use what you know .... part I

fear by TheRoflCoptR
July and August are going to propel all of us forward. This is the "ready or not" next steps in our journey and we're all more ready than we think we are.

It's almost time to use what we've learned.

Our Scorpio houses, that carry this lifetime's fear, were worked through by Saturn (2012-2015) and now Mars mission here (since February) is almost complete.

Mars and Saturn will meet up at 9 degrees Sagittarius in late August and that will be that. Our Scorpio houses and the fear we carry will have evolved. We will move individually and collectively forward with the new energies into a new space.

And in case you are reading this and thinking what the hell is Cat talking about, let me say this -

I didn't start this blog to write about astrology or world events and some days, believe me, I regret my writing here has taken this turn. The last thing I need or want to be is 'preachy' and it's easier and faster for me to write funny anecdotes about what Olive and I are up to. But since it is the most fun and interesting (and hopefully useful) subject for me to write about right now, we'll plow on. I am going to change things up this summer a bit and get back to more business posts.

Anyhoo, back to astrology. Astrology is a language. It's a system of archetypes and patterns and a belief that above effects below (and vice versa). It isn't a religion or spirituality and people who love and study astrology come from and practice all different religions. Some are non-religious. It's a language that fits many paths.

The basics is this (and this is my elevator pitch interpretation and there are many types of astrology that would say something somewhat differently) - our astrological birth charts are our contracts and road maps. They are an imprint of the moment we took our first breath - we literally are the universe at exactly that second.

And we carry this energy for the entire collective for as long as we exist on the planet.

Our chart isn’t fate or destiny – it’s really a blueprint of potential!

(astrology sees free will as the central axis of any chart - some things we will have to meet up with, how we handle them is always up to us)

Now, after we are born the universe just keeps on spinning, so as we move through our life we activate certain energetic points that line up in particular ways with the spaces they occupied when we were born. These are called transits. So let's say when you were born the Moon was at 10 degrees Cancer - at various times throughout your life the moving planets will affect 10 degrees Cancer either by landing on 10 degrees Cancer or on an angle to this space and we say they are 'transiting your natal Moon'. 

(Also your chart keeps progressing. We are not static and our charts aren't either. Your chart progresses one day for every year you are alive, so if you were born on March 1, 1977 and you are 30 years old, you will look a bit like a chart prepared for March 31, 1977. So let's say on March 31, 1977 the Moon was at 11 degrees Leo. Today's moving planets affecting 11 degrees Leo are said to be 'transiting your progressed Moon.'. And, yes, since we move our chart one day for every year we are alive, if we live to be 90 years old we will have moved the energy only 90 degrees, ha! So you can see that small things are big things!)

Since our natal chart is the energy we are composed of, it is the lens through which we see the world. So, for example, the 'mother' in our natal chart isn't the reality of who our mother is, it is the way we perceive and experience her. We are already energetically prepared to line up with a certain kind of 'mother'. Our mother is reacting to us as much as we are reacting to her! The energy we carry (beliefs) determines what we notice. And what we notice (believe) sets up a certain trajectory for us. And this works the same with all our experiences and spaces in our charts (not just mom).

OK, now back to our Scorpio houses and this Mars transit. Scorpio rules the stuff we don't want to look at; the stuff we push down - our dark side. This is the fear we carry for ourselves and for all of us. When we, as individuals, transform some of this energy by bringing it to the surface, it has an impact on the collective energy - and the trajectory (and future) for all of us.

God, the Universe (pick your comfort zone) has been giving us an opportunity to work through our fears and transform this fearful energy. Some of us, those with planets and points in our natal and progressed charts that Mars is walking back and forth over, are feeling this transit the most (and there are multiple transits at the same time we are all working with) but since Mars is an important inner planet we are all feeling it.

Astrology houses also relate to the energetic centers in our body known as chakras (which makes perfect sense since we are literally mini versions of the universe). For example, I am a Scorpio rising - Scorpio is in my 1st house (also 12th house). The first house of our astrology chart corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus rules over our lower emotions like anger, fear and jealousy. We need a good balance of these emotions because they protect us but too much and they can overwhelm our entire system. This chakra also has to do with gut instincts. People with an abundance of this energy in their chart are assertive and can protect themselves. When it is under-active, we have trouble standing up for ourselves. I have little fire influence in my chart and have issues with keeping my solar plexus strong. I also have stomach problems which I know relate to suppressed anger, fear and jealousy. I'm working on all of this and it's a process. We are all a work in process ....

Ok- I will finish this up later with the Mars Goes Direct post! xo all

(if you would like me to look at where this Mars retrograde has worked through your chart I'd be happy to - just drop me a note or comment)


DancingMooney said...

Hi Cat! I'm always open to a reading from you, since I have no idea how to read my own chart. Is there a 'reading your chart for dummies' out there?! :)

Feeling a bit more relaxed these days. I have an art journal that I write in, but it's mostly business-y stuff, so I started a file on my computer called 'brain dump' as per a suggestion from a friend. Whenever I feel like I have a lot on my mind, I do a brain dump, and it makes me feel so much better. Plus I can just delete it and walk away, it doesn't need to be part of my art journal.

Somehow by accident I stumbled upon a woman's story about recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'd seen that phrase around a bit in my researching... but in a nut shell, it seems like a lot of us are suffering from this, and in the end, it's really about getting maximum nutrition into our bodies to help ourselves heal.

We are now doing wheatgrass smoothies in the morning, and I'm hoping to pick up a couple clean eating cookbooks soon to get some ideas. Plenty of lovely blog posts online, but I still prefer to flip through an actual book. LOL ;)

Hope you are looking forward to a happy 4th weekend!

p.s. I love your astrology posts. If this is what feels natural to you to write about, keep writing!! :)


Catherine Ivins said...

There probably is an astrology for dummies book! ha! I love the brain dump idea and I'm going to do that, too. I like actual books, too. I have so many books on my Kindle now that I really regret I didn't get the real book because they are so hard to refer back with.

Mars has been all over your 6th house of health (and work and pets - work here is really day to day living and activities so when you work at home your home can become 6th house) and 7th house of partnership. 6th house is throat chakra - voice in the world, writing your brain dump is a great idea, 7th house is heart chakra - love. Maybe google about helping those chakras(?) and see what comes up since we will have Jupiter back here toward the end of 2017. Mars just conjuncted your natal Uranus which could make you a little accident prone, so don't rush things. Great aspect to break out of a rut or break free from something limiting - hopefully these health issues! - and make needed changes. You will probably feel alot better when Mars starts covering new ground late in August if you don't feel a good shift when he moves direct after tomorrow!

I just started thinking about the 4th today! I have family coming at the end of July and need to get ready for them, too. I'm not going to make myself nuts this year though.

xo - your deck looks gorgeous btw I hope you have a wonderful summer on it!

stregata said...

I also love your astrology posts - so, if you feel moved, please continue them.
Can I take you up on your offer to explain where this is affecting my chart? Please?
Wishing you a wonderful day. xo Renate

Catherine Ivins said...

I will look today Renate! xo