This Week's Saturday Night Mystery | the death of Lori K. - the astrology of a conspiracy theory

Early this week (which feels like a lifetime ago already with everything that has happened since), Trump tweeted something along the lines of "some people think Joe Scarborough got away with murder" referring to the death of a young woman who worked in one of his district offices in Florida when he was serving in the U.S. House of Representatives back in the summer of 2001. He stirred things up, including the grief of her loved ones, as he is apt to carelessly do.
We are entering a powerful Eclipse season that brings us back to that summer and fall for the first time (activated by Mercury this week) and I thought it might be interesting to take a look, so here we go.

On July 20, 2001, a couple entered the district offices of U.S. Rep. Joseph Scarborough (now host of Morning Joe an American TV talk-show on MSNBC) in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for an 8:00AM scheduled appointment with someone at that location. Upon arrival, they discovered the body of 28 year old staff worker Lori Klausutis on the floor behind a desk. Her only co-worker was away on vacation and newspaper reports would later indicate Lori had been dead for "some" time

(her obituary notice listed her date of death as the day before her body was found).

Lori was young and vivacious, married for four years, she had graduated cum laude (with distinction) from the University of Georgia School of Journalism and was working on completing her MBA from the University of West Florida. She was a singer in her church choir and former president and current treasurer of her local Young Republican's group. She had worked at a district office for Rep. Scarborough for two years (he would later state he had met her about three times during those years).

Multiple people who had seen Lori at work the day before, including a delivery man, said she had spoken of not feeling herself/feeling unwell and anxious. We don't know exactly when Lori died (I would assume sometime before she would have been expected to leave), but we can see quite a bit from this forensic event chart drawn from the moment her body was discovered.

Foul play, illness, accident?

Let's unpack the chart.

When doing a chart like this, there are a couple things you can look at quickly to determine if the chart is viable. We typically want a degree on the first house cusp/rising sign that is between 5-25 degrees - otherwise the chart might be too early or too late to use (this isn't always the case, but it's always my first stop) - here we have a 13 degree ascendant which looks safe to judge.

(I usually take a quick look to see if the chart supports the facts and can see at a glance the Leo rising with the Sun/Moon in the 12th house of endings and, Saturn, which often signifies the location of 'the person's body/bones' at the time, is in the 10th house of her workplace/career, so with a quick glance we know the chart is usable/accurate and we can keep going)

There are two significators for Lori (the subject) in this type of forensic astrology chart - the ruler of the first house and the ruler of the Moon.

Leo was rising at the time this event "came to light" making the ruler of the first house the Sun. The first house represents Lori. Lori actually was a Leo Sun sign and we know she was spoken of as cheerful/generous/athletic and she was a singer in her church choir (and also performed on stage in college) - all very Leo-like. Leo also represents - the Sun, the heart and heart-centered activity, passion, accomplishment.

The sign on the cusp won't always (or even usually) be the person's actual Sun sign, of course, but it should always represent them at the time the chart is drawn. Here, Leo also speaks of Lori's "time of life". Leo rules young adulthood and the kind of pride developing as we finish up school and step out into the larger limelight of the world.

The Sun, ruler of the 1st house is in that final 12th house. We also see we have the Moon (the other significator for Lori) in that house, too. The Moon is waning/balsamic moving toward the Sun (so the time just before a New Moon when the skies are dark).

Both significators in that final 12th house with that dark Moon speaks very highly of endings/death.

The 12th house can indicate dying alone (also the general loneliness of dying), maybe in a small space, maybe from an old or hidden illness. It could be a maternal inheritance since this is all happening in Cancer. Although, with the Sun here, too, a paternally inherited illness is also possible (maybe connected to the heart/Sun), so we'll just say an inherited illness/inherited ending - meaning with a past life or ancestral connection.

Now, the sign on the descendant (cusp of the 7th house) rules the perpetrator (if there is one); this would be who or what caused whatever happened to Lori.

The 7th house ruler is Aquarius and we have the modern ruler of Aquarius, chaotic Uranus indicating something catalytic, sudden and unexpected in that same 7th house. He is strong in his home sign and inconjunct the Moon - rock and a hard place/no way out. The other ruler of Aquarius, his ancient ruler, is Saturn - seen here in Gemini in that 10th house of career/public life (Gemini also rules offices, neighborhoods, high places, sometimes it shows up prominently when we are looking at two things).

Neptune (natural ruler of that 12th house of endings) is conjunct the descendent from the 6th house of work/office/health. Neptune in Aquarius might indicate an unconscious state that creates an unexpected occurrence - like if someone was to fall asleep at the wheel and have a car accident. Neptune in the 6th house could also be a hidden illness.

So, was Lori's enemy an unexpected accident (Uranus) at work (Saturn)? Or an inherited illness?

Let's keep digging.

Saturn is conjunct Venus in Gemini answering to Mercury (Mercury has just moved into Cancer again as I type this, and I should note when Trump was tweeting about Lori, Venus, the planet that rules young women, was exactly where Venus was when she died).

Nearest the top of the chart - this shows the public event/what this chart 'shows us' - the couple (Gemini) finding a young woman (Venus) dead at work (Saturn) in an office (Gemini). And even now as this event is re-activated (and Venus and Saturn are also both retrograde right now) - we have the President/leader (Saturn) talking/tweeting (Gemini) about a young woman (Venus).

Mercury is in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon which is also in Cancer. The Moon (Lori) being the final dispositor of that ruler of the 7th house (the enemy) - puts Lori in charge of this situation. I don't mean Lori is responsible for her own death, but it could indicate no one else is.

Other than maybe fate (North Node conjunct Mercury ruler of that 'hidden enemy').

The 4th house ruler is Scorpio - we use all the chart angles to analyze this type of chart, the other houses are ONLY important if an angular ruler, or the dispositor of an angular ruler, is placed in them. The rulers of Scorpio - Mars/ancient and Pluto/modern are conjunct in Sag in the 5th house (Leo's natural house). Pluto/Mars would indicate a fast death - maybe death (Pluto) from a head injury (Mars). They oppose Saturn. So, we have all the malefic planets in a tight little bundle. We see another karmic indicator with Chiron conjunct the 4th house rulers. The 10th house ruler is Taurus - ruled by Venus in the 11th house (Uranus's natural house of chaos/accidents) and answering to Mercury and finally again to the Moon (Lori).

So what happened to Lori?

I love a good conspiracy as much as the next girl, but could Joe Scarborough have killed Lori Klausutis - well, let's just say the chance is just as good that Professor Plum did it in the ballroom with a monkey wrench.

The official explanation, given some weeks after her sudden death (by a rather disreputable coroner who was later discredited) - a cardiac arrhythmia causing her to fall and hit her head on a desk.

Even with hindsight being 20/20 (maybe 20/30 in my case) we can see this does align pretty well with the chart even taking into account the coroner's tainted reputation many years later when he lost his license for stealing body parts, yes, I said for stealing body parts! No wonder this case just refuses to be put to bed.

There are other scenarios that might fit the chart, but his findings and this chart do align themselves pretty much perfectly. We could go deeper and backtrack the skies and figure out when it exactly happened if we wanted to, but it wouldn't change the analysis.

Lori was only 28 years old when she died. She left a grief stricken husband, sister, parents and friends behind. It seems that so many, very creative people pass away between 27-29 years old, around the time of their first Saturn return (Saturn returning to the position he occupied at our birth for the first time - also around the age of 56 -58 during the second Saturn return).

Important life cycles are shifting.

Maybe it's because they have already done what they came here to do and are ready to move on, much to the sadness of their loved ones and not known to their personality here on Earth,

and their soul just finds a way to take their leave ....

xo all

artwork by the talented Elizabeth Handelsby

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, May 29, 2020 - what's making it hard to breathe, what's burning, seeing the ways we are tied to the past by the choices we have made, time to adjust, time to choose

The Moon leaves fiery Leo (with Minneapolis ablaze) and moves into the sign of - "let's clean up the mess/fix this thing" Virgo at 7:40AM EDT.

Yesterday, we had a LONG void Moon as Mercury moved through the North Node and then crossed the Aries point (0 degrees of a cardinal sign) on her/his way into Cancer.

So, he goes from his home sign where he is strong and as stable as Mercury gets (other than his time in Virgo each year) and into a water sign - his least favorite element. A message/information/decision about our future. And our collective attention on ONE THING.

And in Cancer, we get to feel what everyone is saying.

We saw the video of a police officer kneeling on a black man's neck as he begged for breath - the officers faces robotic and unfeeling as the crowds screamed for them to help. In a time when so many people are struggling to breathe (from a disease/a mask/suffocating situations) - kneeling for almost 10 minutes until the man's words and breathing ceased ...

