weekly astrology forecast | August 30 - September 5, 2021 - U.S. chart red alert, diluted actions, lack of motivation, power struggles and slippery slopes, ideas and conversations that stabilize



This is a red alert week here in the United States. We have transiting Mars opposing a retrograde Neptune (he is repeating what Mercury has already done a few days ago and we can see what happened there!) - and Mars in Virgo is EXACTLY conjunct the United States natal Neptune, in the United States 9th house ruling foreign situations and squaring the U.S. natal Mars with the U.S. natal Mercury (Virgo's ruler) EXACTLY opposing transiting retrograde Pluto (death/transformation). And we have an expansive/retrograde transiting Jupiter conjunct the U.S. Moon (the people). The Afghanistan situation, the virus, the media and Hurricane Ida (making landfall on Hurricane Katrina's anniversary) are all impacted by these transits. 


And for all of us as Mars applies to Neptune we have a challenging Third Quarter Moon on tap for MONDAY conjunct Ceres (weather, grief, loss) and Black Moon Lilith (!) with Mercury trining Sedna (Goddess of the Sea/oceans and we've talked about Sedna in connection to the virus and vaccines) at the challenging 29th degree as both the Sun (Virgo) and Moon (Gemini) answer to Mercury! 


Let's back up to Sunday, August 29th - the Sun in Virgo is squaring the Nodes of Fate. We had Mercury (ruler of that Node Node) here in the middle of August, so whatever we have going on now can connect back to that time period. A square to the Nodes brings tension/frustration - something must change before we can go any further. Squares to the Nodes are 'skipped steps'. We missed something. With the Sun in Virgo, something is illuminated that requires our focus/fix/practicality/something healthier. What is the problem and what can we do about it? This 'what we can do about it' will be the next step that needs to be taken. Think - practical. Keep in mind the North Node - our best way forward - is in multi-tasking Gemini, so there may be more than one way forward/more than one conversation that needs to happen, more than one solution here.


Gemini is about asking questions (and not being so sure we have all the answers), so communicate/talk/write. Keep things light/flexible. Keep in mind also that South Node (where we've been/where we are, what needs to go) in Sagittarius - there could be a 'belief' holding us back. Maybe something has grown too big to be manageable. Maybe we have a yearning for something foreign when what we need is right in our own backyard. Maybe we want to go to 'school' when what we need is a 'class'. Think smaller. More local. Multiple small things instead of one big thing. 


After this week, we will have the New Moon and be moving through multiple trines - things will be looking up, but let's unpack this week and see what we have. There are multiple inconjuncts I am not listing (including one on Monday Sun/Saturn indicating blocks/delays, trouble for authority/leadership), so know we will have to be flexible this week. Some of what follows is taken from the monthly HERE. I will update the week to add in the Moons as we move along. Monday's Moon is included.

On MONDAY - we reach this month's Third Quarter Moon as the Moon in Gemini (7 degrees) and conjunct Ceres squares the Virgo Sun. Mercury, ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, has moved into Libra only hours earlier. 


The Third Quarter Moon is a frustration/challenge in response to last week's Full Moon result or ending. The Sun is focused in Virgo - wanting to help, heal, fix things, make something better. The Moon in Gemini is determined to lighten things up, ask more questions and offer more choices. She's all over the place - taking us here, there and everywhere - bringing us new ideas/conversations, so if we've become overly attuned to a flaw/problem, here's our chance to come up for some air/be more flexible. Of course, this is a square, so our actions/decisions can feel forced (our back against the wall) and won't be comfortable. With the Moon meeting Ceres - she pulls in our nurturing/mothering, cycle of life situations, Earth/weather issues, probably a need for compromise.


Mercury is in Libra now - so we know the way through this square will be our best use of Libran energies. Diplomacy, cooperation, balance. Successful words are more tactful now - more focused on what the other person needs/wants. That splitting hairs and checking for typos Mercury did back in Virgo cedes way to saying it nicely. 

Our thinking could become more indecisive. Not because Libra is wishy-washy so much as just able to see both sides of any situation. Libra's polarity sign Aries can make fast decisions because the energy can focus most easily on one point of view - their own. Libra is the natural ruler of our 7th house of other people. Life gets more complicated after the 7th house. Do you have any planets in your 7th house or in Libra - these are the archetypes we usually set up our lives to have played out by other people.

Libra wants everybody to be friends. Diplomacy, both in our personal lives and the larger collective, if actually attempted, can improve tense situations now. The gentle art of persuasion via a lighter touch can work, too.

Words that make people feel loved and appreciated and beautiful will be the right words.

Our natal Libra house gets a visit from multi-tasking, inquisitive Mercury. So things in the area of our life naturally ruled by Libra get busy. Mercury will be in Libra until November 5th.


THURSDAY - Mars opposes Neptune (retrograde)

FRIDAY - Mercury trines the North Node

SATURDAY - Mercury trines Saturn (retrograde)

SUNDAY - Venus squares Pluto (retrograde)

THURSDAY - Mars @ 22 Virgo opposes Neptune, retrograde in Pisces. Mercury made this opposition back on August 24th, so this could connect back to information/news/conversations from that time. Oppositions bring culminations/results/endings. Mars in Virgo is precise/focused action. Neptune here fogs things up. This might be a good thing if Neptune loosens our stranglehold on something unfixable, that 'dog with a  bone' thing or if Neptune expands/un-limits (think of not only boundary-removal, but also of something along the lines of a higher calling here) whatever Mars (as us) is doing. 


Often though, Neptune dilutes Mars actions/passions. Things get less precise, move in unintended directions, get bigger than we intended. 


Maybe we are tired. Maybe we procrastinate (a common problem for perfectionistic Mars in Virgo). Maybe we self-sabotage. Maybe our plans get rained out. It can be hard to get to work/get things done (I am having a terrible time knuckling down and writing this on Sunday afternoon as these energies apply). Neptune's rose-colored glasses and tendency to hide things behind closed door/behind our backs can make it easy to gloss over important details/daily obligations, so this is something to think about. On the other hand, any contact with Neptune opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams - keep this in mind, too. 


Let's give ourselves and other people a break now, we are all living through unprecedented times, swimming in uncharted waters. Anger can come out of nowhere and get projected onto the wrong people/situations, so avoid unnecessary disagreements.


FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Mercury is going to trine first the North Node (our collective best way forward) and then a sober, retrograde Saturn. Mercury is in Libra here, so this is good news for our relationships/partnerships/contracts/agreements. Heads up for fresh information to come in. Conversations that direct our wagon 'that-a-way'. It's a time of decisions. Then Mercury trines serious Saturn to 'seal the deal'. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new deal. 


SUNDAY - Venus (in Libra) is going to square Pluto (retrograde) while trining Jupiter (retrograde). Venus is strong in her home sign, but no match for Pluto. The good news - the trine to Jupiter could help lighten this square up, the not-so-good news, the trine to Jupiter can make the whole thing even BIGGER.


The Venus/Pluto is tricky/obsessive, speaks of manipulation/power struggles/control/relationship TRIANGLES. Obsessive attractions. Maybe the partner/relationship/whatever we are wanting feels essential for our very survival. Our relationships feel more INTENSE.


With Pluto retrograde old, maybe toxic dependencies/needs/relationships can resurface and then the trine to Jupiter just makes that slippery slope even slipperier. One leads to two leads to ten, so be careful.


Hopefully the trine to Jupiter (retrograde in intellectual/detached Aquarius) will lighten the intensity and Mars in Virgo will be trining Pluto at the same time taking some of the heat off Pluto if we are taking some kind of practical action. 


Once we get to the end of the week and moving into an incredibly fluid Grand Air Trine and New Moon, in incredibly helpful/healthful Virgo, things should start to smooth out. 

xo all


Heads up - Mercury will begin walking his/her upcoming retrograde degrees on September 7th, so if you need to get something done and you don't want to be revising it and doing it multiple times (then again maybe three times is the charm) you might want to set yourself a deadline before this date. 


artwork by the talented Ascending-Storm

A look at the astrology of September, 2021 | be ready to move forward with projects in the beginning of the month, surprises with love and money, more going backward to go forward and who's up for a mercury retrograde through our relationships?!



I think a quick-ish look at the upcoming month might be a good idea.


The New Moon at the beginning of the month looks good - BIG "go time" and the Full Moon later on looks promising, too. Lots of trines to help things fall into place/move us forward, but not many sextiles (opportunities), actually I'm not sure I see any sextiles that don't involve the Moon until October (!), so we know the "opportunities" - which are always there somewhere, don't worry - will come through the more challenging squares. So, yes, they will be disguised as dragons and stop signs, but might morph into unicorns and Barbie dream houses if we play our hands right. Black Moon Lilith is going to move over the North Node and trine the Libra planets and a retrograde Saturn/Pluto - pulling some uncomfortable fated relationship dynamics, old contracts/old commitments/rules even more firmly into the mix. Mercury will get all the way to 25 degrees Libra and decide he needs another stab at this 'relationship' stuff (not sure why I am including stab and relationship in the same sentence, maybe hubs better not read this) giving us a do-over that lasts until October 18th!


Let's unpack the month. 


