Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - dialing into the details/facts, letting an old love go, moving toward new passions, making a different choice



The Moon in Scorpio is busy today, but mostly smooth aspects should make today (and tomorrow and most of Friday) easier to handle. She trines Neptune at 11:58AM EDT, squares Jupiter at 2:51PM EDT, trines Mercury at 4:35PM EDT and goes void at 8:28PM EDT off a trine to powerful Pluto.

This is also the day Venus sextiles the North Node and the Sun sextiles Saturn. 

Sun/Saturn is the empowering of the new. Structure. Stability. What are you starting? Take responsibility. Get sober/serious - things and thinks can slide right into place.

Venus/North Node - which means she is also trining the South Node (for smooth releases of what needs to end) speaks of a financial, relationship, values, women, beauty or self esteem issue that is moving FORWARD via a path of less resistance. 


If our attraction to something ends now, if money/resources are needed somewhere else, LET THEM GO. 


Keep in mind the North Node in Gemini - more than one way forward, dealing with facts (rather than blind hope), working on specifics, thinking local, communicating in a lighter way, making decisions that lean us, sometimes quickly, into something NEW.

The fly in the ointment - Mercury (ruler of the Sun, Venus and the North Node right now) at 23 degrees Pisces is squaring Juno at 23 degrees Sagittarius. Tension/frustration/challenges via a relationship or contract. Juno is making the relationship more optimistic/widening our focus, but Mercury is still cloudy/unfocused/maybe tuned out. The solution here - especially within relationships/with women is the Aries/Aqua sextiles - saying/doing something different, making a new choice, keeping things lighter but specific. Talking about the future.


Keep in mind, with Aries, sometimes the only way to get it done is to do it yourself. 


xo all 


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Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 - looking under the hood, coming unstuck, taking responsibility for something new, a path to more stable money and relationships



The Moon is in Scorpio now. We are nourished by power/collective resources/merging/purging/diving deep. Our emotions become more intense, situations can feel more "life and death". She opposes Uranus, inconjuncts the Sun and squares Saturn. Pressure.

The inconjunct to the Sun is this month's Waning Inconjunct, Luna's first aspect with the Sun since last weekend's Full Moon in Libra. 


Now we are looking under the hood/the covers. Walking with trembling knees down the shaky basement stairs like those B movies heroines (yes, I know we were screaming at the screen for her to "not go down there!", but where would the movie be without her daring/foolishness).


Aries/Scorpio are Mars ruled and co-ruled, and Mars is in Gemini answering to Mercury, so maybe something here now about words and conversations and information and the FINE PRINT. The intention of the Aries/Scorpio inconjunct could be to bend/break (through Scorpio's 8th house intensity of merging/purging) whatever was put in motion through Aries action/passion/initiative. Something surely gets complicated. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places and require adjustments/flexibility. Maybe we won't get a win-win, but it doesn't have to be a lose-lose either. 

At the same time Venus reaches 11 degrees Aries and sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. 


Here is support/solid ground for our relationships, money, resources, values, self-esteem. This is Saturn, so work can be required of us. We are taking responsibility for what we want here. We probably have to COMMIT TO SOMETHING. There are built-in limits/rules that we will have to adhere to. Patience is required because the Saturnian goodies come over time. Good for May/December relationships/situations. We know Venus is going to sextile the North Node tomorrow, so our path ahead is being made more solid. 

If we are depressed, and many, many people are now, Venus followed by the Sun this week, aspecting Saturn in positive ways can help. The help comes through Aries - so TAKING ACTION (depression is all about BEING STUCK), moving our bodies (get some exercise), loving something new, doing something brave, moving in a NEW DIRECTION - remember life can use whatever we do to get us to where we need to go. The North Node is in flexible Gemini, nothing has to be one big/solid thing - there is more than one way through things and the way will change as we go. We don't have to have all the answers to move forward.


Saturn slows Venus in Aries down/grows her up. The intense Scorpio Moon is quite challenged today by change/the unexpected, the new and untested, limits/groups/tech/the future. We will probably be feeling the PRESSURE of this. 

The Moon requires an emotional commitment/deeper look at something (yes, it's dark in the basement, but we are going to have to go down there). Venus/Saturn in Aries/Aqua says TIME TO GET SERIOUS about what you want/are starting/the NEW. 


What action can you take to get unstuck? The Suez Canal container ship is freed up now - something in us is shaking loose this week, too. 


More in the weekly HERE.

xo all

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 29th, 2021 - April 4, 2021 - healing old wounds, opportunities with love and money, our way forward gets shored up, our thinking/the story changes



MONDAY - Sun conjunct Chiron, Mercury conjunct Neptune

TUESDAY - Venus sextile Saturn

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextile North Node, Sun sextile Saturn

THURSDAY - Sun sextile North Node

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto

SATURDAY - Mercury into Aries

Look at all those sextiles (opportunities) folks! Let's unpack the week!


On MONDAY, the Sun meets Chiron at 8 degrees Aries, while Mercury meets Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces


We talked about Monday HERE - note, Monday is the day this is most exact, this has been building for a while and will spend some time unwinding. You probably want to read it.

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY - Venus, at 11 degrees Aries, sextiles (opportunity) Saturn, at 11 degrees Aquarius then moves on to sextile the North Node at 12 degrees Gemini, then following Venus's lead the Sun sextiles Saturn and then moves on to sextile the North Node.

The Venus/Saturn is OPPORTUNITY - here is where our NEW wants/love/resources become more stable/serious/in tune with the collective/in tune with the future. Yes, there are responsibilities and limits here, too, but with the sextile's smooth flow - this shouldn't be overly cumbersome and look what we are already dealing with! Aries/Aquarius sextiles are fire/air, so enabled through passionate words/language/ideas. Being independent, but acting collectively/maybe within a group. Yesterday's Mercury/Neptune is still in play, so something might be hidden or not quite as ideal as it could seem now, so keep that in mind - and our ideas/thinking/plans are subject to some changes at the end of the week as Mercury joins the Aries party, but there is something REAL here, too - something that will last/we can count on it.

As Venus is moving off her sextile to Saturn the Sun is moving into his sextile, as Venus moves off her North Node sextile, the Sun moves into his own sextile with the North Node. Here is our solar energy/our independent spirit in harmony with the group/our future as our path forward grows more solid.


Venus is not so strong in Aries and being this close to the Sun is burning her out, but the Sun is EXALTED in Aries and benefits from Venus. This period of time is a gift to us. Decide. Move forward. Commit. Firm something up. The Gemini North Node is flexible, can offer multiple ways forward - remember the Full Moon energy (in play now) HERE - starting from ourselves/our source and this giving us the ability to make any direction the right direction!


This is Venus (relationships, money, our resources, values, self-esteem, women) and the Sun (our ego, our fuel, ourselves, our father/authority) connecting with Saturn, strong in his home sign - so adding structure, longevity, stability, authority (and, yes, limits and responsibilities - we can't do/have everything) and then connecting with the North Node (our path forward). With Mercury in foggy Pisces we don't have to KNOW what we want. With Mercury in foggy intuitive Pisces we can feel what we want (it's what we've always wanted, what we all want) and Venus/Sun can give us the motivation, initiative, courage to make a move in a new direction. If something comes along - say YES.

On FRIDAY - Mercury at 26 degrees Pisces now, moves into her/his sextile with Pluto (in Cappy). 

The stage is set for honest communications, so here's where the conversation deepens/intensifies. Information is power. Our compassionate words are powerful. We can be more persuasive. Money talks. If something is fading to black, here are the final smoky wisps out the door. Pisces/Cappy is the idealistic dreamer and the practical, seasoned pro working together. Building the dream. Making a sacrifice for the goal. 


If the Mercury/Neptune has pulled us off course, here is where we might get a gentle reality check.


On SATURDAY - Mercury finally gets out of the Pisces soup (a sign of his detriment) and begins a new cycle in fiery Aries.

The conversation/our thinking changes/sharpens. 


New plans. New ideas. Mercury in Aries is so fast, she/he can solve problems before we even know we have a problem! This is going to be a fast transit (only through April 19th), but that's all we will need for our thinking/the conversation/ideas to SHIFT.


Our language and thinking becomes more focused, clear-headed and passionate. Mercury in Aries puts our instinct into words. Our mind gets faster. Our tongue gets sharper. Words get pushy. It is easier to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want/need.


We can also more easily pick an argument as language becomes more competitive. Mercury in Aries says, "I know what I think and THIS is what I think."

The silence that was so golden in Pisces - gets broken in Aries.


The best use of this transit would be saying what we really think - and yes, this can get us into trouble, so we won't be an ass about it - keep in mind Aries' impulses can be either self-aggrandizing and immature or sparking a needed fire, solving a problem (fire brings fresh insights), initiating a new course of study and creating a bold, 'hot-off-the-press' plan. The choice is ours.


Think - fresh start with Mercury themes - words, thinking, writing, learning, teaching, ideas, sibling issues, transportation, your local community. Also bringing fresh words and fresh thinking into your Aries house theme already smoking hot with the Sun and Venus. AND probably best of all with Mercury in Aries answering to Mars and Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury - both Mars and Mercury are empowered/stabilized.


In another week, big-daddy Saturn himself will trine the North Node and we'll be looking at the New Moon in Aries - the kickoff for a new lunar year with lots of positive energy - it's going to be BIG. 

xo all


painting by the talented Joanna Wedrychowska 

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, March 29th, 2021 - something hurts, something heals, words dissolve/connect, a need for courage and transcendence, talking to ghosts



I will get the weekly up tonight, but didn't want to miss a daily for today since we have multiple important aspects perfecting!