Grief turning to anger. Anger to fire. A Leo Moon going void off a square to radical and disruptive Uranus and not answering to anyone. A zeitgeist moment. Torn between the old world - where remember this stuff still happened, but we just didn't have to look at it - and a new world it looks like our children or grandchildren might be building - from our ashes - if we don't get our arms, and hearts, around this.

Everyone feeling that insecurity/inability to get control of anything (the dying man, the crowds, the police) .... again the need to bring everyone to the table or that table is getting flipped!

Control doesn't even exist anymore - WE ARE TIED TO THE PAST BY THE CHOICES WE HAVE MADE, but there is nothing there. Time ran out. Time already ran out. That's why we are feeling like we are not all here. Because we aren't. 

Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini. Talk. Listen. Learn. Keep things small and local. There are moves you can make/decisions/choices that can make you feel better. It will be the light touch that works not some heavy handed broad thing. It's not about what we believe (that Sag south node) it's about what we see - what do you see??  

What situation are you trying to control that is out of your hands? What is suffocating you? Where is the fire in your own life burning? Where is the mess?  Where is our anger/our actions only hurting ourselves?

Let's look at today's aspects.

The Moon is in Virgo now so we are nurtured through our daily activities, crossing t's and dotting i's, fixing what's broken. Be advised a lunar Virgo can get very nitpicky/notice the problems. This can be helpful or just make everyone batsh*t crazy.

Mercury is in Cancer now. We will be feeling what people are saying. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too.

The Moon (our feelings) and Mercury (our head) are both in signs where they don't want to be, but helped by their mutual reception to each other - the best of both signs can be activated here. Mercury gets the use of his analytical/practical Virgo and the Moon the use of her feeling Cancer.

With Mercury in Cancer we will need to step back now and then and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?".

This day is challenging (maybe mostly tonight, so it could just run into tomorrow) and tomorrow could be challenging, too.

We have the First Quarter Square of this lunar cycle.

The Moon in Virgo squaring the Sun in Gemini.

Gemini wants choices and Virgo wants to narrow our focus onto just one, practical thing. Making a CHOICE allows the rest of the lunar month to evolve - our muses are standing by, but this is a free will universe (and yes, we made some of the choices before we got here this time around, so it's not so cut and dried) - we have to make the first move. At the same time, the Moon is opposing and the Sun is squaring Mars and Ceres in Pisces. We will really be feeling the stuff that is out of our control. And the more we push the further we get from what we want!

The other aspects today can help guide our decisions/our next moves.

We have the Sun sextiling Chiron - here is a light on that very old, very deep wounding and a need to address it.

OK, so we know the Moon in Virgo wants to help/fix things and he is being aided by his mutual reception to Mercury/Cancer, so stronger than our usual Virgo Moon.

So, we can see what is wrong and we can see something we can do about it.

It won't be totally fixable, but that doesn't mean we get to just look the other way - remember this Chiron wounding isn't about the healing, but about the "living with the wounding". Choose. Decide. Take some healing action. Virgo rules our health, our work, our daily habits. What needs to change? Be flexible. Gemini rules our communication, our neighborhood, our siblings, our thinking. What needs healing? What needs practical action? Talk it out. This is a square, so it's not going to be comfortable. We haven't been comfortable in months anyway. The only way through it is through it. What houses do Gemini and Virgo rule in your own chart?

Another aspect we have today is a testy inconjunct between Mercury and a retrograde Saturn.

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut. Words are taken personally. They can be soothing or they can be painful. And here is Saturn (authority/responsibility) retrograding through detached Aquarius saying the rules are the rules, here are your responsibilities, "you are way too sensitive, you snowflake, grow up!". This is a rock and a hard place. There aren't really any answers here. Adjustments are needed.

With a strong aspect to Chiron and a Mercury/Saturn inconjunct we can all be easily triggered. 

Keep that gun in your holster folks.

When Mercury crossed that 0 degrees Cancer yesterday he set up a marker for the June 21-22 eclipse that will set up the rest of 2020, so we can see what that will be about!

Check the news/your local newspaper. Mercury is a trickster - the most important stories will not always be on the front page. Check your inbox/mailbox.

We won't be able to say we didn't get a heads up. We got our heads up.

Our heart and heads can align today. What do we do with this?

xo all

photo by the amazing alltelleringet

Hubs and I can check our mailbox pretty easily right now, since it's lying in our driveway, taken out (along with some of our fence) by a newbie tractor trailer driver trying to back up last night because he hadn't noticed the road was closed. They are re-paving Main Street at midnight and it was crazy loud, but hubs, somehow with a kind of super-hearing available to him only in times of a "something is happening to my stuff" emergency, since I didn't hear a thing and he recently heard me sneaking his mother's old cuckoo clock out of the dining room and up into the attic - jumped out of bed and ran outside in his boxers. He kept a cool head, collected $100 from the guy and talked the police out of giving him a ticket which he said would cost him his job. Twenty/ten/five years ago (months ago?) he might have been angry. Anyone can change. Plus time is stretchy now.

Funny how the other day when I accidentally locked myself out and was yelling and banging ... he somehow didn't hear a thing ;)

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - group responsibilities, important information, an opportunity to shine/celebrate, fun with kids, a new focus vs old work, a change of plans or lack of resources/self-esteem

At 2:33AM EDT, last night, the Moon moved into fiery Leo - now we are nurtured through and our attention can turn to our collective Leo themes (also your Leo natal house theme as the Moon makes a quick trip through this house) - creative projects, romance, children, fun, our heart, heart-centered pursuits, a need to step into the spotlight. The Moon is answering to the Sun now and we are looking for a way to SHINE.

Our lunar days in Leo are not what they were with Saturn in Cappy, because now with Big Daddy in Aquarius (Leo's polarity sign), before we even wake-up (5:42AM EDT),  the Moon runs into an opposition with this energy - authority/limits/the rules. Now Saturn is retrograde, so this probably isn't a new situation, but already there is rain on our parade. In Leo, we want to be our regal, personal best and here is some kind of group-think/group or goals that bring us into connection with other people/tech thing/future thing - something is HOLDING US UP. Requiring something of us that dulls our shine/slows our roll. You get the idea.

(we woke in the United States to a headline about Trump - Leo rising/the king, and his "war" on masks - a "group responsibility" situation - which is really just the media stirring a pot that is already boiling over, but you can see the energetic behind this).

Now, keep in mind, lunar aspects are fleeting. The press will be on to something else and so will we.

Also keep in mind with this "mask controversy" the need with our North Node in Gemini to bring all ideas/ways of thinking/voices to the table now. You may think a mask is needed. Someone else, take a Fox news viewer, for example, who isn't afraid of this virus, doesn't (because much of our fear is absorbed through language now, so a Fox viewer doesn't fear the virus in the same way a CNN viewer doesn't fear an immigrant). We know through the astrology we don't need to impose our beliefs on each other now - those beliefs are South Node/been there done that. This is about everyone having a voice - think about the mask and the symbolism of OUR VOICES. We need people to be able to act without fear, even when we don't agree with them. Or maybe I should say we need people who fear different things, since this "fear" crisis is the real epidemic! Chiron is in Aries - the sign of ourselves/our independence - we aren't really depending on someone else to take care of us/keep us safe, even if it looks like we are through those different distorted lens we are all looking through.

The BIG news today is probably this Month's Waxing Sextile - Leo/Gemini - and a retrograde Jupiter inconjunct Vesta.

At 3:02PM EDT the waxing Moon (in Leo) sextiles the Gemini Sun at 6 degrees. Whatever this is for us, it should FEEL GOOD. Here is an opportunity to shine/celebrate something we have created. Have fun with a child. We could hear/announce IMPORTANT INFORMATION. It's time to talk/write about what you love.

At the same time a retrograde Jupiter has backed into an inconjunct with Vesta - that sacred focus/thing that keeps us up at night - we talked about yesterday. This is a  rock and a hard place. An incompatibility between that "focus" and the re-do/second look we are going through with our career/goals/beliefs. We kind of have to work both sides of this and it won't be totally comfortable.

At 5:33PM EDT the Leo Moon moves into an awkward square with Uranus (in Taurus). Now something with our money/values/resources/self-esteem or maybe something that just seems to come out of nowhere creates tension/frustration with that crown we are wearing/fun we want to have. Maybe it becomes evident we don't have enough money/resources right now. Or enough self-esteem! Maybe we were planning this fun thing and something comes up and our plans need to change. These are fixed signs, so no one wants to adjust, but adjust we must.

Looking ahead to tomorrow - the Moon will go void at 9:30AM and be void until the next day. So, whatever comes up TOMORROW keep in mind the Leo Moon's need for drama and the void's inevitability that "nothing will come of it".