We kick off September fairly quickly with Mars (in Virgo) opposing Neptune (retrograde) on September 2nd. Mercury made this opposition back on August 24th, so this could connect back to information/news/conversations from that time. Oppositions bring culminations/results/endings. Mars in Virgo is precise/focused action. Neptune here kind of fogs things up. This can be a good thing if Neptune loosens our grip, that 'dog with a  bone' thing or if Neptune expands/un-limits (think of not only boundary-removal, but also of something along the lines of a higher calling here) whatever Mars (as us) is doing. Often though, Neptune kind of dilutes Mars actions/passions. Things can move in unintended directions/get bigger than we intended. Or maybe we get tired. Maybe we procrastinate (a common problem for perfectionistic Mars in Virgo). Maybe we self-sabotage. Maybe our plans get rained out. Neptune's rose-colored glasses and tendency to hide things behind closed door/behind our backs can make it easy to gloss over important details/daily obligations, so this is something to think about. On the other hand, any contact with Neptune opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams - keep this in mind, too.

On September 3rd and 4th, Mercury is going to trine first the North Node (our collective best way forward) and then a sober, retrograde Saturn. Mercury is in Libra here, so this is good news for our relationships/partnerships/contracts/agreements. Heads up for fresh information to come in. Conversations that direct our wagon 'that-a-way'. Then he trines serious Saturn to 'seal the deal'. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new deal. 

On September 5th, Venus (in Libra) is going to square Pluto (retrograde) while trining Jupiter (retrograde). Venus is strong in her home sign, but no match for Pluto. The good news - the trine to Jupiter is really going to help lighten this square up! 


The Venus/Pluto is tricky/obsessive, speaks of manipulation/power struggles/control/relationship TRIANGLES. Maybe something happens and the beloved/relationship/contract feels essential for our very survival. 

If you were born with a Venus/Pluto aspect there is an intense passion to your basic nature. This can eventually become a space of real power, but often starts out something like a kind of bottomless pit. Sometimes a Venus/Pluto person (in childhood) attaches very strongly to a specific family member. Sometimes there is a rejection that follows (maybe another sibling is born and mom/dad's attention turn elsewhere or maybe the attachment is with a sibling who grows away or a grandparent who dies). The rejection - and this doesn't have to be an actual rejection, but this is how it will be felt if we have this aspect within our basic nature -  triggers a kind of power struggle within relationships. This isn't because childhood experiences 'cause' the trigger. We are born with our triggers. Our childhood experiences are what activate them. Anyway, if you have a natal Venus/Pluto aspect or planets near 24 degrees in the cardinal signs, this transit now could trigger intense desires and a tendency to identify love with SURVIVAL. 

Keep in mind that trine to Jupiter (retrograde in intellectual/detached Aquarius) is going to lighten this up and Mars will be trining Pluto at the same time taking some of the heat off Pluto if we are taking some kind of practical action.

**** September 6th, we get our annual New Moon in Virgo (the harvest Moon) at 14 degrees and EXACTLY trine (arguably the best aspect in astrology) a retrograde Uranus, with all kinds of other trines, too!

Moon/Uranus - let's think about this. Uranus has been in Taurus full time since March 2019 and will be here until 2026 - more about this HERE. Uranus isn't a personal planet (like the Moon), but as the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius reflects a collective urge toward an ideal. In Taurus, Uranus is about new definitions of security and new values which are less bound to the material world. 


People born with Uranus in Taurus (and all of us to some degree since we are living through this transit) will likely feel 'forced' to relinquish their material stability. Uranus is the natural enemy of the Moon because in order for the uncomfortable (change) to become the comfortable we have to distance ourselves from our emotions/instincts which is the Moon's bread and butter. 

With the trine - an aspect of EASE - we have the Moon, and this is a very persnickety kind of New Moon, but also a very practical New Moon - willingly lining up with CHANGE (Uranus and again Uranus is retrograde, so something here isn't totally new either). Mercury rules the New Moon and is making those supportive trines to the North Node and Saturn, and Mars will be trining Pluto, so we've got stability and clarity and new roads all coming together! Earth trines make things real/solid. Things that last. They work over time. And the air trines bring in the ideas/communication. We've also got Venus trine Jupiter - is this the best aspect in astrology? It just might be!


WE REALLY WANT TO BE TAKING ACTION and moving toward what we want now. Expect a  BIG post.

September 10th - Venus enters Scorpio. Scorpio Suns and Ascendants get more attractive (more beautiful and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house (where is Scorpio hanging out in your natal chart?) gets more attractive, too.


Venus dives from Libra, the home-girl sign she rules, into the deep, murky waters of Scorpio.Venus is considered in her 'detriment' in Scorpio. It's dark. It's ruled by Pluto. It's not her favorite place to hang out. We will notice how we use other people's energy and how they use ours. Vampires do not really only come out in the night.Venus in Scorpio doesn't look like the more traditional beauty of Venus in Libra. Her beauty is dark and forbidding now. She doesn't flirt. She seduces. She doesn't want peace at any cost so much as she wants to feel what's really underneath all the phony smiles and superficial niceties. Scorpio rules death and destruction and now this comes through our relationships. Here Venus pushes herself to the edge of life with compulsions, intimacy, jealousy, obsession and a struggle for real power. She goes into the dark corners that hold all our secrets and she coaxes them out into the open. There can be brutal and deep honesty here.  Relationships get intense. More intense.

Venus rules love, money and women. Getting what we want with any of them becomes an act of seduction. We need to entice. We need to risk our flaws and shadows being visible. Venus in Scorpio knows our need for acceptance will make us invisible, so she risks rejection to be seen.

She doesn't want to be friends - she wants to be soul-mates. We will feel more "all or nothing" with our passions now. Things can crash and burn here. And for better or worse she isn't afraid to manipulate things to get what she wants (and yes, this, and her obsession with secrets and power will be her downfall). People will be drawn to what is hidden; to what we don't show them. Keep this in mind if you sell things for a living. Buyers will want to discover things for themselves.


Keep in mind since Scorpio is a fixed sign we know, looking ahead, Venus in Scorpio is going to square the Taurus (Uranus) and Aquarius (Saturn, Jupiter) planets as we move through the next few weeks.


On September 14th, the Sun, in Virgo, is going to oppose Neptune (retrograde).  Remember we closed out August with Mercury opposing Neptune and began September with Mars opposing Neptune, so this might be connecting up with those transits. Oppositions bring results, culminations, endings. Chapters close out. This might bring a disappointment. A Virgoan answer/fix might be dissolving/falling apart. Neptunian answers are ALWAYS 'let go and let God' - easy to say, not always so easy to do. This isn't about sacrifice though and in fact a sacrifice made now will be more about self-sabotage than anything we are doing for anyone else. Keep in mind, the whole 'no boundaries' thing. This transit is the real vs the ideal. The reality vs the dream. So, Neptune could be dissolving our focus/life force energy/ego or elevating our Virgo work/service/health to a whole new level. Again Neptunian contacts opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams.


Mars exits Virgo - having done all the fixing, clean up and detailed work he could possibly do and enters sociable and diplomatic Libra, the sign of the other person, for the first time in two years.

Mars rules Aries, the sign of "me" and is uber uncomfortable and in his fall in the sign of Libra, the sign of "we". Our actions/passions can get mired in indecision. Mars wants to just go, go, go and in Libra is required to 'see/interact with' the other side of things. There is more flirting than commitment (job hunters prepare for a possible extended interview or 'getting to know you' process). More passive-aggressiveness.

Fiery Mars in our collective 7th house of other people means our actions trigger fast reactions. That whole "I'm rubber. You're glue" thing isn't working. Or maybe it's working backward. We need to be honest about our anger, passions, actions without crapping all over other people or being a phoney Mr. Nice Guy. It is a balancing act and Mars' combat boots are not made for tight ropes.

The good news for the next few weeks and there is plenty - situations will arise that create opportunities for more fairness. More balanced actions. More social activities. More compromise. More win-wins. More allies - please Lord, yes. Doing it together. Plus our Libra house theme gets a needed kick-in-the-ass.

Two days later on September 16th, the Sun is going to trine (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto - just what Mars did back at the New Moon in the beginning of the month. So we get the Neptunian dissolve/result followed by a smooth/easy flow with our goals/power/our career/authority. Again, the outer planet is retrograde, so this won't be a brand new thing. And it most likely won't be overly dramatic - these are Earth signs, solid stuff built over time. Focused efforts that get results/rewards. Virgo is the sign of the harvest and Pluto is the planet of death - are we carrying around a bag of rotten tomatoes and calling it a pepperoni pizza? What needs to go?


On September 17th, Venus squares a retrograde Saturn. Saturn squares bring road blocks, stop signs, reality checks, the pressure of responsibilities/commitments, "no's". Toss Venus into the mix and this might involve our money, relationships, third party situations, our self esteem. Feelings of being inadequate/unloved/just plain old can surface. 


People born with Venus/Saturn aspects have some kind of experience of 'love is limited' in early life. Sometimes love is dependent on being right/doing the right thing. Maybe love feels earned. Or we feel what we don't have. Again, this aspect isn't created in childhood - we came in with it in our blueprint, the way an acorn already has everything it needs to become a tree - but it is triggered. This is why siblings with different blueprints can experience totally different things from the same parents/family. Sometimes Venus/Saturn people find their way to unavailable partners to avoid real commitment. Eventually this natal aspect grows into a tenderness for human frailties, a fondness for aging, a deep sense of responsibility within relationships. Big growth potential with this one.

