weekly astrology forecast | February 28th - March 6th, 2022 - intense week, changes, endings, beginnings, have faith, take action, pray for peace


HUGE week on tap folks. 


BIG New Moon, multiple planets changing signs, multiple conjunctions - conjunctions kick off new chapters - multiple interactions with the Nodes of Fate and karmic Pluto! Whatever we have going on WILL MATTER, we will certainly not be sleeping through this one. 


Great time to START.

MONDAY - Mars/Venus trine North Node

WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Pisces, Sun Sextiles Uranus, Mercury conjuncts Saturn

THURSDAY - Mars conjuncts Pluto, Venus conjuncts Pluto

SATURDAY - Sun conjuncts Jupiter

SUNDAY - Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, Venus conjuncts Mars, Mercury squares Nodes


MONDAY - Mars/Venus trine North Node  (25 degrees Cappy/Taurus) - the month closes out with this combining of the masculine and feminine energies in a beautiful/productive trine to our North North (how we are going to get where we are going) and sextile (opportunity) with the South Node (what is holding us back). 


Something forward-leaning can fall right into place here


Losses/letting go of fears and complications also create opportunity. We are moving into the future from a less fractured/more balanced position. SUCCESS. Keep in mind this is Taurus success (fixed earth). Think practical. Think patience will be required. Think REAL progress.


This is also the day Chiron, in Aries, sextiles Juno at 10 degrees Aquarius. This is a healing relationship vibe that gives partners/contracts some needed space and independence. Whew!

WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Pisces (conjunct beneficial/lucky Jupiter!) - expect a BIG post. 


At the same time Mercury conjuncts Saturn - REALITY CHECK time. Boundaries are defined, heads clear, commitments are made, deals are signed. Sometimes we hear/say NO. Because Mercury rules tech devices and transportation - the movement of ideas and things - and Saturn rules endings, when Mercury meets Saturn sometimes techie things, cars, etc, will go kaput. The Sun sextiles Uranus bringing opportunities through change/something new and unusual. It could be time to buy that new techie thing. I like this Moon ALOT, New Moon post coming.

THURSDAY - Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto (27 degrees Capricorn) - this is Venus's third pass under Pluto and Mars first time in two years and his last time with Pluto in Capricorn. If this is hitting your chart you will be feeling this one. This is power/intensity. Secrets can come out. Mergings/purgings. Situations can feel like 'life and death'. Sometimes they actually are. Powerful endings/rebirths. Pluto is very 'all of nothing' and all this Cappy energy is ambitious/authoritative. Venus first met Pluto back in the middle of December 2021 - how has your relationship to love, money, your values and self-esteem changed since then? What did you want then and what do you want now?  

Mars on Pluto is a DANGEROUS energy - take care of yourself.

SATURDAY - the Sun, at 14 degrees Pisces meets ancient ruler Jupiter - this is the BEST aspect of the week, one of the best aspects of the year. 

Luck, expansion, faith - this is a big part of the New Moon story and we'll talk much about this in that post. This is optimism and prosperity. The only fly in the ointment here is taking something too far. So go big/stretch yourself, but don't go so big you blow it/yourself up - if you see what I mean.

A good day/week to PRAY FOR PEACE. With Venus/Mars/Pluto tied up in a potentially suffocating bear hug at the power-hungry end of Capricorn, here is the Sun in Pisces giving us hope, giving us Jupiter. Here is a reminder this is all in bigger hands than ours folks.

SUNDAY - Mars and Venus TOGETHER, move into airy/logical Aquarius. Mars hasn't been in Aquarius in two years - are you ready for some increased motivation and energy Aquarius/Aquarius rising?! Our Aquarius house themes WAKE UP and begin a new two year chapter on STEROIDS. 

With all this serious Cappy energy for months and months I think this is good news. Now we have our warrior energy in the sign of the future instead of the past. Fresh interactions with other people/new ideas/new projects. Our actions become more innovative/more outside the box. We lean into what is modern/future focused. We just need to be cautious of us or someone else using the future/the group/our smarts/the internet/astrology/detachment as a weapon/ammunition in a fight.

Mars moving into Aquarius WITH VENUS - means what we want and what we have to do to get what we want are on the SAME PAGE. 


Venus moves into Aquarius until April 5th. Aquarius Suns and Aquarius rising (Aquarius ruler of first house of your natal chart) get more attractive. Both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want (Venus). All of our natal Aquarius houses become more attractive, too!


 Our Aquarius house is a space we experience and evolve through Aquarian energies. Maybe by experiencing unexpected situations and unusual experiences. Maybe by being able to detach and get enough distance from something to be able to see it clearly. Maybe through flashes of genius or rebelliousness. Maybe through chaos. Our natal Uranus placement (co-ruler of Aquarius) and its contacts will tell us a more complete story. Keep in mind with Saturn in Aquarius, both Mars and Venus (like Mercury on Wednesday) have penciled in (um, no, maybe more like permanent ink) an upcoming meeting with the big guy. More reality checks, commitments, new rules coming.


This is also the day, Mercury squares the Nodes - here is something else Mars and Venus in Aquarius have on their agenda for later in the month, so we know there will be alot of decisions and pivot points in March. This is a CROSSROADS. Choices. Decisions. Have we changed our mind? Has new information come in? Are we still invested in this complicated drama/death or can we turn our attention to something more simple/sustaining/alive?


xo all - hope something here is helpful - the Moon is looking good until next Saturday (long void on Tuesday), and I will pop in with some dailies for us to stay on track with her. 


Back with the New Moon post next!

artwork by the amazing Tomasz-Mro

the astrology of the invasion of ukraine | echoes of february 2014, the west's self-created mess? ceres lays waste to the land to get her daughter back pitching a dying world off her axis



At 5:07AM EET on February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded their neighboring country of Ukraine. We've talked briefly about connections to the charts of Russia, Putin, the United States, Biden and Ukraine HERE and HERE.


Let's look at the event chart for the moment the invasion began and see if we can get any ideas for where this might go.


This invasion started with Pluto within one second of the United States natal Pluto, which is rather insanely EXACT. The U.S. Pluto return - Pluto returning to his natal position for the first time since the Declaration of Independence was signed - is a BIG deal. And not just for the United States. Note we have two more exact dates in 2022, one in July with Pluto retrograde and the final exact date in late December. Both dates could relate to this conflict among other things. This doesn't mean, as some people worry, that the Russia/Ukraine conflict is bringing the world to a World War, but it is an ominous starting point. 