Plan for PLAY.

xo all

photo by the talented Lady-Tori

Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, may 26th, 2020 - talk about it, focusing on what really matters, opposing conventional wisdom, cleaning up the mess, emotional challenges

I think we are going to have to go with dailies this week.

This is our last week before we are launched into a long and POWERFUL Eclipse season that changes everything yet again. 

Today, the Moon continues her journey through her home-girl sign of Cancer - home, family, real estate, renovations, home business, family business, mothers, mothering. Tonight is more emotional/challenging as she is opposed by a retrograde Pluto at 5:03PM EDT (authority, power themes, maybe home vs career, something that might feel like a life and death urgency, nostalgia) and then goes void at 9:06PM EDT off an opposition to a retrograde Jupiter.

This is our first lunar journey through Cancer (every month for a couple days) without the North Node here in 18 months, so we could be feeling the need to adjust to that - losing that "guiding star" energy in this area of our life. Something here could feel to be losing its urgency. Whether this feels like a relief (because the North Node is always a challenge) or a loss depends on how we are responding/reacting to this.

There is big news for our relationships now as Juno, our marriage/commitment asteroid, trines the Sun - easy, open communications within partnerships! - and stations direct at 5 degrees Libra.

She has been retrograde since February 8th highlighting relationship imbalances and the power dynamics within our committed/contracted relationships, both personal and professional.

What's fair? What's needs adjustment/compromise? Have we been looking the other way in an attempt to hold something together?

By August 24, 2020, Juno will be back where she started on February 8th (21 degrees Libra) and Libra's ruler Venus will be about a month out of her own retrograde shadow (July 29th) - these relationship one step forward/two step backs will be in our rear-view mirror one way or the other!

Mercury, flying through Gemini, meets up with Vesta at 26 degrees as they oppose the Galactic Center.

Vesta (our sacred focus/dedication) has been moving through Gemini (the sign of duality/polarity/two sides of the coin) side-by-side with Hygei, "the wash-your-hands, sneeze into your elbow, practice good self-care" asteroid and now Vesta has moved on a bit from that, our focus widening - and here comes Mercury with some news/information - maybe another topic of conversation that becomes very important.

We could also find ourselves obsessing over something someone has said to us or maybe we are obsessed with proving our point! For some people Mercury will be about a sibling, local community or transportation situation and that will be our focus right now.

Mercury/Vesta can be limiting as our focus/dedication narrows and in Gemini could involve the need to choose between two things or the addition of another important thing to focus on. Either way it allows us to focus in on what really matters to us.

As they meet, Mercury/Vesta are opposing the Galactic Center - our collective homing signal, heart of the heavens, the Sun behind the Sun.

Mercury moved through this area on December 27, 2019 when we were 'downloaded' new information/higher guidance - however strongly or subtly we would have felt this - we were in the Eclipse spin cycle then, so it's interesting we get to the opposition just as we are setting up for a new Eclipse cycle. This new focus, the Mercury/Vesta, is opposed by our 'higher guidance' now.

We can see this manifesting in our 3D world as our need to get out into the local community/get to the facts/information (something Gemini-themed) being 'opposed' by a higher authority, or, if you are in the United States, maybe vice-versa depending on what state you live in. Maybe we need to be slowed down/stopped for our higher good - the way a parent would work with a child who has gone too far or too fast. The child must reach these type of milestones, but the parent wouldn't be a parent without stepping in somehow. In your personal life this will be a Gemini/Sag house opposition evolving whatever themes you are carrying there. Note - this isn't like a Saturnian stop signal (the strict father kind of thing). This is maybe more like we haven't learned what we need to learn in order to move on - a more loving guidance based around our contracts here and our own free will.

The Juno/Sun and Mercury/Vesta indicate this is a good time to talk about an important relationship issue. The words can flow smoothly and move things forward one way or the other.

Tonight could be most testy, so keep this in mind.

Maybe we are making choices about what we are keeping and what we are getting rid of. The Cancer Moon (as us) can be feeling overwhelmed/emotional/nostalgic.

We are moving toward Mercury's meeting with the North Node on Thursday - moving forward by making choices/decisions and working with the facts/information and not our 'overly-hopeful' beliefs.

xo all

phoot by the amazing evenliu

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, May 25, 2020 - trying a different approach, flowing in a new direction, last week before Eclipse season changes everything again

We have come through the New Moon energy and now the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer. We are nurtured through and maybe our attention is focused on - home/family/real estate/renovations/mothering/home business/family business situations.

The Moon will sextile Uranus and trine Mars (late morning EDT), so uber supportive of the Mars/Uranus sextile, we'll talk about next, and pulling our Cancer house and home/family situations into the mix. There is flow and potential here. An ability to feel better.

Mars (in Pisces) sextiles Uranus (in Taurus). Pisces/Taurus sextiles are the magical/mystical energetic couplings that create from our imagination/the ethereal realms solid things we can touch/taste/take to the bank. Sextiles with earth and water are smooth and easy aspects - think about the ease with which mud/clay is made from the wet earth. Let yourself feel that.

This is good news, because with Mars in Pisces we can't push anyway, unless we want things just floating right on down the river away from us.

So things can fall into place here, with a little efforting on our part as long as we are turning toward something new/using a different approach.

Uranus wants us to take a risk/be ourselves and Mars in "go with the flow" Pisces can provide just enough anesthesia to make changes less painful even for the most fixed situations.  

So, maybe we are kind of gently floating outside our comfort zone here. 

Collectively this will be about our money/resources/values/self-esteem and artistic/spiritual/healing/romantic situations. Check your Pisces and Taurus house themes to connect more personal dots.

I hope to get the weekly up tonight - it will roll out something like:

MONDAY - Mars sextile Uranus
TUESDAY - Mercury conjunct Vesta, Mercury opposite Galactic Center, Juno stations direct in Libra
THURSDAY - Mercury conjunct the North Node, Mercury enters Cancer
FRIDAY - Sun sextile Chiron, First Quarter Moon Virgo/Gemini

This is our last week before we are launched into a long and POWERFUL Eclipse season that changes everything yet again. 

With so much Gemini this week - our words (and the words we are absorbing) are carrying alot of weight right now. They can be holding us up and maybe other people, too, or they can be weighing us down like rocks in our pockets.

We have multiple planets moving backward requiring us to review almost everything and Mercury (the God of information/communication) crossing the North Node and a World Axis Point - 0 degrees Cancer - this week (our collective attention on the same thing). Mercury will retrograde in Cancer in June and we have an Eclipse (the 2nd of three) on June 21-22nd at this same 0 degrees Cancer - so we are setting up a trigger point for those events this week, so it's important to pay attention.

All this Mercury means lots of information (not all of which will be true or accurate), communications, small steps not giant leaps. Doing things quickly, yes, in small steps that are thought out and backed by the facts we know/the information available.

Keep in mind May's ongoing Venus/Neptune square. Avoid self-sabotaging expenditures, delusional romances, addiction, escape.

And keep in mind always now that North Node in Gemini (our collective best path forward) - a need to explore the lost art of conversation/small talk, the need to bring all of us - yes, even the people we don't agree with - and all parts of ourselves to the table.

We are living through an incredible collective experience (one we chose to come here for); an experience we have been unconsciously choosing, so our unconscious choices are being brought to our attention as they are pushed to the EXTREME.

Social interaction online, commerce online, our fear of germs/viruses (for ourselves and these extensions of ourselves ie our electronics), too much time spent indoors, interacting only with the people who agree with us, the ways we medicate our discomfort, this could be a very long list - there is nothing new here, but now we get to see what life would be like when all of this is taken further and further.

Is this what we want?

Think about if maybe the way you are reacting to this virus is the way you react to everything.

Is there anything we can learn from thinking about this? Remember this is a time of questions.

The time of answers comes later. So, yes, we have to make some decisions during the time of questions - life has always been like this. This is just how it is. We have to trust our intuition - Mars is in Pisces now, intuitive action is the only action that will actually work.

Think small, fast steps in a different direction guided by your inner knowing.

xo all

photo by the talented Pandora Selezneva

A Saturday night mystery .... using astrology for another missing person's case

Here's another missing person mystery for all you astro-detectives out there.

A Facebook crime-solving group asked me to do another chart for them and although I had passed on a couple of their recent requests involving children (because the last one I did was just too horribly depressing) - I decided to take a look at this one about a missing wife and mother.

This is an ongoing case and I will keep the details as correct as I know them, but avoid the names involved to make this ungoogle-able for the privacy of the victim's family.

(the second chart, where I added their namesake asteroids does include their first names, or the asteroids closest to their names, but obviously won't be searchable)

The first chart is an event chart for the time of a 911 call placed by a neighbor.

