Neptune Stations Retrograde | our dream, our faith, our compassion under review

into the sea by aimes likes to take pics

The planet of our dreams, our imagination, our compassion - will station retrograde today. She will move backward from 12 to 9 degrees Pisces between now and mid November when she will station direct and begin to move forward again.

Neptune's retrograde (unless we have a strong Neptune or Pisces or its backward walk touches sensitive spaces in our chart) is sometimes a more subtle energetic shift. But this year since she is part of both of 2016's strongest energetic alignments - the Neptune/Saturn square and the Mutable T-Square and our collective south node - what we are releasing - is in Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces), we will all feel this one.

If we have any planets or points in our natal or progressed charts from 12-9 degrees Pisces (and other mutable and water signs) we will feel this transit most strongly.

Neptune rules the ocean, the seas, sleep, our dreams (both the dreams when we are sleeping and the dreams when we are awake), the unconscious, the subconscious, our inter-connectedness, flow, imagination, compassion, meditation, medication, illusion, deception, lies, addiction, alcohol, exhaustion, escape, baptism, sacrifice, spirituality, detox, faith, psychology, mental health, mental illness, intuition, mysticism, fantasy, the ethereal realms (things that cannot be seen, touched, tasted or heard with our five senses), art, dance, music, film, chemicals, drugs, poison, ghosts, victim, martyr, saint, religion, Christ-like, fanaticism, hospitals, healing, research, confusion, retreats, release, isolation, orphans, nursing homes, retirement, our feet, vision, karma, hidden enemies, what is hidden, what we do in secret, lack of boundaries, the 12th house of our charts (things we do last, things that are put away, our subconscious, our undoing, all the things above), the house that holds Pisces in our charts.

At first glance this might look like a list of unconnected things - but when you look closer can you see/feel the connections? Even as we look for the connection we are using Neptune!

Something here is up for review which means situations, people, circumstances will come up that will re-focus our attention on one or more of these areas over the next few months.

This will be a time to reflect, re-do, re-evaluate, re-examine, release or re-visit what we are working with here. Neptune always turns us inward.

Remember when a big energy shifts like Neptune does today we will literally be "off" so things can just feel "off" - let's not push where we don’t need to push. Instead let's stay alert to the signs and feelings around us and take our cue from them. We might require extra (or less) sleep, more (or less) time alone or more (or less) meditation time. I would stay away from mind altering chemicals.

(last weekend's shooting in these days leading up to the exact Neptune/Saturn square - the Paris shooting was in the days leading up to the last Neptune/Saturn square - had (and will produce) many Neptunian elements - happening in the night, the nightclub where likely music, dance, alcohol and drugs were present, Florida sea, fanaticism, confusion, hidden enemies, secrets, hospitals, connected-ness, isolation, faith, victim, mental illness, compassion)

Back tomorrow with the weekly post. xo all


lynn bowes said...

Something about Neptune that makes me squirmy. I can visualize an old Ruler of the Seas drawing and my brain slowly backs away and I have no idea why. The water, the unseen, the unknown - all makes me feel like I'm being held where I can't breathe. I can't explain it. Neptune freaks me out just a little. I'll be vigilant and watch for the energy of connection, but it will leave me feeling hinky, I won't lie.

Catherine Ivins said...

"The water, the unseen, the unknown - all makes me feel like I'm being held where I can't breathe." yup, that sums it up VERY well ... I have Neptune in Scorpio in my 1st house (and actually being unable to breathe is my biggest nightmare) - have always had to be vigilant that it doesn't swallow me up and carry me away or make me a ghost in my own life ... much more treacherous energy than Saturn ... artistically extremely helpful to work with but lots of pitfalls and they happen gently and can go unnoticed until they overwhelm us .... xo Lynn, so well said!

DancingMooney said...

"pitfalls happen gently and can go unnoticed until they overwhelm us"... so there.

Actually today I'm finally feeling a bit of peace today, but a lot of high anxiety the last couple of weeks. I thought I was still getting over the anemia thing and that I just still didn't 'feel well' but realized (after taking half a xanax last Friday) that it was the anxiety that was making me feel sick - probably worrying about not feeling well made me worry more and more. The xanax worked too well though, it gave me the chance to see that my 'sick' feeling was actually anxiety, and I could see how it could be easy to just take one every day... don't want to get locked into THAT either. Started taking magnesium a few days ago, I think it's helping...

Anticipating this feeling of things coming together in July!

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell- Neptune stations will totally magnify anything mental health related - anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. It is excellent energy for a turning point. Have you tried Calm (the magnesium drink) - it helps me. Acupuncture, too. Usually Neptune stations also put us into some kind of collective mourning ... tricky energy. xo