Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, August 31, 2020 - relationship and security triggers

The Moon in Aquarius floats through the day unaspected. She will go void at 12:56AM EDT tonight until 5:34AM tomorrow morning when she moves into Pisces drifting toward her opposition to the Sun and tomorrow's Full Moon.

The Sun (in Virgo) inconjuncts Chiron in Aries today. We might feel this as something like - "how do I do this service or this work or whatever this Virgo thing is and take care of myself/stand up for myself/be myself, too." We have Mars in Aries now, so tempers can be hair trigger.

The high-minded Aquarius Moon lets us detach, step-back far enough to get some needed perspective, not go off all Rambo on anything.

And speaking of Rambo - we also have lovely Venus (in emotional Cancer) squaring, first, Juno - the maiden vs the wife - and then Lilith - the maiden vs the other woman

(Lilith is Black Moon Lilith or BML and note Black Lives Matter, BLM, as an acronym is an anagram for Black Moon Lilith and on the night the words, that have gone on to trigger so many people toward action or anger, were first put together by two women in California in the summer of 2013 - Lilith (BML) was exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Venus in Cancer).

This stressful triangle of feminine energy could represent multiple people or could be something happening within us.

Venus in Cancer wants nurturing/love that is "mothering". Take care of me, keep me safe, pay my bills. Juno, in Libra, for what has felt like a lifetime, is like, "this is our contract dude - we need to bring things back into balance". Lilith, in Aries, might say, "I'm not your freaking mother, get up, do it yourself".

Lilith, as per her usual, triggering not only our need to escape, but also our primal fears of losing our comfort zone, our security, the garden.

What are we going to do with this?

This is a Cardinal Grand Cross that will pull Saturn into the mix and last for a couple days (and has been building for a couple, too). Saturn is retrograde, so although events/situations can appear to come from out of the blue, they are based on stuff that's been in play for quite a while. Shadow stuff will make itself known. We, our personal selves/sovereignty might feel challenged within our relationships or maybe through financial situations. And the reality police are on patrol. There are limits. Rules. Maybe these are to our benefit somehow. So, if something is limited now/prevented - maybe its cost is simply too high right now - maybe things will work out better later than if we had gotten what we wanted or pulled a "burn this whole city down" Rambo thing now.

Again that un-aspected Aqua Moon can help. We can process this through our instinctual nature - without our 'history-based' (historical/hysterical) emotions, without over-thinking.

Yes, she might numb our feelings a bit, but the city/our hearts/our bank balance will thank us in the morning.

And, on the other hand, because we always have at least two, we are building toward a freedom-leaning culminating Pisces Full Moon tomorrow, so if something really has come to the final/final, the stuff that comes out of the shadows now can help us put something dead to bed.

The monsters are out of the closet.

Which doesn't have to a bad thing. It's Virgo season. Time to clean them anyway.

xo all

(note Mars will activate these energies later in the week maybe requiring action/forcing our hand, temper or passion)

painting by the talented bronart

Weekly Astrology Forecast | the Week of August 31st - September 6th - serious news and information, commitments, decisions, magical Full Moon, change, motivating tension, a busy week

A busy week with alot of aspects. Some very good and the Moon will finish each sign on a positive note, so that's good news - all's well that ends well, even when there is some muck to deal with before we get to the end. Keep this in mind.

All good closing aspects?! Am I awake or am I dreaming?! Well, there is a magical Pisces Full Moon this week, so I might be dreaming!

Oh course, when I look again I see that Mars is slowed down and not making such great aspects, so there's that, but challenging Mars aspects are MOTIVATING, so there's that, and we are going to be feeling the pressure to ACT one way or the other, so there's that.

Especially on news/information from last week.

But, Mercury is making some smooth moves. Who taught this guy how to dance?

So, our thinking, news, information, writing, communicating, local situations - all serious, all practical, all a GO.

Two of our three personal planets are changing signs at the end of the week, so expect fresh air and a renewed passion. And next week we have one of those infamous "luckiest days of the year" as Jupiter contacts the Sun - so what are we waiting for?!

MONDAY - Saturn inconjuncts the North Node
TUESDAY - Mercury trines Pluto
WEDNESDAY - Venus opposes Saturn, Sun trines Uranus, Full Moon in Pisces
THURSDAY - Mercury trines Saturn
FRIDAY - Venus squares Mars, Mercury inconjuncts Mars, squares the Galactic Center and sextiles Venus
SATURDAY - Mercury into Libra, Pallas stations direct
SUNDAY - Venus into Leo

MONDAY - Saturn, retrograde (until the end of September) in his home sign of Capricorn is focused on re-structuring, altering old ways/definitions of "work", old rules, traditions, limits, how we handle responsibilities and authority - bread-winning, our careers, our status in the world.

Here he reaches a tight spot through a rock and a hard place aspect to our North Node best way forward - which involves our communication, how we talk to people so they can actually hear us, how we listen, keeping things local and small.

Inconjuncts require adjustments. The win-wins, that often feel more like lose-lose, but not a total loss if you see what I mean.

This can be about adjustments with the structures we have put into place to keep things local - which can mean everything from connections within our local community and the ways we keep in touch with siblings/neighbors, to limiting our time/attention to news outside our sphere that alters our mood/thinking in a negative way. What needs to change?

TUESDAY - Mercury has been flying through his home sign of Virgo and will be in Libra in a couple days bringing more diplomacy (YAY for that), but for now we get these last few days to dot our i's and cross our t's.

He, as we, may have been distracted, finishing errands, attending to the details, now he makes a smooth trine (brakes off) to powerful Pluto at 22 Cappy (this degree is uber amplified and clear now, since it was basically wiped out back in January). This is a closing trine and brings us back to their conjunction in January 2020. Powerful information/truth is accessible to us now, use it or lose it. 

Communications with authority, paperwork, power moves via emails and conversations are all a GO.

Virgo rules our day-to-day situations, our work, our co-workers, employees, pets, our health - what moves can we make to take charge of this stuff? Who has the authority to help us? Reach out. Pluto is retrograde so this could be an old situation, something we started before and we pull back out now, maybe old work that needs to be finished off/polished up, etc.

This energy can also be about something that resonates with us as "true". Is everything going to turn out to be true? All possible theories finding a way to exist simultaneously? I think my head right explode.

WEDNESDAY - Today we have a powerful Full Moon in Pisces - BIG Post to follow!

This is also the day, and we will talk about this in detail in the Full Moon post, the Moon sextiles Uranus (inevitable change, mystical awakenings) and Venus opposes Saturn (ouch, reality check, commit or quit, but Venus also has a way of moderating Saturn, so we'll have to see how this falls when we look at the entire chart).

More in the Full Moon post.

THURSDAY - Mercury trines Saturn. This is the closing trine of the Mercury/Saturn cycle that started back in January. Maybe we get some good news about the virus now. An improved plan of action. Commitments. Serious news. Personally, we are talking about our Virgo/Cappy natal house themes and collectively our work/career/practical goals. We are buckling down now. Maybe getting good news/rewards/recognition. Communications with authority go well. Another GO.

Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new situation. If you are looking for work, this would be a good week to contact prior contacts/old employers, etc. Saturn will return to this exact position around the middle of October, so maybe some contact/communication that is initiated now will finalize then.

Virgo/Cappy is strong and solid builder energy. Where we put our foot down we make an imprint on Earth soft enough to feel it. Heads up - longish void Moon today.

FRIDAY - Venus squares Mars. A motivating tension between what we want and how we go about getting what we want. This is Cancer/Aries - maybe some frustration between that home/family situation and us personally. Our pushing will just cause the other person to withdraw. These are both personal planets, so we might delegate one of these energies to someone else and battle it out. Cue the boxing robots.

At the same time an active Mercury, at the end of his home sign of Virgo is sextiling Venus (opportunity to get organized with resources/money, that home/family situation) inconjunct Mars (a rock and hard place with our actions/thinking, putting an idea into practice, being able to walk our talk) AND squaring the Galactic Center - our homing signal. This is too much to untangle. Expect opposing views/polarization. Frustration. Don't think for a moment that you don't need a crisis because sometimes you do. Still I'd focus on that Mercury/Venus sextile - something is falling into place here. We won't need to push.

SATURDAY - The Moon in Aries squares the Cappy planets and brings some tension/intensity.

Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, siblings, local neighborhood) moves into Libra (balance, fairness, diplomacy, passive-aggression, indecision, peace, art, beauty, women) today where he/she will hang his hat until September 27th.