He tells the police his neighbor's daughter has asked him to check on her mother who went on a bike ride and has not returned. It seems he drove around a bit and possibly found her bike about a mile from her home (or maybe the police found the bike, the info online is sketchy about this), but there is no sign of the missing woman, who we will call "S". He tells the police the woman's husband is away on business. There are two teenage daughters, but it's unclear if either is at the house when he calls.

(note this is all very recent - Sunday, Mother's Day and in the midst of this pandemic)

"S", the missing woman, is shown in this type of chart by the ascendant (rising sign) and the Moon.

The ascendant is Libra, so answering to Venus in the 8th house. The chart is already speaking of the potential that this woman is no longer alive; 8th house being the house of death, also this could point to a possible financial aspect with her death or with whatever happened to her. Libra ascendant signifies the victim is a woman - textbook Libra being someone with a delicate and attractive face, light or medium colored hair, cheerful, charming, slender - kind of a girl next door.

Photos of "S" show her to be very attractive and fit the profile pretty exactly, so I am thinking the time of the call - because 6:00 PM sounds too general and I was unsure of it - is probably accurate enough to work with.

The other planet in the 8th house with Venus is Mercury (and Venus is in the sign of Gemini, Mercury's sign). Mercury denotes communication and information, but also transportation and the local community/neighbors and at the time the call is made it is assumed she was riding a bicycle and the caller had been looking for a woman on a bicycle, so this all makes sense and connects. Venus is in Gemini (she was a schoolteacher/also business owner) so answering to Mercury who is in Taurus answering to Venus.

So we've got this kind of strong energetic loop to note here between the missing woman and the 7th house (partnerships, info about the perpetrator as well as the home of chaotic Uranus in this chart, break-ups) and 8th house (death/crime/secrets/sex/joint money and resources).

"S", the victim, is also shown by the Moon (as the signifier of what/who is lost) in this chart.

The Moon is in Capricorn - the sign of the Moon's detriment, showing "S" is not strong in this situation. The Moon is in the 3rd house (note this house also holds this year's infamous "time runs out" Pluto/Saturn conjunction).

The 3rd house is Gemini's house - so again speaking of communication, information, a conversation, transportation and also the local community. Maybe all this Gemini/Mercury we are seeing with her is indicating the combination of - the call to the police (remember this chart is a timestamp of that), a conversation/argument or discovery of information that leads to her being missing, her movement by either the bicycle or a car, her general nature as communicative/a teacher, maybe something having to do with Gemini's dualistic nature - the number two or two of something. Maybe even two people involved in what happened to her (?) or multiple victims. We know she had two daughters whose Mother's Days are ruined for the rest of their lives. .

The Moon in Capricorn is answering to Saturn in the 4th house of home/family/the person "in charge" of the home/father. Saturn is in Aquarius, so we could stop that loop right there between the 3rd and 4th houses if we use ancient rulerships (Saturn ruling Aquarius), but let's also add in Aquarius's modern ruler Uranus - sitting in Taurus in the 7th house of partnerships. Saturn in the chart can also represent where the "body/bones" end up - so maybe close to home?

Let's take a look at the descendant - the perpetrator - we'll call him "B". Honestly, I am already thinking 'husband' as soon as I see the Libra/Aries axis, but also because these cases often involve husbands. The couple have been married 26 years and the ascendant/descendant is 26 degrees - almost as if it was always going to come to this if they didn't get off this path ... as if they had been on this path for 26 years (2+6=8 that 8th house of death and 2 being Venus's number and 6 being Mercury's - so that's interesting if you are a human-calculator numerology sleuth). Her bicycle was found .26 miles from her house.

The descendant is in Aries, so we know the perpetrator is a male. Immature, impulsive, angry. With Eris (Goddess of discord) right there (!), we can assume a very rash personality and that whatever happened to the victim from this man probably happened very quickly and maybe because he was feeling left out/left behind.

An Aries physicality is a male, youthful or a kind of youthful charm, light hair, kind of Arian features, quick to anger, easily bored, typically a strong, athletic build. This description - the textbook description of an Aries appearance (this isn't about Aries Sun signs) - fits photos of the husband of "S" rather precisely. Aries is a fire sign and he is a firefighter.

Aries is ruled by Mars, here in the 4th house (along with her Moon's dispositor Saturn), so I am thinking this person lives in her house and/or this event happened in their house or within the family. Mars is in Aquarius; a thinking/detached Mars. A Mars taking action to create greater freedom. So, although the perpetrator is a rash person, this could be something he has planned out to an extent or previously thought about doing or about how he would do it. And, of course, Mars here allows his anger/violence to be acted out in a detached manner. Mars is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio - here the 2nd house of money/resources, so this is somehow factored in with his actions.

With both malefic planets in the 4th house of home (!) and the Moon (S) and Mars (B) landing here and with Venus and Mars trining each other in this chart - we see these people, the victim and the perpetrator, knew each other and fit together and we see the potential for violence in this home/family.

A closer look at Venus and I am wondering if "S" is a Taurus or Libra or has Venus strong in her chart - we see Venus (S) is ruling the 8th and 12th houses of the chart - both houses of death/endings/past life stories/secrets. We can't see Juno here (the goddess of marriage) because I neglected to print her, but we know she is in Libra now, so would be standing all alone in that karmic 12th house. A past life or ancestral marriage story being acted out here.

Here's where we go off-road and make some educated/uneducated guesses!

Venus square Neptune is the BIG, most exact aspect. 

She is Venus, so the square/challenge is from that unfocused Piscean energy. Maybe he has been drinking. Neptune can also be a liar/cheater/someone operating behind her back. This can also show her being overly-idealistic, not seeing how dangerous her opponent is. Maybe all of the above. 

Maybe she has found out about another woman (that Venus in Gemini), so now here she might be telling him she wants a divorce (the Moon's trine to Uranus 3rd to 7th and that Moon in Cappy is serious - she is serious)

or maybe he is confronting her with the knowledge that she is planning to leave him because remember with the trine the energy is flowing both ways.

Maybe he is wanting to be away from her, too, because remember Mars (he is Mars) is in Aquarius - detached and needing freedom. 

Things get dangerous fast now because he is that Eris energy in fiery Aries/seeing red - feeling left behind/left out. 

So, although maybe he is wanting out, too (Mars at the end of that 4th house), he wants it with his reputation/status (Saturn in the 4th, too) and with his resources/money/maybe a different woman intact (that Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini plus Mars ruling the 2nd house).

These cases sometimes involve another woman and Venus/Gemini makes me think of two women and with Mars in Aquarius it's possible he met another woman online or through a group/work situation. So, maybe he has thought about how to end his marriage, but what actually happens I think is fast and gets out of control and is not totally planned out. 

Mars isn't strong in Aquarius, although he is strongest in those last few Aquarian degrees as he is here and he is certainly stronger than she is during this event - Moon in detriment in Capricorn and that square to Neptune (maybe this even started when she was asleep the night before).

But he is not at the top of his game here either.

The Libra/Venus makes me think of damage to her throat and that Gemini the loss of her breath. But Eris/Aries could use a weapon. Whatever happened it was fast.

Now the husband's alibi, which I would assume the police are investigating, but are being tight-lipped about - is that he is conveniently out of town on business when this happens (have I said Sunday, Mother's Day, during a pandemic quarantine, yes I think I did?!). Even the bike ride may or may not have been a bike ride. It is unclear if anyone actually saw her on that bike or if this was some kind of 'buying time' tactic on the part of the husband to get his ass out of town. Remember Mercury, Gemini's ruler is the trickster. So, something about the chart - and remember this is a chart of the 911 call where the neighbor thinks the missing woman went on a bike ride - something about that could be a trick.

So, that Venus in Gemini could mean she was on a bike, but since the rest of the chart points home, maybe her body has traveled, but instead of a bike, maybe in a car, to her final resting place. It could be two different places are involved - maybe the house and then wherever she ends up. Likely not too far away since Gemini rules short distance travel and with both final dispositors in earth signs - almost certainly her body buried in/or on the ground somewhere. Ugh!

I believe her two teenage daughters were not living at the home - one in college and living in a house off-campus with roommates (so I guess she didn't come home when the school closed, because remember this is all happening during the quarantine, although I am unsure how strict it is where they live, probably much less strict than where I am), and the other daughter living with her boyfriend and his family, maybe this was some kind of compromise for her to be able to see him during the quarantine, I don't know. But this part isn't totally clear. Maybe they were home - the house was huge.

Whatever the reasons, this case made me think about all the families holed up out there and their need to come up for air!

Part II

So, one week after "S" is reported missing, her husband, who has not spoken publicly up to this point at all despite intense media coverage, posts a video on Facebook where he pleads (?) for his wife's safe return from the kidnappers.

