomach and digestive health, gut health, security ... AND around our Cancer natal/progressed house themes.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind, work in an uncluttered space - always make affirmations from a positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing your intention is known.  


Know these things are already yours.

xo all

Today's astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 8th, 2021 - the future reaches back and grabs us by the balls, again ... changes with our relationships, income, values and self-esteem



The Moon comes home to Cancer this morning, preparing us for the New Moon tomorrow. The skies are dark. We are nourished/nurtured through home/family, whatever feels like mom and apple pie. She trines (brakes off) a retrograde Jupiter at 1:09PM EDT. 

Mercury finally leaves his retrograde shadow and starts covering new ground. Here's our green light. We are moving forward. Near the end of his home sign of Gemini he inconjuncts Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn and makes his third (of three) square to Vesta, still working on that problem, in Virgo. Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini, so his move into a new degree today will help. And Pluto is trining (brakes off) Vesta, so we know way through is by going deeper in. Plutonian solutions are deep, transformative. Something has to go  - via merge/purge - so something else can be born. Focus/go deep (just watch for obsessing over a problem, the trine should allow the truth we need to rise up). 


We talked more about the Cappy/Gemini inconjunct and today's Venus/Uranus in the weekly HERE

This is also the day Venus in Leo - after her tangle with daddy Saturn - perfects her square to freedom-seeking, future-oriented Uranus (in Taurus). Fixed signs have been feeling this all year. This speaks of unexpected changes within relationships, finances, our self-esteem, values. The pressure to change. Uranus is answering to Venus, so even though this is a square - tension/frustration - the way through this can be loving/peaceful. Maybe an unexpected expense comes up/change in income or one partner is feeling the squeeze and needs greater freedom. Our self-esteem may demand we update something. Mars was in this pickle last week - our actions/passions creating change - so the changes now - with relationships, money, resources, our self-esteem - likely connect to that.


The opposition to Saturn can make changes sticky and de-stabilizing, so we want to be sure we know what we are doing with important changes (if we have some say here and the opposition to Saturn and inconjunct to Pluto says we might not) - as sure as we can be anyway. Mercury is helping. So are Vesta and Pluto. Venus in Leo must shine/follow her heart. A fixed square tells us stuck situations need to shift and gives us the impetus to change via our back against the wall. Just be cautious with anything that suddenly seems like a good idea if you've never thought about it before. Big moves made because we aren't getting enough attention or aren't feeling appreciated may not bring us what we are seeking. Changes are here/coming, but the Earth trines are pulling in some practicality. Tossing the baby with the bathwater isn't often necessary and now we have a screaming baby. 


Mercury (our thinking, ideas, planning) is past his confusing square to Neptune and covering NEW ground. The Uranian squares of the past few weeks (and all year really) with more to follow over the next few weeks - no one will miss their train, don't worry! -  are opening portals that LINE US UP WITH THE FUTURE. Keep in mind our collective North Node of Fate on Gemini - stay flexible, ask yourself "how else can I see this?" - this will help. Right now, the Moon is dark in her home sign, coming off her meeting with Mercury and applying to her trine to Jupiter retrograde. Our old faith/hope/that gold we missed our last time through here can be found in the darkness/the stillness. 


The New Moon in Cancer tomorrow night will be healing/soothing. 


Our future is so bright it burns my eyes.


xo all 

artwork by the talented Cecile Pardigon

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | July 5th, 2021 thru July 11th, 2021 - what our heart wants, the confusion/illusion lifts, reality bites and we bite back, heading home



Did we all survive last week's T-Square with Mars?! 


Count fingers/toes/shake around a bit. All there, I hope. 


Well, hold on because Venus in Leo is doing the same hokey-pokey this week!


But she's Venus, Goddess of Love (as opposed to Mars, God of War), so there's that.  


Last week we had the Mars/Saturn - some pressure/tension between our actions and our obligations/limits. Then we had the Mars/Uranus which can bring on a sudden accident/impulsive changes, but hopefully Saturn's nail in our shoe prevented too wild a move on our part.  If we were hell-bent on some erratic move anyway (and we might have been because that's what squares with Uranus are for) well it's likely our motivations will dictate our outcome. Needing to be appreciated/garner attention is Mars in Leo's jam and bread, but with Uranus ruling group dynamics and the future (the whole "no I in team" thing) too much of the "me, me, me" stuff can lead us down a tricky/sticky path right now. Yet, still our heart must be followed. Life is not for sissies. Just sayin'.