The previous two World Wars (also the Vietnam War, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the Falklands War) started with Saturn/Pluto aspects. Although 2020's exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction is no longer in play (thank God), this invasion started just as Mars reached 22 degrees Capricorn, which is where Saturn met Pluto (and the Sun and Mercury and Ceres) back in January 2020. I call this the "time runs out, power is cemented" degree (this is also the degree of China's natal Jupiter, so we'll keep that in mind, too). 


Mars often acts as a TRIGGER when he reaches HOT degrees, triggering activations of old energetic signatures. He kind of pulls that Saturn/Pluto back into play. Not a good thing.


On February 24th, Mars had just barely eked past Venus (she was at 21 degrees Capricorn at the time of the invasion, Mars at 22) and was conjunct Vesta (sacred focus/what keeps us up at night) and asteroid Lachesis (one of the three "fates" and daughters of Zeus whose name means 'to obtain by fate, lot or divine will'). Note Zeus sits between Jupiter and the Sun in the invasion chart.

Venus will meet up with Mars again and pass Mars in early March - this might indicate peace talks/cooperative dealings coming pretty quickly (this might happen after we get past the Venus/Uranus on March 22nd or when she meets Saturn on the 28th). Mars and Venus will move into Aquarius TOGETHER and meet Ukraine's natal Saturn, at 1 degree Aquarius. The President of Ukraine, Zelenskyy, has a natal Sun/Venus conjunction at 5 degrees Aquarius and a natal Sun/Venus to Mars in Leo (showing courage) opposition being equally triggered. His chart is on fire/strongly challenged over the next couple weeks. 

(the Full Moon in Leo, we talked about HERE "how kings fall" was tightly conjunct Zelenskyy's natal Saturn/authority and rules his 8th - death, 9th - foreign affairs and 10th - career houses)


Symbolizing the Aquarian fate playing out, the future/chaos/trauma/new leadership and also that whatever is 'put together' now, if something is - some kind of neutral status/non NATO being firmly established for Ukraine? some leadership of some part of Ukraine switching to Russia/Putin? - might once again 'die/transform' when Pluto moves into Aquarius in March 2023 and/or when Pluto reaches 1 degree Aquarius in March 2024. 


Either way, I am sorry to say :( upcoming transits to their natal chart for 2023 look like it might be pretty challenging for Ukraine to remain Ukraine.


(Venus/Mars move into Aquarius could also indicate the battle moves into cyber warfare, but hopefully it speaks of cooler heads and new ideas.)

With Mars as a trigger rather than this happening on the Saturn/Pluto itself, maybe we are looking at something - the actual fighting/bombing/guns - of a short duration. The first few days of March when Mars is applying to and then hits Pluto - look especially dangerous.


This event chart, looks like the aggressor/starter has the advantage, although we know Putin's personal chart does not look satisfied, so what winning means here is uncertain. 

The North Node on Algol (malevolent fixed star) speaks of leadership changes 'off with their head' among other things. The North Node's conjunction to Ceres (Mother Earth) - the North Node was also conjunct Ceres when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 - speaks of land issues, the opportunity to make complicated concessions/to work out challenging compromises, maybe 'Mother Russia' herself with her natal Sun conjunct Ceres. In the myth, the Ceres/Pluto compromise deal was brokered by Jupiter - maybe China with that 22 degree Cappy Jupiter or the U.S. since she is a Sag rising country (ruled by Jupiter) can broker a compromise here.


Biden's North Node is exactly conjunct Ukraine's Sun, so this could somehow shine a light on his 'purpose' or indicate his fate is tied to Ukraine. Happening as the U.S. Pluto's clock strikes twelve, might indicate whatever is happening could further align Russia with China - maybe strengthening them and weakening the U.S. and allies. Surely what is happening is one result of America's changing power on the world stage, and at home, which is fated through the U.S. Pluto return. We'll talk more about some possibilities for this in part ll this week.


Putin certainly seized the moment.

Although keep in mind this whole 'who looks stronger/who looks weaker' hierarchy thing is part of the dying Cappy/old world order paradigm and thinking like this just keeps us mired in this dead zone. 

(note China also has a big Pluto transit with transiting Pluto bearing down on their Ascendant and eventually their Moon - the people. Like the United States they also have an Aquarian Moon, China's Moon is an early degree, will be impacted years before the U.S. Moon. These Pluto transits will change the way they express in the world, their relationship with power, their relationships with allies and enemies and the status of those allies and enemies. Aspects within and secrets they have tried to suppress will come out. They could become more powerful or less, etc.)


The chart's activated Pluto speaks of everything from Plutocracies to Plutonium (Chernobyl is back in the news as well as European countries speaking of the need to maintain nuclear power plants. Pluto, ruler of 'everything buried' also rules oil, natural gas). Pluto is conjunct asteroid Amycus. Amycus connects to two characters in mythology. He was a brutal ruler with huge strength who left his enemies 'at the absolute disposal of the winner'. And he was a centaur of a similar ilk. In Asteroid Amycus's discovery chart he was in Aries opposed to the Libra Sun, so kind of a martial and likely dangerous lone wolf. Pluto/Amycus sounds very Putin-like.

The ruler of the event chart is Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and 'authority') - Saturn, the aggressor, is Russia here. Strong in the Aquarius 1st house, a sign he co-rules/ancient ruler with the Cappy planets - and Aquarius planets - answering to him. 


The ruler of Ukraine is the Moon (ruler of Cancer and 'the people'). The Moon in the 10th (Saturn's natural house) is not so strong, is alone there in Sag - the house of foreigners, maybe put in this situation by foreigners or (Sag being a fire sign) armed by foreigners or even ending up as foreigners as some flee/emigrate. She trines Mercury - aided by press/communication/tech/the local environment. The Moon in fiery and hopeful Sag is answering to Jupiter, strong in Pisces. Ukraine gets some foreign (Jupiter) or legal help and strength from other countries. This will also be about compassion, charity, prayer, universal love, Piscean help - all will be important now. The Moon near the mid-heaven gives Ukraine strength, brings her situation to the world's attention. People around the world will feel what Ukraine (that 10th house Sag Moon) is feeling.


But Russia here, as Saturn, with all those Cappy planets answering to him looks hard to beat. Russia's natal Sun/Ceres making them a kind of 'Ceres' country (think of Mother Russia - that mama bear with a sickle) with transiting Ceres on the North Node also helps them here with timing.

