Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - smooth sailing then the evening gets more stressful, communicate, socialize, our path/the story changes, the facts and the children will lead us

The Moon is in social Libra now - nurtured through other people, beauty, peace, bringing things into balance.

She (as us) has a lovely trine (brakes off) to ruler Venus in Gemini - so in mutual reception with Mercury in Taurus. Good for improved communication/connecting with other people. Tonight she runs into - via a tense square - a retrograde Pluto at 7:04PM EDT. Power struggles/intense situations and the Moon in Libra likes things smooth and easy. She will quickly trine Mars though (in Aquarius), so we should be able to work through whatever this is by using a cool head and keeping one detached eye on the future.

This is also the day via Libra/Taurus we get this month's Waxing Inconjunct between the Moon and the Sun showing a need to balance both our current resources, our money, our values, our wants with what is wanted/needed within our relationships/by other people. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places, so require adjustment, some give and take, and still leave us unsettled because things cannot be fully reconciled. As part of this month's lunar cycle and with a Full Moon (in Scorpio so answering to powerful Pluto) in a just a couple days - it could be a good idea to deal with this now, rather than stuff it as a Libra Moon is prone to do with anything distasteful - and maybe tonight's squares force our hand with this - we will get a much better culminating result as the Moon reaches her fullness in Scorpio, if we do (dealing with the ways we merge ours with theirs, etc)

The big news today, but this is longer term, so more impactful over time - the Nodes of the Moon move from Cancer into Gemini and Capricorn to Sagittarius. We still have an eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn polarity and Mercury is going to make a long retrograde through Cancer - June/July and Mars will square Cancer/Capricorn in the fall, so we are still dealing with this polarity, but it is no longer our guideposts.

The past, where we are now, represented by Sagittarius now - our entrenched beliefs, may become even more entrenched until it becomes obvious they are the elephant in the room blocking the door. Sag themes - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking and, of course, the theme of our natal Sag house - will be subject to the disintegration of whatever is no longer working.

The future, our best path forward is represented by Gemini now - our mind, information, communication, facts, asking a question, questioning ourselves, making a new choice, telling a fresh story, looking at fresh perspectives and new ideas, trying new things, taking a class, doing something within our local neighborhood, calling our sister (or brother or cousin), starting that book, starting that business, making something smaller, travel/shop/sell more locally.

We will talk about this alot over the next couple years. We change our beliefs (and this is fate, so no stopping this train!), we change our life.

Instead of running on hope/what we believe we will be running on information. Start small. In Gemini we absorb information - this will be a great transit for learning. The student will be a more important role for us than the teacher. What is best for the kids, more important than what is best for older people - you can see how this is going to flip everything as we move through this. Trust this. Everything is unfolding just as it should be.

Today's Moon will go void at 10:31PM EDT off a square to Jupiter diving into Scorpio while we sleep preparing for the big Full Moon - we will talk about that in the next post.

xo all

photo by the talented yokhicolmadi

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