This week we have the Sun sextiling Uranus to smooth things over, Venus following in Mars' footsteps (watch your heart/your benjamins), the final Mercury square Neptune (end of an illusion), a BIG New Moon in family/home oriented Cancer followed by Mercury's own move into Cancer. Lots going on.

Let's unpack the week! The best aspects are right out of the gate.


MONDAY - Sun sextile Uranus, Venus sextile North Node conjunct Juno

TUESDAY - Mercury squares Neptune retrograde (third of three), Venus opposes Saturn retrograde

WEDNESDAY - Venus trines Chiron

THURSDAY - Mercury inconjuncts Pluto retrograde, Venus squares Uranus retrograde

FRIDAY - New Moon in Cancer (18 degrees)

SUNDAY - Mercury enters Cancer


MONDAY - the Sun @ 13 degrees Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus, Venus @ 10 degrees Leo trines the South Node in Sag conjunct Juno (and sextiles the North Node in Gemini)


The Sun/Uranus sextile - here is a light on how these changes can work. Change is good. Cancer/Taurus is about comfortable changes in our home/family situation. Or changes with our resources/money/values/self-esteem creating opportunities for our family. This is smooth/easy. The future doesn't have to be some big scary thing. At the same time, Venus is trining the South Node conjunct Juno retrograde (in Sag) and sextiling the North Node. Maybe we are bringing more attention/appreciation/fun to an old relationship/partnership/contract. Maybe we are revising old commitments. Does this still work for you? For who you are now? Keep an eye on that opportunistic sextile to the Gemini North Node - speak up, talk it out, make a plan, dive into the details, stay flexible and open. Whatever this is - something coming or going - it should flow, we won't have to push.

TUESDAY - Mercury @ 23 degrees Gemini squares Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, Venus @ 12 degrees Leo, opposes Saturn


Mercury, finishing up her/his back-and-forth through his own sign of Gemini, reaches his final exact square to imaginative/illusive Neptune. Neptune is retrograde, the tide is out, the rocks at our feet are just rocks at our feet now (as opposed to the HUGE and colorful creatures they appear under water). Their first square was back on May 22nd. Now, the confusion/delusion clears. Now we know what to say/think/choose. Our questions are answered, even if the answers might be a little/or a lot disappointing. No more waffling around with procrastinated choices waiting for clearer skies. The skies are clear. Time to decide.

And yes, I know I have said 'the skies have cleared' before, because they did, a bit at a time, but after today, the SKIES ARE REALLY CLEAR. Like, no clouds in sight kind of clear. If we can't see, our eyes are closed. Tightly scrunched like mine some days, I would suspect.

Happening as Venus opposes Saturn (also retrograde) reinforces the reality check. We might see what we can't have. We might feel old or unappreciated. Oppositions are like Full Moons. They bring culmination points, endings, results. This will likely be more pronounced for people with mid-degree fixed sign planets or points or people with natal Venus/Saturn aspects.

WEDNESDAY - Venus @ 12 degrees Leo trines Chiron in Aries


Love is healing. Loving ourselves is healing. Time with children is healing. Beauty is healing. Peace/balance is healing. Generosity is healing. Courage is healing. Following our heart/standing in our heart space/on our own center stage (the one that sits empty when we hang out in the audience) is HEALING.  This is how we take care of ourselves/be ourselves/stand up for ourselves. This is a good time to offer a healing touch to someone else.

THURSDAY - Venus @ 14 degrees Leo, squares Uranus retrograde, Mercury @ 25 degrees Gemini inconjuncts Pluto in Capricorn

Unexpected relationship/finance/self-esteem situations. Break-ups. Breakthroughs. This is tension/frustration/disruptive. We want freedom, but the opposition to Saturn is reminding us that freedom isn't free. Watch your wallet. 

Mars walked his story last week, now Venus has done her job - showing us where we stand with our relationships, our finances, our values and self-esteem. Next week they meet up and start a BRAND NEW STORY! We are pressured to create something new - even within the confines of old relationships/limits/commitments - and it's going to be AMAZING. 


Although it won't be what we thought we wanted/what we thought it would be! Remember we are doing something again, but differently. SURPRISE!

