I Can't Hear You....

So, I have totally ignored my blog this week, supposedly to focus on other things, although at right this moment I am not sure what those other things could be because I have also ignored hubby, daughter, dog, dishes, laundry - you get the idea - at least I have been an equal opportunity ignorer.

I am usually a bit more on the ball. Maybe it was the amazing weather last Memorial Day weekend (which has been replaced by cold, wet weather ever since - damn!) that has made it hard for me to settle down and get things done with week.

Hubby is a master at this, especially at the end of the month when his shop's paperwork has to get done or we won't get paid. He hates doing paperwork and so do I, but we both kind of like to eat (alot) and have money coming in, so you can see the problem here. The last week of every month goes pretty much like this- hubby spends his evenings spreading work orders and receipts all over the diningroom table, he then spends at least half an hour pinning down the proper calculator, pens, notepad, etc.

HUBBY: "Did you take my calculator?"

Now, I have never even laid eyes on that calculator- but as I said, he is a master and this is a great procrastination move that allows him to maneuver himself into the kitchen drawers and into the fridge and eventually into any leftovers that still look halfway edible. After alot of noisy 'preparation' he sets the livingroom tv volume on its highest setting and settles into a diningroom chair to get to work. Except settling isn't really the right word because within an hour he is nowhere to be seen and I have to hunt him down.

ME: Hey, aren't you going to do paperwork tonight?

HUBBY (found surfing Craig's List on the laptop): *crickets*

ME: George?

HUBBY: I'm sorry, what? I didn't hear you.

ME: *frown* Yes, you did.

HUBBY: No, really. I didn't. What did you say?

ME: *frowns bigger*

HUBBY: I left some papers I need at the shop.

ME: I thought you didn't hear me.

HUBBY: *smiles*

It's hard to ignore RED
1. RED Dress by PlumPrettySugar
2. RED Rose Pin and Pendant by Lisa Burkin
3. RED Earrings by DecoratetheDiva
4. IGNORE ME Pins by BarrelofMonkeys
5. REDBird Ring by SophieHillArtist

Popcorn With Xtra Butta Baby

We don't actually eat the popcorn anymore, but it still smells really, really good (and speaking of popcorn although not the movie kind- do you ever ask yourself why all microwaves have a popcorn button and all bags of popcorn come with the specific instruction to not use it- just one more thing to keep us up at night).

Hubby and I used to be big movie people; indie films and blockbusters- we saw ALOT of movies. Somehow that changed a bit over the years.

A while back, I truly felt the need to ground myself and escaping into movies seemed trivial and invalid (I know this makes me sound very boring and no fun, but this is the way I was feeling for a long time).

And I am not sure why because I have learned so much from movies. Things that I know are going to come in handy for me one day and things that I would have never learned otherwise. Like no matter how fast you run and how slow the bad guy ambles after you-you will still fall and he will still catch you. And the bad guy is never, ever really dead- so do not drop your weapon and tiptoe around him.

And it is entirely possible that if you are blonde and gorgeous and 22 years old you can still be the world's foremost authority on nuclear fusion. And if I was the blonde, gorgeous 22 year old it would be entirely possible for me to hack into NORAD and start World War III from my laptop (or save the world, I am actually pretty nice that way). I could go on forever, but you can see why it is probably time for my hubby and I to get back into the movie theater- who knows what crucial information we have been missing out on ...

Since it looks like we will not have any time off together until fall and our BonVoyage is becoming a NonVoyage - I have been checking out some trailers of things we might like to see this summer. A summer movie after a summer barbecue seems like just the ticket to get us out of the 'all work' routine we seem to have fallen into lately.

Julia (May 8th)

Julia with Tilda Swinton (love her) as a 40 something, compulsive liar and alcoholic looks interesting (and is my favorite kind of down-and-out, can't get out of her own way- movie character).

Dead Snow (June 12th)

Nazi zombies in Norway? Hell, yeah!

Food, Inc. (June 12th)

One of the more anticipated documentaries of the year, a look inside the corporate-run food industry in the U.S, definitely scarier than the Nazi zombies.

Moon (June 12th)

Sam Rockwell stars as an astronaut at the tail end of a years-long mission on the moon when strange things starts happening. It's a throwback sci-fi, directed by Duncan Jones; David Bowie's son. What's summer without a great scifi?

Away We Go (June 25th)

Away We Go is about a couple expecting their first baby and traveling around the country searching for 'home'. This one is directed by Sam Mendes and written by Dave Eggers and his wife Velenda Vita (woohoo) and stars Jon Krasinski of The Office, my favorite show (double woohoo!) and Maya Rudolph from SNL.