Successful words are more tactful now - more focused on what the other person needs/wants. That splitting hairs and checking for typos Mercury did back in Virgo cedes way to saying it nicely.

Our thinking could be more indecisive now. Not because Libra is wishy-washy so much as just able to see both sides of any situation. Libra's polarity sign Aries can make fast decisions because the energy can focus most easily on one point of view - their own. Ha! And because this is the way life seems to works we will often be faced with a decision at exactly the time all this energy makes decision-making hard - go figure.

Libra is the natural ruler of our 7th house of other people. Life gets more complicated after the 7th house. Do you have any planets in your 7th house or in Libra - these are the archetypes we usually set up our lives to have played out by other people - how's that working for ya'?

Libra wants everybody to be friends. Diplomacy, both in our personal lives and the larger collective, if actually attempted, can improve tense situations now. The gentle art of persuasion via a lighter touch can work, too. Mercury in Libra is a good listener because Libra actually cares about other people! Words that make people feel loved and appreciated and beautiful will be the right words.

Our natal Libra house gets a visit from multi-tasking, inquisitive Mercury. So things in the area of our life naturally ruled by Libra get busy.

Cooperation/compromise are the name of the game now.

With a personal planet in air it is also an excellent time to get a head cold. Do whatever you normally do to prevent that.

Pallas stations direct in Capricorn. The first of our current Cappy pile-up to station direct - here is where our strategies/plans can begin moving forward. Pallas notices patterns/makes sense of things. Having her, "the head", begin to move forward FIRST is more good news.

SUNDAY - Venus moves into Leo until October 2nd. YAY - some fiery Leo again! And Venus rules Uranus in Taurus, so double good news, I think. Our Leo house, hosting the lovely Venus, becomes more attractive. Leo Suns and rising signs are more attractive, too (both easy on the eye and able to attract what they want).

We attract what we want and need (Venus) through Leo - so by standing out, standing up, being passionate, taking the world by storm - you get the idea.

We could, of course, go overboard with all of this. Leo (ruled by the Sun) doesn't really like others blocking their light. Competition can get ugly. We could become downright diva-like. Being in love with being in love fits here, too. Our passion and confidence will be what attracts others to us and what we are attracted to in others now.

Wanting to be adored will make being ignored harder to handle.

We are more likely to gamble with our resources (even risk our reputation or relationships) for the next few weeks. Keep this in mind.

In Leo, Venus wants FUN and romance and creativity and passion. Girls really do want to have fun - cue Cyndi Lauper.

Back with that big picture I keep promising and the Full Moon post plus a couple dailies to add in the Moon!

Have a wonderful week. Mars stations retrograde on September 9th - if you have something to get going you best get going with it!

Keep in mind I am writing about these aspects for the day they perfect, and you might feel them more as they are building, or sometimes, even as they are unwinding. All days are based on EDT.

xo all

photo by the amazing iNeedChemicalX

Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of the disappearance of Kyron Horman - June 4, 2010

Kyron Horman was an adorable and bespectacled seven year old boy living with his father, stepmother (who had been his custodial parent for four years) and sister in the United States west coast city of Portland, Oregon.

On June 4, 2010, Kyron goes off to school with his stepmother and 18 month old sister. It's a special Friday, science fair day, so different from his usual routine. We can imagine Kyron was excited. A picture of Kyron taken by his stepmother and posted to her Facebook account that afternoon showed a smiling boy in front of a rather impressive display about the red-eyed tree frog.

Kyron was seen, along with his stepmother and little sister, by a teacher at 8:15AM, so we know for certain he was at the school that morning.

According to his stepmother, after spending some time together checking out the exhibits, Terry (maiden name Moulton) and Kyron separate briefly with Terry and her daughter, heading up one set of stairs (the school had two staircases)  and Kyron heading up the other staircase (it seems they had done this 'race to the top of the stairs' thing before).

When Terry reached the top of her staircase she could see Kyron at the other end of the hall near his. She says she waived good-bye to him as he headed to his first period math class and she exited the school with her daughter at about 8:45AM.

Kyron, left just a few feet from his math class, in what must have been at least a semi-crowded hallway ... never got there.

At 3:30PM when Kyron fails to get off the school bus, his father and stepmother go to the school and this is when they find out he was not in school that day. The school places an emergency 911 call to the police (3:45PM) and the search for Kyron, which became the largest search in Oregon state history, begins.

This is a well-known case and over a decade old, so I am using everyone's real names. The step-mother has long been a suspect, but has never been charged and Kyron has never been found.

I have added asteroid Terry and asteroid Moultona (Terry, the stepmother's maiden name is Moulton) to the charts.

There are a few other astrological blogs, etc, especially focused on the last seen chart, around the internet, with various interpretations - guilt of stepmother, opportunistic stranger abduction, theories that he never left the school, etc - but none pulling these named asteroids into the chart, so we will see if these additions, provide any fresh insights.

And of course we will also look at the centaur/dwarf planet Chiron (name pronounced the same as this little boy) and see what he was up to. My sister and niece lived in Portland when this happened and Kyron has been on our minds for a very long time.

What happened to this adorable little boy?

His wikipedia story (lots of twists and turns after his disappearance) is HERE.

We are going to look at three charts. A chart for the time Kyron was last seen. A chart for an hour later to see where he went/what is happening to him. And a chart for the time of the 911 call from the school - when the event becomes known.

Let's unpack the charts!

We are starting with the last seen chart.

The chart is a Cancer rising chart - remember, the Ascendant represents Kyron as does the Moon. Since the ruler of Cancer is the Moon normally we might only have the Moon to use as a stand-in for Kyron, but since we have a planetary body named Chiron (pronounced the same as our young boy) we will see if it fits to use Chiron to represent Kyron, too.

A Cancer significator could indicate our victim is short, round face/round pretty eyes, disorders of the teeth (which anyone Kyron's age would have in a sense and he does). He was known to be a shy, gentle boy. A Cancer archetype seems to fit here.

The Moon (Kyron) is in the 9th house which rules education, but usually higher education. In this case I think the grammar school's less strict structure on this particular day and the science fair event itself fits a 9th house scenario.

The Moon (standing in for Kyron) is conjunct (by just 1 degree!) asteroid Terry (keep in mind there are 360 places/degrees asteroid Terry could be). We know Terry, his stepmother, is with him at the science fair - remember this is the chart for the time the teacher sees them together at the school. Chiron is also in that 9th house confirming his position as a significator for Kyron. Chiron is opposing Mars at the critical 29th degree warning of danger ahead and exactly sextiling (opportunity) Ceres (mother).

The Moon is in Pisces, so answering to Neptune. Neptune is also in Pisces, so strong in his home sign, but instead of being in the 9th house with the Moon is in the 8th house (death) - the 8th house as a final dispositor for a missing person is not good news.

We also see asteroid Moultona (a significator for Terry and again keep in mind there are 360 spaces/degrees asteroid Moultona could be) right on the Ascendant (Kyron) and conjunct Venus in Cancer (the woman who is a mother and with Venus out of bounds/ahead of the Sun, out of control of the Sun, she is not bound by the normal rules here).

Let's take a look at what we can see about the perpetrator.

The descendant (significator for the perpetrator) is 21 degrees Capricorn; a degree of self-sabotage. There are no planets in the perpetrator's 7th house, but we have the North Node (fate), Pluto (death, destruction) and Ceres (mother, mother of stolen or deceased child, smother-mothering) in the sign of Capricorn.

A Capricorn descendent could indicate the perpetrator has authority over the victim, is quite older than the victim. Dry. Serious. Cold-headed. Maybe dangerously depressed (Kyron's father stated Terry was medicated for clinical depression and had not been the same since the birth of their daughter/postpartum depression). With the Cappy planets in the 6th house this might indicate a perpetrator the victim sees everyday - someone who is part of his daily life.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn - here in the 3rd house squaring Juno (the jealous wife from the 12th house of endings/lies/secrets and in Gemini, so she's almost like two people). The 3rd house is our thinking, so another indicator here for depression - Saturn/3rd house. The 3rd house is also our local community, the school, short distance travel, the people closest to us in childhood. Saturn is in Virgo so answering to Mercury in the 11th in Taurus so answering to Venus in the 12th - notice Venus is ahead of the Sun, so out of bounds, the uncontrolled female/not playing by the rules - conjunct the Ascendant in Cancer finally back to the Moon (Kyron in the 9th) and with the Moon in Cancer to Neptune in the 8th - final dispositor again is Neptune in Pisces - the final sign of endings in the house of death.

