Today's Astrology Forecast | Daily Horoscope - Thursday, August 13, 2020 - Mars squares Pluto - the effects of power - against us, through us and from us

The Moon in busy and communicative Gemini won't make any aspects until she sextiles Mercury (Gemini's ruler), at 8:32PM EDT, a good time to talk, listen, write. Stay curious. Open. She will move toward a square which a retrograde Neptune, 1:15AM EDT, so something might end on a confusing note. Or we might just be especially tired.

The rest I will pull directly from the weekly HERE. Exact as we slept (and, coloring the week) -

"Mars squares Pluto - this is the first of three due to Mars upcoming retrograde - August 13th (Mars direct, Pluto retrograde), October 9th (Mars retrograde, Pluto direct) and December 23rd (both direct) - Mars is powerful in his home sign, but Pluto is, well Pluto is Pluto.

(Pluto is the God of the underworld/power/control energy and Mars square to beneficial Jupiter blew Beirut sky high last week, so there's that to think about - stay safe)

If you have planets or points in your natal (or progressed) chart near 23 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn - you will feel this energy strongest.

This square could kick off a crisis/stress/situation that will require alot of energy - that could take a few months to work out.

Expect intense competition and unbridled ambition. Intense frustration. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Physical power struggles. Excisions/surgical procedures. Fear of loss/death. Our power could be challenged or we could be the one doing the calling out.

If we are "waked" this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" us. If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the lid might come off.

We could be mad (Mars) at the truth (Pluto). We could be battling (Mars) for power/control (Pluto).

We don't want to be ruthless or under-handed, but we might have to stand up for ourselves. There is a determination to move that mountain here and the desire to get what we think we deserve and not a nickel less.

Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. 

If you are the boss/authority - or standing in your own authority and I hope like hell you are - then avoid making other people feel threatened because YOU WILL LOSE in the long run.

Expect to feel the effects of power - against you, through you, from you. 

This is excellent energy for OVERCOMING OUR FEARS.

And never doubt with Mars in Aries until NEXT YEAR that we are playing a long game here.

First of three squares. Keep this in mind. Mars/Pluto is like a bully aspect, but it is also about having the courage and passion to SURVIVE.


We want to be proactive and responsive and not react or over-react out of fear this week.

We talked about this Mars cycle HERE." Mars is a BIG player in our story-line for the rest of this year. What house does Aries rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - moderating the roar, sharing the stage

Our Taurus Moon went void while we slept (3:54AM EDT) off a productive trine to a retrograde Saturn. She moves into communicative, information-hungry and busy Gemini at 9:46AM EDT then moves through the rest of the day un-aspected. In Gemini - the Moon will be nurtured through and turn our attention to - language, ideas, communications, humor, our children's education, our tech, sales, commerce, yada, yada. An un-aspected Gemini Moon could have us doing things twice, so there's a little of that at play. Keep this in mind.

Our Leo energies aren't having such as easy time of it and are requiring some adjustments.

The Sun (at 20 degrees Leo) is inconjunct a retrograde Neptune. Mercury (at 14 degrees Leo) is inconjunct a retrograde Pallas. Challenging adjustments. Rocks and hard places. A feeling of tense familiarity with the way our words/ideas are received or not received.

This is some tricky stuff for our ego. The Leo Sun wants/needs to shine (feel the spotlight/hear the applause) - nothing wrong with that, that (through us) is HIS JOB,

but he is kept in check now with these tense contacts.

Neptune can undermine our confidence, allow us to drift off course. Brings any self-sabotaging tendencies onto that stage with us. The inconjunct requires an adjustment. We can't just toss one of the actors behind the curtain or kick him in the balls and call in his understudy.

Maybe we want to be 'shining' in a way that is not all about us - maybe keep it about the stuff we are shining a light on now. Pull back our ego a bit from how what we are offering is received. 

Mercury's inconjunct to Pallas (Leo/Cappy) makes planning/strategies/our words tricky because our creative voice - and it can get LOUD - will need to take into consideration more conservative viewpoints, boundaries and rules. 

Leo's need to ROAR gets moderated. This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

These are fixed signs and want what they want, so adjustments don't come easy.

We'll keep our head up, adjust our words/thinking as needed, but also without tossing ourselves under the bus or losing our creative buzz. Keep the focus on what we are bringing/not us personally. Imagine that actress doing her job on that stage. She can't be thinking about her performance and have a good performance.

The work/our ideas and creations can speak for themselves if we don't let our ego get in the way.

xo all

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the Astrology of Kamala Harris and Asteroids Pandora and Wuhan | the United States election of 2020 - the first woman President?

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President today selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. I have said on this blog before, I just cannot see Trump or Biden getting sworn in, in January 2021 (Age of Aquarius, people!), so let's see what Kamala brings to the equation.

It turns out quite alot, I think!

We'll unpack her chart in a later post. For now, because I guess in my head I am rushing ahead to election day - let's look at what her chart is up to on November 4, 2020. Because we have been focusing on Asteroid Pandora (not only because of the pandemic - remember she is also the first  woman in mythology, Eve's older counterpart - her curiosity blamed for all the ills of the world) and Asteroid Wuhan, let's see what happens when we toss them into the mix.

I already know that on January 20, 2021, the day the new President and Vice-President will be sworn in, we will have Mars exactly conjunct Uranus and Neptune squaring the Nodes! Something totally unexpected and unprecedented will be happening - could it be the swearing in of our first woman President who was actually elected to be Vice-President?!

Could the transits of the first woman - Pandora - bring the United States its first woman President?!

On November 4, 2020, as Americans head to the polls, transiting Asteroid Pandora will be exactly conjunct Kamala's natal Pluto (15 degrees Virgo) and transiting Asteroid Wuhan will be exactly conjunct the United States natal Pluto (27 degrees Cappy) and squaring Kamala's natal Sun/Moon opposition. She would be another Full Mooner #likeTrump, #notlikeTrump. Wow!

xo all

note she also has celestial body Ixion conjunct her Libra Sun - which means he is part of her T-Square come Election Day (we talked about his story in the Epstein death post HERE) - one thing he certainly connects to is - being offered a second chance only to waste it ... so there's that, too.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - safety vs risk, a focus on what makes us proud, something to fire us up

The Moon continues her journey through Taurus - the sign of her exaltation. She trines (brakes off) a retrograde Jupiter at 11:51AM EDT, squares (tension/frustration) the Leo Sun at 12:44PM EDT, sextiles (opportunity) Neptune at 2:31PM EDT and finally trines (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto at 8:03PM EDT.

