Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Thursday, March 5, 2020 - high emotions, too needy or too nurturing, focus on the future and the healing, also where are my girl scout cookies and do i need to shake-down a girl scout to get some

The Moon continues her journey through her home sign of Cancer nurturing us through our attention on home, family, real estate, renovations, home business, family business, mothers, mothering, the need to water our roots.

She trines the Sun (our monthly waxing trine) and Neptune early in the day - good for spirituality, creativity, compassion. Healing dreams.

The nocturnal kind, too.

We might not consciously remember important dreams for very long, because anything from that Neptunian realm will dissipate quickly in the cold light of day, but our bodies/our emotions/the long-memory of that Cancer Moon recognizes their significance. 

With Saturn heading into Aquarius (karma with trauma) in just a couple weeks and with Venus home in Taurus (the home of Aquarius ruler Uranus these days) - the ways we are out of alignment/the memories our emotional/physical bodies carry that were too painful/too ancient for our conscious mind (Mercury, retrograde in Aquarius now so answering to Uranus, too) to hold onto can be healed through our unconscious in miraculous ways while we sleep/meditate/pray/make art/music.

Although strong in Cancer, the Moon will face some opposition from those Cappy planets today, so situations could get more stressful.

She will oppose Jupiter at 11:55AM (emotions get bigger, extra enthusiasm or grandiosity, could be hard to put the brakes on something if we need to, fears about the future/security could come up, maybe we want too much or too much is expected from us), Pluto at 6:50PM EST (power struggles, transformation, drama, intensity, feeling like something is life and death) and finally go void off an opposition to Saturn at 2:11AM EST. She will be void for a couple hours and then move into big-hearted Leo at 4:27AM EST tomorrow.

Our emotions could be high today, but so will our intuition.

With the Sun approaching Neptune and the Moon trining Neptune - facts will be tricky, so this is not the best time to try and sort them out. We don't have to buy what someone is selling just because they are selling it. Turn off the news.

Mercury is in Aquarius, so we want to avoid over-thinking everything/getting too fixed into our position and keep in mind she is still retrograde.

Let's give ourselves and other people a break since we will all be feeling overly emotional - maybe too needy/too giving - whatever part we are playing here. This, too, shall pass.

Focus on the positives/inspiration/the future/finding your girl scout cookies. Move something forward. Life/God/the Universe can take it from there.

xo all

photo by the talented ESPRIT-CONFUS

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