Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 1st - women not taking any sh*t, compromise needed, words are uber powerful, if you don't want to burn something down better hold your tongue, if you do want to burn something down this would be the time to speak up, secrets spill, possible bad news, get to bed early

toxic city 03 by Art-de-Viant

We start the week with Pluto direct (18 degrees Capricorn) after his five month retrograde (since April 22nd).

He will move forward until April 23, 2019 when, at 23 degrees Capricorn he will again station retrograde

(my besieged 21 degree Capricorn Mercury needed to lie down today upon realizing this (!) since I am getting FIVE passes of Pluto, except with Pluto the lying down could be in a big old wooden box, so I probably shouldn't even joke about this).

Pluto is retrograde for almost half the year - imagine what Scorpio (rising, like me) people could do if their ruling planet wasn't retrograde almost half the year. I imagine how nice it must be to be a Leo rising with your ruling planet (the Sun) never stationing retrograde, but then think about those Gemini and Virgo risings who must feel like they pretty much have to do everything twice! Ugh!

In October, Pluto is going to cross the ecliptic from North to South for the first time since 1770 - Pluto literally returning to the underworld AND at a time when Jupiter (in Scorpio) is answering to him AND when Venus is retrograding through Scorpio and answering to him. Also interesting that Pluto stations direct - in mythology Pluto is the rapist of Persephone (Ceres' daughter) - the same week Venus (ruler of women) stations retrograde - while the United States is embroiled in the Kavanaugh nomination mess.

But first Mercury is going to have a conversation with Pluto this week - likely one we aren't going to like, so let's take a look at the week ahead.

Here are the major aspects I see:

MONDAY  - Mars conjuncts Black Moon Lilith (in Aquarius)
TUESDAY - Mercury (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn)
FRIDAY - Venus stations retrograde (in Scorpio)
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Eris
SUNDAY - the Sun conjuncts Ceres (in Libra)

So, this looks like another stressful, intense week for many of us. Remember we are all in this together - we'll get through this.

On MONDAY, the Moon enters Cancer at 2PM EDT ending a more than 24 hour void. In Cancer, we could find our focus turning to home, family, home business, mom, country, yada, yada for the next couple days. We will want to hunker down, maybe even hide out. Everyone will be more sensitive. Keep this in mind.

At 4:29PM EDT, the Cancer Moon sextiles unpredictable Uranus (in Taurus). We want to do something different. A change of pace is required. Opportunity comes from doing something else. At 7:18PM EDT the Moon opposes Saturn. There are limits, responsibilities, emotions get repressed, people become more inflexible.

Todays' big news, Mars (in Aquarius) once again - yes, another repeat - conjuncts Black Moon Lilith (the angry outsider). We last had these two meet on August 10th. This is the uncontrolled masculine and the outsider feminine together. This is the volatility of the male/female power imbalance. Sparks will fly. We might struggle against some kind of domination as we are, once again, reminded of all the ways we don't quite fit in. We are older and wiser than we were on August 10th, but a cotton sheet will still feel like a lead blanket. We might need to run screaming into the woods with this one ....

On TUESDAY, we have the last quarter Moon at 5:45AM EDT, when the Cancer Moon squares the Libra Sun. This is a crisis point in the Moon's monthly cycle. The square to Libra speaks of the need for balance, justice and compromise. This isn't about us giving in or pouring pink paint over a problem, but to work with Libra we do need to acknowledge there are two sides to every story.

At 8:18AM EDT then Moon will trine (brakes off) a seductive Venus (in Scorpio). This is women getting along with other women. This is being social and what we want and what we need coming together. This is that balance we were seeking early this morning, so I guess we get it. It might be subtle though. By 2:48PM EDT the Moon has moved on to a compassionate, imaginative trine with dreamy Neptune. We have a Grand Water Trine going on now making everyone more sensitive, but also more sensitive to each other. Our boundaries are thin. Addictions attract. Escape hatches open.

The big news Tuesday, and this is exact on Tuesday, but in play all week is Mercury's square to a newly direct Pluto. This speaks of powerful conversations/communications. WORDS ARE POWERFUL. We, and other people, can be very persuasive, but equally manipulative (what is the difference exactly? I guess whether we are the one doing the talking or someone else is!). Secrecy. Obsessive thoughts. Paranoia. Jealousy. Possibly bad news comes in. This could be relationship vs career stuff. Our words can be misconstrued. Things could feel like life and death and they might actually be about life and death. Information could be used to gain power over other people now. We might discover something someone in power has done wrong - this could be a big news theme in the collective, too. Secrets get spilled. Some people's motivations will be deeper and darker than we expect - check your motivations before opening your mouth folks! People will be audacious. Yes, audacious.

Stay frosty.

Watch your language, but if you actually want to burn the house (your job, your marriage, etc) down with your mouth this would be the time.

Again this week's themes of "who has the power?", "who is in control?" are in play.

This is good energy for research, investigations, writing a mystery novel (get working on that one, will ya') and getting to the bottom of things. 

Then at 10:10PM EDT the Moon moves into her monthly opposition with Pluto - what else can happen?! Best to avoid emotional entanglements. Just stay home and go to bed. But then, of course, because what else,  just a few minutes later the Moon will square Mercury making our minds restless, maybe preoccupied with the past - it could be hard to fall asleep.

OK, so we get to sleep by 8:30PM EDT on Tuesday.

We wake on WEDNESDAY to a Void Moon until she moves into Leo at 5:12PM EDT. Wednesday would not be a good day to start anything new or push anything important out into the world (unless it is your tax return) because nothing will come of it. And if you don't believe this, keep in mind, Obama started his second term - yes, the one Trump has been busy dismantling - on a Void Moon. Void moons are good energy to work on things already in progress - we can often get alot done.

The Moon's move into Leo will turn our focus to Leo themes - children, self-expression, creativity, fun, recreation, romance - for the next couple days.

At 7:29PM EDT the Leo Moon will square Uranus (in Taurus). We will be feeling more impulsive and independent, and so will other people - not such good energy for interacting with others. Expect the unexpected.

OK, so on Wednesday night we go to sleep by 6:30PM EDT.

On THURSDAY the Leo Moon will oppose Mars (in Aquarius, for what seems like forever) at 5:31AM EDT. This could make for a challenging morning.

BUT by 12:19PM EDT the Leo Moon is sextiling (opportunity) the Libra Sun. This last sextile between the Moon and Sun before the New Moon is excellent energy for creativity and collaboration. This is a good time for business and meeting people. Good for romance, activities with children, putting something out there you can be proud of.  

Actually if you are pushing something out into the world this week - from now until Venus stations retrograde on Friday at 3:05PM - it is pretty much all systems GO (keeping in mind I can't see your natal).

OK, back later in the week with the rest of that Venus retrograde series and to finish out this week. See Part I about Venus retrograde HERE.

Whatever this Venus retrograde will be about for you - you know it, it is already in play.

xo all

Think wine, hot baths and "this too shall pass" this week

Weekend Astrology Forecast Creatives | molehills into mountains, the feminine energy vs the power structures, fresh air and fresh ideas, sleeping in while a sleeping giant wakes up plus some astro on the Kavanaugh nomination

Nina by Bird Sophie Black

At 1:20PM EDT on FRIDAY we have the Moon (in Taurus) trining Pluto (in Capricorn). We get this aspect once a month during the Moon's transit through Taurus. This is powerful emotional energies. Great for intense experiences that leave us feeling nourished. In earth signs this is stable energy as something solid moves forward or clicks almost silently into place.

At 6:36PM EDT the Moon moves into her opposition with Jupiter (in Scorpio) - this is probably not the time to make a large purchase because we could be feeling very self-indulgent and make a bad financial move. Our emotions are over the top, too. We are nurtured - and challenged(!) -  by things that are outside our comfort zone or go deeper than we want to go. Mountains will be made from molehills now, so keep that in mind. Good energy for business, but probably not so good for a Friday night date. There is a feminine energy vs the power structure struggle with Taurus/Capricorn here, too.