The Moon continues her journey through Libra, the sign of partnership/balance. She trines (brakes off) Mars at 1:12PM EDT (14 degrees) and Jupiter at 2:01PM EDT (21 degrees) - good for conversations with partners, taking balanced action, multi-tasking, expanding, planning. At 8:07PM EDT she goes void off a square to Pluto before diving into Scorpio at 1:33AM EDT. That square to Pluto speaks of a power struggle.


The Sun meets Chiron at 8 degrees Aries, while Mercury meets Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces


The Sun's meeting with Chiron is a spotlight on a vulnerability/wound/weakness. Maybe something about how we weren't fast enough or brave enough or passionate enough. Maybe old ISSUES WITH ANGER, what we had to do to survive, with our ability to take care of ourselves. Maybe an issue with our physical body comes to light/needs attention now. Maybe we are required to do something we feel not prepared/not up to doing. Maybe we can see how our lack of motivation/action is impacting us.


Mercury/Neptune can add to our uncertainty/this feeling of exposure. And maybe it is someone's words/information that is painful, BUT Neptunian energy also has an anesthetic quality/the potential to soften the blow/pain. And this is all tempered by the proximity of benefic Venus. It's not comfortable, but it can be healing/rewarding, our wounds making us somehow more attractive to what we need. With Venus in Aries, what we need might be courage/independence, passion, action.

Chiron's wounds are old/familial. The sins of the father visited on the son. Chiron's pain rises from the archetypal battle between the light and the dark - someone must pay and quite often it is not the guilty, so Chiron's wounds are rooted in a sense of injustice/victimization. "Why me?" laments Chiron. Whether we believe in an orderly Universe, the will of God, karmic reincarnation/inheritances - on some level we might believe an orderly plan is being enacted. Chiron (an outsider in our galaxy with a disorderly orbit) says to us, "THIS will not feel just to you".


Mercury/Neptune repeats the theme of a very old story - ancestral/past-life - being told now. Except here the story is whispered/inferred. Mercury/Neptune removes mental resistance, connects us to the past/what is behind us. This can be a good thing or a slippery slope - this is up to us. It is wonderful energy for prayer/meditation/art/music. Talk to your ancestors/your guides/your higher self/God - the phone line is open. Information can be absorbed now.


We might say/hear words that are very profound now. We might feel very nostalgic. We might be grieving. Coming at the same time as the Sun/Chiron and with the Moon coming off her fullness in Libra and approaching that square to Pluto, this is excellent energy for intuitively connecting some very old and illusive dots.


The key to working with this is to be honest about the pain/our weakness/fear - it won't be hidden anyway. Speaking about it will help/connect us to others. Neptune heals by dissolving situations slowly/easing our pain as it changes the landscape a little bit at a time. This doesn't mean we get to avoid the pain though. What not to do now would be to escape into lalaland via lies or alcohol or misplaced idealism. Mercury will be leaving Pisces in just a couple days and things will be much clearer.


Aries WILL provide the courage we need and we have a hell of a week ahead of us with multiple opportunities to stabilize our life and line up with our best possible future. And today's Libra Moon has multiple smooth trines. We've got this thing!

xo all

painting by the talented Anna Lubchik

Full Moon in Libra | Sunday, March 28, 2021 - our need for other people, relationship eye-openers, a crossroads, resolving very old battles, wise decisions and a need for long-term planning



On March 28th, 2021 at 2:48PM EDT, the Libra Moon moves into her exact opposition to the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Libra. 

Full Moons are always a time of PEAK energy. There is a culmination, a completion. Something comes TO LIGHT. In general during a Libra Moon we might notice the ways our life/relationships have moved out of balance. Who/what we are attracted to now. Who/what we are withdrawing from or is withdrawing from us.

Back in 2019 we had TWO Full Moons in Libra - one at the Spring Equinox and then another one four weeks later. Two Full Moons in the same sign in the same year is unusual. Coming in the relationship focused sign of Libra with the "we vs me" polarity of the Libra/Aries axis - something here was really wanting our attention. From our older/wiser/"what the flying frig is going on here" vantage point two years later - we can see it was uber important that we got really, really clear on who (and what) we wanted to be with on this next leg of our journey. 


Because on the one hand, we were going to be stuck in the house with them ... for weeks/months in 2020 and 2021. And on the other hand, we were moving toward the kind of challenges that would be best met hand-in-freshly-washed-hand with the right person/people. By that second Full Moon we knew who had our back. We knew who we were on the same page with. 


We can't say we weren't warned. 

Move ahead to the Full Moon in Libra of 2020 - now Venus (ruler of Libra) was in Gemini, prepping for last year's long and tricky Venus retrograde. The Moon was just past her conjunction to Juno and opposing Eris. Relationships were getting complicated. The partnership/the contract - whatever we had going on in a committed way with another person - was moving away from the warm and fuzzies and toward a collision with some outside strife. This was also the day Mars was squaring Uranus, so I am sure plenty of straws were breaking plenty of camels' backs/tipping points were reached/there might have been sudden BREAKS.

THIS YEAR, as the Libra Moon moves into her fullness opposing the Aries Sun, we have Venus, conjunct that Sun along with hurting/healing Chiron. 

So, the ruler of the Full Moon (Venus, ruler of Libra) is opposing the Moon! And Venus's annual meeting with the Sun is happening DURING her Full Moon and conjunct Chiron (who is also having his annual meeting the Sun during this Full Moon)!

Libra rules our partnerships and our collective seventh house of other people/commitments/alliances - so there is likely a need now to watch for projections. We are responsible and in charge of our own feelings/our own needs. Something that could "come to light" now is how we project expectations on other people based on our own desires and then they fail to live up to our imagined plans for them and we get hurt/disappointed/angry. These are really feelings we are having with ourselves, but the other person gets to be our mirror here. We are the mirror for other people, too.

Libra also rules fairness and justice. The reason Libras can sometimes seem so indecisive is because they can see both sides of an issue - so maybe that is what is illuminated now - another point of view. Too much certainty assures we are shown the very things that will make us question ourselves/and others. Although, Full Moons are about endings, happening in the cardinal sign of Libra (cardinal signs usher in the new seasons) - there is a beginning here, too.

OK, let's dial into this particular Full Moon. 

Let's unpack the chart! 


The Moon is at 8 degrees Libra opposing the Sun, Venus (Libra's ruler) and Chiron ALL at 8 degrees Aries. The Moon is inconjunct Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus and semi-sextile Vesta at 8 degrees Virgo, also both EXACT - and what's up with all these eight's? 


Eight is a number of power/transformation. 

Hexagram 8 in the iChing is called - "seeking union", which feels perfect for a Libra Full Moon, so let's start with that. 

In the iChing "seeking union" begins with divination/inner questioning - we start at our source. It is important to know where we are coming from because when we know the source/who we are - we can flow out in any direction and meet up with the right choices and connections. We are born with this kind of innate navigation system, but over time our GPS gets hacked/glitches up/needs updating.

Thinking about these 8's in terms of starting with our source (notice the number 8 has no obvious starting point once it is fully formed, but in order to make one we have to start somewhere) is repeated by Libra's ruler Venus (the Moon is answering to her) being in independent Aries (the first sign of self) during this lunation  AND we can see how we've all been tossed back at ourselves (inner work) during the pandemic.

We start with ourselves. Our own natural affinities. This "seeking union"/connection thing is instinctive, but not intended to be just smooth sailing without any stress. On the other hand too much stress can be an indicator we have formed the wrong relationships/unions - probably formed out of fear/struggling - or maybe they were right for us at one time, but then we stayed connected to people and situations that had run their course. Eventually we cannot support a relationship if it means ignoring our own nature/our own source. 

If we cut off our source we will either die on the vine (8 being the number of death, too, via Scorpio and the 8th house) or maybe latch onto something living, like a vampire might do, and cling to that.

Ultimately we are going to have to know not only where we are coming from, but we will have to decide where we are going (Mars on the North Node). With all these 8's and with Venus in Aries (the first sign) - we will start with the idea of knowing who we are/where we stand as being something central to this Full Moon's energetic.


The ways we are connected to ourselves/our source, the extent to which we are able to receive love/love ourselves will be illuminated now and all the spaces this is lacking might be more sorely felt

The Full Moon trines Saturn and the Mars/North Node conjunction forming a Grand Air Trine. Grand trines are great gifts. The energy forms a powerful closed loop. This is your natal Libra, Aquarius and Gemini houses. We've talked about the Mars/North Node this week - making future focused choices/having conversations/getting information (sometimes uncomfortable, this could have been an argument/accident) and taking action - that sets our course. Now, Saturn in Aquarius pulls in some added structure, authority, responsibility, groups. Here is a smooth flow with our relationships, conversations, plans, ideas, the future. Saturn indicates this is about sticking to a long-term plan. Rome wasn't built in a day and whatever is started now won't be either. The trine to Saturn can indicate positive interactions with authority/older people. Things become more stable. That Mars/North Node choice/decision/move forward will have some built in limits/restrictions, but at the same time they are strengthening our RELATIONSHIP(S)


(and this building thing is likely to be happening on some rather rocky ground that has been tilled via a release, loss, forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice, a visible need to be more gentle with ourselves or someone else).


