Today's Astrology Forecast | saturday, May 1, 2021 - getting our ducks in a row


The Moon is in serious Capricorn now - we are nourished by stability, having a plan/a few bucks in the bank/pulling ourselves up by our boot straps. 


The Moon, as ruler of Cappy's polarity sign of Cancer, is considered in her detriment in Capricorn. Today's aspects look pretty good though. She trines Uranus at 6:12AM EDT (breaks with tradition/change is good) and trines (brakes off) the Sun at 7:1AM EDT.


The Moon's trine to the Sun is this month's Waning Trine - Taurus/Cappy. Solid earth. Practical action feels good. Stepping into our responsibilities feels good. Our money, values, resources are stabilized through hard work/setting goals. Short cuts won't work. Cappy/Taurus won't be fast acting, but it can be long-lasting. This is all quite common sense, but sometimes needs to be said, and sometimes this 'common sense' stuff works better than other times and this would be one of those times.


Yes, it's a Saturday, but we can still make use of this energy. 


Working on a monthly and the month looks action packed! Hopefully that will be the next post, otherwise I'll pop up a daily for tomorrow because tomorrow's aspects look EXCELLENT.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 30th, 2021 - detaching from old values/money/resources, a change of seasons, financial change, compromise, noticing to what and to whom we are tethered


The Moon continues to move through Sagittarius - greener pastures, feeling more optimistic, preachy/reckless if we go too far. She goes void off a nice sextile with Sag ruler Jupiter this morning (9:26AM EDT), moving into more serious/goal-oriented Capricorn at 12:16PM EDT. She will oppose Mars (in Cancer) at 7:50PM EDT which could present a home vs work kind of thing. Although they have a kind of mutual reception going on, so it shouldn't be too hard to resolve. The Cappy Moon will make some nice aspects this weekend, so we could get alot done.


The BIG news today as we close out April - the Sun meets Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus.

This is about a light (Sun) being thrown on something unexpected (Uranus). This is a strong urge (Sun) to be free (Uranus). This is a flash (Sun) of genius (Uranus). This is shock (Uranus) and awe (Sun).

This aspect will often show us to what and to whom we are tethered. Sometimes by breaking the cords.

This might be shown to us in a way that doesn't feel so good. But not necessarily. Uranus (the conductor of our fastest route from point A to point B) uses what works and sometimes the stick works better than the carrot. Sometimes we are not hungry enough to even notice the carrot. But, maybe we are. Hungry, I mean.

Uranus is an outer planet - our hive-mind, genius, nonconforming, techno-centric God of (don't kid yourself this isn't true) - CHAOS. He wants change, by whatever means necessary. We can see the uber collective nature of Uranus - he co-rules the sign (Aquarius) which is opposite Leo, the sign the Sun rules. Leo is solar/ego/individual expression. Aquarius is group/collective energy. Unconventional, eccentric, yes, most likely, but not individualistic because life is viewed from a distance/through a wide-angle lens.


Sometimes people confuse Uranus with Aquarius and glamorize us 'being ourselves' in the New Age, which is kind of ridiculous. Highly Uranian people (think of Trump with his Sun/Uranus/North Node/10th house) are not at all individual in the solar sense and they often have little awareness of personal values and personal identity. This is why Aquarius needs reality-police/grounded Saturn, too. The whole 'greater good' thing is highly Uranian. And it can go sour quickly, when we lean too much in a 'what's best for the collective' mentality (and what better than a pandemic to push us in this direction very quickly). What is 'good for the group' can be sometimes good and sometimes necessary, but we can lose touch with what is nourishing/creative (solar) on an inner level and many important aspects of personal life may be unwittingly crushed. Maybe because I have a stellium in Aquarius, I do not glamorize it. Uranus is about change at any cost (why sober and time-honoring Saturn's co-rulership is necessary). Change is often good, but change just for the sake of change may not be. And Uranus is usually quite bad at respecting the individual when change is required.

So, today we have the Sun (ruler of Leo) meeting Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). They meet in Taurus, where Uranus has been busy detaching us (since March 2019) from what we once loved/valued/needed. They come together; the conjunction is kind of like a Full Moon. A light is tossed on their story. 


This could be about an abrupt CHANGE/new start. 

With both planets in Taurus - there might be a change in what we value/our money/earnings. An unexpected expense/purchase (purchases now will create great change/speak of what you value NOW). Maybe some #unexpected #notunexpected money will come in. Buy a lottery ticket. Something might DAWN ON US now - maybe about something we previously valued, but now can see we have wasted time/money/resources. Uranus in Taurus is detaching us from what has been keeping us stuck. New values/new beauty/new ways to make money and work with our resources are needed. People born with this aspect (Sun/Uranus) can feel a little like "the rules don't apply to me" and we might feel a little like this now. We could also feel a little "rebel without a cause". 


This energy is designed for BREAK-UPS, BREAKDOWNS and most importantly BREAKTHROUGHS. 


Two things are happening here - Uranus - the future, technology, change, chaos - gets a little more solar/things get more PERSONAL "do I believe in this with my heart as well as my head" and the Sun becomes more Uranian (not really of course, but it can feel like this) - more hive-minded/we are detached from here, so we can look over THERE. Especially if we are trying to keep something going that is already dead/barren - think of Taurus holding on too long. The bull, standing in the empty field where he has already eaten all the grass. If something breaks apart now, know it was threadbare/fragile already.


This transit will be strongest felt by people with planets/points near 10 degrees Taurus (and the other fixed signs) and anyone with a natal/progressed Sun/Uranus aspect. Possibly Sun in Aquarius people, Sun in 11th house people, too. Maybe.


At the same time we have Ceres (at 26 degrees Aries) squaring a retrograde Pluto in Cappy. These two are ancient enemies who worked out a compromise. Ceres is about season of life situations (nothing lasts forever) and squaring the God of the Underworld (death) is kind of reinforcing the Sun/Uranus. 


A season has ended - remember depression comes from too much sitting still! - a new season is beginning. With Ceres in Aries, something brand-new is most assuredly HERE - and maybe we know what this is, but maybe not yet, because this is Taurus season and think of the way plants grow underground before we can see those early shoots. 


Maybe we have this fear of letting go of the old, again, the things that used to support us/stabilize us. Old goals that no longer matter. But when we can't seem to get ourselves to count those cans of beans in the cupboard, one ... more ... freakin ... time, something has to change.

Keep in mind both of today's aspects are pointing us toward the NEW. 


If you have something new going on, lean in that direction, and, keep in mind, there could be some room for compromise now.


If nothing new is visible - maybe try this  - most people plant little plants/seedlings instead of actual seeds. They want to see what they have/are going to get before they INVEST. This might work just fine, but sometimes this is skipping a step we don't want to skip - if you are stuck, plant some actual seeds in some actual soil, tend them, have patience - you have given life and life will be given to you.

Taurus season will yield to Gemini season soon enough, and multiple planets will start to go retrograde including Mercury!

We've had Venus/Mercury/Uranus plus a BIG Scorpio Full Moon open this chapter last week/the week before - there was a SHOCK. The liberating change/loss might have already happened. Keep in mind the Sun is going to square Saturn in a couple days, so there will be challenges/limits/our responsibilities to the group. With Saturn in Aquarius this can also be about technology getting in the way - are we distracting ourselves/wasting the most valuable of resources, TIME, online? Eventually we get to a smooth trine between the Sun and Pluto - personal power. 


But we have to work the process before we get there. 


For today, choose differently. This is an excellent time to drop a bad habit like a hot potato, by focusing on SOMETHING ELSE.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Robyn MacDonald

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 - better vibes, optimism, a second chance is opening up, an opportunity that smells like sweat



The Moon in Scorpio sextiles a retrograde Pluto at 6:38AM EDT, then goes void off a square to Jupiter at 8:31AM EDT. She is void for a New York minute - well, 4 of them - moving into fiery and optimistic Sagittarius at 8:35AM EDT. The intensity/bigger-is-better, but almost too much, and probably, yes, too much, will be much easier to handle once the Moon gets into wide-open Sag and immediately sextiles Saturn. 


So, we are pushed or maybe we slide, ready-or-not, into something BIGGER (maybe even overwhelming), but it should settle down a bit/stabilize/create greater security. Good things come over time with Saturn.


We will have to be stepping into our responsibility though, and with the Moon's next move a square to confusing Neptune, very late night, keeping our feet on the ground/maintaining our boundaries and sobriety/avoiding our usual escape maneuvers/having decided, now deciding to not look back, may all be necessary. 


