Full Moon in Virgo | swimming with the fishies, splashed in the face, a reality check, healing, the whole enchilada, a bite of the enchilada, an empty plate but then maybe you find ten bucks in your pocket to buy an enchilada

The Sea Nymph by xBassxHarmingx

The Full Moon in Virgo is at 7:51PM EST on Thursday, March 1st.

The Moon is opposing the Sun and Neptune (in Pisces) and trining Black Moon Lilith (in Capricorn) offering something de-stabilizing (or the results of that) and trining Saturn (in Capricorn) promising stability (or the results of that).

At the same time Venus (in Pisces) is trining Jupiter (in Scorpio).

This Moon will conclude eclipse season (although the eclipse energies continue to play themselves out at least until the next eclipse).

A Virgo Full Moon provides the facts. The fog clears. The results are visible. Sanity prevails. This is the view of the situation from the cold light of day.

The trine to Black Moon Lilith (in Capricorn) proposes that whatever she has been stirring up in our Capricorn house has a role to play in the results here or the way we see/manage the results. BML can represent something we have shunned/neglected/avoided or something that has really pissed us off. In some way the Moon is a response to that.

A Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. 

In Virgo we can see all the ways this thing has been built - all our steps and missteps, craftings and procrastinations. And we can also see all the flaws in the construction - this is Virgo after all. 

If it is something we are happy with - well, Venus's exact trine to Jupiter, can expand on it. And even if whatever is happening here isn't the whole enchilada - we get enough of the enchilada to have a nice lunch and we have some promise of more enchilada later on. Maybe even a better enchilada. With maybe some nice guac on the side.

And if whatever is happening here is less than we were hoping (those rose colored glasses and all that) - we get maybe not a total healing, but a remission, so to speak - or maybe instead of an enchilada we are presented with an empty plate because we forgot to 1. buy the ingredients and 2. cook the enchilada, well, we can still use that Venus/Jupiter to expand what we want later. 

All is not totally lost. The enchilada ingredients are still out there somewhere. They are just not in our cupboard right now. 

And, yes, I did just have Chipotle for lunch, how'd you guess? 

Now, the slippery thing is that with the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (exact on Sunday!) and the fact we have six planetary energies (celestial bodies) in Pisces - we are still swimming with the fishies (and you can see how hard it is for me with Neptune 1 degree from my Ascendant in my natal chart to be specific about Neptune even with Virgo sitting at the top of my chart!).

There is still a whole lot of dreamy Pisces and practical Virgo can only do so much wrangling. 

Lots of things could feel like they are hard to hold onto. Lots of things could feel like they are slipping through our fingers. Maybe completions will still feel incomplete and unsatisfying somehow. Maybe we feel better - the symptoms clear up, but since we aren't sure what really happened or what is about to happen we still aren't clear headed even after the Moon has slapped us in the face with that splash of cold water. We will have to see how this goes - there are always more questions than answers.

The good news if things are not going our way is we have Mercury (in Pisces, so not totally clear headed, but he is still Mercury!) meeting up with Jupiter the day after the Full Moon. 

And Mercury is the ruler of the Full Moon (ruler of Virgo).

So, we know whatever the Full Moon energizes is set to expand somehow one way or the other, hopefully with a sharp course correction if we don't get what we want here. Probably it doesn't feel like the end or the "facts" feel somehow less than satisfying (did we overcook that enchilada?) no matter what result they are showing us is because the story/chapter doesn't end with the Moon.

Even as the light of the Full Moon (Virgo!) renders the "ideal" a hallucination - we have what we need (Virgo!) to continue to expand, but now in a more grounded, logical manner. 

Do your Virgo - dot the I's, cross the T's, be practical, use discernment, use common sense, do what is right in front of you, be of service. Work the Virgo Moon. Don't turn away from the facts presented now. Our instincts could mislead us. Stick to the facts jack. We will continue to expand. It's written in the stars folks.

If all this Pisces has us totally un-moored and down the rapids without a paddle - believing every cockamamie conspiracy theory, drifting into an addiction, wasting hour after hour on Netflix, succumbing to anything that has taken over our life including an illness or romance - this practical Moon with its trine to stable Saturn is that giant boulder up ahead. Yeah that one. The one with the jagged rock formation that looks like a handle that we can't miss. And by can't miss, I mean really can't miss, like it is going to hit us in the head if we don't grab hold of it. So grab hold of it.

With a whole new Neptune chapter kicking off this weekend, we will be glad we did.

As always when reading by sign - check your Sun sign and your Ascendant (first house ruler) first. Take what resonates, release what doesn't. Maybe re-read the whole thing in a couple weeks and see how it feels then. Also note that Full Moon timing is tricky and events sometimes conspire a week early, at least for me and some I have read for, as we build toward the Full Moon event chart as the Moon waxes.

ARIES/Aries Rising (Virgo 6th house) - the Full Moon is happening in your 6th house of day-to-day activities, work, co-workers, pets and your health. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. There may not be a quick fix to the situation/problem, but there is a Neptunian way forward (your 12th house!) - use your intuition, imagination, connections with others. Health issues can be diagnosed now. Work issues and organizational systems can be improved as well as co-worker/employee relationships. Pisces in your 12th house gives you access to "behind the scenes" assistance for healing, creative inspiration, spirituality as Neptune/Sun kicks off a new chapter this weekend. An important thing to remember with Pisces is the more you try to over-manage something the more it tends to drift off course. Let things unwind in their own time. Chiron has been working his way through your subconscious, self-sabotaging Achilles heel for several years and is preparing to enter your sign in a few weeks - for the first time in 50 years! - only weeks before chaotic Uranus leaves your sign, not to reappear in your lifetime - don't let the door hit ya' Uranus! So whatever has been rocking and rolling settles down to let the healing begin. Whatever soothes your warrior/worrier Aries soul will be best for you now. Think Pisces - mediation, water, spirituality, art, healing, release, prayer - dive into the mystical and maybe let the mystical take care of the practical for a bit.