The Full Moon is semi-sextile Vesta (that old PROBLEM we need to fix or forget), inconjunct Uranus - in Taurus, so answering to Venus, too - and the Moon (in Scorpio by then) is going to oppose Uranus on Tuesday. The inconjunct is Taurus/Libra - both Venus ruled, both inclined toward making the world more beautiful/more profitable. Libra needs to partner, but also wants that partner at an equal distance doing equal kinds of things. Libra, being an air sign, doesn't want to be closed in. This equal distance thing would make Taurus crazy, being fixed earth. Taurus doesn't do 'partner' in the traditional sense/will do things independent of someone else, but can be inseparably attached to one or more people as in connected at the hip. Moon/Uranus aspects tend to create anxiety because they trigger our ancient/innate terror of life's unpredictability (evicted from the womb as we all were). This one is Venusian - our relationships, our money/resources, our values, self-esteem. A way through this inconjunct could be Uranus's sextile with Pallas (in Pisces) which forms a Yod pointed at the Full Moon. Pallas/Uranus - smart decisions/patterns interpreted or applied to unexpected events. This has already happened, so hopefully you have made some smart moves/plans! In Pisces, this is also about showing compassion, expressing grief, making a sacrifice, forgiving, dreaming, releasing, softening.

Ultimately this Moon will be somewhat uncomfortable because from Libra she is opposing the Moon's ruler, Venus (in Aries). 


Aries is not Venus's favorite place AND she is conjunct the Sun and Chiron. So, our Moon (as us) can feel out-manned here. The Libra Moon wants unity/fairness. Venus in Aries is willing to fight for what she wants. There has likely been some situation that involved some kind of challenge, struggle, argument, competition. With Chiron here - we are healing very old woundings around ANGER, what we had to do to survive, there could be a need to stand up for ourselves and take care of ourselves in a way that doesn't run the other party over or leave us with tire marks on our shirt. The Sun with Venus and Chiron at a Libra Full Moon is a HUGE relationship/partnership/open enemies story-line (starting and ending). Mars at the North Node - a turning point or movement forward. A conflict - that Mercury/Mars that is waning now - drives the last and first chapters. Our needs. Their needs. Keep in mind, our ESSENTIAL NEED to remain connected to our source - the 8's! Mercury is moving toward his/her meeting with Neptune on Monday - these are very old chapters we are re-enacting with modern twists. There could be confusion, even lies, but also connection and idealism. By the end of the first week of April, things should be much clearer. 

Bottom line - the Full Moon spotlights a CONFLICT. There are relationship (and financial) EPIPHANIES now. We have reached a fork in the road and must choose a new path. We have access to compassionate WISDOM. The path we choose (or are pushed/pulled toward) will have built in limits/responsibilities, but will be healing/balancing for OUR RELATIONSHIPS. LOVE can be re-awakened (including self-love). This Full Moon is excellent energy for RESOLVING VERY OLD BATTLE wounds.

And keep in mind all those 8's and the iChing's hexagram 8, "seeking union"  and how knowing who we are allows our energy to flow out from us in ANY direction and meet the right choices and connections! 


Don't forget to get out and walk in the Full Moon if you can. Her energy is very potent now whether we can see her or not.

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 26, 2021 - green light GO (remove/adjust to pebble then run with it), words now set out course



The Moon is in Virgo now - we are nourished/nurtured by organization, planning, being of service, routine, the creation of boundaries through the acquisition of knowledge and skills (being a part of something larger without losing ourselves). First, she inconjuncts the Aries Sun, then trines Uranus at 2:16PM EDT - change is good, here we are being more comfortable with the strange/unusual. She'll square Mars at 10:16PM EDT - and keep in mind, Virgo's ruler Mercury has been in square to Mars all week, so now Mars in Gemini is being hit from Pisces AND Virgo. So maybe just as the Pisces square is unwinding - that argument put to bed, feeling compassion/forgiveness - it gets re-energized through something related to Virgo (our Virgo natal house). Avoid reactivating an old argument (this might be a necessary part of a process, but maybe not) - get some exercise, take a cold shower, make something.

The BIG NEWS today and we'll talk about this more in the Full Moon post - the Sun meets Venus (Cazimi!) at 5 degrees Aries AND Mars meets the North Node at 13 degrees Gemini. 


And here's the crazy thing about this - last summer when Venus had her 40 days/40 night retrograde through Gemini - she met the Sun at 13 degrees on June 3rd. THAT meeting was the beginning of something and now here, as she meets the Sun again, at the Sun's superior conjunction, there is a development/conclusion/result (happening at 5 Aries) WHILE Mars is re-activating that 13 degrees Gemini where the Venus/Sun all started!! Amazing. Fated. We will talk about this more in the Full Moon post.

Taurus/Libras, especially the rising peeps, could find themselves in the spotlight. For all of us, here is a red hot spotlight on our love, values, relationships, self-esteem, beauty. With Virgo in Aries, our ability to receive love/love ourselves is made visible to us. There can be PROGRESS now with love/relationships/old anger issues/money. 

At the same time Venus is hanging with the Sun, Mars is reactivating that powerful 13 degrees Gemini (Venus Star Point from last June) - our actions moving us forward/conversation/news pulling us forward. 



What we want for ourselves/what we are starting/maybe what we have had to fight for or fight our way toward (and this can somehow be connected to two things or two ways forward) - HERE is where movement is happening.

The fly in the ointment is today's Sun/Moon Waxing Inconjunct - the Virgo/Aries. With this weekend's Libra Full Moon approaching - here is this month's final challenge before that. The Moon puts our attention on a problem. Something needs fixing/tweaking. Some t's must be crossed and i's dotted. Maybe someone/something needs our assistance/skills. Remember we had Vesta bringing this to our attention earlier and she's retrograde, so this is probably something old that we have been avoiding/trying for too long to perfect/fix. 


With that bright green light GO - there is one fly in the ointment, something Virgoan, that needs to be taken care of FIRST. 

Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places that require adjustment. There is no perfect solution. This is Aries cardinal fire vs Virgo's mutable earth. Aries has no patience for the tedious details that Virgo is mired in. Virgo sees Aries as going off half-cocked/unprepared. The key is to use that practical Virgo to curb Aries impulsivity (somewhat, some impulsivity might be needed now - it's Aries season) without tossing dirt on the fire. And use Aries passion to curb Virgo's perfectionism/immersion in the pieces - without avoiding those tedious details/the problem that needs to be addressed/without scorching the earth.

This rock and hard place doesn't have to be some big thing. Here's the pebble that only leads us to the rock if we pretend we don't feel the pebble. We need to get that pebble out of our shoe!

Keep in mind the big picture message - the direction we are being pushed/pulled into now is THE RIGHT DIRECTION.


Venus is showing us what we want now/what we love and value now. There might be alot of financial stuff going on. A conversation/idea/information that comes in now can set our course. 

We'll talk more about this in the Full Moon post, but today is a good day for some kind of action/the stuff that comes to light to be mostly a good thing. It won't be long before the retrogrades will start and then Eclipse season - HERE is a time we are still mostly in control of what we can do, so HERE is the time to do it. 


It doesn't have to be some big thing, small is BIG.

(efforts later will require multiple stops and starts and sudden curveballs, why not take action now and avoid some of this stuff!)

xo all

artwork by the talented Valentina Remenar

Today's astrology forecast | Thursday, March 25, 2021 - all day void moon, a crossroads, challenged by our beliefs, sticking to the facts, nurturing the new, loving ourselves



The Moon in Leo goes void at 9:27AM EDT off an opposition to Jupiter. Our need to shine/have fun at odds with the group/group expansion/collective enthusiasm. Maybe some "me" vs "we". Expect some wonk, but challenges will tend toward "nothing comes of it" since the void Moon isn't interacting with any other bodies until tomorrow afternoon's trine to Uranus. That opposition to Jupiter will be felt though. This is a long void/all day - she doesn't get into practical Virgo until 11:26PM EDT. 


This is also the day Mercury, in intuitive/dreamy Pisces squares the Nodes (Gemini/Sag) at 13 degrees. This is a crossroads. A choice. 


A decision needs to be made, and with Mercury in foggy Pisces (and ruling the North Node) this might not be so easy. Lean into that Gemini - the facts/the local/your Gemini house theme. With Gemini, there might be more than one answer/more than one conversation/idea and with Mercury in Pisces we are using our intuition/collective intuition. We can't be in lalaland with any of this though. Facts trump hope here. Jupiter ruling the South Node (the past, where we are now) and challenging the Leo Moon today, is intending for us to feel what our Leo heart needs/wants (through the opposition). And keep in mind - and we'll talk about this in the Full Moon in Libra post next - Venus (in Aries) is moving toward the Sun - our ability to receive love/open our heart, love ourselves is spotlighted.

Hard aspects ask us to look for smoother/easier aspects as a way through -and today we have an opportunistic sextile from Mars in Gemini (12 degrees) to Ceres (in Aries). The opportunity comes through that Ceres/Aries - the nurturing of the NEW. The nurturing of the physical self. Mars in Gemini wants to move - quickly and sometimes in multiple directions at once - through action/words and this sextile is a FLASHING LIGHT pointing at our Aries house. Actions/conversations HERE are what is needed/our way through this.

With Mercury squaring the South Node we are unhooking ourselves from old beliefs/expectations. In Pisces, Mercury uses compassion/forgiveness/the soft dissolve. Whatever didn't work out, it's time to make a decision that points in a new direction. It's time for a new conversation that probably won't be totally comfortable.

xo all


artwork by the talented akramness

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 - a need to roar without bringing down the house



The Moon is in Leo now - we are nourished through our creations/creativity, attention, pride, generosity. She has alot going on today. She trined the Sun at 12:53AM EDT, squares Uranus at 9:45AM EDT, opposes Saturn at 1:38PM EDT and finally sextiles Mars at 4:08PM EDT, so other than that trine, a bunch of challenging aspects and then an opportunity through action/words. 