So, our loop is 3rd house (school, local community, mental issues), 11th house (friends, goals that bring us into connection with other people - science fair, here as Mercury repping for Saturn a friend of the father), 12th (endings, lies, delusion, here as Venus in Cancer - a female woman, a mother, uncontrolled), the 9th house (Kyron, education, unknown journey) and the 8th house (death).

Keep in mind nothing is ever just one thing.

When we move the chart ahead about an hour and a half - to 9:45AM we get our second chart.

Here our Moon/Chiron have moved into the 8th house (death), so horribly, by now Kyron is probably no longer alive.

We see asteroid Terry is now exactly conjunct the Moon (Kyron), seeming to indicate the stepmother's presence.

Asteroid Moultona has moved into the 12th house of endings/lies/delusion and is in Cancer - the sign of the mother/mothering. Our significator for our perpetrator in the first chart, Saturn is still in the 3rd house, now representing movement/short distance travel/transport by vehicle - the perpetrator is driving around, but hasn't gotten too far away.

Neptune, the final dispositor for Kyron is in Pisces in the 8th house.

Pisces 8th houses sometimes show people passing away in their sleep. So, maybe he is drugged and falls asleep and doesn't wake up. This could also indicate drowning, but I don't think so here, although there could be a connection to water with what happens after he dies. There might be a spiritual connection to a sacrifice - Kyron making the sacrifice. His death somehow saving someone else (?). Maybe his sister? I don't know. That 3rd house Saturn could indicate danger to a sibling, too, or this could be part of the karmic story we can't see.

With Neptune in Pisces Kyron's death can become a mystery and might not be known for a very long time and this is supported by the fact Chiron is standing still in this chart at 0 degrees Pisces preparing to go retrograde, that out of bounds Venus, as well as asteroid Sphinx (the keeper of great mysteries) being exactly conjunct the Ascendant.

This case might never be solved ...

When we move ahead to that late afternoon as Terry and Kyron's father descend on the school and the school worker calls 911 we see quite a bit has changed.

Asteroid Moultona is at the top of the chart now in Cancer (mother) - a significator for the stepmother and certainly the focus of authority/the police (10th house) rather swiftly turns to her. Saturn, another significator for the step-mother has moved into the 12th house of endings/lies/self-sabotage/delusions.

Asteroid Terry has separated from the Moon (Kyron ... ugh) and is sandwiched between the Moon (Kyron) and Chiron. Chiron, strong and still is conjunct Neptune (the end of Chiron/Kyron!) in the 5th house of children. Notice all the Cappy planets from that 1st chart that tie into the perpetrator are now in the 3rd house of the school as the 911 call is made (Ceres - mother, Pluto - death, North Node - fate).

We don't know Kyron's birth time, but we know his birthdate, so we can look at his natal chart and that fateful day's transits.

Kyron has transiting Ceres conjunct his natal Chiron. Transiting Pluto sitting exactly between his natal Chiron and his Part of Fortune. The Sun conjunct his natal North Node which is conjunct asteroid Chaos. And amazingly enough, transiting Juno (the jealous wife) conjunct his natal Saturn (death, karma, endings) just as transiting Saturn conjuncts his natal Juno! One from the 10th house of the father/mother and one from the 7th house of the partner/perpetrator.

Some astrologers who have looked at Kyron's last seen chart see that Saturn significator as a sign an older man is involved, but that isn't necessarily so. Capricorn is a female sign and Saturn can indicate someone with authority over the victim (among other things), sometimes someone severely depressed, sometimes both.

It seems unlikely to be a stranger abduction or that shy Kyron wandered away and once we add Ceres, asteroid Terry and asteroid Moultona to the charts the story becomes rather sadly crystal clear I think.

Not very many step-mothers are the dangerous characters from Disney movies, but we have somehow managed to look at two over the last few weeks! With oddly similar stories. This will probably be the last mystery for a bit, so I can continue the series on the rest of this year, the virus/the violence and what we might expect.

xo all

To follow up with that last mystery we looked into - the case of missing mom Leila C. in Florida has had an arrest! If you are following that case, take a look at the man's Facebook ranting, just google around, I don't even want to link to this guy. It is amazing, he is EXACTLY the perpetrator in the charts. He claimed Leila was his intern, that she used to live with him, he is at least 10 years older than she is. She wasn't meeting a stranger she met on the internet and the astrology showed that. He is some kind of self proclaimed witch-doctor (yes, you read that right). I didn't exactly say "witch- doctor" in the post = ha! - but, you might remember the charts showed Virgo (healer) and then Aquarius (eccentric/odd ie witch fits here) for his significators.

Astrology/this cosmic connection between us, the planetary bodies, the archetypes and their patterns is magic people.

Witch doctor indeed!

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, August 28, 2020 - relationship power struggles can lead to real and lasting change

The Moon continues her journey through serious and sobering Capricorn today.

She trines a retrograde Uranus at 8:51AM EDT (surprises, liberation, committing to a new plan maybe one that we had before, but never got off the ground), trines Mercury at 8:04PM (practical conversations, solid news) and finally meets up with a retrograde Jupiter at 9:55PM EDT (expansion, needing more, taking care of old business).

The Sun, at 5 degrees Virgo, is opposing Ceres (in Pisces) - and this will be more impactful for people with planets/points in your natal/progressed charts nearest these degrees.

The Sun is our purpose - the way we are meant to shine, our ego - as he opposes Ceres (mothering, situations outside our control, season of life issues) in boundless Pisces our attention might turn to situations where we are over-giving/smother-mothering, even nit-picking. Or maybe we want to do something for ourselves (take care of the details of something), and we have to do something for someone else.

Virgo/Pisces can be the healer/patient dynamic or, if things have gone off the rails, the patient has become a victim, the healer a martyr. Any self-sacrificing bullsh*t or spaces we have abdicated our power by playing the victim will be noticed.

At the same time, and this might be all the same thing, Juno (from Libra) is squaring Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn - and this will be more impactful for people with planets/points in your natal/progressed charts nearest these degrees.

This is a powerful degree (often connected to self-sabotage) ignited back in January!

Juno (marriage, contracts, commitments, old school family traditions) has been making her way through partnership-focused Libra. Some marriages/relationships becoming kind of like pressure cookers determined to reach some sort of balance/fairness/comfortable temperature or get so hot, one, or both frogs either hop the pot or are boiled alive. #kidding #notkidding

This square to a retrograde Pluto is a turning point.

And since Pluto is retrograde, this won't be a totally new situation/conversation/argument. The intensity is familiar.

Who has the power? What commitments are no longer working? Manipulations, compulsions, obsessions related to our fear of endings/fear of loss/fear of change within our relationships/contracts are activated. We can see the truth here.

These are cardinal signs, so this square is a powerful portal for REAL TRANSFORMATION (which through Pluto might feel like death at first), LASTING CHANGE.

xo all

photo by the amazing iNeedChemicalX

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, August 27, 2020 - time gets stretchy, getting alot done, compassionate connections, wet weather, taking care of business and the details

The Sagittarius Moon goes void off a productive trine to action-oriented Mars at 8:00AM EDT (defending our beliefs, taking optimistic action, fighting for knowledge, moving forward).

Roll with any twists and turns (until 1:37PM EDT), which will most likely not amount to much and keep in mind the same can be said of what we begin now. So stick to routine concerns. Stuff you do all the time. Time gets stretchy. We can get alot done.

At 1:37PM EDT things start to get serious as the Moon rolls into Capricorn, the sign of winter, where our focus turns to our goals, stability, responsibility, authority, the number of cans in our cupboard and dollars in our bank account.

Her only aspect today, a trine to the Virgo Sun at 11:08PM EDT. This month's waxing trine - Cappy/Virgo. Good energy for dealing with authority/our goals/career. Moving forward with our New Moon agenda. Taking care of business/the details. Stepping into our authority. Getting it done.

At the same time Venus, in Cancer and struggling through all these Cappy oppositions, gets a little daylight with a nice trine to a retrograde Neptune (in Pisces at 19 degrees). This is relaxing, taking care of ourselves. Compassion. Forgiveness. Letting down our guard/our boundaries. Water trines can bring wet weather. The downside here, with a water trine and Hurricane Laura looming in parts of the U.S., since this is a "brakes off" aspect - this could have some negative impacts.

Hopefully the benefic presence of Venus here, in home and family oriented Cancer, can help mitigate a bit. Stay safe out there!