The reason for the invasion can be seen through both the ascendant and MC. The ascendant in Capricorn speaks of tradition, things that are old (Ukraine was Russia), power, authority, things that are planned over time, property and land, the desire to leave a legacy, certainly the NATO/control issue for Putin, likely his desire for Russia to remain a 'super-power'. The MC is Scorpio - ruled by powerful Pluto - speaks of power, secrets, money, shared resources like oil/natural gas. Cappy and Scorpio are powerful signs - arguably the most powerful signs. 

The question with Ukraine as the Moon (Ukraine in Sag and Sag ruler Jupiter in Pisces) is - how does how much the world cares about Ukraine compare to how much Russia/Putin cares about Ukraine?

That pile-up in the first house supports Russia, BUT Saturn being blown out by the Sun (widely conjunct Sun) speaks of Russia's leader's weakness (Putin) or maybe his invisibility (this is also repeating Russia's natal Sun/Saturn, so probably not so bad for them). Putin has a lonely 12th house natal stellium in Libra - the isolation from the Saturn/Pluto (virus) would contribute to his actions here. 


And Putin has a natal 22 degree Pluto conjunct his South Node in Leo - an old life as a king/tsar/emporer, probably in Russia maybe in China, that he is powerfully re-enacting, possibly to his own detriment (the 22 degree master number is very powerful but has a self-sabotage possibility and we are in a lunar cycle connected to self-undoing), but almost certainly he would feel this as his destiny/fate.  And keep in mind that 22 is a master number and Pluto is arguably the strongest planet - it doesn't have to self-destruct.

Putin's natal Pluto is conjunct his own South Node, China's Pluto and Russia's Mars. When I say Putin is playing Pluto I am not kidding!


Asteroid Gonggong (the Chinese monster/hero God conjunct the event chart's Sun and Ukraine's natal Moon) also pulls China into the mix. Gonggong's myth speaks of a kind of emotionally driven combativeness - Gonggong was ashamed to lose a fight and then pitched a fit that threatened to toss the world off her axis. Sounds a bit like an echo of the Ceres/Russia energy and all repeating patterns are what we need to be paying attention to. 

This is a quick look. We would really need to dive into the natal charts and progressed charts and transits and solar arcs to see everything we need to see. 

Maybe when Venus passes Mars in early March or after whatever blow-ups Mars/Venus/Uranus bring mid-month, so after the 22nd - some kind of peace/agreements can be reached. All the inner planets are on a direct path to Saturn over the next few weeks (Saturn here being Russia, but also stability, sobriety, authority, rules, boundaries) which could help things stabilize, too, although likely at a cost - because in this chart, Saturn is Russia.


After Saturn, 'the cement is poured', events/deals will not be so easily undone. We are married to the future. Uranus squares will provide some twists and turns mid-March, but hopefully after Venus pulls ahead of Mars for in March, this will bring some kind of truce/peace/easing (Venus ruling the 4th house - end of the matter).


The U.S. Pluto return, and this invasion is clearly part of that, plays out throughout 2022, is designed to transform the United State's (AND THE WORLD'S) relationship with power and isn't so quickly wrapped up.

Russia will have the upper hand, but monetary sanctions, etc, will hurt them, note the charts 2nd house (money house) Chiron -  wounding, and Neptune - dissolving funds and resources.


Looking back at the Crimea invasion chart on February 22, 2014, when Russia began their piece-meal take-back of Ukraine - ALMOST EXACTLY 8 years to the day of this invasion - we see MANY similarities. 


Back then we had the Pluto/Uranus square of 2012-2015. On the day of the Crimea invasion we had Jupiter forming a tight T-Square (exact with Uranus) with the open leg filled in with Putin's Sun. We had Ceres/North Node on the MC just like we have now. In 2014 they were joined by Vesta and Mars. Asteroid Gonggong was once again tightly conjunct the chart's Sun. Venus was again at 21 degrees Capricorn - an uber powerful degree in history. She was squaring Mars and Mars was squaring EXACT the U.S. Pluto (so this event in 2014 would be connected to the U.S. Pluto return/likely loss of power, too). Jupiter, during the Ukraine invasion was conjunct Chiron in the Crimea chart. Chiron, during the Ukraine invasion was conjunct Uranus in the Crimea chart. We had a Pluto/Uranus then, we have a Saturn/Uranus now. Saturn was on the Moon in the Crimea chart. He is on the Ukraine natal Moon in this week's chart. Lots of connections.


The 2014 Crimea/Russia conflict ended with Russia annexing Crimea about a month after the invasion. Something like this is possible now, too.


But Putin doesn't have his Grand Cross this time and the karmic U.S. Pluto return is exact ... 


(the extent to which this mess has been created by the U.S, in particular, but also her allies in the west/NATO will have a role in the outcome, too, as fate, via the Pluto return of the U.S. plays its hand).

xo all

Keep in mind this is my look at the archetypes/patterns of the event chart through my own lens, nothing more or less than that. Event charts like this are probably not as reliable as some other charts - birth charts for example - because it can be hard to know when an event actually started .. but they can be a useful tool. (post edited 3/4 for a date correction)

the united states pluto return | february 22, 2022 | part I - the narcissistic wound is where the light gets in, Putin plays Pluto


I wanted to write about 2/22/22's, 22 degree Neptune sextile a 22 degree Vesta (the dream being made real through our sacred FOCUS and commitment or maybe our focus lightens up a bit and that's a good thing) and also our high-minded Mercury making his third of three meetings with Juno (partnership agreements, successful/future-focused conversations with partners, negotiating without taking things too personally) and I guess, there, I just did write about it :) but am pulled to finally look at the U.S. Pluto return, a repeating aspect with its first of three exact hits TODAY. 


And, of course, the Neptune/Vesta and the Mercury/Juno, coupled with a Pluto ruling Scorpio Moon whose closing aspect tomorrow is an opportunistic sextile to Pluto himself adds some good and interesting insights into today's Pluto return event chart.

Let's dig in!


On February 22, 2022 Pluto will, for the first time, return to its natal position in the United States birth chart. He will be back here again on July 11th during his summer retrograde and then for a final pass, moving direct, on December 28th. I think with the United States playing such a powerful role in the world, this will have a global significance.


The U.S. birth chart, also known as the Sibley chart, was charted by Ebeneezer Sibley (with a name like Ebeneezer Sibley I somehow have a hard time doubting his thoroughness), a British astrologer and Freemason back in 1776 when word of the signing of the Declaration of Independence reached Britain. It is set for July 4, 1776 at 5:10PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is universally used and I have used it for research on multiple important events in United States history and it hasn't let me down.