TAURUS/Taurus Rising (Virgo 5th house) - the Full Moon is happening in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. Efforts you have made in any of these areas can provide beneficial results now (or over time, if the results right now are not totally positive) and with Jupiter working all year to expand your 7th house of partnerships - working with another person in these pursuits will double your expansion potential - if not for the actual thing you are working together on then for the relationship itself (and future relationships). This is Leo's house, so be sure you are following your heart! Pisces in your 11th house brings you healing through your causes, social groups and friendships and can help whatever you are doing (that heart-centered thing!) reach a wider audience as you move forward. Just don't try to micro-manage the process. This will flow. This weekend's Sun/Neptune kick off starts a new potent chapter for that 11th house. This is a good time for connecting with your flock. Remember as your relationships and dreams within the larger world gets a reset, we have a long history of giving up our individuality for the safety of the tribe. This is not the tribal experience we are seeking in this new paradigm. Don't focus on getting specific outcomes with others now. Instead focus on feeling your own emotions (this won't be easy for you with Pisces ruling that 11th house). The tribe needs your individuality now. This is not about fixing anyone or anything, although that 5th house Virgo will feel like it is. Be yourself within the group Taurus - they need you!
GEMINI/Gemini Rising (Virgo 4th house) - the Full Moon
is happening in your 4th house of home, family, your roots, mother, mothering, your ancestry, real estate or a home business. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. Previous efforts to work out a family situation or career issue should prove beneficial now. If results are less than you would hope, allow the situation to settle a bit. Pisces in your 10th house brings healing energy to your career/public life making you more confident of career goals or even bringing a beneficial career development. If something you do in 'front of other people' ends now, the way you handle the situation will be the energy that moves you forward into this new chapter - bring in some Virgo - be practical, quality over quantity, don't expect immediate results, allow something to grow over time, do your duty. The important thing to remember with Pisces is the more you try to over-manage something the more it tends to drift off course. Let things unwind in their own time. Trust the best career opportunities to arrive when you are ready. Jupiter is working all year to expand your 6th house of daily habits and your health - the expansion will come through a focus there. With Neptune conjuncting the Sun this weekend in your 10th house of career a whole new chapter filled with opportunities is coming Gemini! The healing here could be about any emotional wounding regarding your reputation, how you feel in front of other people's eyes, the way you work with authority, your relationship with your father energy. The more you allow other people into this healing, the more of a public example you offer, the more energy you will have available to help others through your work in the world.

CANCER/Cancer Rising (Virgo 3rd house) - the Full Moon
is happening in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. There could be a choice, decision or official communication/statement. Be proactive and transparent - it's a Full Moon there is no where to hide anyway! Information spoken or gathered now will open paths for new opportunities for you in the future. Partnerships can be strengthened through whatever is happening. Pisces in your 9th house of travel, higher education, religion, politics, legal issues, weddings, the media, your beliefs - can bring a healing solution to one (or more) of these areas. There is also something here you can build on for your future. The important thing to remember with Pisces is the more you try to over-manage something the more it tends to drift off course. Let things unwind in their own time. This weekend's Sun/Neptune fresh chapter for your 9th house brings healing energies to this area. Maybe a legal issue gets resolved. Maybe your plans for a course of study or travel fall into place. The ways you are stepping outside your habitual ways of interacting with the outside world will be the steps that put you on this new path. In a few weeks Chiron is going to move into your career house and you will start a new chapter of healing the emotional wounding regarding your reputation, how you feel in front of other people's eyes, the way you work with authority, your relationship with your father or patriarchal energy. Efforts made in your 9th house can help feed your growth in the 10th (career/public image). So what do you really believe? What do you need to learn? What trees are blocking your forest Cancer?!

LEO/Leo Rising (Virgo 2nd house) - the Full Moon
is happening in your 2nd house of money, your values, your resources and self-esteem. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. Your attention is brought to your resources and any issues that are working at cross purposes with the financial safety/security you seek - debts, other people's money, taxes, your spouse's income. With that Neptune opposition the problem will be something you can't control. Maybe a partner's spending/income or an intimacy issue. The practical Virgo Moon can assist you with a plan if you knuckle down to it. You will need to do the follow-up and day-to-day work to manage it. With Pisces in your 8th house kicking off a whole new chapter this weekend - there could be issues around a partner's finances, other's people's resources, taxes, debts, inheritance or an intimacy/trust issue (sex, secrets, power, addiction) ripe for healing. The important thing to remember with Pisces is the more you try to over-manage something the more it tends to drift off course. There are some things you can't control, but you can control the maintenance of your personal boundaries. Merging with someone else shouldn't mean losing yourself, your self-esteem or the resources you have accumulated.

VIRGO/Virgo Rising (Virgo 1st house) - this Full Moon is happening in your 1st house of yourself dear Virgo. Issues around you, your health, your work, your partnerships. Particularly your partnership issues around the healer/patient, martyr/victim archetypes will be in focus as the Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. With Virgo the story is usually something around what is seen as imperfect or broken. Remember the Virgo/Pisces polarity carries the tension of what is real vs what is ideal. And you carry this energy into your relationships with other people (that 7th house). What would happen here if something was just allowed to be what it is. Pisces mantra is "let go and let God". Try that. Maybe a relationship ends now. Or maybe a relationship's archetypal story does. For example - someone you are healing gets better and what will that mean to your relationship or you have been a victim of something/someone and there is nothing more to be gained from rehashing that story - it is time to wrap it up, or a work partner gets promoted or leaves and what does that mean. Maybe you have been over-giving and you can see it now clearly and what are you going to do now that you have seen it. Neptune's meeting with the Sun this weekend will start a new relationship chapter/story for you. Letting go of the idea that something needs to look/be a certain way - that perfectionist trap where you pretty much ensure you get to lose - will be extremely healing. Forgive. Release. This Full Moon is giving you this extra light to see your relationships with other people and with yourself more clearly - are they mutually beneficial? do they leave you drained or inspired? Chiron is getting ready to leave Pisces in April and he won't be back for 50 years (he will retrograde for a bit next fall/winter!) - so what have you learned since 2011 about the way you see yourself vs how you see other people. And how's that working for you?