**** September 20th - Mercury trines a retrograde Jupiter (in Aquarius) while Mars trines the North Node (in Gemini), Ceres sextiles Chiron, Vesta enters Scorpio and we have a Full Moon in Pisces (28 degrees). 


Conjunct ruler Neptune this Full Moon has an end of the line/sink or swim feel to it. Pisces either elevates or drags us down. We'll be feeling all the feels with this one. I haven't unpacked the chart, but here is ANOTHER Moon with multiple smooth trines which might play out something like old opportunities coming back around. Good news. Taking action and those actions moving us forward easily. Nothing here needs to be forced. Things can just fall right into place. Both Mercury and Mars are in Libra, so the focus here will be on our relationships/contracts/partners.

September 22nd - Mercury in Libra squares a retrograde Pluto. This one is testy/frustrating. Power struggles. Arguments. Manipulations. Obsessive thinking/digging. Third party situations. This can be tension between our relationships and our career. Are we sure we really want to go there? This is the same day the Sun enters Libra, so that will bring more balance and desire to shine through/with other people.


September 23rd - Venus opposes Uranus. Surprise! Here is the unexpected with love/money. Keep in mind oppositions bring results, culminations, endings. This could be a sudden attraction/expense/merging/purging. A sudden shift in our values/income/spouse's income. Uranus is retrograde so the surprise won't be a total surprise, we could have seen this one coming, but we probably won't. Sometimes Venus/Uranus aspects are acted out through another person/a partner. 

September 25th - Mars trines Saturn. Here is our actions/passions working well with our responsibilities, authority, groups, partners. Partners/goals are on the same page. Things slide into place.

September 26th - Sun (in Libra) trines the North Node. Our relationships/contracts are moving forward. A relationships aligns us with our future. Our connections expand. Be out and about. Talk to people. Ask questions. Stay open. The right idea can pop right into our head. The right person wind up right in front of us. 


September 27th - Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees Libra - you didn't think we were going to get out of Libra/relationship season without a Mercury retrograde dragging the whole thing out did you? And this retrograde is just kind of priming the pump for the BIG Venus retrograde at the end of the year when Venus travels THREE times over those 'time runs out' degrees from 2020. Are our relationships up to that?! I guess we are going to find out!

September 29th - Venus trines Neptune and Sun trines Saturn - more trines - which, keep in mind, remove brakes, which can mean obstacles - a good thing, but can also be that slippery slope your mama warned you about. Venus/Neptune can get in over her head pretty quickly. Watch your wallet. Watch your projections - is this really as good as it looks? The Sun/Saturn brings stability/maturity - well maybe it is! These trines plus the Mars/Saturn, Libra/North Node look like we probably want to be moving toward whatever is falling into place now. Keep in mind both Neptune and Saturn are retrograde, so again these are not totally new situations/opportunities that allow us to line up with the future. 

We close out September with Venus (at 22 degrees Scorpio) squaring a retrograde Jupiter (at 22 degrees Aquarius) on September 30th. Note the 22 degrees because we are going to be talking about the number 22 quite a bit in upcoming posts! Something here about 'too much'/exaggerated expectations - probably where all these slippery trines have been leading us! BUT these are still our most benevolent planets so how bad can it be. Just watch for too much of a good thing, too much intimacy, too much power/control. Too much debt. Something might have to be tapped down a bit. In a couple days Venus in Scorpio is going to sextile Pluto (Scorpio's ruler and finally a sextile), so the opportunity approaches, maybe the square here at the end of the month is an alert to not overdo just yet.

xo all

artwork by the talented Gaudi Buendia

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 23rd - 30th, 2021 - stabilizing our love and money, finding some peace, the facts Jack, powerful words, old hurts, another August crossroad


Sunday's Aquarius Full Moon continues to play out this week, bringing the future to our door. Second chances. Groundhog Days. Busted illusions. Painful relationship/financial situations will need to be dealt with. Important conversations/information that brings us to a crossroad. Focus on the details - it's Virgo season now baby. 


Let's unpack the week!


MONDAY - Venus trines Saturn

TUESDAY - Mercury opposes Neptune

THURSDAY - Venus opposes Chiron, Mercury trines Pluto

SUNDAY - Sun squares the North Node

MONDAY - Venus @ 8 degrees Libra trines a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius

Venus rules love, money, our values, women, beauty, our self-esteem, and in Libra, one of the signs she rules is currently concerned with our relationships, partnerships, attaining/maintaining balance/fairness/peace. Saturn rules structure and things that are real and have weight. Time, goals, hard work, discipline, fathers, older men and responsibility. Retrograde in Aquarius he is currently concerned with re-vising/re-viewing the new rules, our obligations to groups, technology, our innovations, our friendships, our freedoms.

Trines create smooth energy - the brakes are off, obstacles are removed - the vitality will flow and work together naturally. This trine will apply to our natal Libra and Aquarius houses and their themes. People with natal Venus/Saturn aspects will find this week's energy particularly useful.

If Venus and Saturn were people they would be a young, loving, attractive woman and a serious, responsible older man. You can see how these two people could bring out the best in each other (not in a sugar-daddy kind of way - Saturn ain't nobody's free ride). We all carry both these archetypes within us - what can we do now to cement their merger?

We could make a commitment (Saturn) within a relationship (Venus) or improve our relationships by behaving in a mature manner. We could get serious with our money. We could make a commitment to valuing ourselves. We could commit to the hard work of being more beautiful (ie Venusian) or birthing something beautiful. We could beautify (Venus) our career (Saturn). This would be a great time for cosmetic changes within a business. Spruce ups now will pay off over time. Mentors (Saturn) and muses (Venus) can show up. Renewed ties to old friends/relationships are possible. This is also about the Libra/Aquarius energy - partners and friends, balance within groups, fairness with our social obligations. 


Take what you want (Venus) seriously (Saturn). 


Maybe you will get it.


Keep in mind the whole 'brakes off' thing, which is mostly a good thing as obstacles are removed, but there is another side to this, because if we are trying to keep some problem at bay/the lid on something - the restraining force we have been applying can come off, too. Still, this will be a good thing over time - we talked about this in the Full Moon post HERE (remember the next two weeks postings, until the next New Moon, are really the Full Moon post coming to life).


TUESDAY - UPDATED - the Moon is moving through the end of Pisces now. Her final aspect a sextile to a retrograde Pluto at 5:29AM EDT. She is void until 2:57PM EDT when she moves into Aries. In Aries, she moves quickly into an uncomfortable inconjunct with the Virgo Sun. The inconjunct is this month's Waning Inconjunct - Aries/Virgo, an adjustment to Sunday's final Full Moon in Aquarius. Signs which inconjunct are as difficult to merge as signs that are right next to each other. Here is mutable earth vs cardinal fire. Virgo wants to work through the nitty gritty, practical details and Aries just wants to get moving and has no patience for that

In the meantime Ceres making her way through Gemini now, conjuncts the North Node at 6 degrees. Ceres in Gemini is about smart, mental, light, talkative mothering/nurturing. On the North Node this is our way forward with something. Information. Communication. Details. Or maybe with Gemini's dualistic nature we are dealing with two of something now.


Mercury (home in Virgo and ruler of that North Node) moves into his opposition with Neptune (home in Pisces) - it should be easier to separate fantasy from reality. HERE is the thing we haven't been able to see clearly or maybe HERE is the thing we have been avoiding. With Mercury in Virgo this might be about a health information, a work conversation, a situation with a pet/a daily obligation/an employee or something pertaining to the theme of your natal Virgo house.


Neptunian themes might be pulled into our day-to-day experiences in uncomfortable ways - endings, hospitals, healing, viruses/illness, things put away, things/people from the past, addictions, medications, meditation, spirituality, imagination, music, art, sleep, rest. 

Mercury is clear headed and strong in Virgo. Practical. Knows which way the wind is blowing/what needs to be fixed. With Neptune retrograde, some old/foggy situations can get cleared up. Oppositions are closing aspects - they brings results/culminations. This can sometimes be a time of disappointment as fantasies dissolve. This can also be a time when we are releasing something that cannot be fixed/perfected. Neptune oppositions sometimes bring 'let go and let God' moments.

It would be the time to speak with a practical kind of caution (am I saying what I really intend to say, what I really feel, what I really KNOW to be true?). Listen the same way. Avoid gossip. Keep a clear head. It can be hard to get solid facts from other people, so turn off the nightly news. At a mundane level this can bring up the contrary themes of work/reality vs escape/illusion. On the flipside, if we have been crunching numbers, over-thinking or too immersed in details, we could be mentally tired now and need some rest and relaxation.


THURSDAY - UPDATED - the Moon is finishing up in independent Aries. We are nourished by starting/action, our passions, time spent alone, time spent with men, having someone/something to fight. She squares Pluto at 2:01AM EDT and goes void off an opportunistic sextile with a retrograde Jupiter at 5:14PM EDT. She will be void for the rest of the night before moving into Taurus (the sign of her exaltation) at 12:27AM EDT.


