The Saturn in Sagittarius Transit for Creatives : December 2014 - December 2017 - Part II

Part I is HERE

The people who will feel this transit the strongest are likely Sagittarius rising and Sagittarius sun signs - then Gemini rising and Sun, then Virgos and Pisces (all the mutable signs).

But Capricorns and Aquarius always feel Saturn's changes strongly and everyone has Sagittarius somewhere in their charts. It will feel like an elephant has trampled into that corner of our life. This affects all of us!

If you are a Sagittarius rising, you have Sagittarius in your first house (the house of self) so Saturn's journey into Sagittarius is big news for you.

The Saturn in Sagittarius Transit for Creatives : December 2014 - December 2017 - Part I

Saturn is a slow moving outer planet. He takes about 29 years to cover what the Moon does in about 29 days. This makes his movements serious and important. A second chance to get a Saturn transit right will be a long time coming. We want to get it right now.

Saturn is the 2nd largest planet - a planet of contraction (Jupiter, the largest planet, is the planet of expansion so we expand a little more than we contract) - he's about boundaries, responsibilities, karma, commitments, self-control, solitude - the stuff that defines (meaning = outlines) us.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Olive has been hiding some fake mistletoe tucked into her bed cushion for days. She smuggled it out of the Christmas decoration box when she thought I wasn't looking. I think she is hoping for a holiday rendezvous with our neighbor's pup Murphy

(as in Murphy Brown not Eddie Murphy - Olive has always had a bit of a sweet spot for the ladies)

or maybe it is like plastic doggie catnip. Either way she seems determined to keep it. And I love a girl who knows what she wants.

Wishing everyone a little hidden mistletoe, some unexpected guests and a whole lot of love this Christmas! xo all

Part II - New Moon in Capricorn - Back to Business - the NEW Work

Part I is HERE.

Today, Sunday, is the Winter solstice (shortest day, longest night of the year). The Sun has moved into Capricorn. The energies at play now are a good indicator of the season ahead - as with all cardinal ingresses. We also have a New Moon today a few hours later.

With all this Capricorn energy this is going to be very much a season of work.

Now work isn't a bad thing. We may think we want to be lying on a beach somewhere drinking margaritas, and no doubt we would for a while. It would get old though (yes, I know I'd like to let it get old, too - but we all know unless our life is terribly off-course we are usually itching to get back to our real life and our life's work by the end of any vacation).

Work doesn't have to mean doing what we don't want to do (although it might). It usually does mean something that isn't easy, something with deadlines and something with ... stress.

Stress isn't a bad thing either. We need stress to get structures to stand (ask any engineer or astrologer). Sometimes, and maybe most of the time, we need it to get ourselves standing, too.

Lots of fire energy still so we are all fired up and ready for change and because Saturn is at his last degree before changing signs in a couple days we are reminded of our journey for the last two years. We are looking back as we prepare to look ahead. We used to be happy with this and now we need that. Think about what we want now and what that looks like. Saturn can represent our career or our public life. When he shifts (as he will on the 23rd) the way we structure our lives shifts, too.

We have a Grand Trine with Jupiter that promises support. Remember back in early autumn I was writing about finding our flock - I hope you did. Even if you didn't, trust that you are supported.

We might find that the people, places and things we used to love are not so inviting to us now. Sometimes when our frequency shifts and it's time for us to move on there is an empty, fallow space, and that is ok - it's part of the grieving process. It's one of the signals that we have changed and don't fit in the space we are trying to cram ourselves into. 

There is an ending energy to this Christmas. This will be different for everyone, but next Christmas we will all look back at this year's holiday and say "that was our last Christmas when .... (fill in the blank)."

There might be a feeling that if we don't do it now it might not happen. This is probably accurate. If we don't do it now we are saying it's not that important. The stuff that is important is the stuff that is drawing our attention right now. There may be a better time, but we don't know that. Now (the next two weeks) is probably that better time. Say YES!

Now, obviously, we have the holidays and some things cannot be fully started, lots of people are on vacation now and lots of things are not fully operational - that's OK - just seed your new thing in some way - take some action to get something new started. Set the intention (New Moon) and take some action (New Sun).

This is another zero degree New Moon - so we start a new lunar (emotional) cycle and a new season for the Sun and the sign is cardinal so this is strong instigating energy. This is about just getting started; the energy will be here to keep whatever we start now going.

Early this morning Uranus stationed and turned direct which is about chaos and change. Our job with this is just to recognize that change is inevitable and our anxiousness about whatever is out of control in our lives is perfectly normal. It's what will push us into the action we need to take. The action will be our way or the highway, most likely.  

Anything trying to fence us in will have a hard time - also remember this with anything we are trying to corral - we are going to need a very big and very loose lasso!


my capricorn locket - handmade and recycled
Some Capricorn new moon affirmation areas to think about: security, time, self-discipline, your brand and image, ambition, opportunity, goals, delegation, releasing control, father figures, reputation, your bones, knees, skin and joints

Some I will be working with include:

1. I easily recognize, welcome and enjoy the work that leads to success.
2. I receive and enjoy positive recognition for my work.
3. I easily set personal and work boundaries that create time for me to do the things I love to do
- I shoot for 10 (see Jan Spiller's site for some ideas with these - she calls them monthly wishes, if wishes feels right to you and better than the word affirmation use that)

Get grounded - we're in an earth sign now, so this should be easier - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together, speak them out loud. I used to write my affirmations on strips of paper and put them into a bowl of rice so I can mix them around every now and then with my fingers if things got stagnant - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.

Lately I have been burning mine and releasing the ashes into moving water. I feel a little more connected with the finality of the results when I do this.  

