Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, March 30, 2020 - all day void moon, rest, pray, meditate, new goals, new actions, fuzzy facts, bringing everyone to the table

Today's Moon in Gemini goes void at 11:10AM EDT off a square to Neptune. She will be void for the rest of the day.

It's not the best day to start anything brand new, but good for routine actions, errands, projects - time gets stretchy. So do facts. Good for writing projects. Conversations with siblings. Avoid gossip. Avoid fatalistic information/conversations. It is important what we are feeding our minds now. Words are portals - we want to be lining up with the best possible timelines. Meditate. Pray. Any aspect with Neptune strengthens our pipeline to the ethereal realms - your angels/muses/guides/ancestors/everything you need to feel/know now but have forgotten - are standing by. Ask for help.

Mars (our personal ambition, initiative, passion, anger) leaves the sign of his exaltation (Capricorn) for airy Aquarius today. Mars isn't always as effective in Aquarius because everything can't be so easily nailed down through ambitious action, BUT he is out of the sign of the South Node (our past) and into the sign of the future, and gets to use his ray guns and techie stuff, plus we can think before we act now. The only problem might be over-thinking before we act.

With Mars (our warrior, but also our hero) in group-focused Aquarius - expect our actions to be focused on what is best for the group and some outliers (because Aquarius is also the energy that can step away from the group and go her/his own way) to fight against the group if their individual liberties are threatened. Both sides will be right. Keep in mind always, our need to bring EVERYONE TO THE TABLE THIS YEAR - even though, the table is, yes, six different tables at a zoom meeting.

Mercury leaves his shadow today and starts walking new degrees (she/he is still in cloudy Pisces though).

I looked back at the news from the day Mercury went retrograde, link HERE (drag down to that picture of Fauci) - Dr. Fauci is stating the risk to the U.S. is 'very minimal', and now, as Mercury finishes his retrograde journey, Fauci is saying to prepare for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Until Mercury gets out of Pisces - mid-April - I wouldn't take anything he says as "truth". Not because he is lying, but because he doesn't know either.

Stock your house for a couple weeks. Stay home (North Node in Cancer). If you are in a job that is necessary and you must work, stay as safe as possible. Take care of yourself. We are all just doing the best we can. We don't know what we don't know.

Stay hydrated. Get extra sleep. My acupuncturist, who is kind of a miracle worker from China, says to eat three cloves of garlic a day right now. Take some long walks in the fresh air. KNOW you are safe - because remember we are safest when it appears we are most vulnerable now - we have talked about this for more than a year and we are in the home stretch of the North Node in Cancer.

We are building a brand new world. How can we take care of each other without losing ourselves? That will be one of the important questions of our time. The world doesn't need a hero. The world needs 8 billion heroes. We are the heroes of this story.

xo all

photo by the talented la-child and a little more leonard ...

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 30, 2020 - crisis = opportunity, limits, frustration, from earth to air, emotional intensity, compassion, massive money shifts, massive control moves

TUESDAY - Mars into Aquarius, Mars conjunct Saturn
WEDNESDAY - First Quarter Moon Cancer
FRIDAY - Venus into Gemini, Mercury conjunct Neptune
SATURDAY - Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Another uber important week of the year, folks!

The week starts out tense/frustrating with roadblocks/limits, but lightens as we move toward the end of the week with more options and information coming to light.

We finally get some air this week after weeks of solid earth and water (mud!), but we also lose stability/grounding as two inner planets move out of their exalted earth signs.

Then on Saturday, it's the biggie - Jupiter meets Pluto - the first of their three-peat conjunctions this year - for a major new chapter that carries us all through to the end of the year!

On MONDAY, we have Mars leaving Capricorn (the sign where he is exalted) and moving into airy Aquarius. He hasn't been in Aquarius in two years - are you ready for some increased motivation and energy Aquarius/Aquarius rising?! Our Aquarius house themes WAKE UP and begin a new two year chapter.

This is GOOD NEWS because now we have our warrior energy in the sign of the future instead of the past. Fresh interactions with other people/new ideas/new projects.

Our actions become more innovative/more outside the box. We lean into what is modern/future focused. We just need to be cautious of us or someone else using the future/the group/our smarts/the internet/astrology/detachment as a weapon/ammunition in a fight. 

Keep in mind though - it was Mars activating the Cappy planets that kicked into full attack mode much of the world's battle with this virus, so now Mars (as us) can use Aquarian super-powers (which yes, includes social distancing/detachment) to fight this thing over the next couple weeks  (although there could be some bureaucratic red tape) because Mars doesn't muck around. New treatments/testing/technology assistance are all coming.

Mars is our initiative, our action, our passion, our anger. Aquarius is the space in our natal chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in. Our rough, uncomfortable edges are there for a reason. Mars comes into this space saying, "I am going to do my own thing and I am going to do it RIGHT NOW".

On TUESDAY - Um, not so fast buddy

Me thinks our hasty fellow neglected to read the fine print in his Aquarian travel brochure because Mars immediately runs into a stop light/a limit/a rule in the form of "serious as a heart attack" Saturn

(for many people, since Aquarius also rules our collective experience, group karma/trauma, this will be about the quarantine/limits we are living under).

This will be most strongly felt as tension/frustration/pressure by people with planets or points around 0-2 degrees of the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, but everyone else will feel it, too. 

Impulsive people who are already antsy will be fire ants in their pants antsy.

Mars' move into freedom-loving Aquarius could exacerbate/intensify the stresses of 'social distancing' that came along with Saturn in Aquarius and motivate us to find new ways to connect, maybe through technology, etc. - because our power, with both Mars and Saturn together here, is going to be with our groups and the ways and goals that bring us into connection with other people.

(At the end of this week Venus will lighten things up as she gets into Gemini and starts trining (brakes off) Saturn, so maybe something in our life that gets held up in the beginning of the week, could start to move forward at the end of the week.)

Remarkably at the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020, Jupiter is going to meet Saturn at exactly this same degree - 0 Aquarius. So whatever we have going on now will connect us to the end of December mega-powerful energies and the biggest new chapter of the Age of Aquarius!

As Mars moves through Aquarius he is moving toward a square with Uranus (at 5 degrees Taurus) which will be exact next week. 

A square with Uranus often indicates some kind of sudden break (although it's actually been building for a while). This could be a break-through, break-down, break-up. Maybe we are the one initiating this or some situation/person/event outside of us is. Either way something SNAPS.

Mars will be in Aquarius until May 13th. Mars/Saturn is also about strength and patience and discipline - if you want something done right and done well, give it to someone with a Mars/Saturn in their natal chart - we will have access to this energy now, too!

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon in Cancer will move into a square with the Sun in Aries, giving us this month's First Quarter Square. For many people, again with so many of us having a group experience under quarantine it is very easy to interpret these aspects - here is home/family vs our independence/what we want to do.

Fueled by the Sun in "let's get something started" Aries, staying at home/feeling tied down can get challenging now. With the Moon in Cancer this will be emotional. We want to be safe/secure AND we want to be able to do our own thing/take risks.

The words 'stir crazy' come to mind. Squares require adjustment.

Keep in mind the Aries Sun is very self-sufficient and self-absorbed and Mars/Saturn can get kind of cruel and we are building toward an important Full Moon in Libra (relationships/other people) next week. Mars will be off Saturn by then and squaring erratic Uranus. I would expect relationship imbalances to be amplified. These are unprecedented times (and now bringing up our larger stories about safety vs going after what we want) and for many relationships, something's going to blow.

On FRIDAY, we have Venus leaving Taurus (the sign of her exaltation) and moving into airy Gemini. So we have two, of our three, personal planets leaving the sign of their exaltation this week and moving from earth into air!

Because of her upcoming retrograde, Venus will be in Gemini until August 7th! We are going to be back and forth over something major here, especially if this interacts with planets and points in your natal chart. What is the theme of your Gemini house? That will be the field of play.

Gemini Suns and rising signs get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want and need. Whatever house in our natal chart holds Gemini hosts a visit from lovely Venus now - bringing blessings/protection/kindness/fairness and making it easier for all of us to attract what we need in that area of our lives - especially beginning now until she stations retrograde on May 13th.

We are most attractive (use our Venus) through Gemini (our mind, words, flexibility, humor). It's a good time to be talking and communicating with lots of different people about lots of different things.

Venus in Gemini is about variety. In the mutable air sign (Gemini) the themes Venus rules - love, money, value, self-esteem, women, beauty - get more light-hearted. There are quickly more options available. There is also more duality - this is the space where our heart is saying one thing and our brain is saying something else.

We could suddenly recognize a mismatch between what we have and what we want. Or maybe what we thought we had (during Venus in resource-rich Taurus) could be up for grabs a bit.