With the Moon trining the Sun and Venus trining Neptune - this is a good day for all kinds of interactions with other people. Time to use your magic people!

Keep in mind, and we talked about this in the weekly HERE, we have some big oppositions building, exact on Sunday, (Venus/Pluto and Mercury/Neptune). So some situations outside our control are likely to escalate. Oppositions bring projections and culminations. Part of what is happening right now, for example with the quarantine/limits - this stuff outside of us impinging upon us - is about us experiencing the power of living in the "now". We can't live in the future with things so uncertain and our ambitions literally dissolving. We can't live in the past without feeling crappy about the now.

Jupiter is in Cappy - we are adjusting our expectations.

We have to know/trust that we are transitioning to a better way of living. The 'largeness' of the old world was not sustainable. It's over. This doesn't mean we are going to spend the rest of our lives - masked and boxed.

This has always been more about 'rising from our sweaty death bed sheets' and what we do with that ... hang in there.

xo all

photo by the talented PsycheOphiuchus

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - doing what is right in front of us, revising our plans, when nothing is certain then anything is possible

The Moon in Sagittarius squared Mercury at 5:46AM EDT (something like truth spoken in jest or finding out things we don't want to know, saying too much, overthinking something) and then squares a retrograde Neptune at 7:42PM EDT (expansion, too much, lack of boundaries). Both aspects speak of tension today between the facts/details and our rose-colored glasses.

In the meantime Mercury is trining a retrograde Pallas in Capricorn (12 degrees). This is excellent energy to be "re"vising and "re"working our plans/strategies. Small changes to our "go-to" solutions can make a big difference. This won't be something that has to be pushed. Smooth integration.

Mars is trining (and this is going to be repeated two more times due to Mars upcoming retrograde) the South Node in Sag. More Sag! The South Node is where we are right now (and the past), so this is brave action we can take right now to either smoothly release something that is past its expiration date (maybe a belief about what we can have or what we have to do to get what we want) or push something that is already happening/has been happening further along. What do we need to do that takes action/courage?

There is a strong energetic right now - as we head into a whole new world - that will make things we don't want anymore feel like they are eating us alive. Life/God/the Universe is saying something like, "I don't want you to do anymore of this thing you don't want to do." And we are like, "but this is what I have to do, this is what I do". And then we keep doing it. And then the pressure gets kicked up another level to make us not do the thing we don't want to do.

There is also a strong energetic right now - as we head into a whole new world - a need to uproot any lack of appreciation of where we are now/this kind of greed for more, that used to push us forward/fuel our ambitions, but isn't going to work in the new world. Jupiter in Capricorn is putting the stakes through the heart of this - which is why this kind of stuff feels so meaningless/bottomless anymore. We can't have it all. And as a trade-off we are released from receiving any satisfaction from our attempts to.

There is a divine reason for the necessary fuzziness/inability to see what lies ahead.

There is a reason the South Node must be in Sag (knowledge, beliefs) for this transition. The last thing any of us need right now is certainty. Imagine yourself a quarterback in the most important game of the season. The crowds are on their feet. Your teammates eyes are on you. Your hands are on the ball. Imagine the tension/the power of that moment. Now imagine one more thing. Imagine you already know the outcome of the game. Wouldn't that change everything? So, you don't get to know that.

For today, because one day at a time is what we get here - think about re-vising old plans/strategies through facts/details and smallish tweaks (maybe to your schedule, routine, etc), taking action/initiative with something on your plate right now. Just instead of focusing on having more/or something overly ambitious, keep the focus on what you know you need to be doing right now/what feels right.

The Moon is in Sag connecting us to benevolent Jupiter, offering us hope and faith (and, yes, making us a wee bit or maybe alot restless) - let's allow ourselves some of that, too, now. Hope, faith and restlessness - everyone gets a seat at the table. Keep this in mind.

xo all

photo by the talented Art-Of

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - a wide angle lens, the forest and the trees, innovative solutions, good news, exaggerated needs

The Moon in deep Scorpio went void at 2:27AM EDT off a sextile to a retrograde Saturn. She will be void until 8:49AM EDT when she moves into fiery Sagittarius. Her only aspect today a square to the Virgo Sun at 1:57PM EDT.

In Sagittarius she turns our attention to our beliefs, the big-picture, optimism, weddings/celebrations, travel, education, foreign people/ideas/places, the stuff outside our local environment.

Today's First Quarter Square (opening square) is a crisis point in our monthly lunar cycle and asks us to look beyond/work with last week's fiery Leo New Moon fresh beginning.

This is Sag/Virgo. We look up from the details we are mired in (the critiques, the edits, the corrections) and bring our attention to the BIG PICTURE.  This is a square so tense and uncomfortable - we probably won't really want to do this/look at this/go there (and with Sag ruler Jupiter in a tangle with Venus, this could pull our money, values, relationships as well as that home, family situation into the mix). But we skip this step at our own peril - or better said, at the cost of being unprepared for the next step. So now we go further. We learn more. Maybe we apply faith, optimism, enthusiasm. Stay flexible. Think wide angle lens.

At 11:17AM EDT Mercury trines Uranus. Uranus in Taurus has been busy updating (via chaos and sudden change) our resources, our values, our habits. Now, here is a smooth connecting aspect with mental Mercury in practical Virgo. A new idea we can use. Innovation that solves problems. Time to talk about something else. Unexpected news/information. With Uranus retrograde something here could have its roots in the past even as it impacts the future.

This is also the day Venus reaches 17 degrees Cancer and moves into her opposition to a retrograde Jupiter in Cappy. Now, even though this is an opposition these are still our two most benevolent planets. They want to help us feel good.

This could bring us an exaggerated feeling of what we want (and keep in mind she will oppose Pluto at the end of the week to kick this obsession up a notch then finally Saturn next week with the reality check). This could, because oppositions can bring peaks/culminations in the way Full Moons can - bring us to a RESULT. Here is what we have attracted. And, remember, this is a process because she has the whole Cappy pile-up to deal with over the next few days. Also, remember the Cappy planets are all RETROGRADE, so we are asked to re-view what comes up here AND remember, that the Moon (in Sag) is answering to Jupiter and squaring the practical Virgo Sun, so pulling in a need (that we skip at the cost of being unprepared for our next step) to keep at least one foot on the ground with anything that is too exuberant/too tempting.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch or count on your lucky rabbit's foot to pull you through (the foot was only intended to help the rabbit and I suppose that didn't end well for her). Work the square - apply a wide angle lens. Bring in more knowledge/more faith. Work the trine. Open your mind to new ideas. Think practical innovations. We will feel the opposition (the wanting more or result process in action), but let's not allow it to go too far unless we will benefit more from the INSPIRATION of the exaggerated feeling (and this could certainly be true because we certainly need HOPE now) than we might be hurt from any let-down later.

If your memory is less swiss-chessy than mine these days - something here might connect back to late November 2019 (sometime around last Thanksgiving).

xo all

photo by the talented Econita

Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of August 24th - August 30th, 2020 | frustration, choosing our battles, getting past the block, moving forward, unexpected news and opportunities, results, keeping our feet on the ground

There is alot going on this week and next. Alot of ups and downs. All three of our personal planets are active with the outer planets - chickens being brought home to roost. Mercury, Venus and Mars all have challenges and opportunities.

MONDAY - Mars squares Saturn (retro) 19 degrees
TUESDAY - Mercury trines Uranus (retro) 10 degrees, Venus opposes Jupiter (retro) 17 degrees
WEDNESDAY - Mars sextiles North Node 26 degrees
THURSDAY - Venus trines Neptune (retro) 19 degrees
SATURDAY - Mercury trines Jupiter (retro) 17 degrees
SUNDAY - Venus opposes Pluto (retro) 22 degrees, Mercury opposes Neptune (retro) 19 degrees

We begin the week with the Sun having just left his home sign of Leo (this could make us feel a little let down maybe, a little like that end of summer feeling, maybe a little tired) and moved into practical Virgo - that back to work/back to school vibe will be starting to kick in now.

Right out of the gate, Mars - our passion, our actions, our anger - moves into his first (of three, over the rest of the year) squares with "line-n-the-sand" karmic Saturn. So whatever we are trying to do/push forward is meeting resistance in terms of rules, limits, timing problems, etc.