Lots going on now.

Her/our challenge that 3rd/Last Quarter Moon - the waning square between the Leo Sun and the Moon in Taurus. Fixed energies; heels dug in. As we approach next week's New Moon in Leo here is some compulsory tension/frustration that questions our need to stay safe and secure vs. our need to put ourselves out there and take a risk. Leo/Taurus. Risk vs security. Fiery initiative vs earthy stability and preservation.

With the Moon's desire to be all comfy in Taurus, the pull toward what's safe/same will be strong, but with the Sun in Leo, our heart will want what it wants, too. What makes us happy? What makes us proud? The tension is a necessary part of our journey to next week's New Moon with its confident trine to Mars.

Vesta joins the Sun and Mercury in proud Leo. A spark is LIT with a focus on and devotion to a Leo theme - creative projects, children, romance or recreation (plus your natal Leo house theme and the house of your natal Sun - the spaces you are intended to SHINE in this lifetime).

Where Vesta goes we find what will keep us up all night.

Hopefully this transit will help those of us (is this all of us?) whose fire has been doused by collective events/energies.

Vesta will be in Leo until October 2nd.

Keep in mind with our South Node in Sagittarius (what we are needing to release) the capacity to be at peace with a kind of "empty" is vital and a great gift if and when we can manage it - and we will probably roll in and out of any feelings of "peace" now. I can personally move between peace and panic a dozen times a day. :)

It is challenging, especially for people with alot of fixed energy, to eliminate the old, without the security of the new,

to be, in a very real way, "fire-less", so we don't inadvertently synthesize some kind of "empty" enthusiasm that will work at cross-purposes with ourselves later. A kind of survival reflex really - while the new germinates. 

We are in the midst of multiple Pluto transits and they won't be cheated/shortened or bargained away .... BUT we are not intended to be without our gifts and passions for long and this year's Leo season is a time when some fires can be LIT .... Vesta will help us prolong the season.

xo all 

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Weekly Astrology Forecast | August 10th - August 17th, 2020 - changes and challenges, playing a long game with a tattered deck and a shifty-eyed dealer

This is another BIG week - SURPRISING news, AGGRESSIVE actions - the skies rich with potential and consequence.

It will pay to keep in mind this is a very long story we are living - this chapter, something about our use/misuse or avoidance of power. And like all tales worth telling/living, as well as all the stories we have ever loved, we are called upon to accept the impact of the unexpected. We may not have an easy way ahead, but we do have a way ahead.

Keep an open mind (North Node in Gemini)- no one knows what is really going on because it's not the time when knowing this is going to help us. The more wedded we are to our beliefs now, the harder it will be to swerve later when we find out all the ways we are wrong.

We are breathing life into a new world even as the old one tries to take our breath away, 


Uranus is very strong and still now, at his most Uranian (expect the unexpected), as he prepares to station retrograde at the end of the week. This gives a kind of electrical charge to the air, to our thoughts/words, to whatever we have going on.

Mars squares Pluto mid-week, the first of three - this is dangerous/intense. Expect to feel the effects of power - against you, through you, from you.

Let's unpack the aspects and we will talk about the Moons as we move through them with a few dailies.

MONDAY - Mercury squares Uranus
THURSDAY - Mars squares Pluto (in play all week)
SATURDAY - Uranus stations retrograde, Sun inconjuncts Pluto
SUNDAY - Sun trines Mars, Mercury inconjuncts Pluto, Venus squares Chiron

MONDAY - No sleeping in.

Mercury (in loud and proud Leo) squares change-maker Uranus (in Taurus). Squares are tension/frustration that encourage/force action. Or in this case - conversation, communication, arguments. What we are saying is getting us noticed/attention/the spotlight. Sudden and unusual ideas are possible.  

Unexpected news.

And with Uranus's ability to be 'ahead of his time' for some this might have already happened. This could be about our money, our resources, our values. Take a moment to think things through if you are considering a large purchase now or making fast decisions that could impact your bottom line in any major way. The Moon is in Taurus - we are going to have to feel our way through this one.

THURSDAY - Mars squares Pluto - this is the first of three due to Mars upcoming retrograde - August 13th (Mars direct, Pluto retrograde), October 9th (Mars retrograde, Pluto direct) and December 23rd (both direct) - Mars is powerful in his home sign, but Pluto is, well Pluto is Pluto.

(Pluto is the God of the underworld/power/control energy and Mars square to beneficial Jupiter blew Beirut sky high last week, so there's that to think about - stay safe)

Expect intense competition and unbridled ambition. Intense frustration. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Physical power struggles. Excisions/surgical procedures. Our power could be challenged or we could be the one doing the calling out.

If we are "waked" this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" us. If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the lid comes off.  

We could be mad (Mars) at the truth (Pluto). We could be battling (Mars) for power/control (Pluto).

We don't want to be ruthless or under-handed, but we might have to stand up for ourselves. There is a determination to move that mountain here and the desire to get what we think we deserve and not a nickel less.

Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. If we are the boss/authority then avoid making other people feel threatened because WE WILL LOSE in the long run.

Expect to feel the effects of power - against you, through you, from you.

And never doubt with Mars in Aries until NEXT YEAR that we are playing a long game here. First of three squares. Keep this in mind. Mars/Pluto is like a bully aspect, but it is also about having the courage to SURVIVE. Destruction/transformation/power. We want to be proactive and responsive and not react or over-react out of fear this week.

We talked about this Mars cycle HERE.

Mars is a BIG player in our story-line for the rest of this year. What house does Aries rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

SATURDAY - Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Collectively, Taurus rules our money, our resources, what we have earned, our values, our self-esteem, the planet Earth. There is a change of direction here. A pause on radical change/liberation. Uranus is unpredictable - any unexpected lightning strike could take us in a bold new direction or remove all the excitement/energy from a forward-leaning project/situation.

For some people changes that hit unexpectedly over the last few months will slow down or be put on hold. If we are directly impacted by Uranus's back and forth over a sensitive planet or point in our natal chart - changes could intensify. For most people changes move from the outer to the inner realms. Remember, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is all about detaching us from what we no longer need/what is no longer working by any/the fastest means possible. If we can't get there from here, Uranus will get us to where we need to be so we can.

Uranus will be retrograde for the rest of the year.