With Venus in Gemini life becomes more of a flirtation. Communications are more casual, more lively and humorous. It's a good time to set aside any existing constructs about what we like and what we don't like and stay open to new experiences, new people and new situations. This isn't the best energy to make an important decision (regarding our Gemini natal house theme or Venus ruled love, money, self-esteem, values, women or beauty) or commit to something permanently. She is kind of paving the way for the North Node - which moves into Gemini on May 5th.

Venus, like Mars earlier in the week, quickly moves into aspect with Saturn. But unlike Mars with his tense/need to adjust square - here's where we get the smooth air trine. Something (love, relationship, money, our values, beauty, self-esteem) falls smoothly into place and we'll have this trine in play (waning) at the time of the Libra Full Moon (Venus rules Libra), so that will be good as we move something toward a culmination/fulfillment next week.

The biggest downside to Venus in Gemini - is that she is now answering to foggy Mercury in Pisces, so this could add to the emotional impact of the stuff we have going on now.

At the same time Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is meeting Neptune for the third and final time. She/he is finally out of shadow and covering new ground. Yay! Information comes to light. Clarity returns - this will be especially true after we get past the Full Moon on April 8th. And when Mercury finally gets out of slippery Pisces (the sign of everything we can't see including this tiny little corona fellow) and moves into 'fresh start' and fiery Aries on April 11th, we have another pivot point.

On SUNDAY, Jupiter meets Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn (bringing us back to December 2007), and obviously these guys have been within spitting distance for awhile now (although I hope no one is actually spitting right now).

Now, they are going to meet THREE times this year and strangely enough, because this is all magical and amazing - because of the timing of everyone's upcoming retrogrades, all three conjunctions will also be conjunct Pallas (wise warrior woman who uses strategies and patterns to win) and square Eris (disruptive outsider, showing us the need to bring all parties to the table or face the consequences).

There are many ways this could go and the easiest to see from my perch on Sunday morning within the collective at this time is - smart strategies based on patterns that create disruption regarding 'massive wealth', as in re-distribution and 'massive control' probably as in controlling the masses. 

There is also the possibility that the growth of something ends. The death of expansion. Equally I have seen this as a kind of 'luck runs out' aspect if there is some kind of mess that hasn't been cleaned up (we are dragging around something dead that is stinking up the place, etc).

Pluto is always the death of something, but he's not the death of everything.  

Having our cosmic Santa Claus meeting up with the Lord of the Underworld in Scrooge's house

(but also at a time when Scrooge isn't home, this is important because if Scrooge, ie Saturn, was home this would be a whole other story, but he's not and it isn't - thank goodness)

is making for some interesting times for us humans!

This is also about the power (Pluto) of faith (Jupiter). What do we have faith in?

This is a major pivot point toward our collective destiny folks. In our personal lives this can be about colossal success/confidence - especially in regard to our careers/work in the world. Increased power. Rewards. And we get this aspect three times this year! Really the whole year we have access to this!

We'll talk more about this in the dailies.

I am sorry I haven't gotten back to the big picture post. I have been under the weather, but will get it finished this week. Some dates that will likely be important to what we have going on now are:

  • March 31: Mars conjunct Saturn (0 Aquarius)
  • April 4: Jupiter/Pluto conjunction #1 (24 Capricorn, both planets direct)
  • April 7: Full Moon at 18 degrees Libra (squaring the 22-24 degrees hot spot, opposing Eris), Mars squares Uranus
  • April 23: Mercury hits 22 Aries (squaring that hot Cappy degree)
  • June 29: Jupiter/Pluto conjunction #2 at (24 Capricorn, both planets retrograde)
  • November 12: Jupiter/Pluto conjunction #3 at 22 Capricorn (Pluto retrograde)
  • December 21: Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (0 Aquarius)
  • August, October & December: Mars will be at 22 Aries three times during his retrograde cycle (squaring that hot Cappy degree)

And besides this we have multiple major summer Eclipses, the Nodes changing signs and an important Venus retrograde!

There is just no way to 'predict' what is going to happen here. We can see there are many, many pivot points when things can change, but until we get to the Winter Solstice - this cycle we are in now doesn't really "end" - this doesn't mean the virus will last until then though. The U.S. has a crazy election cycle ahead and every country has its own situations of "crazy" that could certainly work with any of these upcoming transits as well as any pandemic can.

We are in a time of unknowing. We just can't know.

By the middle of April, when Mercury is in Aries, we will certainly have much more information and after she/he squares that 22 Cappy degree around April 23rd - we will have quite a few weeks when the energies settle down ...

Back with a big picture connecting some of the dots here.

xo all

photo by the talented Asilwen

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 27, 2020 - practical action produces results, financial stability, smart money moves, the growth of what really matters

Now the week is really looking better.

The Moon is in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. Her only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to Mercury (in Pisces). Good news. Stabilizing news. She has all nice aspects tomorrow, too!

Keep in mind we have the Sun in exaltation AND the Moon in exaltation now. This dynamic duo combination won't last, so if there are moves you need to make, this would be the time.

Venus (ruler of Taurus) is trining Jupiter - this is good for financial decisions, getting our money organized. I know things are chaotic, but there are choices/moves we can make now. With Jupiter in sober and earthy Capricorn this is about practical stuff. There won't be oodles of choices, but there will be SOMETHING. Maybe money that is owed to us can be collected now. Maybe something can be sold. Call your mortgage company and see what can be done to ease your burden over the next few weeks. Call your credit card companies (a friend had their mortgage rate reduced by 1% saving her $300 a month plus all her credit card payments delayed for a month with just a few, fast phone calls). Make the effort. Money saved is money earned, too.

Stay on top of stimulus programs/state programs - and if nothing applies to your situation, be thankful/grateful for those who are being helped.

Count your blessings and those cans of beans.

Doors that were previously closed can open now.

This isn't about grabbing for something out of fear - this is smooth energy and things will fall into place if you take practical action.

This is all RE-INFORCED by Venus (at 23 degrees Taurus - she won't be on her home sign of Taurus forever folks and we need to take advantage of this) trining Pallas in Capricorn.

Smart strategies with our resources. Making the most of what we already have. The growth of what we have. Wisdom. What is most important right now? Again this is Cappy/Taurus, so realistic/practical. Trines create flow - the brakes are off. Collectively this is our money/values/resources and our career/life in the world/authority.

What house is ruled by Taurus in your natal chart? What house is ruled by Capricorn? What are the themes of those houses? They always work together, but now we have the two most beneficial planets and our wise warrior energy Pallas lined up here to help us!

There is potential here. The Moon is waxing. Take action.

xo all

Heads up - Venus will move from a trine to Jupiter into a trine to Pluto. This is more good news. Improved financial stability. The growth of what we really value. If you have any planets/points from about 23-25 degrees of the earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - you will feel this strongest.

I have a big picture post almost done - hopefully I will have it up tonight!

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - the crack, or maybe that curtain-less window, is where the light comes in

Our Aries Moon moves into a square with Jupiter 8:43PM EDT, Pluto 11:02PM EDT and finally, very late, goes void off a square to Mars at 3:16AM EDT. So, we are in the energy of the New Moon today moving toward these tense squares. Taking action. Doing something.

We could be feeling a bit stronger than we were a couple days ago - the Moon's move from Pisces to Aries is stimulating .. but this tension is out there/hanging over our heads. Won't be ignored.

By tonight, as the Moon faces these tough squares and at a time when the Nodes are exactly where they were back on September 11, 2001, things feel stressful/challenging - the Moon (as us) just wants to get the hell out of fiery Aries and into her void to prepare for earthy Taurus - where she is exalted and yes, she will have to square Saturn in Aquarius, but she also gets to hang out with her buddy Venus. So, we are waiting. 

Today's also the day the Sun (reaching 5 degrees Aries) meets hurting/healing Chiron, following the Moon's moves on Monday.

This brings our attention to what hurts.

And we are going to have to face this stuff, the bright light of the Sun leaves us no where to hide, but this doesn't mean we have to focus solely on this stuff. The news could feel like 9/11, so turn it off.

The good news - as the Sun shines a healing light on our vulnerabilities/old wounding/old, even primal fears - the memory/imprint is lightened/erased.

At the same time Chiron - because planets/points impact each other at contact - adds empathy - for ourselves, that we can share with others later - to the Sun's Aries fuel we are all burning now.

The Sun comes to this space, brings something that hurts to our attention/focuses us here, to allow some healing light in and at the same time the Sun (our fuel tank) is strengthened (and NOT weakened - we will see/feel the learning in that one as we start to feel better) by allowing itself to be changed by Chiron's healing energies around our vulnerabilities/weaknesses.