It would seem to me a plea would be made for information since there hasn't been any ransom note/call, etc. I also noticed the large reward listed was for "her safe return" and not for information. Since he probably knows there will be no safe return, he can be pretty confident this reward money is safe from ever being collected. I am not going to link here to his Facebook post, although some armchair sleuthing on your part can probably find it. See what you make of the body language he uses with all the head shaking (no) as he says he wants her back. It is extremely hard to fake body language! And we have Mars (remember he was Mars in the earlier chart) squaring the Sun.

The second chart is for the exact time of his Facebook post.

(note - about 5000 of the 100,000 asteroids have been named and there happen to be asteroids with names very close or exact to "S" and "B", so I have added them here - they also synchronistically appeared in houses 8 and 12 - both death, endings, past life stories, secret houses - of the 911 call chart)

This chart is "B" making a public plea. The chart shows Leo rising, the ruler of Leo being the Sun - at the top of the chart in the 10th house of public life. So, this video is going to get out there/be seen by alot of people. Notice asteroid "B" in that 10th house - the husband himself going public - as well as Mercury (communication) and Venus (about a woman).

So, the Leo rising answers to the Sun in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini answering to Mercury in Taurus and then back to Venus (I am really wondering if this woman is a Taurus. I wish had their birth info!) for another trip around. Everything there in that 10th house  the energy making a total closed loop on itself as if "B" is speaking to himself - which maybe he is!

The good news, although probably not for him, but working toward the supposed purpose of his video 'finding his missing wife' (remember the chart is about the publication of the video, not the husband) is the Sun is exactly trining a retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn (and also trining Pluto - death, power, secrets, truth). Capricorn is about authority and trines remove the brakes. This video was probably very telling to the investigators working on this case. Also this could indicate their need to go back over what "B" was doing hour by hour/day by day (the 6th house). I also think this indicates his daily movements are being watched by the police/FBI. With Jupiter in Cappy answering to Saturn in Aquarius it could be tips that come in from the public (Aquarius) that aid authority or technology that will help find this missing woman.

So, what else is happening in this chart?

Notice Venus ("S") is in EXACTLY the same place - 21 degrees Gemini - in BOTH charts! This isn't because Venus is standing still, it's because between the 911 call and the video posting she stationed retrograde and headed back where she had already been. Amazing.

She will be back here a third and final time on July 29th.

And Mars ("B") is squaring the ruler of this chart and he was trining the ruler of the first chart making me think "B" isn't really wanting/supporting this video, but that he did want that 911 call placed when it was!

We see the asteroid for "S" all alone in that 12th house of endings in Cancer - the sign of the Mother, her most important and cherished role. And Juno, the marriage and wife, all alone in Libra in the 2nd - that un-valued marriage :(

At 0 degrees Leo asteroid "S" in that 12th house is opposing that Saturn/authority (Jupiter's final dispositor), maybe her energy is slowing this all down (the investigation, etc) for reasons we can't see or know ....

When the Sun - ruler of this chart - reaches 0 degrees Leo, near the end of July - asteroid "S" will be at 21 degrees Leo, so exactly sextile the Venus ruler of the 911 call chart. This is also about the time when Venus will be back at 21 degrees Gemini for the third and final time.

If these chart timestamps are any indication, that should be an important period of time in this case.

Some astrologers use the 4th house of the chart - the house that represents the 'end of the day' - to determine an outcome time-frame and that would be autumn in this chart (Jupiter stations direct mid-September and that is also the time the husband's asteroid reaches the degree of the wife's asteroid in this chart) and the end of the day would be winter in the 911 call chart, but let's hope for something quicker than all that, for the family's sake!

When this case breaks open, I will pull a chart and connect it to both these charts and see what we can learn about time-frames to help us in the future.

This is all a learning process.

As to where her body might be - back to that first chart - the third house strikes me as very important - we not only have the Moon here ("S"), but Jupiter (Sag ruler), we have Venus (chart-ruler) in Gemini and Gemini is the natural ruler of the the 3rd house. We have Pluto here, the natural ruler of the 8th house of death and placement of that chart ruling Venus. The 3rd house's natural direction is north-east. The third house in this chart is ruled by Sagittarius, so Jupiter is the house ruler. Jupiter also rules the north-east direction. The chart is heavy Mercury and Mercury rules the north. And, using Mercury/Gemini to illuminate facts - the husband claimed to be away for business - the city is in a north-east direction. So, it would make sense for "S" to be north-east of her home. There are more exact techniques for location and mileage, but they haven't worked for me very precisely in other charts, and I am not as familiar with them, so I will leave it at that.

If someone in the Facebook group finds their birth info I will update this or when the case is solved or resolved.

I should add there are quite a few ways to look at these charts and the astrologer always looks through her own lens

(and hubs did just eat the last brownie/piece of chocolate in this entire house!),

so I could have gone off course early and run into a ditch somewhere! That's why it is best to do a chart in concert with the chart's owner for the most accurate interpretation!

xo all

Here are a couple other mysteries if you missed them - HERE and HERE

New Moon in Gemini | May 22, 2020 - casting a new spell, telling a different story, activating a karmic situation around love or money, being wise and practical with your resources and your heart, delusion and bullsh*t detector on please

On Friday, May 22, 2020 at 1:38PM EDT the Gemini Moon meets the Gemini Sun at 2 degrees giving us this month's New Moon; our annual New Moon in Gemini.

The Moon and Sun are together at the same degree. The skies are dark. Then as time moves on, the Moon becomes visible, a little more visible everyday.  

This is called waxing and this is the two weeks of the month when things are naturally growing.

The Gemini New Moon is ruled by the planet Mercury and collectively rules our 3rd house. Gemini reigns over - the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, words, language, ideas, learning, teaching, writing, commerce, our local community, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation.

This Moon is remarkably similar to our New Moon eight years ago - the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 - an event so powerful it was pointed out by the ancient Mayans as the rare date the Earth, Sun, Moon and the Pleiades would align to create a portal for incredible TRANSFORMATION.

This was the beginning of the Mayan timetable that culminated with the "time runs out" ending of their calendar - December 21, 2012.

(interestingly it is this year's December 21st when Saturn meets Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius that restarts the world)

We talked about Venus retrograde's eight year cycle HERE.

Eight years ago we had the Moon/Sun at 0 degrees Gemini squaring Neptune (and asteroid Hygiea), Mercury conjunct Jupiter (ruler of the North Node) and Venus, retrograde at 23 degrees was trining Saturn. The North Node was in Sagittarius, the South Node was in Gemini.  

Today we have the Moon/Sun at 2 degrees Gemini trining Saturn, Mercury (ruler of the North Node) is conjunct Venus (and asteroid Hygiea) and Venus, retrograde at 20 degrees is squaring Neptune. The North Node is in Gemini. The South Node is in Sagittarius. The same players talking to each other from different places. Amazing, right?!

(an interesting, or maybe not, tidbit that I happen to know about singer Adele, random I know, from doing Adele's chart back in the day, no, not for Adele :) is that she has her Mercury (news, information) conjunct this New Moon and her Venus (beauty, self-esteem, love) conjunct this Venus, so now, and also, eight years ago she had this same alignment, except the nodes of fate were reversed back then - on this date eight years ago she was in the news for winning a bunch of Billboard Music Awards and now she is back in the news for losing a bunch of pounds - interesting, right? And BTW Adele was born with her Venus exactly conjunct Chiron - the wounded healer ... so likely she attracts experiences to heal wounds around valuing herself, her creative contribution and even her appearance in big, splashy public ways during these times.)

So, what does all this mean? For the rest of us, and, not just Adele?

Well, let's unpack the chart!

The Sun/Moon are trining Saturn and Pallas - both retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury, ruler of Gemini and so ruler of this lunation is in Gemini, too, exactly conjunct Venus and exactly squaring Neptune.

The trine to Saturn creates stability/practical and workable limits and speaks of the longevity, and responsibility encoded in what is started now. Maturity. Patience. The trine to Pallas speaks of a clear, detached focus. Pallas connects the dots and can see what is working and what isn't. Both Saturn and Pallas are retrograde. Neither got very far into Aquarius when they needed to back up. Something needs to be re-vised/re-viewed. Both these trines are waning, so this in our rear-view mirror. We have had to adjust to (Saturn) a change of boundaries/rules, a loss of structure and (Pallas) to a need to revise our strategy/our plans, our way forward.

The Sun and Moon are applying to a square to Mars - the Moon will get there today, the Sun not until June 6th. The Sun and Mars started a new cycle back on September 2, 2019, so this is their waxing square as that story plays out. This started in Virgo, and yes, September feels like a lifetime ago, but was really only a few months. Back then there was a need to do things right. To be careful and practical. To take care of our health and our work. Also to stay flexible because Virgo is a mutable sign.