At the same time Mercury is inconjunct a retrograde Pluto. This is a rock and a hard place. An adjustment needed and even then no one is going to be totally happy with the outcome. Also keep in mind, Pluto in Cappy (power/authority) is probably not going to do any adjusting, although he is retrograde, so doing some re-vising, re-viewing, which is kind of adjusting I guess. Mercury (our thinking, words, ideas, plans) is going to have to do all the adjusting! This is Gemini/Capricorn. Gemini can't stand that 'nose to the grindstone' kind of thing and Cappy is like "here is the grindstone - be glad you have a damn grindstone, other people just have a grind pebble!". If we hit a stop sign/road block, we are going to need to shift/change - something Mercury in Gemini is perfectly capable of doing. And this is Mercury's last aspect in his home sign - one final adjustment/tweak in our words/idea/plans before he/she (as us) is outta here.


FRIDAY - The Cancer Moon meets the Cancer Sun at 18 degrees giving us this month's New Moon. This is a FRESH START with a home/family situation and our focus turns HERE for the next couple weeks. Expect a BIG post.


SUNDAY - Now Mercury moves into Cancer where he/she will hang his hat until July 27th. We will be feeling what people are saying now. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too.


For the next couple weeks we will be thinking/talking/writing/dealing with Cancerian issues more often - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, ancestry, the past, mothers, country, safety, security. As well as our personal Cancer natal house theme. We could be more nostalgic.

With Mercury in Cancer we might sometimes need to step back and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?". 

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut. Words are taken personally. They can be soothing or they can be painful.

Since Cancer rules both the mother and the baby, Mercury (communication, ideas, thoughts) in Cancer could be a good time to talk (Mercury) about what we need (Cancer), probably not in some whiny/overly needy way though :) 

(Trump has his natal Mercury in Cancer and prior to his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un early in his term, said "I just, my touch, my feel, that's what, that's what I do" when asked about his preparation and how he would know if Kim was serious. His infamous verbal word salads aside - this feeling the words is pretty much how Mercury in Cancer communicates.)


First up for Mercury will be a beneficial trine to Jupiter on Monday, July 12th (here's that old gold, we were wondering where we put it!).  Then mid-month Mercury will inconjunct Saturn and square Chiron and finally trine Neptune and oppose Pluto toward the end of the month. When he gets into Leo on July 27th, he will immediately inconjunct Jupiter - not so cushy as his dealings with Jupiter from Cancer on the 12th and then proceed to do everything Venus is doing this week and Mars did last week. And we'll have the Sun in Leo by then doing the same dance (sextile North Node, oppose Saturn, trine Chiron and square Uranus). Thank goodness we will have Venus in Virgo by then bringing us some soothing trines if we can just get ourselves organized!

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 1st, 2021 - the risk to be uncomfortable, what our heart wants now, reality checks, knowing how much ground to give



The Moon is in Aries now - we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. She trines Venus in fiery Leo at 7:22AM EDT (we might get a preview of the upcoming Mars/Venus new cycle) then goes on to square the Sun at 5:10PM EDT and finally sextile a retrograde Saturn at 9:15PM EDT.


The square to the Sun is this month's  Last Quarter Square - Aries/Cancer. Aries squares can make us antsy/add pressure to take action, get something moving. The Sun in Cancer is focused on security/home/family - making things safe. This is tension/frustration between the new/the initiative/the action and the comforting/familiar. 


(the key to working with Aries/Cancer and I am a Moon in Cancer married to an Aries Moon, so trust me on this one, is to thoroughly engage/initiate/challenge and THEN thoroughly absorb/empathize/connect with the other person's position - some ground must be given, but all ground cannot be given)

Keep in mind the Aries Moon is answering to Aries ruler Mars, who moves into his exact opposition to a retrograde Saturn today. Our movements/passions meet opposition/limits/rules - a reality check. With Saturn retrograde there are old rules/responsibilities/commitments that we are reminded of now. This isn't about giving up and this isn't about trying to power through regardless (which won't work) - Saturn and Mars are old friends/can work well together, but will require our efforts be practical, paced, focused on the future. 

Mars is in Leo commanding (demanding?) attention/appreciation. Needing to take actions we are passionate about. That are heartfelt/make us proud. The Moon in Aries will have us feeling all the ways this is and isn't happening. 

The thing that makes this different than other Mars/Saturn oppositions (reality checks) is we have a square to Uranus - exact this weekend - so any limits/restrictions will feel doubly oppressive. These are fixed signs so if not mastered something might break before it bends. We don't want to toss babies out with bathwater, but needed changes are probably not going to be stopped. What commitments/responsibilities/goals need to be adjusted? What does out heart want now? How can we have more freedom within our relationships, within our work, within our lives? And on the flipside, where do we need to be more responsible/committed for these new energies, that will ultimately be more liberating, to take root?


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