LIBRA/Libra Rising (Virgo 12th house) this Full Moon is happening in your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. 12th house events have a way of unfolding in their own time and space although often make us feel that a good deal of work (that 6th house opposition) and elbow grease need to be applied, and sometimes they do - usually in a "behind the scenes" kind of way. Mostly though things will resolve themselves - in particular work and health (you or someone you are caring for) related situations- naturally. This may not be a total resolution, but the healing will be clearly visible. You could have done alot of work to make this happen that will never really be properly acknowledged (Virgo just does the work, Virgo doesn't need the clap on the back for doing the work) or there may be a need to do that now and that is OK. Pat your own back. If a work/health situation has been challenging (this could also be related to a pet) the answers will be found in that 12th house realm - healing, compassion, forgiveness, prayer, meditation, release, letting go. Go easy on yourself because this hasn't been easy. Help is available from behind the scenes, just ask for what you need - then let it go and have faith your voice has been heard. On the flipside whatever problems have been created from you escaping from your daily responsibilities (distractions!) and those 6th house themes (health, day-to-day, pet, work) that have slid off course - it could be time to get to work, especially when Neptune and the Sun hook up in Pisces on Sunday and kick of a new chapter here. Either way your day-to-day schedule, health and work are due for a beneficial re-set Libra!

SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising (Virgo 11th house) this Full Moon is happening in your house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. 11th house events have a way of becoming public. And you have Jupiter in your own sign expanding the potential of whatever you are doing this year. Maybe a creative project, romance, child situation or something having to do with a recreational (fun) pursuit or way you have been following your heart will now be something that other people get to respond to. The public attention can be a good thing or a more challenging thing depending on what is getting exposed here. This weekend's Sun/Neptune meet-up will be a time of healing and the launch of a new chapter for that (or another) 5th house situation - creative project, children, romance, recreation, following your heart - the healing will come through an acceptance of the flaws naturally present in all situations. Scorpios ability to "fix" 5th house situations is always dependent on the Scorpio's ability to "let go and let God" with the results. Stuff will always drift off course here - some would say be subject to angelic and other-worldly intervention, but the drifting will be where the golden nuggets are found. In May, Uranus will move into Taurus, your polarity sign, and your life will be changing big-time, maybe by the entry of an unusual person. Now is a good time to lay some groundwork for that. Stay open to other people. Don't allow yourself to feel challenged by alternative viewpoints, instead be curious about them. Meet people where they are now instead of where you want them to be.

SAGITTARIUS/Sagittarius Rising (Virgo 10th house) this Full Moon is happening in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. You just had Saturn in your sign for over two years - your increased self-worth, ability to bounce back and make the most of what you have can be needed now - use what you know. The facts are available and your Virgo 10th house allows you to make the necessary corrections - just avoid the procrastination/perfectionism trap. Jupiter in your 12th house this year tells of 'behind the scenes' assistance or applied use of your intuition for expansion. If something doesn't work out now, if you don't get what you want, trust (Pisces!) that things will actually work out better in the long run. The blessings (Jupiter) may be hidden (12th house) but your sustained efforts - not controlling or pushing or manipulating - but just by keeping on keeping on (being responsible) and making the proper course corrections along the way will ensure this. An important thing to remember with Pisces is the more you try to over-manage something the more it tends to drift off course. Let things unwind in their own time. This weekend as the Sun conjuncts Neptune in your 4th house - home, family, roots, mother, home business, real estate - you start a new chapter of healing within these themes. Give yourself the gift of family time now. Compassion, forgiveness, letting go and releasing boundaries here is the cure for what ails you. Don't underestimate yourself Sagittarius. You have earned what you have and you have what it takes.

CAPRICORN/Capricorn Rising (Virgo 9th house) this Full Moon is happening in your 9th house of travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. There could be news, a communication, conversation, information that is challenging now. Maybe there is a situation with a sibling or within your local neighborhood. Maybe a physical thing like an issue with your phone or computer or vehicle. With Black Moon Lilith trining (brakes off) the Full Moon from her perch in your sign access to her highest energy here - an ability to persevere and to figure out the best ways to get the best results - is available to you. Think about your habitual ways of interacting with the outside world (what is foreign to you) and how those habits (and the physical things that support them) can be upgraded now. There could be opportunities to gain a wider audience for your beliefs/teachings. This weekend's big Sun/Neptune conjunction in your 3rd house opens up a new chapter/story regarding the way you use words and information (and/or a relationship with a sibling, cousin or your local neighborhood). If something needs to said/heard this is the time. Words heal. How are you going to use the gift of having so many universal energies available to your voice in this upcoming chapter? What do you have to say? Choose? Decide? Listen to? Keep yourself open to new ways of communicating. And be flexible.

AQUARIUS/Aquarius Rising (8th house) this Full Moon is happening in your 8th house of other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. If there is something you have been burying in that 8th house basement that you haven't wanted to deal with - this could be when you have to. Maybe life wants to show you that what you think you need from outside yourself you are actually quite able to produce or maybe you already have or maybe it is just a story you have told yourself and created in your life that it is time to let go of. Fears around not having enough money can't be solved with more money, although more money (more self-esteem, more recognition of what we really value) could be the by-product of resolving those fears. If more money just allows the fears to be obscured in that 8th house basement, the money may not come now. Resolving the fears is what unblocks the flow if you see what I mean here. Jupiter is busy expanding your 10th house of career/public life - this is where the opportunities are going to come in. Watch for them. The Neptune/Sun conjunction this weekend in your 2nd house of money, your values, resources and self-esteem kick off a brand new chapter/story. There could be something that needs to be released (Pisces) here to make room for something else. Maybe something you used to value that will be worth more to you if released. Give something away. Even a bag of clothes to Goodwill can unblock some clogged energy around your resources. If you have been overspending or have overspent on something (overstepped your available resources, promised too much or had too much promised to you) or been out of divine timing with what you are wanting - the energy is available now to fix the situation. New ways of making money, getting more of what you really value and increasing your self-esteem are opening up! Keep in mind, and I know you already have alot going on in that mind of yours Aquarius, Uranus is headed into your 4th house of home and family in May intent on re-connecting you (the one you carry in your head) with you (the one who is actually walking around) through your roots, home and family by stirring up these very areas over the next few years. It can be a good idea to take the time, starting now, to reconnect with these things in your own way (release detachment, distractions, climb back into your physical body) - Aquarius always has to do things their own way, right?! - so by the time Uranus moves in - and Uranus is your ruling planet so mostly friendly/familiar to you - you will already be starting the journey home to yourself and that disconnect from the safety of your 11th house world - 'living life at a distance' - isn't too jarring! 