Don't kid yourself - this IS an opportunity, but this IS going to be a whole lot of work/responsibility/pressure.

In other parts of the skies, we have Venus and Mercury edging away from their square (tension/frustration with rules/limits/responsibilities) to Saturn and toward their trine (smooth flow) to powerful Pluto. The Sun, following in their Taurus foot prints is set to meet Uranus (surprise/breakthrough), square Saturn (the stop sign/limit/new rules) and then make his own trine to Pluto (personal power), 


so something here almost feels like A SECOND CHANCE. 

For today, things should lighten up with the Moon's move into Sagittarius


Our optimism/hopefulness increases even with this heaping plate in front of us (which I hope for all our sakes isn't loaded with carbs and sugar, America's metabolic problem certainly a huge driver of virus excesses here) - which probably smells like opportunity, but looks like work or, maybe, vice-versa. The Full Moon happening AFTER Venus/Mercury met Uranus and squared Saturn and BEFORE the Sun does, and nobody reaching that smooth trine to Pluto before he stationed retrograde is the whole story in a nutshell. 

We'll talk about that next post.

xo all

artwork by the talented Fernanda Suarez

the astrology of the Full Moon in Scorpio | April 26th, 2021 - a light on our insecurities/unstable resources, control issues, the need to step into our responsibility, a journey to personal power, more sons who fall from the sky




The first Super Moon of 2021 -the Full Moon in deep Scorpio answering to a MEGA-POWERFUL stationing Pluto with the Sun headed toward his annual pow-wow with change-maker Uranus - this week looks INTENSE!


On Monday, April 26th, 2021 at 11:30PM EDT the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Scorpio.

Full Moons (the part of the monthly cycle when the Moon is opposite the Sun) bring things to light or to a peak or to a culmination. Scorpio, in the northern hemisphere, rules late autumn. The wind is blowing the leaves from the trees, the landscape is becoming barren, death is expected - there is a sense of being cut off, a sense we are on our own. Taurus, where the Sun is now, rules late spring in the northern hemisphere. The world is fertile. There is the expectation of life/growth. Taurus/Scorpio is the polarity of life and death.

Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and want what they want (one energy isn't "good" and the other "bad" - neither could exist without the other - they are really two sides of the same coin). So, we have this polarity - Scorpio beckoning us "come over to the dark side" and not because there are cookies (although there might be) but because there really isn't anything to fear here. Scorpio energy embraces complication. There is no fear of what we might find when we go digging around in the dark because Scorpio knows the negative thought or feeling is only an aspect of personality we have sacrificed to help us survive and "fit in". It's all just us.

(and it is up to us to be humble enough, and astrology is helpful here, to find the context for such thoughts and feelings and give them credibility by trusting ourselves and knowing they are there for some good reason)

Taurus is equally adamant that we should "stay where we are - it's comfortable and working out just fine". This is the garden for f*ck's sake. Of course there could be a life that is better than "comfortable" if we are willing to take those steps in the dark to find it. But, then again, maybe there isn't. Taurus energy embraces peace and comfort.

With Scorpio we have the shadow of control and jealousy and taking on too much that can fuel greed. With Taurus; stubborn resistance to change and resistance to anything that is complicated - an attachment to the familiar that is also a form of greed.


Scorpio is always reminding us that getting caught up in the ego's preoccupation with conventional morality and what it means to be "good" can rob us of our spontaneity and trustworthiness. We can confuse "being positive" with being authentic. Without any journeying through Scorpio, Taurus "peace and comfort" is just pouring pink paint over our problems and calling them cotton candy.


Now, let's unpack the chart!


The Moon, at 7 degrees Scorpio, opposes the Sun at 7 degrees Taurus. The Sun is conjunct Uranus (the Moon opposes). Everyone is squaring Saturn, strong in Aqua. The rulers of Scorpio are the rulers of this lunation - Pluto (modern ruler) at 26 degrees Capricorn for the first time since the year before the Declaration of Independence signing and pre-American Revolution (so we can kind of imagine what was going on then) and Mars (ancient ruler) uncomfortably housed in Cancer. The good news though - with the Moon in Mars' sign and Mars in the Moon's sign - they are in mutual reception, so both have access to their home space/energy. Mars is sextiling the Sun and trining the Moon. Mars is also trining Jupiter (exactly conjunct asteroid Hybris). The other asteroids in play here are - asteroid Apollo opposing Jupiter/Hybris (exact) and asteroid Phaethon conjunct the Sun (exact). The Moon sextiles Vesta and the Sun trines her.

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is going to station retrograde within hours of the Full Moon, so he is very strong and very still here. Dangerous. Pluto retrogrades are a time to re-think/re-view our use of power. Fated situations transpire that show us how we are controlling/being controlled.


Plutonian obsessions/manipulations/jealousies can TURN AROUND. 


The death is postponed. 


(hopefully Pluto retrograde will ease pandemic mortality, and then in late May and early June, Mars will oppose last year's Saturn/Pluto degree which could also be a turning point - whatever happens in 2021 and 2022, when Pluto finally gets into Aquarius in 2023, this pandemic should be behind us and we will be living in a very different - Age of Aquarius - world, hang in there).


Pluto retrograde in Cappy is a really good time to clean up any mess that has the potential to come back and bite us in the ass later - purging is especially helpful - what needs to go? Secrets can come out and alternatively things can go into hiding to come out later. Pluto is retrograde for about five months every year. People who were born with Pluto retrograde, and this is almost half the people on the planet, might spend their entire lifetime dealing with old (familial, karma/DNA, past-lives) power/control story-lines. 


The other ruler of Scorpio - the ancient ruler - is Mars and Mars is holed up in Cancer. Not his favorite place (although the mutual reception with the Moon in Scorpio, giving him a pathway to Scorpio energy through the Moon will absolutely help). With Mars in Cancer, there is anger here that is rooted in family history (also nationalistic history), so it's tricky/painful sometimes passive/aggressive. We are also feeling our actions which can be quite uncomfortable depending on what it is we are doing/not doing/might have to do. Mars in Cancer is the mama-bear energy that protects what is weaker/younger, there is alot of good stuff here, yes, but it can come out (and we can attract it from the outside) in awkward ways. We might feel more vulnerable now/want to hide in our shell, because remember Cancer is the mother and the baby. 


The Moon/Sun are squaring Saturn (in Aquarius). The squares are applying. The Moon will get there within a few hours, the Sun a few days (May 3rd, this is also the day Mercury will be squaring Jupiter, so a heads up on this one). This indicates limits/responsibilities/hard work/authority tension. A square to Saturn from Scorpio speaks of power struggles/control issues. This is heavy/intense. With Saturn in Aquarius, our responsibilities to the group/new rules - will be felt. With the Sun/Uranus in Taurus - weather events can be heavy/unexpected, earth changes can come to light, too, and we have Ceres sitting with Eris for added impact.  


Remember this Full Moon story plays out over the next two weeks as the Moon wanes toward the New Moon in Gemini.

If you look at the chart, the Moon is all alone in those dark Scorpian waters. After she opposes the Sun, she will move on to oppose Uranus, then Venusp and Mercury. And the entire time she is squaring sober Saturn. THIS IS INTENSE. The Sun is going to meet Uranus on the 30th, and this is the unexpected/a disruption. A LIGHT ON THE NEW. Our values/money/resources are changing. There is also something liberating here, but with Scorpio, liberation can come through WHAT HAS BEEN LOST. This might indicate a specific event or maybe something about the change/loss/future just DAWNS ON US. Heads up - on May 3rd, Mercury will square Jupiter (hopeful/enthusiastic news/information, but there could be exaggeration here) AND the Sun will have moved into his square to Saturn - so the "no", the roadblock, the responsibility. The good news - this all lands with the Sun's trine to Pluto - PERSONAL POWER. 

Let's take a look at the asteroids and see what they bring to the chart. 


Mars (co-ruler of this lunation) is trining (brakes off) Jupiter and Jupiter is conjunct asteroid Hybris (exact). Hybris/hubris is an asteroid that seems to call us to account for stepping beyond the boundaries of the Gods. I've also seen her relate to our expectations about what we will achieve in life, and the possibility of our banking too much on it.


