The Astrology of 2020 | Part III - feeling underwater, a sudden unraveling, releasing the need to control everything, releasing the need to try and hold everything together, preparing for next week's sh*tshow

We talked about Saturn/Pluto's momentous meeting in January 2020, in lots of posts - HERE is one of them - see mid-January.

It was impossible to know exactly what could happen, but it didn't sound good. And honestly after barely surviving the years that accompanied Pluto's crossing of my natal Mercury - which felt like a portal opened and a darkness/death swept in, triggered my inner-gaslighting or maybe/likely actually tried to kill me - and seeing the devastation of Pluto's crossing hub's natal Venus, Saturn and Mars in some kind of 'dark night of the soul' trifecta, I kept postponing writing/thinking about it.

I do not underestimate the effect on the collective to have the planet that holds everything solid together (Saturn) passing over the planet of death (Pluto) in the sign of the stuff he (Saturn) is holding together (Capricorn). I would guess if this were reversed and Pluto were to move over Saturn (instead of Saturn over Pluto) it would be game over. Which I suppose couldn't physically happen, but maybe it could.

But he didn't and it isn't. 

OK, so where are we now. In a world filled with so much dis-ease, here comes an actual disease accompanied by a fear-mongering twenty-four hour news cycle designed to make our already over-taxed immune system even weaker. 

Viruses are ruled by Neptune and we talked about the China chart for the virus's kick-off period HERE - when Saturn and Pluto (time runs out, here's the death that was postponed) met in China's 12th house (Neptune's house) on top of their natal Jupiter - it was game-on. People have asked me if this could be some kind of bio-terrorism thing - sure, maybe. Or maybe a portal opened and this bug named corona flew in - and maybe he will fly out just as mysteriously - it's happened before. Who knows. Pisces/Neptune rules secrets and what happens behind closed doors ...

Collectively, we've got Neptune in Pisces - until 2026 - strong in his home sign, back to close-out the Age of Pisces and a little more than halfway through his fifteen year journey. He has been showing us the illusive nature of 'truth' and we will find once we are 'woke' there is no going back to sleep, even with that expensive inner spring and intuitive foam topper system. We've taken the blue pill (or was it the red pill?). This doesn't mean any of us know what is going on, but a whole lot of people know now that they don't know.

(not knowing makes anything possible because thoughts are things and this kind of just adds to the chaos at this point, but is something we just have to get through and come out the other side of)

This sudden unraveling - which ultimately lands in Aquarius, with ruler Uranus disrupting our Taurean money, resources and values - is likely more about fear of chaos/death than any actually devastating illness for most people. Mercury (our thinking/the movement of ideas and objects and yes, why not our little corona fellow) has been back and forth through Pisces - sign with no limits/boundaries - since the beginning of February - and I never underestimate Mercury's ability to create trouble. He is strong and still, and detached, in Aquarius right now and is headed back into Pisces for another round of "this is your brain on drugs". Keep in mind, Mercury is dreading this, since he/she is in her detriment in Pisces. So, our thinking isn't crystal clear folks. It's hard to know what's important and what isn't and we can make ourselves cray-cray thinking something is way worse than it actually is.

This is a better time for grace/prayer/silence than brain storming.

Saturn/Pluto opened a portal. We are deep in our self-created messes and being held, feet to the fire, to take responsibility for what we came here for. And Jupiter in Cappy is limiting our options and Mercury really isn't doing much 'figuring out' right now either.

We are just going to have to take things day by day. We are just going to have to, like our ancestors and their ancestors and their ancestors, live with uncertainty - which we already knew we did, but somehow in the process of living our fast-paced lives we forgot we knew this.

We have Mercury at the end of Aquarius and Saturn at the end of Capricorn. We can see change is coming because they can't sit on their asses there forever - but right now it's like they have pulled out all the stops to dig in and stress us the f*ck out. There doesn't seem to be any good options and today we have the Moon in Scorpio - so everything we have going on is really going to feel like life and death. And obviously, for some people, it actually may be, but probably not for you and probably not for me ...

We need to keep in mind a couple things - first, the 2020's are going to a time of tremendous change. We can either loosen up and ride those waves (good and bad) or be thrashed about on the rocks for years. 

Second, Saturn moves into Aquarius at the end of this month. One of the things we will be dealing with is karma (Saturn) with trauma (Aquarius). This can bring us to death-bed kind of experiences just so we can rise from our sweaty sheets. Say for example in a past life you had your head cut off by a mad king (or maybe an ancestor did, or maybe you are your ancestor, who can be sure, I certainly don't have all the answers) - your soul/the physical story you carry in your body/your Uranus/Aquarius energy carry this memory. So, now maybe in this life instead of your head cut off by a mad king, which created great trauma (think soul PTSD here), you get your head cut off by your mad boss. You are fired. This will feel like life and death to you. Life doesn't do this to us because life is cruel and cunning, but because the way to heal from the trauma of the king's henchmen is to face a similar (but not as deadly) situation and SURVIVE it and keep going. And this is what is happening to us now and which could potentially happen to us again in different ways as we move forward into the Age of Aquarius because we have alot of stuff to SHIFT. We have to keep going.

Unless we don't of course, and we just give up, and there are times to give up, but this isn't one of them.

We can't just snap our fingers and make this go away.

We have Mars meeting Jupiter on the Saturn/Pluto degree next week, so that will almost certainly energize/expand this situation and we have to get through Mars meeting with Pluto. But we also have an ambitious New Moon which will have us feeling something like "to hell with this crumbling ground beneath my feet, I am moving FORWARD anyway". And Venus in Taurus, thank God and Goddess for Venus in Taurus to soften the hard edges.

For now, it's still Pisces season. Release the need to try and control everything. Release the feeling you have to hold everything together - you don't. You can't. Meditate. Pray. Get into the water as often as possible - I think hand washing counts (is anyone else totally amazed at how often they touch their face with their hands!).

Expect what will feel like things are out of control, followed by attempts to regain control (personally and collectively). Focus on keeping in order what you can and releasing the rest. Let's be gentle with ourselves and other people. This too shall pass.

xo all

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photo by the talented Semansis


stregata said...

I feel the need to thank you once again for the wisdom and insight of your words.
These are troubling times for all, but I take some comfort from the way you put things into better perspective.
Wishing you health and sending much love.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you so much Renate - wishing you and your family love and light, too xo