PISCES/Pisces Rising (Virgo 7th house) this Full Moon is happening in your 7th house of partners and partnership. The Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination here. This could be about a personal or business relationship or who and what you 'partner up' with. The facts are available now and whether there is good news or challenging news with Jupiter lighting up your 9th house (your beliefs, the big picture, the wider lens, travel, media, foreign issues, legal issues, higher education, weddings) you will be able to see the bigger picture and your way through this. This could also be a time to partner up with someone very different from you or someone who is able to allow you to see things in a different way. This weekend's powerful meeting between Neptune (your ruling sign!) and the Sun in your sign kicks off an important new chapter/story for you Pisces! Compassion, forgiveness and healing are available. Forgive other people and you will forgive yourself, too. Big doors can fly open. Whatever is sensitive and exposed, whatever is wounded, the spaces where you carry the greatest self-doubt and vulnerability will be the gifts you carry into this new space. Chiron is preparing to leave your sign - YAY Pisces - and move into your house of money to heal your relationship with your resources (and self-esteem/values) over the next few years. You are being prepared to create a living from living your purpose, but you might need to leave a few things behind first. For now, celebrate how far you have come!

xo all - be sure to get outside and walk in the Moon over the next couple nights!

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 26th - mental tension, healing, intuition, culminations, Full Moon, challenges at the beginning of the week then things lighten up

I and you are one soul by Tanja Moss

This week is all about Pisces energy! Yes, again.

This is the last week we will have so much access to this kind of artistic, compassionate, spiritual intensity so take advantage of it and hold on tight if it is tossing you about.

Pisces can be all about the fantasy - romance, creative work, dreams. Many noses are dented from rose colored glasses by this time. Others chapped from tissues. There could be an emphasis on healing, illness and even hospitals now. Memories. People and situations from the past. Addictive tendencies and escape hatches could be activated for all of us, so pay attention. We could easily self-sabotage ourselves now with our words or actions (or in-actions), so stay frosty and grounded. Secrets can come to light. Deception/despair/delusion are possible.

And, so are real opportunities for peace and bliss. Universal love is Pisces, too.

(thank the Pisces in your life for carrying this energy for the collective ALL THE TIME - this isn't easy is it, Pisces? I think I hear a big, splashy AMEN to that one!)

This has been about pushing us toward one of the intentions of Pisces - emotional realism. Separating fantasy from reality so that we know when we are fantasizing (fantasy is important) and we know not to substitute fantasy for reality. Given Pisces ruler Neptune's reputation for dissolving whatever isn't "real" - it is not surprising that the things we wanted to "just think true" which aren't so true are melting away at a rapid clip.

This week is almost two separate weeks - the energy before the Full Moon (Thursday) which is more challenging (but we will probably get more done) and the energy after the Moon - when things could lighten up (along with the Full Moon culminations, releases and whatever is brought to light).

The big transits of the week ahead are:

Mercury square Mars - Wednesday
Full Moon in Virgo, Venus trine Jupiter - Thursday
Mercury trine Jupiter - Friday
Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus & Mercury square the Galactic Center - Sunday

On MONDAY, the Moon is in sensitive Cancer and making her monthly opposition to Pluto (in Capricorn) - there could be some disruptive, defiant energy around in the morning. Some time to ourselves now could be a good idea. Interactions with authority might be challenging. There could be a roadblock or control issue we have to deal with.

We could be focused on Cancerian themes - home, family, real estate, history, our ancestors, a home business.

By lunchtime EST the Moon is trining Jupiter (in Scorpio) - so things should ease up. From now until the Moon goes void at 4:51PM EST would be the best time to engage with other people, take action on things and situations, push our New Moon agenda forward.

We only have a couple more days when the Moon will be waxing/growing this month! Use it or lose it. The Sun is sextiling (opportunity) Saturn for the next couple days and we can be very productive.

The Moon goes void off a square to unpredictable and freedom-loving Uranus which could bring an unexpected ending. We won't want to be boxed in now. Neither will anyone else. There could be some surprises and twists and turns in the late afternoon. Maybe call it a day and give yourself permission to do something different. It is usually best to use Uranian energy for the change we want, so disruptive change doesn't come looking for us!

The Moon will enter Leo at 11:42PM EST.

We also have Chiron squaring the Galactic Center (black hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, late degree Sagittarius) for the next few weeks and this has been in play for a bit. The Galactic Center is often prominent in the charts of "whistle-blowers" - astrologically speaking those who steal the effectiveness of our Earthly "Gods" ie those in power, corporations, governments, etc through spreading the truth (Sagittarius). With Chiron (hurting/healing) squaring this space, one of the ways this could play out is for people with planets and points in late degree Sagittarius (near the Galactic Center) being activated through stress/tension to "speak truth to power".

On TUESDAY, the Moon is now in playful, creative Leo.

Venus is sextiling (opportunity) Pluto. This is good energy for situations involving love, money, women, shared resources, intimacy. This is good for deep focus and concentration. Relationships/investments started now can be long-lasting. The Moon faces multiple "between a rock and a hard place" situations, so there could be some flies in the ointment today - but we should be able to stay focused and on top of things.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury (in Pisces) squares Mars (in Sagittarius) at 19 degrees.

The Venus issue (love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, values) from last weekend will be spoken out loud now. There could be a disagreement/argument. Words can be thrown down like a challenge. It could be hard to focus on the facts because maybe the big-picture is overwhelming. Squares are tension/stress but they do stimulate action. They get the ball rolling.

Now, Mars is sitting with Vesta (devotion) in Sagittarius (truth, freedom), and Vesta in Sagittarius can create tunnel-vision. Our truth becomes the only truth there is and gets uber easily perverted by any inability to see the big picture and take other people's "truth" into consideration. Vesta will be in Sagittarius (due to her upcoming retrograde) off and on (she'll head into Capricorn in April, May and part of June) through the middle of September, so this story is far from over.