Mercury @ 24 degrees Virgo trines a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn while Venus @ 12 degrees Libra opposes Chiron in Aries


Venus, fresh off her smooth and stable trine to Saturn earlier in the week moves into an opposition with wounded healer Chiron. This can bring relationship/financial hurts or disappointments. Partners/other people (lack of support/balance/fairness) can trigger some very old wounds. A relationship might end. Sometimes oppositions bring the need for decisions. 


Take advantage of today's positive trine between Mercury and Pluto to go deep with your thinking/words. Communication/words can be healing. This trine is in Earth energy so practical, cuts to the chase. Remember Chiron's wounds are hurts we learn to live with


Venus's next aspect is an awkward inconjunct with Uranus on SATURDAY, so there will be some give and take with change, the future, something outside our comfort zone. This can also pull our money/resources/values into the mix. 

Off his/her foggy opposition to Neptune, Mercury moves quickly into a smooth trine (brakes off) with powerful Pluto. Our words have power. It becomes easier to focus. Sober conversations or communications with authority can go well. 


Maybe here is where we are getting serious with whatever became clear to us as Mercury opposed Neptune. 


We take what we know and go further with it. Good for research/diving into the details. Just watch we don't analyze something to death now. And speaking of death - this is excellent energy to kill intrusive thoughts/transform our thinking. Also for something to feel like life and death. Keep an eye/ear out for solutions which can be especially effective now and should flow pretty effortlessly. Look for answers. Pluto is retrograde so many will be found within. 


FRIDAY - UPDATED -  the Moon is in Taurus now, the comfortable sign of her exaltation. We are nourished/nurtured by touch, good food, money in the bank. She trines the Sun at 9:19AM EDT and squares Saturn (tension/frustration around commitments, limits, responsibilities, authority) at 5:04PM EDT.

Her trine to the Sun is this month's Waning Trine - Virgo/Taurus. Earthy. Practical. Solid. Forward movement with something we can touch/grow/take to the bank. Small steps/fixes. We are confident/shine. The fly in the ointment here is the Virgo Sun's testy square to Black Moon Lilith (in Gemini) - here is challenging news/information/conversations. BML in Gemini is instinctive/perceptive/rebellious and answering to Mercury who is inconjunct (rock and hard place) a retrograde Jupiter. Maybe our beliefs are incompatible with the details, so instead of moving toward the details that support our beliefs (which is what we unconsciously do) we need to stay open to new information. Keep in mind Jupiter is retrograde so we should be questioning our beliefs anyway. With Mercury/Jupiter we don't want to over-promise/exaggerate or skim over the details and miss important information. Mercury in Virgo can have a sharp tongue/focus too much on the flaws, so we want to watch that, think - is this information/conversation helpful? Remember this is an inconjunct - Virgo/Aquarius. Despite Virgo's ability to see the details/be specific, Virgo isn't always right. Despite Aqua's keen intelligence and ability to see/intuit the future, it is fixed air, and isn't always right either. Something needs to be finessed here.

The way through things will be that Waning Trine - small steps, the next thing that is right in front of us. The Moon's next move is that tense square with a retrograde Saturn in the early evening EDT, so that's kind of sobering/there might be a "no"/stop sign here somewhere. The Moon is exalted though and tomorrow's lunar aspects are all good, so work that square and then enjoy the rest of your Friday night!

SUNDAY - the Sun @ 6 degrees Virgo squares the North Node in Gemini


As the Sun echoes Mercury's journey from the middle of August, now a light shines on a health/work/daily obligation cross-road (or the theme of your natal Virgo house). Which way are we going? Squares with the nodes require a pivot before we can move forward. 


Note with the South Node in Sagittarius it should be our beliefs/hope adjusting TO THE FACTS/DETAILS. The foreign to the local. The forest to the trees. 


Don't be afraid to change your mind.

xo all - I will update with the Moons as we move through the week!

artwork by the talented Leah Saulnier

The Second Full Moon in Aquarius | August 22, 2021 - second chances, BIG endings and results, wrapping up loose ends before we move on, faith and optimism for a better future


On Sunday, August 22, 2021 at 8:02AM EDT, the Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun at 29 degrees - giving us this year's SECOND full Moon in Aquarius. 

The 29th degree (last degree) of any sign is associated with a 'sense of urgency'. We've reached the end of the line with something. We might feel this pressure to make a move/decision right NOW. Sometimes we make poor decisions or regret decisions made with 29 degree planets because we make kind of 'blind leaps' even with things we have been mulling over for a long time (maybe especially with those things) and once in a while they bring us 'Hail Mary' type last minute saves. 


Anyway you slice it the degree itself is rife with tension. 


Full Moon bring situations to a result, to an end, to light. 


This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius this summer; a rare occurrence. The first one happened at the very beginning of the sign, so this one at the end brings us a second chance with whatever event/situation the Moon is stimulating. 


The Moon in Aquarius is answering to modern ruler Uranus - retrograde at 14 degrees Taurus, and ancient ruler Saturn - retrograde at 8 degrees Aquarius. The two planets in some stage of a square with each other for most of this year. Aquarius Full Moons, because this intellectual sign leans toward detachment, sometimes bring us what we NEED to feel.


Let's unpack the chart.

The Moon opposes the Sun and is conjunct a retrograde Jupiter. Ruler Uranus (retrograde) is trine Mars EXACT and is also trining Mercury. Ruler Saturn (retrograde) is trining the North Node and sextiling Chiron. The Moon is biquintile Venus, Uranus is biquintile Venus and Saturn is trining Venus.

The conjunction of the Moon with a retrograde Jupiter speaks of the OLD GOLD WE MISSED THE FIRST TIME THROUGH HERE/OLD OPPORTUNITIES. So there is something about this Full Moon's illumination/result/ending that brings a second chance. With this 'second chance' echoing (remember in astrology we are always looking for repeating aspects) the "second Full Moon in Aqua" - something here will bring a SECOND SHOT or be repeating (although differently) something that already happened. Jupiter's opposition to the Sun - which was exact earlier this week - shone a bright light on a RESULT that change or our avoiding change - has brought us. Both Aqua rulers being retrograde is further confirmation this Full Moon event/situation will not be brand new, but will provide, over time, an opening for something NEW.

(the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is a zeitgeist of this Moon, but we all have something like this happening in our lives, especially if this Moon is touching our chart - we are 'forced' to make some move that we have put off (the second 29th degree Moon) - probably the 'putting off' is more the problem than the actual move. The move/ending/whatever this is brings CHAOS - this is Aquarius after all - BIG chaos with Jupiter involved, but still this thing probably needs doing - that Saturn trine to the North Node. Aquarius isn't the best energy for 'good timing', timing is often off because we are overthinking/thinking too far ahead or think we know things we don't know. Uranus trine with Mars will bring smoothness to abrupt/impulsive moves which could just make them more abrupt/impulsive - nothing stops us! The thing we have been delaying almost just kind of HAPPENS.)


So, there are a couple 'for sures' here. 

One - there is something reminiscent of Groundhog Day going on - the movie with the repeating storyline not the six more weeks of winter. 


(If we go back to the Afghanistan situation - we have the United States having another Vietnam moment, Afghanistan getting something similar to the Soviet withdrawal back in the 1980's and the Taliban getting a second shot at power.

Two - there is something liberating/freeing/future focused here. 

And three - even if the Jupiter conjunction expands/exaggerates something we are not so happy about we can see from the other aspects it will be a GOOD THING IN THE END - Saturn trines the North Node, Mars trines Uranus and Venus, strong in her home sign (so strengthening partnerships/resources) trines both Saturn and the North Node (Grand Air Trine) PLUS she has those biquintiles - the gift interacting with another gift - from the Moon and Uranus. And she's Venus, dammit!

Now Mars is in Virgo, so our next move after this BIG ending/result or whatever this is, doesn't have to be some big thing. It will more likely just be the 'next thing' or a kind of 'fix'. BUT it will have to be different, so even though it will be connected to the past, something about it must be NEW. Liberating. Forward-leaning. We didn't get two Full Moons in Aquarius in 2021 - the year when Aqua's rulers battle it out all year, collective responsibility vs personal freedom BOTH needing to be heard - for us to remain seated.


If you get a second chance at something now, I think you might want to take it.

xo all

the astrology of the disappearance of summer wells | part II - saturday night mystery


In Part I we talked about the events leading up to five year old Summer Wells' disappearance on June 15, 2021 in Rogersville, Tennessee. We looked at the natal charts of Summer, her mother and a suspect I found when searching the registered sex offender data base in her area. 


Now let's see what the 911 call chart can add to the picture.


Part I is HERE.


This is the chart for the time Summer's mother, Candus, after frantically calling her husband, Summer's father Don at work, calls 911 to report Summer missing. It's unclear how long Summer has been missing/how long Summer's mother and brothers have been searching, but Candus says only minutes have gone by.

Let's unpack the chart (I have added the asteroids that very tightly conjunct the angles and dispositors).


The chart has a 25 degree Scorpio rising - a late degree/possibly too late/something's already happened/already decided/already done. We know Algol (at 26 degrees Taurus and to the ancients considered the most malevolent star in the galaxy) will be conjunct the DC. 