There is a reason Chiron is in Aries as we move through these challenging times.

The anxiety/fear we are feeling now is in direct proportion to previous times we (and our ancestors/past lives) have somehow been "unable to act" or unable to "win" or unable to "start"- to take care of ourselves, to protect ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, to be ourselves, to move forward when we were weak or fearful.
As we acknowledge our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and everything we could have done in the past that we think would have made us safer/stronger right now

(where the hell are those boot-straps anyway? I think I left mine somewhere back in 2011),


because remember life on this third rock from the Sun is nothing if it isn't magical, (and the cracks are where the light comes in, to steal a line from Leonard Cohen) -

we become MORE BRAVE, have more initiative, more passion and drive.

What if we knew with absolute certainty that whatever move we had made in the past, it wouldn't have helped us now. That we planned to face these dragons with exactly the sword, rock or feather we are now carrying. That we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

We now KNOW what it is like to be human - and not some invincible super-hero (and aren't our favorite parts of those superhero movies the times our heroes become more human anyway?).

Can we finally give ourselves a break? Understand we did the best we could do with the tools we carried and in the situation we found ourselves in. Can we feel compassion? First for ourselves and then this will spread out from us toward other people who we can start to see as afraid, just like us, rather than as weak or greedy.

We are truly all in this together.

More in the weekly HERE

Always ahead of the curve, hubs and I have been cracking without any need of assistance from Chiron. He is methodically filling the entire house with his seed plantings - every table/chair/closed toilet seat covered with trays of early sproutings and today he admits he has lost some track of what is what. He has removed curtains and turned up the heat to keep these young ones warm, while I complain over the heating bill, duck around exposed windows to use the bathroom and dream of cheesecake (he is growing cheesecake isn't he - he has promised me cheesecake).

Although I guess without curtains - we are more ready than some, for that light to come in now ...

xo all

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

Back with that big picture and we'll look at the upcoming transits especially the powerful three-peat of Jupiter/Pluto - first one in early April and last in mid-November at that hot 22 Capricorn degree from January when Saturn met Pluto in Cappy for the first time in 500 years and 'time ran out'.

Age of Aquarius gettin' real here, folks!

NEW MOON in Aries | March 24, 2020 - new action, moving through uncertain times, self-healing, courage, feeling what it is like to be alone and scared so that every part of us gets a seat at the table

On TUESDAY, March 24, 2020 at 5:28AM EDT the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun at 4 degrees giving us this month's New Moon.

This is the first New Moon of the astrological year in the take no prisoners, get fired up, let's start something NEW, "I want it now", sign of Aries.

Aries is very self sufficient. This is the energy of the individual, of "me, myself and I", so Aries can't always see the other person's side of things because if they did they wouldn't be able to take quick, decisive action and that quick decisive action is what this warrior energy is here to manifest.

At this Aries New Moon and with Mars set to retrograde in his home sign of Aries later this year, there is something here about finding out who we are, what we are made of, at what point we draw a line in the sand and how it might sometimes serve us to submit. 

And to keep in mind in this time of "group think", "herd immunity" and our "social responsibilities" we are individuals, too, and sometimes need to go our own way and do our own thing!

Let's unpack the chart!

We have the Moon and the Sun together in early Aries. Keep in mind New Moons are our times in the dark. Think seed into the ground.

They are moving toward a hook-up with Chiron and then Black Moon Lilith - the Moon within hours, the Sun within days.

Chiron speaks of us confronting a very old wounding around our self-esteem, our ability to take care of ourselves, our individualism, our ability to survive. Maybe our inherited fight or flight response is activated. If we are feeling anxious (many, many people have serious karma with trauma though their childhoods, ancestors and past lives - that is being triggered), we are going to have to find ways to deal with it (I have been watching stand-up comedy on Netflix whenever I get that tight-chest thing, like I am holding my breath when I am not holding my breath).

Chiron requires we deal with it - figure out a way to move forward with this pain and insecurity. Tapping, mindfulness training, breath-work, art, coloring, yoga, meditation, prayer, comedy, find something, but what will make it work is the practice of it. It's not going to be a one-off kind of thing.

(Yale's highly rated and extremely popular 'happiness' course is available right now for free HERE - it sounds very much in line with our Cancer/Cappy storyline. I am starting it today.)

Chiron isn't about healing in the traditional sense, this is more about learning to live with/keep going with the wound. We learn to cope. Sometimes through our coping we become like a beacon to other people with the same wounding and can help them.

We can't see what's ahead and we have to keep going anyway. We might get sick or have to care for someone who is sick and we have to keep going anyway. Chiron was a teacher/healer, so we could be looking for new things to learn/teach now. New healing modalities.

If we are healing from an actual illness over the next couple weeks - this chart looks good for healing. The Sun is exalted in Aries giving us physical strength.

The Moon is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith. This speaks of female power, taboo sexuality, rebellion, our inner outcast. She is the part of us that wants to break formation and fly in another direction. She pulls us into something unfamiliar/unsafe - not because we necessarily are unsafe, but because our physical body craves familiarity. Merging with the New Moon energy, BML (as us) might be really freaking pissed off and won't be ignored. How can we handle this kind of uncomfortable rawness without it spilling out onto other people? This is something else we are going to need ways to cope with, too. It won't be stuffed. Physical activity, putting physical energy into a passion project, even some kind of destructive creativity can help.

They are all semi-sextile Uranus (I don't usually use semi-sextiles in these Moon charts, but since it's exact and with Saturn in Aquarius now and so much pointing to Uranus, we will take a look). Reluctance to change. We are aware of this "new" with our resources/money/values, but don't know how to process it. A rock and a hard place. A need to be ourselves and also the need to be part of a group. Bottom line - this is just about adjustments and we make adjustments all the time.

They are squaring the North and South Nodes (Cancer/Capricorn).

The square to the Nodes (our collective past and future - a karmic crossroads) - and this is waning, so the exact square is in the very recent PAST - is a skipped step that we are no longer allowed to skate on by. 

Home, family, inner work and self-care vs work, worldly ambition, authority. We are standing at the crossroads. A time when food in the cupboard makes us feel safer than money in the bank. The flexible strength of vulnerability and newness vs the brittle strength of age and control (think about the way a baby who knows nothing can take a fall and get right back up and an elderly woman who knows everything can break a hip and be done for).

Now this square is a PIVOT POINT because we can stick with the old crumbling traditions/the way we have always done things that we can clearly see isn't working or we can move in a new, more authentic way forward 

(and it will feel more vulnerable, and it will be for awhile because it is new, but we are playing the long game remember this).

If the last few weeks haven't shown us the reality of this house of cards we have built on planet Earth - what is going to have to happen in the next few weeks for us to understand this?

The nodal stories can become VERY LITERAL as we start to move through their final weeks. It's like the lunar energies are desperate to help us get on the best timeline for our next chapter!

A Cardinal T-square shows a clear and compelling need for a new start - action/to deal with this karmic skipped step.

So we start this New Moon (new emotional chapter) from the space of taking new action because of this square. Tension. Frustration. Pivoting. Adjusting.

The Sun and Moon are sextile (opportunity) Hygeia who is squaring Mercury (I feel like Mercury in Pisces here speaks of the spread of the dis-ease and the fear/death anxiety and foggy information) and also semi-sextile Uranus (again, the change, the future, the rock and a hard place between us as an individual and our place within a group).

Hygeia (discovered by Annibale de Gasparis in Naples, Italy in 1849) was classified an asteroid until, at the very end of 2019, astronomers using a very, very large telescope revealed her roundness - which I guess is the difference between asteroid and dwarf planet, how interesting - and now she is expected to be re-classified as a dwarf planet (I would give this girl some respect and get working on that ASAP astronomers!) - since she is larger than Ceres (dwarf planet).

Interesting that this new calculation was right around the time this new corona-virus was getting started in China.

Named for the Greek Goddess, Hygeia, daughter of Asclepius, the 'Father of Medicine', who learnt his trade from Chiron - Hygeia is a healing Goddess, rules hygiene (I am thinking of her when I am washing my hands these days), healing through sleep/rest and since she was in Libra when discovered, probably something about healing through a life of 'balanced and fair living'. Maybe more associated to the sustaining of health and the prevention of illness rather than a cure. In Roman mythology she was named Valetudo (great-granddaughter of Jupiter and one of the Moons of Jupiter).

Mars, ruler of Aries and this lunation is just past his meeting with Pluto in Capricorn. He is conjunct Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas (not shown). This is as big and as powerful as he gets. Extreme measures. Power moves. Anger. Passion. Physical action (Mars) is transformational (Pluto). Excellent energy for a clean slate - and every definition of 'clean' probably applies here.