Astrological knowledge almost certainly went into the time the document was signed. The U.S. forefathers crafted a beautiful chart (with interesting connections to editor Benjamin Franklin's own chart, including the U.S. Pluto - which they couldn't see - exact on Ben Franklin's natal Sun). Since Pluto returns to his natal position about every 247 years (one orbit around the Sun), we won't live to see our own Pluto returns, although I would suspect strong ancestral connections/past life story-lines that connect now to our lives/familial lines in the 1700's, 1500's etc. 

A planet's return to his natal position resets/triggers the role that planet plays in the blueprint of the event chart or birth chart. For example every year every person has a Solar Return, when the Sun returns to the position (degree/second of the zodiac) he occupied when we were born - this will be within a day or so of our birthday. This resets/triggers/influences our new year. Sometimes people familiar with astrology and not liking their Solar Return chart will travel on their birthday into a different time zone to get something they see as more favorable 


(I am not such a fan of this idea, but was strongly tested this year with a Sun/Saturn exact conjunction in the 12th house in my solar return chart (!) - I think better to work with what we have, since it's nearly certain the energies that created our blueprints know more than we do and we might avoid something that mucks up the future .. you get the idea).


Usually with a triple hit - like this one in the United States, because Pluto due to his retrograde will walk this degree multiple times - the first pass is the big whammy, although when we look at the transits for these specific days, that summer hit with Mars on the U.S. natal Uranus, looks pretty explosive. Another near date to watch for is when Mars (always a trigger) crosses 27 degrees Capricorn (with Venus - she is undoubtedly helping) on March 4th. 


Pluto rules Scorpio, our collective 8th house and such themes as life/death, power, big finances, nuclear energy, Plutocrats, sex, fertility, our sexual organs, bowels, elimination, third party situations, secrets, things that are hidden, the stuff we don't want to look at/talk about in polite company. Pluto transits bring transformational changes, death and rebirth and situations that activate 'before and after' life altering circumstances. Even if we want to go back to the way things were before the Pluto transit, we can't, the 'back there' isn't back there anymore.


You can understand why, unlike astronomers, astrologers can see there is no 'demoting' Pluto. 


Power and how we deal with power is a MAJOR Plutonian issue for us at both an individual and a group level. 

Pluto, God of the underworld, rules the stuff we have stuffed. The shadow self - the real self we buried to survive. His themes include guilt, resentment, control, revenge, manipulation, jealousy, etc. There is often a kind of 'horror story' connected to our personal natal Pluto placement AND the stuff we carry in our 8th house. It's a childhood story, yes, but the reason we magnetized it to us in childhood in the first place is because of an even deeper ancestral/past life horror story. The same energy of a 'horror story', which might sound too harsh, but I'm thinking maybe it isn't, applies to the birth charts of countries, too. 


Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930 - a somber decade that began with the Great Depression and ended with World War II. Pluto speaks of karma and his return speaks of the death/birth of karmic cycles. With a second house 27 degree Pluto in Capricorn answering to Saturn in the 10th, we would most likely be looking at major changes in government structure, U.S. power in the world, finances, resources, values and self-esteem.

Although we are taking about specific dates, transits are tricky to time and impossible with such a slow moving planet as Pluto. There is probably no exact 'date' the United States Pluto return starts/happens (that's not to say something very important cannot happen near or on the exact dates, they likely will). 


We could say this started when the Declaration of Independence was signed. We could say this got moving when Pluto was discovered in 1930. We could say this clicked into gear in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. We could say this kicked into HIGH gear in 2020 when Pluto moved within orb of the United States natal Pluto.


Pluto is in the United States second house which rules - money, our values, our self-esteem. In Capricorn, he is answering to Saturn in the United States 10th house and Saturn in Libra is answering to Venus in the 7th in Cancer, pulling in the United States Aquarius Moon/Uranus on the descendant. Pluto opposes the U.S. natal Mercury who rules that Uranus in Gemini and is answering to the Moon. So, we've got the 2nd house (money, values, self-esteem), 10th house (career, public life, reputation), 7th house (partners, open enemies), 8th house (death, big money, power, transformation), 6th house (health, work) all connected via these dispositors. I think with Libra/Venus ruling the U.S. prominent 10th house and both Venus's (collectively ruled) houses activated - the 2nd and 7th - a general theme of women/feminine energy and balance is also pulled into the mix.


The United States is also having a natal Neptune opposition at the same time. 


Transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces is opposing the United States natal Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo AND this makes a T-Square with the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini. Transiting asteroid Narcissus is at 22 degrees Libra exactly squaring the U.S. natal Narcissus at 22 Capricorn right now (yes, of the time runs out/power is cemented' January 2020 astro infamy). 22 is a powerful master number/THE powerful number of mastery and the Neptune opposition is an 82 year cycle and brings us back to the United States Civil War (and a time when people were saying the telegraph was "too fast for the truth").


This Neptune opposition was always going to be a HUGE deal and happening at the same time as the U.S. Pluto return really amps things up!


We have to start somewhere, so we'll go back to the end of 2008, when Pluto moved into Capricorn for the first time since the 1700's 'waking up' the U.S. natal Pluto. It was November, we had just elected Obama to his first term here in the United States. The world economy was collapsing under the weight of the housing crisis. Obama's 27 degree Capricorn natal Narcissus starts triggering the U.S. natal Pluto, which remember is also at 27 degrees Capricorn (this is also the degree of Abraham Lincoln's Moon).

We will talk about this in Part II along with Obama, Trump, covid, Biden, the asteroids including Narcissus and Icarus  - all part of the U.S. Pluto return. And the U.S. Pluto return is part of our collective journey into the Age of Aquarius. It is hard to separate these things from each other right now. The U.S. has a 27 degree Moon in Aquarius (the people - exactly semi-sextile Pluto). Before Biden, we had 28 years in a row of Presidents with tight natal North Node (fate)/Uranus (Aquarius) conjunctions (Biden has a tight North Node/Chiron - wounded healer - conjunction).

Based on the current news - keep in mind the U.S. Mercury opposes the U.S. Pluto - someone else who appears to be playing a major role in at least this first leg of the U.S. Pluto return is Vladimir Putin. 


(It wouldn't be hard to imagine Putin releasing an incorrect public birth-date, maybe to throw off astrologers, maybe to make himself younger than he actually is and I used to wonder about his Scorpio rising chart, which seemed off for someone with such an unchanging face - Scorpio risings, and the other water signs to some degree, often look quite different from one photo to the next - although it's very early degree, the invention of Botox and how scrupulously he maintains his image of invincibility could be impacting this. He does seem like a Pluto/Mars ruled kind of guy. Comparing his chart and events in his life it does seem possible to me that it is accurate and it's all we have, so we'll take a look.)