(now this is his third Cappy square because he has faced off with Jupiter and Pluto for a first pass already, so we should feel a let-up for awhile once we get past this one)

We want to do this, whatever this is, and we can't. Or we don't want to do this and our feet are held to the fire. Our focus could be on what we can't do/can't have. Saturn is karmic energy. Cause and effect. Mars is our courage/initiative, without which we might never do anything new or challenging, and then once we do those things (or don't do them) Saturn holds us accountable for our actions/in-actions. They can work well together, but here we get the 'butting heads' part.

Patience is needed. Endurance is needed. Work can be demanding. We are playing a long game - keep this in mind. 

Mars is strong in his home sign of Aries. Saturn (authority, limits) is strong in his home sign of Capricorn (and he's got his posse with him and Mars has already moved past them), but he is retrograde. These limits/responsibilities are probably not brand new. We are really feeling them now because Mars is lighting a fire under us via some situation/emotional tension. We have to be smart and focused and continue taking the actions we can take. We can't get all wrapped up in having something exactly a certain way. But we all know this by now.

Squares with Saturn can be exhausting/can burn us out if we keep pushing or fighting. So, we better be sure this is all worth it! We better be picking our battles! Because, yes, with Mars in Aries for the rest of the year - there will be battles. Also keep in mind on a whole other level these Capricorn blockages are unwinding hundreds of years of collective karma and will surely trigger uncomfortable emotions as old ideas about who we are are broken down.

Normally Mars squares Saturn, the energy lasts a couple days because Mars moves fast - we hit an obstacle/hear a "no", then we re-group, we move on. But this year, although yes, we re-group and we move on - because of Mars' upcoming retrograde, and because Jupiter and Pluto are with Saturn in Capricorn, too - we get to do this multiple times with multiple powerful energies (all answering to Saturn). These are major, major karmic release points - so much karma that has been holding us stuck is being shaken loose - there is just no way to know where this is all going. We can't see there from here, BUT it will be the things we do now that set up what happens later/what we have to deal with later.

With so much uncertainty, there is no easy road, but there is a road. Make your life as simple as you can. Think small. Think local. Think about what you can do with what is right in front of you. Collectively, we are in the thick of the most challenging energies of our lifetime. Winter is here. Bad decisions are biting us in the ass. So are good ones that don't work anymore/line up with the future.

After Mars gets past Saturn (he, as we, moves from 19 Aries to 26 Aries in TWO DAYS) his next aspect/portal is an opportunistic sextile to the North Node (our collective way forward) and trine to the South Node. There ARE ways to move forward after we get past this square! So although these blockages create tension/frustration - they also have the effect of making sure we’ve divested ourselves of everything old and worn out before we move on again. So, after Monday and until Mars stations retrograde on September 9th - WE ARE FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Mercury is trining Uranus (unexpected good news, new ideas being considered and Uranus is retrograde, so this will have its roots in the past) and then Mercury is trining Jupiter (again with roots in the past, now broadening our view, making us more optimistic, more hopeful) - we would have a Grand Earth Trine here - and we will in a couple weeks actually - if Mercury wasn't moving this fast, but this is still good news which could present itself  as actual good news.

Mercury rules the post office, a much needed service, and here in the United States hopefully we get some good news for them!

At the same time, Venus (feeling her way through emotional Cancer) is moving through her own challenging oppositions to these Cappy planets - this week and next!

Our relationships, our values, our money. In Cancer this can be about a home/family/mothering/home business/family business situation. She has a nice trine to spiritual/imaginative (and retrograde) Neptune, so we need to hold onto our dreams, even as we release our grip and expectations about how we are going to get to them. It’s time to make sure we can stand the life we have built, and not only, and not simply that, it’s time to make sure we are building our life into a journey that taps into, that relates to, our deepest desires. These are water signs - Cancer/Pisces - so this is more about how we want to FEEL anyway. What we need to feel safe/secure.

At the very end of the week though Venus will oppose powerful Pluto just as Mercury is opposing powerful Neptune.

Venus can get kind of needy in Cancer and Pluto can intensify this feeling of "must-have". Oppositions are well, oppositions, yes, but also projections, so we are probably assigning too much value to something outside of ourselves. If we don't actually need what we think we do, Pluto is just the fellow to yank the rug right out from under us. On the other hand, oppositions are like Full Moons and can deliver results - here is what we have attracted. Maybe we do get more.

With Mercury opposite Neptune at the same time it will be hard to know what is real. Some things that seemed too good to be true earlier in the week, might flip around on us at the end of this week or into next week, so although we want to allow ourselves to dream and hope and feel good, yes, please, just let's keep our feet on the ground at the same time. The realistic Virgo Sun will help with this.

This is alot to have happening in one week and since all these aspects involve our personal planets, this stuff will impact us personally as well as collectively.

Basically we are all dealing with an underlying intense frustration, some with mind bending anxiety and it’s all below the surface (until it isn't), and happening while we attempt to maintain a facade of OK-ness, so we don’t lose everything and plummet off the face of the earth.

That about sums it up I think. Or is this just me? 😜

Back with some dailies where we factor in the uber important Moon and I have a big picture just about ready to post as we continue the Wuhan/Pandora series.

xo all

photo by the talented Milan Vopalensky

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, August 21, 2020 - shifting beliefs, rabbit holes, painful encounters, let's give each other a break

The Moon is void until 5:16AM EDT when she moves into Libra.

During last night's void in Virgo, she squared the North Node (in Gemini) and the South Node (in Sagittarius). A road diverges in the woods. We could find ourselves changing our mind now about what we believe to be true. That is OK. This is what the North Node in Gemini is designed to do.

Stay curious. Versatile. Focus on facts and not what we believe about the facts. If we are too wedded to beliefs that are no longer serving us, are hurting us/beliefs that are too fantastical, these kind of celestial road markers can bring us back to Earth.

Older and wiser with maybe a greater understanding of the other side. 

Keep in mind Neptune is back to the degrees he traveled during the 'witch hunts', and he is retrograde now, which is a good time to go inside and get a grip on what really makes sense here! Keep in mind also the axiom of both quantum physicists and magical thinkers - reality is what we make of it.

What are your thoughts (North Node in Gemini) making of yours?!

Asteroid Hygeia is in Gemini now - we are only as healthy as our choices/our thinking. Self-care is about more than hand washing and Vitamin D.

The Moon in Libra will have us feeling nurtured (or not) through balance, through our relationships, through beauty.

Her only aspect today a painful opposition to wounded healer Chiron in Aries, so old wounds could be stirred.

Issues around self-doubt and self-worthiness could surface.

Chiron in Aries forms a natural opposition to Libra (and this is part of the Aries/Libra polarity dance), so this could be a time when the other people in our lives, and the people we meet, who have the energetic frequencies that can easily re-wound us (trigger our early wounding/past life wounds/familial karma), will do just that. 

It can be painful, but this is the path to SELF- LOVE. 

And yes, it is strewn with roses and thorns. 
Tomorrow, our Libra Moon (above and through us below) has all her squares to the Cappy planets, plus will square her ruler (through disposition) Venus, in Cancer, and oppose Mars in Aries.

So today and especially tomorrow look quite dicey.

Rough waters. And the Libra Moon likes things smooth and balanced, so we will feel them. 

Go gentle with yourself and other people over the next couple days. We are all fighting a hard battle and none of us really know what the hell we are doing ...

xo all

Heads up - there is some wonderful energy coming our way during the first two weeks of September - we will talk big picture in the next post!

photo by the talented Hart-Worx

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - getting organized and moving into our New Moon plans, don't shoot your eye out

Our Leo Moon went void last night (1:38AM EDT) off her conjunction with Mercury. She was void until 4:20AM EDT when she moved into "let's get this thing organized" Virgo. She will trine a retrograde Uranus (the unexpected future) at 9:51PM EDT.

Earth trines are uber productive - what needs to get moving?!

Mercury comes home to Virgo tonight. We talked about this in some detail HERE for Wednesday.

She/he will be in Virgo only until September 5th, so time to get organized, focus in on the details of something, fix it/make it better.

As she enters Virgo she passes over fixed star Regulus (known as the heart of the lion aka the king, although he moved out of Leo and into Virgo a few years back - maybe now he is the heart of the lion aka the people). Virgo themes include our daily activities, the processes of things, work, health, pets, co-workers, paperwork, cleaning, being of service.

With Mercury in Virgo, our thinking, writing and communication will be more practical and commonsense. We will be all about the details. Nothing gets by Mercury in Virgo. But lots of things get dismissed. If it's not real/not factually stated/if it doesn't work - it's outta here.

