weekly astrology forecast | September 4th to September 10th, 2023 - going deep instead of wide, a light on what we are fixing, some benefits and lucky developments for all of us, do you feel lucky?

Sorry for the late posting. 

How could the end of this week be September 10th already?!

These transits look good. Let's dive right in!

MONDAY - Jupiter stations retrograde, Mercury trines Jupiter

WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjuncts the Sun

FRIDAY - the Sun trines Jupiter

On MONDAY - Mercury, retrograding through the middle of Virgo, trines Jupiter in the middle of Taurus,  and then Jupiter stations retrograde. 

So Mercury brings some IDEA/information/conversation to Jupiter to make it BETTER/BIGGER and then Jupiter says "hold on, there's something here, but maybe more than you think there is, let's go back over this"! 

Keep in mind, Mercury retrograde in Virgo is about us fixing/re-vising something practical that will make our day-to-day life BETTER. This energetic alignment with a strong and stationing Jupiter speaks of a GOOD IDEA. An opportunity that needs a deeper/longer dive.

Happening just as Juspiter stations retrograde syncs these two retrogrades, Mercury and Jupiter, TOGETHER. 

When Jupiter stations retrograde, and he does every year for a couple months, an area of expansion/growth might temporarily stall. Our faith might be tested. Maybe we have missed an opportunity and need to move backward, or even sideways, to line up with it properly later. 

An especially good time (through December 30th) for Sagittarius rising folks to re-invent themselves. And, for all of us to re-imagine/re-work the house ruled by Jupiter in our natal chart as well as the theme of our Taurus house. Collectively, this will be about our money, resources and values.

So, this is a busy week, yes, BUT, slow down anyway. 

Take a breath. Jupiter rules growth and stuff that just keeps growing and growing is NOT sustainable. With Jupiter retrograding in Taurus this year - our growth gets focused on one particular area. Something real and practical. Maybe something about our money or our resources or our values. 

Maybe whatever we have been going wide with, well - now we go DEEP.

Jupiter is intent on giving EVERYONE an open door/lucky break - this is where (over the next few weeks) an opportunity can come back around. 

Jupiter's hand-off from Mercury as he stationed pulls a conversation or information or idea (also for some people a sibling, tech or transportation issue) into the mix. 

With Jupiter set to meet the Sun at the end of the week, we won't have to wait long for some benefits and LUCKY developments to show up!

So, let's see what we missed the first time through. Keep in mind Jupiter is in Venus's house and SHE has just stationed direct in LEO. There is some gold here somewhere!

On WEDNESDAY - Mercury goes into the heart of the Sun as Pallas opposes Neptune and the Gemini Moon squares the Virgo Sun.

The BIG news today is Mercury retrograde catches up with the Sun, at 13 degrees Virgo. HERE is where we can see clearly what this Mercury retrograde has been about for us.

The square from the Gemini Moon (ruled by Mercury) to the Sun in Virgo (also ruled by Mercury) complicates things. Pulls new words, conversations, ideas, choices into the mix. Happening as Mercury meets the Sun, tells us, that as much as we might like to ignore whatever this is and just keep 'doing our Virgo' the Moon cannot be ignored. This new information MUST be factored in. 

Pallas is in Virgo answering to Mercury, too, and she opposes Neptune now. Something dissolves/culminates/becomes foggy. Whatever this is, with Neptune, it is out of our hands. On the plus side, this opposition gives us access to our ancestors/the past/our intuition. Prayer is powerful. If a strategy/fix dissolves now we are going to have to go with the flow. 

There are almost certainly other choices here. 

They may not be totally comfortable choices because they come to us through that square from the Moon, but squares force new action. 

What is our next step (keep in mind it could be backwards or sideways)? What did we miss? Get to it. 

On FRIDAY, the Sun trines Jupiter retrograde. 

There are already some PRACTICAL BENEFITS from Jupiter's extended stay at 15 degrees Taurus. 

Our solar energy/ego is in smooth flow with confidence, luck, expansion. Fears and obsessions can dissolve in the Sun's bright light. 

This is faith, optimism, opportunity. Make a stretch - and yes, it may be backward. Take a chance. 

So, what comes to light now? Where do we need more faith/confidence? What can be made BETTER if we go deep instead of wide?

How are YOU lucky?

People with planets/points near the middle of the fixed and mutable signs will be feeling this week's energies strongest. 

xo all

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