The Astrology of Covid-19 | Trump, Pandora, Wuhan, the Corona Virus and the Eclipse that split America in two - part i


This is going to take a few posts to unpack/unwind. We will follow the bread crumbs wherever they lead us.

When writing the Full Moon in Aquarius post this past weekend and hunting for asteroids interacting with the major players, I noticed asteroid Pandora (named after the first human woman, yes, of the insatiably seductive/seduced 'curious' open box fame) conjunct our Leo Sun.

This reminded me that when I looked into Pan (the God and the asteroid), and his place in this 'pan'-demic back in April (the panic part) - we talked about him at the end of this post HERE, I never got back to Pandora, and her potential energetic contribution to the actual illness.

So, let's take a look.

The first chart in this series (shown on top of post) is the most common/popular and arguably the most accurate birth chart for the United States of America.


Charted by Ebeneezer Sibley (with a name like Ebeneezer Sibley I somehow have a hard time doubting his thoroughness), a British astrologer and Freemason back in 1776 when word of the signing of the Declaration of Independence reached Britain. It is set for July 4, 1776 at 5:10PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is universally used and I have used it for research on multiple important events in United States history, all rather cataclysmic, and it hasn't let me down.

Here I have added asteroid Pandora to the U.S. birth chart and asteroid Wuhan. 

I was shocked and somehow not shocked - since I already know astrology is mysteriously and magically amazing - to find asteroids Pandora and Wuhan sitting together at the EXACT same degree at the time of the U.S. birth, in the United States 6th house (of health) at 26 degrees Taurus

(the degree of the fixed star - demon star - Algol, considered by many to be the most malevolent star in the galaxy).

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac (places these asteroids could be), so would the odds be 1/360th or even greater since they are both moving (?). The creators of the Declaration of Independence, as well-timed as it was by Freemasons, almost certainly with a knowledge of astrology (I would bet they waited for that Sag rising!), were always limited by what they didn't know/couldn't see.

They couldn't see ahead to September 10, 1858 when asteroid Pandora would synchronistically be discovered and named by astronomer and Catholic priest, George William Searle in Albany, New York. They couldn't see ahead to November 13, 1980 when asteroid Wuhan would be discovered and synchronistically named at the Purple Mountain Observatory in China.

As the founding fathers put pens to paper they couldn't see asteroid Pandora and asteroid Wuhan lying in wait; landmines in the United States blueprint/DNA just waiting to be triggered. 
Do I sound dramatic? Well, it is Leo season and look at the mess we're in!
This is surely not the only landmine buried in the rich soil of this chart, but with the United States applying to its first Pluto return its significance is amplified. The United States first return of Pluto to its natal position has been building since the end of 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn - economic crash and Obama's election - and ending in 2024 as Pluto exits Cappy for Aquarius, and will reach its exactness first on February 22, 2022 and again on December 30, 2022.

We know there is never just one thing in a chart that makes something happen but we will primarily focus on the Pandora/Wuhan aspects to stay on track and make things manageable.

Starting with the Sibley Chart (U.S. birth chart) we can see that Wuhan and Pandora form a conjunction. Every process/relationship is established with a conjunction. An archetypal journey and story begins.  
On July 4, 1776, they are squaring the United States Moon (the people), sextiling the United States Mercury (support - media) and trining the United States Pluto (flow - power, death, transformation) and trining the United States Neptune (flow- virus, lack of boundaries, inability to tell facts/what is real).

Move ahead a couple centuries when Trump is elected (at Trump's birth asteroids Pandora and Wuhan are opposing each other from Gemini/Sag with Pandora conjunct Trump's Uranus and Wuhan conjunct Trump's Moon), as leader of the United States and his natal chart starts interacting with and amplifying certain energies and aspects of the United States natal chart. 
Trump's Sun and North Node conjunction neatly bookends the United States Mars (the planet that is often a trigger - think of a soldier's foot tripping a landmine hidden on a battlefield). His Venus/Saturn conjunction neatly bookends the United States Mercury and oppose the United States Pluto. Trump's unpredictable Uranus conjuncts the United States Descendant. His Ascendant opposes the important United States Moon (government of the people). Trump's natal Mercury conjuncts the United States Jupiter. 
And his mid-heaven (the TOP OF HIS CHART) at 24 degrees Taurus is conjunct the United State's natal Pandora/Wuhan conjunction (and exactly on another fixed star - Capulus - who we will talk about in the next post).
There is alot for him to work with/influence - and he is coming in at a very important time in the United States history - and so he catalyzes BIG changes and BIG challenges. 

We talked about Trump's inauguration chart HERE (and some about his chart in the election run-up post HERE) - with its Mystic Rectangle - what he is here to give us - tying up the 2nd (money, values, resources), 6th (health, work), 8th (death, power) and 12th (secrets, delusion, self-sabotage, hidden enemies) which we can now see with a little of that 20/20 (2020) hindsight is pretty damn accurate, although certainly not in the ways I was thinking back in 2017!

I guess we will never know (although to some degree time will tell) if this Pandora/Wuhan 'landmine' was the most expedient journey to our Pluto return's crisis/opportunity of total transformation, but I suspect it covers all the bells and whistles and we know it's ramifications are supported by multiple other aspects in the charts.

In mid-March with transiting asteroid Wuhan nestled between transiting Jupiter and Pluto in late Capricorn and with transiting Pandora reaching the United States natal Mars (triggered!) - which, keep in mind means she is conjuncting Trump's Sun/North Node conjunction (fate) 
and with the transiting North Node (fate) nestled between the United States natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction - the virus and its ramifications EXPLODE, 
impacting by rulership the United States 6th and 10th houses (health, public spotlight, government, careers, day-to-day activities), 4th house (home, roots, security, history) and since Jupiter is the chart ruler, the 1st house (how the United States sees itself and is seen, etc) and other houses by aspect.


We'll dive deeper in parts two thru five of this series - as we work through the connections to the foundation of the United States, the Leo eclipse, racism, #metoo, "kill all the buffalo to kill all the Indians" (Taurus 6th house injuries), Wuhan's virus research, transfer of power to China, the journey of transiting Pandora and Wuhan, Prometheus and Pandora archetypal energies (scapegoating the ills of the world onto women), Perseus, Medusa and Algol archetypal energies and how we can use this knowledge in our foundation building and any potential forecasting.

In the meantime, just exposing this TRIGGER means we can look ahead and see how it interacts with the other known triggers (Saturn/Pluto, the long journeys of Mercury and Ceres through Pisces, Pan, the Nodes, etc) - maybe we can glean some new intel about how the virus itself could play out.


I know the transiting North Node will be nearing the United States Mars in late December as Saturn meets Jupiter (for the first time in an air sign for 200 years). And we can see transiting Mars will hit the United States Pandora/Wuhan conjunction (so kind of the reverse of the March 2020 astro) around the time Ceres finally leaves Pisces, in late February 2021. This is just at a quick glance, we will look at some closer dates, too!


Back with part II, where we will talk archetypes. I know this post was alot of astro-babble, so hang in there for the next one!

xo all

photo by the talented ennil

also I should note that when Tom Hanks announced his corona virus test results - we talked about that HERE - transiting Pandora was exactly conjunct his mid-heaven (public life/announcement).

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