Also today a retrograde Pluto squares Black Moon Lilith in Aries (22 degrees).

This could be kind of an ugly energy - like we lash out at someone and hurt them before they can hurt us or someone is manipulating/threatening to reveal dark secrets. With Pluto in Cappy, crumbling power structures - the stuff built on lies and other people's backs - are falling. This isn't about hesitating to speak our truth, we probably won't be able to with BML in fiery Aries anyway, just let's not do this in an intimidating or underhanded way. It can backfire. And by 'backfire' I mean we can burn the whole place down.

Aries/Cappy squares can be like David and Goliath aspects, just make sure you know what you are doing with that slingshot ... because you might take a chip off the giant's shoulder, but shoot your own eye out in the process.

xo all

photo by the talented rust2d

New Moon in Leo | Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - words light the match, brave actions, following our heart, birthing something new, old obligations and rules, a karmic turning point

On August 18, 2020, at 10:42PM EDT, the Leo Moon will meet the Leo Sun at 26 degrees bringing us this year's New Moon in Leo.

After two months of back-to-back emotional New Moons in watery Cancer, we finally get a fiery new beginning! This New Moon rushes in, plants the seed and pushes things forward.

Are we ready?!

This New Moon is happening in our Leo natal house. Our natal Leo house is where we are meant to "shine" - this is where we create, take risks and are "recognized". This "recognition" doesn't mean everyone is going to love what we are doing (although they might!).

But it does mean the stuff we are doing will stand out.

Let's unpack the chart.

The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 26 degrees Leo (so they both got almost all the way to the very end of the sign, before meeting, this matters and we'll talk about it). They are conjunct Mercury. They are sextiling (opportunity) the North Node (our future) and trining the South Node. They are trining (brakes off) an igniting and exact Mars/Eris conjunction. They are exactly inconjunct (rock and a hard place) sober Saturn and exactly sextiling Asteroid Haumea (she is new to me, but we'll take a look). At the same time, because this is an event chart and everything will matter to a greater or lesser degree, Venus is exactly sextiling Uranus.

When the New Moon happens near the very end of a sign, I see it as a push from life to get moving with something. We weren't trusted to take too much time with this because maybe we would never get it going, so this comes in at the very last moment with a kind of urgency. GO.

They are applying to a sextile to the North Node and trine to the South. The sextile is fire/air - talk, communicate, write, start a conversation, reach out. Information comes in. We share what we know. An opportunistic contact is made. The trine (South Node Sag) is a smooth release. Something needs to go and we are ready for it to go. This could be a 'belief' that has outlived its usefulness - maybe something your grandmother believed and maybe her grandmother before her. Something related to the theme of your Sag house maybe. Whatever this is it needs to go and we are ready for it to go. Or maybe I should say as ready as we will ever be. More time, more information, more planning will not make us any more ready. Trust the timing/the cycle.


We can not be in one state of consciousness without suffering the consequences of not being in another state of consciousness. We can't WAKE UP and then hit snooze and return to that dream we were having no matter no much we want to go back there. We are AWAKE now.

The Moon/Sun are trining a fiery Mars/Eris conjunction. The Sun trined Mars last weekend and the Moon got there today. A trine releases the brakes. This can be a good thing - we are trying to get somewhere and an obstacle is smoothly removed from our path and we can keep going or not such a good thing if that obstacle was the only thing standing between us and the side of a cliff. Avoid anger/violence. Initiate positive action. Passion. Again it's a GO.

The Moon/Sun are inconjunct Saturn. Here's the fly in the ointment, but we know about this fly because Saturn is retrograde, so we're already dealing with this fly. Here is the limit, the rule, the whatever this is - standing in our way. Adjustments must be made for this roadblock is major construction and going to be here for a while. This one is a STOP.

And because Mars (action) is squaring Saturn (actually sandwiched in a square between Saturn and Pluto) and these two are part of a 'Clash of the Titans' style battle until December - this is going to be an ongoing thorn in our side. Fly in our ointment. Roadblock on our journey.


Sorry to report this, but you already know this, don't you?

The fiery energy of Leo (the GO, the ego) has to contend with the conservative energy of Capricorn (STOP, the reality police). We have to adjust to this before and as we move ahead. Cappy is about responsibilities, commitments, limits, rules, authority. We have to pay attention to this, and we will, because we won't be able to not pay attention (and like I said, this isn't something brand new, we already know about this, are dealing with this), but it's not like the oppositions we have had for the last two New Moons with the Moon/Sun conjunctions in Cancer. Inconjuncts provide amazing opportunities for growth, but both sides need to be taken into consideration and perfection/total satisfaction with either energy is not going to happen. We have to accept a certain incompleteness here. And we can because we have no choice.

Venus is sextile Uranus (in Taurus, so answering to Venus, who is in Cancer so answering to this Moon in Leo answering to the Leo Sun). When it comes to relationships, our resources, money and values, that home/family situation - we can smoothly move in a new, opportunistic and forward leaning direction and won't have to push. We are attracted to change.

The Moon/Sun are conjunct Mercury who is about to take his exit for Virgo, so again, we have to be quick about this! There won't be much time to think because more thinking won't help us. With Mercury coming off yesterday's Superior Conjunction to the Sun - he is kind of the spark here.

YES, WORDS AGAIN. Facts. Ideas. Information.

So what do you know, think, hear, say, read, write? What has just dawned on you? What are you talking about? Do you know? Yes, we are back to this again! And you do know. Maybe some information or deadline gets us moving!

The Moon/Sun are sextiling asteroid Haumea in Libra. She is a Hawaiian fertility Goddess and rules childbirth and renewal. She is associated with creativity and 'bringing forth' something new. In Libra, she pulls in our relationships, balance, fairness and other people into the mix.

Now we can't just take these transits and sit on our ass with them. We can't hear "this will happen to you" (which I never say, but sometimes people have a way of hearing) and have this allow us to be anything we want to be in the meantime and then "this will happen to us" - it doesn't work this way.

This New Moon is in fiery Leo so will involve our natal Leo house theme or a collective Leo theme - creative projects, children, romance, recreation, pleasure, our heart, our heart's desire, the space we are meant to shine, our center stage. 

Here is where we get a fresh start via a spark that is lit through Mercury's meeting with the Sun - information, ideas, conversations, choices that align with our heart/our natural spotlight.

This will be activated through our passionate and courageous action (Mars/Eris). Maybe what we value (Venus/Uranus) is changing or leans into the future somehow. Change is good.

There are old obligations, rules and limits we will have to take into consideration and adjust to. These are not going away during this New Moon period.

This fresh start/new beginning is KARMIC (the Nodal sextile and trine) - a smooth move forward as something else is released. Holding onto what needs to go (maybe an old belief) just jams up the works here.

This beginning - a new chapter within a chapter - is part of the final third act of 2020 - our Clash of the Titans grand finale!

Keep in mind the South Node (what we are releasing) is in Sagittarius - this isn't about what we believe or sitting in hope of something else or something more. This is about the steps we take and the conversations we have and the contacts and decisions we make - small is big, but we have to be brave, yes, there is some risk here - this is LEO! - that can move us into a new direction more in line with our best future. Leo is the sign of our ego and a reactivation of what we want to do/what we came here to do needs to happen now.

This New Moon is a GO. So what are we going to do with it?

If you need help figuring out what area of life this is activating for you just give me an email or leave a comment with your birth date, time and birthplace.

This is a fiery new beginning activating quickly and over the next two weeks within your Leo house theme. Your Aries house is supportive and will tell you what to do/the move to make. Your Cappy house brings what you will need to adjust to (for many people, because this is where Saturn/Pluto met and 'time ran out' this will be about the ramifications of the virus) via old rules, obligations, limits. Your Gemini/Sag houses are guiding your way through this ....


Clear a space. Wash your hands. Speak intentionally (and less) in the time leading up to and following this ritual to give your thoughts/words more juice. Don't share them. This is all about you. Let your heart (aided by your head) guide you, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, sit with this as long as it feels appropriate, then burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known.

Life has heard you. 

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

big picture post coming in a couple days and then we get back to that Wuhan/Pandora series

Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of August 17 - August 23, 2020 - a Leo New Moon BRIGHT BEGINNING at the very end of Leo season but somehow just in time, the details matter, information, shifts happen, get going

This week is all about Mercury and the Sun - they meet, they change signs and in between we get a bold New Moon in Leo - answering to .. you guessed it, THE SUN, and conjunct ... you guessed it, MERCURY.