Asteroid Phaethon is conjunct the Sun (exact). Phaethon was another son (son of Sun God Apollo who is exactly opposing the Jupiter/Hybris conjunction) who fell from the sky - and, yes, the asteroids at the Scorpio Full Moon, seem to be somewhat echoing our Taurus New Moon story from two weeks ago. Phaeton's mythology story goes something like this - born of the sea-nymph Clymene and the son God Apollo (Phoebus), Phaeton grew up never knowing his father, being teased by peers regarding his father-less upbringing, but with his mother telling him of his famous paternity. Phaeton finally tracks down Apollo to confirm his heritage and Apollo says, something, like, "yes, Luke, I am your father" without the "Luke" part (and no dramatic Star Wars music). Phaeton asks Apollo for some kind of proof to bring back to his local frenemies - he couldn't just snap a quick pic for Facebook in those days. Apollo promises to give him whatever he wants, and Phaeton wants to drive Apollo's chariot for the day - I guess cruise across the sky for all his buds to see. Apollo sensing big trouble ahead begs him to reconsider. Phaeton refuses, and, the promise being unbreakable, Apollo turns over the reins to his inexperienced son. 


Things go OK for a New York minute and then, the fiery steeds, sensing no God at the helm, crash across the sky, flying dangerously close to the Earth (scorching the land and creating the Sahara desert) until Jupiter (Zeus) begged by Gaia (Earth) to intervene, tosses a thunderbolt, and Phaeton crashes from the sky to his death. So, what can we make of this - absent father making promises he shouldn't be making, impulsive son assuming responsibilities he isn't ready to handle. This story always makes me think of the high school kid with the powerful/workaholic dad driving that fast sports car and crashing on prom night (and Phaeton in charts has been known to speak of racing cars/racing out of control). 


So, let's kind of keep that "falling from the sky"/hubris/reckless thing in our heads for the next couple weeks - again, we don't want to be the ones struck by the thunderbolt. DRIVE SAFELY, TOO.

The real meat and bones of this lunation is the Moon's opposition to the Sun/Uranus conjunction with everyone squaring Saturn. This year's big repeating aspect is the Sun/Uranus square, activated here. We want to be free/liberated/doing this new thing and here's that wet blanket/rules/hard work/limits raining on our parade. This Moon speaks of power struggles - maybe we are struggling to hang onto control (maybe hold onto resources) in view of what has COME TO LIGHT or is reaching a PEAK/CULMINATION (and since we had Venus and Mercury doing all this last week, some of this may have already happened). 


The key to this whole thing is somehow blending our need for authenticity/the future (our new values, new resources) with our responsibilities.  


Keep in mind this is Super Moon energy - and can be mentally, physically taxing. With Scorpio, situations can feel more 'life and death' than they usually are. We need to be standing in our authority/stepping into our responsibility, but some things are going to be out of our hands here. 

Some ways through this thing? 

Well, let's look for smoother aspects. The Sun/Moon are in smooth flow with Vesta (direct now and on her third and final pass through Virgo). Work the problem. Focus on the details and WHAT YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF. Small is big. Our health is our wealth. Make a list. Get organized. Stay practical. 


The Mercury/Venus conjunction that is activating this year's BIG Saturn/Uranus battle/dance are sextile Pallas in Pisces - another smooth aspect.

So, here we are taking the practical Taurus stuff and allowing it to combine/connect with the dreamy Pisces. Meditation. Prayer. Art. Music. Ancestral assistance. This stuff will make you feel better. And, in reverse any confusion/escape/exhaustion/lalaland can be righted with some hands in the dirt time. Keep in mind this is Venus (love, relationships, money, resources, value, self-esteem) and Mercury, so conversations, words, ideas, our thinking, maybe sibling/transportation/local community/tech issues all aided by Pallas in Pisces ability to connect, allow wisdom to be compassionate, feel the way the pieces need to go together. 

The Moon/Sun are also in good flow with Mars (their ancient ruler!) in Cancer. Actions around home, family, real estate, renovation, mother, mothering, home business, family business can go well. Your Cancer natal house themes, too.

I am going to work on a May post tonight, so we can get a jump on things!


The April monthly is HERE.


We have the Sun meeting Uranus at the end of this week - a sudden change, a light on the future - followed by a square to Saturn - a stop sign/pivot. I wished these were happening in reverse, THEN I noticed the whole thing concludes (only in my head, nothing is really concluding) with a nice trine from the Sun to a retrograde Pluto (in Cappy - our security, structure, goals, authority). By mid-May Jupiter is going to move into Pisces until he pops back into Aquarius later in the year. I think his move into Pisces will help us feel good. He won't be sidelined by Saturn like he has been for the last couple years and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Later in May, eclipse season will kick off and we will need to stay flexible. Keep in mind the 2020's were always going to be a time of great change - we either learn to 'go with the flow' in which case we will THRIVE or we'll be thrashed about on the rocks for years. Personally, my fixed planets are screaming, demanding some state of permanence/rock-solid reality I cannot provide, no matter what I do. Stuck for centuries, it's bend or break time. I was never a 'bendy/back-bend' kind of girl, but I always admired that sort - time to loosen up.

xo all

And again, keep in mind the whole falling from the sky thing - this time maybe more around the themes of taking on something important we are ill-equipped to handle (do we need someone who knows more/has more experience than we do?), risking ourselves or our safety/security to somehow fit in or 'show them', making promises we shouldn't be making, turning over the reins to someone else too soon - whatever else the asteroid stories spoke to you about. I see the mythological stories and the asteroids that are synchronistically named after their protagonists as fragments of culture stored in our DNA and the place we create culture through the way our own personal stories intersect with our cultural beliefs the stories energize, so what YOU SEE/hear in the story will be what is there for you to find/what you need to see in a sense.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 22, 2021 - a focus on the details and solutions, the week of the change that changes everything



The Moon has a short void from 8:05AM EDT to 9:08AM EDT and then moves into Virgo. Now we are nourished/nurtured by taking care of the details, the day-to-day, our pets, our health, our service, our work. The void was off a sextile to Mars, so should still be productive. 

In Virgo, she's out of the challenging fixed squares of the last couple days, so although I can't see your personal chart, collectively, things should go smoother. The Moon trines (brakes off) the Sun at 2:05PM EDT and then Mercury at 10:47AM EDT. 

The Moon's trine to the Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - Virgo/Taurus. Both practical earth, solid, realistic. The trine moves our New Moon story forward - with Virgo, we are fixing problems, attending to details, making things BETTER. 

The Moon is in good stead with Mercury, too, words/contracts/conversations are moving things forward. Transportation, local community situations can be attended to now. Mercury is also trining Vesta (in Virgo) - an important focus/maybe something that has been keeping us up at night is being attended to. Here's our decision/answer/solution.


(one thing to keep in mind because we know Mercury is meeting up with Uranus in a couple days, THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, stay flexible, this could also be saying the decisions we are making now/the details we are attending to - will change things, move us into the future)


This is also the day, and here is where things maybe get trickier (keep in mind through the Virgo trines are supporting the change), Venus meets up with Uranus. Something UNEXPECTED with our love, money, our resources, our values. Maybe we used to want this and now we want that. We used to love this/them and now that spell gets BROKEN. We could be spending a large sum of money now or there could be a disruption/change through what we own/earn. Our self-esteem might take a hit if it based on something we are not meant to hold onto. This also speaks of our relationships/money moving us into the future. A new story is started - new money, values, love - grown over time.

Venus's conjunction with Uranus is followed in a couple days with Mercury's conjunction with Uranus and in between Venus and Mercury meet each other. This is a memorable week. Surprises. Twists and turns. Values change. Money changes hands. Here is the future. This is all happening in Taurus with a HUGE pile-up of planets. If you know your Taurus house theme you are one-step ahead - collectively this is 2nd house - so money, our income, resources, self-esteem, values. Your natal and progressed house and placements will apply, too, tell a richer story. For example, if you are a SCORPIO RISING - this is happening in either your 6th or 7th house - which could indicate a sudden health situation that changes your day-to-day life, or maybe a new pet or sudden changes with your work (6th) or maybe the sudden change is experienced through a partner (7th house). 

Conjunctions are BIG deals and with two of our inner planets meeting change-maker/hive-mind Uranus - starting a new story - IMPORTANT CHANGES are happening. With Uranus there can be sudden breaks. They won't really 'come out of the blue', but they will feel like they do. Anything even slightly restricting can feel like a dog-collar to some people. Other than an opposition to Neptune late tomorrow night (EDT), the Moon has good aspects through Sunday - helping us emotionally deal with/make sense of everything. Our emotions can stay practical (Virgo) and then loving/connecting/partnering/focused on the beauty in whatever is happening (Libra). 