Putin (a close-ish anagram for Pluto with a similar pronunciation) has a chart-ruling Pluto, tightly conjunct his South Node (past life/strong affiliation with Plutonian/forceful power) with the conjunction situated on his mid-heaven in Leo. He comes off as quite a Plutonian character with a secretive/deadly serious/'king of the underworld' kind of vibe. In Leo, Pluto is answering to his Libra Sun which, along with his Saturn, bookends the U.S. natal 10th house Saturn (world authority). His Sun is answering to his first house Libra Venus conjunct asteroid Icarus and trines his Uranus (his chaos/trauma planet conjunct the U.S. Sun). Putin's powerful Mars is conjunct the Galactic Center and trines his natal Pluto. His Pluto is at master number 22 degrees and inconjunct the U.S. natal Narcissus and transiting Neptune and sextiles the U.S. natal Neptune. 


Maybe making Putin a kind of human linchpin pulling the U.S. Pluto return and Neptune opposition together. But with Neptune (and Putin) it's hard to know what is real here. We talked about the Russia, Ukraine, Biden charts in the Full Moon in Leo/how kings fall post HERE.


Back with Part II on Friday and we'll pull in the other pivotal characters and see where all this might be heading. 

xo all

artwork by the talented Valentina Remenar

weekly astrology forecast | February 21st to 27th, 2022 - making the dream real, healing words, our thinking and the conversation changes, disruptive information, breakthroughs



Let's take a quick look at the week ahead which is preparing us for next week's BIG energies!

WEDNESDAY - Mars sextiles Neptune

THURSDAY - Venus sextiles Neptune, Mercury sextiles Chiron, Mercury exits shadow, Mercury squares Uranus

On WEDNESDAY, Mars (at the HOT 22 degrees Cappy) sextiles Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces. This is BIG time "making the dream real" energy. Ambition meets inspiration. Serious/goal oriented action (Mars in Cappy) is creating an opportunity with Neptune's boundless world of creative imaginings, compassion, forgiveness, healing, spirituality and connection. Mars is firing Neptune up before Neptune meets Jupiter in April. Take creative/gentle action.

On THURSDAY, Venus, just hours behind Mars, moves into her own sextile with dreamy Neptune. This is her third (of three) sextiles, due to her Cappy retrograde. Once again this is merging reality/money/beauty/our values/self-esteem with dreams and fantasy. Pay attention to what you want. Venus in Cappy has been showing us what we need to feel loved/to feel stable. Sometimes Cappy, the cold sign of winter, shows us what is missing. If we aren't happy with what we have/where we are - here is another chance to move beyond the reality of our situation. We were last here on January 5th (that was the 'revising' part), so maybe we are returning to a situation that requires some Neptunian assistance - dissolution, forgiveness, compassion, impersonal love.

This is a BIG day for Mercury. First. Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Chiron - heaking via a vulnerability, forgiveness, maybe we need to apologize or in Aquarius not take things so personally. After Mercury's healing words - don't expect roses and chocolates, this is logical Aquarius we are talking about - Mercury exits the shadow of his/her own retrograde and starts covering new ground. Mercury retro, and whatever we have been going back and forth over, is officially OVER.



Mercury immediately moves into a square with chaotic/future-focused/liberating Uranus. Ouch. Plans change. Our thinking changes. New information comes in. A disruption. An unexpected announcement. Accidents. Breakthroughs. Since Uranus is pulling the future back to meet us at an alarming speed, some Uranian types will have had this happen LAST WEEK. 

People with planets/points nearest 10 degrees of the fixed signs will be feeling this strongest. Again, the change comes from our Taurus house - yes, the area of life we once counted on to run on auto-pilot, but the past couple years hasn't been so easy! 

This aspect also speaks of difficult Uranian circumstances - ie innovation, rebellion, individuality, pressure through group circumstances. Whatever the monkey-wrench is, it isn't totally out of left field since Mercury (as us) has been here before. It still indicates tension/frustration - surprise/disruption, and coming after Mercury leaves his/her shadow - there is something brand new here, too. For some people Mercury tangles show up as transportation/tech glitches. Drive safely. Make sure files are backed up.

This is all part of Mercury's long/drawn-out journey toward reality-check Saturn on March 2nd, the change needed now BEFORE THE CEMENT GETS POURED then

Hope something here is helpful. 

Back with Part I of the U.S. Pluto Return 2022 series

xo all

heads up the Moon is in Scorpio on Monday and Tuesday, which means she will be moving over the South Node - newly minted in Scorpio last month - we can get some hints now about what to expect from the upcoming Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses (April and October). Scorpio is a serious sign, so pay attention.

artwork by the talented Valentina-Remenar

Today's astrology forecast | Friday, February 18th, 2022 - sun into pisces


We have moved on a bit from that Leo Full Moon (although it will play out over the next couple weeks and more fully over the next year). 


The Moon is in Virgo now - we are nourished/nurtured by being of service, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, a well organized closet, being helpful, being practical, being right/critical (ouch, let's avoid this one), taking care of our physical body/focusing on wellness, taking care of our pets, taking care of our employees/co-workers, prioritizing quality over quantity, doing good work, fixing something (sometimes, yes, broken or not). 

She's busy today - trines Venus, then Mars, opposes Neptune and goes void off a trine to Pluto at 6:19PM EST. Mostly smooth flow with some Neptunian agitation - maybe some wet weather, a tendency to drift off course, some delusion/illusion, exhaustion. Still, that Virgo Moon has so much Capricorn support - we can be productive/get things done. She is then void until 10:51PM EST when she moves into Libra.


As soon as she gets into Libra she moves into an awkward inconjunct with the Sun who has just moved into Pisces. This month's Waning Inconjunct - Libra/Pisces. Kicking off Pisces season with a bit of a 'rock and a hard place' is actually not such a bad thing. The Moon here is reminding us of our partnerships/one-on-one relationships/the importance of balance before we get too swept away in the Piscean waters. 