Also today Chiron (retrograde in Pisces) sextiles Juno (in Taurus) at 29 degrees. With Chiron back in Pisces we are returning to a past wounding/loss/addiction. The opportunity of the sextile, which is gentle, comes through partnership/commitments/contracts - maybe someone who understands us, a commitment that is encouraging, an acknowledgement of our pain makes a difference now.

With Chiron in Pisces the healing comes from letting go ....

The Moon goes Void off her opposition to Pluto and stays void until she moves into Gemini on SATURDAY morning at 9:36AM EDT. The Moon in Gemini will turn our attention to conversations and communications, to words and writing, to ideas and information- for the next couple days.

We will be busy and mentally active. Lots of errands. Lots of texts. Activities could involve our local neighborhood and our siblings. Computer and transportation issues could have our focus, too.

The Moon will trine Mars (and then form a Grand Air Trine with the Sun (!) on Saturday night - great for creative work, writing, communicating. Try to take advantage of this time period, we don't get this kind of energy very often! Open the windows and bring in some fresh air. Open your mind and bring in some fresh ideas. Good date night for conversation and being out and about.

On SUNDAY we have another long Void Moon (sleeping it off or maybe we are just all talked out?!) starting in the morning and lasting until Monday afternoon!

And Pluto stations direct (the sleeping giant awakens) - will write a post about that!

xo all

A couple people have asked me about what the astrology says about the outcome for the Kavanaugh hearings. The story captures the zeitgeist of our times. I believe these souls are playing out the collective energies for all of us (and the energies are unfolding in our own lives, too).

It's like we are watching a play about "what is happening while we are watching the play".

The astrology was uncannily perfect yesterday - even the Moon's waning inconjunct; the rock and hard place between the Libra Moon and the Taurus Sun - with Venus (ruling Libra) rubbing up against Venus (ruling Taurus) and the GOP having all their questions asked by a female prosecutor!

All the wounds from centuries of patriarchy (the masculine by male entitlement, the feminine by dis-empowerment) are coming up to be healed/released.

I don't have Blasey-Ford's birth information, but Kavanaugh's chart has Jupiter hitting his natal Neptune (1st house) and opposing his natal Pluto (7th house). Neptune here is self-sabotage, stuff from the past, addiction, illusion, self-deception - that banana peel just laying in wait for his foot. Jupiter ruling legal issues/courts. Pluto ruling power and manipulation. He would believe (Neptune in the 1st) he is going to win - but then maybe Neptune pulls the rug out from under him. And he is one of the 1960's babies born with that Uranus/Pluto conjunction so Uranus provides unexpected situations and plot twists when Pluto is activated - he looked like a shoe-in just a few weeks ago and even as I write this people seem convinced he is going to get in. That 7th house Pluto would give him powerful allies. He does have transitting Jupiter at the top of his chart - so a peak career time for him, but that Neptune looks like a major loss to me and it gets multiple hits.

Also his best transits are waning so it looks like he missed his moment. Maybe if he does gets in he doesn't get to stay somehow or doesn't perform/vote the way he is expected to. I don't know. It looks like the chart of someone having a public loss created by something in the past, an addiction or self-sabotage. He also has some natal transits that makes me think this seat opened up for him through some kind of deception. I guess we will see ....

Neptune is set to be a HUGE player in 2019. He will square Jupiter multiple times and sextile Saturn and all three planets will be powerful in their home signs!

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast, September 27th | a BIG spotlight on our way forward, a rock and a hard place, a need to adjust, counselling conversations, solid commitments

Where the wolves are by Alexandra Sophie

The Moon entered Taurus while we slept likely focusing us on Taurus themes for the next couple days  - our money, our resources, what we own, our values and self-esteem.

The early Moon in Taurus (Full Moon in Aries on Monday) is this month's waning inconjunct (the rock and hard place of the waning Moon's cycle)- Libra Sun inconjunct Taurus Moon. We can use the Taurus Moon to steady ourselves in this moment. What do we have right now? What is right in front of us that we can touch? What do we want right now? What can we do about it? The Moon is squaring both Mars (sitting on the South Node - another threepeat!) and the North and South Nodes and is very active today.

Mars on the South Node of Aquarius - for the third time since he went into Aquarius in May (what has been going on in your life since May?!) - there is an earlier post from June 8th - HERE. Whatever has reached a boiling/turning point during this LONG Mars in Aquarius cycle is most likely feeling very in our face. This is us releasing the argument/the trauma/the distraction/ the need for chaos. The good news - Mars will be moving off - only one degree, but still moving off - this sensitive point by Saturday. Right around the same time Pluto is waking up - we are moving forward!

This is all about relationship dynamics and synchronistically begins to unwind with the Sun in Libra - the ruler of our 7th house of relationships - and just before Venus, ruler of Libra, begins her big relationship chapter next week.

Think about those Libra scales. Why is Libra the only sign whose symbol is an inanimate object - maybe because the way we see/experience other people is a projection from us and not real? Think about how scales work. One side needs to equal the other side for the scales to be in balance. In relationship we are on one side of the scales and the other person is on the other and we have to balance each other for the relationship to be in balance. And this is within any relationship - it doesn't have to be romantic.

Libra is the harmony and cooperation between those opposing forces when they are in balance. 

In order to do Libra right we have to do Aries right (Libra polarity sign) Aries is about - who am I?, what do I want? - so, we enter Libra (relationship) through Aries and our self-definition (who I am). So let's say we are interacting with a person who doesn't balance with us - we adjust. Maybe through Libra we offer diplomacy, compromise, etc.

Maybe in order to stay in balance - and you can imagine those Libran scales with you on one side and the other person on the other - because we haven't done our Aries work to know ourselves - we put some parts of ourselves away (I don't really need someone who yada, yada - you can fill in the blank). Imagine us pulling off our right arm to stay in balance! Or imagine those scales the other way around with us feeling unworthy of that other person's love/attention/time. So we have to add weight to our side of the scales - we over burden ourselves (let me do this and that and the other thing for you), we puff ourselves up artificially, sometimes we even put on actual weight.

And then we move into Scorpio (like Venus is now) from this unbalanced position (where things are only balanced because we have cut off our arm or added an extra arm!) - we go in deep, we merge our bodies and money and intimate emotions - and then we are totally screwed. Except we are never totally screwed (Scorpio does rule sex though and those issues are about to be magnified) because we get all these transits and make all these free will decisions that will shake our stuck sh*t up. Taurus is the polarity point for Scorpio - so we have to know in Taurus (2nd house) what we own, what we value, again who we are - BEFORE we get into Scorpio where we merge our stuff with other people. But we aren't perfect and we don't always know and sometimes even when we think we do, what we know/value changes, so here we are on planet Earth exploring this stuff ....

Anyhow, back to today - we also have Saturn conjunct Vesta (2 degrees Capricorn) and Mercury conjunct Ceres (9 degrees Libra) and the Sun sextile (opportunity) the North Node in Leo.

So, even though we are walking through this month's waning inconjunct we have what we need to handle it!

The Sun sextiling the North Node is like a beam of light being shone on our journey ahead. Watch for synchronicities indicating you are on the right path and universal hints that tweak whatever you are doing. Mars is in Aquarius and the North Node is in Leo - we have to be ourselves. We have to shine from our own center stage. We have to do what makes us feel proud.

Mercury (communication/ideas) hooking up with mama bear Ceres in diplomatic and balanced Libra speaks of someone being HEARD. We speak, they listen. They speak, we listen. This isn't really about deep conversations and we could be making connections at a superficial level - but that level is skipped at our own peril - think of those Libra scales!