Scorpio is the sign of secrets, obsession, what is buried, sex, intimacy, merged money. Scorpio has both a modern and an ancient ruler. His ancient ruler is Mars - here at 2 degrees Leo in the 9th house, conjunct EXACT asteroid Hera and asteroid Aphrodite (also exact on Summer's natal Aphrodite). In Leo, Mars is answering to the Sun in Gemini in the 7th house of other people/partners/enemies. Gemini rules children, siblings, communication (remember this is the 911 call chart and everything ends with Mercury here) the local area and transportation. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is conjunct the Sun, combust, so not playing by the Sun's rules, strong enough in his home sign, but nonetheless indicating danger here. Scorpio's modern ruler is Pluto. Here, at 26 degrees Capricorn EXACTLY trining the DC's Lilith/Phaeton conjunction. Asteroid Ceto (think of a monster rearing its head, and in particular a sea-monster) is conjunct the Ascendant. The 1st house also shows where the victim is at the time of the crime and Scorpio rather well illustrates her going down into the basement to play with her toys.

Another stand-in for Summer is the Moon - Summer's middle name is also Moon, so I feel most comfortable with this significator for Summer. The Moon is near the top of the chart, at 27 degrees Leo in the 9th house. The Moon squares the IC/DC (along with asteroids Ceto, Lilith and Phaeton) and is tightly conjunct asteroid Thereus (the stalker/kidnapper we talked about in THIS post). The 9th house rules things at a distance, what is foreign to us, the outdoors/churches, higher education, among other things. The Moon is answering to the Sun in Gemini, so pulls us back into that 7th house of the perpetrator and that unpredictable Mercury. So, for the Moon we have a loop from the 9th house to the 7th.

The 7th house represents our perpetrator (among other things) and here we have 25 degrees Taurus, conjunct malevolent fixed star Algol and the chart's Lilith/Phaeton conjunction. We talked about Phaeton HERE - the son who flew his father's chariot dangerously and crashed to Earth and we all know the story of Lilith, Adam's first wife, running away from the garden. So, is this Summer running away from the garden and getting lost/hurt/falling to Earth, remember this all ends in an out-of-bounds Mercury (child not playing by the father/the sun's rules)? Or are we seeing a rebellious/outcast/malevolent perpetrator, not playing by society's rules, stealing Summer away in a vehicle (Phaeton of the fast-flying chariot can also represent cars/vehicles in charts). 


The ruler of Taurus is Venus - here at 16 degrees Cancer in the 8th house of sex/death/transformation - the ruler of the 7th in the 8th is not a good sign for Summer. 16 degrees Cancer is Summer's natal Thereus placement (the stalker/kidnapper) and conjunct Candus's natal North Node (fate). Taurus on the DC might also speak of injuries to the throat/lust based crimes. A Taurus physicality, remember this is our perpetrator's house - might be of short or thick stature, if male - a broad man with a beard, high forehead, dark hair. The Descendant's loop is 7th house, 9th house and 8th house.

What else can this chart tell us? That 6th house (the day-to-day life/health) Uranus/Ceres might speak of an accident in nature. Also daily living in a volatile/chaotic place in nature. Also a detached/maybe unpredictable mother. Also a traumatic maternal inheritance. The 4th house (home, the end of the matter) Pisces speaks of a kind of unfocused home life, maybe drugs/alcohol/lies/mental illness - there are other things this might be about, but we can see this in the parent's interviews. The 'end of the matter' in Pisces might indicate water as a final resting place, the story continuing a familial/karmic story-line or maybe we never find out what happened here (I hope not!). The 7th house Sun - remember the 7th house is the perpetrator's house, but also the house of partners and this is the chart of the 911 call to the police, not a last seen chart - might speak of the father or another older man, and this will also be about the call pulling the police (authority) into the story. Hera (jealous wife) conjunct Aphrodite (beautiful young woman/girl) exact on Mars (ruler of the chart and a stand-in for Summer) along with Summer's natal Saturn/DC conjunction makes me think she is a 'daddy's girl' which can sometimes engender some mixed feelings in a mother, although remember we saw in Candus's natal chart her own focus on Summer. The 911 chart is a mixed bag.


The followers of the missing person group I originally did these charts for are very focused on the parents and we can see the parents issues in this chart (I don't have the father's birth date to look at his chart), so it's a possibility, but I am just not leaning in that direction. I should add the other children have been removed from the home ... so maybe the police are.


There is no way to know what happened from these charts. 


I think with Candus we are seeing this mother/daughter karmic trauma - lost daughters - (Candus's own mother lost a grown daughter who has never been found) and not her actual involvement (the perpetrator's Taurus ruler is in Cancer the sign of the mother). The Moon in this chart is also the mother, and at the top of the chart, the spotlight turns to her. The Moon's squares to the angles also makes me think she doesn't know what happened, but we would need birth times and not just dates to see houses for more clarity. 

Keep in mind everything in a chart is never just one thing.

To link back in to my suspect's chart - he has a natal Thereus/Ceto conjunction (stalker/kidnapper/monster) in the middle of Taurus. I can't see the house without a birth time, but natal aspects are activated by transit and at the time of Summer's disappearance transiting Thereus and Ceto were squaring each other (so activating his opposition) and the transiting Uranus/Ceres conjunction was on his natal Thereus/Ceto. His natal Phaeton is exactly conjunct Candus's natal Venus and remember transiting Venus was exact on Summer's natal Thereus and conjunct Candus's North Node of Fate. And our suspect had transiting Pluto (king of the underworld) on his natal Venus which was conjunct Summer's natal Tantalus (desires connected to heinous crimes). His natal Aphrodite was conjunct Summer's so was also being hit with the transiting Mars/Aphrodite/Hera and he has a natal Hera/Mercury (Hera exactly conjunct the Ascendant of this chart) in Scorpio. 


Of course, I don't know that this guy did anything. There is alot of potential in charts that is never activated/acted upon. There are many ways this story - that seemed determined to play itself out - could have played itself out. We can line up with all kinds of things we do not actually experience. That said though, hopefully the police do look into him.

A friend has emailed me some ideas to add locational astrology to these mysteries, so I might add that to this post at a later date if it shows anything. We can see the chart has alor of 2's and 20 something degrees, so maybe 2 -2.7 miles connecting to the case? I don't know. 


In the meantime, Asteroid Diana keeps coming up for me, so I think it's time to get back to the royals. And for a big picture post about the rest of 2021 and what all the 22's in 2022 might be showing us!

Enjoy your night - back with the weekly tomorrow.

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, August 19th, 2021 - BIG result. Here is the outcome of the changes we have been making or the outcome of our avoiding making the changes!



The Moon is in sober and winter-ruled Capricorn now - we are nurtured by rules and boundaries and our goals and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard. She trines Uranus at 2:58AM EDT (getting comfortable with change/the unusual) and sextiles a retrograde Neptune at 3:58PM EDT (this is Saturn/Neptune manifestation energy - making our dreams real). She goes void off her meeting with a retrograde Pluto at 7:59PM EDT. She is void for the rest of the night. 


This is also the day the Sun opposes Jupiter (retrograde) and Uranus stations retrograde. 


The Sun met up with Jupiter back on January 28th, 2021 kicking off a new story - here's the high-noon chart for that. Something coming to light/results/BIG culminations or maybe a second chance - do you feel lucky? - with something from that time period. 


This opposition is also about the push/pull between what we want to do and what we think we should do - the BIG 2021 story-line of personal freedom vs collective responsibility.


Happening with Jupiter at 27 degrees Aquarius, EXACT on the United States birthchart's Moon, the people - and, also conjunct the 21 degree Uranus in Aquarius from October 7, 2001 when the U.S. led coalition first bombed the Taliban in Afghanistan a few weeks after 9/11 - and just as Aqua's ruler Uranus stations retrograde. 


(back in October 2001, the North Node was also in Gemini, the Sun was EXACT on the U.S. natal Saturn. Saturn was opposing Pluto and Mars was opposing Jupiter)


With Uranus stationing retrograde today and the Sun/Jupiter in Aqua answering to him, there could be a quick pulling back, revisions/re-thinking (in the case of the U.S. in Afghanistan this week's aspects coupled with this weekend's second Full Moon in Aquarius ensured a BIG result - Jupiter/Sun is opposing Biden's natal Chiron, so he is certainly feeling this one and not in a good way).


So, maybe we reach this RESULT/illumination and something changes direction (an unexpected change although not totally unexpected) or this 'result' is somehow liberating or we get a recess/rest as recent changes settle in and dealing with them becomes more of an 'inside job'. Rewards might come in now and/or we might have to adjust any overly-inflated expectations. Uranus is in Taurus so we will be collectively reviewing/revising/rethinking our values, our resources, our income, our money, our self-esteem. Jupiter was at this same degree back at the end of April, so something now could tie into something then. Uranus will be retrograde until January 18, 2022.

More about Uranus retrograde in the weekly HERE.


xo all 

artwork by the talented James W. Johnson

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | August 16th - 22nd, 2021 - BIG results, hope and optimism, change, change, change, second Aquarius Full Moon brings back old opportunities, expansive results and real progress with what is right in front of us


Let's unpack this BIG powerful week!


