weekly astrology forecast | July 24th to 30th, 2023 - the fate train rolls on ....

Last week and this week's energies with their 'cosmic course correction' aspects to the nodes have an Eclipsey/other-worldy feel to them, don't they?!

We have a few inconjuncts this week, so we know we are going to need to be making adjustments. This doesn't work, so we try that. That doesn't work, so we do this. We could feel between rocks and hard places. Nothing will feel settled. And, this is making me think of something I said to someone last week about how there isn't really a solution to problems anymore. The solution just creates a new problem. Which I guess is what happens when we are operating at a higher level, and I guess the solution is still a solution of sorts, but still ... again, nothing feels settled. 

On Monday, the Moon in Libra is floating between SUNDAY'S Sun/Moon trine and Tuesday's sextile to Mercury, so it's a good day for Libra stuff - socializing, time with partners/collaborators, time with women, work that makes the world (and notably your own life) more beautiful

That same Libra Moon goes void at 11:05AM EDT on Tuesday off a tense/frustrating square to Pluto - remember with Pluto back at the very end of Capricorn most planets leaving signs will be dealing with him in one way or another on their way out - so although the morning can start off smooth, there is some kind of hiccup here. Could be more than a hiccup if this is hitting your chart, but then Luna goes void, so things ease up. She is void for a couple hours - take a long lunch, you won't miss anything and might need the break - before moving into Scorpio where our emotions intensify anyway. By tonight EDT she is squaring the Sun - this month's First Quarter Square Leo/Scorpio. This is crisis that triggers action. The bright and fun-loving Leo Sun doesn't want to see what's in the shadows, but we are going to need to look at it/deal with it. Maybe we can sleep through this one and let our dreams handle it!

The major aspects this week are:

THURSDAY - Mercury conjunct Venus (retro). 

Mercury, on his/her way out of Leo, meets up with a retrograde Venus just getting started with her backtracking. Someone/something we used to love can have our attention and/or we might be re-evaluating old creative projects, people from our past, etc. Conversations, communications, information, ideas - all have their roots in the past now. We could feel very nostalgic. 

FRIDAY - Mercury trines the North Node/sextiles South Node, Mercury enters Virgo, Pluto squares North and South Nodes

Off his/her nostalgic meeting with the lovely - and dramatic in Leo - Venus, Mercury is in smooth flow with our fiery Arian future. Something is lighting a fire under us, hopefully it's not the forest! Pay attention to what comes to your attention now. News. Conversations. Information. There is a flashing green light here somewhere. This is Leo/Aries so BOLD and fresh.

Then Mercury comes home to Virgo. Time to get back to work. Time to get organized. Time to clean up the mess. Time to fix something. Mercury will be in Virgo until the beginning of October due to his retrograde next month, so whatever needs cleaning up with out daily habits, work, health will get cleaned up. 

With Mercury in Virgo, our thinking, writing and communication will be more practical and commonsense. We will be all about the details. Nothing gets by Mercury in Virgo.  But lots of things get dismissed. If it's not real/not factually stated/if it doesn't work - it's outta here.

This is an excellent transit for organization, cleaning, paperwork, taking care of our health, the ins and outs of our work and daily routine, our pets.

We will see all the little problems, but still need to avoid nitpicking. Leo to Virgo is 'creating to critiquing' and that is natural/cyclical, but with everything all of us are dealing with, and with Venus retrograde, we need to be gentle with each other. The biting criticism (that will look to us like practical advice) that is right on the tip of our tongue might need to be swallowed sometimes. Gulp.

The details. One thing at a time. Lists are good. Practical ideas, solutions and fixes can pop right into our head.

Pay attention to your language - we want to be precise now.

We want to honor Mercury (trust me on this, he can cause us oodles of damage and danger when we don't). Think about what you are thinking about. Watch what you are watching.

What you are reading, talking about, hearing - will matter now. Virgo rules our digestion - what we put in will be what we get out and impact how well we can function.

Notice how you verbally get in your own way - use unnecessary negative words (like saying something "isn't bad" when you mean it is good), double speak, babble, gas-lighting, lies. Avoid that "sorry" thing some people say moving through life. We aren't really sorry anyway right - so why are we saying it.

Words are powerful. They are some of the most powerful tools we have to move through life on planet Earth - let's not hold ourselves back by tossing around stuff we don't mean/don't want to have/don't want to be.

At the same time Pluto is making ANOTHER exact square with the Nodes of Fate. They are moving together right now, so this is pulled from last week and in play ALL WEEK. We are releasing what is dead ... permanently. Power struggles can move us in new directions. Collectively this is about MAJOR shifts with our goals, ambition, career. Personally much will depend on your natal Cappy house theme. So, we've got something CLOSING OUT/pushing us through tension/frustration toward something NEW - remember Pluto is retrograde this is OLD/deep/intense stuff - and we've got Mercury trining those same nodes, so conversations, information, IDEAS pointing us in brand new directions! And then Mercury moves into his home sign to get this whole thing rolling. Note - this 'rolling' thing is going to take some time. 

Venus is retrograde now. By next month Mercury will be, too and most of the planets. We have had this the past few years - big retrogrades in the summer and things start moving ahead in the fall/winter. Get your house in order. Plan accordingly. 

xo all

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