The big news today, of course, is the Sun's movement into Pisces currently home to both Pisces modern and ancient rulers - Neptune and Jupiter, so locked and loaded. I have known alot of Pisces people and noticed Pisces are particularly proud of their Sun signs. I have never known a Pisces who would rather be anything else. Maybe it's because they are the last sign, I don't know, but Pisces really seem to like being Pisces. This time of year when the Sun moves into Pisces, we all start burning Pisces fuel, feel a little bit of what it's like to be a Pisces - we get more sensitive, more intuitive, more imaginative/artistic, more spiritual/connected, hopefully more compassionate. Sometimes less focused, more lazy, lose our boundaries - keep this in mind. Often we need more rest, to take a break. It's like we all get a taste of a 12th house Sun for a while and need to find ways to rejuvenate 


 (we are also more likely to have childhood memories pop up to deal with and past life memories, if you resonate with that, any addictions/escapist tendencies can get our attention now, too). 

Of course, we still have our natal (and progressed Sun signs) running the show, but we get a little high-octane Pisces magic in our tank, too. 


It will start to be easier now to connect to other people, to see the hands of a loving universe at work in our lives. 

xo all

back with the U.S. Pluto return post this weekend

artwork by the talented Melanie Delon

Full Moon in Leo | February 16th, 2022 - choosing creativity over trauma and simplicity over drama, loving where we are and what we have, how kings fall

On February 16th, 2022 at 11:55AM EST, the Leo Moon will oppose the Aquarius Sun at 27 degrees (yes, another 27 degree Full Moon) - giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in fiery heart-centered LEO.


Full Moon are always oppositions. The Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the earth or more precisely the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. Full Moons bring things to a culmination, a conclusion or into the light. 

Happening conjunct the August 2017 Solar Eclipse degree that split America in two with the Sun now on the United States natal Moon (the people) as Pluto returns for the first time to his exact natal position in the United States birth chart during this lunar cycle. This is BIG.

Let's unpack the chart!


The Moon squares Sedna, Ceres and the North/South Nodes of Fate. The Moon inconjuncts Pluto. The Moon in Leo is answering to the Sun (Leo's ruler), also squaring Sedna/Ceres/Nodes. The Sun in Aquarius is answering to Uranus who is squaring Saturn (wide and waning) and sextiling Uranus (also separating, but still tight and in play). Venus is conjunct Mars (almost to the exact second). 

The square from the Moon, and the Leo Moon's ruler the Sun, to the Nodes of Fate speaks of an important CROSS-ROAD.  


With Sedna conjunct the North Node, there might be something here that looks too good to be true/a situation where we need to take a closer look. Or maybe this is something whose importance isn't totally evident and we need to know that, yes, this is an important crossroads/decision point, that will not be changed/unwound so easily later. Sedna also speaks of times we need to let go/times we are cut loose and also sometimes, health situations that bump us onto a higher path. 

The Moon/Pluto inconjunct is uncomfortable. A rock and hard place. Brings intensity. The Moon in Leo is wanting to SHINE and here is Pluto dredging up something we don't want to look at. Since this is kind of echoing the Sedna square, it's something we probably NEED to pay attention to. What don't we want to look at right now? And, Pluto, like Sedna, speaks of transformation. Before and after. Life after death. Ceres tossed into the mix pulls in nurturing situations, things outside our control, situations where compromise is needed and/or 'season of life' situations. Ceres has just moved into Gemini and is bringing in multiple choices/a time of decisions/nurturing through FACTS. This is echoing the Nodal square/decision.

A square to the Nodes of Fate is a crossroad. This is separating, so in a way, and maybe a literal way, has already happened at the Full Moon. We are married to the future. Decisions now matter. Maybe have just been made. Certainly should be take seriously. The Sun adds weight/our ego in the mix. The best way forward - the North Node/Taurus. Our Taurus natal house focus. The more simple. The more practical. What we already own. What we actually need.


The thing that makes the most sense/cents. 

The North Node in Taurus is answering to Venus, sitting pretty (although no doubt exhausted, an aged/mature beauty) with Mars in Capricorn. This is the merger of the feminine/masculine. What we want and what we need to do to get it. Cappy makes it serious/stabilizing. Speaks of grown-up situations that need to be handled soberly. The South Node in Scorpio is answering to that inconjunct Pluto, so we know the need to be releasing the complicated drama, the power struggles, the 'need for this life and death intensity' life on planet Earth the past couple years has made us comfortable/uncomfortable with (and think about how 'the need for intensity' differs from the 'need for love' and how those of us who grew up with chaos can get this stuff all mixed up) won't be easy. 

All these 27 degree Full Moons speaking to Pluto are us working THE PROCESS OF THIS - letting go of the old world. 

We come to this part of winter (in the northern hemisphere), and, our Sun, the ruler of Leo and this Full Moon, is in his detriment in Aquarius and he is all the way to 27 degrees now and he (as us) is just really needing this Leo Full Moon to recharge his (our) batteries!

Something here wants to ROAR. Leo represents royalty and generosity and fun and romance and children and creativity. The shadow of the Leo archetype is a kind of arrogance or greed or self-importance, but what you will find with most Leos is that they have a presence - they impress us. Sometimes it's hard for other people to relate to Leo as "one of us". There is a reason the king of the jungle is the king of the jungle after all. There is dignity here.

Leo rules the space we are meant to shine through self expression, so yes, the energy needs a lot of attention and needs to feel special and, yes, Leo cares what other people think because there is a need to leave a legacy here, and yes, this also means things can get overblown and dramatic. And Full Moons are overblown times anyway, so this is all something to keep in mind. 

I like this Full Moon - we point our energies toward the Taurus North Node (and this is through a square so this could indicate a tense/frustrating situation), take a look at the stuff we are tempted to push under the carpet (without obsessing over it) and deal with it, understand this is a powerful DECISION POINT - intensified by the energies of August 2017. There is a good chance of a good outcome with this one.   


There won't be any going back and changing this. So what do we want? What do we really value now? 

There is, of course, alot going on in the world. 


Russia's chart is very amped up - they have transiting Jupiter on their 7th house Uranus and applying to their 7th house Mars (7th house is their relationship house/open enemies). The North Node/Sedna exact on their natal Moon (the people, the future, transformation). Venus (who rules their 10th house) and Mars sandwiched between their natal Sun and Mercury. The transiting Sun crossing their DC (partners/open enemies) on Friday. Ukraine's chart is equally activated with the Full Moon sandwiched between their natal Mercury/Venus. Transiting Mars/Venus on their AC, exact and conjunct their Neptune/North Node. Transiting Mercury is exactly conjunct their chart ruling Saturn and transiting Saturn is conjunct their natal Moon (the people/pressure). The Full Moon is conjunct Putin's natal South Node/Pluto (powerful past life/powerful self-undoing possibilities). The Full Moon is exactly squaring Biden's Sun, tightly conjunct his natal Chiron/North Node and opposes the United States Moon (the people). Trump's chart is uber activated again, too. My apologies for being so U.S. focused here. The Leo Full Moon - maybe especially this one connecting us back to that big August 2017 Eclipse and speaking with Pluto - could be said to announce the "death of the king". 