We've got some prickly inconjuncts, yes, and a square that could bring some relationships tension/contractual squabbles and power struggles as the week starts, but look toward the end of the week - multiple trines - arguably the best aspect in astrology, the Sun opposing Jupiter (BIG results), a second Aquarius Full Moon, this time conjunct Jupiter and answering to a powerful stationing Uranus! And Mercury meets Mars mid-week for the first time in two years. Turning points. Progress with what is right in front of us. Change is coming. Change is HERE.

MONDAY - Mercury squares Juno then inconjuncts Saturn, Venus enters Libra

TUESDAY - Sun inconjunct Pluto

WEDNESDAY - Mars and Mercury inconjunct Chiron, Mercury meets Mars

THURSDAY - Sun opposes Jupiter, Uranus stations retrograde

FRIDAY - Mercury trine Uranus

SUNDAY - Venus trine North Node, Mars trine Uranus, Full Moon in Aquarius, Sun into Virgo

MONDAY - Mercury @ 8 degrees Virgo squares Juno (in Sagittarius), then inconjuncts (9 degrees) Saturn in Aquarius

This could show up as contractual issues/relationship disagreements, problems with the details vs the big picture. The inconjunct to Saturn could pull in rules/authority/maybe group dynamics. The good news - this is also the day Venus, ruler of relationships/balance/compromise - comes home to Libra.


After being cramped up in tidy Virgo, she can breathe again in her home sign of Libra and now there is room for other people. Venus in Libra is about love and partnership, collaboration and compromise. Venus in Libra is about balance.


This transit (until September 10th) makes Libra Suns and Risings, who are already naturally attractive, even more so - both physically attractive and more able to attract what they want/need. Everyone's Libra house gets more attractive, too (what house was Libra in when you were born? where is it in your progressed chart?).

We will be attracted to what we find 'beautiful'. We will be attracted to what we find 'just'. We will be attracted to what we find 'peaceful'. And these are the qualities people will find attractive in us and our work in the world. These are the qualities we'll want to bring to the table (and yes, flowers that would be a good thing to bring to the table now, too) to attract whatever we are wanting to attract now, particularly in the area of life housing your natal (and progressed) Libra.

The potential for peace increases as we (the collective) move from critic (Virgo) to diplomat (Libra).

The potential for people pleasing increases, too. Balance is the key now. Making life too much about the other person is Libra's shadow side. It's easier for some to just give in to something to have "harmony" than to work out the tough win-wins, but we need to honor ourselves as well as the other person.

In Libra, there is power in groups and alliances - but the emphasis (for now) is on the shared human experience of connection rather than on what might emerge later. It's not the time for thinking about how it will all play out, what we are getting or giving. It's just the time for the experience. 


We come into real harmony when we can see each other clearly. We don't have to always agree with each other.

TUESDAY - the Sun @ 24 Leo inconjuncts a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Our need for attention/appreciation/to 'show 'em what we've got' is somehow in conflict with authority/the rules/our security. This is our ego vs power/control. The Sun is strong in Leo, but Pluto still brings the feeling of life and death. We might lose some power/standing. Some will go down fighting. Loosen your grip and you won't be down for long. Maybe something has to go to make room for something BETTER. The Moon will be in Sagittarius, trining the Sun and sextiling Sag ruler Jupiter - hope/optimism/thinking BIGGER will be our way through this one.

WEDNESDAY - Mercury meets Mars @ 12 degrees Virgo and both inconjunct Chiron. Our thinking/ideas/communications/the FACTS and our actions are working together - in Virgo, we are being practical, efficient, organized. They last met in September 2019, so that story folds up and a new one begins.


Maybe there is a specific "correct/right" thing we have to do/say/fix. We will know what this is - what to say, what to do.

The two planets are in an uncomfortable inconjunct to wounded healer Chiron, so maybe we need to have an uncomfortable conversation or take an uncomfortable action to get this new story started.

Bottom line for this merger - we want to be walking our talk now. We want our words aligned with our actions. We want our actions to be in line with what we are thinking about/talking about for best results. And this is Virgo - so think practical fixes.

THURSDAY - Uranus stations retrograde at 14 degrees Taurus. Change/a need for progress or freedom is intensified or something changes course/slows. If we have been hit by a curve-ball recently things may smooth out a bit. For people being directly hit - the changes may intensify. If we have been considering a change this might be the week we make it! 

Happening in Taurus - collective ruler of our second house this might bring financial changes, an income source might dry up and we are going to have to innovate! Uranus in Taurus is also impacting our resources/food/supply chains, Earth changes (weather) and our personal freedom.

The best way to work with Uranus/chaos/disorder/CHANGE is to loosen our grip on things. Stay open to changing your mind and direction. Expect the unexpected. Maybe what seems totally crazy right now, will make sense later on.

Keep in mind Uranus is retrograde for five months of every year and for most people it is like background noise. We don't really notice unless he is touching our charts directly or he is an uber important part of our natal chart (I'm taking to you Aquarius/Aquarius rising). And if he is, this retrograde might amp things up (appear to get worse or more urgent), but what is really happening is we are being FREED UP for better and newer opportunities. 

If his station hits your chart directly (planets/points around 14 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo - like ME) creating change/chaos (ultimately liberation) - you are probably already feeling this! If something is impeding our progress (remember Uranus rules the future) it has to go.


At the same time the Sun @ 27 degrees Leo opposes a retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. This can bring a BIG result. Here is the outcome of the changes we have been making or the outcome of our avoiding making the changes! 

FRIDAY - Mercury @14 degrees Virgo trines that retrograde Uranus (in Taurus) - here is REAL OPPORTUNITY for practical/focused CHANGE. Say it again. Say it differently. Ask again. A new idea can pop right into our head. Be out and about. Prime the pump. Talk about change/the new. Change is smooth. Things fall into place. The future is RIGHT HERE NOW.

SUNDAY - A BIG Full Moon - the second in future-focused Aquarius - conjunct a retrograde, but expansive/optimistic Jupiter (old opportunities coming back around, a second change to change our beliefs, internal expansion), then the Sun moves into Virgo and says - enough partying (has anyone been partying?) - it's time to get healthy/get to work. Mars will be trining (brakes off) Uranus, Venus will be trining (brakes off) the North Node - I like this one ALOT!

Back with a BIG Full Moon post! And some other posts to add in our emotional week through Luna (plus we'll get back to last week's Saturday Mystery with Part II as we look at some other possibilities via the 911 call chart).

xo all

artwork by the talented Hyde Illustration

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, August 12th, 2021 - pick your battles, when over-helping isn't helpful, maybe good enough is good enough or then again maybe it isn't, what's most important



The Moon is in Libra now - we are nurtured/nourished through our relationships, partners, balance, peace, fairness. Her only aspect; a smooth trine to a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. Good for re-balancing group goals, our friendships, our causes, online interests, our connection to the collective. 

This is also the day Mars (in Virgo) squares Juno (in Sagittarius) and Venus (also in Virgo) opposes a retrograde Pallas (in Pisces). The Mars/Juno might speak of our precise/practical actions or fixes not sitting so well with a partner or within a contract or with a woman. Or maybe one person is being practical and the other one is all 'pie-in-the-sky' hopes and dreams. At the same time, Venus, also in Virgo, wants everything to be correct and orderly and Pallas in Pisces is more forgiving/creative/nonspecific/maybe impractical. What we want (details) may not line up with our plans or someone else's (which might be more "free-flowing", creative or lalaland).

With Virgo squares and oppositions any Virgo nitpicking (maybe even over-helping) can put us at odds with other people. 


The Moon's trine to Saturn is the way through - detach a bit, be polite/fair, don't overthink the situation, gather any needed intelligence, seek balance and emotional maturity. This is an air trine - so talk/think/communicate/be social. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so whatever this is, old responsibilities/commitments will likely play a part. Keep in mind, too, the Venus/Pluto from yesterday is still in play and the Moon is answering to Venus now. Some old relationships/commitments may be ending. We might have to release our need to control everything/get it all just right. Focus on what is most important and on what is falling into place.


xo all 

artwork by the talented Sylvie Demers

Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 - pushed off the fence, being practical and digging into the details, what is your next solid step? use the void to rest



The Moon continues her monthly journey through organized/service-oriented Virgo. She opposes a retrograde Neptune at 3:15AM EDT, meets Venus at 6:15AM EDT and goes void off a trine to a retrograde Pluto at 7:21AM EDT. She will be void until 4:08PM EDT when she moves into Libra.


The Moon's conjunction with Venus and trine to Pluto echoes Venus's (our money) trine to Pluto (their money) today - this is Virgo, so be practical/pay attention to the details


Small fixes - financial, relationship, self-esteem will pay off over time.

This is also the day Mars squares the Nodes of Fate. 


Tension/frustration. We can't move/will feel the squeeze until we make a decision/have a plan/speak up. 


Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini is now answering to a newly practical Mercury (he comes home to Virgo today, which I wrote about rather long-windedly(?) HERE ). The South Node - our entrenched beliefs, hopes that haven't materialized, the big foggy picture - is what we are moving AWAY from. We are headed toward something smaller/more local. We are asking new questions, making new choices.