Now, during this New Moon (and over the next two weeks) we meet an obstacle to whatever work was seeded back then. The Sun will be in Gemini and Mars in Pisces this time. This is tension/frustration that will require expression through action, but with Mars in drifting Pisces, direct action is unpredictable. So, again, we will need to stay flexible and make incremental adjustments as we go.

Squares with Pisces energies (the final sign) sometimes bring endings. Often the kind of endings where things just kind of drift away. Choices/decisions at the time of this square with Mars, could be driven by impatience. We can't do this, but we can do that, so let's do that even if it makes no sense/cents. At the New Moon, right now, we get the emotional impact of the Moon squaring Mars. Running in water/talking underwater. Buyer's regret. Passive-aggressive nonsense. Torn between what is practical and what we want .. but do we really want it. 

Asteroid Hygeia is still conjunct Vesta - this speaks of our continued need for safe/hygienic practices to guard what we value most. So we will continue to wash our hands (Gemini rules our hands). Also, we will want to think about - what we are thinking about/putting into our brain or saying to ourselves and other people. We can't feed ourselves a steady diet of bad news and expect to be healthy.

Mercury, ruler of this lunation and also in Gemini - where he/she is strong and at home is cuddled up to Venus (retrograde) and both are squaring Neptune.

Mercury is flying through Gemini and Venus is backing up here, taking her sweet time. Mercury meets up with her, brings her some news. Our thoughts can return to past relationships. The things we used to love. Communications from ex's - even people/unbalanced situations from past lives. Unfinished business via our relationships, resources, money, women, our Gemini natal house theme.

Mercury and Venus are exactly squaring Neptune.

Here's the pitfall.

With Neptune it will be hard to know what is real. Confusion. Rose-colored glasses. Things can be disappointing/not as they appear. People can over-promise and under-deliver. Anything that looks to good to be true, is too good to be true. There is something here we don't want to look at too closely and it is exactly the thing that will sabotage us/trip us up. We could overpay. Agree to something we later regret because things don't turn out the way we are expecting.

So, our New Moon start and this Venus/Gemini wanting will be challenged by illusions (something looking better than it actually is), lies, unrealistic ideals/dreams. The truth is hard to know because with Neptune something is always hidden. We aren't seeing/hearing the whole story right now!

Neptune also represents the virus - so we have this New Moon wanting this fresh start and there is this little fellow named corona getting in our way. We haven't risen from our sweaty deathbed sheets just yet.

Gemini is the sign of the twins/choices/decisions. So, there could also be two different relationships/two creative projects/two financial purchases/two deals that must be decided between and with the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune and trining Saturn -

we will want to CHOOSE THE MOST PRACTICAL, SOLID PATH. Well, maybe we won't want to. But the one that makes the most sense/cents will be the better choice - follow those trines to Saturn and Pallas. Keep in mind they are both retrograde in Aquarius, so are pointing toward us re-working something that is future-focused.

On the other hand and there are always two hands in Gemini - squares to Neptune may bring illusion and confusion, but they can also bring us intense creativity, compassion and intuition.

They can be a pathway to activation of past-life trigger points (what did we come here for/what did we promise to do?). Squares to Neptune are wake-up calls coaxing us to restructure our reality toward a higher purpose. Pray. Meditate. Ask your ancestors/your angels/your muses for their guidance through this.

Coming as part of a powerful New Moon this Neptunian contact is particularly important now. And keep in mind our connection to 2012.

What were you doing/thinking/believing around May-June 2012? Here is where our 2012 ascension energy really starts to connect to 2020.

And keep in mind the North Node is in Gemini, too, making this New Moon even more powerful and important! Set those intentions!

The next three Moons are eclipses, so for the next two weeks we will have more power in our own hands, to drive this train, than we are going to see for awhile - so where are we taking this thing? Somewhere warm and sunny? Who's with me? It's a brand new world baby even if we are still stuck in the house!


This is a great time for affirmations for Gemini themes - movement, flexibility, wit, communication, logic, social graces and ease, siblings, local issues, teaching/learning, mental anxiety, areas of life where you are seeing double or doing two things at once, our nervous system, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and our lungs.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a good frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place (meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.  

Know what you seek is seeking you (Rumi). Know these things are already yours.

xo all

Keep in mind with this powerful Mercury we are literally breathing life into our reality through our words now. Choose carefully. Pretend there is a reporter following you around recording everything you say. No babbling. No gossip. No verbal nonsense. Use serious language and note I don't mean harsh language. Critical words can push things teetering on the ledge right over the edge here. Splat.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, May 21, 2020 - the dark of the Moon, sliding back into our groove, new ideas/information. revising our plans, looking again with fresher/younger eyes

The Moon, exalted in Taurus, but also dark - reflecting a minimal of the Sun's light (good for flying under the radar, but not so good for making a big splash - keep this in mind now) - will sextile Neptune at 3:18PM EDT bringing us back into the flow/groove with our art, music, imagination, spirituality, especially as this stuff connects to our resources, self-esteem, income or values.

She will trine a retrograde Pluto late tonight (EDT) and then go void at 4:01AM EDT off a trine to Jupiter (also retrograde). Maybe something powerful cooking with our goals/authority figures/financial/intimacy/third party situations.

After a five hour void tomorrow morning she will move into Gemini, preparing for tomorrow's big New Moon that pulls us back to the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012.

We'll talk about that in a post later today.

We also have the Sun trining a retrograde Pallas (in Aquarius). Good for a light/maybe via new information or a conversation or idea to be shined on the plans/strategies we are re-working. Pallas connects the dots/sees what needs to be done and in detached Aquarius can get at it.

She is at the space Jupiter and Saturn will meet in December kicking off a new 20 year cycle, so Pallas - our wise warrior woman - starting a new cycle with the Sun here first matters. She is creating a trigger point. Something about now will connect us to then. Trines are smooth energy - we won't have to push/stress.

The Sun is in dualistic Gemini. There may be another way we hadn't thought of before or an idea/solution that pops into our head. We have to stay flexible.

Aquarius is fixed air, so Pallas (as us) has maybe been too sure of herself here. She (we) gets this breath of fresh/changeable air now at just the time she has turned around to re-think, re-vise, re-view something. Pallas, our strategic/warrior energy is ENERGIZED.

New facts/ideas can come to light. Maybe not through intimacy/or mind numbing research, but maybe even through the words of a child. Light conversations. Humor. New patterns. Communications can be illuminating, so reach out. Talk. Listen. Read. Write.

Again, as always for the next 18 months, the need to bring EVERYONE, AND EVERY PART OF OURSELVES, TO THE TABLE!

Back with that New Moon post.

xo all

photo by the talented nairafee

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - frustration, fighting about old stuff, tested by our ability to go with the flow, it is what it is

Today looks kind of testy. The Moon in Aries (as us) wants what it wants. And she wants it NOW.

She sextiles Venus (retrograde in Gemini) at 4:16AM EDT, so the early morning can be flavored with that. Good vibes. It's chatty/flirty. Nice energy for light/humorous communications and social interactions.

Then as the morning continues the situation grows more intense/serious.

She moves into a square with a retrograde Pluto at 11:50AM EDT and then goes void at 4:33PM EDT off a square to a retrograde Jupiter (both in sober Capricorn and answering to a retrograde Saturn).

So, our emotions today are colored/influenced by these challenging squares. 

This is tension/frustration via our goals, authority figures, control, financial situations, third party situations, intimacy - that lunar square to Pluto can bring a feeling of life and death to whatever we have going on. We want what we want. We want to control. We want to win. And so does everyone else.

Keep in mind lunar aspects are fleeting. The situation may continue, but the intense feelings won't.

Then our Aries Moon squares Jupiter (retrograde) - we want to move forward, maybe we want to be independent, do what we need/want to do, but that open door/path forward is hard to find! Challenges with our beliefs, education, travel, the media, politics, religion can be pulled into the mix.

This is all kind of feisty/argumentative energy. Keep in mind Mars (and the Aries Moon is answering to him!) is in Pisces now - we are either GOING WITH THE FLOW or we are paddling against the tide.

Either way - things are going to go the way they go.

Also, keep in mind all the Moon's interactions today (Venus, Pluto, Jupiter) involve retrograde planets. So these tension/challenges are about some old situation(s) that becomes hot and relevant.

The Moon is void from 4:33PM EDT until 10:10PM EDT when she moves into Taurus - where she is exalted. She will have one final square to Saturn (1:57AM EDT) that might pull the challenges into tomorrow morning for some people, but from Taurus she will make nice will Mars and Neptune, both in dissolving Pisces. And the Sun moves into the lighter energy of Gemini tomorrow, too.

These problems (more exactly our intense feelings about them) can blow/drift away as fast as they showed up!

So, take it easy on yourself (and others) today. Use the intense emotions that come up to show you what really matters rather than making impulsive/destructive moves - although, yes, sometimes impulsive/destructive moves are needed.

The Aries Moon - especially when challenged - brings out the angry, young man in all of us. Our temper will be short - as will everyone else's because this is collective energy. Keep this in mind.

Going with the flow doesn't mean stuffing our emotions. Just know the blocks are there for a reason. People keep asking me when this "will be over" and I want to say, "this was over in January".

We are building a  new world and this is the re-do part where we are deciding what goes and what stays - what stuff from the past is going to stay in our life and what has a deadly expiration date and we are holding onto it anyway, even as it eats us alive. The eclipses - three of them (!) - starting in just two weeks and happening two weeks apart, will sort the part out that is outside our control.

For now, don't be an asshole. Take care when driving. Holes punched in walls will just have to be mended later.

Get some exercise. Dance it out. Chop some wood. Mars needs to move. Use him or he'll use you!

xo all

photo by the talented photoflake

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | May 17th - May 23, 2020 - things get busier but lighten up, careful with big decisions or risky purchases, new moon offers fresh ideas and perspectives plus re-connecting and re-building opportunities

SUNDAY - Sun trines Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Venus squares Neptune
THURSDAY - Sun into Gemini
FRIDAY - New Moon in Gemini, Sun trines Saturn, Mercury conjuncts Venus and squares Neptune

The Sun moves into Gemini and life get busier. It should feel less heavy and lighter though as we get into more and more air and less and less earth. There are multiple Neptunian contacts this week - so expect facts to become even more slippery (excellent for inspiration, imagination, healing and connecting with the past).

This would NOT be the best week to make a big decision, but there are opportunities through small and flexible steps, maybe one step forward and two back, to start something that lasts!

SUNDAY - we talked about the Sun's (Taurus) trine to Jupiter (retrograde in Cappy at 27 degrees) on the Sunday daily and last week's weekly.

Here is a light shined on expansion/growth. With Jupiter retrograde maybe rewards for past work or opportunities from the past that come back around.

This continues a chapter the Sun/Jupiter started back on December 27, 2019 when they last met - we were in-between Eclipses then - and this story concludes on January 28, 2021 when they meet again and start a new chapter. No Jupiter/Sun meetings (conjunctions) at all in 2020 and that is very rare and tells us alot about this year!

So, the story they started at the end of last year, moves forward now. Trines remove the brakes/obstacles and this trine is with our Taurus house. So what house does Capricorn rule in your natal chart? What house does Taurus rules? What are the themes of these houses? These houses are always working together, but now they have some real power behind them and are super-charged!

Here's MONDAY since I probably won't pop in with the dailies until Tuesday -  the Moon's only aspect  on Monday (in Aries - so nurtured through independent or physical action, initiative, passion, men) is an opportunistic sextile to Mercury - home in Gemini now - at 1:14PM EST. This is great energy for fresh communications/conversations/sales/meetings/commerce. Good for sibling, local community and transportation situations. Good for mental activities. Independent work.

Tomorrow there is likely to be added pressure/tension, so make the most of this day. We'll talk about Tuesday in the lunar dailies.

WEDNESDAY - here is where a retrograde Venus makes her second square to illusive Neptune.

Be careful now. Things are not quite what they appear to be. This is NOT the time to make any big decisions/to be deciding between two things or making an important financial decision/spending a large sum of money. Sort through the facts. Think things through. It won't be easy to do this with foggy Neptune in the mix, but something almost surely looks better than it actually is or has something that is hidden and less appealing that we can't see right now. 

We had this aspect back on May 3rd, so we could be re-vising, re-viewing something from that time period. It will be too easy to ignore the facts and undermine ourselves with this energy, so slow down. Take care to not just be saying what people want to hear or hearing what we want them to be saying. Read between the lines. This aspect is in play all month, but very strong today.

THURSDAY - the Sun moves from earthy and stable Taurus into airy and fluid Gemini.

Gemini energy talks. It listens. It questions. It perceives what isn't said at all. In short, it doesn't miss a trick. With so much to see and so much to do and so much to communicate - there is not a moment to waste on any of those roses we were smelling last month/week/yesterday. Things will not be quite so black and white as they were in Taurus. It's a time to be curious. Ask questions. Change our mind. Try different things. We've been going deep and now we want to go wide. 

Since Gemini rules information we will have alot coming at us over the next few weeks. Not all of it will be true. Gemini (the twins) is the sign of duality - of black and white, of feminine and masculine, of truth and lies. Nothing will be totally one way or the other or quite what is seems now. We will be faced with dilemmas and changing viewpoints.

In the end contradictory thoughts and things can come together with this energy, but it takes work, an open mind and the ability to stay flexible.

We all have ideas about how things are supposed to look and work that we've carried since childhood (and from our ancestors/past lives). We have these beliefs and then we, subconsciously, look around for the things that support these beliefs and that's what we notice. Then our beliefs gets reconfirmed and strengthened. Even though these beliefs are no truer than someone else's beliefs that reflect the very opposite thing!

(this would be a good time to post on Facebook what we are doing and not what we are believing - let's give everyone a break and declare a moratorium on passive-aggressive and "know-it-all" memes and post about our lives again)

With the Sun in Gemini and all of us burning Gemini fuel - we can give ourselves permission to embrace a more wide open receptive state. We can move against the beliefs we've been strengthening since childhood if they no longer suit us.  

See what house holds Gemini in your natal chart - this space is communicating with you now. During Gemini season we will be busy. Starts and endings will be fast and furious, but lasting .... that's very questionable.

FRIDAY - this is the big day and we will unpack this further in the New Moon post.

We have the Moon meeting the Sun at 2 degrees Gemini ushering in a new lunar month. The New Moon/Sun will trine Saturn making whatever is started now - extra sticky! New information, communications, ideas come in. Mercury (ruler of Gemini, and so ruler of this lunation) will be conjunct Venus -  so we could get some good news! - although there is a big BUT here - sorry! - his square to illusive Neptune could indicate hidden information or things seeming better than they actually are. Any Neptunian contact makes things cloudy, so watch for miss-information, any escape/addiction/self-sabotaging tendencies. Again this is a communicative New Moon and this is a good time to reach out to others.

We'll talk about the New Moon in detail in its own post!

xo all

photo by the talented eulalievarenne

Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, may 17, 2020 - an old opportunity comes back around, a lucky break, erasing some of those dots we've been connecting, two sides to everything now

When we wake EDT, the Moon has completed her journey through Pisces - a space she loves. She has sextiled the Sun at 3:14AM EDT and gone void off a sextile to a retrograde Jupiter at 3:59A EDT. At 9:36AM EDT she moves into fiery Aries and will sextile a retrograde Saturn at 1:29PM EDT. Lots of lunar sextiles. Lots of opportunities to feel good. 

The sextile to the Taurus Sun is this month's Waning Sextile - this is more dreams being made real energy. The unbounded, imaginative and compassionate Pisces Moon making nice with that stable, lasting and practical Taurus earth.

This is also the day the Sun trines a retrograde Jupiter. And, yes, this is within the same day the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Rewards for past work. Lucky breaks. What we have (that Taurus!)/what we value EXPANDS. Remember Jupiter is retrograde so going deep instead of wide right now and moving backward, so maybe the Sun shines a light now on something we had previously missed/discarded. Is there something more here? We don't have all the doors available we had last year, but there is a door and the Sun will find it!

The Sun will trine a retrograde Saturn this week, too - maybe an opportunity comes back around. Look for it. Make the call. Send the email. Make yourself visible. 

Sometimes when we think we are waiting for something to happen, life has already tossed us the ball. We have to make a move with it and set a response into motion. We think we are waiting on something else when that something else is actually waiting on us! Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini for the next 18 months - there is no one great move/answer that will make everything better, instead there are a gazillion options and moves. Let's not be so afraid of making a mistake. Just start small and be flexible enough to pivot as needed and we can't lose!

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 0 degrees Aquarius. So, she (as us) got all the way to innovative/future-focused Aquarius and now almost immediately has to turn around/go back over something. Pallas is our wise warrior woman who, unlike Mars who will just sock someone in the nose, thinks and plans and strategizes. Like Saturn before her, she doesn't get very far into Aquarius when she is held up. She moved outside the box and now is headed back into the box!  

Something about our thinking/planning, the way we are connecting the dots - needs to be re-vised/re-viewed. 

Keep in mind our North Node in Gemini's dual nature. Everyone gets a seat at the table. Our closed minds will be the death of us/set us on the path for a very restrictive future.

Think outside the box AND inside the box.

xo all

photo by the amazing photoflake

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, May 16, 2020 - relationship tension, wanting something from the past, smothering, mothering, bending over backward to keep the peace, rocks and hard places, decisions, going with the flow

The Moon, nurtured by "going with the flow" in imaginative Pisces meets Neptune at 2:34PM EDT, squares Venus (retrograde) at 4:35PM EDT and sextiles Pluto (retrograde) at 11:14PM EDT.