EXAMPLE FOR GEMINI/GEMINI RISING - this square is between your 10th and 7th houses - so career/work in the world is squaring partnerships/alliances. Who/what are you aligning yourself with in a public way or within your career? Is this partnership healthy/good for you? This might also be an issue between your career (what you are ambitious about) and your partner (what you are devoted to) or a partner's ambitions vs your devotions or your devotions vs the ambitions of someone/something you partner with - you get the idea. This could also be about a competitor/open enemy. Competition can sometimes be a good thing - stimulating creativity, innovation, action - until it isn't anymore. There is something challenging here from last week that now creates an argument/disagreement/impasse or tense conversation or we hear stressful news. Take care with the way you are 'languaging' what you are saying. Remember that North Node in Leo - follow your heart. Think before you speak now. With squares there are multiple angles to be considered.

(Trump is a Gemini Sun and I am thinking about his relationship with the NRA, about his ambitions conflicting with the NRA's devotions and vice versa - this is also the day the Sun gets to the degree - 9 degrees Pisces - where it was last year when Trump signed into law the rescission of Obama's mental health/gun policy restrictions. Maybe we'll have some news or some public statement/policy statement announced near Wednesday when that space gets re-activated by transit. Prayers (Pisces!) for a Trump pivot away from the NRA's stranglehold - he could take quite a few people with him.)

If you know the themes of your Pisces/Sagittarius houses you can see how this square might play out for you.

The Leo Moon is doing alot of adjusting today so situations involving Leo themes (or the themes of your natal Leo house) - children, creative projects, romance, recreation will require adjustments again.

The Moon goes void at 6:13PM EST and then moves into practical, solid Virgo at 12:57AM EST. The Moon's last aspect before the void is a trine (brakes off) to unpredictable Uranus.

We start the day on THURSDAY with a beautiful window of opportunity - Venus (in Pisces) trining Jupiter (in Scorpio). Working with Venus/Jupiter/Pisces/Scorpio themes will create the smoothest sailing - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values, travel, education, foreign issues, art, healing, research, legal issues, etc. Addictions could expand under this energy - keep this in mind and this trine could just make us very lazy but, honestly, this is excellent energy for just about everything! This is the healing balm to last weekend's Venus square.

At 7:51PM EST we have the Full Moon in Virgo (11 degrees). This is the reality check that puts a lid on eclipse season. The Venus/Jupiter trine assures us reality will be better, over time, than the dream anyway.

I will do a post by sign!

On FRIDAY, the Moon is in practical, detail-oriented Virgo.

Following in Venus's footsteps from yesterday, Mercury will trine (brakes off) Jupiter now. Jupiter is pretty much hanging out at 23 degrees Scorpio and preparing for his retrograde next week. This is the healing balm to Wednesday's Mercury square. Notice both today and yesterday's trines come through our Pisces and Scorpio houses.

If the stress/tension of the week's earlier aspects have been hitting you things should start to ease up Thursday and Friday.

The Moon goes void at 6:50PM EST with a opposition to Venus in Pisces.

The weekend is very emotional. Neptune starts a new story. Big changes are coming. We won't be able to control what’s happening - events will flow as they’re meant to almost as soon as we stop pushing. It will be in the weekend's post - along with some more details for Friday.

Use the beginning of the week to get stuff done - know there will be some obstacles and just do your best. Some of the challenges earlier in the week should ease up as we move into Thursday and Friday.

Back with that big Full Moon post by sign!

xo all

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | plus the Parkland shooting, the eclipse, Trump and the legacy of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Come see inside my bones by Natalia Drepina

FRIDAY just looks like a complete mess.

The Moon (in versatile, communicative Gemini) will:

1. square the Sun - giving us our First Quarter Moon. The First Quarter Moon is the first crisis point for whatever was seeded at the New Moon last week. In Gemini, our minds will be busy. We need to be flexible. We may need to be able to pivot. The square to the Pisces Sun tells us that maybe something is not being said here. Maybe important words/information is hidden/missing. A decision/choice might need to be made now in order to obtain the results we want at the Full Moon next week. We could be mentally frustrated.

2. square Mercury - this is kind of the same energy. Communications break down. We want to escape from the conversation. Our logical mind is challenged by our gut instinct.

3. square Neptune - disappointment maybe or feelings of being adrift, confusion, being vulnerable to deception. Keep in mind our silence might be taken for agreement and the same could be said of other people.

4. square Venus - emotional interactions with others, emotional money issues, not good for socializing, partnership stuff. Not a good date night. Probably best to postpone any meetings or interactions that require a need for cooperation or tact.

5. inconjuncts Saturn - trouble with an authority figure, pressure to conform or create a limit, criticism, responsibilities put us between a rock and a hard place

6. oppose Mars - anger, volatile emotions, spicy food is not a good idea for our digestion Friday night, just sayin'

With the Moon in Gemini, Friday will probably be a busy day - lots of communication, going here and there, but all these troublesome aspects (and lack of positive aspects) could create disconnect and lots of tension, stress and challenges. Information that comes in now might not be the complete picture or might not be true. Keep this in mind. 

Plan light. Drive safely.

Juno (contracts/commitments/relationships) will move into Pisces. This speaks of fated commitments and spiritual bonding. Also more rose colored glasses, this time concerning agreements - you know we haven't put those away yet, right? So maybe the vibe is so 'high' it feels almost wrong to 'get it in writing' (Juno will be in Pisces through April 28th) - but be aware of Pisces tendency to drift off course - better get it in writing! We will talk more about this transit as we move through it.

On SATURDAY, the Moon continues in Gemini until going void at 2:58PM EST. Maybe the morning is spent finishing up the stuff we didn't get to yesterday or trying to untangle whatever got tangled up.

The Moon will inconjunct both Pluto and Jupiter on his journey out of Gemini - this could bring up intense, moody emotions, maybe an overbearing need to share something. More rocks and hard places. The Moon's last aspect before the void is a sextile to Uranus maybe leaving us more open to change and chance encounters. Women (especially mothers) could provide excellent insight now. Our mood will be in flux.

