today's astrology Forecast and a peek at the major week ahead of us - back later

Big girl/boy pants on. We talked about the unknowing and confinement story-lines yesterday HERE.

It's time for a cool head and some common sense. Fear will steal our breath long before any virus has the chance to!

Keep in mind the long game - we are moving into a brand new world, unwinding thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, transforming our relationship with power, releasing massive collective fear as the breath we have been holding for centuries begins to get exhaled - we were born - and CHOSE - to be alive right now.

We literally were born to do this! 

We are crossing a bridge between who we are and who we think we are and

this might be the biggest week of the year as Mars and Jupiter meet on that hot 22 degrees - the space of January's game changer Saturn/Pluto conjunction kicking everything up a notch or two or a thousand.  


The week lays out, depending on where you live on the planet, something like this:

MONDAY - Mercury into Pisces (again)
THURSDAY - Sun sextile Saturn, Sun into Aries (Spring Equinox), Uranus sextile North Node
FRIDAY - Mars conjuncts Jupiter (22 degrees Capricorn) and squares Eris
SATURDAY - Saturn into Aquarius, Mercury trines North Node
SUNDAY - Mercury sextile Uranus

Two planets change signs - including SATURN, two planets meet at an uber activated degree in Cappy, we kick off a new solar year and mixed in here are supportive portals of stability and clear signposts that the chaos/disruption is moving us into a more connected and loving future (that Cancer North Node).

Don't worry. We've got this thing. We will move through this week together!

On MONDAY, we have a forward moving Mercury getting back into Pisces. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE, which could be in short supply.

We are walking these degrees for the THIRD time now. We walked this same degree on February 2nd and March 2nd (retrograde). What has been re-vised, re-viewed, re-vamped during this time?

How has our thinking changed?

The delays here are over.

With Mercury's (communication, intellect) move from Aquarius into Pisces our thinking becomes less stubborn and more flexible. Our focus will not be as razor sharp but seeing the gray areas (as opposed to black and white, good or bad thinking) has its upside, too.

Decisions will become more intuitive and left brained. We will feel what people are saying. But the truth stays a bit stretchy. If we need to make a major decision now it will be hard to tell the facts from the fiction. But, and this is a big but, on the other hand we have been over this same ground multiple times - maybe there is nothing more to see/feel here RIGHT NOW.

Mercury in Pisces provides a clear channel to our past, our ancestors, the people we used to be (this can be a good or challenging thing), God, the Universe, that guy sitting next to us on the bus and that woman in Italy singing on that balcony.

Keep in mind our Pisces natal house is the space where we avoid looking at what is really going on and this is the second year in a row we have been FORCED to deal with what is happening here!

At the same time our hopeful Sagittarius Moon is shifting into sober Capricorn. She goes void off a square to the Pisces Sun at 5:34AM EDT giving us our monthly Third Quarter Moon. This is a kind of crisis of faith/faith being tested. Maybe something we had put our faith in is dissolving now. What do we still believe? The Third Quarter Square is the time to be clearing the decks for the next New Moon (next week's New Moon kicks off the new astrological lunar year).

What needs to be finished up?

At 12:25PM EDT the Moon moves into serious Capricorn where she will make nice with both Mercury and Uranus. Note - she will meet the Cappy pile-up tomorrow, but we could start to feel that energy today as she changes signs.

Starting THURSDAY the energy is becoming momentous. We are living through almost unprecedented changes and we will feel/see/know it. We said March would come in like a lion and go out like a lion, that we would all be made to pivot and HERE WE GO.

Back later today with the weekly which is almost done, but I wanted to pop this up this morning, so we get a kind of jumping off point.

xo all

Keep in mind the preview we got of this in January when 22 Cappy was activated - Trump was almost impeached (near-death experience), we almost had a war with Iran (near-death experience) and in your personal life there was almost certainly - mid-January - some kind of experience foreshadowing what is happening this week. We'll talk about this more in the next post!

photo by the talented jalmelbarra

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