On the same day the Sun (our ego) moves through an inconjunct (rock and a hard place) with Pluto (power/control). More power struggles. Ego bruising. Leo wants to shine/create and Cappy says, "just do what you need to do Leo. Grow up." 

SUNDAY - A mixed bag. And the Moon will be in Cancer, her home sign, yes, but also the place where she will be squaring Mars and opposing the Cappy pile-up, so it's like her cozy house has been moved to a cramped corner on the freeway exit ramp to the airport.

Venus (in Cancer) squares Chiron (in Aries).

Painful situations around not feeling loved/wanted/safe. Not having/getting what we want. Financial insecurities. Family relationships trigger old wounds. Chiron in Aries wants to be assertive/plow through, but that won't work with Venus in sensitive Cancer. A softer touch, being able to admit we are hurting/vulnerable/don't have all the answers. Being able to relate on a personal level (not feeling we have to DO something about it or fight for it) - moves us through this. Remember with Chiron, healing is about acceptance/learning to live with what we can't change/fix.

The Sun moves into a smooth and ambitious/showy trine with an assertive Mars. We are inspired and feel a need to get going with whatever we are passionate about. This is probably our best aspect of the week that won't involve the Moon - a Leo/Aries love-fest - what can we do with this?!

Mercury, in a rock and hard place with Pluto - following in the Sun's footsteps from yesterday, could indicate some challenging news/information. Again, a mixed bag kind of day and will depend for you personally on what is hitting your chart most exactly.

xo all

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The Astrology of Covid-19 | a trigger from August 2017, the Eclipse that split America in two - part ii

Part l is HERE

A few months after Trump took office, on August 21, 2017, there was a Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo (a critical degree before the Aries point of 0 degrees Cancer) the media dubbed the 'Great American Eclipse'.

It was a total Solar Eclipse and spanned the entire contiguous United States from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans - literally 'cutting the country in half'.

At one point 90% of Washington DC, the power center of the United States (and maybe it could be called the power center of the world) was 'eclipsed' out.

The symbolism probably couldn't have been any clearer.

Our ancestors would have offered sacrifices to the Gods to alleviate the calamities they would have expected to follow such a sight and their kings/leaders reinforced their security details - we got busy buying our Eclipse eyeglasses and finding a spot to watch the 'show'.

Trump himself, looked directly into it!

This particular eclipse was the first total Solar Eclipse visible only across the entire United States since the eclipse of 1776 - the year of this country's birth. Many astrologers think that the physical location where an eclipse is visible increases its impact on that location. The eclipse lasted for almost 2 minutes and 40 seconds. This would give the Eclipse an impact of 2 years and 8 months (through April 2020), and remember Eclipse influence works backward, too.

The next total Solar Eclipse over the United States, which will impact the entirety of North America - Canada, the United States and Mexico - will be on April 8, 2024.

The following is taken from my two-part post in August 2017:

"we have a President whose natal ascendant (many astrologers believe this to be the most important point in a natal chart) AND Mars are both conjunct 28 degrees Leo so the solar eclipse next week impacts Donald Trump's ascendant (his physical self) and natal Mars (war, action, violence, anger). This is bigly people. BIGLY.

The eclipse is also trining (brakes off) rebellious, chaotic and unpredictable Uranus (I have said before that Trump IS Uranus with the planet conjunct his natal Sun). It literally feels to me like he can do anything he wants to do with this energetic line up (or whatever is holding back his power from being eclipsed out is removed and he will be, too - impossible to know which is which).

For certain though the brakes are off something!

At the same time transiting Mars (war, violence) is conjuncting his natal Mars AND Trump was born on an eclipse making eclipses in general more impactful for him!

You can't make this stuff up folks.

The chance of this particular eclipse (total solar across the entire country) occurring at a time in our country's history (Pluto's impending return to its 1776 position) when it can so strongly influence the country's leader (via planets and points in his natal chart) would surely give it odds no Vegas bet maker would touch.  

And yet, here it is.

He is the CATALYST for something here. Our avatar for this watershed moment in United States history. This is the entire reason he was elected. This is the entire reason he was even born.

The United States will be a different United States after Donald Trump and after this eclipse energy plays itself out over the next three years.

Trump is here to do the thing he is going to do, even if we (the people) do not like it.

(it could be his action here that leads to his demise as we "the people - represented by the Moon that eclipses him" decide this is not the way we define America, since America is approaching its Pluto return and in the midst of re-birthing itself and the last time we had an eclipse like this was when our country was born in 1776 - he could be the catalyst that brings us back together or finally breaks us apart AND he could just as easily be ruling the United States at this pivotal time to make the right decision as he could the wrong one). 

It is the karma of the United States itself playing out here - and how well or how poorly we have lived up to the promises of our July 4th, 1776 birth chart."

These days my thinking on this has shifted a bit. I am not so much thinking 'our karma is playing itself out', although surely it is - but also that things that are born are also going to die and will have expiration dates, maybe even multiple expiration dates and maybe multiple means of expiration - built right into them, no matter how well or how poorly we work our blueprints. This isn't a bad thing. From the moment we are born we are in the process of dying and from the moment we die the process of being reborn. That is the nature of life here.

We talked in Part l about the Pandora/Wuhan landmine buried in the United States chart and its activation when transiting Pandora reached the United States natal Mars, because everything starts with a conjunction and Mars is a TRIGGER (and Trump's Sun/North Node/Uranus conjunction - a light on a chaotic future, being one of a dozen interpretations I can think of).

The Great American Eclipse was another landmine (remember we need to see multiple things, often three, that say the same thing in astrology before we know we are understanding it) - with its 28 degree Leo activation opposing the United States natal Moon (the people, in Aquarius) and firing up/funneling through Trump's natal Mars/Ascendant conjunction. Also, at the time of that 2017 Eclipse, asteroid Wuhan was conjunct Trump's natal Sun/North Node/Uranus conjunction and asteroid Pandora was exactly squaring the United States natal chart ruling Jupiter.

The posts about the Eclipse are HERE and HERE and definitely worth a look - both as a 2020 trigger point and as a reminder of Leo season (it's Leo season!), which feels a little lost in the shuffle this year.

We will look at a third TRIGGER (we will go back to 2012 for this one) and begin to look at the archetypes in part lll.

We are birthing a new nation and a new world and the birthing pains are ... well, painful.

In the meantime, we can look at what is going on in the world, because we don't want to hide from it, but we also need to stay plugged into our own life and limit the stuff that pulls us away from that. 