By the time the Moon moves into Cancer at 10:06PM EST we will all be wanting to call it a night, especially after the last two stressful days, and snuggle up at home. Have some comfort food in the house, everyone is going to need it.

On SUNDAY, the Moon continues in sensitive, home and family focused Cancer.

Mars (in Sagittarius) is squaring Venus (in Pisces). This is tension between what we want (Venus) and what we have to do to get what we want (Mars). Men vs. women - we could probably either stay in bed and work this one out or get some boxing gloves and fight it out. People could be confrontational and think they know-it-all or more aggressively go after what they want.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces (same degree Venus met Neptune earlier in the week so there could be a connection to that). Our thinking becomes more intuitive. But details are foggy and unclear. Conversations drift off course. We don't know what to believe. Not good energy for detailed work, but excellent for bigger picture thinking, meditation, art and healing. Words of compassion and forgiveness are possible now. Lies and deception are possible now, too. Information isn't quite as good (or maybe quite as bleak) as it is presented to be. Conspiracy theorists will be down even more rabbit holes if that is even possible anymore. Not a time to make an important decision. Good day to make a vision board.

The Sun (in Pisces) will sextile (opportunity) Saturn (in Capricorn). This is our dreams and sweat equity working together to produce real results.

Let's not lose sight that despite all the chaos and fog, it is PISCES SEASON - we pretty much just need to have a dream and show up (this showing up part is important), then magic wands start waving all over the place!

So unlike the Mercury/Neptune this aspect is practical, good for hard work and attention to details and unlike the Mars/Venus this aspect is opportunistic and agreeable - making Sunday a bit of a mixed bag depending on what is hitting what in your personal chart!

The Moon will trine Neptune at night making us feel sensitive and vulnerable. Maybe sad/melancholy. Good meditation energy. Good time to thank our ancestors. What a week!

xo all

You might remember when Trump took office he got busy dismantling Obama's second term (which having kicked off on a Void Moon was ripe for "nothing to come of it").

On February 15, 2017, Congress passed the one piece of gun legislation Trump has put forth so far and undid Obama's restrictions (which maybe weren't much anyway, but were something) aimed at mental illness.

The Sun was at 26 degrees Aquarius. The next time the Sun was at 26 degrees Aquarius was during the Parkland, Florida shooting on Valentine's Day 2018, one year later.

The Sun moved to meet the Moon at 27 degrees triggering the New Moon Solar Eclipse hours later, which you might remember had that aspect to Juno (contracts/what is worth keeping at all costs) - actually at the exact moment a heart-broken Florida mother was screaming at the cameras and pleading with Trump for help the Sun was being eclipsed by the Moon.

(our ancestors thought solar eclipses brought the death of the king as the Moon - the people, blocked out the Sun's rays -the king).

We know eclipses are very powerful and this one is tied into this shooting. There is powerful energy for change here.

That legislation was signed into law by Trump when the Sun was at 9 degrees Pisces. The Sun will return to 9 degrees Pisces next Wednesday just hours before the Full Moon in Virgo. Let's see what happens with this energy over the next week. And then what all of us do over the next 6 months as the eclipse energy plays out.

Trump probably has a greater ability to get something done with this issue than either Clinton or Sanders would have had with our current Congress and his supporters. His Gemini Sun gives him the ability to pivot. His Gemini North Node gives him a mandate to pivot

(yes, if you have a Gemini North Node - you come into this life knowing 'everything' and then find out there is a hell of alot you don't know).

His Uranus sitting right beside them tells us there is never a way to know what the hell he is going to do - but Uranus was the ruler of the eclipse and sextiling (opportunity) the eclipse and we had that semi-sextile to hurting/healing Chiron. Maybe any move he makes can have a 'tipping point' effect.

My most heart-felt dream here is that he pivots away from the NRA and alot of well-meaning, but entrenched people pivot with him. Either way, the issues arising from this shooting (and the opposition from Aquarius - the people, toward Leo - the king, and Trump is a Leo rising) will be a story over the next few months.

My first astrology teacher was fascinated by the way our charts continue to be activated after we die. She had charts going back several generations in her own family and her findings were amazing.

I noticed the school in Parkland Florida was named after a woman born in 1890 named Marjory Stoneman Douglas so I googled her.

I can't tell the houses of her chart without a birth time, but we can see just from the date that she was born when Mars (action, war, anger, violence) was at 11 degrees Sagittarius (education, media, politics) the EXACT position of Mars during the Parkland shooting on Valentine's Day

(note there are 360 positions where Mars could be ♂)

AND transitting Uranus (sudden, explosive) at 25 degrees Aries (Mars ruler) almost exactly opposing her natal Uranus at 24 degrees Libra

(again there are 360 positions where Uranus could be ♅)

AND if you read her Wikipedia profile - which you must - she was a conservationist, journalist and women's suffrage advocate (does anyone sound more like someone Trump would have trouble with) and worked in defense of the Florida Everglades and fought against those who would "drain the swamp". I'm not kidding.

And, yes, I know I am down a rabbit hole myself here.

What does all this mean?

Other than the fact we live in a magical, synchronistic universe (or I am losing my mind and connecting dots that should never be connected) I have no idea (although I guess anything that clarifies that for anyone should be enough - the magical universe part, not the "Cat is losing her mind" part).

But I do think Trump may have met his match in Marjory. And her story isn't over. xo again

Venus Conjunct Neptune | swept off our feet

Us by goodmusicgoodpeople

We wake up this morning with Venus (love, money, women, beauty, our values and self-esteem) conjunct dreamy, boundless Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces.

This is excellent energy to fall head over heels in love. Also to be swept off our feet and carried away by whatever catches our fancy now.

This is a a magical energy for attracting (Venus) our dreams (Neptune).

Keep in mind with this happening in Pisces there is a good deal of idealization going on. Our rose colored glasses will have ordered their own rose colored glasses from Warby Parker ... and we will be wearing both pairs. Things can seem way better than they actually are.

This energy could make us prone to daydreaming.