Keep in mind the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021/2022 battles for the soul of the Age of Aquarius - the dance (yes, maybe the kind of dance where we kind of toss each other around a bit, but these planets are partner planets as they rule Aqua, so it's a battle AND a dance, which sounds pretty much like everyone's marriage in 2020) between the old and the new as power gets re-distributed. This is happening in the outer world, in our own lives and in our heads and hearts. This process of moving into a new age is no joke (it's the one thing the "Q" addicts have right). Think about the way tech helps us, but also hurts/fragments us. The future is being ironed out. We are all being asked/required to raise our energy and given the opportunities/challenges to do this. Whatever you have going on this week - because Venus/Mercury meeting Uranus is activating the Uranus/Saturn stuff - it MATTERS. It is important.

If you appear to lose something now, know much more/more valuable will be gained over time. Trust this. 

xo all

artwork by the amazing Marie-Denise Villers

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - doing our Leo, fast moving Grand Fire Trine


The Moon continues her journey through Leo - tending to our heart/our desires, nourished through fun, children, our creative projects, our natural white-hot spotlight. 


PEOPLE NEED ATTENTION. Underline this. Our eyes are uncovered, so what's with all the lack of eye contact now? Small is big - look 'em in the eye.

Our Leo Moon is challenged today by oppositions to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Me vs the group. What we want to do/show can be blocked/limited. Authority/the group might not be singing our praises, but that doesn't mean we stop showing up/leave the stage. Saturn's tests can be depressing/the pressure that makes diamonds, yes, but first we have to drag ourselves out from under the compactor. We have access to the heart of the lion here. What to do? Respond like the queen/king you are. Stepping into our own authority means less is projected outside ourselves.

The Moon will also square Black Moon Lilith (back in the garden), make a dissolving/confusing/nostalgic inconjunct to Neptune and trine (brakes off) Ceres and Juno (Aries/Sag).

The square to BML (rulebreaker, unrepressed female/underdog/outsider energy) is Leo/Taurus. This is making me think of the Chauvin trial verdict here in the United States. Justice is served, yes, but somehow, maybe because this verdict was so damn obvious, it doesn't feel like enough. Black Moon Lilith (uber important in the Black Lives Matter chart/movement), back in the garden, coming up against the reality of the situation - this is a reason to celebrate (Leo), YES, because there was a time even this justice would have been denied, but in the end, the man is still dead. The garden (Taurus) still littered with other men/women/ghosts - that trine to Neptune. The Moon is personal, so something like this in our own lives, too.

The good news today is the Grand Fire Trine - powerfully feminine - the Moon (Leo), Ceres (Aries) and Juno (Sag). 

It will be brief, but should be felt. 


Here is unrestricted flow between our heart/heartfelt desire/children/happiness and what is gained through nourishing ourselves/moving into a more independent phase of life AND the relationship/partnership/contract. Can we have it all? Well, at least for this moment, we can.


Bottom line - there are roadblocks and challenges/frustration today, but keep moving forward - SHINING/being brave/doing your Leo - SOMETHING WILL SLIDE INTO PLACE.


Note this Grand Fire Trine is about your Leo, Aries and Sagittarius house themes - people with planets/points in their natal/progressed charts nearest 23 degrees will feel this most. 


Tomorrow we will flesh out the rest of the week and then start talking the BIG PICTURE. With all these Taurus planets activating this year's Saturn/Uranus square - we are likely all in the midst of very memorable situations. Taurus season is not for sissies this year.


xo all 


artwork by the talented Sally Khoury 

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - pushed to shine, pushed to take care of ourselves, our focus on the right details/keeping the right fires burning moves things forward, something slides into place


The Moon moved into Leo at 2:11AM EDT - we are nourished by fun, children, our creative projects, taking care of our heart/our heartfelt desires, attention. With the taurus and Aqua planets, Leo isn't the fun place it used to be. She is pretty stressed out today with multiple squares - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus. The fixed planets are challenged. Tension/frustration. That's OK, we'll get through this.


Her square to the Sun is this month's First Quarter Moon - first lunar square after the Aries New Moon. But the Sun is in Taurus now so we are seeing different things. Here's where our new agenda meets a snag. This is Leo/Taurus. There are as many ways this can play out as people on Earth, but it's something like - maybe a need to stop and smell the roses brought on by our love of our children. Or conversely the need to make more money turns our attention to a creative project. Maybe this is tension/frustration between our need to have fun and our need to be comfortable/not rock the boat/stick with what we know. Maybe that need to have fun/creative project isn't supported by our bank account.


The Moon in Leo needs to be brave/ROAR. The Sun in Taurus is illuminating/growing really important things and not so likely to be taking chances. These are fixed signs, so situations can feel entrenched. One thing is certain - playing it totally safe isn't going to work. Breaking the bank isn't either.

Let's see if we have any easier aspects today/a collective way through. 


The Moon is also squaring Venus and we can see Venus is trining Vesta (6 degrees Virgo). After their trine - and at the same degree - Vesta stations direct - she has had us back and forth over something really important that needed to be fixed. Now, she begins her final pass - the one where we are focused on the right details/what we really value now. A trine to Venus is a good sign here. With a trine - the brakes come off. Things are smoother/easy. This is Virgo/Taurus, so solid earth. Real things we can taste and touch. 

The First Quarter Moon with the Moon squaring Venus is the PUSH - whether our back is against the wall or we are the one doing the brave/showy pushing may not matter - one way or the other this is forward movement. Something coming unstuck. 


The Venus/Vesta is smooth energy - relationships, our money, resources, values, self-esteem, HERE is what really matters. What we have been fixing this thing FOR/the reason for our focus on these particular details. What we value now. Vesta stations to pass through this territory one more time. That trine to Venus in Taurus pulls in what we love/what really matters/our resources. Vesta (as we) got all the back to 6 degrees, so we have some work ahead of us, but something should be fixed (or forgotten through the Pisces oppositions) by now. We know what needs to be done here. Whatever this is, our focus on the details/the delays here are over. 


There should be some visible progress now as she trines Venus (strong in her own sign). So, the way through is Vesta in Virgo - our sacred focus on what really matters. Taking care of the details, OUR HEALTH. 


Know things are getting shuffled, so we are all in the places we need to be to shift this collective energy. You have your own little piece of this collective mess to straighten out and straighten it out you will. You know what you need to do/focus on to keep the necessary fires burning.

And keep in mind our Leo Moon's need to shine. Have some fun, too - take care of your heart. Expect some tension/frustrations, avoid being prideful. Virgo is pulled into this, and anytime Virgo is pulled in tells us to be practical/detail focused/health conscious. Tomorrow looks challenging, too. Hang in there. The Moon is waxing/growing - something in your life will be, too.

xo all


more in the monthly HERE

artwork by Gabrielle Ragulle

A quick peek at the astrology of the week ahead | April 19th - April 25th, 2021 - BIG changes/shake-ups ahead



Although we probably covered most of this in the monthly HERE - let's take a quick look at the week ahead!


MONDAY - Sun and Mercury into TAURUS

THURSDAY - Venus conjuncts Uranus


SATURDAY - Mercury conjuncts Uranus

SUNDAY - Mercury conjuncts Venus, Mercury and Venus square Saturn

We move into TAURUS season this week. The Sun and Mercury TOGETHER leave 'Action Jackson' Aries for "stop and smell the roses" Taurus.

This doesn't mean life slows down exactly, although there will be slowdowns, but we will feel much better if we make the time to enjoy those slower moments, care for ourselves (and others, but especially ourselves) in loving and practical ways and appreciate what we already have.


Taurus is the nuts and bolts of life. She rules our second house of everything important money can buy and everything important money can't. She rules food and nourishment. She rules the sensual touch that feels like love. She rules our resources - our money, the planet. She rules our self-esteem and values.

Ruled by balanced and beautiful Venus, Taurus is the space in your natal chart that naturally encloses what we are here to nurture, preserve and grow. It may be a space we have a bit less passion and ambition because we most naturally feel the need to sustain what takes root here. A bird in the hand thing usually applies to the theme of whatever space Taurus occupies in our natal chart. The energy is cautious because the thing we are holding/carrying here is precious.