Keep in mind it is Leo season and with Mercury (ruler of the North Node) in Leo now, too, if we don't prioritize our personal happiness and have some fun, we are going to feel burnt out and edgy.

Back tomorrow with the weekly. I know some of you I have heard from are missing the mysteries and I will get back to those this week, maybe we will do them on a different night than Saturday. I have also had quite a few emails asking me to re-look at Jeffrey Epstein's suicide chart (insisting he was murdered) and maybe we will look at his birth chart one day, but not his death chart again right now .... sorry.

xo all

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The Astrology of Covid-19 | Trump, Pandora, Wuhan, the Corona Virus and the Eclipse that split America in two - part i


This is going to take a few posts to unpack/unwind. We will follow the bread crumbs wherever they lead us.

When writing the Full Moon in Aquarius post this past weekend and hunting for asteroids interacting with the major players, I noticed asteroid Pandora (named after the first human woman, yes, of the insatiably seductive/seduced 'curious' open box fame) conjunct our Leo Sun.

This reminded me that when I looked into Pan (the God and the asteroid), and his place in this 'pan'-demic back in April (the panic part) - we talked about him at the end of this post HERE, I never got back to Pandora, and her potential energetic contribution to the actual illness.

So, let's take a look.

The first chart in this series (shown on top of post) is the most common/popular and arguably the most accurate birth chart for the United States of America.


Charted by Ebeneezer Sibley (with a name like Ebeneezer Sibley I somehow have a hard time doubting his thoroughness), a British astrologer and Freemason back in 1776 when word of the signing of the Declaration of Independence reached Britain. It is set for July 4, 1776 at 5:10PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is universally used and I have used it for research on multiple important events in United States history, all rather cataclysmic, and it hasn't let me down.

Here I have added asteroid Pandora to the U.S. birth chart and asteroid Wuhan. 

I was shocked and somehow not shocked - since I already know astrology is mysteriously and magically amazing - to find asteroids Pandora and Wuhan sitting together at the EXACT same degree at the time of the U.S. birth, in the United States 6th house (of health) at 26 degrees Taurus

(the degree of the fixed star - demon star - Algol, considered by many to be the most malevolent star in the galaxy).

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac (places these asteroids could be), so would the odds be 1/360th or even greater since they are both moving (?). The creators of the Declaration of Independence, as well-timed as it was by Freemasons, almost certainly with a knowledge of astrology (I would bet they waited for that Sag rising!), were always limited by what they didn't know/couldn't see.

They couldn't see ahead to September 10, 1858 when asteroid Pandora would synchronistically be discovered and named by astronomer and Catholic priest, George William Searle in Albany, New York. They couldn't see ahead to November 13, 1980 when asteroid Wuhan would be discovered and synchronistically named at the Purple Mountain Observatory in China.

As the founding fathers put pens to paper they couldn't see asteroid Pandora and asteroid Wuhan lying in wait; landmines in the United States blueprint/DNA just waiting to be triggered. 
Do I sound dramatic? Well, it is Leo season and look at the mess we're in!
This is surely not the only landmine buried in the rich soil of this chart, but with the United States applying to its first Pluto return its significance is amplified. The United States first return of Pluto to its natal position has been building since the end of 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn - economic crash and Obama's election - and ending in 2024 as Pluto exits Cappy for Aquarius, and will reach its exactness first on February 22, 2022 and again on December 30, 2022.

We know there is never just one thing in a chart that makes something happen but we will primarily focus on the Pandora/Wuhan aspects to stay on track and make things manageable.

Starting with the Sibley Chart (U.S. birth chart) we can see that Wuhan and Pandora form a conjunction. Every process/relationship is established with a conjunction. An archetypal journey and story begins.  
On July 4, 1776, they are squaring the United States Moon (the people), sextiling the United States Mercury (support - media) and trining the United States Pluto (flow - power, death, transformation) and trining the United States Neptune (flow- virus, lack of boundaries, inability to tell facts/what is real).

Move ahead a couple centuries when Trump is elected (at Trump's birth asteroids Pandora and Wuhan are opposing each other from Gemini/Sag with Pandora conjunct Trump's Uranus and Wuhan conjunct Trump's Moon), as leader of the United States and his natal chart starts interacting with and amplifying certain energies and aspects of the United States natal chart. 
Trump's Sun and North Node conjunction neatly bookends the United States Mars (the planet that is often a trigger - think of a soldier's foot tripping a landmine hidden on a battlefield). His Venus/Saturn conjunction neatly bookends the United States Mercury and oppose the United States Pluto. Trump's unpredictable Uranus conjuncts the United States Descendant. His Ascendant opposes the important United States Moon (government of the people). Trump's natal Mercury conjuncts the United States Jupiter. 
And his mid-heaven (the TOP OF HIS CHART) at 24 degrees Taurus is conjunct the United State's natal Pandora/Wuhan conjunction (and exactly on another fixed star - Capulus - who we will talk about in the next post).
There is alot for him to work with/influence - and he is coming in at a very important time in the United States history - and so he catalyzes BIG changes and BIG challenges. 

We talked about Trump's inauguration chart HERE (and some about his chart in the election run-up post HERE) - with its Mystic Rectangle - what he is here to give us - tying up the 2nd (money, values, resources), 6th (health, work), 8th (death, power) and 12th (secrets, delusion, self-sabotage, hidden enemies) which we can now see with a little of that 20/20 (2020) hindsight is pretty damn accurate, although certainly not in the ways I was thinking back in 2017!

I guess we will never know (although to some degree time will tell) if this Pandora/Wuhan 'landmine' was the most expedient journey to our Pluto return's crisis/opportunity of total transformation, but I suspect it covers all the bells and whistles and we know it's ramifications are supported by multiple other aspects in the charts.

In mid-March with transiting asteroid Wuhan nestled between transiting Jupiter and Pluto in late Capricorn and with transiting Pandora reaching the United States natal Mars (triggered!) - which, keep in mind means she is conjuncting Trump's Sun/North Node conjunction (fate) 
and with the transiting North Node (fate) nestled between the United States natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction - the virus and its ramifications EXPLODE, 
impacting by rulership the United States 6th and 10th houses (health, public spotlight, government, careers, day-to-day activities), 4th house (home, roots, security, history) and since Jupiter is the chart ruler, the 1st house (how the United States sees itself and is seen, etc) and other houses by aspect.