And, maybe especially, because we are in fixed star Regulus's old stomping ground, the king needs to be thinking about what he is doing and why he is doing it. In Bernadette Brady's Book of Fixed Stars she says, "he is the Heart of the Lion and associated with the angel Raphael (healing). Regulus can bring glory and leadership, but his weakness is revenge. Power gained through Regulus is reversed quite dramatically if revenge is taken. Then comes the fall." Things may really get fired up when Mars hits 22 degrees Cappy on February 23-24th - as Mars passes Venus and moves onto the "time runs out" degree of Saturn/Pluto from January 2020.

This is all playing out in our own lives, too. Again, we focus on Taurus - what we have. Not Scorpio - what someone else has. Simplifying. Taurus is the farmer/Mother Earth. This is about persistent and gradual progress. We can ALWAYS find the next right step, even in the dark and even in times of challenges and confusion. The North Node, even in comfortable Taurus, is NEW energy. We are required to step outside our comfort zone in some way. The Full Moon is a time of ending/a space of RESULTS, but every ending/result has within it the seed of a new beginning. That square to the Nodes speaks of beginning something we have to ADAPT TO. We will gradually grow into the person who is comfortable in this new space.


All these Full Moons speaking with Pluto is spelling it out for us folks - it's create/live/change/love or die time - what's it going to be?

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, February 14th, 2022 - nourished by our heart, the conversation changes, releasing the complicated as we lean into the new



The Moon finishes up a short void at 6:17AM EST and moves into fiery, heart-filled Leo just in time for Valentine's Day.


She is headed toward this week's BIG Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday. In Leo, we are nourished/nurtured by following our heart, the spotlight, children, creative projects, romance, recreation, fun. Don't skimp on V-Day, with the Moon in Leo - we will all be wanting attention/to feel appreciated.


Mercury, still walking degrees he/she has walked before re-enters logical/intelligent Aquarius. We are returning to something from January 2nd - both older and wiser now. Here's where the ideas/conversations/information we have been working out/been back and forth over in serious Capricorn can lighten up/pull us into the future or, maybe, here is where we detach from something old or too-traditional and move toward something else. 


The conversation/our thinking changes.

This is also the day Pallas moves into Aries - we talked about this in the monthly HERE. In Aries, Pallas - our wise warrior energy - can make fast moves/decisions. Happening as Mercury returns to Aquarius, these fast moves will also be smart/more logical and likely less emotional.

This is also the day the Nodes of Fate move into a smooth trine with powerful Pluto. 


Our Taurus house is the way forward. Power moves can pay off if our sails are pointed in this direction. Good for finances, resources, our values and self-esteem. Plutonion energy might stir up some fear, but this is a good time to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. With Pluto we commit as if our life depends on it and sometimes it actually does. Our brave Leo Moon and Pallas in Aries will help. Keep in mind with that North Node in Taurus - fixed earth - this is about things that make sense/cents. Things we can touch/hold in our hand. Lean into what is stabilizing/simple. This won't be about starting some huge complicated thing with a gazillion moving parts. 


What is your next best/most practical step?

xo all


Note - with the South Node sextiling Pluto - this is also excellent energy for eliminating whatever is complicating our life - clutter, old goals that are no longer relevant, third party entanglements, debts, bad habits, addictions, compulsions. This week is transformational energy and can change our life. 

artwork by the amazing Dun Huynh

Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, February 13th, 2022 - feelings matter, maybe a duck isn't always a duck


The Moon is home in Cancer now. We are nurtured/nourished by home, family, mom and apple pie. She opposes Venus at 12:45AM EST and trines Neptune at 2:15PM EST (that Neptune trine is good for healing, meditation, music, rest, imagination).


From 25 degrees Cancer she inconjuncts the Aquarius Sun. 


Here is her final aspect before next week's BIG Full Moon in Leo. An adjustment is needed.


The Cancer Moon is emotional/sometimes needy - attaches to what it feels. The Aquarius Sun is smart/logical - can miss the trees for the forest/might even detach from what it feels. Cancer rules our past/our roots. Aquarius rules our uprooting/our future. Cancer is cardinal water/new emotions. Aquarius is fixed air. These are both signs that care about other people - Aquarius through a less attached concern about the 'greater good' and Cancer through an emotional bonding to what is familiar, 'my people'. 


So, we come to this space in the lunar cycle where some emotional conflict requires adjustment.


Maybe here is where we need to not take things so damn personally, or maybe, and maybe this is more likely, here is where we DO. 


Cancer/Aquarius is intuitive knowing (Cancer - think gut instinct here) vs perception (Aquarius - think of that circumstantial evidence in a courtroom trial - if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is probably a duck, but maybe sometimes it isn't). Both are valid AND neither is something we can count on 100% of the time. 


Maybe it is an imperfect blending of intuition and perception that is needed.

Or maybe this is a more literal thing, like we are being asked to move too far/too fast outside our comfort zone and the Cancer Moon is tugging us home. Or too much tech/group-think is making us wobbly/impersonal and a situation stirs us emotionally back into our physical bodies/spaces/back to 'our people'. Maybe we are a Cancer person dealing with an Aquarius person. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places and require some adjusting on both sides. 


This isn't something that gets all wrapped up with a nice red bow, but being this month's Waxing Inconjunct is something that needs to be felt/seen (not stuffed) before next week's Full Moon. 

xo all

artwork by the amazing agnes-cecile

Jupiter sextile Uranus | February 13th through February 22nd - lucky breaks and beneficial change


This is one of the best aspects of 2022 and we don't want to miss it. 


Jupiter (in Pisces) will sextile Uranus (in Taurus) at 11 degrees on February 17th


This opportunistic sextile is in play as it applies and wanes and will be within 1 degree from February 13th - 22nd and is really in play all month.

In our personal charts this creates opportunity between our natal Taurus and Pisces houses and pulls in our natal Jupiter placement and the house Jupiter rules (our Sag house) and our natal Uranus placement and the house Uranus rules (our Aquarius house). 


This sextile is earth and water - some action/effort will be required to get to the "opportunity". This is Taurus - our resources, money, what we value, what we can hold in our hand, the things that make sense/cents, our self esteem AND Pisces - our dreams, imagination, spirit, healing, connection, compassion, our ancestors, what is behind us. Taurus/Pisces - making the dream real.