Public Enemies
(July 1)

The story of John Dillinger, but really all I need to say here is Johnny Depp (Christian Bale is in this one also and he HAS been amazing since Empire of the Sun, but after his lighting/cameraman rant- not sure I would see a movie just because he was in it- well, I guess I still would...). Plus the added bonus is Johnny Depp is playing a bad boy and you know we all love our bad boys (I actually married mine, but no one who could see him these days feeding Olive ice cream from his spoon would ever believe me).

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
(July 23)

My Potter obsession will not allow me to even GLANCE at the trailer for this one.

500 Days of Summer (July 15th)

Zooey Deschanel is all I need to say here. She is just too cute and a romantic comedy is a must-see in the summer.

Paper Heart (August 7th)

This is a pseudo-documentary co-starring Michael Cera and his real-life girlfriend Charlyne Yi, who co-wrote the script, as well. Definitely a must-see.

Taking Woodstock (Augst 14th)

Not since The Ice Storm has Ang Lee done anything quite like this and Taking Woodstock has an amazing ensemble cast, a great setting and you know the soundtrack will be totally awesome.

Just a quick peek around Etsy for some movie inspiration. What movies are you looking forward to this summer?

1. Anna May Wong Top by 57thirtythree
2. No Country for Old Men by ClaudiaVarosio
3. No need to say anything...
4. Popcorn Soap by LoveLeeSoaps
5. Vintage Car Movie Film by JourneyandLandscape
6. Ticket Earrings by APassionforFashion
A. Vintage Film Reels by 26olivestreet

Jon and Kate (let's stop the hate)

I haven't seen an episode of this show in, well, maybe this entire season, but I would have to be living under a rock (which I am not as far as I can tell) to not know about what is (supposedly) going on with the Gosselins.

In case you ARE living under a rock, or in case you have an actual life that keeps you busy and focused and unaffected by 'celebrity' gossip, the Gosselins are a young married (as of right now, at least) couple with a reality tv show and 8 children under the age of 8; twins and sextuplets. Just writing the words "8 children under the age of 8" makes me feel tired and worried and somehow picturing octomom's lips (which has nothing to do with the Gosselins, but this is just how strangely my mind works).

If you've ever seen the show you have probably seen Kate organizing her little brood in formations and situations that would make the general commander of the U.S. military proud. You have also seen Kate stressed to the max and Jon very (shall we say) not stressed to the max. You have probably also seen Kate go full-blown, throw a net over her somebody already, freakin' crazy ...

Now, I have only raised one child and not 8. I have never had a camera crew documenting my every move (although this is probably the only thing, other than out of town guests, that would get my house clean these days and of course, the bundles of cash they would have to pay me would be nice).

The kids are totally adorable and I think that Jon and Kate are doing the best they can. In the episodes I have seen, they truly love their children (and maybe even like each other) and I can't even imagine the kind of work that goes into making their family run as well as it does.

Since the show has skyrocketed them to reality tv "super stardom" their lives have, I'm sure, totally changed in so many ways (and I am talking about things other than Kate's hair- but, what's with THAT?!- and both Kate and Jon's super suntans - what's with THAT, too?!).

I actually stopped watching (for the most part) this type of show last year when I found myself sitting mindlessly on my couch watching the Little People's children have a pillow fight and thought - I am CHOOSING to watch other people's kids pillow fight - not exactly a mind-blowing thought, but one that did get me to click off the tv and get myself off the couch and onto something else (it might have been surfing the web- hopefully it wasn't).

Does Kate have particularly intense perfectionist tendencies? Yup. Does Jon need to dial back in? Probably. Should Kate stop berating Jon on national television? YES. Is Jon sleeping with his kids' preschool teacher? Have no idea- hope not. Is it easy to be married- NO. Is it easy to raise a family- NO. Have I said enough about this- YES.

A. 8 Ornery Babies & Octo-owl by FlyingButtons
1. 8 is great by TypeTypeType
2. 8 Vintage Typewriter Key Tie Tac by KeysandMemories
3. 8 and other numbers by SingleStoneStudios
4. 8 Tentacled - Clara's Portrait with Simon by HeatherFuture
5. 8 Splendid Suns Scarf by Subrosa123
6. 8 Tentacled - Low Tide PeppermintDaydreams Artwork; Locket by Polarity

RE-Packaging My Packaging

Lately I have been thinking about my product packaging and my business cards and my need to make my brand (am I a brand?) a bit more consistent and as cool as (I think) my products are.