We'll dive deeper in parts two thru five of this series - as we work through the connections to the foundation of the United States, the Leo eclipse, racism, #metoo, "kill all the buffalo to kill all the Indians" (Taurus 6th house injuries), Wuhan's virus research, transfer of power to China, the journey of transiting Pandora and Wuhan, Prometheus and Pandora archetypal energies (scapegoating the ills of the world onto women), Perseus, Medusa and Algol archetypal energies and how we can use this knowledge in our foundation building and any potential forecasting.

In the meantime, just exposing this TRIGGER means we can look ahead and see how it interacts with the other known triggers (Saturn/Pluto, the long journeys of Mercury and Ceres through Pisces, Pan, the Nodes, etc) - maybe we can glean some new intel about how the virus itself could play out.


I know the transiting North Node will be nearing the United States Mars in late December as Saturn meets Jupiter (for the first time in an air sign for 200 years). And we can see transiting Mars will hit the United States Pandora/Wuhan conjunction (so kind of the reverse of the March 2020 astro) around the time Ceres finally leaves Pisces, in late February 2021. This is just at a quick glance, we will look at some closer dates, too!


Back with part II, where we will talk archetypes. I know this post was alot of astro-babble, so hang in there for the next one!

xo all

photo by the talented ennil

also I should note that when Tom Hanks announced his corona virus test results - we talked about that HERE - transiting Pandora was exactly conjunct his mid-heaven (public life/announcement).

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, August 6th, 2020 - giving what we are here to give

The Moon continues her journey through dreamy Pisces. She sexiles a retrograde Jupiter at 12:19PM EDT, meets up with a retrograde Neptune at 2:11PM EDT (her ruler in Pisces) and finally sextiles a retrograde Pluto at 7:37PM EDT.

Our natal Pisces house (and the collective themes of our imagination, what is going on behind the scenes, healing, institutions, art, music, spiritual pursuits, rest and relaxation, ancestors, addiction, what is hidden or put away) is making nice with our natal Cappy house (and the collective themes of authority, our goal, ambitions, our work in the world, our outer security).

Neptune/Saturn - building the dream. Neptune/Saturn - stabilizing our cray-cray.

This is also more Piscean support - live and let live/go with the flow - if something has ended/changed through that powerful Aquarius Full Moon earlier in the week.

With the Sun inconjunct and the Moon sextiling our girl Pallas (wisdom, strategies, solving problems) retrograde in Cappy - maybe something here about being generous/offering solutions without needing credit/getting anything back. Setting our ambitions/pride aside for something bigger than ourselves, maybe?

Since these aspects form a fast-moving Yod (Finger of God) pointing to the Sun (creativity, children, romance, the way we shine/take the center stage) - there could be a special purpose with what we are contributing, putting out there, the way we are using our gifts now.

What house does Leo rule in your natal chart? What is the 'theme' of that house?

xo all

photo b the talented AlexKPhoto

Today's Astrology Forecast DAILY Horoscope | August 5, 2020 - words are our superpower, dreaming of change, shifting priorities and desires

The Moon is in Pisces now - we are nurtured through our dreams, imagination, art, music, connections, healing, meditation, prayer. Her only aspect an opportunistic sextile to change-maker Uranus at 7:00PM EDT.

Maybe here's that silver-lining with Sunday/Monday's harsher Uranus square (the disruption) if we can release our expectations/attachment to outcomes and just kind of go with the flow with this.

At the same time Venus, moving through Gemini for what seems like a century now, meets up with the North Node (our best collective way forward) at 28 degrees Gemini.

Venus is our relationships, our money, our resources, our values, self-esteem, beauty and balance - meeting our "North Star" indicates something could happen now that pulls us forward - toward our happiest/best future. This could seem unimportant when it happens or when we hear about it or when we think of it, but we should feel a pull in a NEW direction.

If you are struggling with what to do - PAY ATTENTION. This is Gemini - so will come through news, information, conversations, words, small things can lead to big things. Venus is our desirous nature, so this should be something we want to think about/talk about/act on.

Ideas are out there to be plucked like apples in a farm field by just the right person now.

The choices we make now, the words we write and say, the ideas we have, the thoughts we THINK will have impact on our future.

At the same time we have Vesta (at 27 degrees Cancer - that important home, family, home business, family business, real estate, mothering - situation that has our focus) opposing a retrograde and sober, Saturn in Cappy. This is a limit/authority/responsibility from outside of us vs that Cancerian devotion. Saturn oppositions are often endings/culminations/commitments. Reality checks with what isn't going to work right now/what we can't have right now.

Maybe we want to focus here (Vesta/home) and we have to focus THERE (Cappy/work - with Saturn retrograde, likely old work and commitments).

This energy is echoing Venus's NEW path forward/desires as Venus opposes the South Node (the past/where we are right now). Our values/wants are changing. The way we make money is changing. The way we connect with other people is changing. What we see as beautiful is changing. We have been traveling this road (through Venus in versatile Gemini) since May 19th trying a little of this and a little of that, seeing what feels good now/what might work now/how to communicate now and now here's where a move, a thought, a conversation in a new direction can change our trajectory. 

It could feel like we have come to a fork in the road with something as our priorities and desires work through a re-alignment and clearly that Saturn opposition speaks of some things just being out of our hands ....

xo all

photo by the amazing firebomb

What Does the Full Moon in Aquarius Mean? | August 3, 2020 - jolts, disruptions, reality checks, breakups, breakthroughs, connecting February 2020 to February 2021, Pandora's open box

On August 3, 2020 at 11:58AM EDT - the Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun (at 11 degrees) giving us this month's Full Moon and this year's Full Moon in the future-focused sign of Aquarius.

Full Moons bring things into the light and often to a conclusion or culmination (peak energy).

If you have planets or points in your natal chart on or very near 11 degrees of the fixed signs - Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio - you will probably feel this energy strongest.

This is the Aquarius/Leo polarity. 

Prideful and kingly Leo, ruled by the Sun and the Sun is in Leo now, so very strong, gets himself reflected back to himself through Aquarius who says, "Leo get with the program, this isn't all about YOU!" 

and Aquarius, where the Moon doesn't want to be at all because the Moon rules Cancer and needs to feel everything and Aquarius, the sign that seeks to blend our higher mind with reality and in order to do this needs to step back/detach - Aquarius, gets reflected back to itself through Leo who says "love means attaching and getting close enough to see them sweat Aquarius so who/what do you really love? and where are you in all of this? where are you in your own life?"

Aquarius is our smarty-pants, detached and objective air sign.