Saturn (duty, responsibility limits, rules) conjunct Vesta (devotion, keeping the fire burning) in his home sign of Capricorn is about rules and responsibilities. If we commit to something now we are committed (hopefully not in a straitjacket kind of way). This could also be the old boys being the old boys ...

I don't think we could ask for more perfectly timed energetics for Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and Brett Kavanaugh's rebuttal. This story is a zeitgeist - this energy is playing out in our lives, too. I haven't looked at her chart, but remember his having some slippery Neptune transits - lies, illusion, alcohol, memory loss from alcohol fits, too, self-sabotage - any stuff from the past that has been lying around like a banana peel just waiting for his foot ....

Knowing these three major aspects plus allowing that Taurus Moon some comfort and downtime should give you something to work with today!

xo all

Chiron backs into Pisces, Sun squares Saturn | the healing power of our collective imagination, unbalanced and unfair, arguments, power struggles, limitations that require compromise and adjustment

diving for the ground by Dark Gomo

A retrograde Chiron (the wounded healer) returns to Pisces today, allowing us to clean up any unfinished business left behind from his 7 year cycle there (which ended in April).

If he is backing off planets or points in our chart (early Aries/early cardinal signs - although with the Full Moon energy here still uber active you may not feel it for a few days), this could be experienced as an easing up of a situation. If he is moving toward a planet or point (early Pisces/early mutable signs) an old situation, from Apirl/pre-April, could intensify.

Probably these past few months with Chiron in Aries (healing the wounded masculine) has taught us something about "putting the oxygen mask on our own face first", setting better boundaries, embracing the new, being brave, getting our own tired asses out of the well. HERE is a post about Chiron in Aries.

Something in our Aries house has been seeded. We will get back to it in February. And by then we will have Jupiter home in Sagittarius (keep your eye on November!) - we will be feeling much more optimistic!

For now, he moves back into Pisces until February to finish up.

In Pisces - we let go.

This can be a good thing. This could be a time of forgiveness (a big Pisces theme) - which we do for ourselves and not for them - we release that story's hold on us. Pisces kind of gone, is gone-gone. It's out to sea, lost in the vastness of the ocean's waters. Impossible to hold onto, slippery when wet.

Grief gets released as we are given one more chance to accept the loss/pain. 

Letting go could also pull us back into a fantasy (maybe of being taken care of?), an addiction, an escape from reality. Chiron in Pisces can be an almost crippling sensitivity. His years in Pisces speak of a mass deception, collective confusion and disillusionment - a mass escape from reality.

So watch for the "dream" to pop back up. Remember we had that Virgo New Moon a couple weeks ago where we were literally pulling that Piscean dream into our Virgo reality or else we need to let that dream go, lest we be pulled under with it. 

A good use of this time is to connect with ourselves (by starting a meditation practice or a mindfulness practice or both), offer other people compassion/connection - it is easier to feel other people's pain now. There is healing through art, imagination, music, water. We have the healing power of the collective imagination. 

Keep in mind Chiron's healing power is in the acceptance of the wound - it's not some magic fairy dust that makes the problem itself disappear.


We wake on TUESDAY within the energy of the Aries Moon squaring Mercury (in Libra). Communications could be testy. Our words, and the words of other people, could come off harsher than we intended. We might have been feeling this last night, too. Arguments are possible.

Our minds are restless. 

By 7:40PM EDT, the Libra Sun is squaring Saturn (in Capricorn). We talked about this in yesterday's Full Moon post because the energy is part of the Aries Full Moon story.

We are kind of being awakened to our personal challenges now. Limitations will require adjustments and compromise. A duty or responsibility can be demanding our complete attention or rigid compliance. We are dealing with issues of our reputation. This doesn't feel good. Libra wants things balanced and for justice to prevail and somehow it isn't.

Heads up that tomorrow is another all day Void Moon - 6:28AM EDT through midnight - so won't be a good day to start anything brand new - and goes void off a square to Pluto which speaks of power struggles and intense emotions (things can feel like life and death). But we could also have alot of stamina and energy on WEDNESDAY and get alot accomplished.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Monday, September 24th - Full Moon in Aries, a painful ending or culmination, a vulnerability coming to light, conversations around touchy subjects, a zeitgeist, taking action on our long term goals or something that stabilizes, rock solid commitments, new beginnings that are RIGHT IN OUR FACE

Bright Full Moon by Claire Solo

"I'd rather be whole than good." ... C.G. Jung

MONDAY - Full Moon at 1 degree Aries
TUESDAY - Sun squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Chiron backs into Pisces, Mars conjuncts the South Node
THURSDAY - Sun trines Mars
FRIDAY - Pluto stations direct

I write the weeklies on Sunday and again this Sunday, my time is not my own, so I will have to do dailies!

This week is going to be big and busy. Let's take a look at Monday.

The Moon is VOID ALL DAY on MONDAY until her move into Aries at 7:04PM EDT (so not the day to start anything new) opposing the Sun, freshly housed in Libra, and giving us this year's Full Moon in Aries.

The Full Moon is always a time of tension - it's a time of Sun opposite Moon. Oppositions are pretty much just what they sound like. There is a reason police departments and emergency rooms are uber busy during Full Moons!

This month we've got the Sun in Libra at 1 degree (ruled by Venus - peace, women, balance, fairness, love, cooperation) and the Moon in the opposite sign of Aries at 1 degree (ruled by Mars - war, young men, initiative, passion, courage, anger, violence, independence).

This is the culmination of the Aries New Moon that launched the lunar year back in April, maybe something from that time is finishing up. Feels like years ago, doesn't it? I am aging in dog years now, how about you?

At the Full Moon things peak, culminate or come to light. Results are delivered. Stuff finishes up.

Conjunct wounded healer Chiron, it is possible that a weakness or vulnerability is illuminated now. Something here is outside of our control. Endings are probably going to hurt. The Moon squares both Vesta and Saturn (both in serious Capricorn). The whole thing is forming a T-Square with Saturn/Vesta as the focus. Saturn is authority and structure - walls and rules. Vesta speaks of devotion and in Capricorn; a devotion to tradition; keeping things the way they have always been, keeping the flame alive. A responsibility/commitment/limit is highlighted.

The Sun is cozied up to Mercury so a spotlight (Sun) could be directed onto a conversation or message or idea. The opposition to the Moon in fiery Aries tells us something here is too demanding or creates contention or is simply unfair. Or maybe our head is at odds with our emotions (instincts). Imbalances within relationships could be highlighted. Self-interest could be highlighted - this is the Aries Moon after all! With both the Sun and Mercury squaring Saturn - there could be limits around communication - what can be said, what information comes out. Maybe answers are not to our liking. Maybe the numbers don't add up.

The Moon is sextile (opportunity) Mars - ruler of the Moon since he rules Aries! - telling us we will be able to move through this if we take take action on (that Saturn!) our long terms goals/goals that increase our security over time. This is a time for solid commitments - for things that are built to last. Remember Mars is moving toward his final conjunction with the South Node - we are all clearing the decks and making way for something NEW!

EXAMPLE for Aries/Aries Rising - and remember Aries rising is the collective energy since it puts the signs in their natural houses (meaning this example is in play for all of us collectively - although you may have stronger themes at play with your natal house themes). With the Moon sitting with Chiron painful endings are possible now. Some could be things we have initiated, others could be forced upon us. The T-Square speaks of changes within our career/what we have publicly devoted ourselves to (Saturn/Vesta), our partnerships (Libra Sun) and ourselves/our brand (Aries Moon). Sun/Mercury indicates powerful conversations around touchy subjects. Mars is pushing for action on our goals that increase out long-term security - we are playing the long game, remember! Know that commitments/contracts/partnerships initiated now and built on solid ground are going to be around for awhile. Actions now have far reaching consequences. Fortune favors the brave at this Full Moon. We will need to work through our fear/vulnerability with whatever it is we are trying to do now!

So, the above is the general layout of this Full Moon for all of us because these are the collective houses. 