Our thinking and our creativity. Our ideas and our passions. Our children and their education. Our lungs/our breath and our heart. Let's take a peek ahead!

MONDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury, Mars conjuncts Eris
TUESDAY - New Moon in Leo
WEDNESDAY - Mercury into Virgo
SATURDAY - Sun into Virgo

MONDAY - The Sun catches up with Mercury at 25 degrees Leo (Superior Conjunction). The Moon is balsamic (dark in the end of her cycle) and will square a retrograde Uranus (surprise!).

CLARITY. Information comes through. Insights are felt. 

The Sun/Mercury are at the third leg of their cycle here - a time when the MEANING of whatever was seeded at their Inferior Conjunction (June 30, 2020 when Mercury was retrograde) becomes KNOWN. It's the Full Moon of the Mercury/Sun cycle. Our mind is fused with our ego/our fire/the way we are intended to shine. Then Mercury (our mind) rushes ahead of us again (until his/her next retrograde cycle)!

People with planets or points at/near 25 degrees Leo will feel this energy strongest.

People with planets/points in harmony with 25 degrees Leo (our Aries, Sag, Gemini, Libra planets and points near 25 degrees) will experience knowledge/understanding and productivity as our unique powers (the way we are here to shine) are unleashed. People with planets/points in tension with 25 degrees Leo (our Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius planets and points near 25 degrees) might experience blockages, stress/tension again with the SAME goal (albeit doing things the hard way which is sometimes, and certainly this time, the only way) of releasing our unique powers of potential! This energy plays out over the next several weeks.

The Mars/Eris conjunction reaches exactness in passionate and fiery Aries - everyone gets a seat at the table or the table gets flipped - note the Democratic National Convention starts today.

The Moon on MONDAY and TUESDAY will be in Leo - so we are focused on and nourished through children, romance, our creative projects, fun and recreation.

TUESDAY - here's our annual New Moon in Leo - expect a BIG post! A bright beginning. Get those Leo affirmations ready. After two months of emotional Cancer New Moons, I think we are all probably #ready, #notready for this one!

WEDNESDAY - After swimming, what feels like forevah, in the emotional waters of Cancer and then getting burnt out fast in fiery Leo, Mercury finally comes home to Virgo! This is especially good news for Virgos and Geminis (Sun and Risings), but EVERYONE'S natal Virgo house will benefit.

With Mercury in Virgo, our thinking, writing and communication will be more practical and commonsense. We will be all about the details. Nothing gets by Mercury in Virgo.  But lots of things get dismissed. If it's not real/not factually stated/if it doesn't work - it's outta here.

This is an excellent transit - only until September 5th, so let's not waste this - for organization, cleaning, paperwork, taking care of our health, the ins and outs of our work and daily routine, our pets.

We will see all the little problems, but still need to avoid nitpicking. Leo to Virgo is 'creating to critiquing' and that is natural/cyclical, but with everything all of us are dealing with this year we need to be gentle with each other.

The biting criticism (that will look to us like practical advice) that is right on the tip of our tongue might need to be swallowed sometimes. Gulp.

It may be hard to see the forest for the trees - but with the South Node in Sag for another year - it is THE TREES that matter now anyway. The details. One thing at a time. Lists are good. Practical ideas, solutions and fixes can pop right into our head.

Pay attention to your language - we want to be precise now.

We want to honor Mercury (trust me on this, he can cause us oodles of damage and danger when we don't).

Think about what you are thinking about.

Watch what you are watching.

What you are reading, talking about, hearing - will matter now. Virgo rules our digestion - what we put in will be what we get out and impact how well we can function.

Notice how you verbally get in your own way - use unnecessary negative words (like saying something "isn't bad" when you mean it is good), double speak, babble, gas-lighting, lies. Avoid that "sorry" thing some people say moving through life. We aren't really sorry anyway right - so why are we saying it.

Words are powerful. They are some of the most powerful tools we have to move through life on planet Earth - let's not hold ourselves back by tossing around stuff we don't mean/don't want to have/don't want to be.

On WEDNESDAY the Moon will move into Virgo and make a gazillion nice aspects over the next couple days - we are nurtured through all the Virgo themes we just talked about.

SATURDAY - the Sun exits his home sign of Leo (sniffle!) and joins Mercury in practical and earthy "let's get on a routine" Virgo. The time of the harvest (and I have the garden and kitchen counters filled with the tomatoes to prove it), in Virgo season we move into mutable energy.

Shifts happen.

The weather changes. Kids go back to school (prayers this is handled in the best possible ways for their physical AND mental health this year).

We adjust our schedules and daily routines. Health issues catch our attention.

The transition from Leo (ruled by the Sun) to Virgo can be hard or welcomed depending on how ready we are to come in out of the Sun! With the Sun in Virgo we focus on the details. We clean things up. We get organized. Small steps lead to big changes. Small is BIG now.

The astrology wheel is the hero's journey of self discovery. When the sun moves into Virgo, it is the hero's (our) first encounter with service.

We are learning when to help and when helping isn't really helping.

Virgo is the modest healer with the critical eye that takes care of the details. Meaningful work and competence are key now.

Virgo knows we are not here to do the work we love - we are here to love the work we do. There is a difference. This is the difference that changes the world. This is the difference that changes us.

Every sign has something to learn from the sign that follows it.

Leo learns from Virgo (and we all have Leo and Virgo in our charts somewhere - its placement will affect how this activates in your own journey) - to do the work. Virgo teaches Leo to let go of the need for the spotlight and recognition and to just focus on the work.

The king gets humbled ... and we might now, too!

The Sun in Virgo needs to do good work. In order to do this, we need to figure out what isn't working. We need to be able to see the flaws and problems. Let's just not get all caught up in them!

On SATURDAY, the Moon is in Libra focusing us on our relationships and moving things into balance/making things more beautiful - here she will move through squares to the Cappy planets and an opposition to Mars, so expect some challenges!

We don't want to waste this powerful week getting all riled up in things we cannot control.

Let's keep our focus, which should improve now, on the present/what we can control and especially on how to use small improvements, habits and fixes to empower ourselves!

xo all - back with the New Moon post!

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

Saturday Night Mystery | the Astrology of the disappearance of Leila C.

This is the case I was going to put up last weekend for our Saturday Night Mystery, but got sidetracked with the Pandora/Wuhan research. It's a very recent/ongoing story, so we are going to use first names only for the privacy of her family.

Leila C. is a beautiful and vivacious 21 year old single mother of an adorable two year old boy named Kamdyn living in Georgia with her grandmother and uncle. She has apparently been pretty rootless for some time living for brief periods with different family members between Georgia and Alabama.

At some point toward the end of July she told her uncle she was "thinking of going to Florida", but because he knew she had no job and no money (plus, of course, the little thing called a - pandemic), he did not take her seriously.

It appears she meant it though - because she quickly proceeds to sell a few things on Facebook Marketplace (it looks like she also attempted to sell her truck and also was looking for a place to have a yard sale), gather $60 from Kamdyn's father for Kamdyn's dental visit (which isn't clear ever happened), $40 from her uncle and drives her son, in her big white truck, to Florida (12 hours!) without telling her family or friends anything about her trip.

No one knew she was going, why she was going, if she was going alone, meeting anyone there, etc.

Within just a couple days of Leila's arrival in Florida, Kamdyn is found by a local woman. He is wandering alone in a parking lot. He's wearing a black t-shirt and diaper; no shoes or pants. As she approaches him, she realizes he is crying. She proceeds to walk him around the apartment complex asking people if they know him or have seen him before. Finally, when she isn't able to locate his family, she calls the police.

A few hours later the police department put out what they called an "urgent blast" asking people if they recognized the beautiful little boy and eventually his picture, having gone somewhat viral through Facebook shares, miraculously reached his aunt in Georgia.

Kamdyn was identified, but where the heck was Leila?

Family members grew more worried with each passing day. They think (because she was single) she might have met a man online and driven to meet him. They admitted she has had some prior drug issues, but are confident those issues are in the past and they don't believe drugs have any bearing on whatever has happened to her.

They all agreed she would never, ever leave her precious son.

Let's see if the astrology of a chart set up for the last time Leila was seen - a store surveillance video taken of Leila and Kamdyn in a convenience store at a gas station the night before Kamdyn is found and the chart for the time Kamdyn is found in the parking lot offer any clues.

Let's unpack the charts.