Maybe we hear something and we need to ACT on it. Now. This is NOT about jumping and the net will appear (that's the South Node!). This is about small, practical steps. Check into something that interests you. Talk it out. Think it out. Work it out. What is your next solid step? Mars squaring the Nodes says we are at a crossroad and need to make a move/swerve around an obstacle/get off the fence and we will be STUCK UNTIL WE DO.

Yesterday's Mercury/Jupiter - BIG NEWS - opposition brought news here in the U.S. that the Senate has passed a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. There has likely been some news in your own life, too. Today Mercury, on his/her way out of Leo, will cross Donald Trump's ascendant, so I would expect some news about him, too. 

Keep in mind the long void Moon today and avoid it for starts when you need 'something to come of it'. Expect wonk that comes up during the void to blow over.

xo all

artwork by the talented Ivan Vostryk

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 - big news, reviewing old ideas and opportunities, one last hurrah before the reality check, don't overpromise or buy everything they are selling



The Moon is in Virgo now - we are nourished/nurtured by crossing our t's and dotting our i's, organization, practicality, taking care of our health/our work/our pets, being of service. Keep an eye on any tendency to be critical, trying to fix what is 'just fine, thank you' or doing something out of the worry of what might happen if we don't. Her only aspect is a smooth trine to chaotic Uranus at 1:38PM EDT making us more comfortable with change/the unusual. Do something different. Lean into the future.

This is also the day Mercury, at the end of Leo - and we have the Moon, Venus and Mars all answering to Mercury right now - opposes a retrograde Jupiter. 


Oppositions (think Full Moon here) bring conclusions/results. This might involve the culmination of a decision, announcement, plan. Words can be public/maybe over-the-top (don't over-promise or believe everything you are hearing). Maybe our language/news makes us lucky/optimistic. There is the potential for BIG news/conversations and it could be positive or will be.


Today's aspect could take us back to an opportunity/idea/conversation from mid-January 2021. Where have we gone with this? Has it expanded/paid off?  Is it all we thought it would be or do we need to be doing some re's here - revise, rethink, review, remake, remove, etc. 

Keep in mind Mercury is heading home to Virgo tomorrow, so he/she will take whatever expansion/whatever BIG Jupiter comes up with and dig into the details/nuts and bolts of it. It will get grounded in reality pretty quickly (a good thing). 


The Moon is waxing (growing) something in your life should be, too. Time to start. 

xo all

artwork by the talented Claudia Tremblay

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | August 9th - August 15th, 2021 - a big decision/result, a collective karmic turning point, rocks and hard places, small practical progress, knowing our value and what is valuable now



MONDAY - Mercury inconjunct Pluto, Venus opposes Neptune

TUESDAY - Mercury opposes Jupiter

WEDNESDAY - Mars squares the Nodes of Fate, Venus trines Pluto, Mercury enters Virgo

FRIDAY - Mars inconjuncts Saturn

SATURDAY - Venus inconjuncts Jupiter

SUNDAY - Sun inconjuncts Neptune, Mercury squares the Nodes of Fate, 1st Quarter Moon Scorpio

As our old lives fade away and our new roots take up the water we are going to need, let's keep things as simple as we can. Keep an eye on our finances/resources. Stay practical. Problems will arise and we are going to need to ACT ON THEM practically and realistically. They will be fleeting and forward-leaning if we do or drag us back into the past if we don't. There will be uncomfortable/incomplete situations we are just going to have to live with. Do we care enough to make things better? Have we veered pretty far off course? This week we are going to find out!


Let's take a look and then I will pop back in during the week with the Moons.

MONDAY - Mercury @ 25 degrees Leo inconjuncts Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn, Venus @ 22 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces


Mercury (our thinking, communication, conversation, ideas, local community, siblings, tech, transportation) hits a 150 degree 'rock and a hard place' with powerful Pluto. Mercury in Leo is loud/proud needs attention/appreciation and Pluto in Cappy is established power and not moved by any of Leo's theatrics/passions. This one will require an adjustment with our words/thinking. This would not be the day to be dealing in any kind of fixed way with authority (the authority is unlikely to adjust), etc - make another choice, use your grown-up voice.

And then there is Venus - ruler of Taurus and Libra - love, money, relationships, our resources, our values, our self-esteem, women, beauty - standing across from Neptune - modern ruler of Pisces and the ancient ruler of Jupiter - our imagination, spirituality, connection, no-boundaries, water, escape, victims, sacrifice, addiction, illusion, delusion, the things we put away/put behind us/do last, hospitals, healing, our undoing. Venus is in careful, cautious, dot your i's and cross your t's Virgo and imaginative/drifting Neptune is strong at home in Pisces, but retrograde. Money/our resources could be a source of fantasy/confusion.


We might anticipate water, getting wet, something feeling washed up, grieving any losses fully.


Drowning in anything is Neptunian trickery.

I am a Neptune expert, but he still gets me.

One of the Virgo (where Venus is), Pisces (where Neptune is) TRAPS is avoiding reality because of the whole perfection thing. We will never be perfect enough or have enough money or enough love, yada, yada, so why bother at all. It is a good excuse to 'escape'. 


Oppositions are culminations and often bring results. Results with Neptune are often kind of dissolving/disintegrating, so there's that, too. Maybe something we have been trying to fix (Virgo) ends. A loss of a pet can happen with a transit like this one if it touches our chart or mirrors a natal aspect. A job might dissolve or a resource/source of income could end. Neptune also brings compassion/forgiveness, so there is that available, too, for ourselves and other people. Maybe what we've seen as a problem/flaw can be released/dissolve.

TUESDAY - Mercury @ 28 degrees Leo opposes Jupiter (retrograde) in Aquarius


Another opposition and we know oppositions (think Full Moon here) can bring conclusions - this might involve the culmination of a decision, announcement, plan. Words can be public/maybe over-the-top and oriented toward the future. Maybe our language/news makes us lucky/optimistic. Jupiter's retrograde energy speaks of old beliefs/hopes, even old commitments to groups and friendships. It's Leo season - we are collectively and personally living through the drama days of this year's Uranus/Saturn clash - personal freedom vs collective responsibility. Mercury/Jupiter can bring overwhelm, so clear your slate a bit and give yourself some air.


WEDNESDAY - Mars @ 7 degrees Virgo squares the North Node in Gemini, Venus @ 24 Virgo trines Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn, Mercury enters Virgo

Mars square to the Nodes of Fate speaks of an action we must take to get around an obstacle. Are we moving backward or forward? Here is a crossroads, so what's it going to be? This could be our action in response to whatever Mercury/Jupiter has 'announced/decided'. Gemini is the way forward - small, local, the questions more important than thinking we have all the answers, staying flexible, keeping it light, taking care of the details, our Gemini natal house theme. 

Don't be afraid to change your mind, ask a question, question yourself, make a new choice, tell a fresh story, look at fresh perspectives and new ideas, try new things, take a class, teach a class, do something within your local neighborhood, call your sister (or brother or cousin), start that book, start that business, make it smaller, travel/shop/sell more locally, get a new computer, get a new car, open your mouth! A good mantra with that Gemini North Node is something like, "when I am willing to listen and learn from the other person, I win."

With Venus trining Pluto - here's where our practicality is paying off. We've been through the loss/disappointment, but here is something solid/real. What we think we are worth is what we are worth. This is an empowering aspect. Good for dealing with authority. Step into your responsibility. Be reasonable, but don't accept peanuts.


Mercury then enters her/his home sign of Virgo and quietly/realistically empowers Mars and Venus.

After swimming in the emotional waters of Cancer and then getting burnt out fast in fiery Leo, Mercury finally comes home to Virgo! This is especially good news for Virgos and Geminis (Sun and Risings), but EVERYONE'S natal Virgo house will benefit. With Mercury in Virgo, our thinking, writing and communication will be more practical and commonsense. We will be all about the details. Nothing gets by Mercury in Virgo.  But lots of things get dismissed. If it's not real/not factually stated/if it doesn't work - it's outta here.

This is an excellent transit for organization, cleaning, paperwork, taking care of our health, the ins and outs of our work and daily routine, our pets. We will see all the little problems, but still need to avoid nitpicking. Leo to Virgo is 'creating to critiquing' and that is natural/cyclical, but with everything all of us are dealing with this year we need to be gentle with each other.

The biting criticism (that will look to us like practical advice) that is right on the tip of our tongue might need to be swallowed sometimes. Gulp.

It may be hard to see the forest for the trees - but with the South Node in Sag - it is THE TREES that matter now anyway. The details. One thing at a time. Lists are good. Practical ideas, solutions and fixes can pop right into our head.

Pay attention to your language - we want to be precise now. We want to honor Mercury (trust me on this, he can cause us oodles of damage and danger when we don't). 

Think about what you are thinking about. Watch what you are watching. What you are reading, talking about, hearing - will matter now. Virgo rules our digestion - what we put in will be what we get out and impact how well we can function. 

Notice how you verbally get in your own way - use unnecessary negative words (like saying something "isn't bad" when you mean it is good), double speak, babble, gas-lighting, lies. Avoid that "sorry" thing some people say moving through life. We aren't really sorry anyway right - so why are we saying it.