(it can also become the fear-based space where good things go to die - and then we carry around a bunch of dead stuff like a crate of rotted vegetables and wonder why we are so tired all the time and smell like the Great Depression - something to keep in mind)

Toward the middle/end of the week, we can expect the unexpected as first Venus and then Mercury meet up with unpredictable/rebellious Uranus

Surprises with money, relationships. Unexpected news. Changes to plans. SHAKE-UPS.

After meeting Uranus, Mercury and Venus hook up with each other and square Saturn. Restrictions/limits will be more strongly felt. Maybe new social rules are being enforced or money has tightened up, somehow we are feeling less 'free' here. More hunkered down.


This is all part of the Saturn/Uranus square we are working with in 2021.


Keep in mind, although Saturn is strong in Aquarius (as co-ruler) the other co-ruler of Aquarius is Uranus in Taurus and Venus rules Taurus. This isn't a typical "NO" square from Saturn (although there will likely be a no/limit here) there should be some workarounds - new values/wants/new ways to make money/sustain what needs sustaining. Ways to feel freer than we actually are.

Mars move into Cancer late in the week (heads up Aries and Scorpio risings because he rules your charts) turns our focus to home, family, family business, home business, renovation, real estate, mom situations. Our actions are motivated by safety/our emotions. Lots about this one in the monthly.

OK, BIG week ahead as April starts changing/deepening/tightening up - we will talk about all this as we move through the week and add in the Moons. 


More in the monthly HERE.

xo all

artwork by the talented Duy Huynh

men Who Fall from the sky - the astrology of Bernie madoff, his sons Andrew and Mark and the mythology of Icarus and Daedales



After analyzing the New Moon chart this week/last week (when was that?!) - whose prominent asteroids spoke of flying/falling, I was thinking about men who had fallen from the sky/from grace and what asteroid Icarus, in particular, (who has been and will be interacting with the United States birthchart at major times over the next couple years) might look like in their charts, especially during the time of their falls to earth. 


I was thinking about Trump and Clinton (Hillary's hubby), Nixon, etc, when I turned to the news and saw that Bernie Madoff (mega crash-lander of the 1980's whose downfall coincided with Pluto's move into Capricorn) had died in prison, three days after the New Moon, never having really apologized or repented from his financial crimes that had destroyed so many lives including those of his two sons. 

Let's recap Bernie's story first.

As gleaned from Wikipedia - fresh out of Hofstra University in 1960 with a political science degree, Bernie founded a penny stock investment house with a $50,000 loan and the $5000.00 he earned working summers as a lifeguard and sprinkler installer. In order to compete with firms that were members of the NYSE trading on the stock exchange's floor, his company invented innovative computer technology to disseminate its quotes (not sure just what this means but it certainly sounds very Sun/Uranus in Taurus which Bernie has). The technology later became NASDAQ which Bernie would go on to eventually chair. The Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC grew into a multi-billion dollar investment house in New York City producing astounding returns on the investments of their wealthy, "happy-to-not-take-too-close-a-look-I-would-suspect" clients, although this probably isn't fair since things were not so simple to look into in those days and his reputation was stellar. The who's who of New York/Hollywood all wanting Bernie to invest their money. His firm prospered for decades. Employees included his two sons, Andrew and Mark. 

Move ahead to December 10, 2008 (at this point Pluto - destruction/transformation/truth - had been in Capricorn - societal structures/big business/capitalism - for a couple weeks, and was at 0 degrees Capricorn, in Bernie's 5th house of children. Eris - whistleblower among other things - was conjunct Mars - young men - in Aries).


Bernie's sons' Mark and Andrew, both of whom worked for legitimate departments of the firm, questioned their father about the early disbursement of holiday bonuses to the staff. Bernie confessed to his sons, that the security's investment part of the business was one giant Ponzi scheme which was collapsing under the weight of the global financial crisis (remember this is December 2008) - he had been basically robbing Peter to pay Paul for years. The money that was supposed to be there wasn't there. The 'astounding' earnings he had been producing for his clients for many years, were lies, based on fake documents. 


Stunned, scared (probably furious and certainly heartbroken), brothers Mark and Andrew went immediately to the FBI and their father, his house of cards finally collapsing, was arrested the next day. Having bilked investors out of billions of dollars (some their life savings, at least one investor committed suicide), Bernie was tried, found guilty of securities fraud/theft and sentenced to 150 years in prison. Neither son ever spoke to their father again


(there is a very good Robert De Niro movie or mini-series based on this time in Madoff's life).


Although his sons were innocent of knowing about the Ponzi scheme - suspicions followed them. His son, Mark, committed suicide (hung himself from the ceiling) exactly two years to the day after Bernie was arrested - December 11, 2010. His other son Andrew, who had previously beaten cancer, saw his cancer return in 2011 (he blamed this on the stress of his father's crimes and the aftermath including his brother's death). He died on September 3, 2014. Bernie, outliving both his children by many years, died in prison this week - April 14, 2021.

Let's unpack the charts with an eye toward asteroids Icarus and Daedales (Icarus's dear old genius dad) and we'll take a closer look at how their mythology comes alive in this family. 


Bernie is a 28 degree Leo rising (conjunct king-maker fixed star Regulus when he was born, one degree from Donald Trump's own ascendant, their charts carry multiple similarities). Born on a New Moon, his chart ruling Sun in Taurus (money, values) conjunct reckless/rule-breaking Uranus (tech, the public). His Taurus stellium, which includes the South Node, ruled by a 29 degree Venus in Taurus. He has Neptune (lies, deception) in his first house of himself, ruling his 8th house of other people's money and squaring his natal Narcissus, and Jupiter (generosity, bigger-is-better, grandiosity) exactly conjunct his descendant (probably making him attractive to other people's 'greed/hope'). Jupiter squares his North and South Nodes making the expansion of other people/generosity of other people something he was charged with working out in this lifetime (there are many way to interpret this and since Jupiter is alot of hot air, maybe this is just what he did). Jupiter rules his 5th house of risk, gambling, children. He is arrested with transiting Saturn (authority, limits, reality checks) on his natal Neptune (lies) and transiting Neptune on his natal Icarus (which is conjunct his larger than life Jupiter) - dissolving those 'fake' wings he has been flying so high with. At the time of Bernie's death he has alot going on in his chart including five major asteroids returning to their natal positions including transiting asteroid Icarus - conjunct his natal Icarus. Pluto opposing his natal Pluto. Transiting asteroid Daedales is conjunct his mid-heaven - the top of his chart, public life and career. The transiting North Node - fate catching up with him - is conjunct his natal Daedales (in dualistic Gemini and conjunct his natal Mars - a Daedales-style father of two sons).

Andrew, the son who died from cancer, born in 1966 with Pluto and Uranus a hair's breadth away from each other, has a natal Daedales/Venus conjunction (father/money) and died with transiting Venus conjunct transiting Daedales. His natal Icarus was conjunct his father's (so when Bernie dies, Icarus is also on Andrew's natal Icarus). He died with transiting Pluto (death) squaring his dad's Saturn (another stand-in for father) and transiting Neptune (illness/death) conjunct his natal Daedales (his father). 


Transiting Icarus was conjunct his father's natal Narcissus when Andrew died.


Mark, the son who died from suicide, also born with the 60's signature Uranus/Pluto conjunction (chaos/death), although not as tight as his brother's dies with transiting Daedales conjunct his natal Uranus and inconjunct his natal Icarus (he is born with an exact Daedulas/Icarus inconjunct). Transiting Neptune (suicide) and Chiron (unhealable wound) conjunct his natal Saturn (father) which at 28 degrees Aquarius is Bernie's EXACT Descendant/Jupiter conjunction. Transiting Uranus/Jupiter are conjunct his Sun (son). Transiting Eris (whistleblower) is conjunct his natal 10th house Jupiter and squaring a transiting Icarus/Sun conjunction (Icarus flying too close to the Sun). 


Transiting Icarus was conjunct his father's natal Narcissus when Mark died.

Transiting Icarus was conjunct a newly minted Pluto in Capricorn in December of 2008 when the sons turned their father in to authorities. 


Keep in mind what myths actually represent/are - the ancient language of archetypes (the stories that connect us by re-tracing the shared pathways of our collective unconscious, there are parts of us/our DNA that remembers, and so reacts, to these stories). The physical asteroids themselves being discovered, when we are #ready/#notready to work with them, and synchronistically named.


The sins of the father visited on the sons. The story of Icarus and Daedalus.  