The sign of individuality, equality, friendship and community, freedom and de-conditioning (by any means necessary) - fixed and "know-it-all" Aquarius is the sign of the genius, the revolutionary, the scientist/futurist (often of the madder variety) and the exile.

Ruled by (ancient ruler) Saturn and (modern ruler) Uranus - antithetical archetypes, Aquarius energy itself is polarizing. It is the sign of polarity, which is a property (but also a locket that I haven't pimped in a long time, so HERE is a link).

With the Moon and Sun forming a tension filled T-Square with chaotic Uranus - and keep in mind this is a collective post, you will need to look to the themes of your Aquarius and Taurus natal houses for the most personal view - this is about a radical change/shock/surprise/result and with Uranus in Taurus (and answering to Venus) this change could come through our resources, values, money or relationships.

Since Uranus - the planet squaring the Full Moon energies - is co-ruler of Aquarius, this makes the square's challenges even more powerful. Saturn is the other ruler of Aquarius and we need Saturn to stabilize this alien-Uranus energy.

Saturn is retrograde (so some connection to the past with whatever is going on), but strong in his home sign of Capricorn. So whatever Saturn is depressing - probably the thing we are refusing to deal with (maybe the urgent questions around how we are supposed to live now) is going to bubble up. But probably not slowly like Saturn would do it, because that square to Uranus will bring things out - suddenly.

So, even though we have seen this coming or should have/could have - it can still strike with an unexpected WHALLOP.

Uranus changes are actually the cure for Saturnian depression,

but because unpredictable and chaotic stuff is challenging and stressful - even when it brings us to really good stuff in the end, remember the New Moon energy this Full Moon culminates offers us Sedna's finger-birthed porpoises if our own fingers were/are cut off (by daddy).

We are genetically wired toward craving stability and things we have already experienced (in order to stay alive) dramatic change carries a signature of trauma - and through Uranus and our Aquarius placement our connection to previous lifetimes/ancestral and even collective trauma.

Squares, since our back can feel against the wall, can be scary and stressful when they are happening, but they are usually the things in the long run we look back on and realize we needed to go through. This Moon connects us back to the New Moon in Aquarius in February 2020 and also carries us forward to February 2022 when Jupiter will reach this degree.

So what does the Full Moon in Aquarius mean? Let's unpack the chart!

The Aquarius Moon is answering to chart rulers - Saturn, retrograde at 27 degrees Capricorn - his home sign - and exactly opposing Mercury (in Cancer), and Uranus, at 10 degrees Taurus - answering to Venus - and squaring the Moon and Sun (forming a tight fixed T-Square). Venus (ruler of Taurus and remember Uranus is in Taurus) is in Gemini and conjunct the North Node and opposing the Galactic Center. The Moon is trining Chiron (and the Sun sextiles Chiron). The Sun closely conjuncts asteroid Pandora (yes, of pandemic fame and we will talk about her at the end of this post).

At the same time fiery Mars at 17 degrees Aries - his home sign - squares Jupiter and kicks off the first of his many upcoming battles with the Cappy planet titans, that carry us through the rest of 2020, so maybe he is thinking something like, "I am going to mess up these old dudes for ruining everything".

Got it? Me, neither!

The strongest aspect (other than the solar opposition) is always the Moon's - so that is the square to Uranus. This is waning, but barely, so the Sun has reached this square Sunday and the Moon reaches this point on Monday.

Squares with Uranus bring shocking disruptions.

Since Uranus co-rules the chart - this 'change' aspect is more strongly felt.

Something seems to come out of nowhere, although if we are honest with ourselves it really doesn't - MAJOR DISRUPTION or shocking surprises, for better or worse

(always for better in the long run, keep this in mind).

The square from Uranus to the Leo Sun indicates the disruption of 'ego' attachments and with the Full Moon bringing the energy to a peak/culmination - there could be a surprising or disruptive ending. Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. Break-ups. Breaks. Since Aquarius rules groups and friendships there could be changes within our social network or maybe we make the decision to liberate ourselves from an important group dynamic.

At the same time with this Full Moon in Aquarius's co-ruler Saturn exactly opposing Mercury, our communication, conversations, thinking will be serious. 

News can be sobering. 

Mercury, who's been in Cancer for a long time now, feeling her/his way through every conversational landmine (and this is not Mercury's cup of tea believe me) is now opposed by the "winter is coming, winter is here" REALITY of Saturn. Rules, limits, maybe what we can't say. An official document might be involved. An official ending. An official commitment.

This is their third square of three, so maybe here is the final answer. Oppositions to Saturn have a signature that says 'reality check/report card' time. We could hear a "no" now. If we are the 'Saturn' in some situation, we might want to check in with ourselves as to whether or not the answer really needs to be so all or nothing. What are we really saying with our need for so much control?

Is this 'the third time's the charm' or 'three strikes you're out'? Maybe we are out, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing either - think porpoises! And again, since this opposition is Cancer/Capricorn (we have been dealing with this for so long now) we don't seem to be done with this (plus Venus moves into Cancer this week right after Mercury exits) - home, family, security vs work, career, security. The inner vs the outer. The dynamics of a soft mom vs. a hard dad.

Venus (ruler of Taurus and so ruler of Uranus at this lunation) is in Gemini, so answering to Gemini's ruler Mercury, who remember, is opposing Saturn.

Venus is approaching (applying to) the North Node - our best collective way forward, while opposing the Galactic Center - our homing signal. The need to break away from our entrenched beliefs about who and what is right or wrong and begin to move toward more innovative answers. This could bring some good news/or at least some news that moves things forward - and is exact in a couple days. Keep in mind, this is Gemini, not rocket science. So, what is the best/closest solution now? What gets this done for now?

Gemini is the sign that rules early childhood education - and with schools about to open here in the United States with things standing in such disarray this is almost certainly going to be more of a focal point.

I tossed in Orcus, knowing only that he is kind of the Roman "Pluto", because he is exactly interacting, in stressful aspects, with the lunation. I could only find out that historically he had something to do with honoring oaths/contracts, so there could be something for some people with that energy now. He also pulls 11 degrees Virgo into the mix, and maybe the feeling that something is life and death or a situation with a before and after feel to it - something like what a contact with Pluto might bring.

At the same time we have Mars, kicking off the squares we talked about HERE.

We could courageously and confidently kick something off, too, now and get something going from the embers of this Full Moon. We just need to be careful whenever we are dealing with Jupiter's enthusiasms and appetites that we are not over-extending ourselves, our resources, our money, etc. We don't want to let 'momentum' take us somewhere we are not really wanting to go.