We also each have our natal layout that could be more precise. Where are your natal Aries, Libra and Capricorn houses - what are those house themes? Let's look at one sign (sorry I didn't have the time to think about/write about all twelve).

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - this Full Moon is happening in your 6th house (Aries house) of your day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health. The Moon sitting with Chiron here speaks of the possibility of a painful ending or a vulnerability/pain coming to light. You will likely feel unprepared for whatever is happening. Uncomfortable conversations (Capricorn house) are possible around those 6th house themes, something you have devoted yourself to and/or issues from the past (Libra house - maybe something you haven't wanted to look at, a healing issue, an addiction, a secret). Do what needs to be done Scorpio. But keep in mind this isn't the time for any mountain leaping. As a friend said to me recently - when you don't know what is "right" to do - do what is sensible. Your modern ruler, Pluto, is moving direct at the end of this week, your energy/power is set to return - hang in there!

With the Full Moon happening at the Aries point (1 degree Aries) there is a collective story playing out - a zeitgeist - for this moment that matters. Pay attention to the national news, the world news and your local news. With the Aries Full Moon - we are working the Aries/Libra polarity. Us vs other people. How we partner. How we balance and share. Is justice just? Since Aries is ruled by Mars and Libra is ruled by Venus - this could be a masculine vs feminine story ....

This is a fiery Full Moon - keyed in to endings, yes, but also to the Sun's Libra ingress and POWERFUL NEW BEGINNINGS - get out and walk in it.

With so many planets in the early degrees it is good energy for fresh starts and to get stuff out into the world - just watch the long Void Moons, we have three this week!

xo all

Mercury meets the Sun | practical decisions, a light on the facts, seeing the forest AND the trees, hearing what we need to hear, saying what needs to be said, that book we need to read falls into our lap, getting down to brass tacks, that thing from early August wraps up

Letters by Alhor-Ern

So today we have Mercury meeting up with the Virgo Sun at 28 degrees. This is our thinking meeting our being - we are what we think we are.

(this is also close enough to trigger the Aries point - 0 degrees of the cardinal signs - with an opposition, so important news/information is playing out on the world stage now, too - pay attention)

There are a couple ways this speaks to us. The first is that this conjunction is part of a cycle - any planet meeting the Sun starts a new/finishes an old cycle. So, we look to the last time these two met, which was August 8th, and we know something that began around that time is reaching a conclusion/culmination now. You might remember August 8th was the mid-point of Mercury's summer retrograde when we knew what the re-trograde was all about for us.

This is also about what these two planets bring (through us) when they join together and how that might look through the lens of our Virgo house.

This is excellent energy for logical communication. To come to a practical decision. For the facts to come to light that clear things up for us. To present our case. For information we can work with. For us to hear what we need to hear to move forward/on. For an answer. We can see both the trees and the forest now.

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in Virgo we can know whatever enlightenment we receive will be sensible.

Yesterday we had the Virgo Sun and the Capricorn Moon form a waxing trine (brakes off) - sensible actions/way we present ourselves integrated well with authority/our goals. So, the Sun trines the Moon then Mercury comes calling to wrap something up from early August. By tomorrow the Moon will move into Aquarius where we know she will cross that South Node (release), Mercury will leave his home sign and move into Libra, to be followed within a day by the Sun. And immediately we have these Chiron oppositions illuminating painful issues/situations and our insecurities. 

For today though we have Mercury meeting the Sun. We have the Moon meeting Mars (in Capricorn) so we won't want to be told what to do - this one speaks of an emotional nourishment through action/exertion. Maybe we need to stand up (Mars) for women (the Moon) or maybe we need to stand up to a woman!

Bottom lines for today - time to move our bodies, walk our talk, talk our game and keep our ears open.

xo all

Mars Square Uranus again | if lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, then what about three times?!

Bolt Below the Beast by Framed by Nature

Today, Mars (yes, still in Aquarius) squares Uranus (retrograde in Taurus) at 1 degree.

This is THE BIG Mars three-peat - we have had multiple three-peats - because of his recent retrograde (he - as we - is still walking degrees he has walked before).

AGAIN this is taking us back to mid-May and early August when these two powerhouses previously squared each other. We had the square with both planets direct, then with Mars retrograde and Uranus direct and now with Uranus retrograde and Mars direct.

This is the final lightning bolt!

With the South Node in Aquarius, this could be a final break from the past - situation, habit, place, person. Maybe more freedom/liberation is created, but at the same time our security/existing resources/values are shaken up.

There will be a tendency to make erratic (Uranus) moves (Mars). We, or someone else, could act suddenly and forcefully. There is stress/tension. Changes can be forced upon us. People are rebellious. No one wants to be boxed in. On the other hand, maybe what hits us like a lightning bolt and forces our hand also allows us to know exactly what we should do ... and then we actually do it.

This is a turning point. 

We have been approaching something since May and now here it is.

Keep in mind that Mars, as us, is pretty much totally out of control in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus is answering to Venus who is squaring Mars and Black Moon Lilith and the South and North Nodes.

(and again that Leo North Node (!) - are we following our heart, are we taking actions we can be proud of, are we taking care of the children?)

The Mars square is lighting a fire under Venus (currently in deep Scorpio and walking degrees she is going to walk two more times - is this getting confusng?!) and she is passed the baton. This feels like massive change whose time has come and it started mid-May.

See Part I of my Venus retrograde post HERE.

Things can go to zero in a split second now, so be careful ....

At the same time a direct Vesta (home, hearth, what we are devoted to) is doing her own three-peat after a recent retrograde, getting back to her April 1st degree of 0 Capricorn. There is something here that is requiring our sobriety. This is us being accountable, doing the responsible thing - not letting those home fires burn out ....


I wish I had time to write this by sign - but this is your Aquarius house and your Taurus house - fixed houses of your chart, so change is more challenging.

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising - Mars is three-peating through your 6th house of your day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health. Something here is getting the lightning bolt. This is new, but not new and will relate back to mid-May and early August.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 17th - expect the unexpected, breakthroughs and breakdowns and actual breaks, getting the message/answer, words can hurt, insecurities are triggered, disruptions to agreements, the payment comes due, moving into a season of cooperation and a point of balance

Autumn II by LaylaRouge

This is another big week. And yes, I say this alot but this is still another BIG week!

Let's look at:

TUESDAY - Mars squares Uranus
THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury
FRIDAY - Mercury enters Libra
SATURDAY - Sun enters Libra, Equinox, Mercury opposes Chiron
SUNDAY - Sun opposes Chiron, Mercury squares Saturn, Mercury trines Mars

Keep in mind the dates listed are when aspects are most exact, but events can occur as they are building or unwinding, so use the dates as a general guideline for anything other than the Moons.

On MONDAY, at 7:07AM EDT the Moon enters Capricorn focusing us on Capricorn themes - our career, work in the world, goals, structure, our fathers - for the next couple days. We are focused on our responsibilities and getting things done.

She trines Uranus at 10:57AM EDT - we are more comfortable with unusual/innovative people or situations. Maybe technology (or astrology!) or our groups feel supportive or allow something to move forward this morning. By 12:25PM EDT the Moon moves into her monthly meeting with sober Saturn bringing structure and organization but also a tendency to be more cautious and inflexible.

NOTE - we only have a few more days with Mercury in Virgo so whatever needs our decisive and practical thinking/planning - get on it. Once Mercury moves into Libra on Friday our thinking (and communications) may be more diplomatic and charming, but also more indecisive.

On TUESDAY, Mars squares Uranus for the third time in four months.

Life is either coming at us or something is coming through us. This is excellent energy for a breakthrough, but also a breakdown so be careful of accidents (I am especially looking at you Virgo risings, but this energy can make all of us klutzy!).

AGAIN this is taking us back to mid-May and early August when these two powerhouses previously squared each other. We had the square with both planets direct, then with Mars retrograde and Uranus direct and now with Uranus retrograde and Mars direct.