The Unpaid Sins and Cunning of A Father Who Falsely Holds Himself Out as Experienced Guide, Gives His Son No Authentic Power to Choose to Be Different or Opposed to His Father, Thereby Binding The Son Into A Small World of Unquestioning Obediance… Even When Logic Alone Would Press for Inquiries at Depth  - from the Icarus archetypal writings of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs (Women who Run with Wolves)


Much more to the story than the man who flies too high and falls to his death -


(although, yes that’s part of it and in fact transiting Icarus was conjunct the United States natal Icarus EXACT on Trump's 2nd impeachment date)


it’s also the story of a self-interested genius father, who instead of teaching his son how to be great via an example and teachings of ethics/strength/greatness tells him that he IS great


(this is actually a very common, and damaging thing we do to our children).


Also, Daedalus’s unpaid sin (he'd earlier tossed another young man, in some tellings a son whose own genius/inventive/Uranian gifts he was jealous of, from a tower to his death) visited upon his young son Icarus, who flies first too low - wetting his wings in the ocean - and then too high - in an attempt to dry them in the sun - with the ‘fake’ wings his father has made for him, as Icarus and Daedales attempt to escape the prison his father's narcissism has captured them in, only for Icarus to fall to his death – the father flying on/outliving him. 


So many stories of men who fall from the sky have their roots in trying to live up to (narcissistic maybe?) parental expectations!


Anyhoo, this is not a Saturday night mystery and I have multiple series of posts to finish up, but I thought I would pop this up here. Icarus is going to play an important role in some upcoming United States transit posts, so it might be good for us to get to know his story a wee bit better. Keep in mind we all have Daedales and Icarus somewhere in our charts, but it is interesting, in light of this family's very public story, to see the way these asteroids' natal positions and transits have interacted with Bernie's high-flying and far-falling life and this impact on the lives of his children.

xo all



artwork by the amazing Rachel Favelle

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 16th, 2021 - a light on what really controls us, are old fears still driving this train or is this us laying claim to our new purpose/power



The Moon continues her journey through fast-talking/fast-moving Gemini - trining Saturn at 3:52AM EDT and squaring Neptune at 11:52PM EDT. 

The Aries Sun reaches his exact square to Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. This is tension/frustration. Cardinal squares require change/adjustments. Aries/Cappy - the new vs the old. Our personal actions/goals challenged by authority/limits. Fears about what we are losing/might lose. Power struggles/manipulations. Obsessions.


The dark side has cookies and, what the bloody hell, they smell just like Girl Scout thin mints!

The most powerful way to work with a Pluto square with the Sun - because the Sun is ILLUMINATING - is to deal with the stuff that comes out of the shadows now. 

HERE is what really has power/control of us. 

The Sun (as us) is EXALTED in Aries. THIS is who we are. Brave. Passionate. We are nearing the end of the sign, so we are older/wiser than when we first got here. The square to Pluto/challenge comes late enough in the game that we don't have to run into the fray, sword flying, and get our head chopped off. This black/white, all-or-nothing, life and death feeling that something must happen a certain way - well, what if it doesn't. Squares to the Sun are ego threats and what bigger threat than Pluto (the grim reaper) to get our ass moving in a new direction - to show us the ways how we step into our authority/exercise control needs to CHANGE.


If there is a wall - no need to smash our head into it. 


Let's look ahead - the Sun's next move is a pow-wow with Mercury in a couple days and right now Mercury is trining (brakes off/no wall here) a retrograde Juno in Sagittarius. Use new/more hopeful words, even with tired situations. What can we agree on? The partnership/contract benefits from initiative/action/passionate conversation, maybe even a well-directed argument. 

The bottom line with the Sun/Pluto square from Aries/Capricorn is to notice how we are reacting to this external challenge and then acting from a more independent/authentic space. The real power in Aries, and the reason the Sun is EXALTED here, comes through a JOY OF BEING - think about the spring flower bursting through the winter-weary soil. Filled with light/enthusiasm to be BORN AGAIN - to be of the world AGAIN. Made to be starting/challenging, LEADING the charge.


If we are Pluto in this situation, squashing the Sun/light out of something/someone, needing to be RECOGNIZED - lured over by those delicious thin mints - we need to check ourself before we wreck ourself. Fist meets fist. 


If we are the Sun, and whatever is happening feels like it is draining us/killing us/taking our power away and we need to strike first/get ours before someone else does, again we'd better check ourself before we wreck ourself. Pluto don't play.


If we can see how BOTH these energies are really working within us - the stuff outside is what we have projected out there - we can learn a great deal now. Stay open. We don't have to control the situation. But we do have to respond/stay in our power. We can respond from a higher space instead of impulsively (or even childishly) reacting. 


Cardinal squares require new action. Adjustments. What is a better way through this? What is the Cappy authority - and remember we projected it out there in the first place, by not stepping into our own - really requiring of us? An Aries Sun must be true to herself/himself, but we usually don't need to end up in prison to do so. 


Pick your battles carefully now. 


Can you stand up for yourself/step into your authority without trying to control anyone else? 


We need to know who we are in this. We need to be standing in our own shoes. Check the monthly HERE for more info. Tomorrow is pretty packed with aspects and today will just roll into tomorrow (as today is apt to do, see how smart I am). Mercury will be squaring Pluto, AND there will be oodles of ways through that one. The New Moon that kicked off the new lunar year is making sure everyone knows that LIFE HAS CHANGED NOW. This isn't the Monopoly board of your childhood. You can't just win by buying up all the prime real estate. Power is being re-distributed. Chaos is redistributing power. But the old game is still out there. OUR response to the energies in any given moment determines which game we are playing. 

xo all

artwork by the talented wandering sally

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 15th, 2021 - forward movement, optimism and then feeling the fear and doing it anyway without being a controlling jerk



The Moon has moved into multi-tasking, communicative Gemini - we are nurtured by learning, conversations, ideas, our local community. Venus is home in Taurus now - we are wanting things to be more beautiful, more comfortable, more valuable. 


The Sun in Aries sextiles (opportunity) Jupiter in Aquarius. 


How is Jupiter at 25 degrees Aqua already? Time is flying. This sextile is fire and air - takes some movement/action/words to get going, but then it can keep going/expand/spread like wildfire. Aries is brave and independent. Aquarius is smart and individualistic. What can we do with this? Well, we can see there is no "catching fire" that will come by following the crowd/worrying what others think of us. We need to go our own way with this one. 


This is the Sun/Jupiter - our life force and optimism/expansion/that greener grass over that-a-way.


 BIG, smart, brave moves are encouraged.

The fly in the ointment (yes, always a fly - and whether this is a tiny little gnatty thing or one of those giant biting horseflies will depend on how we handle today's "me, me, ME" energetic) - is the building/exact tomorrow - Sun square Pluto.  


Handled properly we might turn some kind of corner and find ourselves 'in charge'. But if we try to manipulate/control someone else - feel something has to play out exactly as we want it to, tomorrow's square from 'serious as a heart attack' Capricorn can BITE US BACK.

Our power lies in that Aries Sun - our courage/initiative.


If we are letting our fears (likely unconscious) run the show - FEAR of what we are losing or might lose, fear of transformation/change, etc - with that square to powerful Pluto, things can take a dark turn. But, if we are moving in a heartfelt/smart/authentic direction - there is alot we can do with today's flow and tomorrow's tension/frustration (kicking off point/back to the wall). 


We are having alot of aspects right now and lots of aspects means lots of OPPORTUNITIES - both good (which just means smooth) and bad (which just means challenging) aspects are BETTER than no aspects! 


If you have a natal Sun/Jupiter aspect or a natal Sun/Pluto aspect or planets/points around these 25/26 degree marks - you will be feeling this strongest, but they are influencing all of us.

Have confidence/courage - if something starts to feel obsessive/manipulative (the dark side of the Plutonian energy that is building and Pluto is strong and still for his retrograde and messing with him is not a good idea) - ease up a bit. Is this really a matter of life and death? Today's sextile is meant to FLOW. The Moon in Gemini is intended to give us access to news/information but also to apply enough distractions to lighten things up a bit. Tomorrow's square to Pluto is us facing a fear/loss this week. 



Before the challenge we are given the confidence/courage/logic to FACE IT. Life always, always has our back. Keep moving forward, reach further, know you are worth it/deserving of it. If you feel Pluto's slap-back, this doesn't mean you stop necessarily, although you will certainly have to adjust (you might have to drop some dead wood at this point) - stay brave, take care of your responsibilities, avoid the Pluto power-trips/compulsions, 


know through today's Sun/Jupiter portal, your ENERGY HAS EXPANDED. 