We are in the space "in-between" spaces now, best for small moves because things that look like great ideas now might not look so great in six months. This isn't an excuse to sit on our ass, but it is a reason to keep it small/local for now.

With challenging charts like this one we always look for a way through and we can see there is a sextile (waning) to Chiron (in Aries). Chiron sextiles suggest healing will come through acceptance of the challenging situation Uranus evokes and, because Chiron is in independent Aries, by responding with self- initiated action and courage. We can take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves/be ourselves.  
Know this.

Since Taurus rules food, make sure you have some in your cupboards please. Taurus also rules the Earth, so severe weather events are also possible.

Uranus is about stepping into the unknown and the ways we step into the unknown are 1. we get drop-kicked into it through Uranian events like this one 2. we kind of sleep-walk into it through busy-ness, doing what we have to do, doing what comes next, which is sometimes and maybe even most of the time, just fine and mostly how we do it or 3. we make a conscious choice knowing/believing there is solid ground on the other side of the unknown and that we are protected or 4. we trust we will learn how to fly/thrive in change and not need the solid ground anymore anyway.

We can maybe choose our method of transport, but not the fact that we are going.

Asteroid Pandora - I wrote about asteroid Pan and his part in the "only thing to fear is fear itself" aspect of this pandemic, but never got back to Pandora. With her in close connection to our Leo Sun at the time of this Full Moon in Aquarius, we should look at the ways she might connect with what is happening right now.

Pandora is the "first woman" story to the Greeks, made by Zeus for mankind as a punishment after Prometheus steals fire from the Gods and gives it to men. Something like Eve in the Bible, she is seductive/seduced, and blamed for all the ills of the world being unleashed (in Pandora's case after a whisper from Mercury makes her insatiably curious). She has, through the centuries, represented not only our ability to be tempted, but maybe our present state of 'containment' and the choices we make out of curiosity that sometimes open us up to things we cannot control. Asteroid Pandora orbits between Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion, hope), and of course, the only "ill" left in the jar/box after she opens it is "hope".

Pandora being combust/blown out by the Sun at this lunation and opposing the Moon could be seen as "hope" itself being not enough - we need to work to find our own solutions now. We will talk more about her and her connection to the 2012/2020 energies and even to Donald Trump in a post this week!

HEADS UP - the New Moon in Leo in two weeks is the best we've had in awhile. Also, if you are incubating a new project, etc, you really want to get your ducks lined up before Mars goes retrograde on September 9th.

BIGGER HEADS UP - this Mars/Jupiter square is setting up the 'Clash of the Titan' style final acts of 2020. I am going to do that post this week, too, and the more I look at this fall, and especially October, the more unbelievable it all looks!

xo all - see the weekly HERE for more on the week of August 3rd

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | August 3rd - August 9th 2020 - endings, limits, wake-up calls, our values shift, conversations shift, big moves and a flashing green light somewhere

MONDAY - Full Moon in Aquarius (11 degrees), Mercury opposes Saturn
TUESDAY - Mars squares Jupiter, Mercury into Leo (!)
WEDNESDAY- Venus conjuncts the North Node
FRIDAY - Venus into Cancer
SATURDAY - Mercury trines Chiron

This is a powerful week and takes off right out of the gate with a powerful and surprising Full Moon in Aquarius. We have the first of multiple Mars squares to the Cappy planetary pile-up, Venus meets the North Node and two of our three inner planets - Venus and Mercury - both after long retrogrades, finally CHANGE SIGNS.

So multiple indicators for change this week folks - new doors will open (we might have to kick them a little bit) as others close.

We talked about MONDAY'S Full Moon in Aquarius shock that jolts us out of any remaining complacency HERE.

This energy lasts about two weeks as culminations/endings/mad dashes for freedom and whatever has 'come to light' that is surprising/creates disorder and change - plays out.

This is also the day Mercury opposes Saturn - this is a "no", a limit. Reality check/report card. No room for compromise - we have been here before, but this time the decision/ending/commitment is STICKY.

On TUESDAY - and we talked this in the Full Moon post, too, we get the exactly exact Mars (at 19 degrees Aries) square a retrograde Jupiter (at 19 degrees Capricorn) - the first of two repeating aspects. We get the second with Mars retrograde and Jupiter direct on October 19th.

This is BIG action/moves. Maybe a BIG win. The challenge with Jupiter is over-doing or over-extending. We could overestimate/exaggerate our strength/power. Move too fast. Use too much force or maybe too little. Jupiter is going to amplify the challenging August and October squares - but, keep in mind Jupiter's basic beneficial nature. He is protective. He widens our scope. He gives us hope. 

The good news with this square, even if it brings tension/frustration is that it also increases our confidence and ambition - our desire to get something GOING/make it bigger. The downside - the potential for BIG anger, impulsiveness, taking something too far, inflammation, maybe even accidents - so keep this in mind, too.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury finally leaves Cancer (YAY!) for fiery Leo - conversations and our words and ideas will be more dramatic, attention-seeking, generous. Volumes will be set to HIGH. This is excellent energy for self-promotion and creative self-expression and speaking from our heart.

If you are a girl who likes things quiet, invest in some ear plugs - you are going to need them.

Everyone will tell us what they are thinking and doing because Leo loves an audience - wait, isn't everyone already doing that?! Our Leo natal house (where is Leo in your natal chart?), home to our fiery Sun, wakes up even more with increased activity and requires more of our attention.

Leo also rules children and we will certainly be talking/thinking about them. 

This is not the most cooperative energy, but it can often bring out the best in people.

The BIG picture will be easier to buy into while the tiny details may get lost in shuffle. That's OK for now - we'll take care of the details when Mercury gets into Virgo next month.

On WEDNESDAY - Venus, on her way out of Gemini, connects with the North Node (our collective and best way forward).  

Pay attention.

An important message/information could come in now. EXPECT GOOD NEWS. Gemini offers choices, so maybe we are making an important decision that puts us on a better/higher road.

WATCH FOR OPEN DOORS! Even with all the ways we have become de-stabilized - look for the love, the balance, the value and beauty to show us a new direction. Opportunities and ways to make money/find love can knock. Keep in mind the flexible nature of Gemini. Be out and about (if you can) - talk to people. Send the email, the resume, make the call. Venus is covering fresh territory, so this could be something brand-spanking-new.