Maybe some change has been slowing approaching since May and now here it is. Maybe this is another surprise in a series of shocking surprises. Maybe some story reaches a culmination point now. Abrupt changes and breaks are possible. Because we haven't had Uranus in Taurus for 80 years we cannot rely on past experiences now - WE HAVEN'T BEEN HERE BEFORE, so we don't know what the outcome will be. We don't really know what we are doing! And neither does anyone else!

This would be the time we make some crazy ass move we might (?!) regret later, but more likely, hopefully, since this is the third of a three-peat pattern we can control our own impulsiveness with whatever we are dealing with. Unpredictable anger is totally predictable now.

And keep in mind it is the job of Uranus in Taurus to rattle our security!

At the same time we have had Mars squaring Venus. This is the boys and girls not playing so well together. This is the masculine and the feminine in crisis and under tension.

Life on planet Earth is not for sissies folks.

On WEDNESDAY, the Capricorn Moon makes nice with both Mercury and the Sun (brakes off) - in Earth signs - this is good energy for business communications/conversations, making commitments, finalizing plans, working on something real and tangible. At 1:10PM EDT the Moon goes Void off that trine to the Virgo Sun, so it's a good afternoon to get things done and shine a light on current projects - not a good time to start anything new. 

The Moon moves into Aquarius at 7:52PM EDT. Our attention likely turns to Aquarian themes for the next couple days - our groups/the collective, group activities, our causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, the future, technology, liberating change, being uniquely ourselves and moving beyond existing boundaries.

By Wednesday night the Moon is squaring Uranus (in Taurus) and then moves on to conjunct a potentially pissed-off reactive Mars, so not such good energy for interacting with other people. Best advice - stay off Facebook!

On THURSDAY, the Moon squares Venus, so the problems interacting with other people from last night could continue into the morning.

At 9:52PM EDT, Mercury catches up with Sun at 26 degrees Virgo. We have this aspect a few times a year as Mercury tells his/her story. We had this last on August 8th and before that on April 1st. This time we get the stage of the Mercury/Sun cycle that is similar to a Full Moon - something comes to light, to a culmination or to a conclusion.

A light shines on the information. A message comes in. There are facts, yes, real facts and clarity here.

On FRIDAY afternoon, 1:13PM EDT, the Moon goes Void off a square to Jupiter and will be void until SATURDAY morning. If the last couple days have been stressful - remember the Aquarius Moon has us reacting to all the fixed planet placements - maybe make it an early day!

At 11:40PM EDT, Mercury moves from logical Virgo into diplomatic, but indecisive (the problem with being able to see both sides of the story!) Libra.

So, to be successful our words are more polite now. We need to listen. If we want our communications to hit their target we need to make the other person feel listened to.

Conversations become kind of a dance here. We wouldn't tear off our dance partner's trousers and leave them standing there with hands covering their under shorts and last shreds of their dignity.

We wouldn't tell them they are a crappy dancer even when they step on our toes and smudge the tops of our favorite shoes.

A type of kindness and civility prevails on the dance floor. We smile. We talk about the things everyone can agree on. With the floor spinning beneath our feet we still manage to find common ground. That is the energy that moves communications, ideas and conversations forward now.

Mercury is going to fly through Libra (through October 9th) - so expect your natal Libra house theme and the collective Libran theme of our relationships/partnerships to be CRACKLING!

With Mercury in Libra and Libra squaring Capricorn we know Mercury is going to square both Saturn and Pluto over the next few weeks as well as oppose Chiron in Aries. First up will be the opposition to Chiron on SATURDAY (maybe painful news or conversation) and then a square to Saturn on SUNDAY that could bring some kind of written contract/commitment or some limit via a conversation or communication. For some, the upcoming squares could bring sibling/local community/transportation issues.

On SATURDAY, the Moon enters Pisces at 8:27AM EDT making all of us more sensitive and vulnerable over the next couple days, but also more compassionate. Boundaries are thin. Our focus could turn to Piscean themes for the next couple days - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing.

The Moon sextiles Uranus (the opportunity comes through the new and unusual and by being ourselves) and Saturn (the opportunity comes through handling our responsibilities and doing the right thing) before mid-afternoon EDT.

At 9:55PM EDT, the Sun moves into Libra bringing us the Fall Equinox a day with an equal balance of daylight and dark.

The Sun begins to fall (weakens) as we move into longer nights and shorter days. It is the opposite down under. The Sun is considered in his detriment in Libra. Libra's focus is on "the other" and the Sun (Leo/ego) wants to focus on himself! In Libra the Sun needs the cooperation and attention of other people to fully develop. 

The Sun in Libra is excellent energy to focus on beauty - where is the beauty in our life?

The Sun immediately joins Mercury in an opposition to Chiron in Aries and the Moon is in emotional Pisces! Ouch! Communications are sensitive. Words can be painful. News/information that comes to light could hit us where it hurts. An insecurity is triggered. 

On SUNDAY at 12:46PM EDT Mercury (in Libra) squares Saturn (in Capricorn). It is hard to communicate with other people/partners. Maybe there are limits to what can be said or news/information that has come in limits what we can do. After this week's reveal of the facts (Mercury/Sun) maybe here is where we deal with what we can't have. This would not be the time to ask someone for a favor. Maybe we are dealing with authority - bottom line we are restricted. The answer is "no".

This energy could also bring us to a solid written contract/commitment or be a relationship (Libra) vs career (Capricorn) issue.

At 1:23PM EDT the Moon conjuncts dreamy Neptune in dreamy Pisces - we want to escape! Great for making art, meditation, healing. Our sensitivity is through the roof. Let's be gentle with each other. We also have the exact Sun opposition to Chiron now - ouch - more reason to be gentle to each other and to ourselves.

Then at 9:23PM EDT Mercury (in Libra) will trine Mars (in Aquarius). This is our words and our actions working together. We have to work within the confines of that Saturn square (the wall), but now the energy comes in to put a cooperative plan to work. Our mind will be active and our tongues sharp, so don't forget the need for Libran balance and diplomacy to move things forward now. With Mars in Aquarius our actions should be new and innovative. They need to be liberating - yes, even with that Saturn square - let's think this thing through! We can do it if we work together.

(and yes, I know I sound like Mrs. Davis your kindergarten teacher - but everything we really need to know we learned in kindergarten anyway, right?)

That about lays out the week. Keep in mind Venus (in Scorpio) is walking degrees she will walk two more times and she is opposing unpredictable/liberating Uranus - in play for most of the rest of the year AND we have never, in our lifetimes (unless we are in our 80's or older) had Uranus in Taurus opposing Venus (ruler of Taurus). AND at the same time she is squaring the North and South Nodes of Fate (karmic situations) and opposing Mars and Mars is moving toward his third direct hit with that South Node next week. There is alot happening here and we can't look to the past to predict the future because we haven't been here before. If we are counting on something Venusian - love, money, values - to work out the way it did before we can't be sure of that. Our trajectory has changed! The good news is things that didn't work before might be worth another try now.

OK, that's it for the weekly. Back with some dailies. Don't let the cray-cray make you too cray-cray. Stay in your magic.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creative | today and the weekend ahead - illusions and delusions, use your imagination, take some independent action, exploration, words are powerful

wish we explored by Dark Gomo

We talked some about THURSDAY HERE.

We end the week with alot of Mercury activity - so we will probably be busy with lots of ideas/information/communications.

We have Mercury (home in Virgo) opposing Neptune (home in Pisces).

This would NOT be the time to sign a written contract or make a verbal commitment. We won't have all the facts. Information will shift. Don't make any assumptions. Our rational thinking dissolves or maybe our carefully choreographed something-or-other drifts off course. Best to wait with any major decisions. Mercury is moving fast now and will be out of Neptune's slippery grasp in a couple days.