You won't feel good unless you expand your world, too.

xo all


Keep in mind, I am writing for the dates these energies are most exact - the hopeful/expansion followed by a kind of slapback/fears coming up - could have already happened in your life and now you are moving through it - be brave/smart! Be Venus in Taurus! Know you deserve/have earned this MORE, whatever this MORE is. But don't be an asshole. If this Aries/Cappy brought on a power trip (controlling others, dark compulsions, etc!), know this is just your fear talking - you really don't have to be running someone else's show/get all the credit, etc - keep in mind the New Moon cycle we are in and Icarus - we don't want to be flying too high OR too low.


artwork by the talented Jessika Lavren

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 - brave actions and conversations, challenged by a partner's independence, leaning into the facts, moving forward



The Moon is in Taurus now, the sign of her exaltation. We are nurtured/nourished by comfort, good food, the sensual touch that feels like love, knowing our WORTH. Her only aspect a testing/frustrating square to Saturn (limits, authority) around 2:30PM EDT. Independent work is favored. 

At 4:30PM EDT, things lighten as the Sun will reach his sextile to Mars, Aries/Gemini, while trining a retrograde Juno in Sagittarius. Lots of action for people with planets/points in the mid-twenty degrees now, with so many planets here.

The Aries Sun's sextile to Mars (in dualistic and communicative Gemini) speaks of brave action/communication/decisions. This is part of the Full Moon's story we talked about HERE. The trine to Juno speaks of increased optimism/hope within partnerships and contracts. 


The fly in the ointment here is Mars (action, words, what comes to light) is opposing Juno at the same time. The relationship is challenged - and she is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new story although new facts can be uncovered. Maybe one partner is more pushy/enthusiastic/passionate about something than the other. Maybe more desirous of a fresh start. Whatever this is, Juno just stationed retrograde yesterday, so this working things out (remember the Full Moon chart spoke of this through the asteroids and Pluto/Ceres story-line) - can involve compromise/challenges to our beliefs/looking ahead, so we are not flying too high OR too low. 

Another tension/frustration now is we have Pallas (in Pisces) reaching her exact square to the Nodes of Fate - now at 11 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Squares to the nodes speak of times when we are at a crossroad/decision point, so things we do, say or think having greater significance. Pallas is our wise warrior woman, and in Pisces, using her intuition, guided by the ancestors, by connection. Our collective way forward now is Gemini - the facts, keeping conversations light, smaller more flexible steps. Growth comes through Gemini themes - duality, more than one way forward, more than one situation happening at once, communication issues, sibling issues, local community issues, separating facts from beliefs, transportation issues. Your natal North Node by sign and placement will tell a more precise story.


So, we take the bad with the good as always. We've got some great aspects this week - we talked about in the monthly HERE. Reread it as needed, but don't get caught up in the exact day. Read a couple days before and after, too.


Keep moving forward. 


The push for OURSELVES (courage!) is needed - and this won't really feel like a push with those sextiles and trines. Actions, conversations (even when challenging/angry) will help things fall into place. And in fact, if we are actually pushing we are probably doing something wrong (but maybe not, this is Aries!). A partner's independent moves might be challenging/might even look selfish, but the relationship/contract is in a state of adjustment, re-view/re-do anyway, and everyone of us, in this Age of Aquarius, is moving into a more individualistic/authentic future .... 


this won't be a one and done.



xo all 

artwork by the talented Florencia

The Astrology of the New Moon in Aries | April 11, 2021 - fiery fresh starts that catch fire, old habits might die hard but they can also die fast, a more loving and nurturing way forward

On Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 10:30PM EDT, the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun at 22 degrees - giving us this month's New Moon, our annual New Moon in Aries - the first New Moon of the astrological year!


And it's HUGE!

This New Moon is all about Aries energy. Cardinal fire - passion/getting something STARTED. Aries is very self sufficient. This is the energy of "me". The baby of the zodiac, Aries can't always see the other person's side of things because if they did they wouldn't be able to take quick, decisive action and that quick decisive action is what they are here to manifest (and why they can be such worriers instead of warriors when they can't).

The Aries New Moon is an open portal to the courage and determination to get something going.


With Aries ruler Mars in Gemini - there may be more than one way forward, more than one start, things can branch off in different directions. The Moon's sextile to Jupiter says - whatever starts now, fanned by the currents of a more detached future can catch fire and grow QUICKLY.

Aries doesn't have the staying power of some other signs (although Saturn's position at this New Moon will help us with this) because he doesn't need it. Aries isn't the cross country race. Aries is that first powerful kick off at the starting line. Aries energy isn't about winning or losing (maybe don't tell that to an Aries sun sign!) - Aries is about daring to start that race in the first place. Aries supports jumping in and taking action. He doesn't promise us that we will come out a winner or even come out alive (yes he's ruled by Mars and he's totally bad-ass), but he does promise us we will have evolved from the experience.

And that's what we're here for. We didn't come for the outcome, the outcome has already been decided. We all win in the end. We came for the experience. Aries knows this.


Let's unpack the chart!

The Sun/Moon (and asteroid Askalaphus) meet at 22 degrees. Remember we have had SIX MONTHS of New Moons at 23 degrees. And now, in a cardinal sign and first New Moon of the astrological year, squaring the 22 degree Cappy that got wiped out back in January 2020 (when Saturn met Pluto), the Moon meets the Sun at that powered up 22 degrees. 


22 is a master number - able to achieve almost impossible things (it can also have some self-sabotaging tendencies which we will talk about). It's a BIG DEAL.

The New Moon is conjunct the Sun - exalted in Aries. She is sandwiched between Ceres and Venus. She sextiles (opportunity) Mars in Gemini. She sextiles (opportunity) Jupiter in Aquarius. She quintiles (gift) Saturn. She squares Pluto - notice Venus is EXACTLY square Pluto. Mars, as ruler of Aries, is the ruler of this lunation and he is sextiling the Moon and trining Jupiter. He is conjunct asteroid Asbolus.


The Moon's position between Ceres and Venus speaks of our need to be nurturing/loving what we are starting. With the Moon/Ceres/Venus squaring Pluto we have access to deep passions and HONESTY now (also unconscious fears, so check any obsessive/manipulative/jealous behaviors - situations can arise to test this). Maybe something about this fiery, fresh starts comes through WHAT WE STAND TO LOSE IF WE DON'T START. Or what we have to merge/purge to get something going. Dead wood can still burn/can make a sustaining fire. Keep in mind, the Sun/Moon's aspect to Venus is already separating - the Sun's light has already shined on what we need to see about this relationship, financial, values, self-esteem situation.

The Moon's sextile to Jupiter speaks of whatever is started EXPANDING QUICKLY. Old habits may die hard, but they can also die fast under this one. Set your intention. Focus your attention. It's time. If you have something to start/launch the next two weeks are PRIME TIME. No more waiting. Just keep an eye on the Moon (avoid voids). 

Mars, as ruler of Aries, rules this lunation and is also sextiling (opportunity) the New Moon. Action, conversations, words are powerful, focused, sometimes angry. Mars is trining (brakes off) Jupiter - more smooth pavement IF WE MOVE TOWARD THE NEW AND STOP CLINGING/CLAWING AT THE PAST. Mars in Gemini is small, fast, walking and chewing gum at the same time. Jupiter in Aquarius is expanding our future - more hope, more optimism, wider and greener pastures.

Let's take a peek at the asteroids and see what they might tell us. 


Asteroid Askalaphus sits EXACT with the Sun/Moon. 


And since he is part of the Ceres/Pluto story which the New Moon is activating, let's take a deeper look at him. Askalaphus was the gardener for Hades aka Pluto (I am going to mix Roman/Greek names here for simplicity sake, does this make it more simple, well maybe not!). Pluto snatches Ceres' daughter Persephone and Ceres is wandering the world (as the world is dying from her neglect) searching for her until Hekate tells Ceres what she has seen. Ceres goes to Zeus AKA Jupiter and demands Pluto release her daughter. Jupiter who doesn't want to mess with his brother Pluto, but sees the dying Earth, agrees on the one condition Persephone hasn't eaten any of the food during her time in the underworld. Askalaphus, the gardener, is the fellow who tells Jupiter (Zeus) that Persephone has eaten the pomegranate seeds - which leads to the deal being struck between Ceres/Pluto - Persephone spending half her time in each world - and the creation of the seasons. Ceres cursed Askalaphus for his 'whistle-blowing' and turned him into a screech owl. I think she also buried him under a rock and he was later released by Hercules and Pluto declared the screech owl sacred to the underworld.