The trine to the Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - Leo/Aries, so encouraging courage/bravado/initiative/passion. This is like 'here we are on our own center stage showing the world what we have to offer', unafraid of the tomatoes. The Moon's follow-up aspects - that square with Uranus (watch your wallet!) and opposition to Saturn (not a day to be taking on 'the man') look like some tomatoes might be flying though. That Uranus/Saturn - some rebellion/freedom/individuality that gets shut down. We are only going to get so far with these aspects. We can't skip work and go to the beach and not get caught.


The Leo Moon needs to roar, but if we are prideful/overbearing, bringing too much mama-drama, we will likely regret it. Hand slapped. Go stand in the corner until you can apologize.

On the other hand, and we always get at least two, there is that 'all's well that end's well, sextile to Mars at the end of all this clatter. Another day where we could live this week's (fight and make-up/clear the air thing we have going on) energy all rolled into one day. The tomatoes go into the sauce and onto the dough and, look we have some pepperoni in the fridge (does anyone actually have pepperoni in their fridge?) and we all have pizza.

Do your Leo, the Moon will require we stand out/up in some way/have some fun/be creative - but just don't take it too far - you can drive your flashy car, but you can't drive it to Vegas or speed past a police man. There could be some unexpected twists and turns, the need to not overspend/over-value, the need to work within limits (can't just play all day), not be a bragger and adhere to our social/collective responsibilities.


The sextile with Mars tonight - Leo/Gemini - good for standing out in a good way. Our words find the right ear. Our creativity the right avenue. There are multiple ways through this, we can see that now.

xo all

artwork by the talented fdasuarez

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 - get it done early, no dark alleys, stay flexible, no pushing, what you are fighting about won't really be what you are fighting about

The Moon, home in Cancer, goes void at 11:26AM EDT off an opposition to Pluto. She is void most of the day until she moves into fiery Leo at 5:36PM EDT. The void is best for routine work around your home or office, for purging/de-cluttering/elimination. 

Just before midnight EDT, Mercury (in Pisces) reaches her/his exact square with Mars (in Gemini). This has been in play since the Gemini Moon did the same thing last Friday and will be in play for a couple more days as they separate. 

The energy is ripe for arguments/accidents. 


Drive safely. No dark alleys. And I should say, some of this energy, and maybe most, may have already played out, this would be most potent while applying (I think I lived this entire week yesterday). 


Mars in Gemini will want to go/move/say it - spit it out. Mars will be antsy. We will say to ourselves, "I am not going to say anything/not going to fight/get mad" and then there we are blurting it all out. Mercury in Pisces will want to drift/take his time. We will say to ourselves, "I will rise above this" and then there we will be sulking/crying/feeling every single time (even those we can't remember) we have felt this way before. Conversations/getting to the facts might require patience/compassion. A square to Mars probably means there is something we NEED TO GET AROUND/GET THROUGH. A square to Mercury probably means there is something we NEED TO KNOW, SAY, HEAR that isn't going to be comfortable. 


The astrology tells us there is something we must move through here to get to that FORWARD MOVEMENT FEELING/pot of gold at the end of the week. The more we push this off, the more anxiety we will have to deal with. Once the conversation is had, the action taken, the decision made - we will start to feel better. Forgiveness/compassion/connection. This doesn't mean we push and shove though - this isn't going to work with Mercury in Pisces. We need to talk/move, but we have to allow this situation to unfold as it will to some extent. 


With a square to Pisces jumping in just twists an ankle. If life seems to pull us off course now - just go with the flow of that. 


The key to any mutable square is our ability to roll with things/stay flexible. And keep in mind both our North Node, our collective way forward (in Gemini) is in a mutable sign and the ruler of our North Node (in Pisces) is in a mutable sign. Flexibility/versatility is key. With Pisces, we can connect through compassion/forgiveness - letting go of the need for perfection/the need to fix something that isn't totally fixable. This doesn't mean stopping. What can be done? With Gemini, deal with the facts, but keep communications light. It won't take deep conversation/analysis to get things moving/back on track. 


And, keep in mind with Pisces, we are dealing with 12th house stuff - the stuff that is behind us. And the Nodes of Fate are triggered all week. The argument/the accident/the antsy move/words that DON'T WANT TO WAIT - whatever the tension/frustration is, this is somehow needing to happen now. Needing to be dealt with. The argument about the sticky coffee spoon won't really be about a sticky coffee spoon. The argument WILL MATTER. The way the argument ends WILL MATTER most.


Don't push, let the answers come in their own time. 

Think about - why would life be pushing you to GO (you have to get around that rock or you will be eaten by ZOMBIES or your boss or the IRS) AND giving you slippery roads/foggy skies/squishy brakes at the same time? And you have a hangover, have I said that? And the zombies are those fast bastards in the Korean and UK films, not the meandering American zombies. What would be the point? What would you be learning? Maybe your answer - which might not be my answer or anyone's else's answer - maybe your answer tells you something about what you need to know.

xo all

photo by the talented TheNightSheDied

Weekly Astrology Forecast | March 22nd - march 29th, 2021 - crossroads, tense conversations, fated transitions, healing very old woundings, the cracks are where the light comes in, but first something is probably gonna crack



Early Saturday morning EDT, the Sun crossed into Aries - a cardinal sign, initiating a NEW SEASON. In Aries, this is the START of the Astrological Year - we are that new growth breaking through the dry winter soil. Out of the ethereal waters of Pisces, we get back to the business of being human. This year's activation, already potent, forms an opportunistic sextile with, the still red hot, degree of 0 Aquarius where Jupiter met Saturn back in December and restarted the new world. So, HERE at the Aries Ingress, first day of Spring (in northern hemisphere), first day of the Astrological Year - is when we really start to feel the opportunity of this "new world".


Here is a LIGHT shining on the new. We are fueled by fire/our initiative now - able to be braver when we need to be. On Sunday, Venus followed the Sun across the Aries point and into Aries (the sign of her detriment, since she rules Aries polarity sign of Libra). Now what we want/our values/our new ideas about women and beauty and relationships and money catches up with our fresh start Sun - not only is a light shining on the new, but now we WANT something NEW, too!


It is through this lens of NEW we start this pivotal and important week!

MONDAY - Mercury conjuncts Hekate and then opposes Vesta - Mercury at 8 degrees Pisces meets Hekate and then opposes Vesta (retrograde) at 9 degrees

TUESDAY - Mercury squares Mars - Mercury at 11 degrees Pisces squares Mars at 11 degrees Gemini

THURSDAY - Mercury squares the Nodes - Mercury at 13 degrees Pisces squares the North and South Nodes at 13 degrees Gemini

FRIDAY - Sun conjuncts Venus, Mars conjuncts North Node - Sun at 5 degrees Aries meets Venus, Mars at 15 degrees Gemini meets the North Node

SUNDAY - Full Moon in Libra, Venus conjuncts Chiron - Venus at 8 degrees Aries meets Chiron, the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun at 8 degrees = Full Moon in Libra


Now, with all this talk of NEW, we have to keep in mind, Mercury (our conscious mind/information) is still drifting through Pisces - the sign of endings. Pisces rules what is behind us/in the past (and with the nodal activations this week we are dealing with old, even past-life/ancestral turning points), what we can't see clearly, secrets, lies, our self-sabotaging escape tendencies, our intuition, so there is still something back here - we are going to have to deal with THIS WEEK.


With Mercury/Mars both interacting with the Nodes there are FATED conversations (likely tense, maybe passionate or even angry), FATED turning points/choices, FATED words, FATED actions, FATED transitions and new beginnings. 

Despite the fresh Aries energy of the new season, Mercury (our words, thinking, conversations, sometimes sibling, local community or transportation situations, situations that show up in pairs), mired in the past, is running the show.


He/she starts the week with a conjunction to Hekate 


- the Goddess of the Crossroads, a way-shower and translator of the energy between the conscious and unconscious worlds. She is about a time of transition/those forks in the road and although having her here can’t help us see how it will all turn out, she does help us put away the old/the things that don’t belong with us anymore. She often shows up when we don't know where we are going and helps us to not fixate so much on the not knowing/the changes. Having seen it all and knowing the stuff behind us that we have consciously forgotten, she helps us onto the right path - not the easiest/smoothest path necessarily, but somehow the one that is MOST RIGHT - and helps us attract the right people.


When I realized asteroid Hekate was conjunct Mercury, who is not only uber-active this week, but rules Mars (our actions) AND the North Node (our best path forward), I was #surprised, #notsurprised. 


Because astrology is amazing. Always.


We talked about her HERE - and now, with Mercury in Pisces, we again stand at a crossroad faced with very old choices (even past-life/ancestral) - the road ahead of us splits - which road are we on THIS TIME? Mercury in Pisces is requiring us, by making the facts fuzzy, to use our intuition/allow things to fall where they fall in a sense.


Hekate is with us/in us, joined with Mercury - we can ask her to help guide our choices. She can see our past and which road ahead is somehow most right.


After moving past Hekate, Mercury's immediate opposition to Vesta (retrograde in Virgo) speaks of the need to stop avoiding what isn't perfect/the problem/the mistake. With Vesta retrograde, this isn't a new situation, we have been haunted by this before. Virgo/Pisces - fix it or forget it. This is a pivotal week, how is this Virgo focus not helpful? 