Mercury in Pisces (and covering these degrees for the third time) - he/she has alot to do with the way this virus, both the dis-ease and the fear/death anxiety is spreading - is squaring Hygeia, so a health crisis, tension, frustration, a lack of boundaries, the need for some collective pivots to move toward healing. And keep in mind Hygeia (unlike her sister Goddesses) does not heal through cure or remedy but through practices - hygiene, balance, sleep. This is a Gemini/Pisces square - facts vs fantasy, local vs infinite, thinking vs feeling.

This will all play out over the next month and especially over the next two weeks as we build toward the Libra Full Moon in April.

Self-healing through Chiron/BML. Facing fears/demons. Every part of us gets a seat at the table. A focus on individual movement that works within our new collective framework. A karmic crossroads where we get to individually decide our priorities - we have been talking about the Cancer/Cappy energy for over a year now - and keep in mind the T-Square's empty leg is in Libra - so a need to bring our partners/other people and fairness and balance into the mix, too.

(Think about the caged immigrants and immigrant children we have been talking about for years. Now our 'own' people and our 'own' children are quarantined. The shadow of our actions will always rebound. If it won’t be realized as an aspect of our own nature, so we can work through it, it will, sooner or later, come at us from the world instead.)

Yes, we have a full plate and a need to be brave since we are in uncharted waters. The Moon is dark. It's not a time for big moves. It's like we have stepped quickly into a lake and our footsteps have stirred up the ground beneath the water and now the water is all muddy - we know this muddied water is temporary, so we wait until we can see where we are going.

Follow the Moon in the night sky. Let it grow/wax a little.

It's a time for courage and that's exactly what this blueprint provides us!

New Moon Affirmations
This New Moon is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Aries - the head (headaches, acne, eyes, brain), the overall physical self, our physical safety, exploration, initiative, courage, leadership, strength, anxiety, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper tantrums, anger, stress from inaction - what do we need more of in our lives, what are we needing to release.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning certain and happy/content) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - with a fire New Moon maybe write your affirmations on strips of paper and burn them - now release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.
xo all

Back with a bigger picture as we look ahead at the next few months and at Italy's chart.

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 23, 2020 - our new normal continues, breakdowns, breaking points and breakthroughs, sensitive to being a human being on this planet, responsibilities toward the group, some financial assistance

Here we go with another BIG week. It will be fast-moving with alot going on!

A MEGA change we didn't have last week - Saturn is in Aquarius now - so all the Cappy planets/energies - Mars, Pallas, Pluto, Jupiter and Pholus PLUS Saturn and Ceres are answering to anything-can-happen Uranus and by virtue of disposition (Uranus in Taurus) also to a resource rich Venus in her home sign of Taurus.

We'll talk about this more in a 2020 post this week and we'll take a look at what is happening in Italy

(Italy had the January Saturn/Pluto conjunction oppose their natal Venus/Saturn conjunction, so that's huge, hopefully Mars getting past Pluto this week will help them - we'll unpack their chart).

With Mars meeting Pluto early in the week expect the fear-mongering/death anxiety/fear-based hoarding to possibly reach a new level and many tempers to reach breaking points.

But keep in mind as ripe as the energy is for breakdowns it is also ripe for cutting edge breakthroughs and the end of the week shows something sliding into place with our relationships, our finances, beauty, our values or resources (all Venusian and with so many energies hitting a "the buck stoops here" deal with Venus, this should give us multiple areas of flow).

So, the week should get better - hang in there.

Note the dates are when aspects are exact, but other than the Moon, we will feel these energies in the days before and after as they build and unwind, too. We'll also flesh out the dates with some dailies, as we move through the week and add in the Moons.

SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles Uranus, Venus sextiles Neptune
MONDAY - Mars conjuncts Pluto
TUESDAY - New Moon in Aries, Sun/Moon square Nodes of Fate
THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Chiron, Jupiter conjunct Pallas squares Eris (and the Moon)
FRIDAY - Venus (conjunct Moon) trines Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto

SUNDAY - we have Mercury (in Pisces for his third trip over these early Pisces degrees) sextiling Uranus at 4 degrees Taurus. We are talking/communicating/going over information about disruptions to our security/finances/resources. Innovation creates opportunities. We have Venus (home in Taurus) sextiling Neptune - our love is compassionate/our values are spiritual. Art, music, meditation, movies, escaping into our imagination is stabilizing.

Venus in Taurus is about appreciating and valuing what we already own, but Neptune says nothing is real/there is no "own"/there is only one of us here - so maybe there is some kind of middle ground happening here with this. We can take/hold onto what we need without infringing on anyone else. We know when enough is enough/what we need and when to stop pouring water into an already full glass

(or stocking an already overflowing refrigerator).

MONDAY - is a big day with Mars meeting Pallas and mega-energy PLUTO at 24 degrees Capricorn - this is a push of powerful ambition with a focus on authority/career/our goals. This can bring tremendous courage or impulsive destruction. Maybe authority/control on steroids. Courage. Passion. Ambition. Mars is exalted in Capricorn (his youthful/passionate/warrior tendencies most controlled and focused) and can usually act on instinct wisely. With Mars/Pallas here are solid strategies/initiatives/moving ahead with a game plan. Big money initiatives. Actions will feel like life and death and have a "before and after" quality to whatever they bring forth. Productive and transformative movement. Paring down to what is necessary. Mars/Pluto is a "war aspect" and this worldwide disease has given us a common enemy - just what we have always needed to come together, right?!

TUESDAY - we have the Aries Moon meeting the Aries Sun at 4 degrees, giving us this month's NEW MOON and kicking off a new lunar year. The Moon will be conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. Squaring the Nodes of Fate we are facing a collective karmic "skipped step" through what transpires over the next couple weeks. We have reached another of March's MAJOR pivot points.

See the New Moon post HERE (will link when up tomorrow).

THURSDAY - the Aries Sun conjuncts Chiron - we are sensitive to what it means to be a human being on the planet at this time. A light is shining on old/deep wounds around our ability to be safe and take care of ourselves.

At the same time expansive Jupiter reaches his exact conjunction to wise Pallas (thank God and Goddess for the strategy and wisdom of Pallas in Capricorn right now) and squares disruptive Eris. There is a need to adjust/pivot. We might hope Eris is outnumbered/out-manned here because this "outsider" energetic can really bring out the worst in everyone. Eris doesn't play and shows/demands an absolute life and death (she is set to square Pluto himself three times this year and twice next year) need to bring everyone to the table.

We are all in this together. AND we are all facing this alone, as individuals, too.

FRIDAY - here is the BEST ENERGY of the week - we have a strong Venus, at home in Taurus, trining (brakes off) an abundant and lucky Jupiter, a smart and strategic Pallas and a powerful and transformative Pluto. Financial security. Success. There just has to be something good here!

Note - MONDAY has an almost all-day void Moon (10:51AM EDT through  8:58PM EDT) before she moves into Aries and we make hay toward Tuesday's big New Moon!

Back with the New Moon post and a big picture.

xo all - hang in there everyone!

photo by the talented incredi

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 20, 2020 - all day void Moon, a focus on what's most important, serious actions, bold moves, a reason to be optimistic

The Moon goes void at 5:00AM EDT off a square to Venus - this is Aquarius/Taurus, so something like freedom vs security or the group needs vs our personal resources/personal values

(keep in mind all sides/points of view/people must be brought to the table now, so know there will be adjustments needed around these subjects and your personal Aquarius/Taurus house themes).

The Moon is void for the rest of the day.

Time gets stretchy. It's not a time for anything brand new because you will find yourself having to do it all over again later. Stick to routine actions. Don't freak out over whatever comes up today - it will be much ado about nothing.

Mars meets Jupiter tonight and we have Vesta moving into a trine with Saturn.

Mars/Jupiter is BIG action, big energy. We talked about this in the Aries ingress post. Ambitious moves are favored. Confident action. Happening in Capricorn this will be about your Cappy house theme, your career, work in the world, your goals. For the collective this could show up as authoritative actions designed to get current situations under control. This will produce tension/stress as indicated by the Moon/Venus square in Aquarius/Taurus.

At the same time Saturn is trining (brakes off) Vesta in Taurus. The rules/limits will allow us to focus in on what is most important/valuable.

So today is all Cappy and Taurus (solid, grounded earth, steady movement forward) and some untethered and maybe a little numbed out Aquarian air. Just keep in mind that void moon.

Howling at it won't be very effective today ...


Some Covid19 news - when we looked at the China chart for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and talked about it HERE, we noted the importance of March 20th in China's natal chart:

I wrote - "If we move their chart ahead to March 20th, 2020 when Mars (action, military, impulsivity) meets Jupiter, making something bigger, maybe more explosive - at the HOT degree of 22 Capricorn - they are having their Jupiter return (Jupiter back to where he was at their country's birth) - hopefully that Jupiter return brings them some luck/optimism instead of a possibly abrupt expansion of the problem (!)."

Well, yesterday China announced their first day with no new local infections, so after putting in the hard work/limits - because this is all Cappy - they got the Jupiterian luck and optimism. Since this virus was easiest to see in the China start, and it makes sense that is where it started, this is GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE!

Especially with Mars meeting Jupiter now - our sober actions and working with limits can make us optimistic and LUCKY!

xo all

back with a big picture Saturn into Aquarius post

photo by the talented oO-Rein-Oo

The Spring Equinox | Thursday, March 19, 2020 - a new jumping off point, fueled by home and family, increased action and initiative, no one can sit this one out, big moves by authority, group responsibilities, karma with trauma

The Sun moves into Aries at 11:50PM EDT giving us the Spring Equinox (or Autumn equinox depending on where you live) - start of a NEW astrological year. The life of everything is told in its "seed", so let's look at the Aries ingress chart.

This chart is set for Washington D.C.

I added the asteroid Hygiea to this one (health/hygiene) and then used our usual cast of characters plus the asteroids/celestial bodies we have found to be important in the Moon charts over the past year. I am likely muddying the water with this, but things feel a bit muddy right now anyway, and we all have plenty of soap (I hope).

Let's unpack the chart!

The chart has Scorpio Rising, this is a fixed sign, so this chart is in play for the entire astrological year. A Scorpio first house shows the "death anxiety" we are dealing with and also the death/rebirth "transformation" available to us as we move through the year - think caterpillar to butterfly with this one. The way we merge/purge (maybe we actually will run out of toilet paper - ha!). Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (ancient ruler Mars) and they are both in the second house determined to "transform" us through our financial systems - our money, resources and values and our relationship to what we "own". Answering to Saturn, still in Capricorn (so also that 2nd house) this is a pretty tight little loop. Notice Jupiter in the mix, sandwiched between Mars and Pluto - he can expand challenging issues, but also bring a kind of optimistic confidence and FAITH that makes us lucky.

The Sun is in the 4th house of home, family, mothering/nurturing, our safety/security, home business, family business - here is where our energy is focused. We are fueled by this. This makes sense during this time when so many people are confined at home. Our energy/our heart goes here. The Sun is sextiling Saturn, so authority will bring both increased stability and increased limits/rules. The Sun is squaring the Nodes, so an indicator we are in karmic times, working out skipped steps from old lives/actions.The Sun shows the leadership of the United States, so in the 4th house - which is Cancer's house and born on the 4th of July we are a Cancer country - focusing on the people "staying home" as a primary solution.

We have Chiron (our very old, very deep wounding) exactly conjunct Lilith (our outside energy) in here with us.

Chiron (in Aries and squaring the Nodes) is a BIG player in the collective fear/death anxiety we are all experiencing.

Most of us have very deep soul memories of abandonment, lack of roots, not being able to take care of ourselves, being an outsider, terrifying endings (the 4th house also rules the end of the day).

There is a need to confront these energies. This is all being triggered now. We have postponed this confrontation for lifetimes and now face the impossibility of running away from this stuff. There is nowhere to run. Keep in mind the big picture - we are building a bold new world, the fear that keeps us riveted in place will not be allowed to be part of this new structure.

We have Neptune (Pisces) in the spare bedroom fogging up the place with his funny cigarettes, dissolving our boundaries within the home (we can connect with the other people in our home/and people we reach from our home in more intimate/unguarded ways now) and also offering our home angelic PROTECTION - a direct pipeline to God/your higher self/the universe.

Nessus is on the couch - he was the centaur entrusted to carry Hercules wife (his precious cargo) to safety, even though if we unpack this myth we can see Hercules would have known better than to trust this guy. This, coupled with Sedna's connection to Vesta, in the house holding Hygiea (health) makes me think there is something here about trusting something precious to someone untrustworthy and with Sedna on the descendant (Sedna was done in by something appearing too good to be true and the betrayal of her father), maybe untrustworthy partnerships/others. This speaks of the "danger from outside ourselves/danger from others" this is all bringing up.

The planets are mostly grouped together at the bottom of the chart - our inner world/our family. We are focused on our safety/our security/the root of the matter.

Aries is ruled by Mars who is exactly conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn. Fortune favors the bold here. This is a good representation of the abundance (Jupiter) of caution (Capricorn) we are exercising (Mars) now. It can also represent authority going overboard in their actions - so there could be increased rules/restrictions and enforcement of the larger-than-life rules, maybe even by the military. We are forging ahead - maybe not looking where we are leaping, but still action is focused on security/safety. Mars in Capricorn will have us focused on our careers/our work/our security in the world - this is feeling the squeeze.

Mars is conjunct Pallas - wisdom, recognizing patterns, making smart and strategic moves in battle. Personally, we need to be thinking about our smartest move right now. What would warrior Pallas do?

Mercury (our thinking, communications, ideas) is in foggy, and also imaginative, Pisces, and making his way toward his third conjunction with Pisces ruler Neptune. So, at the time of this chart and remember this is the "seed" of the New Year and the next twelve months - we are moving toward new ideas/new information - not all of which can be trusted as facts, of course, because this is Pisces, but the good news is increased clarity is coming. There is also protection with that strong Neptune in his home sign.

We are actually prepared, from lifetimes of chaos, for exactly this moment, even if we feel totally unprepared. Part of us KNOWS THIS and can be accessed when we need it.

The Moon is in detached, group-focused and forward leaning Aquarius and moving toward Ceres who was a HUGE player in the January charts that launched this time period - she rules season of life issues, things outside our control, mothering, the Planet Earth. The Moon in Aquarius in this "seed" chart tells us we can step back, see the bigger picture. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people - in Aquarius emotions can get a bit numbed out, but again Aquarius is a trauma signature, so we are dealing with karma here. The Moon in the third house will have us focused on our local environment/community, education/teaching/learning, on communications, the movement of ideas, how we are getting from one place to another.

And of course, we have that pile-up of planets in Cappy in the DC second house of money/resources/values driving the train. But we can see Capricorn and thereby Saturn (our leadership) doesn't actually rule any of the houses in this chart which makes me think the leaders don't really know what they are doing right now. We see Pholus (the cork out of bottle centaur) is in this Jupiter ruled house and we can see the media's (ruled by Jupiter) 'the sky is falling' spin pushing everything with our money/resources. Pholus is exactly conjunct the South Node - showing us the fast change in our reality has a strong connection to the past/what we need to release/our karma.

Saturn is at the very powerful end of Cappy and making his move into Aquarius. We are moving toward greater personal responsibility (Saturn) for the group (Aquarius) as well as increased governmental responsibility - at least in terms of that second house finances/resources - for the people. Social (Aquarius) rules (Saturn). Karma (Saturn) with trauma (Aquarius). BUT in this chart Saturn is still strong in Capricorn (the deaths from the virus will likely continue to be predominately old people - Saturn/Capricorn). He has crossed Pluto - this happened back in January (the date the first death from the corona virus was reported to the WHO), so that was when "time ran out", the death/the mess could no longer be postponed/needed to be cleaned up.

Asteroid Hygiea (health) is in the 7th house (other people, balance) in the ingress chart and we still have Juno in Libra (all alone so we know this is important) - there is a focus on our relationships here - and our country's relationship with other countries - and with Hygiea in fast-moving Gemini (virus spreading quickly) and answering to Mercury (ruler of our health since he rules Virgo) in Pisces, the Mercury in Pisces storyline is important to what is happening with the virus story - although the chart story quickly moves to a focus on the money/authority/financial aspects with Mars in Capricorn.

Let's bottom line this baby a bit.

The Aries ingress (Sun into Aries) is a day when the hours of light and dark are balanced. Aries opposes Libra, so whatever is not in balance will require more Aries. Increased passion, action, initiative.

We start a NEW CHAPTER fueled by our home/family/security. Very old woundings around other times we were not safe (our early life, our other lives/our ancestor's lives) are being strongly triggered - this will be different for everyone, so let's be gentle with each other. We don't know other people's old chapters and dust covered volumes.

BIG moves (by authority, by us stepping into our responsibilities for the group and as our karma with trauma plays itself out) are coming in this chapter.

With Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter - they will come right now it seems!

Some actions will likely be overblown, but confidence/courage/faith IS needed and 'over-doing' often comes along for the ride with this. With Mars in that 2nd house (of the United States chart) financial matters/our values are driving the train.

The chart speaks to me that Mercury's journey through Pisces will have alot to do with the spreading of the virus itself (Hygiea in Gemini/Neptune in Pisces) in the United States. So, we get a big turning point now and over the next few days, then Mercury will start covering new ground in Pisces on March 29th, so we will have another big turning point at the end of the month. Then we have Jupiter meeting Pluto (first of three) on April 4th - another turning point. And then Mercury moves into Aries on April 11th, another turning point. And in May, the Nodes change, which will be very important.

We can't really look too far ahead. I am sorry there are not real answers here about time frames, etc.  The next few days are uber powerful and likely stressful, we talked about them HERE.

Take care of yourself. If the news stresses you out, turn it off.

It is good news we get an Aries ingress chart right now, even if it is a challenging chart. This will strengthen our physical bodies and we will all feel more energized and ready for action!

Back with a big-picture post and some things we can do as we move through this ....
Keep in mind we are witnessing the final machinations of Saturn in Capricorn waking us up so we can build a new and better world that serves everyone and eases the burden on the planet! Allow the Aquarius Moon to provide you with a little space to detach emotionally from what is happening and don't look too far ahead. There are many, many opportunities for personal and collective situations to pivot in the coming days, weeks and months ahead - CHANGE IS COMING!

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - the greater good, a tightening of the rules, the stage is set, doing the hard thing, together in our aloneness

This could be an emotionally intense day as the Moon crosses over the Cappy planets, (with Saturn at the powerful 29th degree), moves into her dark balsamic phase and pulls us toward a couple of the most cray-cray days of the year.

Please, keep in mind Mercury is in Pisces and has been for weeks and weeks - we can't possibly know the truth right now and can't sit in front of CNN and believe everything we are seeing/hearing and freak ourselves out.

Where I live here in New Jersey the news is all over a story of a five year old girl with the corona-virus. You have to dig very deep into the story to find out she was only tested because her dad works in an area with a rising number of cases (cases of the virus, not deaths from the virus and keep in mind if there are zero deaths and then there is one death the news will report this as 'dramatically rising death rates' which will be, yes #true, and, also yes, #not true). Anyway, because of where her dad works he was tested and he tested positive, so they tested his wife and child and they are positive. They are quarantined to their home which would indicate their symptoms are either minor or they have none. Yet all most people are hearing is "5 year old girl" "corona-virus" and freaking out, accepting an 8PM curfew (greater good off the charts with this Cappy to Aquarius transition period) and the closing of parks, etc. With Mercury in Pisces - we are feeling the information instead of processing it like we normally would. With Mars and the South Node back where they haven't been since September 11, 2001, we are in a perfect storm situation for our personal liberties to slip quietly away, actually they won't slip away, we will just toss them at "authority", so they can decide what is best for us as we march in formation - "safety at all costs" - toward a "greater good" brand new world.

Yes, we have to be cautious with our personal safety and think about the safety of other people, but this virus is going to lose its front-page status eventually,

keep in mind what happened when this energetic was launched in mid-January (Trump's impeachment, Iran, your own life) - things happening to scare the sh*t out of us and then the thing disappearing, not exacting ending, because it might need to be pulled back out later to scare the sh*t out of us again. And I am not saying this as some kind of conspiracy theorist - things are just not going to be settled with these energies, so likely even when this virus is put to bed, there will be some sloppy corners that are not quite tucked in.

OK, enough rant - let's look at today's Moon. She will pass over Mars and Jupiter while we sleep - this launches the impetus for BIG ACTION, the need to get something UNDER CONTROL. At 10:53AM EDT the Cappy Moon meets up with Pluto - power, transformation, purging. Then she sextiles the Pisces Sun at the very end of Pisces - so maybe something is going to feel like the end of the world/end of the line here - KEEP IN MIND - yes, with that mind that is frying on the sidewalk like an over-easy egg - IT'S NOT.

Cappy/Pisces sextiles are opportunities for limits/rules/solid structures that kind of corral Pisces limitlessness. This can be a good thing. But keep in mind that cold Cappy Moon's need to control the situation/put a line in the sand can pull us into some dark waters.

Finally, she goes void at 8:47PM EDT off a conjunction to big-daddy Saturn. We harden our hearts. We do as we are told. We do what we have to do. Oh my.

After a short void she moves into Aquarius (9:16PM EDT) - we step back a little bit. We think about the future. Maybe we feel good because someone/or us has drawn that line in the sand or maybe we are feeling more restricted/more nervous.

At the same time we have the Sun approaching the Aries point (tomorrow) so our collective attention will all be on the same thing and the Sun will sextile Saturn, so more of the established power bailing itself out I would imagine.

For now - get what is within your control to control under control. You will feel better if you do.

Then let the rest go.

There are bigger hands than ours steering this ship. There is a reason Neptune is in Pisces from 2012-2025 - there is good here, there is behind the scenes help - there is always behind the scenes help.

If the good energies are letting the bad energies think they are winning, there is a reason for this we have to trust - and I don't mean to classify the energies as good or bad, because they are not, but from a human perspective at this time in our history I think you can know what I mean.

There are twists and turns ahead and moves to be made the bad guys won't see coming. The long game is the only game in town and the good news is this is the one game we can win.

We all win the long one.

Hang in there. We are transforming a toxic culture and it's all hands on deck time. At least ours are washed, some might even say scoured these days, and ready for use!

xo all

another photo by the amazing oprisco

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 16, 2020 - big action, big energy, changes that carry us home, new rules, one of the biggest weeks of the year

It could be the most important week of the year - and damn it's a doozie.

MONDAY - Mercury into Pisces (again)
THURSDAY - Sun sextile Saturn, Sun into Aries (Spring Equinox), Uranus sextile North Node, Chiron square the North Node/South Node
FRIDAY - Mars conjuncts Jupiter (22 degrees Capricorn) and squares Eris
SATURDAY - Saturn into Aquarius, Mercury trines North Node
SUNDAY - Mercury sextile Uranus

We have Mercury making her/his third pass through the early degrees of Pisces. 

We have multiple positive aspects to the North Node (our future) - which is in home, family and security oriented Cancer for just a few more weeks! Life is re-arranging itself for many, many people (enough to create a powerful shift) to withdraw their focus from the outer world, their careers and ambitions/the things that used to matter to them and redirect that energy toward where it is needed RIGHT NOW for this tipping point - home, mothering, nurturing, taking care of ourselves, creating a sanctuary, a home business, a family business, allowing ourselves to see vulnerability/newness as a strength.

We have the Sun (thank God and Goddess) exiting Pisces for the warrior energy of Aries kicking off a new astrological year.

We have volatile Mars catching up with expansive Jupiter (while squaring chaotic Eris!) at the hot 22 Cappy degree we had that MEGA meeting of Saturn/Pluto/Ceres and Mercury back in mid-January. At that time we were dealing with Trump's impeachment trial, the Iran bombing situation and China (whose chart is mega-impacted by the corona-virus) reporting its first death from the virus to the WHO. We also probably had personal situations going on then that could be re-activated in some way now.

Mars/Jupiter is BIG action, maybe BIG anger, BIG energy, BIG risk, leaping before we look comes to mind here, too. We will talk about this as we move through the week, but I would suspect people fired up over limits placed on them by authority would fit the bill also.

We have Saturn leaving Capricorn - remember he is the energy that has been holding it together - for Aquarius. Our Cappy house theme gets a breather while our Aquarius house makes room for daddy. Karma with trauma, new rules, social distancing, chaos as the new normal, immense opportunity/mega challenge, bringing EVERYONE to the table, eventually turning toward each other instead of looking for the answer/assistance from some hierarchical support system - all these things and more come to mind.

We talked about Monday HERE.

THURSDAY - the Sun (at the very end of Pisces) sextiles Saturn (at the very end of Capricorn) - so this is more of the Neptune/Saturn stuff we have been working through, maybe at this time opportunities to stabilize/limit (Saturn) this virus (Neptune) - before moving into fiery and passionate and "let's get something new started" Aries and kicking off a new solar year.
At the same time Uranus (change, chaos, the future) is sextiling (opportunity) the North Node in Cancer (home, family, mothering/nurturing, self care, vulnerability and Chiron is squaring the Nodes.

Chiron's square to the Nodes is one of the big players in this collective fear we are experiencing right now. Tension. Frustration. Very old wounds are triggered as we move toward what feels like a more vulnerable future.

FRIDAY - here's the BIG-DADDY DAY, but events could just be happening all week. Mars catches up with expansive Jupiter (while squaring chaotic Eris!) at the hot 22 Cappy degree we had that MEGA meeting of Saturn/Pluto/Ceres and Mercury back in mid-January. Back then we were dealing with Trump's impeachment trial, the Iran bombing situation, plus China (whose chart is mega-impacted by the corona-virus and mega-activated again today) reporting its first death from the virus to the WHO, the mama-bear standing all alone, etc.

What was going on in your life mid-January 2020?

The coincidence of Mars and Jupiter who only meet every couple years finding themselves together at this exact degree at this particular time is unbelievable!

Mars/Jupiter is BIG action, maybe BIG anger, BIG energy, BIG risk, leaping before we look comes to mind here, too. China is reporting devastating financial numbers and that is probably going to be a bigger story everywhere as we move through the rest of the year. Everyone is under the pressure to survive - even those people who think they are at the top of the food chain because the food chain is disappearing.

We will talk about Mars/Jupiter as we move through the week, but I would suspect people fired up over limits placed on them by authority would fit the bill also. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and this should help. Personally, if you have a confident move to make that will shake things up - here's your chance.

SATURDAY - Saturn exits stage left, his home sign of Capricorn, and enters stage right, his "ancient" home sign, of Aquarius (Uranus - what the hell have you done with the place?).

Saturn (limits, structure, authority) will be in Aquarius (the future, groups, tech) until July 1, 2020 and then dip back into Capricorn until December 17, 2020 - after that Saturn will be in Aquarius until March 7, 2023.

So, we flash ahead NOW with a glimpse of things to come (especially what to expect on the December 21, 2020 Winter Solstice when Saturn meets Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius for the first time in hundreds of years), then we move back to clean up our Cappy loose ends and then it's full steam ahead into the future.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991-1994 - what was happening in your life back then?

For this round, and we are already feeling this, it appears we will start this transit with limits/rules (Saturn) with groups/our freedoms (Aquarius), chaos/disruption (Aquarius) as our new reality/structure (Saturn), but it is going to be about much more than this as we move through it. We are on the Age of Aquarius timeline now. Anything is possible as long as we have never done it before.

Looking backward, trying to do "it" the way we did "it" before (think: what Saturn collectively rules here - our careers, work in the world, government, business, structure, time, your Cappy house theme) IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Business as usual is over. Remember what we talked about in THIS post about this time of UNKNOWING. We are going to need a beginner's mind to navigate these new waters. The future will not look like the past. We are going to have to balance Saturn's need for structure, limits, supportive routines, etc with Aquarius/Uranus's need for innovation, freedom and spontaneity as we turn toward each other instead of looking for someone above us to care for us/control us.

At the same time we have Mercury trining (brakes off) the North Node in Cancer and sextiling (opportunity) the South Node in Capricorn. This is confirming the above scenarios, which still sound slightly terrifying to this fixed Aquarian (me), are PROGRESS. Information comes in - that pulls us home/toward our inner world/nurturing and smoothly releases any clinging to outdated ambitions/old titles and responsibilities. We had this aspect back on February 26, 2020, when Mercury was retrograde, so something from that time period could be in play now.

SUNDAY - Mercury, in early Pisces and fresh off her/his trine to the North Node - now sextiles (opportunity) Uranus in Taurus. Ideas/information/communications focused on new ways to use our resources, earn money, what is important to us/what we value NOW are highlighted.

It's time for a cool head and some common sense.

Fear will steal our breath long before any virus has the chance to!

Keep in mind the long game - we are moving into a brand new world, unwinding thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, transforming our relationship with power, releasing massive collective fear as the breath we have been holding for centuries begins to get exhaled - we were born - and CHOSE - to be alive right now.

We literally were born to do this!

Back with the dailies and some big picture stuff.

Whatever the f*ck is really happening here (and it's probably not what it looks like is happening with all this Pisces), life has certainly got our attention with this one.

In the meantime take care of yourself.

Think about that North Node in Cancer we have been talking about for almost a year and a half - coming home, going within, creating a sanctuary, being able to appreciate our own vulnerabilities - we have feathered our nest for a reason, folks.

Also keep in mind there are featherless (and toilet paper-less) people out there, let's not be greedy assholes. Let's take care of each other.

xo all

some dates to keep in mind - April 4th is the first of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions (next is June and finally in November) - maybe we can get a glimpse of some kind of end-game with these transits, also in May the Nodes will move to Gemini/Sag - we talked about that HERE - changing our direction and allowing us multiple opportunities to 'grow where we are planted' AND we have Jupiter/Saturn meeting in Aquarius in December which will kind of bring us back to where we are this week, hopefully older and wiser ... and more connected with each other.

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today's astrology Forecast and a peek at the major week ahead of us - back later

Big girl/boy pants on. We talked about the unknowing and confinement story-lines yesterday HERE.

It's time for a cool head and some common sense. Fear will steal our breath long before any virus has the chance to!

Keep in mind the long game - we are moving into a brand new world, unwinding thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, transforming our relationship with power, releasing massive collective fear as the breath we have been holding for centuries begins to get exhaled - we were born - and CHOSE - to be alive right now.

We literally were born to do this! 

We are crossing a bridge between who we are and who we think we are and

this might be the biggest week of the year as Mars and Jupiter meet on that hot 22 degrees - the space of January's game changer Saturn/Pluto conjunction kicking everything up a notch or two or a thousand.  


The week lays out, depending on where you live on the planet, something like this:

MONDAY - Mercury into Pisces (again)
THURSDAY - Sun sextile Saturn, Sun into Aries (Spring Equinox), Uranus sextile North Node
FRIDAY - Mars conjuncts Jupiter (22 degrees Capricorn) and squares Eris
SATURDAY - Saturn into Aquarius, Mercury trines North Node
SUNDAY - Mercury sextile Uranus

Two planets change signs - including SATURN, two planets meet at an uber activated degree in Cappy, we kick off a new solar year and mixed in here are supportive portals of stability and clear signposts that the chaos/disruption is moving us into a more connected and loving future (that Cancer North Node).

Don't worry. We've got this thing. We will move through this week together!

On MONDAY, we have a forward moving Mercury getting back into Pisces. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE, which could be in short supply.

We are walking these degrees for the THIRD time now. We walked this same degree on February 2nd and March 2nd (retrograde). What has been re-vised, re-viewed, re-vamped during this time?

How has our thinking changed?

The delays here are over.

With Mercury's (communication, intellect) move from Aquarius into Pisces our thinking becomes less stubborn and more flexible. Our focus will not be as razor sharp but seeing the gray areas (as opposed to black and white, good or bad thinking) has its upside, too.

Decisions will become more intuitive and left brained. We will feel what people are saying. But the truth stays a bit stretchy. If we need to make a major decision now it will be hard to tell the facts from the fiction. But, and this is a big but, on the other hand we have been over this same ground multiple times - maybe there is nothing more to see/feel here RIGHT NOW.

Mercury in Pisces provides a clear channel to our past, our ancestors, the people we used to be (this can be a good or challenging thing), God, the Universe, that guy sitting next to us on the bus and that woman in Italy singing on that balcony.

Keep in mind our Pisces natal house is the space where we avoid looking at what is really going on and this is the second year in a row we have been FORCED to deal with what is happening here!

At the same time our hopeful Sagittarius Moon is shifting into sober Capricorn. She goes void off a square to the Pisces Sun at 5:34AM EDT giving us our monthly Third Quarter Moon. This is a kind of crisis of faith/faith being tested. Maybe something we had put our faith in is dissolving now. What do we still believe? The Third Quarter Square is the time to be clearing the decks for the next New Moon (next week's New Moon kicks off the new astrological lunar year).

What needs to be finished up?

At 12:25PM EDT the Moon moves into serious Capricorn where she will make nice with both Mercury and Uranus. Note - she will meet the Cappy pile-up tomorrow, but we could start to feel that energy today as she changes signs.

Starting THURSDAY the energy is becoming momentous. We are living through almost unprecedented changes and we will feel/see/know it. We said March would come in like a lion and go out like a lion, that we would all be made to pivot and HERE WE GO.

Back later today with the weekly which is almost done, but I wanted to pop this up this morning, so we get a kind of jumping off point.

xo all

Keep in mind the preview we got of this in January when 22 Cappy was activated - Trump was almost impeached (near-death experience), we almost had a war with Iran (near-death experience) and in your personal life there was almost certainly - mid-January - some kind of experience foreshadowing what is happening this week. We'll talk about this more in the next post!

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Today's astrology Forecast | Sunday, March 15, 2020 - exaggeration is the new black, reaching toward the water table, sweating into the sheets, feathering our nest

Today we have the Moon (in Sagittarius) squaring Neptune (in Pisces) at 3:51PM EDT. It is her only aspect - so more impactful than it would be otherwise - we spend the day (emotionally) building toward it and the night (emotionally) unwinding from it.

Exaggeration is the new black here.

Things will not be as they seem/feel (stay away from the news since Sag rules the media) - "the sky is falling" or something too idealistic can take hold of us - with everything going on in the world, the Henny Penny scenario is probably most likely.

Understanding/truth/our beliefs will be challenged (that square) by our imaginations/illusions.

If we are imagining some kind of worst-case scenario we have the ability to stop doing that (health/financial). Mercury is in Aquarius, for the third time in just a few weeks, so we know how to do this (!) - step back, take a breath, distance yourself a bit and remind yourself that everything will seem bigger than it really is now. Keep in mind Mercury in Aquarius's tendency to think too far ahead and bring yourself back to this moment. Hug a tree. Get your hands into some dirt. Pray. Meditate.

We have two stressful cycles uber activated right now. Unknowing and confinement. Keep in mind we are in another death-bed scenario designed for us to experience our ability to rise from our sweaty sheets and keep going. 

Let's break down today's energies because they pull us into the next couple weeks.

The unknowing. What don't we know? What if we didn't need to know all the answers RIGHT NOW? What can we learn from this experience? And keep in mind, some/most of this learning comes through our cells/bodies living through the experience. It's not about "what we do" it's about who we become. If we have a confused sense of losing our center right now - this is a sign we are seeing the world more clearly than before. Think about times in our life when we have approached situations like a newbie (unknowing). We've walked into walls, but also through doors and into totally unexpected spaces. 

The confinement. What if we could only rely on ourselves? With Chiron in Aries and squaring the Nodes this is a big part of our fear here. Imagine a tree that needs to reach down toward the water table to survive during a drought. Pushing upward and not reaching the end is naturally confining. We (as a collective and individually) have driven ourselves upward (Sag) full of confidence and optimism expecting to reach our goal - and then, we don't. We then feel trapped, exhausted by the climb and also shaken and betrayed by the way things haven't worked out as we had planned. This is a natural time to go within where we have ACCESS TO THAT WATER TABLE.

Keep in mind neither of these places - the space of unknowing and the space of confinement are places we want to stay too long. There are inherent traps here if we hang our hats. Think - the Eagles song "Hotel California". We will want to check out and we will need to leave.

But there is a reason we find ourselves here now.

Neptune solves our problems by surrounding us with fog. We can't see what to do or what is going on because it is not a time for direct action. Take care of yourself. Think about that North Node in Cancer we have been talking about all last year - coming home, creating a sanctuary, being able to appreciate our own vulnerabilities - we have feathered our nest for a reason. 

Back later with the weekly.

xo all

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The Astrology of 2020 | Part III - feeling underwater, a sudden unraveling, releasing the need to control everything, releasing the need to try and hold everything together, preparing for next week's sh*tshow

We talked about Saturn/Pluto's momentous meeting in January 2020, in lots of posts - HERE is one of them - see mid-January.

It was impossible to know exactly what could happen, but it didn't sound good. And honestly after barely surviving the years that accompanied Pluto's crossing of my natal Mercury - which felt like a portal opened and a darkness/death swept in, triggered my inner-gaslighting or maybe/likely actually tried to kill me - and seeing the devastation of Pluto's crossing hub's natal Venus, Saturn and Mars in some kind of 'dark night of the soul' trifecta, I kept postponing writing/thinking about it.

I do not underestimate the effect on the collective to have the planet that holds everything solid together (Saturn) passing over the planet of death (Pluto) in the sign of the stuff he (Saturn) is holding together (Capricorn). I would guess if this were reversed and Pluto were to move over Saturn (instead of Saturn over Pluto) it would be game over. Which I suppose couldn't physically happen, but maybe it could.

But he didn't and it isn't. 

OK, so where are we now. In a world filled with so much dis-ease, here comes an actual disease accompanied by a fear-mongering twenty-four hour news cycle designed to make our already over-taxed immune system even weaker. 

Viruses are ruled by Neptune and we talked about the China chart for the virus's kick-off period HERE - when Saturn and Pluto (time runs out, here's the death that was postponed) met in China's 12th house (Neptune's house) on top of their natal Jupiter - it was game-on. People have asked me if this could be some kind of bio-terrorism thing - sure, maybe. Or maybe a portal opened and this bug named corona flew in - and maybe he will fly out just as mysteriously - it's happened before. Who knows. Pisces/Neptune rules secrets and what happens behind closed doors ...

Collectively, we've got Neptune in Pisces - until 2026 - strong in his home sign, back to close-out the Age of Pisces and a little more than halfway through his fifteen year journey. He has been showing us the illusive nature of 'truth' and we will find once we are 'woke' there is no going back to sleep, even with that expensive inner spring and intuitive foam topper system. We've taken the blue pill (or was it the red pill?). This doesn't mean any of us know what is going on, but a whole lot of people know now that they don't know.

(not knowing makes anything possible because thoughts are things and this kind of just adds to the chaos at this point, but is something we just have to get through and come out the other side of)

This sudden unraveling - which ultimately lands in Aquarius, with ruler Uranus disrupting our Taurean money, resources and values - is likely more about fear of chaos/death than any actually devastating illness for most people. Mercury (our thinking/the movement of ideas and objects and yes, why not our little corona fellow) has been back and forth through Pisces - sign with no limits/boundaries - since the beginning of February - and I never underestimate Mercury's ability to create trouble. He is strong and still, and detached, in Aquarius right now and is headed back into Pisces for another round of "this is your brain on drugs". Keep in mind, Mercury is dreading this, since he/she is in her detriment in Pisces. So, our thinking isn't crystal clear folks. It's hard to know what's important and what isn't and we can make ourselves cray-cray thinking something is way worse than it actually is.

This is a better time for grace/prayer/silence than brain storming.

Saturn/Pluto opened a portal. We are deep in our self-created messes and being held, feet to the fire, to take responsibility for what we came here for. And Jupiter in Cappy is limiting our options and Mercury really isn't doing much 'figuring out' right now either.

We are just going to have to take things day by day. We are just going to have to, like our ancestors and their ancestors and their ancestors, live with uncertainty - which we already knew we did, but somehow in the process of living our fast-paced lives we forgot we knew this.

We have Mercury at the end of Aquarius and Saturn at the end of Capricorn. We can see change is coming because they can't sit on their asses there forever - but right now it's like they have pulled out all the stops to dig in and stress us the f*ck out. There doesn't seem to be any good options and today we have the Moon in Scorpio - so everything we have going on is really going to feel like life and death. And obviously, for some people, it actually may be, but probably not for you and probably not for me ...

We need to keep in mind a couple things - first, the 2020's are going to a time of tremendous change. We can either loosen up and ride those waves (good and bad) or be thrashed about on the rocks for years. 

Second, Saturn moves into Aquarius at the end of this month. One of the things we will be dealing with is karma (Saturn) with trauma (Aquarius). This can bring us to death-bed kind of experiences just so we can rise from our sweaty sheets. Say for example in a past life you had your head cut off by a mad king (or maybe an ancestor did, or maybe you are your ancestor, who can be sure, I certainly don't have all the answers) - your soul/the physical story you carry in your body/your Uranus/Aquarius energy carry this memory. So, now maybe in this life instead of your head cut off by a mad king, which created great trauma (think soul PTSD here), you get your head cut off by your mad boss. You are fired. This will feel like life and death to you. Life doesn't do this to us because life is cruel and cunning, but because the way to heal from the trauma of the king's henchmen is to face a similar (but not as deadly) situation and SURVIVE it and keep going. And this is what is happening to us now and which could potentially happen to us again in different ways as we move forward into the Age of Aquarius because we have alot of stuff to SHIFT. We have to keep going.

Unless we don't of course, and we just give up, and there are times to give up, but this isn't one of them.

We can't just snap our fingers and make this go away.

We have Mars meeting Jupiter on the Saturn/Pluto degree next week, so that will almost certainly energize/expand this situation and we have to get through Mars meeting with Pluto. But we also have an ambitious New Moon which will have us feeling something like "to hell with this crumbling ground beneath my feet, I am moving FORWARD anyway". And Venus in Taurus, thank God and Goddess for Venus in Taurus to soften the hard edges.

For now, it's still Pisces season. Release the need to try and control everything. Release the feeling you have to hold everything together - you don't. You can't. Meditate. Pray. Get into the water as often as possible - I think hand washing counts (is anyone else totally amazed at how often they touch their face with their hands!).

Expect what will feel like things are out of control, followed by attempts to regain control (personally and collectively). Focus on keeping in order what you can and releasing the rest. Let's be gentle with ourselves and other people. This too shall pass.

xo all

back with part IV

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