We also have Mars (in Aquarius) sextiling (opportunity) Chiron (in Aries). There is something here about taking action even when it hurts or taking care of something that hurts with action. 

If we have a physical problem this would be a good time to seek out a new therapy, etc. This would be a good time to try a new tactic/action and to have that action be helpful/healing.

So our brain may be on drugs right now, but our actions - and life can likely use any action we take here - can create a healing opportunity. With Chiron in independent Aries (and answering to Aries ruler Mars in Aquarius) - there probably isn't someone coming along to save us. We are going to have to pull our own ass out of that well. And we are probably going to get out in some kind of unusual manner that is unique to us. Be brave. Do you. Take action from a place that honors yourself. Don't squash anyone else in the process.


We also have Venus (in Scorpio) sextiling (opportunity) Saturn (in Capricorn). Remember the water signs sextile the earth signs which is why we need to have an emotional reaction to create something real and solid and lasting! This is great energy to stabilize (Saturn) a relationship (Venus). This is great energy to stabilize (Saturn) a financial situation (Venus). Money/energy invested now will pay off later. Time put into something we care about now will pay off later.

On FRIDAY, the Moon is Void all day - we haven't had an all-day Void Moon in awhile.

This would not be a good day to start anything new. Not much will come of things that come up, so if you need a mental health day, which could be a good thing with that Mercury/Neptune influence, now might be the time to take it - you shouldn't miss much that amounts to anything later.

The Scorpio Moon has gone void off a sextile to the Sun in Virgo - this would be a great day for some kind of detox, cleansing. We can use that waning Mercury/Neptune for powerful (remember both planets are in their home signs so functioning well) creative work, healing, prayer, meditation.

At 8:54PM EDT, the Moon moves into Sagittarius focusing us on Sag themes for the next couple days - exploration, the big picture, our beliefs, travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone - maybe taking Friday off and traveling this weekend would be a good idea! We might find we are too busy to do this though.

At 10:23PM EDT, the Sag Moon will sextile (opportunity) Mars (in Aquarius). Remember the fire signs sextile the air signs - which is why we need to take action on our thinking/ideas to get the opportunity! Things will be lively. Great for a social gathering.

On SATURDAY/SUNDAY we have Mercury (remember he is strong and moving fast through his home sign of Virgo) trining (brakes off) powerful Pluto. We, and other people, will be passionate about our ideas and able to communicate in powerful ways.

Our words (Mercury) are powerful (Pluto) and deep.

Let's use them wisely. This would be excellent energy to make a speech or write something/learn something transformational. Ideas are influential.

Mercury has just moved past Neptune. He has cut through the bullshit/illusion.

Now he/she trines (brakes off) Pluto and then moves into an opportunistic sextile with Jupiter (in Scorpio). We can connect the dots and see the big picture. Great for promotion, media, investigation, digging deep. Our gifts of communication, our ideas, our speech, maybe our reach - expands. Just avoid reckless words and making preachy sermons. I would imagine preachers will be connecting with alot of people on Sunday morning.

At 10:15PM EDT on Sunday, the Moon reaches her First Quarter Square with the Sag Moon squaring the Virgo Sun. Whatever started at last week's New Moon reaches its first tension/crisis. This is the big picture vs the details. Make some tweaks.

The Moon goes Void until 7:07AM EDT on Monday morning when she moves into Capricorn focusing us on Capricorn themes - our career, work in the world, goals, structure, our fathers - for the next couple days.

So we will begin next week with a sober Capricorn Moon heading toward Tuesday's 3rd square between Mars and Uranus!

xo all

Venus 's Upcoming Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra | what do we really want/love now, what do we REALLY value, temptations in the desert/dessert and are we too focused on what isn't ours? part I

toxic city 04 by Art-de-Viant

As I write this Venus is moving through 1 degree Scorpio.

She is going to move forward until she gets to 10 degrees Scorpio (October 5th) and then she is going to station retrograde and begin moving backward through Scorpio (from our point of view here on Earth). On Halloween she will get back into the sign of Libra and continue moving backward until she gets all the back to 25 degrees Libra (November 16th) and then she will station direct and start moving forward - walking again, this time direct, all the degrees she has walked before.

So the degrees from 25 Libra (which Venus first walked back on September 3rd when she kicked this whole season off) through 10 degrees Scorpio are the "hot" spots for this retrograde. She won't be covering entirely new ground until the middle of December when she sextiles Saturn and moves past 10 degrees Scorpio. Whew. Got it?!

Anyone with planets and points between 25 degrees Libra and 10 degrees Scorpio as well as people with planets and points between 0-10 degrees of the fixed signs (because Venus will square Aquarius and Leo and oppose Taurus) and between 25-29 degrees of the cardinal signs (because Venus will square Cancer and Capricorn and oppose Aries) will probably feel this retrograde strongest, but we will ALL be impacted - particularly within the themes of the houses in our chart that Venus visits and revisits AND through the themes of the houses she rules in our natal chart AND within the more general themes Venus rules - love, partnership, balance, money, our values, our resources, women and beauty.

If our age is divisible by 8 (she makes a complete journey every 8 years) this retrograde might affect us more. And for all of us what was happening in our life, with our relationships and with our money and self-esteem 8 years ago?

Until Halloween she will be moving through SCORPIO. So, let's tackle Scorpio first.

Scorpios (and our Scorpio planets/houses) will be most directly impacted.

Venus in Scorpio is about the way we merge with other people. In Libra we meet another person, maybe we like the way they look, maybe we like the way they make us look, we cooperate, we come into a balance, maybe we fall in love. In Scorpio, things get deeper and messier. Maybe we merge our physical bodies and have sex. Maybe we merge our money via a joint bank account. We get to know the stuff about the other person/situation that isn't quite so "pretty". We get to look under the hood. Sometimes we go too deep, too fast and lose sight of land or even ourselves! Things get complicated, sometimes even toxic.

Venus retrogrades are typically times when events transpire to show us what we value

Relationships are tested

The way we handle our money (and other resources including the planet Earth) is tested  

The retrograde period itself (October 5th - November 16th) isn't really a time to make major changes - it's not such a good time to start a business or love relationship that we want to last, for example - it's a time things happen to get us to clarity so we can take action, if we choose to, when Venus is direct (November 16th).

Venus asks us, "what/who do you love now? what/who do you want now?".

With Venus in Scorpio - the ruler of our 8th house of other people's money/other people's values and possessions - we will surely be figuring out where we have been too focused on what isn't ours. This will also be about the way we handle power - either by abusing it or avoiding it. The ways we obsess and manipulate to get what we want. The ways we merge ourselves and our resources and how all of this is working out for us.

She rules both Taurus and Libra (yes, the Goddess energy is like most women, capable of managing multiple energy streams at the same time) - with Taurus energy she rules the earthly realm - plants, flowers, nature's food - that which nourishes us body and soul - with Libra she presides over social interaction, relationship, art - everything that makes the world more beautiful.

She balances Mars (although women are not really from Venus and men are not really from Mars, it is rather energetically accurate for the feminine and the masculine - it is not a man/woman thing though we all have both energies within us).

We dishonor Venus with vanity or idleness - this doesn't mean she wants us to be busy though. Busyness is often an excuse for dishonoring the very things we need to do to take care of ourselves (busyness dishonors our businesses, too) because Venus takes care of herself!

We dishonor Venus when we gossip or mistreat relationships. When we don't take care of our physical selves and surroundings. When we just live with the mess. When we pollute our bodies with crappy food. When we allow our values to become corrupted. When we ignore our passions - we are the caregivers of what we are passionate about in the physical world.

While she is in Scorpio she is going to oppose Taurus - Taurus will face something from the outside - a "me vs you", maybe an ending, a culmination, maybe a confrontation - maybe with a woman, maybe with a Scorpio or another water sign. Taurus gets the opposition.

While Venus is in Scorpio she is going to square Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius and Leo get the tension/crisis. They get the square that requires the pivot.

Scorpio gets the full impact (and anyone with those 0-10 degree placements). What do we really want? What do we really value? How do we share what we have with other people? How do we take what other people have? How to we merge with other people? Are we too focused on what isn't ours? There can be situations that bring us to a brutal honesty with ourselves here.

Common advice during a Venus retrograde is to not buy any luxury items (they will probably not bring us what we are wanting them to), not to make any drastic physical changes - so no dramatic haircuts, not the best time to start home renovations because you might not like what you get and have to redo it later, not the best time to start a new love relationship because when Venus walks back over the same area the relationship could fall apart.

It is a good time for things from the past related to Venus to reappear (yes, all retrogrades are "re" periods) in our lives - something that comes back to you now will most likely be more karmic clean up than opportunity though. Old loves. Old passions. Sometimes we might re-discover a love we had lost ...

I think with Venus retrograde in Scorpio (for 40 days and 40 nights which sounds familiar although we are more likely to be tempted by dessert than in a desert) we might have to face some kind of TEMPTATION. We could seduce or be seduced - and this doesn't have to be about a person, but it might be (it could also be about an idea or an object)!

We will talk more about this in Part II with Venus's morning star/evening star cycle and Venus in Libra and then in Part III we will take a look by sign.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 10th - hurricane season, where is your power, where is your expertise, staying grounded, expecting the unexpected, relationship/financial challenges, stepping into your power

s by marina kochetyga

Some major aspects this week are:

SUNDAY - New Moon in Virgo, Venus moves into Scorpio
MONDAY - Mars returns to Aquarius and squares Uranus
TUESDAY - Sun trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Venus opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn, Jupiter sextiles Pluto
THURSDAY - Mercury opposes Neptune
SATURDAY - Mercury trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter

Look at those aspects! Whew!

Keep in mind all the aspects listed above (other than the New Moon) are transits. So the dates listed are the days when the aspects are most exact, but we can feel them days before and after, building and unwinding, and that can be when situations play out or peak.

We have Mars leaving Capricorn where he is exalted and moving into Aquarius where he is totally unpredictable! He was first at zero degrees Aquarius back in mid-May, then early August retrograde and now makes his final pass on Monday.

What story has he been walking back and forth over in our life?

This is also the loaded degree Mars transited on the very pivotal election day of 2016

(HERE is a post about that)

and Pluto (after meeting with Saturn in January 2020) crosses this degree in January 2024 as he finally leaves Capricorn having transformed via his sledge hammer all the structures ruled by Capricorn - our government, safety nets, banks, yada, yada, yikes.

Both January 2020 and January 2024 are tied into the U.S. inaugurations, so politics plays a big role in our collective Aquarian future.

I noticed the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has some really challenging Neptune/Pluto aspects - don't know his birth time though - that could pull the rug right out from under him - which although it seems impossible he won't get in with the Republicans really pushing for him and the Democrats so powerless - fits with the upcoming astrology, so I guess we'll see what happens. If he does get in maybe he won't do what the people pushing for him want him to do once he gets in there or maybe he doesn't get to stay - but is that even possible? Trump, of course, has challenges in September and even bigger challenges in December that we talked about before and I know I still need to finish up his series!

Keep in mind we have never had an impeached President - if something like that were to happen - actually tossed out of office (Nixon resigned and Johnson and Clinton were impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate). And Pence's chart - although I don't have a birth time - doesn't look very presidential ....

OK, back to our week ahead -

SUNDAY - we talked about the New Moon HERE.

Please do your New Moon intentions - we are literally pulling the dream (Neptune) into our reality through that Virgo New Moon portal. We won't have all the answers and we could still feel foggy and distracted and are going to have to knuckle under and stay with it. Just do the logical next step with whatever you are wanting to begin.Virgo doesn't require some big, bold move.

Venus leaves her home sign of Libra and moves into intense and complicated Scorpio - she continues to walk degrees she will walk two more times due to her upcoming retrograde. So whatever we have going on with Venusian themes - love, money, relationships, resources, our values and self-esteem - will be playing out over the next couple months.

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants (Scorpio on the cusp of the first house of your natal chart) become more attractive - making them both easier on the eye and it gets easier for them to attract what they want.

Venus is considered in her 'detriment' in Scorpio. It's dark. It's ruled by Pluto. It's not her favorite place to hang out. We will notice how we use other people's energy and how they use ours. Vampires do not really only come out in the night.

Venus in Scorpio doesn't look like the more traditional beauty of Venus in Libra. Her beauty is dark and forbidding now. She doesn't flirt. She seduces. She doesn't want peace at any cost so much as she wants to feel what's really underneath all the phony smiles and superficial niceties.

Scorpio rules death and destruction and now this comes through our relationships.

Here Venus pushes herself to the edge of life with compulsions, intimacy, jealousy, obsession and a struggle for real power. She goes into the dark corners that hold all our secrets and she coaxes them out into the open. There can be brutal and deep honesty here.  

Relationships get intense. 

If you are working through the unraveling of a relationship or financial quagmire - this energy will be your best friend. 

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants get more attractive (more beautiful and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house (where is Scorpio hanging out in your natal chart?) gets more magnetic, too.
Although the theme of whatever house is ruled by Scorpio in our natal chart is naturally complicated!

Honesty is recommended for the next few weeks because we will all be feeling our way through everyone's bullshit.

While Venus is in Scorpio (she doesn't get into Sagittarius until January 7th!) we are charged with figuring out what we really want and why we want it. Much of this work will be done unconsciously. With Scorpio (modern ruler Pluto, ancient ruler Mars) this is alot about power and control.  

Does the other person/situation make us stronger or more vulnerable?

We could be merging our resources (ruled by Venus) with other people's resources (ruled by Scorpio/Pluto) - this could take the form of relationship commitments, sex, reproduction, mortgages, financing, cooperative ventures. Things along these lines that we might not normally consider we could be attracted to now.

These attractions could easily lapse into obsessions.

We could fill hours looking at expensive houses on the internet or other people on okcupid. If something begins to feel like, "we must get this NOW" we will know we have slipped over the edge. It will be time to ask ourselves what we are really looking for. With Venus (and let's not forget Jupiter) visiting our Scorpio house the answers will be available to us if we seek them ... and maybe even if we don't!

Venus in Scorpio could uncover some not-so-pretty truths. Things we might not want to see or know about. But like a car wreck on the side of a highway we won't be able to look away.  

We could be amazed by the depth of our feelings now.

It's also a good time to uncover other types of hidden resources including money. I would say 'start digging' but with Jupiter in residence your shovel is probably already in the dirt.

On MONDAY the Virgo Moon starts off the day very productively with a nice trine to an active and ambitious Mars in Capricorn - so get things done EARLY. If you haven't done your New Moon intentions get them done before the Moon goes void at 11:12AM EST.

After a short void, the Moon moves into Libra at 11:20AM EST focusing us on Libran themes for the next couple days - partnership, balance, social activities, beauty, art.

At 3:34PM EDT the Moon will square Saturn - this is challenging. Limits are tense and frustrating. It will be harder to get along with other people. Not a good time for negotiations.

We will just have to deal with whatever is coming at us.

Venus inconjuncts Chiron (wounded healer). Here's a rock and a hard place (no real solution) between our love, money, relationships, self-esteem, values, resources and something that hurts - a sore spot/fear is triggered. With Chiron in independent, warrior Aries this could be about something we can't control or maybe it seems we need to fight and we are past/not up to fighting. We can't let ourselves be strong armed into just giving up. Chiron in Aries is about being brave even when we need to go it alone. Maybe today's battle is unwinnable, but not even bothering to put up a fight means we lose not only the battle, but the entire war.

Maybe there is a higher way than taking up arms - maybe we can embrace what is hurting us - that's what Chiron is all about really. Although with Mars move into radical Aquarius it is really going to hurt to give up anything - especially anything that smacks of independence. Or maybe there is another solution. Personally I am not so into loving what hurts right now. Maybe there is a way to rise above the entire situation. Remember Venus is walking degrees she will walk three times and she is sextiling stable, serious Saturn and trining powerful Pluto - Venus (as us) is playing the long game now, too. Be smart. Don't go too deep, too fast, but don't be taken advantage of either.

How badly do we want this thing?

EXAMPLE for Taurus/Taurus Rising - Venus is in your 7th house of equal partnerships/relationships. She is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Chiron in your 12th house - what is happening behind the scenes, behind your back, your own self-sabotaging tendencies, your past, what you don't want to look at. She is moving into an opposition with Uranus (in your 1st house of yourself) and into sextile - the opportunity - with stable Saturn while trining (brakes off) powerful/transforming Pluto. A partner can bring swift changes or what you want can be visible through another person. No matter what this is - the opportunity comes through Saturn - YOU stepping into your authority, your responsibility - focusing on long term goals, seeing past what is happening right now to what is REALLY happening. Do your Saturn! Is this good for you long-term or isn't it? Don't sabotage yourself because of a fear of the fight. Venus - your ruling planet - is in manipulative Scorpio now. You can fight, too.

At 8:56 PM EDT Mars says hast-la-vista baby to Capricorn, not to be back for a couple years, and moves back into Aquarius.

The story we have been walking since mid-May comes full circle.

If we left something to rust along side the road in April/May it could be time to pick it back up. Mars in Aquarius is out of bounds until the end of the month - this is good because we can do things we have never done before, but not so good for things where we need stuff to go as planned because it won't.

Mars isn't containable in Aquarius like he was in Capricorn and he immediately starts squaring Uranus (still at 2 degrees Taurus) so expect disruptions and unexpected situations/events.

If you made some kind of crazy move mid-May ... that story could wrap up or move forward in some way now. With Mars moving from Earth to Air -  we could ALL feel like we are coming out of that cave in Thailand!

The Moon is waxing (growing). Set some wheels in motion, folks. 

EXAMPLE for Aquarius/Aquarius Rising  - Mars returns to your 1st house of yourself until the middle of November. Something you set aside last spring is ready to be brought back onto the table. Mars will bring back your motivation and it will be full-steam ahead. Go for it. 

On TUESDAY, the Sun (in Virgo) sextiles Jupiter (in Scorpio) and trines Pluto (in Capricorn). Jupiter and Pluto have been on friendly terms for months and now the Virgo Sun shines a light on the details, information, etc we need to make the most of an OPPORTUNITY. 

This energy is dynamic and confident. We could reap the rewards of our hard work now, too. This is good energy to fix what needs fixing, to use our power wisely and opportunistically and to BUILD SOMETHING. See WEDNESDAY for more about this one.

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising -  the Sun in your 1st house of yourself lights up that ongoing opportunity between Jupiter (in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood) and Pluto (in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation). Written projects, the ability to say just the right thing at just the right time, on-target communications are all possibilities. Speak with confidence Virgo! Just remember that foggy Neptune is opposing your Sun so double check everything.

At 7:57PM EDT the Moon squares Pluto - this is good for working hard all by ourselves. Interactions with other people can be tricky - avoid obsessions, manipulations, power plays.

The Moon goes Void until 2:15PM EDT on WEDNESDAY. Don't start anything new on Wednesday before this time.

While we sleep, Jupiter moves into his 3rd exact sextile with Pluto. This is an expansion of power. This is us taking the thing we do well and making it BIGGER. This is when we see the forest AND the trees. This is deep and lasting transformation.

And now we have the Virgo Sun lighting up the whole thing. 

This is an important three-peat aspect.

We had this first on January 15th at 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn, then today at 21 degrees with Jupiter retrograde and then the final sextile will be on September 12th at 18 degrees with Pluto retrograde.

These sextiles will most strongly impact those with planets/points around those degrees.

This is about DEEP change. Fortune favors the bold with this one. Jupiter is expanding Pluto's power. Someone is making a big, bold move. There is opportunity here, but we will have to confidently act on it. This could be about our beliefs about what is possible. 

Venus opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn - we talked about this for TUESDAY with the Chiron aspect. Opposition usually come through other people.

With Uranus, people will bring us what we are not expecting! 

With Venus upcoming retrograde we will be dealing with Venus/Uranus for a while. This could be a sudden love affair or sudden financial purchase. Venus is very seductive in Scorpio and Uranus is something/someone we wouldn't normally go for or someone/something that is different from what we usually have/want. 

Keep in mind Venus is preparing to go retrograde and do her 40 days and 40 nights when we could be enticed (sound familiar?) into some kind of relationship/financial impulsive actions we might regret later.

The Moon will oppose Uranus today, too - so we can really expect the unexpected (ugh, I hate that expression).

Venus is in Scorpio - seducing, manipulating, obsessing. Uranus is in Venus-ruled Taurus so answering to her, but Uranus is disruptive. Relationships are challenged here. So are finances.

Uranus could bring a break-through or a breakdown. The opportunity (sextile) with this comes through Saturn - stepping into our authority, dancing with the one who brought us, living up to our responsibilities, having a long-term plan, setting limits - which will be hard with that freedom-loving Uranus opposition. Think - structured changes and self control. AND give the other energies their due - do something different, expect a different side of ourselves, and other people, to emerge now - be welcoming.

On THURSDAY the Moon is in Scorpio focusing us on Scorpian issues for the next couple days - banking, taxes, other people's money, our debts, loans, partner's income, intimacy, sex, reproduction. We will be feeling whatever we are feeling more intensely now. It's a time to avoid obsessing over things. Avoid compulsions and manipulations.

At 4:02PM EDT the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury - good for research and  going deep with information/conversations. At 4:51PM EDT she trines Neptune - good for our imagination, spirituality, meditation, prayer, healing.

The big energy for the end of the work week comes at 9:32PM EDT - we will feel this a couple days before and after - when Mercury (home in Virgo) opposes a retrograde Neptune (home in Pisces).

Yes, more of the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

(and speaking of Polarity - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my Polarity Lockets - blog readers get 15% off this month with coupon code OLIVEBITESBLOG)

With the opposition involving Mercury - communication/ideas/information - we could be taking in too much information and not all of it will be factual!

This is not the best time to make a big decision or more forward with something based on information that comes in right now.

Things will not be quite what they appear to be now.

Remember this is an opposition. We are either "just the facts jack" Mercury in Virgo meeting dreamy, illusionary and possibly deceptive Neptune via another person or outside situation. 

Or we are dreamy Neptune and our fantasy meets those uncooperative, messy things called facts.

Either way the sands are shifting.

We will need to think twice about what we are saying/communicating. Misunderstandings are likely now.

The truthfulness of whatever we are dealing with will be complicated.

We could be lied to or we could be the one spinning a tangled web.

Treat what you hear/read/experience now with a sense of curiosity - ask yourself - "well, isn't that interesting?" - nothing will be quite what it seems.

People, including us, will think they know more than they do. Things can look better, or worse, than they actually are. It would be best to read this post, and everything else you are consuming via language now (especially the news), with more skepticism than you normally would.

This could also be about us avoiding the facts. 

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - Mercury is in your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology and opposing Neptune in your 5th house of -
creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. Be careful you are not just seeing/hearing/reading what you want to see within these themes. This energy is activating that powerful Jupiter/Pluto sextile so what do you actually KNOW - where is your expertise Scorpio? Focus on that. Talk about that. Your words - that 3rd house Capricorn - are powerful now. You can convince an Inuit to buy an ice maker, but don't. Use your words wisely and you can reap the benefit.

We will talk about Friday and the weekend in a following post! Mercury is flying so it will be another busy week.

xo all