On THURSDAY - Venus (love, money, values, resources, self-esteem, women, beauty) finally exits airy Gemini for watery Cancer. So, just as Mercury takes his/her exit from Cancer, Venus makes her arrival. Yes, our home, family, mother, nurturing, security, home business, family business, inner life focus, Cancer natal house theme CONTINUES. This also means we still have an inner planet answering to the volatile Moon, so, our emotional moodiness continues, too!

Cancer Suns and Cancer Risings become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. All of our Cancer houses become more attractive, too!

Venus themes will be emotionally tended to. We will require more emotional connection to feel safe and secure. We will want (or feel the lack of) whatever feels like nurturing to us. Instead of just talking about it like we did, over and over, with Mercury here - we will be feeling it now/desiring it.

Home becomes a more valuable space. Family is a resource.

Our empathy increases along with our hurt feelings when we don't get what feels like "mom and apple-pie".

What we want (Venus) is to feel safe (Cancer).

Cancer is both the mother and the child. So we get what we want/need by being cared for and by caring for others now. Ruled by the Moon, who changes signs every two and a half days, Cancer can be moody. Our emotions around what we want are subject to lunar whims now, but the actual thing we want can become more solid. The active feminine energy (Venus) connects with the responsive feminine energy (Moon). What we need (Cancer) meets what we want (Venus).

Because Venus is an inner planet, when she changes signs, we feel it and experience it personally - and we move the collective energy forward (as opposed to the outer planet transits that move the collective energy and then we adjust to that).

Venus is much more comfortable in Cancer (ruled by her friend the Moon) than she has been for the last couple months in Gemini where she's been attracted to and attracting "one thing after the other". She's been flirting and "keeping things light" but nothing really turns into anything here.

Universally, home and family will feel more precious. We will want to feel safe. We'll want to move in the direction of whatever feeds this need now. Since she is in a cardinal sign, we know she is going to, at some point, square Mars in Aries and that Cappy pile-up (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn), but for now, she isn't! One day a time, people.

The fly in the ointment with Venus in Cancer (especially with Ceres in Pisces at the same time) is the kind of smothering/mothering that suffocates or we overindulge ourselves in some unhealthy way or we have an unrealistic expectation of someone else filling some childhood need. Watch for emotions that are "over-the-top" compared with what is actually happening.

What are we storing that is triggering these emotions?

SATURDAY - Mercury (in Leo now) trines Chiron - healing conversations. Using our gifts/our natural spotlight is healing. Conversations with children are healing. Our inner child gets a voice. Brave words make us braver. A lovely aspect to end a potentially tumultuous week.

OK, that's the basic weekly run-down except for the Moons that add the personal juice and we'll fill them in as we move through the week with some dailies.

The energy this week speaks of CHANGE, so ruts will be jumped folks!

xo all

photo by the amazing Sea-of-Ice

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, August 1, 2020 - a serious Saturday, leaning into change, intense conversations, spilling the beans, power struggles, words matter, watch your mouth, ruminating, mind games

The Moon is in sober and winter-ruled Capricorn now - we are nurtured by rules and boundaries and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard. A serious Saturday for some.

Her aspects are a mixed bag.

She trined Uranus at 2:55AM EDT (she will square Uranus during the Full Moon in two days, so maybe we get a prequel to that, but things move smoothly now as opposed to the Moon's jagged square from Aquarius - this one is our goals/ambitions blending with change/the new, in earth, things are practical/stable. Uranus rules lightning-bolt moments, so we might even wake up with a new idea).

Lean into the new.

Later (5:22PM EDT) the Moon moves into a testy square with Mars in Aries. The challenges of the Mars/Cappy square (big post coming!) is going to rule the rest of the year - with the Moon replaced by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (!), so it might be enlightening to see what we are feeling around this time. There could be a push to do something/react. Tension/frustration. Fights for power. Then the Moon meets a retrograde Jupiter (release!) at 7:57PM EDT and finally sextiles Neptune (some kind of kiss and make up/sleep on it/escape/ending) at 8:55PM EDT.

The big news as the Moon moves through her Cappy machinations is we have Mercury (news, information, ideas) in feeling and sensitive Cancer move into his/her exact opposition to Pluto (power, secrets, life and death, finances, sex) in realistic and cold-as-ice Capricorn.

This is about INTENSE conversations. Compulsion. Paranoia. Emotional manipulation. Fear of what we might lose/fear of what we have to know and then we can't not know. Oppositions come from outside us, so through other people and external situations/events, and challenge us- but this is all mirroring ourselves back to ourselves. How do we respond? What is the highest ground we can reach for? This is Cancer (home, family security) vs Capricorn (work, ambitions, security). We may feel pressured to speak out or to shut-up. Our thinking can get compulsive/extreme/we can go over and over something and make ourselves nuts. Are things really as life and death as we are thinking?

The Cappy Moon's reality check can help sort this out. Anytime Mercury contacts Pluto - deep insights are possible, just keep in mind if you start to go too dark (the Cappy Moon can makes things kind of depressing) - this is a transit, ie transitory.

Our words are a superpower now and can have a lasting impact on other people - keep this in mind and don't be a jerk.

There is alot happening today and next week will be HUGE.

The next act of the "play" titled 2020 (with tickets pricier than Hamilton and an endless number of front row seats and leading characters) probably kicks off with this week's Full Moon. I might skip the Saturday Night Mystery to work on the Full Moon post and will get the mystery up later because I've found a good one.

Take care of yourself today. Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini. Cultivate curiosity. Maybe a study in the lost art of conversation is needed.

HERE is a course of Daily OM that looks interesting.

I am going to take it. Take a look. Give it a think.

xo all

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

(an interesting update on an old Saturday Night Mystery, a mom (Suzanne M.) who went missing on Mother's Day on an alleged bicycle ride - I was anticipating some big news this past week as Venus returned for the third time to the space of the original 911 call. Investigation Discovery put up a video on the case (which got hundreds of thousands of views, so I guess that is big - remember this is Venus in Gemini ie news about a woman) - but then inexplicably pulled the video the next day. Maybe because it included inaccurate information (?) because it had subtitles like "last seen on a bicycle ride" when no one actually saw her on a bicycle, this is a statement from her husband of what she was doing and that authorities "do not believe the husband is involved" - what - that can't be right?! Anyway, not the news I was expecting, but the astro still proves accurate since the case, at least for a day, reached a large audience, and I assume it will get re-vised and re-released, but Uranus gave it some wonk.)