When I started selling on Etsy my packaging was very cool, very eco and ultimately very hard to keep up with. So I got myself some biodegradable bubble wrap and some moo cards and called it a day- always telling myself it was something I would get back to when I had the time and I never seemed to have the time. I need my packaging to be cost efficient, time efficient and yet still scream COOL.

Now that I am recommitted to revamping my wholesale packets, it's time to revamp my retail packaging, too and those pesky business cards (plus those adorable moo cards are SO pricey- I am sure I can do this for less).

My first stop is always Etsy as I see no need to totally re-invent this particular wheel so I search - business cards. After a few pages of How to Sell On Etsy and even What to Sell On Etsy (huh?) downloads from sellers bragging about their Etsy expertise and many sales (looks like many sales of these downloads... but maybe this is my jealous nature speaking) I give up on my Etsy business card search and scope out the web for some inspiration and I will see what I can come up with later in the week. What are all you other Etsians doing with this?

New Artists Added to Polarity Lockets!

This week I have been fortunate enough to add 9 more AMAZINGLY talented artists to my Polarity locket artist series!
Dudadaze - Diane is the incredibly talented mom of three boys and she enjoys creating charming little pieces of art and being able to do what makes her happy. Check out the spring issue of Artful Blogging for Diane's article and amazingly fanciful artwork!

GollyBard (new set) - Holly's paintings represent a whimsical and peculiar narrative of both an everyday and make believe world. Watercolor scenes painted with detail and exactness, though filled with ambiguity. They are jumbled, untidy stories inspired by anything and everything that she is infatuated with for the moment.
HouseofSixCats - Bill is a Portland photographer and has been taking pictures since he got his first SLR camera for his 16th birthday. He fell in love with the art from his first roll of film! Long story short; Bill worked too long in the custom photo lab business, and hated everything about photography. Didn't pick up a camera for over ten years, until his daughter, Cyan, was born in April of 2007. When Bill saw the images of Cyan, that his friends had taken of her with their DSLR, he knew he had to get one! Bill picked up a Canon Rebel XT, started shooting his beautiful little girl, and his passion was re-ignited - and we are so glad it was!
Illusio - Lorrie specializes in drawing and illustration, mostly abstracts and pop art using both traditional mediums and digital. She also paints on canvas using acrylics, does embroidery and photography. The majority of her work has been commision based for private collections.
ShellieArtist - Shellie is an expressionistic artist and studied painting, printmaking and alloys at Appalachain State University. She now lives in South Carolina with her husband, son and five pets creating amazing works of fabric on wood.
SnappingTwig - Teina started out as a self taught mixed media artist selling and showing her work in galleries and shows. That lead her to the film industry where she worked for 15 years as a Prop Stylist and Set Designer. She merges original photographs of her mixed media art work with scanned found objects and saved scrap from books and other sources of inspiration into her amazing pieces!
StilettoHeights - Jennifer is the creator of the indie comic book "Stiletto Heights" which has received critical acclaim for it's realistic portrayal of life and love through a woman's eyes. The book contains realistic dialogue, and beautiful art combined with prose and poetry. Her mixed media art creations are another form of storytelling- her love for antique letters led Jennifer to an exploration of the hidden stories of letters of the past.
TorbusCo - Carmen loves to make mixed media art works that are a combination of layer after layer of rich color, texture you’ll want to touch, beautiful papers and inspirational messages and affirmations. She is a Bliss Follower, Inspired Mind, Creative Thinker and Big Dreamer who loves to make a huge mess with anything she can get her hands on. Carmen is passionate about creating art that encourages connection, validates emotion and nourishes the soul!
Xenotees - Noelle is the awesome artist behind Xenotees. She strives to have a unique and original approach to making t-shirts and it shows! After studying art and design for many years, she loves to be able to use her brain more creatively and decorate people with her ideas! For every shirt sold Noelle donates $1 to Flat Iron Wildcats of Philadelphia.
Yaelfran - Yael lives in beautiful Argentina and is the mother of two GREAT children (13 and 10 years old) and is a graphic designer. When Yael has a little time... she loves to do any craft thing with her hands.

Check out their amazing shops! The purchase of any locket from my new locket series gets a FREE set of extra lids this week.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

We have a very large, very old black walnut tree in our yard. My husband has hated this tree for years. Normally, George loves trees; I mean he has planted trees and cared for trees. When the sole dogwood in our front yard started to go after a particularly terrible ice storm a few years back he used herculean methods that winter to try to save it and shed a few tears when it died anyway. But the black walnut tree is another story.

There are a couple problems with this particular black walnut tree. Its dripline is over our roof and it drops gigantic green 'fruit' (you need to run these babies over with your car to crack them open) every fall. I am sure this tree is one of the reasons we have so many squirrels (another of hubby's nemesis lately since he is convinced they are getting into the garage out back and eating into our gas cans and lawnmower gas caps - no idea why our squirrels or maybe one particular squirrel would want to do this, but George is convinced).