CHART 1 - the convenience store surveillance camera of Leila and Kamdyn, wearing masks, but clearly identifiable, shopping in Hollywood, Florida.

OK, we will start with the Ascendant, sign rising/first house ruler, which represents Leila in this chart. The chart is Pisces rising with Pisces modern ruler Neptune in the first house conjunct the Ascendant. This shows Leila as Piscean which can mean not only creative/imaginative, maybe spiritual, but it could also show illusion or deception - either on her part or she is being deceived by someone else. It might indicate self-sabotaging actions. Pisces can also show escape (like a literal escape from her daily life to Florida) or addiction; alcohol or drug use. With Neptune retrograde the addiction could be in her past, but whatever this is, she isn't acting/thinking logically/clearly at the time of the video. Pisces physicality can be thin, dark hair with light or deep-set, piercing eyes, so this fits her appearance.

The ancient ruler of Neptune is Jupiter. Here in the 11th house, conjunct dangerous Pluto in Cappy and answering to serious as-a-heart-attack Saturn. The 11th house rules friendships; maybe unusual friendships. Sometimes goals that bring us into connection with other people. Answering to Saturn this could be showing us she is in the company of an older male friend or someone who has, or once had, because all three of these planets are retrograde, some kind of authority over her or maybe showing an old friendship, someone from the past.

Leila's other significator (stand in for Leila in the chart) is the Moon.

Here in the 7th house (of the perpetrator) in Libra.

Libra represents a young, pretty woman - which she is. The Moon is closing in on an opposition (very quickly) and the Ascendant inconjuncts fiery Aries, the 8th house ruler, who is located in Leila's house; the first house. This shows the possibility of danger ahead, things going badly. The Moon in Libra is answering to Venus, in the 3rd house in Gemini (so she is active, moving about doing things, driving around), Venus is answering to Mercury in the 5th house in Cancer (mother on a road-trip vacation with a child would fit here) and answering back to the Moon.

So, a loop between the 3rd, 5th and 7th houses. This is showing us what is happening on the video - a young, pretty woman (Venus) is shopping at a gas station convenience store (Gemini, 3rd house) with her child/on vacation (5th house) with maybe a partner/the perpetrator (7th house) waiting outside in the car and/or maybe they are heading to his home because Mercury is about to move into that 4th house in Cancer.

Let's take a look at the perpetrator.

We have Virgo on the descendant. A typical Virgo appearance could mean a tall stature, black hair, long face, high forehead, someone who is full of talk, maybe a teacher/service person/healer type. Sometimes too neat, obsessive compulsive. Organized. With Virgo's ruler Mercury conjunct asteroid Hygeia it makes me wonder if he could be a germophobe or maybe just extremely health conscious.

Ruled by Mercury in the 5th (almost in the 4th) answering to that Moon in the 7th and then Venus in the 3rd, so basically the same loop. Somehow the story is right in there!

Having him represented by Virgo makes me think she knew him and he was part of her life on a daily basis (I know the family/police are working on the theory she visited someone she met online, and I guess it's possible she was talking to this guy everyday online and making him a part of her day-to-day life that way). Maybe she used to work with him or for him or maybe with Mercury in Cancer, someone in her family did. Some connection between him and home/family?

Her family said she doesn't know anyone in Florida, but maybe he once lived/worked near her or a family member. There is alot of Gemini/Mercury and we know this is a road-trip, so that fits, but we also know she was looking to sell her truck, so maybe that will tie in somehow. The third house can also indicate an argument. With the 11th house ruler in the 2nd, there could also be a connection to money.

CHART 2 - Let's flip ahead to Kamdyn's chart and see if we can tie anything together.

The chart for when he is found in the parking lot has Leo Rising. Leo is Kamdyn, ruled by the Sun in the 12th - he is what is lost, somehow put away/left behind. Just looking at Kamdyn's picture and his beautiful and memorable hair (very Leo rising) and we know this chart is likely accurate and usable.

Kamdyn is also the Moon in Libra in the 3rd house - found by a woman (Libra) in a parking lot (third house rules cars, the community). The Moon is exactly squaring Jupiter in the 6th house - again that day-to-day, people we know house, but Jupiter also a blustery/know-it-all/preacher type, probably not a local and conjunct Pluto (danger) and answering to Saturn (maybe an older man and ruler of the significator for the perpetrator). Jupiter rules the 5th house of this chart (children) - Kamdyn in his control.

The perpetrator is Aquarius rising - remember Leila's ruler Jupiter in the first chart was in the 11th house (Aqua's house) so again making me think of a strange friendship, which could mean online, maybe, but it also feels very day-to-day, so should be traceable by authorities, but they probably need to look in the past.

Aqua's modern ruler is Uranus at the top of this chart, so an erratic act (leaving the child in the parking lot) that gets public attention - this also shows, because remember this is Kamdyn's chart - his trauma at the loss of his mother. :(

In Taurus, so answering to Venus in Gemini in the 11th, answering to Mercury in the 11th, answering to the Moon in the 3rd. The 3rd is Gemini's house so again, the story is reminiscent of the day's before. It's alot of the same stuff over and over.

Aquarius's other ruling planet is Saturn, here in Cappy in the 6th. Again the older man involved in her daily life/work/health/pets? With all planets retrograde this could have been in the past - someone she used to know.

With Leila's significator in the last chart, Neptune, in the 8th house (death) of this chart, there is the possibility she is no longer living by the time Kamdyn is abandoned. This is alluded to in the chart, but I don't think absolutely shown.

Venus in the first chart, who is connected to Leila, Kamdyn and the perpetrator and exactly conjunct the IC (Leila's physical body and home) is also exactly conjunct asteroid MEDUSA. I see the asteroids as fragments of culture, held within our DNA/blueprint/chart. I am not sure how the myth would connect (I know she has three sisters, but wouldn't call them Gorgons!) and am sadly out of time tonight if I want to call this a "Saturday Night Mystery"!

Maybe I should start writing Sunday Morning Mysteries ....

We will revisit this story when it gets solved - and it will - see the Part of Fortune (outcome) at the top of the first chart showing the final result becoming known.

We'll see how any of this fits together then.

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Daily Horoscope - August 14, 2020 - communicating our passions, relationship imbalances, noticing what our heart wants

The Moon (in Gemini) sextiled the Sun at 4:32AM EDT and then goes void off a sextile to Mars (moving forward - something is full-steam ahead) at 7:19AM EDT - she will be void until 7:35PM EDT when she comes home to Cancer for the weekend.

This month's Waning Sextile - Gemini Moon, Leo Sun - is the opportunity to talk about/communicate about a creative project (maybe something you are putting the finishing touches on), or maybe something about children, recreation, a passion. Ideas, choices, information is on display. At the same time Mercury (Gemini ruler) will be inconjunct a retrograde Jupiter - so when communicating, stick to facts - this isn't about what you believe. Don't exaggerate/boast or over-promise now. Old ways of expansion/moving into new territory may require adjustment.

At the same time Mercury is in a rock and a hard place with a retrograde Jupiter, we have Jupiter squaring Juno (second of three squares - we had the first square back in early March) and Mercury sextiling Juno.

This Jupiter/Juno square (remember this is the king and queen of the Gods) with Jupiter retrograde in Cappy could signify we are re-visiting/re-vising relationship rules. Juno's in Libra, so again this will be about what is fair/balanced. Where we are finding love and beauty with other people now. 

If we find ourselves at odds with our partner over the same, old thing - Mercury in Leo will be the key to moving through this. 

With Mercury (in fiery and showy Leo) pulled into the mix via a square to Jupiter and a sextile to Juno - the opportunity is with the Mercury/Juno; the Leo/Libra. This is about passionate conversations/ideas shared with our partners. Talking from our strengths. Happy/fun conversations. Generous words. Showing/sharing what we have made/created with other people.

Mercury in Leo - can even be very literal - something like a fun car ride can shift the Jupiter/Juno square energy!

So, this is all kind of repeating the Waning Sextile's portal and amplifying its opportunities to bring our attention to our own LEO, ie how we are meant to shine in this lifetime, what our heart wants, where our personal passions lie (before next week's BIG New Moon). And pulling ideas/conversations and other people (and other parts of ourselves) into this energy with us.

I hope something here is helpful.

Have some fun today and keep in mind that nearly all-day Void Moon - not the time to launch anything we want something to 'come of', don't do anything important because you will just have to do it again when the Moon isn't void so stick to routine concerns and roll with any twists and turns because they will probably amount to nothing much in the end anyway.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb