the jumping off place | Mars direct

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After seventy days (!) Mars (our energy, initiative and drive) has picked up his normal pace and what we thought we began back in February or March finally resumes its development.

After many weeks of waiting, preparing, and planning - new activities, projects (and elusive answers and situations) will propel us forward now.

We are ready (trust me on this!) now that we've undone or redone something or had to wait for something else to be done or catch up with us before we could pick up on whatever we've had to postpone since Mars began to slow down radically in late March.

All things Scorpio and Sagittarius are full steam ahead! Some people will feel these energies more than others, but whatever has been lagging will now be leading.

It's still old stuff because Mars won't be covering new ground until late August - but with Mars in direct motion we can finally get it done, get it right or get it going!

There are also multiple positive aspects right now and everyone is probably feeling at least one of them. So from here we go on ... again.

With Jupiter still in Virgo - let's be focused, clear, and willing to allow whatever inspires us (Jupiter) to transform our everyday life (Virgo).

Let's enjoy whatever accelerates, with a positive focus much that was promised earlier this year, will leap forward dramatically between now and late August. Be confident, we are prepared for whatever comes next.

We'll finish whatever is being reshaped with this and start the next chapter at the end of August! xo all

use what you know | part II - Mars goes direct!

miss halfway by holunder

On Wednesday, Mars finally moves direct (in Scorpio) and we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus all snuggly and simpatico in the same sign (Cancer). Many people will feel some kind of relief or movement pretty quickly.

(keep your head for  a while longer - remember the candle analogy and whole angry Martian thing)

Since someone the other day mentioned Brexit we'll touch on it briefly here.

Remember the background story to everything right now is Saturn in Sagittarius - thru December 2017 - Saturn (restriction, authority, time, hard work, structure, no) in Sagittarius (the higher mind, long distance, anything foreign, higher education, philosophy, our beliefs, adventure, travel, open, exploration, big picture).

During the time Saturn is in Sagittarius he is working through multiple squares to Neptune (home in Pisces) and aspects to Jupiter (in Virgo) and Uranus (in Aries). There are many, many ways this could play out based on the characters (archetypes) and signs involved.

A big part of Saturn's square to Neptune is about letting go of preconceived ideas about what structure and security is supposed to look like so we can build a new (Uranus) reality (Saturn) before/when Saturn comes home to Capricorn in 2018.

This is the work we are all doing without even realizing we are doing it. 

OK, so the United Kingdom (in a very close vote) voted to leave the European Union. The European Union was started on 11/1/1993. On this date Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio. Mars and Pluto were conjunct in Scorpio at 24 degrees - which is pretty much exactly where Mars is now sitting as he prepares to move direct tomorrow at 23 degrees. Remember when we talked about transits impacting natal energies. Entities like unions (and businesses and countries) have natal charts just like we do. In some ways saying corporations are people is not that far off the mark. An organization started with all this Scorpio - especially Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and Mars, Scorpio's ancient ruler conjunct - has some real darkness, secrets and fear connected to it. 

And we still have Jupiter going through Scorpio in 2017 and we have Venus going retrograde in Scorpio shortly after that. So even though I wrote last post that by the end of August we will have some closure with the Mars retrograde piece of the puzzle (as the baton gets handed back to Saturn) - the story is far, far from over. We're not even in the middle part yet!

What this means for the European Union is no doubt major changes ahead! And those changes will transform alot of fear the collective is carrying as the fear comes to the surface for us to "see" it. Just google 'observation effect' - this still blows my mind. We don't need 12 years in psychotherapy to work this crap out. We often just need to really "see" something to shift it.

So what do we do now? For all of us the next step is to 'use what we know' - we really do have all the information needed to work this out by now -  and do 'what is right in front of us'. Roadblocks will start to clear, our energy levels will increase and our Mars ruled initiative will get us moving! We still need to do the work. And when we can't see what we need to do, we'll just do that sink full of dirty dishes - it's a start. Whatever is missing will come to us over the next few weeks as Mars makes his final pass over these same degrees!

Breath work is very helpful now. With Gemini (ruler of our lungs) the odd man out in the mutable t-square we've been working through this year - deep breathing, no smoking, time outside in clear, clean air, aromatherapy (yes, I have a dog in this fight, but she's only a small dog), singing, eliminate the babble, say what we mean, no double negatives (don't say "isn't this great?", "don't you just love it?" - toss the nots!), no lies, no gossip.

We have a New Moon on the 4th of July (on the United States birthday, so we know it's important) - we are all going to get some traction to move forward!

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use what you know .... part I

fear by TheRoflCoptR
July and August are going to propel all of us forward. This is the "ready or not" next steps in our journey and we're all more ready than we think we are.

It's almost time to use what we've learned.

Our Scorpio houses, that carry this lifetime's fear, were worked through by Saturn (2012-2015) and now Mars mission here (since February) is almost complete.

Mars and Saturn will meet up at 9 degrees Sagittarius in late August and that will be that. Our Scorpio houses and the fear we carry will have evolved. We will move individually and collectively forward with the new energies into a new space.

And in case you are reading this and thinking what the hell is Cat talking about, let me say this -

I didn't start this blog to write about astrology or world events and some days, believe me, I regret my writing here has taken this turn. The last thing I need or want to be is 'preachy' and it's easier and faster for me to write funny anecdotes about what Olive and I are up to. But since it is the most fun and interesting (and hopefully useful) subject for me to write about right now, we'll plow on. I am going to change things up this summer a bit and get back to more business posts.

Anyhoo, back to astrology. Astrology is a language. It's a system of archetypes and patterns and a belief that above effects below (and vice versa). It isn't a religion or spirituality and people who love and study astrology come from and practice all different religions. Some are non-religious. It's a language that fits many paths.

The basics is this (and this is my elevator pitch interpretation and there are many types of astrology that would say something somewhat differently) - our astrological birth charts are our contracts and road maps. They are an imprint of the moment we took our first breath - we literally are the universe at exactly that second.

And we carry this energy for the entire collective for as long as we exist on the planet.

Our chart isn’t fate or destiny – it’s really a blueprint of potential!

(astrology sees free will as the central axis of any chart - some things we will have to meet up with, how we handle them is always up to us)

Now, after we are born the universe just keeps on spinning, so as we move through our life we activate certain energetic points that line up in particular ways with the spaces they occupied when we were born. These are called transits. So let's say when you were born the Moon was at 10 degrees Cancer - at various times throughout your life the moving planets will affect 10 degrees Cancer either by landing on 10 degrees Cancer or on an angle to this space and we say they are 'transiting your natal Moon'. 

(Also your chart keeps progressing. We are not static and our charts aren't either. Your chart progresses one day for every year you are alive, so if you were born on March 1, 1977 and you are 30 years old, you will look a bit like a chart prepared for March 31, 1977. So let's say on March 31, 1977 the Moon was at 11 degrees Leo. Today's moving planets affecting 11 degrees Leo are said to be 'transiting your progressed Moon.'. And, yes, since we move our chart one day for every year we are alive, if we live to be 90 years old we will have moved the energy only 90 degrees, ha! So you can see that small things are big things!)

Since our natal chart is the energy we are composed of, it is the lens through which we see the world. So, for example, the 'mother' in our natal chart isn't the reality of who our mother is, it is the way we perceive and experience her. We are already energetically prepared to line up with a certain kind of 'mother'. Our mother is reacting to us as much as we are reacting to her! The energy we carry (beliefs) determines what we notice. And what we notice (believe) sets up a certain trajectory for us. And this works the same with all our experiences and spaces in our charts (not just mom).

OK, now back to our Scorpio houses and this Mars transit. Scorpio rules the stuff we don't want to look at; the stuff we push down - our dark side. This is the fear we carry for ourselves and for all of us. When we, as individuals, transform some of this energy by bringing it to the surface, it has an impact on the collective energy - and the trajectory (and future) for all of us.

God, the Universe (pick your comfort zone) has been giving us an opportunity to work through our fears and transform this fearful energy. Some of us, those with planets and points in our natal and progressed charts that Mars is walking back and forth over, are feeling this transit the most (and there are multiple transits at the same time we are all working with) but since Mars is an important inner planet we are all feeling it.

Astrology houses also relate to the energetic centers in our body known as chakras (which makes perfect sense since we are literally mini versions of the universe). For example, I am a Scorpio rising - Scorpio is in my 1st house (also 12th house). The first house of our astrology chart corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus rules over our lower emotions like anger, fear and jealousy. We need a good balance of these emotions because they protect us but too much and they can overwhelm our entire system. This chakra also has to do with gut instincts. People with an abundance of this energy in their chart are assertive and can protect themselves. When it is under-active, we have trouble standing up for ourselves. I have little fire influence in my chart and have issues with keeping my solar plexus strong. I also have stomach problems which I know relate to suppressed anger, fear and jealousy. I'm working on all of this and it's a process. We are all a work in process ....

Ok- I will finish this up later with the Mars Goes Direct post! xo all

(if you would like me to look at where this Mars retrograde has worked through your chart I'd be happy to - just drop me a note or comment)

Mercury into Cancer (Wednesday) | taking it personally

love my soul by rapid heart movement

Mercury (communication, ideas, intellect) enters Cancer on June 29th.

There are multiple ways we will find this playing out. First, Mercury will bring an even greater focus to our natal Cancer house and to the things Cancer rules (home, family, country, history, roots, mom and apple pie - well maybe only apple pie if it's baked by mom).

Since Cancer is a cardinal sign initiating a new season we will enter into new conversations that move existing things along or take us in new directions.

Words can bring comfort. Nostalgia wins hearts here. It will be easier to connect emotionally with others through conversations and communications.

On the flip side, we (and others), might take things too personally. Words can also make us overly emotional as they carry us back to other times we have heard/experienced them.

Our thoughts and decisions could be influenced by the past, even the distant past, and we want to be certain we are not romanticizing something from our history or being too needy with others. It will be good to give those needs a voice - just think through whether it really applies to the current situation.

We will be most successful when we speak and write with the intention to make the other person feel safe, secure and connected.

A Cancer's first impulse is usually to retreat into the safety of their 'shell', so privacy, and time to get our thoughts together, will be important now.

We could regret oversharing information with others. As writer and researcher Brene Brown says, "we share with people who have earned the right to hear our story."

The stories we tell ourselves and each other and our shared history will be what connects us now. Keep that in mind. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 27th - foward we go!

fast forward by PORG

This will be another busy week with lots of twists and turns.

We start the week still under the influence of the magically positive trine (brakes off) between Pluto and Jupiter (exact yesterday). This is an opportunity to build on whatever positive happening has been moving through our life in the last couple weeks.

If there is something we can do to push something forward let's do that in the beginning of the week while we still have this "lucky" energy at our backs.

We've also got Mercury in Gemini (lots of ideas, thoughts and conversations) sextiling Uranus (sudden out of the blue change). Pay attention. We won't have this kind of Jupiterian "luck"for another 8 years and it will not be so grounded then - able to produce physical changes, opportunities and actual stuff we can hold in our hands. With Capricorn and Virgo there will be work involved, but we have the potential to make something real here.

If anything has shown any promise over the last couple weeks, take some steps with it now.

Mercury squares Chiron (stationing retrograde) so there could be a conversation or communication that touches an old wound or makes for an uncomfortable decision. It would be best to stay aware of how much of our thinking is 'habitually negative' - it would be good to stay positive and I don't mean pink flowers although maybe having some around would be helpful. Focus on positive possibilities. Let the other stuff drift off.

THE BIG NEWS - Mars is moving direct on Wednesday - project delays and roadblocks will begin to clear.

He is uber powerful now as he sits in our Scorpio house (I know you have especially felt him over the last few weeks Aries and Scorpios!), - maybe like a knot of fear in our stomach. Where is 23 degrees Scorpio in your natal and progressed charts? Our Scorpio house is the space we carry this lifetime's fears (and our 8th house, the house Scorpio rules, the natural home of the fears we have inherited from our parents and society). Mars has been covering the same ground Saturn covered a couple years ago trying to show us the stuff we are afraid of that is standing in our way. Fear that surfaces this week will be alot about this. This isn't new stuff, but it could be shown to us in a new way.

The stuff that has been stuck with Mars retrograde is about to come unstuck. He won't be covering new ground until late August, but we should have a good idea by now of what we want to do or not do. If a decision is still not clear to us we can use the next few weeks energy as Mars covers the same old ground in forward motion to figure it out. By now we probably know what's worth fighting for.

By the end of August the die will be cast so to speak. Battles will be won or lost, decisions written in stone ....

So, Monday - Venus and Neptune are snuggly and this bodes very well for love and money - with Neptune, inspiration and imaginative will be in good supply. There is also a trine (brakes off) between Saturn and the Moon (in Pisces) making this a good time for dealings with authority figures, positive closures and long term commitments. Also keep in mind the Jupiter/Pluto stuff I wrote earlier.

On Wednesday Mars moves direct (YAY forward motion people!) and Mercury moves into Cancer making how we feel about what we hear much more important than what people are actually saying. Words can make everyone more emotional - keep this in mind.

Thursday's opposition between Pluto and Venus could offer a powerful (karmic) situation with a woman - there could be some kind of triangle with what is happening, maybe something to do with real estate or family? With an opposition something/someone 'out there' is doing something that requires some action or decision from us.

With the Venus (love, money, women, beauty) Jupiter (expansion, luck, growth) sextile (positive) on Friday bringing us back to the Jupiter/Pluto (karma, fate, transformation) trine (brakes off) - it again feels like positive growth. There will be opportunities now for all of us to shift the patterns we have when in relationship with others.

All in all a mixed bag but mostly positive week with moments of frustration and insecurity.

xo all

... a sneak peek

quick peek by xfakeplasticlovex
Let's take a little peek ahead and see what's coming/happening now.

We have the conjunction of Jupiter and the North Node. This has been coming since Jupiter moved into Virgo last summer and put our Virgo house on a collision course with destiny!

They haven't met up at this degree in Virgo since November 1979 (maybe that time period means something to someone).

And then on Sunday, Jupiter trines Pluto.

So what does all this mean? Some good news for the Virgo house of our natal and progressed charts. Positive developments that feel "lucky" can happen now that line us up with bigger (Jupiter) and better opportunities!

In Virgo, there is always some 'work' involved, but we've been doing the work (that is right in front of us) for a long time now - we are ready for this. The trine (brakes off) to Pluto (karma, transformation) makes it pretty clear whatever is happening needs to happen, won't be stopped and changes everything.

Think back to last March and early last October to what we had brewing then. With trines (and Mars moving direct next week) things could take off quickly now and this week's connection to our North Node (space we are moving toward) could completely change our life for the better!

As Mars prepares to move direct (next Wednesday), after two and a half months of challenging our plans(!), he will be very powerful. Keep this in mind. Remember the finger through the flame analogy I've used before. As we move our finger through a flame we won't feel the flame if we move quickly enough, but when we slow down and especially if we stop (as Mars is doing now) it gets intense. So stuff can be intense now and for the next week.

We could certainly have a breakthrough next week with whatever has been stuck - but keep in mind Mars is traveling old ground for a while longer. Imagine you are on a walk and then you turn around and walk backward over the trail you have already walked then you turn around and move ahead again but you are still covering old ground for a while until you get back to the place you originally turned around. Make sense? This is our 3rd time over these same degrees. For some people, those with planets and points in this section of Scorpio and Sagittarius, this will be felt more strongly. Let's get it right this time.

As Mars stations direct we want to watch our temper, drive more carefully and just be more cautious with our physical self.

OK, that's a short peek ahead - will be back on Sunday night for the weekly post. Know that whatever is happening now - whatever news comes to you, etc - will be OK in the end. And if it's not OK, it's not the end. And it's what we need to move our story forward and to move our collective story forward. There is also energy around supporting us being who we are, warts and all, and releasing old traumas and rejections, so keep that in mind, too, as we move through any changes and challenges! xo all

Mercury squares Jupiter & the Nodes of Fate | important information

the age of information by pati makowska

My first thought with Mercury (information, communication, ideas) squaring Jupiter (expansion, excess, luck) - since I am a negative thinker which I have written about before - is to be aware that information can be blown out of proportion.

Your grown daughter living on the other side of the country calls and gets you all worked up about some problem she is having. You spend the afternoon brainstorming ideas, stressing out and pricing travel info. You call her back with your ideas, thoughts, plans to fly out there - and she seems to not know what you are talking about, she has almost forgotten the whole thing.

Communication, conversation and ideas could seem more urgent than they actually are.

A customer emails and says, "I must have this by tomorrow" and when you say "this is not possible", and I hope for the sake of your sanity this is what you would say, they will reply, "well, I really need it by the weekend." Keep this in mind.

My second thought with Mercury squaring Jupiter now, since he is also squaring our North (where we are collectively heading) and South (what we are collectively releasing) nodes is that some of the information that comes in now could be important. Also Mercury is conjunct Vesta (focus). Jupiter's rush of adrenaline could be distracting but there might be an idea now that can grow into something or a conversation that points us in a fresh (and fruitful) direction. If something comes along now it could be worth pursuing (just not urgently).

We've had a stressful couple weeks with much outflow of energy (compassion, grief, love, stress) - it's Cancer season - let's practice some good self nurturance now, too. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 19th - only one of us here

us by lacy drawers
Hello Summah!

On Monday we have a fruitful and positive Full Moon in Sagittarius (early a.m. EST before we wake) followed, within a few hours, by the Sun's movement into Cancer - otherwise known as the Summer Solstice.

A Full Moon on the Summer Solstice hasn't happened since 1969 - wasn't that the summer of Woodstock?! Mud and music could be just what the world needs now!

Cancer is a cardinal sign (initiating energy that kicks off a new season) ruled by the Moon and it's a water sign so we have another emotional, volatile week ahead of us and it could pivot our focus in a new direction.

The Sun is going to come along and trigger the same story we walked last week. In Cancer our priorities are home, family, history, patriotism, safety and stability.

With the Full Moon followed so closely by the Summer Solstice - Cancer themes take the spotlight now and our Cancer natal and progressed houses are IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

The first degrees of Cancer (and every cardinal sign) are what astrology calls the world axis. The world axis is the space where our personal energy and the collective energy come together.

Events that happen at these points are felt universally and personally; outside and inside. Our decisions, actions and beliefs really matter here - what I do affects you and what you do affects me and what is done globally affects all of us and each of us.

Planets at the world axis make everything easier to see and everything that happens has a greater significance. It can be helpful to look at the ways what is happening in the world is happening in our own life and the other way around. Stories in the news (just like last week when this energy was starting to come together) will have a larger 'spotlight' and be more impactful either literally or symbolically.

There is also the possibility of an important door opening for us now. It might be something just getting fleshed out - maybe the door frame is just going in. If you are not sure if it's time to act (and Mars is still retrograde so it may not be), then wait. Our attention will likely begin to focus in a new direction.

We've got some other aspects at the Full Moon that I talked about HERE. There might be some bad news delivered to us or challenging situations arising. But the Full Moon has many positive aspects including an aspect with Uranus that can get us moving in a universally good direction together.

Know that a no or ending now will be one of those things that make sense later and turns out to work in our favor. We've got bigger and better fish to fry. Have faith.

Expect a busy, mixed week. On Tuesday, the Moon is in "just get 'er done" Capricorn and we are focused on our goals and working hard or an authority figure may need to be dealt with. On Wednesday we've got a void Moon so it's a good day for practiced, routine work and not a good launch day. Mercury is squaring Jupiter so we'll try not to over-promise or blow things out of proportion. There could be some kind of blow up or ending or just a last minute change now. Good news can also come that expands our world in some way.

On Thursday and Friday the Moon is in Aquarius (Friday has a void Moon from lunch on so keep that in mind). On Thursday something Venus related (love, money, beauty, women) might require extra effort and focus. Ceres (mother, nurturing) is conjunct Uranus (an unexpected turn, break for freedom) - maybe mom runs off and joins the circus - I know I'd like to! Whatever it is, with an inconjunct to a retrograde Mars in Scorpio - it will be uncomfortable. The weekend could be an emotional roller coaster. On Sunday, we've got Jupiter conjuncting our North Node taking us back to November 1979 and promising growth, expansion and that whatever the week's crazy energy kicks up will all be OK in the end. Really.

A few things to keep in mind now. 1. Jupiter is in Virgo thru August. Small is the new big (later in the year it will be who we know not what we know and all about keeping our balance). Our Jupiter houses have expanded - for better or worse!

2. Saturn is in Sagittarius through the end of 2017. Our beliefs are being tested as well as our comfort level with what is "foreign", restrictions and roadblocks (the kind that make things better in the end) with our Sagittarius houses and Sagittarius themes.

3. Neptune is in Pisces for another 9 years! Our imagination and intuition will be strong but so will any tendency to drift into escape, over-medicate, over-meditate. Reality will be slippery. Keep this in mind when you read my blog :)

4. Mars is retrograde for just one more week - YAY! 5. Venus just moved into Cancer to start the ball rolling with Cancer season (home, family, tradition, security, patriotism) 6. The Sun moves into Cancer on Monday 7. Mercury is still buzzing through Gemini - information overload, busy, busy.

8. Uranus (new, sudden, change, revolution, rebellion) is in Aries (war, action, initiative) until mid 2018 when (if we haven't killed each other off by then) he moves into Taurus and upends our relationship to the planet, our money and our values. 9. Pluto (transformation, karma) is in Capricorn steamrolling our structures, safety nets and business paradigms until 2023. Note- the United States has a natal Pluto in Capricorn and is approaching its Pluto return!

When Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 and humanitarian changes sweep over the world (yes, it's all coming together) it will be hard to believe how far we have come. What this is going to look like is being seeded now! Aquarian energy can be a detached, robotic, cold wasteland of the 'greater good' or a humanistic paradise of equality, freedom and ingenuity or most likely something we haven't thought about yet! Hopefully it still includes chocolate.

(and yes, of course, there's still time for binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black)

xo all

Full Moon in Sagittarius | yes, another one and it's a goodie!

summer solstice by dilekt

It seems appropriate that in this year when everything feels larger than life we get two Full Moons in Sagittarius (the larger than life sign ruled by larger than life Jupiter). This one is literally in the final hours of the Sun's journey through Gemini.

Gemini season has been bookend-ed with these two Full Moons. The first Sagittarius Full Moon (May 21st) and the second in the early morning hours of June 20th. Maybe something that seemed over in late May and had new life breathed into it really is over now or reaches some kind of pinnacle, is brought to light or culminates. There could be a celebration or achievement or maybe some piece of the puzzle that was missing at that time becomes clear to us or shows up now.

With this Full Moon at the very last degree of Sagittarius - there is the potential for something to be blown out of proportion. Which could be a good or not so good thing! We'll work with it either way.

We have Chiron (wounded healer) squaring the Full Moon (and of course also the Sun - yes, another T-Square!). Squares are tension - something happens that pushes us to do something else. With Chiron growth comes through discomfort and relief comes from learning to live with whatever can't be fixed.

Now, if this doesn't sound like good news it's because I wrote the fly in the ointment part first this time!

(probably because I bought one of those velcro screen doors for Olive to go in and out in my studio and I've had about five giant flies in here within the last 24 hours making me nuts)

There is lots of lucky and positive energy around this Full Moon.

First, the Grand Cross is back at the Full Moon but this time we've got Mercury filling in that last square. So Mercury (communication, ideas) is opposite Saturn (in Sagittarius). Oppositions often require a decision. There is an answer or a commitment here.

With Mercury squaring Jupiter and Neptune it will be easy to get sidetracked, drift off into lalaland or think too big. This year (North Node in Virgo) is about being practical, prioritizing health, doing the work, servicing others, taking care of the details - we will not miss out on some big opportunity by doing these things - these are the opportunity.

Also keep in mind our South Node (what we are releasing, what isn't working now) is in Pisces. The expression "dreams don't work unless we do" comes to mind with this. Usually I am a strong believer in raising our own energy level to change the world and trusting our intuition (Pisces).

But with our South Node in Pisces we are not going to be able to imagine, intuit, pray, meditate or medicate our way out of a mess. It's going to take those Virgo small, measured steps to move us forward.

One of the best aspects about this Full Moon is it makes an exact conjunction to our North Node (in Virgo ruled by Mercury) - the space we have collectively decided working toward moves us all forward now.

This is a HUGE indicator that however anything appears (win or lose) at this Moon the bottom line result will be good. It will be to our benefit.

Then the best news is within a few hours of the Moon, the Sun enters Cancer, and we have the Summer Solstice! We transition smoothly from one intense (and beneficial) energy to another - more on this in the weekly post later.

This Full Moon energy is with us tonight and tomorrow night. Get out and walk in it. The time is very ripe for SOMETHING BIG!

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Venus into Cancer | wanting to feel safe

now you are safe by borda

A way that energy shifts and moves our story/stories forward is we have these big outer planet transits or aspects, like the Neptune/Saturn square strongly activated right now, and they shift collective energy - then the inner planets move and our individual energy shifts.

Tomorrow, as she does every year (not at this exact time), Venus moves into Cancer. Now we are not the same people who experienced Venus in Cancer last year, so although it might look like we are in the same place, covering the same degrees in the skies, the landscape has changed because we have. This is the same way we spiral upward and run into the same situations and people again and again.

Sometimes when this happens we ask, "why is this happening to me again? haven't I worked all this crap out already?!" and we think life is sending us another lesson to work this out or another test to see if we have and I used to think like this, too.

Through astrology and cycles I can see more clearly that these 'tests and lessons' are really just experiences and we get to choose how we react and how we react sets into play what happens next.

Venus rules love, money, women, beauty, harmony, balance, relationship, our values - everything money can buy and everything it can't. She rules the signs of Libra and Taurus (and if either of these signs is your rising sign - ascendant - she most likely rules your chart) and the 2nd and 7th houses of our astrology charts.

She's kind of a big deal. And since she's an inner planet, when she changes signs, we feel it and experience it personally - and we move the collective energy forward (as opposed to things like the Neptune/Saturn square and outer planet transits that move the collective energy and then we adjust to that).

Venus is much more comfortable in Cancer (ruled by her friend the Moon) than she is in Gemini where she has been attracted to and attracts "one thing after the other". She's been flirting and "keeping things light" but nothing really turns into anything here.

Now headed into cardinal energy (initiating a new season) Cancer, she's ready to settle down. 

Cancer is about nurturing, history, mother, comfort, home. Cancer Suns (and ascendants) will be more attractive now - ie physically attractive to the rest of us and more able to attract what they need/want.

The Cancer house in our natal (and progressed charts) gets more attractive, too, as it hosts lovely Venus for the next few weeks. So, let's say you are a Gemini rising with Cancer in your 2nd house - this transit will wake up your finances/values house and allow you to be more attractive to what you want and need. If you are a Taurus rising with Cancer in your 3rd house - this transit will allow you to more effortlessly attract new opportunities through communication (also sibling, transportation, local community issues will almost certainly improve). Etc, around the zodiac.

Universally, home and family will feel more precious. We will want to feel safe. We'll move in the direction of whatever feeds this need now. 

We might be more emotional; maybe a little more needy and vulnerable. These do not have to be bad things. The fly in the ointment with Venus in Cancer is the kind of smothering/mothering that suffocates or we overindulge ourselves in some unhealthy way or we have an unrealistic expectation of someone else filling some childhood need.

We are approaching a very beneficial Full Moon energy starting this weekend I will post about later. And the Solstice is coming. Hang in there. xo all

Neptune Stations Retrograde | our dream, our faith, our compassion under review

into the sea by aimes likes to take pics

The planet of our dreams, our imagination, our compassion - will station retrograde today. She will move backward from 12 to 9 degrees Pisces between now and mid November when she will station direct and begin to move forward again.

Neptune's retrograde (unless we have a strong Neptune or Pisces or its backward walk touches sensitive spaces in our chart) is sometimes a more subtle energetic shift. But this year since she is part of both of 2016's strongest energetic alignments - the Neptune/Saturn square and the Mutable T-Square and our collective south node - what we are releasing - is in Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces), we will all feel this one.

If we have any planets or points in our natal or progressed charts from 12-9 degrees Pisces (and other mutable and water signs) we will feel this transit most strongly.

Neptune rules the ocean, the seas, sleep, our dreams (both the dreams when we are sleeping and the dreams when we are awake), the unconscious, the subconscious, our inter-connectedness, flow, imagination, compassion, meditation, medication, illusion, deception, lies, addiction, alcohol, exhaustion, escape, baptism, sacrifice, spirituality, detox, faith, psychology, mental health, mental illness, intuition, mysticism, fantasy, the ethereal realms (things that cannot be seen, touched, tasted or heard with our five senses), art, dance, music, film, chemicals, drugs, poison, ghosts, victim, martyr, saint, religion, Christ-like, fanaticism, hospitals, healing, research, confusion, retreats, release, isolation, orphans, nursing homes, retirement, our feet, vision, karma, hidden enemies, what is hidden, what we do in secret, lack of boundaries, the 12th house of our charts (things we do last, things that are put away, our subconscious, our undoing, all the things above), the house that holds Pisces in our charts.

At first glance this might look like a list of unconnected things - but when you look closer can you see/feel the connections? Even as we look for the connection we are using Neptune!

Something here is up for review which means situations, people, circumstances will come up that will re-focus our attention on one or more of these areas over the next few months.

This will be a time to reflect, re-do, re-evaluate, re-examine, release or re-visit what we are working with here. Neptune always turns us inward.

Remember when a big energy shifts like Neptune does today we will literally be "off" so things can just feel "off" - let's not push where we don’t need to push. Instead let's stay alert to the signs and feelings around us and take our cue from them. We might require extra (or less) sleep, more (or less) time alone or more (or less) meditation time. I would stay away from mind altering chemicals.

(last weekend's shooting in these days leading up to the exact Neptune/Saturn square - the Paris shooting was in the days leading up to the last Neptune/Saturn square - had (and will produce) many Neptunian elements - happening in the night, the nightclub where likely music, dance, alcohol and drugs were present, Florida sea, fanaticism, confusion, hidden enemies, secrets, hospitals, connected-ness, isolation, faith, victim, mental illness, compassion)

Back tomorrow with the weekly post. xo all

Mercury into Gemini | information overload

ideas by bucikah

A couple people told me recently that Mercury retrograde, has felt to them, like it never ended.

Probably because 1. Mars is still retrograde and 2. Mercury in Taurus can feel a bit bogged down, as words and information are examined more carefully, even as we are moving forward.

Mercury (communication, local life and travel, transportation) moves into his home sign of Gemini today. We will feel a difference in the week ahead as information and communications switch from turtle pace to rabbit.

Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow. We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be rather chatty so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable.

(Gemini is a big player in this year's collective story via the Mutable T-Square and Grand Cross and Donald Trump - Gemini Sun. Mercury, Gemini's ruler and also the ruler of Virgo - our North Node path forward and host of Jupiter right now - is a big player this year, too. Hopefully this transit will help us make decisions about our next steps!)

Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information might be unreliable.

But easy, adaptable conversations suitable for the moment can pull everything forward now.

With Mercury's long slog back and forth through Taurus we went over and over a few important details. Now fresh information and conversations will come in and expand whatever we are dealing with.

This can be stimulating if we've grown weary of Taurus's scrutiny and demand for truth or like information overload if Mars retrograde has us drained and exhausted or both. xo all

Saturn square Neptune | there's that wall again

up against the wall by gnato

Saturn square Neptune is THE transit of 2016. It permeates everything.

And because of the retrograde of Saturn and Neptune this year - we get multiple exact hits (days when the planets are sitting exactly square each other) and they stay close enough (to exact) to have an impact for most of the year. If it's not impacting you personally, it's impacting other people who are impacting you. And it's impacting the wider world in very big ways.

The first exact square was November 26th - both planets were direct at that time. The next exact square is June 17th (next Friday) with both Saturn and Neptune retrograde and the final exact square is September 10th.

Between this square (dreams vs. reality) that is affecting everyone to some degree and the Mutable T-Square that gets re-triggered today by the Moon that is giving a particularly challenging (and out of balance) time to people born in the middle degrees of the mutable signs - those born in the first few days of March, June, September and December - times are challenging If that is you, again, find mid Gemini in your natal chart and try to focus what energies you can into that area (area of life ruled by the house occupied by your natal Gemini) for balance. This isn't an easy transit. The ability to stay flexible and adapt to changes is crucial.

We have challenging cycles for people born in the mid 60's, late 70's and early 80's (and many people are having challenging life cycle transits now, too). "It's all good, just go shopping" isn't cutting it anymore. If you are not being hit by any of these transits then it is your job to help those who are.

Anyhoo, back to Saturn vs. Neptune - I want to talk about the ways this can be showing up for people. I've written over and over again "dreams vs. reality" and that's it all boiled down, but there are many, many ways this can play out. Bottom line - we are all being charged with finding more effective ways to live. 

Let's look at some possibilities - and no, I'm not going to have any answers. There aren't answers right now. That's kind of the point.

With another exact match up between Neptune and Saturn at the end of next week (both planets will be retrograde by then) we will be going back and examining either Neptune (the dream) or Saturn (the commitment).

Is the dream possible? And I don't mean pie in the sky thinking here. Get quiet. Is it possible? We need to get real with ourselves. Are we dreaming our life away? Here there is a need for structure (the wall) to "stop" our meandering (boundary-less) energy.


Is the commitment real? Does it still make sense? Is what we strongly believe being continually tested? Do these rules, these walls, these limits, these beliefs - really work anymore? Are we working our life away? Here there is a need for a more charitable or maybe more imaginative way of being to "dissolve" our rigidity (wall).

Either way, yes, there could be grieving (Neptune) and pain (Saturn) for what we lose here.

Many people are actually manifesting into reality (making real with Saturn) walls and road blocks by the dreams (beliefs) they put into motion years and even decades ago. Choices we made subconsciously long ago are being given actual physical form here. These may not be choices we would make now.

I have a natal Neptune/Saturn square and it's part of a fixed t-square. I have come to know these energies pretty well. The key is always for our values (what we really care about) and ambitions (what we are working for) to be reinforcing each other - that will give us the strength to hold our focus under pressure. This is not about us giving up on the dream.

Ultimately this transit is teaching us about making the dream real (although I hesitate to write that because some people's big picture dreams need to come down to earth so we can work the practical steps to make them happen). We'll talk more about this as we move through it.

By October we'll have this figured out, I promise. We are on the far side of "normal" times, but maybe normal is highly overrated anyway. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 6th - Venus delivers the goods

little voice by moonywolf

You might remember last summer (why does last summer feel like 10 years ago to me?) Venus had a nice long retrograde. We were all figuring out, by working backward, what we really value and how to align ourselves, going forward, with that.

At one point during that cycle, mid August 2015, Venus was conjunct the Sun at 22 degrees Leo (sitting in the same space as the Sun). We talked about a new cycle kicking off - building our new dream.

(an update on our dream later this week!)

This also closed out the previous Venus cycle which started back in January 2014, kicked off a new 8 year cycle for our Leo house and closed out the previous Leo house cycle from 2007.

Venus, planetary ruler of women, love, relationships, money, resources and self-esteem, has a cycle with the Sun with phases similar to the Moon.

If Venus was the Moon, the cycle we kicked off last summer (mid August) would have been her New Moon phase (in Venus speak called her inferior conjunction/morning star phase); it was a launching point.

And like the New Moon, where stuff begins in the dark - things started slowly and didn't really kick up until the end of October when, at 16 degrees Virgo, Venus was conjunct the Sun again and we were in her initiated phase and things were "full steam ahead".

This week, at 13 degrees Gemini, Venus hooks up with the Sun again and reaches her superior conjunction - if she were the Moon this would be her Full Moon phase where the energy peaks.

(note - at the end of March 2017, when Venus hooks up with the Sun at 4 degrees Aries, this current cycle will conclude and a new cycle will kick off, a 19 month Venus cycle and a new 8 year cycle for our Aries house)

So MONDAY is the Full Moon phase of the current Venus cycle.

With Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini this is a time of OPPORTUNITY (yes, for our Gemini house but also our Leo house that launched this cycle and for those Venus themes I mentioned earlier), good news, payoffs and yes, culminations. This could be about us receiving news and opportunities from the current cycle and also about attracting what we want (Venus) by the information/communication (Gemini/Mercury) we put out (Sun).

This also ends the Gemini cycle that began in June 2008 (and we can continue back in eight year increments to get a feel of what these cycles have looked like for us previously) and starts a new cycle in our Gemini house! Whew, I know this probably sounds confusing. Stay with me.

Venus' cycles pertain to Venus things - love, money and self-esteem. If we have planets or points near these degrees (22 Leo, 16 Virgo, 13 Gemini) this cycle will figure more prominently in our life. And, of course, everyone can use the Venus cycles as touchstones to start, develop and end situations that are Venus ruled!

We also have the Cancer Moon (home, family, security) making a very nice alignment to Jupiter (expansion, good luck) on Monday. Circle Monday, June 6th, on the calendar!

The next day (Tuesday) Venus and the Sun will square the Nodes (of fate) - this connects whatever is happening to our past (karma) and future (dharma). A square denotes tension. Something outside our control is requiring us to take a new action. In this case, we are faced with a choice. Stay with our same old story or evolve/change something and head toward the future (and mostly we all say we want a different future and then we do the same old thing - me, too - ack!).

With Venus and the Sun in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and the North Node in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury ruling our communication and information - something about receiving or giving information could play a role here (Mercury also rules transportation, teaching, writing, fast moving things like computers, siblings and our local neighborhood).

Remember we still have the Mutable Grand Cross energy (literally a cross in the sky). Crosses are about sacrifice, so whatever is happening will come with some kind of trade off. If we want this we have to do, or give up, that. For example - if we want our business to make X amount of dollars we have to give up X amount of free time/family time/other activities to make that happen!

With Gemini there are always choices. With this square to the North Node of our collective destiny life asks us to 'pretty please' make the best one. In Virgo - the best choice will probably be the thing that is most realistic or that provides the most service or that is the best option for our health or the thing that is the 'next step' right in front of us. Virgo also rules organization, paperwork, pets, employees and employment. With so much forward momentum in these areas a little effort can turn into a landslide. This won't be some big crazy thing where we bet the farm - although it could absolutely turn into something big. Small is the new big this year. And yes, I know I've been harping on the same stuff all year!

On Wednesday and Thursday the Moon is in Leo which brings a natural focus to our 5th house of children, love, fun and creativity. The week heats up even more on THURSDAY when Mercury (in Taurus and ruler of our North Node and Sun right now) opposes (just what it sounds like) a retrograde Mars (in Scorpio) - this could be an argument or deep conversation probably about something from the past.

At the same time Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) trines (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo) through next Monday. This could remove a roadblock and get us moving in a new and improved direction!

There is the continued need to be flexible, weigh options, watch for things that are not quite as they seem and truths coming out. Mercury finally leaves his shadow period and begins to cover new ground, but if we have been holding off on that big moving parts purchase (computers, cars, etc) until the Mercury retrograde was totally over, I would still hold out a little longer with all the chaotic Gemini energy.

We continue to work with the mutable t-square - Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo. In the outer world U.S. politics this 3 legged table looks a lot like Bernie (Neptune - about to go retrograde), Hillary (Saturn - currently retrograde and moving direct in August) and Donald (Jupiter - about to be answering to Mercury in his home sign).

All is not as it seems though and it isn't the best time to get clear answers or make firm decisions - some things just have to work themselves out and fall into and out of place first. Mercury will move into his home sign of Gemini on Sunday - more about that next post.

Things will be much clearer and look very different in July when Mars is direct.

xo all

New Moon in Gemini | June 4th - curiosity beats confusion

curious by estella mestella

Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces (three major planets, all in mutable signs) have been squaring off against each other since last summer. This has been stressing out the mutable signs (all of us at times, but particularly Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) - lots of sleepless nights and nails chewed to the quick for these guys, I'm sure.

Life's been as wobbly as a three legged table for all of us! And with so much of the focus this year on the mutable (ie changeable) signs - everything is in major flux. Our dreams vs. the reality of our situation has been a major theme for a whole lot of people.

A couple people asked me last week who might win here - dreams or reality. Ha!

This is a Saturn vs. Neptune battle. Saturn (reality) is not so happy to be in Sagittarius - Sagittarius is big picture thinking and adventure and Saturn likes to focus on 'just the facts jack' and the tried and true. He wants us to work hard and Sagittarius likes to play.

Neptune (dreams) is very happy in Pisces, the sign he rules. Neptune and Pisces are in total agreement that all we need is our imagination and our intuition and we will be happy, happy, happy dreaming our lives away.

The problem for Neptune, and it's a rather insurmountable one, is that Pisces is our South Node right now - the stuff we have all decided "as a collective energy" we move forward best by releasing . And we've got our North Node - the space our collective energy is moving toward in "just get 'er done" worker bee Virgo, along with Jupiter (expansion).

My money's on Saturn (the reality police).

This doesn't mean our big bodacious dreams will never happen (life is as magical as ever!) - although to be honest, hell, they might not (if there is nothing solid to support them this long term energy will force us to deal with the reality of the situation, release this stuff and move on). Getting real can be scary and sad if we have been living in la la-land about something. When we get real new potentials emerge that we never dreamed of!

Anyhoo- back to the New Moon!

We have Gemini, that fourth table leg that's been rather quiet (and by the way the space we need to focus on in our natal and progressed chart for balance - picture that three legged table again, head to the missing corner!) occupied with the Sun and the Moon and conjuncting the beautiful Venus.

This is about relationships, money - choices, decisions. With Venus here this New Moon is VERY powerful and MAGNETIC. Set those intentions people!

Here's a link to last year's post with info on that - check bottom of post!

Gemini is our middle air sign - a sign of the mind, the archetype of the 'teacher' - the storyteller. If you are a Gemini sun sign this is basically the way you process life - you have been mentally exploring and noticing stuff your entire life - you are always ready to teach.

Gemini has more to do with questions than answers. Geminis are designed by birthright to know a hell of a lot of stuff that will never make them any money (unless they make it into the final rounds of Jeopardy) - Gemini is the sign of curiosity.

Gemini is also the sign of confusion and distraction. With so many things vying for our attention it is easy to miss the really important thing among all the noise. Potential can be lost, ends can stay loose, stuff can get spread so thin it pretty much disappears.

Sometimes we focus on too many things, because we are really afraid to fail at the one big important thing.

This ties back into Neptune/Saturn. Maybe as long as our dream is SO BIG it will tend to stay way over THERE (it can't fit in my small house that's for sure) - we can bring it CLOSER by making it SMALLER. This isn't about settling but it could be about settling in for what is real.

This New Moon carries the potential for us to be required to make a choice or decision (things will be much clearer by the 20th when we have that 2nd Sag Full Moon!), a new situation expanding or an old situation turning in a new direction. We might find ourselves reaching out to someone or for something and somehow missing the mark or maybe encountering some kind of large immovable obstacle (I did mention the Moon is squaring Saturn!).

With the New Moon forming a Mutable Grand Cross and conjunct Venus (at an important time for Venus which we'll talk about next week) this is about connecting and closing out karmic cycles from June 2004, June 2012 and June 2016. This is about love, relationships, money, women, what we value, the stuff money can buy and the stuff money can't buy- all our Venus themes.

This aren't a lot of definite answers now. Stuff is up in the air. It will likely be best to meet this energy with an attitude of curiosity - "oh, isn't this interesting". Stay flexible. Stay focused. Choosing a firm side with so much in flux could cause us to get tossed off our game later. If we must choose - head for solid ground (Saturn) with small, measured steps (Virgo). Reality needs to be accommodated this year.

xo all - don't forget to set your intentions!

out of life lines ....

confusion by psychic lexa

Today our Gemini Sun squares Neptune (strong in Pisces and hanging out with the South Node of what we are releasing). Issues become even more convoluted. Reality warps a bit. We are in the process of closing out karmic relationship cycles - I am going to post more about this in the New Moon (happening this weekend) post tomorrow!

Changing points of view, an inability to trust what we see and difficulty making choices is par for the course with this. Going with our 'gut' might not be the best way forward here - since our intuition is literally squaring our life force! Answers are not easy to come by now.

Remember we are closing out that Grand Earth Trine energy we have had access to for the last few weeks and right now Mercury (in Taurus) is trining (brakes off, smooth sailing) the North Node (our future best path) in Virgo - there is something here that over the last month has given us a little ground beneath our feet - something that has proven itself to work. Go with that for now.

xo all