Know these things are already yours. xo all

December 21st - New Moon in Capricorn - Back to Business - the NEW Work - the Road Narrows Part I

I know you are thinking "wait a minute BACK TO BUSINESS" - I haven't even had my Christmas eggnog, put my tired feet up on the Yule Log (maybe don't try that if your Yule Log is in the fireplace) or found anyone to snooker under the mistletoe, yet!

Last year we had this New Moon on January 1st; this year it's December 21st ... that's how life rolls. I am still working in a few naps and a hot chocolate or two or three; you should, too!

A few hours before the New Moon, we have the Winter Solstice (Sun enters Capricorn). This makes Sunday's Moon an especially powerful time for a new beginning. We will begin to feel the hunger for "something new" right away. Whatever house of your natal chart holds Capricorn will be the part of your life where a fresh start can change your life.

A powerful New Moon on the longest night of the year, so fitting (all the important stuff from seeds in the ground, to seeds in our bodies come to life in the dark after all).

Capricorn is as earthy as an earth sign gets, is ruled by daddy Saturn and presides over the darkest time of the year so you know he is one serious dude.

I'd call him "sir" if I were you. I'm sure he shops at Barneys and carries a platinum card (which he has earned). He is most decidedly not a trust fund baby and does not believe in the 4 hour work week.

This new moon is all about hard work, ambition, common sense, perseverance, efficiency, organization and responsibility (results are to be expected but not overnight results).

For most of us there will be no doubt about the rug that has been pulled out from under us, the brick wall we are facing or the sure thing that no longer feels quite so sure (the next steps may not be totally clear, new moons are dark and the season is dark, but we will definitely know what is not working) - we just have to set the intentions for change that set the wheels in motion.

Intention is action.

Our old plan has been torn down anyway - the only direction open to us is another direction. I am not sure it matters which one. Toss a coin. Or better yet, get quiet and grounded and decide. We don't want to give so much weight to the 'steps' that we get paralyzed. We can change the direction of our steps. We can hesitate. We can fall on our ass and get back up. Lots of paths lead to the same place. Our intention must be fixed though.

"... and the truth is that as a man's power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower. Until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do ...." - Ursula K. LeGuin

A good use of the day would be to focus our vision and intent for the new year. I know it feels early to do this, jump the gun a little. This is a supercharged moon and stuff will manifest quickly, for good or bad.  Set your intentions in a positive and affirmative manner (more on this tomorrow).

Uranus is also stationing direct (that's tomorrow's part II along with Saturn's new role). Uranus is the part of us that is rebellious and individualistic. Few prospects are more terrifying than stepping away from the pack.

You will have to stop back tomorrow to see where I am going with this. I have a hot date with a rebellious Uranus ruled Aquarius, a certain Mr. Bilbo Baggins and a bucket of popcorn. xo all

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Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 6th - talk less, say more, clever conversation - language is magic

My Gemini Locket
The Sun is in Sagittarius so we know our beautiful, hopeful and happy - Full Moon on Saturday will be in Gemini (Sagittarius polarity - although with mutable sides things are not so polar opposite).

This is the culmination of June's New Moon in Gemini, so something from that time is finishing. Also energy from the New Moon two weeks ago is reaching its peak now

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is mutable. It's flexible, adaptable and thrives on change.

Mutable signs are restless and prepare us for the change of seasons. They are the breakdown and break away before the breakthrough.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury

(who also rules Virgo - Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and the Messenger God, after all)

and Mercury rules our 3rd house of day to day communication and language. It also rules siblings, neighbors, local travel, early education, transportation - movement. Its polarity sign is Sagittarius, where our Sun is hanging out this month, rules the 9th house of the larger world aspects of movement. So big picture thinking and processes, philosophy, higher education, foreigners, long distance travel, etc.

During a Full Moon we always have the Moon and Sun in their polar positions (that's what creates the full moon!) so the energy we are working with is the play between the two signs in this case Gemini and Sagittarius, their 2 houses - the 3rd and 9th and their ruling planets Mercury and Jupiter.

We have a bunch of other stuff going on this month including the 6th of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares (the last was this one in April) and I will post about this during the week because it's very impactful and important. These squares are the breakdown of corrupt social policies and systems - the dissolving of the safety nets that were never real anyway - no matter how strong you make a net there are still a whole hell of a lot of holes to fall through, and a hell of a lot of people have.

On a personal level, this is pushing us to connect with our hearts and our purpose and understand the Hopi message that we are the ones we have been waiting for (the processes connected with these lessons have sometimes been hard especially if we are determined to hold onto the things that are leaving). This is the roller coaster ride we came to planet earth to experience.

For now, this Moon is a sort of 'party break' before the square happens later in the month, so let's enjoy it.

The holidays are approaching and we are all super busy. This is the perfect weekend for a celebration and if we can work in a heartfelt toast to get the party started even better

Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is the Magician card in tarot - the magical, invocative power of voice, language and craft to shift reality. The power of our words to create magic is especially potent now.

This Full Moon in Gemini is all about communication so things will probably come up now that have us thinking about the way we get our point across, the way we present our ourselves, the way we show up and most especially what we are a voice for.

We are at a collaborative turning point for our collective - we are all in this together. Grateful, generous hearts are needed. Grateful, generous words will open the hearts of others. The less we say the more powerful our words are when we use them - keep this in mind. Our words will be remembered so let's make them memorable ... and kind.

Get outside tonight and tomorrow night and walk in that full moon- the energy is especially strong in the winter and this is our last full moon of 2014. Breathe deeply. xo all