At this New Moon, the position of 'whistleblower' asteroid Askalaphus might speak of secrets/inconvenient truths coming out. Possibly through spying or eavesdropping, but maybe just something that is said spontaneously and is somehow detrimental to the parties involved/situation. Like, things are going this way, and then we find out THIS and now what do we do. Ceres/Pluto is often about some kind of compromise.

Asteroid Asbolus is conjunct Mars. 

Asbolus was a centaur seer who read omens in the flights of birds - the screech owl and the 'flights of birds' is pulling in a bird theme? Flying, freedom, what is this? Asbolus is famous for trying to warn his fellow centaurs before a deadly battle in which many of them were killed, but he was ignored. Something here about this New Moon's actions being 'ahead of our time' maybe, Mars (as us) being able to see the future and avoid some pitfalls/battles, falls from the sky?


The GIFT of this New Moon is a quintile to Saturn, strong in his home sign of Aquarius. Carrying the magic of the 5 pointed star, the quintile offers us a gift/innate talent - a spontaneous spark/fire that carries a great deal of raw and powerful energy. This is Aries/Aqua - and all these birds, making me think of something more freeing. The fly in the ointment with the quintile, and I think Asbolus on Mars is reinforcing this, is that the energy needs to be controlled/directed so that it doesn't turn destructive, maybe especially destructive to ourselves.

The bottom line here is this - the next two weeks - is a TIME FOR STARTING. What starts now will grow rapidly and expansively over the next 6 months. 

The square to Pluto is a turning point/something to push against (and we know Mars likes to push!). Are our old obsessions, need for power/control, manipulations, jealousies still driving this train 

OR can this be a real FRESH START seeded with something else 

(the Venus/Ceres - love, including love of ourselves, nurturing, understanding the seasonality of situations). Coming on the back of the Mars/Neptune and Mercury/Chiron there is something uncomfortable (old woundings, old anger) leading us to this point.


So, what are we to do now? 


Well, this is the independent sign of Aries - that's up to you!



The New Moon is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Aries : the head (headaches, acne, eyes, brain), the overall physical self, exploration, initiative, courage, leadership, strength, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper tantrums, anger, stress from inaction - what do we need more of in our lives, what are we needing to release, our natal and progressed ARIES HOUSE THEMES.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning both certain and happy) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - it's fire season. I'll write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into the air this month (Mars in Gemini).


Then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours

xo all

Note - all this birds/flying is reminding me that 22 degrees Aries is where asteroid Icarus (the too low/too high flyer we will talk about in a big upcoming post) will be during the BIG eclipse in 2024 that will again cross the United States - the 2017 Great American Eclipse having majorly activated this Trump/covid timeline. He will also be conjunct the hot 22 degrees Cappy at the U.S. first exact Pluto return date of 2/22/22 and Icarus was exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Icarus when Trump was impeached the second time. Asteroid Icarus is an important player/indicator over the next couple years and his story is much more complicated than flying too high, but yes, the flying too high is part of it, and Asbolus is allowing us to look ahead, so keep that in mind now, too! We don't want to be the ones falling from the sky.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 9th, 2021 - giving voice to what ails us, honesty is the best policy, turning to someone older and more experienced, stepping into future, an open portal for healing



The Pisces Moon squares Mars (actions that drift off course, misplaced arguments, feeling drained) and meets up with Neptune this morning (EDT). She goes void tonight off a sextile to Pluto (7:48PM EDT). 

Her square to Mars/meeting with Neptune rather nicely echos Mars' own square to Neptune today (21 degrees Gemini/Pisces). THIS is the energy that might be draining us this week - if you have been feeling that more than the building motivation/momentum! 


And remember Mars in Gemini is answering to Mercury, who is in Aries, answering to Mars. Words can be confusing. We might be rehashing very old arguments or arguing with the wrong people and about the wrong things. We might feel drained/tired/ineffective. This is a good aspect for putting our foot in our mouth. 

This is also the day Mercury meets Chiron which complicates the Mars/Mercury/Neptune because we can't just go back to bed or figure out a way to zip it. This tells us the WORDS MUST BE SPOKEN. Even when they hurt. Even when they trigger our very old woundings and we will know what triggers we are carrying by the words that wound us this week. Why do THESE words hurt? And, yes this goes back to your childhood, but this is actually much older and deeper than that. 


Mercury/Chiron meeting in Aries is a powerful, open portal and we are being downloaded with courage/initiative. Mars, ruler of Aries, squaring Neptune, accesses our past, the things that are behind us, our ancestry, past lives. We are healing today and tomorrow and, maybe most importantly,  yesterday. 


If there is something we are trying to avoid, an uncomfortable conversation for example, it should not be avoided now. This doesn't mean the conversation will tie everything up with a big red bow, but the conversation/action represents our ability to act more decisively now, more brave, more self-empowered. It is the process that matters here, not so much the immediate visible outcome. We are doing it/saying it THIS TIME when we couldn't do it/say it before. We are standing up. 


Putting the fear/pain/vulnerability into words will be healing.

If someone else's words have wounded us, we will notice what is happening. "Wow, my feelings here are really out of proportion to the situation." This is a TRIGGER. Now, how will we choose to respond? We want to avoid escape, avoidance or martyrdom here. But there is a clearer way through this.

The way through this is today's Saturn trine the North Node and this is a HUGE HELP. Saturn is in Aquarius, a sign he co-rulers, so he is strong here. The North Node (our way forward) is in Gemini so ruled by Mercury - and Mars is answering to Mercury! The best way through this day - putting on our big-girl pants, being responsible, talking like an adult (to some extent keeping things unemotional), stepping into our responsibility. Outer authority/limits can help. This is a trine to the North Node, so WHATEVER steps we take in this direction - toward something more future focused/responsible - can get us where we need to be. 

Remember 2021 - the year of the recurring Saturn/Uranus squares (next exact aspect is in June) - is redistributing power/building the future through chaos/change. Anything related to Saturn or Uranus this year is part of this process. 


TODAY/this week is part of that process. 


Don't avoid, escape or martyr. If your foot ends up in your mouth, choose a responsible, grown-up removal process. If someone has said something that is swirling around in your head and bothering you way out of proportion to the situation KNOW that an earlier version of you (your childhood, ancestors, past-lives) was faced with a similar situation (maybe speaking up back then created dire circumstances), and now needs you to GIVE VOICE TO WHAT HURTS. You might have to stand up for yourself. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Not this decade. You might have to admit, at least to yourself and maybe to someone else, that you need more AGENCY - more structure underneath you, better credentials, more learning, more time applied to the fundamentals. 

You don't have to have all the answers or even any answers. Ask questions (even of yourself!). We are dealing with very old fears around our ability to take care of ourselves/be ourselves/own ourselves/even survive. Be gentle with yourself and other people now. Mercury in Aries can be too blunt, words come out like bullets. This is mitigated by his mutual reception with Mars in Gemini - just keep the conversations lighter/smarter. 

Step into your responsibility, turn to someone older or more experienced. Lean into a more local future. Notice how the Mars/Neptune is allowing our escape if we are NOT READY. And that is OK, but we will miss this OPPORTUNITY and have to do this again anyway. Choose to show up. Choose to be ready. Allow that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone or do/say something that forces us to loosen control. 


xo all


If, for example and there are a million ways this can play out, this is just one of them - we have said something we regret saying now. Maybe don't think - "how can I prevent this foot from EVER going into my mouth again", ie trying to control. Instead maybe try thinking - "look at me being an ass with my foot in my mouth" and, guess, what, I didn't choke to death/I didn't drown. I am still here. Think about that North Node in Gemini - if the situation is no big deal - apply some humor. Think about that Saturn in Aquarius - and how he has gone from being king of his castle in Capricorn to sharing rulership with chaotic Uranus in Aqua - there is opportunity in odd places and with unusual bedfellows now. If the situation is a big deal - take responsibility for the words in whatever way that would apply - the cat can't be put back in the bag, but maybe someone needs to know the cat is on the loose.


artwork by the amazing Pam Earleywine

maybe watch/rewatch Brene Brown's TED talk on vulnerability.