Then Mercury (as us) squares first Mars, followed by the North/South Nodes - here is challenging information, the need for a conversation, actions we have been avoiding, a need to work our way through verbal tension/even the need for an argument (but maybe with Gemini, we can keep things light and avoid the fighting part!), maybe still the need to release some kind of delusion/fantasy. This is tension/frustration. A problem we need to get past. With Mercury in illusive Pisces we probably won't have the full story/all the facts. These nodal aspects tell us this stuff is fated - WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE (or our ancestors have). 

Whatever we are agreeing to now, signing up for, saying/thinking/doing/fighting about - make no mistake - IT MATTERS. We are setting our course WITH OUR WORDS. They are our weapons AND our wands. Choose wisely. Lean toward smart Gemini - your Gemini house theme, the facts of the situation, what is local/light, maybe smaller/closer/quicker. More on the Nodes this year HERE.


Keep in mind the nature of Mercury/Mars and with Mars in Gemini - everything can seem to be happening twice or we could have two situations we are dealing with. Information might need to be balanced with our urge for action. WE MIGHT HAVE TO STOP AND TAKE A BREATH. If something comes up and can be pushed off until the end of the week - that might be easier. It might not be possible though. It feels like things are moving fast. Mercury/Mars squares can mean arguments/accidents. Expect some snafus with tech/transportation/your community/sibling situations. Drive safely. Stay frosty. Slow your roll as needed.


If we jump into something too quickly here, we could make a mistake, but also if we sit on our ass and try to avoid the unavoidable, so it's tricky - we are in between Eclipses now and a wrong move on our part will probably need to be ironed out - and 'ironed out' might be a little more gentle than how this could play out - when we get into the next set of Eclipses in late May through mid-June. Otherwise Eclipse season will build on what is chosen now, with some likely twists and turns ahead.


By the end of the week, the energy is SHIFTING - Mars meets the North Node in Gemini at the same time the Sun is meeting Venus in Aries. Here is where our actions/words are moving us forward - what have we chosen/decided/said/heard/learned? 


News/information/a conversation sets us on our course. 


We close the week with a BIG Full Moon in Libra (our relationships!) with ruler Venus, challenged in Aries, but conjunct the Sun AND Chiron. 


Here is where the light comes in through those cracks and we get some much needed healing on these very old woundings.

We will talk about this in a BIG post.

This is a pivotal week as we ride the waves between Eclipse seasons. Stay flexible.

Back with some dailies!

xo all


artwork by the talented Amelia Leonards

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 19, 2021 - taking responsibility for what we have made, avoiding arguments and accidents, a building desire for something new



The Moon is in Gemini now - we are nourished by conversation, walking and chewing gum at the same time, things that remind us of childhood/what feels local. She has squared Mercury while we slept (EDT) and meets up with Mars at 2:25PM EDT - good for putting out fires, but also starting them. By 4:49PM EDT she will be trining sober Saturn - good for ending the week on a smooth/positive note with authority/our responsibilities/the group. 

Tomorrow, the Sun will cross the Aries point (zero degree Aries) and launch a new solar year. We will look at the chart tonight! With the Moon in Cancer (the next day) and Venus triggering, too, I think we will feel it - the fire being lit/the desire for something NEW.

In the meantime, we get a little preview of late March/April's Aries/Aquarius trines as Saturn (at 10 degrees Aquarius now) moves into a smooth flow - brakes off - with mamabear Ceres in Aries.  


Saturn/Ceres is about us taking responsibility for what we have birthed/are nurturing/our nurturing. Maybe here is where the rules come in (by us/for us) - Ceres in Aries is about creating something new and newness needs structure/limits, so this won't be a bad thing/shouldn't feel so oppressive with that smooth trine. Things can fall into place with just a little 'stepping up' on our part. Aries/Aquarius is independent energy, can work well together. Think about a smart/detached Aqua dad and a fiery/independent Aries child or an independent/self-starting Aries mom and an individualistic/intelligent Aqua child - this (all other things being equal, and they aren't but you get the idea) will work. 


Note the Moon/Mars in Gemini, especially after that square to Mercury, can make us antsy/prone to arguments and accidents. Drive safely. Keep a cool head. Slow down as needed. Channel the Aqua/Aries - what can you do with that? Get ready to welcome the New Year.

xo all 

painting by the amazing Joseph Lorusso

the amazing astrology of meghan markle and Ann boleyn | and the crossroads divide us - part I


Astrology is the ancient language of archetypes (the myths that connect us by re-tracing the shared pathways of our collective unconscious, there are parts of us/our DNA that remembers, and so reacts, to these stories) and meticulously studied patterns. It is good enough as a predictive tool, but certainly not an exact science because so many things can just mean so many things!


What can be gleaned from an astrological natal chart though (birth - first breath of a person/venture/event) is TOTALLY AMAZING.


We come into the world, not as a blank slate, but with the patterns within us that have been in human beings before us.


If you are lucky enough to live in a family with accurate birth records, astrological analysis can give a voice to the complexities of your family as an organic whole, your family's place within collective society and the role each individual within your family plays in carrying on the ancestral line. 


You might think your family boring, but I can guarantee you, the truth of them, each of them, is as riveting as the very best episode of Game of Thrones (yes, the one where Cersei settles all the family's outstanding business - ouch). 


When I got into astrology, it was obvious the best way to learn was to study alot of charts - imagine the archetypes/look for patterns. The records in my own family,, was pretty sketchy, so I once spent (back in the early 90's around the time of Princess Diana's death) a crazy/obsessive amount of time studying the charts of the royal family from present day back to the time of King Henry VIII.


After hearing about Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah last week (I haven't watched it yet), I thought we'd take a look at their current transits to see what is going on, but I actually never got past their uber interesting natals, so we are going to unpack those and see how they BOTH fit, like little missing puzzle pieces, into the ancient and modern royal family charts. And, yes, we'll move onto the transits at some point, too, and see if we can glean where all this is going!


From my days absorbed with Princess Diana, I became very familiar with the chart of the infamous - and in my opinion quite maligned - Ann Boleyn (a controversial wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I - she played an important part in English history and the creation of the Church of England - we'll cover more of this story in part II and how it connects to what is going on in the world right now). 


When I opened Meghan's chart I immediately recognized Ann's.


Do the current energies make Ann's story ripe to be re-imagined through Meghan? Is Meghan Markle the reincarnation of Ann Boleyn?


Let's unpack the charts!

There are a couple ways to compare/examine multiple people's charts. We can look at their "synastry" the way their personal points and planets interact with each other (their effect on each other) and we can create a composite chart from the midpoints of their individual charts (which would reflect the energy of the relationship).


We'll start with synastry. Ann Boleyn's 23 degree Taurus 10th house Sun is conjunct Meghan's 22 degree natal Chiron (old wounding, in Meghan's case 11th house of the other and the public/the audience). Ann's life = Meghan's wound. Ann's Sun opposes Meghan's 22 degree past-life/ancestral (powerful, but sometime self-sabotaging) Neptune in the 5th house which rules both royalty and children. 


This 5th house Neptune of Meghan's is exactly conjunct Ann Boleyn's 4th house Moon (mother, mothering). 


Conversely, we can spin this around - Ann's Chiron is ALSO conjunct Meghan's Sun!


Ann's wound = Meghan's life-force/purpose. Ann's 4th house Pluto is exactly conjunct Meghan's Uranus. Ann's life/death transformation, which ended with her decapitation by the way (is also conjunct Harry's 10th house South Node allowing Meghan's rebellious Uranus to free him from the burdens of that social status/patriarchal story-line - this is also conjunct Meghan's Black Moon Lilith as she is tossed from the garden one more time, Black Moon Lilith also connects to Black Lives Matter and the part their children's race/color plays as this timeline shifts). This Uranus of Meghan's - the one conjunct Ann's Pluto EXACTLY and Harry's South Node/Ceres conjunction is in Megan's 5th house of children (also royalty).


Meghan has an exact Pallas/Diana/Psyche conjunction in her first house. 


Ann has a  Pallas/Diana/Psyche conjunction in her 10th house - with asteroid Diana (fertility/childbirth, Goddess of the hunt/hunted) exactly on Ann Boleyn's North Node - Ann's story to be replayed, with a new twist (nothing ever repeats itself in the same way) through the line of Diana? Meghan herself being born within days of Diana's marriage to Charles. 


We can imagine the Goddesses gathered at Diana's wedding rubbing their hands together, "OK girls, now we've got a PROJECT".


And, yes, for those who might be wondering, Harry (whose real name is Henry) has quite a few connections to his ancestor Henry (also called Harry by his chums) and also to his other ancestor Edward VIII who abdicated the throne for the love of an American woman. We will look at all of that in a later post.

 As for Harry and Meghan's synastry, again we see her Uranus on his South Node (she's breaking him away from this old story/his tradition). Her Chiron (remember this is also Ann Boleyn's Sun) conjunct Harry's exalted 4th house Moon (showing the great care and love from his mother and also the great care and love he has for his mother) - Meghan's Chiron - her wounding - helping him to heal from his mother-wound. But does this also take him back to a 500 year old ancestral 'mother wounding'?

 Meghan's Saturn is also exactly conjunct his Mercury, so she is kind of growing him up/sobering him up/giving his service-oriented Virgo Mercury a purpose, although it could become a bit much on him at times most likely. Saturn synastry aspects, especially maybe the powerful conjunction, point to karmic contracts. Like "we are going to get together and do this" this time around. Or their energetic cording requiring this be worked at during these particular transits. 


Harry has a natal Diana/Eris conjunction and Meghan has that first house Diana (exact with Psyche and Pallas) and Eris on her midheaven. Meghan's public discord/feeling unwelcome connecting for Harry to his mother's feeling of being unwelcome. Their story playing out through her pregnancy/birth of Archie with asteroid Child conjunct Harry's 22 degree Virgo Sun (again the need for a Sun/Son/Child to get this thing right, but this time moving in a totally different direction!) and on the Galactic Center in Meghan's chart (which is Harry's natal Neptune placement).


(Harry's Sun is also conjunct asteroid Zeus - the solar rays eclipsing his Zeus - the king of the Gods - this eclipsing speaks of the fated destiny of Harry's role as spare to William's heir in this lifetime)


Meghan and Harry have a definite Marsy vibe. Needing someone or something to fight lest they fight with each other! But, this also gives them a great deal of passion. 


Also her Mars in Cancer (12th house so almost certainly a past life connection here) exact on his DC (his partner) shows us not only their past life 'mother story' but intimates he sees her as fighting as a mother/for her children. Almost certainly with Harry's chart he grew up thinking/feeling that he needed to/or should have somehow saved his own mother.


Back in January 2020 as Saturn was approaching Pluto, as time was running out, we had a Cancer Full Moon, we talked about her HERE


This was that BIG Full Moon in Cancer with the Moon standing all alone across the sky from that powerful pile-up of planets in Capricorn - Mama Bear fighting City Hall. This was when Meghan and Harry were announcing their departure from royal life. This was with the Cappy pile-up on Queen Elizabeth's ascendant (so Moon on her descendant), Ann Boleyn's natal Neptune (5th house children), King Henry VIII's natal Uranus (5th house children), Catherine Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton's Sun/South Node (5th house children - an old story of hers wraps up suddenly here as Harry leaves with Meghan, interesting for those who know the Henry VIII history - we'll look at this in another post). The Full Moon sextiling (opportunity) Harry's natal Moon and Meghan's Ascendant. WOW.


We talked about Hekate recently - she is a triplicity Goddess - considered the wise crone (of the Persephone/maiden, Demeter/mother trio). Turned into a "witch" during patriarchal re-tellings, she is actually the Goddess of the Crossroads. 


When major shifts happen in relationships, work, status or health, when we are in transition, no longer who we used to be in some significant way (like the world right now and it's not surprising the royal family, a powerful expression of patriarchy/tradition is a zeitgeist for this) - these are the times when we can be at a major crossroads with Hekate/Hecate. 


She sees where we have come from, and which direction (timeline) each of the two choices will take us. I also see Hekate in our natal chart as a place where we just might go astray, and the area of our life where we are bound to develop great wisdom as a way-shower for others. The asteroid Hekate orbits in the same region as the Hygiea asteroid family, but is considered to be an unrelated interloper. My take on this is that she helps us, particularly when we are spending time with the wrong people, to find our true soul family.


Meghan was born with Hekate EXACT on her IC at 11 degrees Libra. Her roots/who she is. She is an old soul/will be a wise old woman. Harry was born with Hekate EXACT on his descendant at 11 degrees Cancer (so precisely squaring Meghan's) - his partner destined to be a Hekate. At the time of the Mama Bear Full Moon - the North Node (our collective way forward) was at 9 degrees Cancer - exactly on Harry's mother Diana's natal Sun, conjunct Harry's Hekate, squaring Meghan's Hekate AND inconjunct Duchess Catherine's (AKA Kate Middleton) 11 degree Hekate in Sagittarius. Yes, Meghan's Hekate is 11 degrees Libra, Harry's 11 degrees Cancer and Kate's 11 degrees Sagittarius. The number 11 is a powerful number - the Magician card of the tarot, a number of intuition and spiritual insight - it is a master number related to KARMA.


Hekate. A crossroads. A timeline (stream of consciousness) shifts. Maybe something from the Meghan, Harry, Kate story can be used to glean more about the forgotten (by our conscious memory/history, our subconscious remembers) story of Hekate, too.


2020's Saturn/Pluto conjunction (the same in Cappy as the days of King Henry VIII) - limits/rules/authority is transformed - death (Pluto) of tradition (Saturn - the patriarchy) AND authority (Saturn) is cemented - because this is happening in Saturn's sign - authority is made more powerful (Pluto).


And now, 2021's Saturn/Uranus squares - the old/tradition vs the new/freedom. Chaos redistributing power. We'll continue this adventure in part II and since Hekate (pronounced Heck-a-tay) insists we not ignore Catherine/Kate's role here - we will pull her chart into this, and another Catherine /Katherine, too


(history buffs and Brits might see where this is going! yes, it goes there!). 


And, of course, we'll examine Harry/Henry, Queen Elizabeth & Diana and how this story - which seems not so terribly significant in the midst of everything that is going on in the world right now - is actually CENTRAL TO IT. A zeitgeist of Saturn/Pluto and Saturn/Uranus. Also, we will look at Meghan's connections to the Queen - which are quite good actually.

xo all

Also, before we leave Goddess Hekate/Hecate, I will add that asteroid Hekate is EXACTLY conjunct Princess Diana's natal Eris and EXACTLY conjunct Queen Elizabeth's natal Neptune (in Leo/7th house and ruling her 2nd) and EXACTLY opposing her natal Jupiter (in Aqua/1st house and ruling her 10th).

The last time I wrote one small paragraph about Meghan Markle I received multiple emails telling me she's a "narcissist". So, let's think about that for a moment. Her natal asteroid Narcissus is at 21 degrees (a powerful, but self-sabotaging degree) in her 9th house (foreign situations/media) in Pisces (past-life/what is behind us). Keep in mind we are seeing Ann Boleyn's powerfully ambitious chart through Meghan and I think anyone with a packed first house in Leo including her Sun and North Node, like Meghan has - naturally attention-getting/charming/designed for the spotlight - is maybe also going to tend toward being self-absorbed. But, that's the plan with this chart! She had to want to be royalty for any of this to work/get resolved. No judgments please.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, March 18, 2021 - taking the dream seriously, taking responsibility for what we want, affirming our intuition, do something that moves you closer to what you want


The Moon is exalted in Taurus now - we are nurtured through touch and comfort. A baby born now would have both a beautiful reflection and a beautiful mother. 


Past last night's squares to Saturn and Jupiter, the Moon has an easier time of it today - sextiling Neptune at 1:15AM EDT, Venus at 12:23PM EDT, trining Pluto at 12:29PM EST and finally going void off a dreamy sextile with the late degree Pisces Sun at 4:39PM EDT. She will be void until 7:37PM EDT when she moves into busy/mental Gemini.

The solar sextile is this month's Waxing Sextile (the smooth flow forward of last week's New Moon) - Taurus Moon/Pisces Sun at 28 degrees. Pisces/Taurus is the opportunity that comes from bringing the dream/ideal/illusive down to earth. We can touch it. Taste it. Own it. The pie-in-the-sky becomes reality. Or conversely that fixed earth, changed by moving water, becomes more malleable/easier to work with. 

Venus (in Pisces) sextiles Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. More earth and water. And with the Moon answering to Venus, this one is powering up today's lunar transits, too!


What we want is turbocharged. 

 This is a sextile, so we won't have to force anything - desires (love, money, our values, beauty, self-esteem) become naturally deeper/more intense/more Plutonian (intimate/merged/purged) or Capricornian (structured/ambitious). 

Like today's lunar aspects here is more energy directed at taking the dream seriously/taking responsibility for what we want - and we know in astrology when multiple aspects are pointing us in the same direction we are on to something!


We talked about this in the weekly HERE. Keep in mind the nature of sextiles - we take action and then things move in the direction we have started them moving. We don't have to fight/push, but we do have to DO SOMETHING.

This is also the day Mercury (at 3 degrees Pisces) meets up with smart Pallas. 


Mercury is not so happy in Pisces (maybe Pallas isn't either), but together those smoky imaginings begin to form the patterns that allow things to make sense. Together, they (as we) can make smarter decisions. With Mercury in Pisces our words/communication/ideas are more instinctive/intuitive/compassionate - our brain tuned into the timeless stream of collective consciousness. So, now maybe some information comes in or a conversation/communication, that confirms to us whether or not we are on to something - are we putting the pieces of the puzzle together correctly (?) - here is the corroboration for what we are feeling. Or maybe the clearing out of a pattern.


Here is the intuition/compassionate language that can be trusted. The subconscious becoming conscious.


Here is where we are on the right track.

xo all

painting by the talented Danny O'Connor

the Astrology of the Week Ahead | March 15th - 22nd, 2021 - healing opportunities, power plays, making things more equal, shifting gears


MONDAY - Mercury into Pisces, Venus square Juno

TUESDAY - Sun sextiles Pluto

WEDNESDAY - Sun squares Galactic Center, Mars sextiles Chiron

THURSDAY - Venus sextiles Pluto

FRIDAY - Venus squares Galactic Center

SATURDAY - Sun enters Aries (new astrological solar year, vernal equinox

SUNDAY - Venus enters Aries, Mars trines Saturn

This is a BIG impactful week as we ready ourselves for Aries/the New Year and the promises of Saturday's New Moon in Pisces begin to roll in!


We have multiple opportunistic sextiles, just enough frustrating/testing squares to get some wind beneath our wings and three of our four inner planets change signs, including Mercury, ruler of our North Node path forward. The end of the week's switch (Sun/Venus) from loosey-goosey Pisces to red-hot Aries will surely be FELT BY ALL OF US!

Someone recently told me that when I write about problems/challenges she almost always experiences whatever I write about, but when I write about opportunities they just don't happen to/for her. She thinks she is jinxed. 


She isn't. 

Because she is on the lookout for problems - she unconsciously searches my posts for dragons (which is why I attract so many people with strong Virgo!), for roadblocks, for reasons to delay. And, of course I write about alot of dragons. 


I see them first and easiest, too (hard to miss the breathing fire in your face part). 

Sextiles (opportunities) can be harder to spot. Even literally when looking at a chart - you have to train yourself to see them. 

Like the more challenging aspects (squares and oppositions and often conjunctions) they usually require some kind of movement - a shift in our emotions, thinking, actions.

But instead of jumping out of the way of a moving train we need to jump on to the moving train. 

And it is easier to stand there and let the train pass us by, than it would be for us to stand there, and let the train run us over. See what I mean.

So we notice the challenges (that train is heading straight for me!) more than the opportunities (that train is headed straight for the BEACH!).


This final week with the Sun in Pisces, still feels kind of  like things are 'wrapping up' to me, although the Moon is waxing. After the weekend's Equinox/New Year - it will be all systems GO though the end of the month. We should feel this build-up as we move through this powerful week, filled with subtle (because, well, Pisces) opportunities for power, healing and greater abundance.

Let's unpack the week. We'll add in the Moons with some dailies!

MONDAY - Venus at 22 degrees Pisces squares Juno at 22 degrees Sagittarius, Mercury moves into Pisces until April 3rd. 


Venus (relationships, love, money, values, self-esteem) reaches her exact Piscean/Sag square to Juno (partnerships, contracts, marriage, agreements, family structures) - this could be a time when what we want clashes with a partnership/the hopes of someone else. With Mercury changing signs at the same time, maybe we need to give something a voice (gently) instead of assuming someone else knows what we want/are thinking. Maybe the sensitivity of Pisces is clashing with the bombastic tendencies of Sagittarius. Or maybe someone's Piscean excesses - addiction, escape, illusion - are causing tension/frustration for a committed relationship/partnership - draining hopes and optimism. 


This is a mutable square, so we are making changes/turning corners/facing dragons in preparation of the new energies to come. 


What isn't working? What needs to change? This week has multiple aspects indicating a greater need for balance and fairness, how might this apply here?


This is also the day Mercury leaves high-minded Aquarius for silky smooth Pisces. Unlike the last two years, when she/he stationed retrograde in Pisces, this year is a fast trip, which is probably good news because Mars in Gemini has been making me feel like Mercury is already retrograde! But maybe I just have too many Gemini-ruled machines ready to break down!


Mercury rules our thinking, our communication, our ideas. 


He/she is considered in her fall/detriment in Pisces (because he rules Pisces polarity sign of Virgo), because Virgo's Mercury likes things clear and concise. She wants B to follow A and is sure things would move more efficiently if everyone would just dot their i's and cross their t's. Pisces (ruled by Neptune/Jupiter and ruler of our collective 12th house) is the space where rules/boundaries are more fluid. B might follow A. But just as easily A could drift right on past B.

It is the space of imagination, universal love, our dreams, spirituality, our connection to each other through the ethereal realms and our emotions, the ways we escape, the things we do last, the things we put away, addictions, delusions, hospitals, prisons, addicts, victims, saviors, martyrs. You can see how fast-moving Mercury could be a bit out-of-whack here.

So maybe our thinking slows down a bit. Our words drift off course. We started to say this and now we are saying that. The words that were so clear and crisp in airy Aquarius, don't come as easily because maybe we start feeling their impact on the other person now. Or maybe we start feeling like one of those old anti-drug commercials but instead of eggs - it is our brain frying on the sidewalk.  


Details will be fuzzy. Our thinking might be, too. Also nostalgic. This is great for our imagination, but when things get too "lala" it's time to ground yourself with some earth, sit by a tree, walk barefoot outdoors, meditate, etc.

With Pisces ruling of the last house of the zodiac maybe a conversation comes to a slow/dissolving end now. 


Our natal Pisces house - what house has Pisces on the cusp in your natal chart? - a space we are naturally inclined to more dreamy, Piscean ways - suddenly WAKES UP. Our attention goes there. This is wonderful energy for artists, poets, musicians, meditation, spirituality, healing. With Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in this universal space our words can cast even more powerful S-P-E-L-L-S - keep this in mind. 


And if you haven't done your New Moon intentions - there is still time - do them now, just before the Moon goes void at 11:40PM EDT.

This is maybe not such wonderful energy for to-do lists and more practical concerns. So start, double checking communications. Re-read important papers. Give other people a break when their language isn't as concise as you would like it to be. Especially when they just can't decide. Mercury in Pisces takes in so much universal information from the world that it becomes hard to take a singular stance. 


Our thinking becomes more intuitive. 


Cold facts are not so cold and hard decisions can go limp. Lies might be spoken and take on a life of their own. That whole "alternative facts" thing applies. It is the time to let our mental defenses down and just feel it. Or to guard against this very thing - depending on the situation!

We don't have to understand everything or figure everything out. Pisces dissolves. Pisces feels. Pisces is a water sign and heals through wetness - blood, sweat and tears (I would avoid the blood though if possible). If we want/need to cry, and even if it turns into one of those big old ugly cries that has our eyes all scrunched up two days later and people asking us what the hell is the matter - it's time to cry. You will probably not need me to tell you this though .....

If you really need to knuckle down mentally over the next couple weeks, it could be best to give Neptune his due with some creative time - meditate, color, paint, etc - first.


On TUESDAY, the Sun at 26 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. They met back on January 14, 2021 (this was the day Trump was impeached by the House for the second time). We were, all of us, past the death, past the point in the game we'd always died before. Results came in. A new cycle, around how we handle power, ended and began.

Now the Sun/Pluto's annual story has moved on and we reach the time of their opportunistic sextile. This is power through compassion. Through our intuition. Through forgiveness/transcendence. Osmosis. We are able to influence things from behind the scenes. The power we once had (or our ancestors did) is available to us, especially for those with placements at 26 degrees. This is subtle, but effective/impactful. This is about how we increase our power/chances for success. Sextiles with Pluto encourage mergers, intimacy, financial opportunities. Going deep and seeing what is behind the curtain.


This is Neptune/Capricorn - building the dream. OR releasing the old/tired structures standing in the way.

On WEDNESDAY, Mars at 8 degrees Gemini sextiles Chiron at 8 degrees Aries. At the same time, the Sun, powered up by yesterday's meeting with Pluto is squaring (tension/frustration) the Galactic Center (our homing signal/seat of creation). 

Mars/Chiron here is about healing actions/conversations. Wounds around our ability to stand up for ourselves/take care of ourselves are healed by doing just that. Use that Gemini humor/keep things light. With Mars in Gemini there may be multiple situations/multiple ways through this or maybe we are called to choose/decide. This might not be some big thing, we will just say what we need to say and move on.

Twice a year the Sun squares the Galactic Center - once from Virgo and once from Pisces. Squares are tension/frustration - a kind of testing. Mutable signs ready us for the new season ahead. Mutable squares test that readiness as we approach the fall and spring equinoxes. These are powerful lessons around our ability to adapt/change and our ability to bring things into a greater balance/equality. Powered up from yesterday's sextile with Pluto, the Sun (as us) is now challenged to stay flexible, spring ahead/fall back into our star-selves by remembering where we came from and how there is really only one of us here.

On THURSDAY, Venus in Pisces (following the Sun) sextiles Pluto at 26 degrees Cappy. What we want becomes more intense. Our relationships/finances/values/self-esteem can be strengthed.


Capricorn is about ownership. We own it AND we own it (take responsibility for it).

Venus is Pisces is gentle/attracts. So, this isn't about going into battle to SEIZE the land. That's the old way of thinking about ownership. We attract it now by tending to it, by desiring it, by being alluring and calling it to us. 

This is the real opportunity now. 

And remember to own it we have to OWN IT (take responsibility for it). We have given too much power away to too many naked emperors. Worked too many farms for somebody else. Tended too many gardens whose flowers went into other people's bouquets.

Let's take some kind of action, symbolic totally works, to claim ownership of what we want this week. Then be prepared to step into our responsibility and work like hell for it.

THURSDAY - now it's Venus's turn to square the Galactic Center - we don't always get this in preparation for the Equinox, so this challenge/frustration/time of testing is a GIFT. Again this is about balance/equality. Venus, exalted in powerful Pisces, is the civilizing influence of beauty, pleasure, our innate longing for love and connection. She is the key to recovering our true humanity. The power nature of the exalted Venus (no limits) speaks of the nature of love overcoming the tension between opposites. She permits/allows union despite differences. We'll see what the Moon's aspects this day add to a more complete picture when we get closer.


SATURDAY/SUNDAY - first the Sun and then Venus, cross 0 degree Aries (the Aries point, first degree of the zodiac, first degree of everything), leaving free-floating Pisces for the fresh start of passionate, angry, "let's get going" Aries. The Sun's move into Aries begins a new astrological year. A time of balance/the powers of both day and night equally available to us. We'll talk about the New Year in a big post!


Following the Sun's annual gift of a New Year, Venus moves in to smooth our path forward. She shifts from her exaltation, to the sign of her detriment (Aries being the polarity sign of Venus ruled Libra), 


but, Aries Suns and ascendants (first house Aries) become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. Everyone's Aries house becomes more attractive, too.

In Aries, Venus functions best when she puts herself first. In Aries, Venus will be thinking, "what's best for me?". In Aries, Venus is a WARRIOR (and love is a battlefield ... cue Pat Benatar). Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want (always that fly in the ointment) is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor and we'd be on to the next thing. Maybe not such a good long-haul energetic, but as a transit, ie transitory, Venus in Aries can get on with the business of getting us what we want in a very effective manner.  


At the same time, Mars at 10 degrees Gemini, is trining (brakes off) Saturn in Aquarius. We've been waiting for this one since Mars got into Gemini. Interesting (and important) that it happens after Gemini ruler Mercury gets into compassionate and illusive Pisces. Here is where our words, conversations, ideas, our teachings, curiosities, signed contracts, community actions are in smooth flow with the new rules/authority/the future. Excellent aspect to get something accomplished. 

Back with some dailies and a big-picture New Year post!

xo all


photo by the talented Catrin Welz-Stein

the New Moon in Pisces 2021 | Saturday, March 13th - unconditional love, ka-ching, ka-ching, magic, harmony, divine inspiration, a karmic clearing, a new dream, set those intentions via a New Moon ritual



On Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 5:21AM EST the Pisces Moon meets the Pisces Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Pisces. 


Happening conjunct Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) and VENUS (exalted in Pisces) gives this one added oomph. Wait, not oomph. OOMPH. Is there anything that isn't possible here?! Happening at 23 degrees, yes, again, this is the FINAL 23 degree New Moon in a series that started back in October 2020. 


Neptune/Pisces rules our collective 12th house where there is no separation between us and everything else. There is no time. There is no space. This is where we find God/spirit/the Universe.

The positive expressions of Piscean energy include - connection, imagination, music, art, empathy, compassion, healing, spirituality, transcendence of the physical world. The negative expressions of any energy are really the positive expressions taken to an extreme. So imagination becomes delusion/lies, empathy become martyrdom, transcendence (lack of physical connection) becomes addiction, escapism, mental illness. Pisces is the last house - it rules endings and the things we do last. Because the 12th house is behind the 1st house (our physical self) - it rules what is behind us, what is done behind our back, what we have put away, our past, the things we have forgotten, memory, our ancestors, sleep, charities, prisons, hospitals, illness.

We operate through both positive and negative expressions of every placement in our charts, but each placement and aspect was designed for a specific purpose. It is perfect for that purpose and nothing else will do. It also has less desirable side effects. Sometimes we get so caught up in the side effects, which we usually label as problems, we can't see the good stuff which comes most naturally to us.


Now let's unpack the chart and make sure we see the good stuff!


The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 23 degrees Pisces. They conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune (20 degrees) and Venus (19 degrees) exalted in Pisces. They semi-sextile, EXACT, Eris (in Aries) who is answering to Mars who is quintile the Moon/Sun and answering to Mercury (in Aquarius ands semi-sextile Pluto, so pulling in Cappy). Pisces co-ruler Jupiter (ancient) is in Aquarius and semi-sextile Venus, answering to Saturn in Aqua and Uranus in Taurus (so answering to Venus and then Neptune). We can see everyone is involved in this chart through rulership, disposition or an exact aspect! The Moon/Sun are also EXACTLY conjunct asteroid Wuhan (a proven significator for the virus) and asteroid Isis. 

Having the Moon and Sun conjunct Neptune while they are answering to Neptune is not the same as having the Sun blow out a planet (in this case Neptune) by eclipsing him. Neptune is still strong here. I think we get the best of Neptune - the transcendence, without the mind-blowing bullsh*t. Our rose-colored glasses lose their rose-colored tinting while somehow still retaining their rose-coloring abilities. Does this make sense? An enlightened Neptune gets the solar light of the Sun. Illusions burned away. Clarity. Our big idealized dream is endorsed by the Sun - in the collective/physical world, look at Biden (the Sun, whose natal chart includes a stellium of 12th house planets) signing a massive stimulus bill (Neptune/Venus and also Pisces ancient ruler Jupiter in Aqua, since the benefit is to the collective) - which is an actual real thing the likes of which (in size and scope and showing what is valued now) has never happened before. 


Toss an exalted Venus into the mix and we add in love, money, our values, beauty, women, self-esteem. Now, again, she is conjunct the Sun, but she isn't actually going to meet up with the Sun until they are both in Aries (fire!), and she is EXALTED, so not a fading beauty here, by any stretch of the imagination. 


Whatever is started now, is really only limited by Pisces co-rulership of Jupiter, and this is actually good news, too. Yes, this pulls in Saturn (new rules, authority, responsibility) and unpredictable Uranus, but I feel better seeing them here. Aqua/Taurus - air and earth. The new/idealized stuff is smarter/more practical and forward leaning than it looks with all the Piscean lalaland.

The Moon/Sun's only EXACT aspect (we'll bypass Wuhan for a bit) is a semi-sextile to Eris. Now, we've had arguably better aspects with Eris than a semi-sextile over the last few months (all these 23 degree New Moons have been talking to this 'outsider/whistleblower' energy), but here I would read this something like - Pisces’ compassion can temper Aries warlike qualities, while Aries can provide the initiative to realize Pisces visions. This also adds some much needed fire to the chart. And it's EXACT and the final 23 New Moon interacting with Eris (next month both the Moon and Eris move to 22). There is a reason she is there - making sure everyone/every part of us - gets a seat at the table - or that table gets flipped. Think about Meghan Markle with Eris conjunct her midheaven and transiting Eris squaring her Pluto on an angle (post coming about that story and her incredible connections to Ann Boleyn).


The Moon/Sun are conjunct asteroid Isis. A bit of  a challenge to me to feel/find her 'story' without filtering her through "daughter of", "wife of", mother of", so I am going to work with that. Choose to see that here. Remember what you are reading is this chart through my eyes/experience/knowledge - it can be interpreted myriad ways. 


We are all daughters/sons of someone. We are all the mother of or mothering someone/something. We are all the wife of/partner of/collaborator with someone/something. It's always been interesting to me how gravestones/the final markers of our lives - will refer to us in relation to our relations. In Pisces, the final sign and ruling our connection back through time - our past lives/ancestors/familial gifts and curses - the conjunction of Isis with the Sun/Moon, speaks to me of the power of the New Moon to break the 'spell' very old, and often unspoken, family rules have over us. 


We are all vulnerable to loneliness, guilt, escapism, addiction, martyrdom and manipulation, since we all have Neptune in our chart/blueprint and no one has a perfect childhood/perfect family. The fear of being outcast is painful to all of (some more than others). But if we truly believe we are meant to be, and I should think you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't believe that and truly one of 2020's primary lessons has been to figure out THAT WE MATTER - and so we can choose to believe that challenging the unconscious familial/collective system does not make us bad or need to result in our starvation within the tribal structure, then we can make efforts to retain/obtain positive relationships with family members while still preserving our own independent values and path in life. This is all, in different ways, reinforced by Eris's placement and Juno's separating square 


(which we talked about HERE and happening at the New Moon could mean 'the new' might challenge a relationship/contract). 


So, this Moon, closing out the New Moons of the astrological year of 2020, coming at a time when many people have been separated both physically and psychically from family/these karmic inheritances, long enough to maybe feel their way into a new connection with them and maybe see this stuff for the gift it is. Not to break ties, although sometimes, yes, ties will be broken, but to move toward something more authentic and NOW. I hope this makes sense.

The final aspect I see is a quintile to Mars (in Gemini). The ''gift/our talent/genius" (quintile, which is a 72 degree aspect) of the Moon coming through that Mars in Gemini. Taking action. Maybe multiple actions or on pairs of things. Talking. Communicating. Signing documents. Commerce. Writing. Teaching. Gathering. Our community. Our siblings. Think of Biden (what you think of him personally doesn't matter) signing the stimulus bill. Think of Meghan (what you think of her personally doesn't matter) talking/giving that interview. 

Keep in mind Piscean power comes from its transcendent/connective nature. That's where the magic lies. This is the rising tide that lifts all ships. Our ancestors are holding our hands, coaxing us forward. If you don't know what to do with this, and this is Pisces, so we might NOT, just keep this in mind. The skies are dark - WE DON'T HAVE TO KNOW. God/life knows what to do with us. Your Pisces natal house is offering you a great gift and although Pisces is mostly not up to us, it can be useful to have your voice heard now (that Mars in Gemini and look at Mercury semi-sextile transformative Pluto EXACT). This is an excellent month to set your verbal/written intentions. DREAM BIG people.


This is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces (and your Pisces natal house theme!) including our imagination, art, music, the past, compassion, releasing our victim stories, releasing self-sabotage, healing our ancestral wounds, healing addictions, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, escapism, our lymphatic system, colds, our feet, toxicity, illness, viruses.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: Get into a positive frame of mind - meaning both happy and certain - a quiet and clean space where you can be alone is best. Write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud. Then let's release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.

You have cast your S-P-E-L-L. Know these things are already yours.

xo all


Just realized I skipped asteroid Wuhan, and let's not do that since he is exact here on the Moon/Sun. At first I was thinking, of no whoa when I saw him there, but after unpacking the Moon, I think his connection to this idealistic New Moon is a GOOD thing. Maybe more light will be shined on the virus's origin story. Maybe, over the next six months, as this New Moon grows into her fully idealized self - we will see the continued dissolve of this virus and the awakening of a more sociable period. The dream is alive in this New Moon. Let's imagine things turning out very, very well for everyone. Let's bring our powerful collective focus to that.