today's astrology forecast | Thursday, January 5, 2023 - unexpected change and security triggers

We wake (EST) to last night's Void Moon, but not for long. 

She moves into Cancer at 9:15AM EST where she is waxing toward her opposition with the Sun on Friday. Now we are nurtured/nourished by home, family, safety, security, real estate, mom and apple pie. With that Full Moon approaching, our emotions around all this stuff (and the Cappy polarity work/goals/authority, etc) IS BUILDING. 


Her only aspect today is a square to Jupiter at 12:50PM EST. Jupiter is big/expansive, so maybe we have alot going on. Maybe our initiative/motivation increases, especially around home or family projects. Maybe we take on too much with this or are feeling how we have or are too impulsive/easily irritated. 

Even squares with lucky Jupiter can bring tension/frustration. We could feel OVERWHELMED.


This is also the day the Sun, at 15 degrees Capricorn, trines Uranus in Taurus and Mercury (retrograde) opposes Pallas in Cancer, at 19 degrees.


Mercury/Pallas is a repeating aspect. We had this one on Christmas, making it easier to place when we are re-triggered now. Pallas in Cancer is about strategies for dealing with familial patterns - primarily mommy issues. The opposition from Mercury in Capricorn brings up what we DON'T WANT TO OR AREN'T SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT. Also pulls in daddy issues. Communicating about what we need will be challenging. This is the re-vising/re-thinking part of Mercury's retrograde through stoic/stiff-upper-lipped Cappy where he/she (as we) is challenged by something more emotionally based. Something we have felt before. Can show up as work vs home or daddy vs mommy stuff, too. This is all setting us up for the BIG Full Moon in Cancer. 

The Sun's trine to Uranus gives us a way through any challenges now. Do something DIFFERENT or DIFFERENTLY. Unexpected changes are likely. This is an Earth trine. Cappy/Taurus. Real/practical. Something that makes sense/cents. This is also good energy to detach ourselves from the Mercury/Pallas family or work drama that is probably really all about our SECURITY, which feels pretty sketchy for most people these days. That's part of the process. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And life is definitely changing!

We will talk about the Cancer Full Moon tomorrow night. 


For now, know the Sun's trine to Uranus is providing a smooth path to our future. Something more solid, stable and simple IN THE LONG RUN even when it brings short-term chaos. This is our life force in a portal with higher/hive mind, so pay attention to what comes to your attention. Brilliant ideas are RIGHT HERE NOW. Keep in mind the trine comes with our Sun in serious Capricorn. This trines means business. 


Expect the unexpected.  


Be yourself. Authenticity matters. 


Lean into something NEW. 

xo all

Keep in mind our precious Luna only gets one Full Moon a year where she is answering to no one, but herself, and that Moon is on Friday ....

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