Every time George has to go up on the roof, which believe me is surprisingly often considering the terrible state our gutters are in - what he does up there I have no idea - he gripes and complains for days about the pits in the roof left by these fruit. When we replaced our roof a couple years back, George tried to get that roofer to agree with him and tell me that this black walnut tree needed to be cut back; way, way back, like into the last century kind of back. Fortunately, the roofer could see that he was stepping into a little domestic landmine and safely did not choose sides.

The other problem with a black walnut tree is that it emits a certain poison that restricts the growth of some plants which are planted within 75 feet of it; these plants include tomatoes and peppers which are our favorite vegetables to grow. Now, we didn't know this for a long time. We had a couple summers of wilted vegetables before we realized the problem was the nearby black walnut tree and George, being very stubborn and slow to reach forgiveness still begrudges the tree those missed seasons.

Now that we are trying to grow as much of our own food as we can, he is trying to use this to turn me against the tree (even though we have enough yard to avoid this area and the solution of raised beds in this area is very do-able also). We both know that I am the only thing standing between that tree and the chain saw which he does not get to use nearly as often as he would like to. For a man who likes to build things- he really likes to unbuild them.

There are many things working against his ever swaying me to do anything about this tree. First of all this tree provides lots of backyard privacy between our house and our nearest neighbor (privacy is not a word my husband really understands but something I will not give away willingly). Its nuts attract the squirrels that I do not see as pests but as outdoor pets (how would Olive spend her afternoons if she was not chasing squirrels?). And the new firehouse being built across the street from our house has resulted in so many trees being cut down that I have wept openly and often (once so out of control I had to call upon my inner Norwegian to get a grip on myself) for their loss.

So when hubby starts griping again about this "problem" that we need to do something about - which although I am no home improvement expert I hardly see as our biggest "problem" around here- (I mean, I don't think most people have to mow their asphalt driveways and most fence gates probably do not need to be lifted and twisted in a certain sequence of about fourteen steps, that only a handful of people on the planet could ever possibly remember, to get them to latch as ours has since the Clinton administration) when he starts to gripe - I will just tell him he is barking up the wrong tree.

Through Thursday May 14th get a free pair of matching earrings with any necklace purchase from either of my shops Uncorked or Polarity by writing Black Walnut Tree, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Annoying Husband or some such something in the comments to seller section of your order.

A. SnappingTwig - Walnut Light Photograph
1. GollyBard - Logs Print
2. LydiaLayne - Large Tree of Life Necklace
3. GetReadySetGo - Upcycled Train Case
4. Larimeloom - Olive V Neck
5. UnderGlass - Twisted Oak Necklace
6. BareTree - Woodland Green Cap
7. 3BeesDesign - Tree Baby Quilt

Winner of Mother's Day Giveaway Is .....

The winner of my Mother's Day giveaway for my recycled hanging jewelry board (selected by random number generator) is If I Had a Hammer! She has an Etsy shop and makes amazing hammered jewelry which I think is going to look just gorgeous hanging here! Congrats If I Had a Hammer!

A giant thank you to everyone who entered and blogged and tweeted this giveaway- I hope everyone had a wonderful and amazing Mother's Day!

Fantabulous Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's Day (the one day a year we moms get to put our feet up and be waited on hand and foot by hubbies and little munchkins - this is far more important than candy or flowers because it is all about the appreciation!) is fast approaching.

My mom passed away 13 years ago and really not a single day goes by that I don't miss her and remember some nutty thing she did or said that still makes me smile - she was a bit of a wiseguy and not a girlie girl in any possible way, but in honor of Mother's Day I am giving away something that my mom (and girlie girl moms) would love.


You get a gorgeous 15"X15" hanging jewelry organizer! This one is a brand new fabric pattern that I am just loving and made of repurposed pine. It makes the perfect place to hang your jewelry, notes and little what-nots and you AND your mom will just love it.


Leave a comment about the favorite Mother's Day gift you either received or gave OR check out either of my shops and let me know of a favorite or least favorite item or something that you would like to see me offer - Uncorked Shop or Polarity Shop

For some big time additional entries:

(10) Blog about this contest, linking to this post
(10) Twitter this post
(10) Follow my blog

Let me know if you have done these things so I can give you additional entries.


5PM EST on Mother's Day, May 10th!

FREE UPGRADE to priority shipping on any U.S. jewelry order in either of my shops this weekend - just note UPGRADE SHIPPING in the comments to seller section of your order