Drugs and alcohol will have a heightened effect - I am sure even cold medicine, so be careful. If you know someone prone to drifting off course via some kind of external intoxication maybe check in with them. Make sure they are ok. Don't take on their problems! But maybe just send a "thinking of you" text. Then they can call you if they need to touch base.

We also have Mercury (words, conversation) sextiling Saturn (authority, responsibility) this afternoon, so compassionate language will provide serious and stabilizing opportunities today. Also language of forgiveness.

Be aware we are stepping into a portal (and another page of this month's Venus chapter - which I wrote about somewhere on here, but can't find now) where realities merge, identities dissolve. Very high frequencies can be experienced. But Neptune is tricky AND always well-equipped to prove to us that we neither know everything nor are we even up to the task of providing a complete list of things we should be wanting to know about. Existence is simply bigger than we are. So is Neptune.

Keep in mind Venus also rules our money and our values and we probably don't want these things to be swept out to sea. Purchases, investments - could seem way better than they actually are, too.

Let's enjoy the healing potential of releasing and dissolving all that has built up, but not to the degree of our own injury- Pisces does rule the 12th house of self-sabotage. Things could get lost here.

It will be easy to forget things. People with strong Neptunes have usually forgotten most of their childhoods, so our car keys may not stand much of a chance on making it to the wall hook. Make an effort to be mindful.

Another possibility, I have a close family member with Neptune (on her ascendant) opposing Venus, and have seen this play out many times - is that our Venus makes us very attractive to every victim story we come in contact with. We will be attracted (Venus) to people's secrets, their woundings, their grief. Caring for other people will feel really good. There is the potential for a great deal of healing here. And also for great disillusionment and heartache.

This doesn't mean we armor up - our armor has been put away until the Aries New Moon (Vernal Equinox, first day of Spring). March will flip around this year and come in like a lamb and go out like a lion! We need to feel what we need to feel. Since Neptune came home to Pisces in 2011 - we have all been living in a kind of unreality reality anyway. Just keep in mind we are certainly all more vulnerable now.

People could lie to us (we could lie, too) - this can also happen this weekend when Mercury hits this same degree. Relationships (Venus) could be confusing (Neptune). The Moon is in fixed Taurus and everyone will be stubborn.

Of course, this is EXCELLENT energy for art, for spiritual work, for healing, for creativity, to release a boundary, to dream.

Our ability to attract (Venus) is boundless (Neptune). Just know there is a great deal of illusion and glamour being projected here.

Marilyn Monroe was born with Neptune trine Venus, Brigitte Bardot with Neptune conjunct Venus (today's aspect) and Pamela Anderson with Neptune square Venus.

Another person born with Neptune conjunct Venus (illusion, glamour) was Andy Warhol who once said, "art is what you can get away with", "if you're not trying to be real, you don't have to get it right", "if you want to know all about Andy Warhol just look at the surface of my paintings and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind that."

That about sums up this energy - enjoy it - but use your astrology knowledge to stay safe with it, too.

xo all

Note - this is the same degree of Pisces Mercury will conjunct Neptune next weekend, so something from today will likely lead to a conversation, information, a decision, etc. Our thinking won't be any clearer THEN. Keep this in mind.

Mars Trine the North Node | the strength to keep going, where there is a will there is a way, fighting for what we believe in, what we seek is seeking us

Medieval War XI by deex-helios

Today we have Mars (in Sagittarius) trining (brakes off) the North Node (in Leo) at 14 degrees.

This is us taking action toward the unknown, untraveled horizon of our future.

It is time to believe (Sagittarius) in our dreams (that Pisces stellium!) and move toward what our heart wants. 

Let's take some action today toward what we want. Life can use whatever action we take to get us where we need/want to be. Trust this.

With five planets in Pisces (plus with Mars trining the North Node he is sextiling the South Node) there is a whole lot of energy on releasing. But then there is our Mars here. Lagging behind the group to keep the fire in us burning. We have the ambition/the passion/the optimism to move something BIG forward here. BIG as in BIG results, the action itself can be quite small.

So, although we might be tired or sad or processing some kind of loss or needing some quiet time - we also have this active energy pulling us forward today.

Asking us to be brave (Mars!) Asking us to believe we can do this thing (Sag!) Asking us to follow our heart and take the center stage in our own life (Leo!). This could again be connecting us back to last August's (7th-21st) eclipse window.

Actions taken now could have far-reaching consequences.

Remember we don't have to build a house (unless we are actually building a house!) - we just need to take an initiating action. We are putting what we want out there. Voice it. Move something forward. We are setting up a marker. We might drift a bit off course later in the week, but the marker will still be here. We are lining ourselves up energetically with the thing we are seeking (Leo, our heart) - which is seeking us right back.

I just wanted to toss up this quick post because most of the weekly is so different from this energy and I don't want us to miss it.

xo all

NOTE - Mars sextile to the Aquarius South Node tells us the OPPORTUNITY (sextile) comes through the Aquarian release - releasing the detachment (step in, get involved, connect your heart with someone/something), the distractions that are wasting our time/energy (what are we avoiding by needlessly checking Facebook every hour - THAT is what needs our attention), the fear of alienation that is holding us back, the over-emphasis on technology.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 19th - slow down, allowing instead of controlling, being instead of doing, love and light, waves of sadness, release, building an ark, water is everywhere but let's keep our feet on solid ground anyway, the end of the year

Dawning of a New Day by RaphaelleM

On Sunday, the Sun moves into Pisces joining Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune and officially kicking off Pisces season (through March 20th).

Even though the Moon is waxing (growing) and all the planets are full steam ahead (for only a couple more weeks!) - which sounds very much like a "GO" energy, this stellium of planets in mystical Pisces complicates action by coaxing us into more dreaming than doing.

This much Pisces tells us to slow down, "be" instead of "do", and allow instead of control. If there is a choice between taking action and not taking action - other than Monday morning - I would cast my vote for letting things untangle themselves without any of our usual pushing and manipulations. When you have to step in, step in, but see what happens if you let the situation unwind itself a bit first. This may be simple, but it is far from easy.

What is out of our hands is probably out of our hands now anyway.