The Pisces Moon meeting ruler Neptune in his home sign is UBER Neptune. Boundaries dissolve. This could be inspiration/compassion/delusion. We are feeling very comfortable with sensitivity, maybe with delusion, maybe with escape. It's Saturday .. I think ... so that feels about right. We will be very psychic.

Just take care with any over-the-top illusional hunches that push us into something that has no grounding in reality. Great for art, music, healing, charity work, spirituality.

By mid-afternoon we are approaching that square to Venus (who wants us to have a little bit of everything and especially anything we have had or have wanted before) - this is tension/a challenge maybe through a conversation/decision involving relationships or money or our resources/beauty/self-esteem. This could also be a kind of final straw, followed by a "drift apart" conclusion. Mercury is a bit stressed out with Pluto at the moment, making us more prone to black and white/doomsday, suspicious thinking or using some kind of 'deadly' language. Ouch.

From Pisces point of view, Gemini's need to go this way and that way tends to complicate things. Keep this in mind.

By the time the Moon meets Pluto we will know just what cards we are holding - having been to hell and back/death and rebirth with this subject - or maybe this is what we are dreaming about. I am fairly certain I will be sleeping. Either way there is opportunity here between our Pisces and Capricorn houses. This could be more making the dream real stuff - always good to find those times during the month and put them to good use!

Another thing we have exact today is Juno (our marriage archetype retrograde in partnership/balance focused Libra) inconjunct Ceres (in Pisces) at 6 degrees and since we just talked about that retrograde Venus squaring the Moon (in Pisces) this might amplify and color that tension.

So, maybe one partner wants to keep things on an even keel/wants to keep things light, and this can be a romantic relationship, but can really be anyone we have a contract/agreement with (it doesn't have to be a written contact, but there is usually some kind of societal expectations here) - while the other person is doing some kind of sacrificial/martyr thing or some kind of extreme lack of boundaries or idealization or smother mothering. This can also be about situations where it feels like one partner holds all the cards and the other feels very out of control.

This is an inconjunct, so a rock and a hard place.

We don't want to lose ourselves/over nurture/try to control someone AND we don't want to gloss over problems and pretend they don't exist.

The Moon in Pisces can be self-sacrificing and also self-sabotaging. Does the person we are 'helping' actually need our help?

And, on the other hand, if we are smiling through the 'helping' that has gotten on our last nerve (doing that bending over backward thing to keep the peace), maybe it's time to talk this thing out.

Don't expect all the wrinkles to be ironed out - we will be back here in mid-July with Ceres retrograde and Juno direct - BUT with Juno answering to Venus in dualistic Gemini - there will be more than one way through these kinds of relationship challenges.

Stay flexible. Compromise. Know that people and situations from our pasts/what we once loved can come back around if we still have strings attached to them.

We can use the Moon in Pisces to feel what the other person is feeling/to go with the flow.

xo all

photo by the talented Rona-Keller

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, May 15, 2020 - controversial and healing conversations, do we still love last month's obsession, what needs to be wrapped up, what needs to be re-vised/re-visited/re-built

The Moon, in Pisces now and nurtured through the Piscean waters of our imagination, spirituality, connection, the past -

will sextile Uranus at 12:41PM EDT (unusual attachments, unconventional needs, comfort with chaos, surprise)

and square Mercury at 12:57PM EDT, so maybe that Uranian surprise leads to an argument/tension/controversy.

The planets are making multiple exact connections today - we have Mercury sextiling Chiron, Venus (retrograde) conjunct Vesta and the Sun trining a retrograde Pluto.

Mercury sextiling Chiron is a healing conversation/words. Mercury is home in fast-moving Gemini now, so this is not the energy of a deep heart-to-heart, but something quick and light and even humorous. Keep in mind Chiron in Aries is healed through courage. Be brave, say what needs to be said but don't make a big drama out of it.

Venus's meeting with Vesta is their second (of two) meetings.

We had this aspect back on April 14th, when maybe we got really obsessed about wanting something. Maybe we got it. Maybe we didn't. But, now Venus is retrograding back over this point for a re-view. And remember Vesta is about the stuff that keeps us up at night/a sacred focus. Happening in Gemini, this could be about a decision/conversation/news - we have lived a lifetime since mid-April haven't we? Has our desire here changed? Gemini is dualistic, so this could be about more than one way forward with this or maybe we are seeing the other side of some situation.

Finally, although this actually happens first, we have the Sun trining Pluto at 24 degrees.

Taurus/Capricorn is solid grounding. Slow and steady growth/power. Taurus rules what we have now/our resources, also our values/self-esteem and Capricorn is about the world, our responsibilities, our work and goals, authority. Good energy for dealing with authority/power structures, just keep things practical. Pluto in Cappy is retrograde, so we are going back over something - again the "re's" - revising, reviewing, rebuilding. The Sun shines a light here, creates a smooth path of slow and sober empowerment.

So, there is a good flow between our resources/self-esteem and authority/goals and maybe a hard conversation/news (that lunar square to Mercury) that is ultimately healing - courage/being ourselves/standing on our own two feet is needed to get the healing. 

This is the time in our lunar cycle for culminations/endings AND the Moon is in Pisces - what do we need to wrap up? We don't know everything, but we know what is over.

xo all

photo by the talented AlexandraSophie

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, May 14, 2020 - what are we holding onto, what is holding us down, clearing the field, going further in, Jupiter stations retrograde

Our Aquarius Moon trined Venus (retrograde in Gemini now) at 5:20AM EDT - this makes for a pleasant early morning, then she starts moving toward her square with the Sun - this month's Third Quarter Square. She will go void at 10:03AM EDT off that square and be void until 9:24PM EDT when she moves into Pisces.

The square is Taurus/Aquarius. This will be about your natal house themes or the collective themes of "mine" vs "the group's" or security/stability vs liberation/the future. The Sun in Taurus has had us focused on our money, our resources, our values. The Aquarius Moon is nurtured through doing it differently or what is best for the group. Squares are tension/frustration - areas of dissatisfaction that can no longer be ignored. The Sun asks - what is still worth holding onto? What do we value now? The Aquarius Moon asks - what are we holding onto that is holding us down? What needs to be shaken up?

This is also the day Jupiter (joining Pluto, Saturn and Venus in this backwards dance) stations retrograde in Capricorn. Now we have both our benefic planets moving backward! What does this tell us? We missed something! There is something back there we need to attend to before we can move forward! Maybe a space to be cleared, so fresh gold can be mined. A retrograde Jupiter goes deep instead of wide. We are going back over our faith/our beliefs/the big picture.

With both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde we are becoming older and wiser.

We can stop looking for a way out because we are all going further in.

Even though Jupiter is still sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn, the good news for his retrograde chart - remember the way we start, the chart in play at the beginning, matters - is a nice smooth trine to that Taurus Sun. 

The Venus and Saturn retro charts looked a bit more dicey, but Jupiter's chart shows confidence/hope/faith/luck. 

Jupiter will be retrograde until September 12th and amazingly he will also trine the Sun (the Virgo Sun - health!) on the day of his station direct. We have been wondering if Jupiter is expanding this tense situation we find ourselves in or making it better - this cycle would indicate he brings the "better".

Some things to keep in mind now - Mars is in Pisces. We are going to need more rest. More music. More God/the infinite. More imagination. More art. Know some things are likely to drift off-course. Let them drift. Pisces is the last sign, so finish what needs finishing. Mars is gearing up for his home sign of Aries (the first sign!) and once he gets there on June 27th, he will be there for the entire rest of the year! So rest/drift while you can.

We are totally supported right now for what we need to do next. Not so much for what we will be doing in six months or a year because we really haven't even started building the road to take us there yet. But what we should do next - we know. And we know because it is that unfinished thing.

Mars in Pisces and all these retrograde planets and a waning Moon ask - what needs to be re-vised/how can we finish this up?

And, of course, keep in mind that North Node (like our guiding star forward) in Gemini now. We don't have to have all the answers. Stay curious. Ask questions. Let other people have their own opinions/ideas. We need to re-learn the art of conversation. We need someone who is like a sister/brother, more than we need an expert (know-it-all) right now. The experts can't be trusted and this is not because they are lying or wrong necessarily, but just because they are looking through this very narrow lens of their expertise. They don't know what they don't know. We don't either.

Jupiter retrograde can bring a pause to Jupiter ruled expansion - so things like travel, publishing, religion, weddings, legal issues, politics will require re-views and re-visions.

Have a nice day everyone - keep in mind that void Moon from 10AM EDT to approx 9:30PM EDT - time gets stretchy, we can get alot done, but stick to practiced routine or we might find ourselves having to do it all over again later ...

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina