Mercury Squares Uranus | a change of plans?

enjoy the silence by Catliv

Mercury (communication, information) in Capricorn squares Uranus (the unexpected, change) in Aries. News can be unexpected, surprising and even shocking. Plans can change. Our thinking can change.

The Moon (our emotions, women) is in compassionate Pisces and squaring Saturn (red light, time, authority, hard work) in Sagittarius (foreign, legal, politics, higher education, media, weddings).

Doesn't this all sound rather exactly like ex-Attorney General Yates (woman/Moon/Venus) using her authority to put a stop (Saturn) to the ban (Saturn) on immigration (Sagittarius) - an unexpected announcement/change of plans. And then getting a termination (Saturn) notice (Mercury) from Trump (Uranus) - another unexpected announcement/change of plans. AND Venus in Pisces (feminine compassion) is right now covering the same ground that Mars in Pisces (angry but unfocused masculine, protective masculine) walked last week. I believe it was also a female attorney in Brooklyn that issued the stay on the order this past Saturday. Amazing! And this is all part of a much bigger story that isn't over.

Now, the same energy that is so appropriately being played out in U.S. politics is at work in our own lives, too. 

New information changes an existing structure. Trying to hold onto the existing structure isn't going to work. Rules and commitments are shaken up. This is wildcard energy. See the weekly for more information. This is actually the easiest week of February - pace yourself.

xo all

NOTE - the Moon is void from 12:35PM to 4:45 PM EST - don't start anything new if you want something to "come of it", know that not much is likely to come of any problems that rear their heads then either, a good time for practiced routine work, a bad time to sign a contract or make a large purchase

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 30th - news, ideas and important conversations

mirrors by unisexbluess

Lots of news this week, so let's jump right into it!

On Monday (exact yesterday), Mercury (news, communications) is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The conversations we are having and the ideas we are sharing can be transformational. We are digging deep into whatever is happening. We are looking for the truth here. This will be about work, business, authority, all the structural underpinnings of our lives and/or our natal Capricorn house theme.

Pluto and Mercury bring the energy of investigation. If there is something you need to research - well, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and grab your magnifying glass, the time is now.

This powerful meeting, along with Venus's move into her lengthy Aries/Pisces story, sets up the week ahead. Mars is in Aries now and all the planets are direct - get moving!

Venus (women, love, money, our values, our resources) starts to hit the degree she will re-walk during her upcoming retrograde - pay attention to what comes up now with any of these themes because we will be dealing with it again.

On Tuesday, Mercury (news, ideas, communications) still dealing with Pluto's structure-transforming energy now squares Uranus (if you are following American politics- remember every time I write Uranus this year, you can think - Trump) in Aries. This is wildcard energy. Maybe we get some surprising or shocking news. Maybe a spontaneous conversation or communication creates an unexpected reaction. Maybe we read something that gets us moving. With a planet in Aries squaring (tension) a planet in Capricorn - this is like the young (angry?) upstart creating trouble for the seasoned old timer. Rules and commitments can be shaken up now. This is excellent energy to fight for changes to the status quo via our words.

On Wednesday, Mercury - damn he's busy! expect lots of news and conversations this week  - sextiles (opportunity) Chiron in Pisces. Whatever is happening has the power to hurt ... and the power to heal. Stay positive.

On Thursday, Mercury (again - news, communications, ideas, also keep in mind Mercury rules our local neighborhood, siblings and transportation, in case something here is happening) squares Jupiter. This gives me the hope that whatever is happening will turn out for the best. We will be making plans for the future. We will be dealing with Jupiterian themes - legal, political, foreign, travel, higher education, media - maybe something here has outgrown the way we are currently dealing with it or maybe something here needs to be protected. With the big picture coming into focus, it is important to keep our attention on the details. Try not to over-promise or over-commit now. Soap box style pronouncements (over the top news) and arrogance are more likely.

On Friday, Venus exits watery Pisces, where she has been exalted, and moves into fiery Aries where she gets a tattoo and buys a Harley. Whatever is happening this week and into next, with our Venus themed love, money, values, women or beauty story, will be playing out until June. We will be figuring out what really matters here; what we really love and need. We will have eight planets in this area of the skies at the end of February and into March - whatever this story is for each of us, it will be BIG.

In Aries, our love, money, values and women, get fired up. There is initiative and confidence here. Aries Suns and ascendants get more attractive - both physically attractive and able to attract what they want. And so does everyone's natal Aries house.

I will write a post later in the week - just pay attention to what is happening this week in these areas because it is going to matter over the next few weeks as we go back and forth over the details.

The planets are forming a Cardinal T-Square. Cardinal signs initiate (they start the new seasons) and with Mercury the focus on the T-Square - we will likely feel pressure to do something with the news and information we are dealing with. So we'll do something. Last year we had those mutable aspects - all decisions, stuff in flux and uncertainties - this year our aspects will be cardinal. We will be taking action and starting things.

Words matter now, and they can take us in unexpected directions this week. It's best to stay focused on the facts and figures. Let's stay in our integrity (wholeness). We'll try not to spout off wild stuff that we can't back up - we'll try to be a little more understanding when people we do not agree with do this.

If an argument has been brewing or a conversation has been needing to happen, well, this is a good week for the words (or news, secrets, etc) that need to come out to come out. It might not feel good when it is happening but there is healing, and a larger story unwinding itself, too .... and the eclipses are coming.

xo all

(remember although it might not always feel like it - we really are all in this together)

Venus Square Saturn, New Moon in Aquarius, Mars into Aries | cold water splashed in our face

new beginning by anne wipf
So, have we learned something over the last few days? Venus hooking up with Chiron and running into Saturn - ouch!

Today we have multiple energies converging.  

We have Venus (love, money, what we want) squaring Saturn (the wall).

Squares are tense aspects. With squares some tension is needed to stimulate action, but too much tension causes stress. The planets within us and outside of us are working at cross purposes - there are obstacles here.

In this case, and we have been building toward this all week, so this might not be something that happens today, but you might be feeling the stress of it today - this is the cold facts hitting us in the face via a lack of love, money or resources.

Now, the way through every Saturn problem is always time or work and most likely a combination of the two. The answer to whatever is happening now is never going to be a shortcut (so get that shortcut thing right out of your head right now).

Nothing is gained by closing our eyes or turning away. Not this time. There is a new beginning here. Find it.

We know there is a new beginning because at the same thing we have the New Moon in Aquarius!

I have been having trouble following the Moons because it is always so cloudy here I can never see them (we wouldn't be seeing the Moon today anyway, of course).

If you think about the symbol for Aquarius - the water bearer (although she is not actually carrying water, but water works for today's energy) - well, we could imagine that water being splashed right in our face - and yes, it is icy cold and no, she doesn't care that you just applied your mascara and have a meeting with your boss in 10 minutes.

Or maybe that water is washing something away so we can see some situation or person clearly now.

People think Aquarius represents independence (nope, that's Aries), but more accurately Aquarius represents individuality. There is a difference. Think about it. There is an independent spirit here, yes, but since Aquarius rules the 11th house of groups, it shows people bound together by a cause. So, in Aquarius we find a better way to work together so it benefits everyone or else we go our own way. These are the only two outcomes for Aquarius. Aquarius is the space in your chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in.

Our rough, uncomfortable edges are there for a reason

With the Sun and Moon meeting up in Aquarius today (where is 8 degrees Aquarius in your natal chart - there is a fresh start here) and with Saturn being the traditional ruler of Aquarius and Saturn having this lengthy conversation, first with Mars, and now with Venus, and with us heading into an eclipse season dealing with Aquarius - whatever is happening now isn't over - and that's probably a good thing because the situation requires adjustment, right? We have to fix this thing.

The great thing about that cold splash of water is we have rinsed the stars from our eyes. We might have to do this thing ourselves. Yes, that is most likely the way we will have to do it. This isn't forever, but for today we will have our own back. We will forgive ourselves for whatever the hell we avoided that got us here. We get a fresh start.


AFFIRMATION TIPS for your monthly New Moon:  always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both light hearted and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud. Then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known. Know these things are already yours.

(I would recommend doing the intentions tomorrow - we'll have Mars in Aries by then and the energy of billions of people celebrating the newness of the Chinese Year of the Rooster)

We'll wake up Saturday morning with Mars in his home sign of Aries - this is great energy to get new stuff started (if it's very new and important - wait a day or so for that sliver of New Moon in the sky) and great energy to get old stuff done and also great energy to have a rip roaring fight. He will hang here until March 9th. We might want to pace ourselves.

Our Aries natal house gets a wake up call.

Aries suns and ascendants get - even more than usual - fired up! Aries is independent and Mars is uber-strong in this sign that he rules.

I take this as another signal whatever it is we have to do to get this train back on track, is up to us.

xo all

the upcoming retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter | what do we really want

The Bee by Natalia Drepina

Normally I don't pay much attention to Jupiter retrogrades, unless he is backing over planets or points in my natal chart. He is retrograde for large chunks of time (four out of every thirteen months) and similar things seem to occur when he is moving forward or appearing to move backward.

But this year we have Jupiter in Libra and answering to Libra's ruler Venus and Venus is also retrograde (March 4th- April 15th) for part of Jupiter's retrograde amplifying whatever is happening.

Also remember we have Saturn - the other middle planet, along with Jupiter, that impacts both of collective energies and our individual energies in somewhat equal measures - still in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter - who, as I just said, is hanging out in Libra and ruled by Venus.

There is a strong picture here of VENUS RULES. So her retrograde will be felt.

Now, looking ahead to after the Venus retrograde, which is like looking at the dessert menu before we have even eaten our salad - but yes, let's do that! From May through November - we will have a passionate Grand Trine in Fire involving Saturn, Uranus and the North Node (by this time in "I am not afraid to shine!" LEO) - this will allow us to move mountains and more than make up for the crap we have to wade through before we get there, I promise. But first we will have to put on our waders, which I hope for your sake are very TALL, and get through March and the first half of April.

Now, let's look at the degrees so you can look at your natal chart (or ask me) and we'll see what areas of life we are talking about for you personally - you are also influenced, often strongly if you have no planets or points at the following degrees, by the general themes of a Venus retrograde we will talk about.

Jupiter will station retrograde on February 6th at 23 degrees Libra. He will station direct on June 9th at 16 degrees Libra - then he'll walk forward getting back to 23 degrees Libra and proceed into new territory sometime in early September (he actually entered his shadow period on November 11, 2016). If you have planets or points from 16-23 degrees Libra (or to a lesser degree the other cardinal signs since he will square and oppose them - Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) you will have multiple opportunities for growth (or waste) and expansion.

If you have something you are wanting to start do it BEFORE February 6th and Jupiter will help expand it! Let's use every moment Jupiter is in Libra!

Now, Venus, the piece of the puzzle we are going to pay the most attention to because SHE RULES, is going to station retrograde on March 4th at 13 degrees Aries and move backward until she gets to 23 degrees Pisces (you can see she is much closer and faster and covers more ground) and station direct on April 15th. If you have planets or points in your natal chart from 23 - 29 degrees Pisces or from 0 to 13 degrees Aries, you will feel this retrograde the strongest as well as people with Libra or Taurus rising, because your chart is ruled by Venus.

But we will all be impacted - particularly within the themes of the houses in our chart that house 0-13 degrees Aries and 23-29 degrees Pisces AND within the themes Venus rules - love, money, our values, women and beauty.

HOW THIS WILL LIKELY PLAY OUT - Venus retrogrades are typically times (her last retrograde was the summer of 2015) when events transpire to show us what we value

Relationships are tested. The way we handle our money (and other resources including the planet Earth) is tested

The retrograde period itself isn't a time to make major changes - it's NOT  a good time to start a business or love relationship that we want to last, for example - it's a time things happen to get us to clarity so we can take action, if we choose to, when Venus is direct (after April 15th). Got it?

When Venus stands still in Aries in early March (and think of a planet standing still as you stilling your hand over a candle - much more powerful, and in the case of a candle painful - than a moving hand) we will also have the Moon, Uranus and Mars (very strong here) in Aries. AND the Sun, Mercury and Neptune all in drifty Pisces.

Something within the theme of our Aries/Pisces houses - or involving the Venus themes of love, money, or values - could (to use Pisces terminology) "drift off course", "evaporate" or "fade away". 

Something/someone that looked like a sure thing or our next big thing may turn out to be anything but and something/someone we had written off as over might "drift back into our lives", "re-awaken" or "re-appear".

We move from Aries (I want what I want, I want it now, I want what's mine) to Pisces (we are all one, the bigger picture, connection) and back and forth again. We figure out what we really want, what we value. This process is important.

Remember we really need to be going after the right stuff this year because we have the greatest chance we've had in a great while to actually get it!

And we want to get this stuff figured out NOW - there is no longer any "I'll figure this out tomorrow". Tomorrow is TODAY. I don't write this so we will all run off doing crazy ass things without thinking about them (although that crazy ass thing that makes your heart sing that you have been thinking about for quite a while well this could be exactly the year for THAT).

I write this only so we are all paying attention. If we are putting off stuff until we have all our ducks in a row - well this is the year those ducks line up, so be ready. The row of ducks may only look like a row of ducks if we drink two glasses of wine and squint into the Sun, but at some point even that will be good enough to get us moving. I promise.

By the end of the year Jupiter will be in Scorpio, Saturn will be in Capricorn, by the middle of 2018 Uranus will be in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Leo - this stuff is biblical - we want to be on course, and STRONG. Heroes and heroines will be needed.

I have a friend with a daughter disappearing (Pisces) on heroin (Pisces). There is a little less and less of her everyday. In many ways this is all of our stories now in the spaces we aren't vigilant, isn't it?

I have been poking and prodding this girl's natal chart for the times and ways her mother might reach her.

We have Neptune, so strong in Pisces until 2025, coaxing so many people with beautiful, imaginative energy into the dark void of illusion and delusion with its promises of "escape" - we all feel it to varying degrees, don't we? When the South Nodes moves out of Pisces in May and the North Node moves into Leo and especially when Saturn comes full strength next December in Capricorn - heroines will be needed. I just keep thinking of that little letter "e" that turns heroin into heroine.

And how when we hear the word spoken out loud we think first of the drug and not the woman and how we need to change that.

I have no idea what specifically this means you have to do - I do know we have to do what is right in front of us and follow our heart - we need to trust that this will get us lined up with the right stuff. Eat clean and meditate - truly there are so many studies and we need to fight this fogginess (sugar, wheat, drugs)!

(so many people say they have terrible memories now - and we are made of our memories! on the one hand this fogginess might make it easier for us to let go of things since it detaches us - on the other hand it makes us detached from each other since we are not remembering the things that keep us together!)

For now let's take NEW action by February 5th, then we'll back off a bit BUT KEEP MOVING, we'll see what Jupiter's station and the eclipses in February expand and eclipse out.

xo all

Mercury Sextile Neptune | when a picture is worth a thousand words

Semidarkness by Natalia Drepina

With Mercury, our words and language, (in all-business, just get 'er done Capricorn) sextiling Neptune (strong in dreamy Pisces) for the third time since December 10th (look for patterns!), this could be a good time to bring some imagination and a little "pie-in-the-sky" language into our conversations and communications.

Sextiles are opportunities, but they are often subtle and we miss them.

This is great energy to talk about our dreams. Just saying the words out loud can bring us the clarity we need or maybe the person we are talking to says exactly what we need to hear. Or maybe someone else needs us to listen to them. Words are magical now - use them carefully or we can choose to let our images do the talking for us. 

We can use this energy in the reverse, too. We can ground (Capricorn) our dreamy, airy-fairy conversations in the real world. We need both grounded and stable Saturn (ruler of Capricorn - Mercury is answering to him now) and Neptune (our dreams and imagination) to get anything done. And here they are shaking hands again!

This is the year everyone gets 'unstuck' and sometimes unstuck means a physical change and sometimes it means the clouds part and the fog lifts. And what we believe changes.

Remember we live in a vibrational Universe, but also in a world of contrast.

Often creative people get “strategically placed” in areas that need huge energetic help.

People who carry the vibration of truth or beauty or patience or empathy or joy or courage, etc - you see where this is going -  can arrive like human “seed bombs” into the spaces and situations they are needed.

When we can begin to embrace the greater purpose to our situation we start to decrease the resistance to us moving along to something better.

Keep this in mind. Speak (Mercury) with compassion (Pisces).

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 23rd - wrap it up, get extra rest, new cycles at the end of the week

Synchronization by Alexan dru Crisan
On Monday, Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) so Mercury ruled conversations, communications, ideas or information focused on our goals, career, business or with authority will flow smoothly (or we could put the other person to sleep - ack!).

Mystical Neptune could also center those communications or ideas on art, healing, boundaries or what is happening "behind the scenes."

On Tuesday, the Moon is void from 12:30pm to 5:45pm EST. This is not a good time to start anything new. The Moon (in Sagittarius) in squaring Mars (still in Pisces for a couple more days) which could bring tension and struggle with legal, political, foreign, educational, religious, travel or wedding situations. Productive energy today through Thursday, but remember it is the dark of the Moon and we are wrapping things up or releasing stuff.

On Wednesday, Venus and Chiron meet up in Pisces. This could involve a situation about something we can't have or didn't get. There could be disappointment and hurt feelings now. This might take us back to whatever happened with last week's Mars/Chiron conjunction and will push us toward Venus's Friday square with "the wall" Saturn and the bold Aquarius New Moon.

On Thursday, the ongoing T-Square that impacted the inauguration chart connects with the Moon in Capricorn. Emotional career, business, goal or authority situations connect with power players Jupiter (expansion), Uranus (revolution, change) and Pluto (transformation). This can bring unexpected changes and power plays. Our natal Cancer house will be where to focus to ease the tension. The Moon is dark, wants to rest and in its detriment in Capricorn - not wanting to deal with whatever might be hitting the fan - take some deep breaths here.

On Friday, Venus squares Saturn and we have the New Moon in Aquarius. I'll do a separate post - this is a BIG day. Then on Saturday - another BIG day, Mars comes home to Aries where he'll hang out until March 9th and kick off a new two year cycle in our Aries house. This will have us more motivated, more courageous and give us more energy and initiative! Our Aries house will be WIDE AWAKE and ready to kick butt. The Chinese New Year begins and Mercury makes his annual conjunction with Pluto which kicks off another new cycle - this one in our Capricorn natal house and/or with our ongoing Capricorn themes - business, career, goals, responsibilities and limits. We'll talk about this in another post, too!

After we get a little sliver of New Moon in the sky - it will be all systems GO until at least February 6th. There aren't many GO periods in the early part of this year, if we need/want it - it's here.

After that, eclipse season is coming and will take us back to February 1998 - where were you then? That was a very challenging time for me and the eclipse is exactly conjunct my mid-heaven at 22 degrees Leo -a nail biter.

xo all

new world ... part II

Elle voulait voir (she wanted to see) by Leona Snow

Part I is HERE

Let's finish up this look at the inauguration chart by comparing it to Trump's natal chart.

The first thing I see is the Aquarius Sun in the inauguration day chart is conjunct Trump's 6th house cusp. The 6th house rules our health and work. This could give him energy and vitality with his daily work and also a focus on jobs, but also shine a light on his health (also the country's healthcare issues!) or bring to light issues with his health. I don't know if he ever had a complete physical - I remember his doctor was very vague on the papers that were released. Hopefully as he focuses on his day to day activities he will also focus on his health. He will certainly be focused on the 6th house issues of jobs and healthcare. 

His natal Sun and natal Uranus (2nd house - values, money, security) oppose the inauguration day Saturn (8th house - death, transformation, karma). Gemini Suns have been dealing with Saturn opposing them since Saturn moved into Sagittarius over a year ago and have another year to go. He has certainly faced many obstacles and succeeded. In this chart the opposition is pretty exact though. Saturn is time, work, restrictions. This shows obstacles, roadblocks from authority - he will need to focus and clarify his purpose

His Mercury (communication, information) is strong in the 3rd house (which it rules) of the inauguration chart - it will be hard/unlikely for him to stop tweeting! It opposes the inauguration chart's Mercury in the 9th house. Since the 9th house rules the media, legal issues, the courts, higher truth, foreign issues, foreign trade, immigration, higher education - his communications will continue to be at odds with these themes - no big news here.

There is an astrological configuration called a 'mystic rectangle' when we compare Trump's natal chart with the inauguration day chart. This is a connection with four planets. We have two planets in opposition to each other and separated by a sextile - it looks like an envelope. 

When found in a person's natal chart the envelope contains a gift - from the person to the world. When the person gives their gift to the world, they are rewarded in kind. 

In this case it involves Trump's 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. We can make a word sandwich with these house themes - (2nd) money, values, security, personal resources (6th) health, daily activities, work, (8th) death, rebirth, transformation, other people's resources, karma (12th) illness, lies, hidden enemies or alliances, stuff put away, secrets, self-sabotage, escape, addiction, imagination.

We'll have to see how this plays out.

There is also a T-Square here involving Trump's natal Venus/Saturn conjunction and the inauguration chart's Uranus and Jupiter. This one also involves the 6th and 12th houses and the 4th house of home, family, country. Since Venus is the ruler of Trump's mid-heaven (career, public reputation, life's goal) Taurus and his "home" is now The White House (his place of work) this year's Uranus/Jupiter opposition - one of the big ongoing aspects in 2017 - will be impacting him big time.

(and with his natal Uranus/Sun conjunction I think whenever I say "Uranus" in the weekly forecasts - and you can pronounce this either way, long a or short a, depending on your feelings about the President and these could change, too, as we move along - anyway, when I write Uranus, you can think Trump)

He has many challenging periods over the next year (through October 2017 at least) including the fact our total solar eclipse in August - what astronomers are calling The Great American Eclipse because it will be so visible in the United States - will be conjunct his ascendant (first house cusp, his physical self). Eclipses are giant cosmic resets and eclipse something out. This one will last for two minutes, so it's effects will be felt for two years.

He needs to be cautious, but I don't think he can/will be. Whatever he is here to bring us, he is going to bring us.

Asbury Park NJ Women's March

Think about Sunday's Women's March with millions of women marching around the world and the kind of energetic shift we will see over time from this - is there any other person who could have created this?

If Hillary had been elected I don't think we would have seen this. And not if Bernie had won either.

We are ending centuries of patriarchy and moving into equality. It takes what it takes. It won't be pretty.

And truly Trump's chart, as ugly as it is sometimes, also shows a larger than life energy for change and transformation, a passion to win and a deep caring for family and country. There are always diamonds - hopefully he/we will unearth them. Also as he changes us, we change him, too. The Universe is never static and free will is always present in all situations. We will hope, and work, for the best outcome for all of us.

People keep asking me if it looks like he will finish out his term. I think there are indicators he might not. Maybe if he makes it through October, he will finish. But when we look ahead to the inauguration of 2020 (2020 is going to be a HUGE year astrologically) his chart still fits right in with where we will likely be then. 

With Trump's natal Uranus/Sun conjunction his actions and outcomes really can't be predicted and now that his chart is enmeshed with the U.S. chart, the United States can't be predicted either. We also have the North Node moving into Leo in May - people who are not stepping into their own spotlight and responsibility might be looking for a "King". It's hard to say.

I have tried to write these two posts in as unbiased a manner as I could. 

 Here is a post I wrote about both Clinton and Trump before the election. But the astrologer is always present in any astrology forecast (and if you are a regular reader you know I am a bit of a negative thinker). I'm going to leave these posts in the feed for a week and then bury them a bit. They will still be searchable by subject. I want to keep this blog as nonpolitical as I can - although obviously sometimes events factor into the weeklies.

I don't want anyone to feel unwelcome here. We are all in this together and we need to remember whoever won the 2016 election would have been stepping into very similar landmines!

xo all

new world .....

new world by ceecore

I try not to talk politics here, but thought it would be interesting to look at the new administration's chart to see what we see. This post won't be here for long - I don't really want it in my blog feed, but a few people have asked me about it so I'll leave it searchable if you look for it another time.

Trump took the oath of office at exactly 12 noon. An astrology chart set up for precisely that moment in Washington D.C. - we'll call it the inauguration chart - will tell us alot about what he/and we will be dealing with for the next four years. We also have the ingress charts as he moves through his term - the chart for the day the Sun moves into a cardinal sign and ushers in a new season - but today's chart provides a good overview.  

Remember this chart would apply to whoever won the election, assuming they were sworn in at this customary time.

Then we'll add Trump's natal chart to this chart and we'll have something personalized to his Presidency (comparing two charts in astrology is called synastry).

First, let's see what the skies looked like at noon in D.C. We know alot about what is happening from this week's forecast and dailies. We know the Sun has just moved into Aquarius and the Moon is in Scorpio today.

Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs that square each other. Since Trump was born with his Sun conjunct Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) he is the Sun in this chart - he would be anyway, but damn it is so, so accurate. The Moon in a mundane chart represents 'the people' or 'the public'. We have Trump squaring the people or the people squaring Trump. And we have the Sun and Moon in fixed signs so everyone's positions are pretty dug in and rigid. This is also the 'mommy and daddy are fighting' aspect that will probably represent the two political parties.

We have all planets moving ahead (no planets retrograde and this is VERY unusual) so he will be off to the races right out of the gate! No looking backward - he will only be looking ahead.

Noon puts the Sun in the 10th house at the top of the chart - the house of career and government. This is why I should have known the inauguration (moment he takes the oath) is precisely at noon - our founding fathers, many Freemasons, knew astrology and knew what they were doing here.

This year the ruler of the 10th house (Uranus) is in the 12th house in Aries. This shows Trump using initiative and energy and yes, anger or impulsive action (Aries) to change and revolutionize (Uranus) government, business, societal structures (10th house). Even though his recent appointments don't look much like he is "draining the swamp" - this configuration gives him the focus and power to create fast and maybe unexpected changes. With Aries in the 12th house, much of this work will be 'behind the scenes', maybe 'clouded in secrets, maybe even deception', somethings might just disappear or drift away or he could drift off purpose. He could have hidden enemies and secret alliances.

Aries is ruled by Mars (war, action) and Mars is in the 11th house of friends. And the 11th house, Pisces in this chart, also houses Mercury, Venus and Chiron. Remember we have alot of Pisces right now - why it's hard to tell what is real from what is not real. This will continue with this administration - hard to tell what is true.

Pisces in the 11th house makes friendships rather unreliable and mutable. If you are born with Pisces here you can't always count on your friends and they can't always count on you. With so many planets in this space our relationships with other countries will be a focus and will be subject to change.

Mars is conjunct Chiron - this could be some wounding to masculinity or the military (maybe the Navy since it's in Pisces, but I might be stretching things) over the next four years. Mars is also making a tense aspect to Jupiter in the 6th house which rules 'health' and work. Maybe something happens militarily that has a negative impact on our nation's health or ability to work. The Moon is also in that 6th house and represents 'the people'. This is probably not good news.

You might remember we talked the other day about Mars squaring Saturn (that was the live to fight another day post). The inauguration chart has Mars (military, action) in that 11th house (friends) squaring Saturn (authority, limits, walls) in the 9th house in Sagittarius (religion, foreigners, legal issues, the media). Squares denote tension and conflict. You can kind of see where this is going.

The U.S. is a Cancer country - born on the 4th of July, after all, and Cancer rules the 4th house of home, family and patriotism. In this chart we have Cancer strong in the 4th house and we have the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, in the 6th house of the nation's health (healthcare?) and our day to day work. This is a good indicator that Trump's focus will be on the health of the nation and getting people working. This is good. Now this is what we usually see in these inauguration charts (since they are always the same day and time). Every President wants to do good for the health of the nation, Trump does, too.

The good news - the Moon is sextile Mercury so Trump will have easy conversations with 'the people' and his words will make people feel listened to and comforted. Venus is sextile Pluto (my post from this morning) - this should be good for women's issues and money. I know that sounds unlikely at this moment, but I think tomorrow's marches for women around the country will make a difference! This is also about the country being passionate about what we love and loving what we are passionate about.

With Capricorn ruling the 10th (government) and answering to Saturn (Saturn rules Capricorn) in the 8th (death, rebirth, other people's assets, karma, transformation) in Sagittarius much of the government's focus will be on foreign policy, immigration, legal issues, religion, maybe the media.  And with Pluto - the planet of transformation and karma, in Capricorn in the 9th house squaring Jupiter (in Libra/6th house) and squaring Uranus (in Aries/12th house). Well, that's a whole lot of tension.

Some of these challenges are not so dissimilar to the ones Obama faced.

Jupiter (in Libra/6th house) has multiple aspects. Many astrologers see Jupiter as always beneficial, but I know from my own life that Jupiter's expansion (not to mention being literally full of hot air, well gases anyway) expands both positive and negative things. I am not liking Jupiter all squished up here in the 6th house and squaring the Sun, Pluto and the chart's mid-heaven and opposing Uranus. It feels like whatever expands will not be for the best or what needs to expand will get squashed.

It could be the 'expansions' of his administration run into a lot of roadblocks or are just not good for society.

The biggest challenge with the inauguration chart is a T-Square between Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto - all power players. Uranus opposite Jupiter in Libra - feels to me like unexpected, unbalanced and/or unfair actions that are either overblown (overstated by the media, maybe) or create big tension. Alliances can change quickly. This T-Square is challenging. We'll look at it again.

Well, I'm getting a headache and going to call it a night. There is alot more to look at. Hopefully will polish this off over the weekend by adding his natal chart to the mix!

Going to the Women's March tomorrow in Asbury Park, NJ. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

xo all

Venus Sextile Pluto | passionate about the things we love

Ashlin I by surabhiguptaphotoart
Venus in Pisces sextiles (opportunities) Pluto in Capricorn today.

Venus ruled women, art, money and beauty can be the catalyst for change and transformation now. Sextiles are gentle aspects - things can fall into place so easily that opportunities can be overlooked. This is feeling passion about what we love or falling in love with what we are passionate about. Fated relationships - personal and business - could begin now.

Back this afternoon with the inauguration chart once we see what time he actually takes the oath of office. We have the Scorpio Moon squaring the Aquarius Sun - so big changes ahead folks, but we probably don't need astrology to tell us that! xo all

Mars Square Saturn, Sun into Aquarius | giving that situation some space

Snow queen by thefirebomb

Today is a busy day in the skies. Mars - our initiative, our energy, our action, our anger -  still in Pisces for another nine days and not uber comfortable, is squaring Saturn (in Sagittarius until the end of the year).

Saturn here is that wall, that constraint, that authority blocking our way forward. Maybe an unexpected or unwanted "no".

Getting angry (Mars) or deciding to push harder won't help the situation now. Saturn is unyielding. Roadblocks serve a purpose - sometimes we need to go around, crash over or plow through them and sometimes they keep us from falling off the cliff.

For today, the best choice is likely to let things move at their own pace. Patience might be needed.

It is unlikely for Mars (young man) to beat Saturn (old man) while Mars is plodding through Pisces' shifting sands. If we keep our cool we live to fight another day here. If we don't, we lose. Also, if we are playing Saturn to someone else's Mars know that we could win the battle, but might lose the war.

Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us "what do you really believe? ... and how's that working for ya." The highest use of Mars in Pisces is compassion and healing - this is the spiritual warrior at work. Keep this in mind.

Also today the Sun begins his annual journey through Aquarius and gives us a chance to step back and look at the big picture. It energizes us to step outside the box and try something else. It allows us to put some space between us and that challenging, draining situation. As always with Aquarius all detachment is helpful until it isn't.

We are about to get very familiar with this energy when the South Node moves into Aquarius in May. Sometimes we are too close and too enmeshed in a situation to see clearly what is happening. Stepping back is good and needed. We can see what is happening with less judgment. We can see past societal rules (Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal). We get a new set of eyes to see the world.

Of course (that fly in the ointment thing again), if we step too far back we are like an outsider in our own life and this is not a good thing. Detachment can create dispassion and with the South Node's move into this space, dispassion isn't going to work anymore. The problem with loving 'people' in general more than we love the person lying next to us in bed ... or the person looking back at us from the mirror, is one of the themes we will be working with in 2017/2018.

For now, we will all get to feel what it feels like to burn Aquarius energy for fuel - how appropriate that we usher in Trump with his natal Sun conjunct Uranus (Aquarius ruler Uranus coloring his Sun and making him very Uranian and an honorary Aquarian).

Aquarius ancient ruler is Saturn (before Uranus was discovered). And because we have Saturn squaring Mars the day the Sun enters Aquarius and Saturn squaring Neptune the day of the Aquarius New Moon (the 27th) - we know this Aquarius season will be very much Saturn flavored - work paying off, realism, patience. But still Aquarian - independence, humanitarian, group-focused, being an individual within a group setting.

I'm going to take a look at Trump's inauguration chart tomorrow - trying to talk a little politics here (since it so aptly represents our own lives these days) without being divisive. The chart itself would be in play for whoever won the election, so we will add Trump's natal and see what we see.

For today - keep a cool head if you must go up against authority now. Live to fight another day.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 16th - cloudy skies and a thorny crown

Crown by Natalia Drepina

The word inauguration comes from the Latin "inaugurationem" meaning to install under good omens (auger meaning predict). In ancient times new phases and spaces were inaugurated when omens were favorable. Of course, 'favorable' meant whatever it meant at the time. This week's omens, whether looked at astrologically or just by taking the temperature of the U.S. populace, are probably not so favorable. 

(Remember the same troubled astrological skies would have ushered in Clinton had she won - although Trump's chart when synchronized with the U.S. chart and the chart for Friday, is particularly volatile. The inauguration chart will affect Trump's - and so the United States' and world's - next four years.)

On Monday, Mars (in Pisces) conjuncts Chiron and moves into position to square Saturn on Thursday. Mars in Pisces is tricky enough to manage. We are trying to direct the flow of water - it's not easy. The highest use of Mars in Pisces is compassion and healing. The lowest is deception and self-sabotage. 

Hooking up with Chiron (the wounded healer), someone's actions (ours or other people's) are 'opening a wound'. Actions are painful.

Sometimes the only way to clean a wound is to open it. This doesn't make it hurt any less. Also the Moon is in critical and persnickety Virgo now. Kindness matters. If our goal is 'to take someone down a few notches' - we might succeed in doing this, but with the approaching square to Saturn we will bring things to a screeching halt, too. If we are up against an authority figure or a situation that is 'always done this way' - it is unlikely to budge. Saturn is going to win this week. Let's really think about our goals with what we are doing and saying. There is a way around this. We all have Saturn in us. Time and patience may be required.

This doesn't mean authority and the status quo should not be challenged - this is the year it will be! But we must be pushing for (or better said - moving in the direction of) what we want and not against what we don't want. Keep this in mind.

The Virgo Moon says - get to work, get organized. Mars is behind the scenes (deception, addiction) so we don't know what we don't know. The distraction is probably not real anyway. Focus.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into Libra so our attention naturally turns to partnership issues (equal partners - spouses, clients, attorney, agent, competitor, etc). We could be responding to challenging news. 

Mars (war, courage, passion) energy is getting stronger. If there is any great mayhem this week, it will likely be sometime now through Thursday.

On Wednesday, we continue to build toward the Mars/Saturn square - exact on Thursday. Whatever is going on in our natal Pisces house or behind the scenes or with a Pisces theme - addiction, healing, compassion, imagination, deception - is about to run head on into Saturn (authority, structure, time, limit, commitment, career). With Saturn in Sagittarius the theme will likely be something legal, higher education, politics, publicity, religion or travel. 

We can see the wall. Keep a cool head.

On Thursday, the Moon is void all day - don't start anything new, don't initiate. Mars squares Saturn - I'll do a post about this in the dailies. We hit a limit. Big boy pants are required. The Sun moves into Aquarius focusing our attention on the group, the internet, revolution, innovation, Trump (Sun conjunct Uranus natal), humanitarian causes. 

By Friday, the Moon moves into deep, dark Scorpio. There are a couple good aspects this day, so the inauguration chart isn't totally challenging. We'll talk about this later.

By Sunday when the Moon moves into Sagittarius - we are starting to move past 'the hurt'. We are focusing on 'what's next'. 2017 is all about moving us into our hearts and getting unstuck. This week concludes part one of that.

xo all

FULL MOON in Cancer | January 12th - pulled in different directions

Self medicating by Katy Twist

Today's Full Moon in Cancer is BIG.

The monthly Full Moon is always a time of Sun opposite Moon - this month, the Sun is in Capricorn at the same degree the Moon is in Cancer. It is always a time we are being pulled in two directions. Well, this month we also have Uranus and Jupiter forming a Grand Cardinal Cross with the Sun and Moon. Imagine a giant cross in the sky with each planet at one of the four points. And imagine us in the middle!

So now we are being pulled in four directions! Cardinal signs initiate. Grand Cardinal Crosses create situations, usually stressful, that cause us to initiate changes.

This energy will be very potent and impact us strongly until the next New Moon on January 28th and to a lesser degree until the New Moon in Cancer next summer. Most impacted will be people with planets or points around 22 degrees. 

(this energy will be in effect during the U.S. Presidential inauguration and the U.S. - born on the 4th of July - is a Cancer Sun country)

This is a battle of extremes. With the Moon (our emotions, motherhood, patriotism) in its home sign of Cancer - emotions will be very high for everyone. Grand Crosses are difficult to resolve because it's like each side wants what they want, and something has to give here.

Luckily for us Saturn is forming beneficial angles to all the players in the cross. Saturn brings all of us together. Now, Saturn is called Father Time, so patience will be required. It may be time that heals this wounding. Hard work could be required since he rules that, too. Maybe Saturn will show up in the form of an actual older person (older than us or a very Saturnian person - strong Capricorn, strong Saturn) who pulls things together.

Saturn will be trining (brakes off) Uranus - this is an excellent aspect for young and old to work together. This is good for traditional ways to work with new ways. With Saturn in Sagittarius, this could bring people from different backgrounds together. Saturn will be sextiling Jupiter - this is measured expansion that creates opportunity over time. Common sense is needed. And, of course these Saturn aspects - the way through this - will play out over a longer period of time.

For now, if something happens that feels like it is threatening our security/family, remember we have faced hard things before and survived. We will survive this, too. For some of us, there is karma and fate in whatever happening is catching us off guard. This might be helpful to think about even if things are painful. Be flexible. Flow with what is happening. There is literally soul healing here ....

Also today Mercury moves back into Capricorn (moving forward) - this story has been unfolding since around December 19th. We have all the information we need and are ready to face the truth with this.

This Moon feels so challenging I wouldn't even walk in it - if you get what you want here, celebrate respectfully, because someone else isn't .... xo all

Mars Sextile Pluto | the courage to go for it

You and my winter by TanjaMoss

Today is a good day to tackle something we have been procrastinating or have been afraid would be too difficult. Action creates opportunity. Mars (action initiative) in Pisces (dream, imagination) is sextile (opportunity, ease) Pluto (karma, transformation) in Capricorn (work, authority, career).

Also the Sun is sextile Chiron and squaring Jupiter - this is us having faith in our goals and ambitions. This is us getting back on that horse.

I have to head out but wanted to get up a few sentence or two since the energy is there for us to take a chance. We could over-do things (not a good day for shopping!), there is that Jupiter square (see the weekly post for Wednesday HERE), we might also accomplish something we thought was out of reach. Focus. xo all

Sun Square Uranus | lead up to this week's Full Moon - tradition gets shaken up ....

her hands by Natalis Drepina

With the Sun, in Capricorn so answering to Saturn

(and I should say influenced by and not 'answering to' since the Sun, being the biggest big cheese of all, doesn't ever 'answer to')

squaring off with Uranus, the planet of the new and unusual - we might feel a strong urge to try something new now. Someone or something else could upset our apple cart, too, by doing things in a new way or acting unexpectedly. Restless energy can break through very stagnant and stifling walls, but could take the floors and ceiling out, too. Maybe they need to be taken out or maybe it just makes more of a mess to clean up.

This is a good time to try something else, but keeping one foot on solid (and proven) ground for a while will probably be a good thing. Take care driving since not everyone will be playing by the same rules.

We also have Vesta (keeper of the hearth) retrograding from Leo back into nurturing Cancer today. We talked about her a little bit here. Maybe we move away from Leo ruled - creative project, children, romance, passion, play - and refocus on taking care of ourselves. An energy of "devotion" moves from our Leo to Cancer natal house (where are Leo and Cancer in your natal chart?) for a bit of backtracking.

We are building toward Thursday's Cancer Full Moon which is part of a Grand Cardinal Cross (imagine a cross in the sky with a planet at each point and us in the middle being pulled in four different directions) involving the Moon, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. There is something shocking here. Something anxious to be born. So many planets at the same degrees and no planets in fixed signs at all!

Life is changing folks.

There's still so much Pisces energy ... we swim, we float or we drown. Maybe we cry. Maybe we just get wet.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 9th - changes in the weather and the leather

the weather maker by bloodymarie

Mercury (communication, information) is moving forward. Actually all the planets are moving forward for the next four weeks.

So, here we go!

On Monday, Eris stations direct at 22 degrees Aries. Eris's stations are sometimes a harbinger of violence in the world - so stay safe and calm, especially around people who are easily angered. Saturn (in Sagittarius - foreign, travel, education, media, publishing) trines (brakes off) Eris on Wednesday and Jupiter opposes this energy on the 17th - we'll see how all of this plays out.

At the same time Neptune focuses us on something going on in secret or behind closed doors, research, art, healing, addiction, escapism, things that have been put away.

On Tuesday, the Sun squares Uranus (in Aries) bringing a spotlight to sudden changes, shocking events and unexpected news particularly involving career or authority figures. We are building toward the Full Moon so results will show up now and maybe an ending. Whatever Mercury retrograde has been re-working in our life could bring news.

There is a very powerful Pluto/Mars aspect now - this is action creating meaningful change. There is also passion and impulsiveness here. With Mars in Pisces, actions may feel like they aren't really getting us anywhere (that Pisces floaty, drifty thing) when in fact they are getting us lined up with important transformational energies. Think strategy.

On Wednesday, the Sun squares Jupiter (in Libra) making us more optimistic, confident and even, dare I say, LUCKY. Now, the thing to remember about Jupiter is he is quite literally full of hot air and there is tension with this aspect. We can easily overdo whatever it is we are doing and this over-doing, over-feeling, over-the-top thing we might do can muck the whole thing up. Don't muck the whole thing up. Don't overdo or over spend or over commit now. Don't be a jackass. Stay humble. This is excellent energy to make a complete fool of ourselves.

On Thursday, Venus conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces). This is us getting what we want or this is what we want slipping through our fingers. This won't be something we have to work for - either way it will just happen.

We have the Full Moon in Cancer wrapping up something with our home or family, something started at the Cancer New Moon last summer or something involving the theme of our natal Cancer house. This is a BIG one involving all four cardinal signs. I'll do a post about it later this week.

Mercury re-enters Capricorn. Whatever news we hear now is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The Moon is void all day Thursday so don't start anything brand new unless you want "nothing to come of it".

As always, although I write about transits on the dates they are most exact they are building for days before and unwinding themselves for days after - keep that in mind.


Of course, I didn't finish the 2017 posts (!) - ugh. I will get back to them this week, or next weekend at the latest - we have some nice transits ahead for us in 2017 and some challenges.

I think the most important thing now is to focus on releasing whatever is not 'our hearts desire' (that upcoming Leo North Node). I always start with small things because small things are like acorns.

I have been feeling very "loaded down" and "heavy". Ten pounds off my physical body would feel pretty good right about now but since that would probably involve some actual physical exercise in the winter (is such a thing actually possible, I mean really?!) and passing on the guacamole I have been making almost everyday (I have no idea what this guac obsession is), I did the next best thing - I ditched my handbag.

I realized I rarely even open the damn thing except to pull out my debit card and occasionally my lipstick and I am always looking for it and dragging it around with me and since it could be made of leather (possibly, it was a gift) - it might actually be a dead thing I am carrying around which is exactly what I do not want to be doing!

I put my lipstick, debit card, a credit card, my driver's license and a few dollars in a coat pocket that zips. I feel about 10 pounds lighter (probably because I am 10 pounds lighter). I can even get my stretch jeans zipped more easily - go figure!

I am not sure how I will work this handbag-less thing when it's time to put away my winter coat, but I will think of something. For now, it's coat on and out the door. I am standing taller and walking more purposefully - I am not kidding! And, I am putting to bed any belief I could end up a bag lady ... because I can't ... since I won't own a bag.

... xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | 2017 - the end of the road ... (part II)

no, you won't see inside by duenan

Tomorrow Mercury stations direct (keep that finger through the candle analogy in mind now). He won't start covering totally new territory until the end of the month, but having him moving forward next week will help us get clear and we can begin to move forward, too!

In February, Jupiter goes retrograde (this isn't usually a biggie but this year with him in Libra and opposing Uranus it could be more impactful) and we have eclipse season so anything can happen. In March, Venus goes retrograde from Aries and back into Pisces. Venus will cross the zero degree Aries point (original creation point, first degree of the zodiac) 3X during her retrograde. I would imagine this is going to be a very important retrograde. Saturn and Mercury both go retrograde the same week in April. Then right after Venus starts covering new ground the North Node moves into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius. None of this sounds like full steam ahead to me and there are lots of other stuff during this time I am not even mentioning. It will be intense.

This isn't an excuse to get nothing done for four months. We will just be spending alot of time reacting to outside situations and things will be more challenging. Take the actions you need to take, just keep in mind the winds are blowing from different directions, pinning us into place and we might not get as far as we think we will. If we just sit around and do nothing though, we won't be in the right space for the headwind to catch us when it does get freed up!

After the North Node moves into Leo in early May and through at least the next Mercury retrograde in August (and we have gnarly eclipses in August!) and maybe until Jupiter meets up with the Sun in October this is when following our heart can really pay off. This is when the right doors can open. And yes we might have to PUSH them open, Leo isn't shy and doesn't wait to be invited. So, we want to set up the first few months of the year to allow ourselves to GET LUCKY in the middle of the year! We'll talk about all this as we move through it.

Maybe the most important change this year is the Nodes changing signs (and this is a big maybe because there is alot happening this year). In early May, the North Node of the Moon - our collective way forward - moves from Virgo into Leo. The South Node of the Moon - what we are releasing - moves from Pisces into Aquarius. This doesn't change our personal North and South Nodes of our natal chart, but if the collective energy is moving in a certain direction it certainly pays to adjust our sails.

I have 3 planets in Aquarius and the thought of each planet running into that South Node (release) within an 18 month period makes me shiver and throw up a little in my mouth - especially since I tend to hold onto things with both hands and feet and maybe sometimes, my quite sizeable teeth - chomp!

The negative qualities of Aquarius are what we want to let go of - detachment, rebellion for the sake of rebellion, being overly logical or coldly scientific, cold heartedness, trendy crap. This transit may not be the best news for the internet which is ruled by Aquarius. Or maybe we will just get more people unplugged more often - a good thing!

The positive qualities of Leo are what will move us forward - generosity, taking center stage, confidence, stepping into leadership roles, open heartedness, romance, our personal wants, creative self-expression, following our heart.  

With our current North Node in Virgo we have to watch out for being too nitpicky and critical - in Leo we will have to watch for selfishness, too much ego and over the top drama.

It's good to know this is coming, but we still have a few more months of that Virgo/Pisces axis - keep this in mind.

Following our hearts, romance, creative self-expression - this is going to be the most important thing after the middle of the year, start setting that up now - that's where the real gold is. Doing the trendy stuff other people are doing is no longer going to work. You have a job to do here on Planet Earth and we all need you to do it. Lean toward what feels good. Confidence is inspiring.

Back next post with the 2nd half of the year and the entire year's most important transits (we haven't even talked transits yet! - that's why I don't like to write these annual posts - ha!). We are having a snowstorm here and I sometimes lose internet in the snow - so fingers crossed! xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | 2017 - the end of the road ... (part I)

no cars go? by L-N-E
I wrote a post back in 2014 saying that we needed to get where we were going, build what we needed to build, leave what we needed to leave, yadda yadda BEFORE Saturn comes home to Capricorn at the end of 2017.  

We are in the home stretch.

The things we carry with us into 2018 will be much harder to unload - it will be much harder to change course. 2018-2020 are watershed years for humanity. We don't want to be building houses of straw now - we want to be like that smart little pig using the bricks! Where/who/what are our bricks?

Let's jump right into this.

We start 2017 with the outer planets in the same places. Neptune, strong in Pisces until 2025, keeping our imaginations, intuition, inspiration and compassion high, the veils between us thin but our thinking sometimes foggy and illusory, addiction and escapism tendencies high and boundaries weak.

We have Uranus, planet of rebellion, explosions and fast change, in Aries - hang on Aries! -  (initiative, impulsivity, anger, war) for just one more year then he moves into Taurus  - buckle up Taurus! - (money, security, our values, planet Earth) for a long stay.

Pluto is in Capricorn through 2023 - he will take us all the way through the restructuring/transformation, death and rebirth of everything Capricornian - structure, security, government, business.

The middle planets which have the most impact on our individual lives (except for outer planet transit aspects to our natal planets) start 2017 with Saturn in Sagittarius (through December) and Jupiter in Libra until October 10th.

The nearest planets (fastest moving so produce less lasting results) include Mercury which starts the year retrograde - the reason the year started with a whimper and not a bang, Mars (no retrogrades in 2017 - thank goodness) and Venus which will retrograde from March 6th - April 15th.

Since Venus rules both Taurus and Libra her retrogrades impact our relationships, our finances, our values, art, beauty, women, nature - it is always a time when lessons come up to show us the real value of the people and things in our lives. Problems, differences and unresolved issues come to our attention. Venus ruled people and situations from the past reappear (she was last retrograde the summer of 2015). When the astrological year starts (Sun into Aries) Venus will be retrograde, mirroring the calendar year, and starting the astro year with a whimper rather than a bang, too. These are natural cycles and as they should be.

Very big news in 2017 is the Nodes change signs (May 9th). We move from our North Node - our collective way forward - in Virgo (just do the work, service to others, prioritize health) to a North Node in Leo. This doesn't mean these Virgo lessons get lost - they are integrated within us now and we are on to the next step. Because the Nodes work in reverse order instead of proceeding to Libra (the flock, relationships) - we've already done Libra - we've integrated that - where's your flock?? We move to Leo later this year. Also the South Node - what we are releasing - currently in Pisces (illusion, addiction, escapism, imagination, spirituality) moves into Aquarius.

We'll talk about what all this means next post.

And we'll talk about the major 2017 aspects. I'll get all these posts up before Mercury turns direct on Sunday, so we'll all be as clear as we can be - as a collective, obviously, I can't see your individual chart - about what is happening. There are always surprises, of course, and this is all one person's interpretation. I saw 2016 as "dreams vs. reality" and I guess it was, but "illusions vs reality" probably sums it up better!

2016 was a very mutable year. The mutable (and cardinal) signs got walloped. Stuff was always in flux and changing. 2016 was the Chinese Year of the Monkey and looking back on it all - that seems very accurate! In 2017 there is still quite a bit of mutable energy, especially early in the year. Stuff is still in flux.

(2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster and Trump reminds me of a Rooster with his hair and "tweeting" - this week the House GOP quietly voted to gut an independent ethics committee. The media pounced. Trump cock-a-doodle-doo'd. The people called their reps in Washington. The gutting was gutted. Pluto is conjunct Saturn - the House GOP were humbled. There is a huge lesson here for us about our power.)

There will be very powerful doors opening in 2017. We have all had plenty of time to figure out which door is the right door. We should know by now what really matters to us. We have no malefic planets in Scorpio this year, for the first time in quite a few years. For anyone even half-awake, the deep stuff has been unearthed. We don't have to go back down there. This doesn't mean we have to know what to do. We don't have to know that part. Truly. We do have to know what we want or more accurately how we want to feel (and we do!) and what we want has to align with what we are here to do. This will make more sense later.

When the Sun and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn at the end of 2017 - that's the wall. We need to have our act together by then. We will be stuck with the world we have built (and the world we have allowed authority to build) for quite a while.

Back with Part II next and we'll move through the months of 2017 - also heads up, we have a BIG Full Moon next week. We'll talk about that, too. xo all

Aies Moon | resistance, urgency

porcelain by L-N-E

Today's Aries Moon (first quarter square) is opposing Jupiter, squaring Pluto and the Sun and conjuncting Uranus. There are power struggles and disagreements. That supportive angle to revolutionary Uranus tells us that fresh approaches are best. Mercury still retrograde tells us we don't know what we don't know. Things will be clearer after Mercury stations direct on Sunday.

We could be feeling a strong push to do something. We could also be feeling a strong resistance to doing anything. First quarter Moons are a time of action. They are also the time the first tension and problems hit whatever launches at the New Moon. There is pressure. Decisions (and sitting things out and not making any) will have ramifications. What do we really want to do? And what can we live with? More stability is needed ... or more freedom.

Jupiter in Libra says expansion comes through balance and fairness now.

I have a friend who has a job she loves/hates. She loves the work. She hates the finances of it. She doesn't make enough money and her job is too many hours and leaves her too depleted to make extra money in another way. She's been in this loop for years. Well, now a situation has come along that is forcing her hand. Something has to change. She has to change it. She doesn't know what to do, but this love/hate thing is keeping her stuck.

Can you really love a job that doesn't equally compensate you? Isn't it a bit like loving a guy who doesn't love you back. Can you really hate the money if you have been accepting it for all these years? Isn't it a bit like eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning while hating oatmeal?

She blames the company, the boss, the economy. Anything to keep from looking at what is really happening here. I said, "Try loving the work a little less. Try loving the money a little more." Visualize yourself coming back into balance. Do some yoga. Start there. See how that feels. See what opens up.

If you have planets or points around 20 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - you will be feeling the power struggles and issues around your security, your home, your work, your family. We are also being reminded that even though we might have coupled up - we still have our own individual journeys to walk here.

If you have planets or points around 20 degrees of the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - Saturn is pinning that space in your life to the wall with a pushpin the size of an elephant.

That insurmountable whatever-it-is has most likely been made insurmountable by our inability to face it earlier. It's grown like one of those snowballs that kids turn into Frosty's ass.

That's OK. We are where we are right now. Maybe it took urgent, to break down our resistance to facing whatever the hell this thing is. Go read The Hobbit or something about dragons and brave warriors. Mercury is still retrograde. Clean a closet. Clean all of them. When we don't have the answer either seek to clarify the question or shelve it ... for now.

xo all

Venus into Pisces | I water you and you water me and we grow together ....

Gasp by Greta Tu
Venus enters Pisces until February 3rd.

Venus loves Pisces. After the last few weeks in Aquarius where she was keeping her distance it feels good to merge again. Boundaries blur. Artistic yearnings beckon us to create something.

Imagination attracts us. 

It is easier to see the best in others when we realize we are all connected.

No one wins. No one loses. We are all coming along for the ride. 

We wonder, when we look at the person we do not agree with - "what truth has this person been able to see from his perspective, that is invisible from mine?".

Compassion attracts us. 

Pisces Suns (and ascendants) become more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Everyone's natal Pisces house gets more attractive, too.

With Venus hanging out in the realm of dreams and possibilities anything is possible.

The fly in the ointment of Venus in Pisces, and yes, no matter the temperature outdoors, or the fact we just installed those insulation strips around our windows, there's still a fly in here somewhere - is all the stuff a lack of boundaries could conjure up that might not feel good.

We could trust someone too much or put too much faith into something. We could realize that fancy new doormat that says WELCOME ALL actually has our name on it. We could feel confused about what we want. The energy of "anything is possible" can feel an awful lot like "nothing is possible" with a slight twist of circumstances.

Reality morphs. Germs spread. Money can slip right through our fingers now (here come the holiday bills).

Stay grounded. Watch for escape mechanisms/addictive behaviors. Meditation can prevent medication. Prayer works miracles. Water soothes. If it feels like we are drowning, we will remember this is just a transit - it will pass (some of the emotional stuff as early as Thursday when the Moon leaves Pisces).

There is alot of Pisces energy right now - we haven't had this much Pisces since early March 2013!

Mars (action, initiative, anger) just walked the degrees Venus is about to cover, so we get to reap what we have sown here. With Mars still traveling through Pisces, too, there is still time to move in a new direction if we don't like the results we are getting!

With Mercury retrograde until Sunday, 2017 hasn't really started yet. We are easing into it. This energy will help. xo all