This much water could make us (especially those inclined toward appreciating B following A) feel unsteady as situations/our thinking, etc, tend to drift off course or toward a conclusion, in its own drifting way.

We may need to just stop sometimes and come up for air. We may need more sleep. We may need to cry. We may need to get lost in a movie and forget about everything for a few hours.

When you start to study/appreciate astrology you will find it gets harder and harder to see the year as beginning in the dead of winter. We can be very productive and ambitious during Capricorn season (January), but the reason our enthusiasm/energy seems to run out rather quickly is that Capricorn actually kicks off the final season of the year, not the first.

We need that ambition and production to survive the winter, but it can fizzle out fast!

With the Sun ingressing into Pisces we enter the final month of the astrological year - we might feel like old men now, like the winter trees tired of carrying the burden of snow - we might feel tired.  

Our energy is draining. Our reserves are low. With all this water, we will be more emotional. 

This is normal. 

We are facing a HUGELY busy spring and summer including the move of Uranus into Taurus - a stable space in everyone's chart that has never in our lifetime (unless you are 84 or older) held such an unpredictable energy. We are all headed into uncharted territory!

If you have any chance for rest or retreat now, I say take it!

With five planets in Pisces it could be better to allow things to move (and to not move) without trying to control everything. Not just because we are tired (although we might be, especially if we have worn ourselves out trying to control everything) and not because it is easier this way (although it is certainly simpler), but because our most vigorous and active machinations will probably not produce very much at the end of the day. Situations/people - things are going to go where they are going to go. Our attention and intentions will wander - and so will everyone else's.

In some area of life we will be left holding precisely what we need - nothing more, nothing less. Not an extra glove. Not an extra sock. Pisces is heaven and we can't take it with us.

We can dream big now and be idealistic about whatever all this Pisces is lighting up for us, but let's try to keep our feet (which Pisces rules) on the ground, too. Boundaries will be thin. Facts can be fuzzy. Slippery slopes are extra icy. We will all be wearing rose-colored glasses. Addictions will be oh so very enticing.

Think about the astrological pie chart for a moment. Pisces opposes Virgo (its polarity sign). Pisces squares Sagittarius and Gemini (the other mutables). Pisces trines (brakes off) Cancer and Scorpio (the other water signs). Pisces sextiles (opportunity) Capricorn and Taurus. This could give you a bit of a feel for how this Pisces stellium is interacting with your natal planets.

This is EXCELLENT energy to make art, to write poetry and create, to make music, to meditate and pray, to heal, to forgive, to be charitable and compassionate, to work with our ancestral inheritance, to look behind us. Just remember you wouldn't build a house with a paintbrush, so don't build a house now (don't take on too much). You will have put in way too many windows and forgotten about the doors. Plus there is the whole "hammering with a paintbrush" thing you would have to figure out.
On MONDAY, the Moon is in independent and energetic Aries and makes nice with Aries ruler Mars. You will be thinking to yourself, "what the hell is Cat writing about with all this dreamy Pisces - I am on fire! I can do this thing!". If you need to get something started this week Monday morning is the time to act. Don't sleep in.

Venus, at 11 degrees Pisces, will sextile Pallas (Taurus) and Black Moon Lilith (Capricorn). That's alot of female energy to get stuff done, too. Make a plan. Strategize. Take that 'outsider' energy and bring it into the boardroom - use Venus to prioritize compassion and love. The Moon will square Pluto in the evening - there could be an issue with an authority figure/goals/career or a power/control situation that is heating up. Things could get emotionally intense tonight.

On TUESDAY, the Moon is void until 2:12PM EST - don't start anything new or launch anything into the world that you would like "something to come of" during the Moon's void. The Moon met up with Uranus at the end of Aries while we slept so there could be something unexpected during the night or in the morning we have to deal with. After the Void, the Moon moves into comfortable Taurus where she is exalted. We will be seeking stability and focusing in on our resources, our finances, and what we have rather than working with something new. Today and tomorrow would be great days for a massage or to cook a good meal, take a long bath, etc. Anything that isn't totally comfortable is going to feel like we are walking on nails.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon continues in comfortable Taurus.

This is a big day with Venus (women, love, money. beauty) meeting up with Neptune in Pisces. This is the 'dreamiest' energy we have had in a long time. 

This is love (Venus) and light (Neptune) - lots of light

It's transcendental energy. Rose colored glasses on top of rose colored glasses.

This is a delusional (Neptune) relationship (Venus). This is fantasy (Neptune) art (Venus). This is our money (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). This is our values (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). This is escaping (Neptune) into a love affair (Venus). This is soul (Neptune) love (Venus). This is money (Venus) that really does grow on trees (Neptune). This is love (Venus) without limits (Neptune).

Just don't run off with a stranger to Vegas and get married. Don't invest all your money in that stock your brother-in-law told you about - whatever sounds too good to be true now will be. But let's not miss this energy by sleeping through it - which will be very easy to do! Maybe we can run off to Vegas - just don't get married. Maybe we can toss a few bucks at that pie-in-the-sky financial deal because you never know, but nothing we can't afford to lose because we just might. Do something beautiful today - whatever that means to you. It will be hard to stay on task now. Your right brain is pulling your left brain over to the dark side. Just allow yourself to have the experience. I have a feeling this could bring up sadness for many of us (raises hand). We'll allow ourselves to sit with that, too.

On THURSDAY, the Moon is void during the entire workday. This could help to extend yesterday's "living the dream". Although maybe with the Moon's final aspect an opposition to Jupiter, we shouldn't count on it. The Moon enters Gemini at 7:07PM EST so we could have a mentally busy night, lots of conversations or errands - could be harder to get to sleep.

On FRIDAY, the busy Gemini Moon will be squaring just about everything.

It could feel like when Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks all rolled into one day. Double check stuff. There will be things we can't get a grip on or see clearly or stuff from the past or that we have lost. Isn't there a song about the "stars being stacked against you, so get back in bed". Yeah, well something like that. Except Gemini will be sure we are busy. Our bed will be empty. This would be a challenging date night unless you are looking for a "no holes barred" game of bingo or mini-golf followed by some arm wrestling.

The weekend is going to need its own post, so I will be back!

xo all