Words are powerful. They are some of the most powerful tools we have to move through life on planet Earth - let's not hold ourselves back by tossing around stuff we don't mean/don't want to have/don't want to be. Virgo is about practicality, pie in the sky language won't be helpful.


FRIDAY - Mars @ 9 degrees Virgo inconjuncts Saturn (retrograde)


So, Mars (as us, our actions/passions/initiative/anger) has made some kind of move/decision to get things going and then runs right into a retrograde Saturn through a 'rock and hard place' inconjunct. Our practical actions require an adjustment to the old rules, our collective responsibilities, our groups, friends, the future, our own uniqueness.

SATURDAY - Venus @ 27 degrees Virgo inconjuncts Jupiter (retrograde) in Aquarius


More adjusting and now it's our wants/desires, resources, relationships, finances, self esteem adjusting to our old hopes/beliefs, collective dreams and old rules/groups. More Virgo/Aquarius 'rock and a hard place', bottom line - learning to live with uncertainty.

SUNDAY - the Sun @ 22 degrees Leo inconjuncts Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces, Mercury @ 7 degrees Virgo squares the North Node in Gemini, First Quarter Moon Scorpio/Leo @ 23 degrees

Another inconjunct! More adjusting. Leo/Pisces, ego vs self-sacrifice. And now Mercury squares the Nodes of Fate - the roadblock/crossroads - are we moving forward or going backward? News, information, conversations that pull us forward by putting our back against the wall/requiring decisions/plans. This is also the day of the First Quarter Moon - Moon's first square since the Leo New Moon the week prior. This is Scorpio, so requires us to merge/purge, go deep. Avoid power struggles/ego clashes.


This week's inconjuncts will require adjustments and the acceptance of things not going just how we want them to go. The oppositions will brings results/maybe endings and the we will probably be responding to that. Multiple personal planets squaring the Nodes speak of decisions/information/action made at a crossroads. Collectively we are at a TURNING POINT. Mercury's move into Virgo will quiet down some of the drama and bring more practicality. The only easy aspect - the Moon will have some smooth moves, don't worry! - is that Venus/Pluto trine, no small plus if we can deal with things practically and know our worth! This is all fleshing out the New Moon in Leo story we talked about HERE

xo all - back with some dailies

artwork by the talented Charlotte Hintzmann

saturday Night Mystery - the astrology of the disappearance of Summer Wells


This is a recent case I looked at for an online missing person's group. 


This little angel is still missing ...

On the late afternoon of Tuesday, June 15, 2021, a beautiful little blonde-haired five year old named Summer Moon Wells, after a day spent swimming in a local park and running errands, was in her yard helping her mother and grandmother replant some flowers into new/larger pots outside the grandmother's trailer. Her father was at work some distance away. Her three brothers were in the family's small home on the same property playing video games in the dining room. 

At some point, the time is kind of iffy here, Summer is done with her plantings and wants to go back into the house with her brothers. 


Her mother washes Summer's hands inside grandma's trailer. Grandma gives Summer some candy and Summer heads across the yard and toward the front door of their tiny home. The area is mountainous, extremely rural and densely wooded. Summer has been warned to never leave her yard (not to go further than her yard swing) and she never has, according to both her parents. Her mother watches Summer enter the house and then returns to her own mother to help her put on a knee brace (the grandmother had a knee injury and the errands earlier in the day included her hospital visit and a stop at the pharmacy to fill a prescription). 


According to Summer's parents, her brothers saw Summer enter the house and go down into her basement bedroom (which she shares with her parents) to play with her toys. 


Within minutes Summer's mother, Candus, comes into the house and asks the boys, "where is Summer?". She calls into the basement. Summer doesn't answer. Candus goes down into the basement and Summer isn't there. She exits the basement through an exterior basement door (she doesn't remember if the door was locked, although it is usually kept locked) and calls for Summer who doesn't answer. I assume at this point she is running around looking for her and the boys would be, too. Candus calls her husband at work, he says in a full-blown panic. He leaves work to head home and Candus calls 911. The bottom right chart is the chart of the 911 call (the only chart with accurate houses), the other charts are birth charts (times unknown) with the transits for the day of  Summer's disappearance. 


After weeks of exhaustive searching by the police and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, beautiful little Summer Moon Wells has not been found. 


Suspicion has been on the parents, particularly her mother. We can see the Moon (mother, and also Summer) at the top of the 911 call chart, so the disappearance and both Summer and her mother become publicly 'known'.

The first thing I was thinking about with the 911 chart was that this year's ongoing Uranus/Saturn square was exact this day and Uranus was conjunct Ceres (so Ceres is also squaring Saturn). Uranus/Ceres might speak of a situation with a detached or erratic mother or an accident in nature (Ceres representing not only mothering, but also Mother Nature/the natural world). 

But once I had some birth dates and saw Candus's natal Vesta (sacred focus)/Persephone conjunction conjunct Summer's Sun and Candus's natal Chiron/Ceres EXACT opposition my focus turned from an erratic mother or an accident in nature (although obviously it's still a possibility that Summer ran off and got lost, ie accident in nature and she did have an unusual mother) and toward a possible abduction. 

Astonishingly, Candus's own mother (the grandmother who lives in a trailer on their property) ALSO had a daughter (a grown daughter, Candus's sister) - who disappeared one night after going out with friends and was never seen again. Two missing females in the same family sounds suspicious and is certainly unusual. But we've seen family wounds/unfinished storylines passed on through our DNA/charts and Chiron's placement speaks of very old familial woundings. Candus's chart connects her wounds to the Ceres story and her daughter to Persephone (Ceres daughter stolen by Pluto into the underworld). The myth is too long to go into here, but have a google if you are unfamiliar. Maybe we'll talk about it in part II.

Once my attention turned to a possible abduction I started looking through the child predator database (it is mind blowing how many sexual predators are in rural Tennessee) and I stumbled upon a suspect. I am not going to name him, although I do use his most closely named asteroids in some of the charts. 


We will just call him "F". 

Let's start with Summer's chart.


Summer was born with an EXACT Jupiter/North Node conjunction (conjunct our suspect's named asteroid). They oppose her EXACT Vesta/Uranus conjunction. She has a tight Pluto/Venus conjunction, a tight Persephone/Part of Fortune/Eris conjunction and an EXACT Ceres/Nessus conjunction. All look dangerous in hindsight. Her natal Chiron sextiles her Pluto/Mercury. On the day of her disappearance we have transiting Jupiter (remember her natal Jupiter is tied into her North Node of Destiny) EXACT on her Ceres/Nessus conjunction (Nessus's origin story connects to kidnapping, attempted rape and trusting untrustworthy people). Transiting Nessus is on her natal Chiron (the wounding). The Sun opposes her natal Saturn. Transiting Neptune is on her South Node connecting whatever is going on to loss/old, ancestral loss.

Candus, Summer's mother, was born with an EXACT Chiron/Ceres opposition - very specific in this case, tied to an old wounding around the loss of a daughter. She has a tight Vesta/Persephone conjunction on Summer's Sun (probably her mother did keep an eye on her and maybe always worried something could happen to her). On the date of her daughter's disappearance Uranus/Ceres are conjunct Candus's Sun. They are squaring transiting Saturn and Candus's natal Vesta/Persephone conjunction. Transiting Venus is conjunct her North Node of destiny EXACT (so opposing her south node) and squaring her natal Saturn. Transiting Vesta is conjunct her Ceres. Transiting Nessus is square her natal Part of Fortune. Transiting Persephone (daughter) is conjunct her natal Chiron (the wounding).


I realize this is all alot of astro-babble, and I could go on and on, but the potential nightmare scenario, the Ceres/Persephone/Pluto storyline, activated through Nessus and laid out in their natal charts is triggered on June 15, 2021. 


Let's add in a possible suspect. 


His birth date is listed on the sexual predator website. We'll call him "F". There are many connections in his birth chart with Summer's named asteroids including one tightly conjunct his Jupiter - ruler of his Neptune/Sun conjunction. His Neptune (loss/endings/past-life stories) EXACTLY opposes his natal Persephone. One Summer-named asteroid is tightly conjunct his natal Venus - which is EXACT on Summer's natal Tantalus - an asteroid that represents teasing desires with connections to heinous and unforgivable crimes. This degree was being transiting by Pluto which would magnify any compulsions toward Summer. "F"'s natal Tantalus is conjunct his natal Lilith EXACT and EXACTLY squaring his natal Eris, so very much an outsider/rule breaker energy. The Sun was conjunct his natal Nessus the day Summer disappeared (the Sun takes us to the perpetrator in the 911 call chart). The transiting North Node was conjunct his natal Persephone, South Node on his natal Neptune. Transiting Chiron was conjunct his natal Eris. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct his natal Pholus (the cork out of the bottle centaur). Transiting Juno is conjunct his Sun and his natal Juno is conjunct his natal Ceres. The Uranus/Ceres conjunction of June 15th is tightly conjunct his Part of Fortune (destiny) and squaring his natal Jupiter. 


The police should definitely be looking into this guy (and, of course, this is only a hypothesis based on the natal charts and transits).

The 911 call is made at 6:26PM by Candus. 


We'll talk about that chart in next Saturday night's post and unpack some of this without all the astro-babble. 


We'll also see if anything points us in another direction and look at what might have happened ...

xo all