Jupiter/Uranus is the fast win. The beneficial change. The "lucky break". 


Expansion through technology or groups. Confidence in our individuality. Changing our beliefs. Opportunities from doing something different or differently. Freedom. Risk. Unexpected/future-focused journeys. The road less traveled/thinking outside the box brings expansion, PAYS OFF. 


This reminds me of the Cappy/Pisces energy of "making the dream real", we had in play most of 2019. Except instead of stodgy Saturn (who, yes, does come into play through Taurus ruler Venus's placement in Capricorn) we get happy-go-lucky Jupiter. With Pisces we might have to sacrifice something (release something, maybe a belief) to get something else. Here is where we are taking concrete steps toward a dream. There is OPPORTUNITY/magic/help from the ancestors.

These word salads are making me hungry. 


Bottom line - change is good. You get the idea. More in the monthly HERE.

xo all

And, yes, buy a lottery ticket, too. It can't hurt.


Artwork by the talented Putyatina Ekaterina

the astrology of where we are right now plus the week ahead ...what has fallen apart starts falling into place, change is good


It's Aquarius season - let's take a step back and take a look at where we are! 


The Sun is in Aquarius for a couple more weeks. 


He is just coming off his meeting with serious Saturn. The reality check. That was exact on Friday. Yesterday, the Moon, in Aries, moved into a smooth sextile with Saturn and then the Sun. Aries is the warrior/the initiator. This speaks of taking action. The Aries/Aquarius sextile - opportunities through the new/through being ourselves/by not being too sentimental/not looking backward, but taking traditional things into consideration. Saturn requires maturity/patience/consistency. In Aquarius, maybe our responsibilities to the group, certainly our responsibilities to the future come into play. 

Mars, ruler of that Aries Moon, is in Cappy,


following in the footsteps of Venus and Mercury. He is squaring Chiron on Sunday while the Moon is squaring Mercury and then Pluto. Mars loves being in Capricorn, is exalted. But these squares are challenging. Not a time for pushing, impulsive or controlling language, power trips because our timing will be off somehow. Not a time for giving up either. The square to Chiron is painful, an old wound around masculine energy (being able to take care of ourselves/be ourselves/anger issues) is triggered. Maybe by authority, maybe as we try to take control of a situation. We don't want to/can't hide our humanness/vulnerability AND we don't want our head handed to us either or to be doing this to someone else. A cardinal square requires new action. Requires we MOVE. Mars in Cappy is about high noon/about doing the most important things, not doing everything. Imagine someone is watching what you are doing. What would you do and how would you do it? We are stepping into our responsibilities. Might feel over-burdened/lonely. If something is triggering you - you/your body is OVER-responding, in Aries maybe through anger/passion/impulsivity - think about other times you have felt this way. Not to wallow, because we want to keep moving, but to think about how you can grow through this, what this might be offering/teaching. 

THIS WEEK, Mars will trine Uranus. A trine is a smooth aspect, the brakes are off. If Mars in Cappy is exalted because limits/rules are HELPFUL then this trine is where we step outside these limits/rules/change things up and THIS CHANGE IS SMOOTHLY INTEGRATED. Uranus isn't tossing us a curveball that will drop us on our ass this time, this time maybe the curveball is bringing us to the HOME RUN. Changes are beneficial. Good energy for breaking bad habits and acting on new developments. 

As of last Thursday, Mercury is DIRECT! 


Yay! He is getting back up to speed. Things will start to pick up/catch up. Delays will end. Decisions will be made. Choices become more black and white. Answers will come in. Mercury is in Capricorn, too - so our words matter, our plans are solidified. Our words are our contracts. 


THIS WEEK, Mercury will meet Pluto for the third and FINAL time (they met the end of December and then the end of January) - what needs to be finished, what needs to come up to be talked about, truth can come out - and THEN Mercury goes on to trine the North Node in Taurus - putting us on our best path forward. This is about stability/security. The right words/conversations/information/ideas will find us and we will find them. Something slips into place. Can help with our finances/resources/self-esteem/bring greater stability. Note this 'falling into place' comes after Mercury's final pass under Pluto - facing death ONE MORE TIME.

Venus, like Mercury, is walking her final path through sober Capricorn, 


finishing up her 40 day and 40 night retrograde. She has worked her butt off to help us/stabilize us/show us what we really value. Mars is now within orb of Venus and they will remain together for WEEKS, instead of their usual meeting of a few days. This is VERY potent energy. Good for relationships/balance. For what we want working well with what we have to do to get it. This is the merging of masculine and feminine energies. From February 16th to March 6th they will be nearly EXACT. They will cross 0 degrees Aquarius TOGETHER - where Jupiter met Saturn in December 2020 and the world started up again and where Venus will meet Pluto next year. So, they start out together in Cappy - things get stabilized/maybe more traditional/serious, they will face Pluto (death, transformation, truth)  TOGETHER, oh my, then they move into Aquarius, the NEW, together. In Capricorn, Mars will pass Venus, but then as she gets up to speed, she will pass Mars in Aquarius. This part is VERY IMPORTANT. We will talk about this in its own post. 


Saturn, of course, is still in Aquarius, the sign of his ancient rulership where he is still quite strong. Everything in Cappy right now - Mercury, Venus and Mars -  is answering to him. Jupiter is flying through Pisces. If you have planets/points in Pisces check your chart - or email me and I will check for you - and see what dates you might be able to gain benefit from him here. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and very strong here. Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces, is in Pisces for a few more years and Jupiter is going to meet Neptune here in APRIL. This conjunction is this year's BIG aspect and hasn't happened since the 1850's. We will talk about this in its own post, too.

The Moon starts out the week in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. In Taurus, she will make mostly smooth/positive aspects other than a few hours early Tuesday EST when she squares Saturn and then the Sun. Her closing aspect, a smooth trine to Pluto, late Tuesday night is a good one, so things started during this Moon could be said to bring a good outcome. The Moon goes void Tuesday night, 11:48PM EST and is void until Wednesday morning, 5:27AM EST. 


Life gets busier when the Moon gets into Gemini (Wednesday morning) and starts answering to Mercury. Gemini again brings a mixed bag and a nice closing aspect. So, things began under this Moon could be said to bring a good outcome. The Gemini Moon will last until she trines the Sun on 3:23AM EST Friday. She will be void most of Saturday and then move home to Cancer at 6:27PM EST. So, we don't want to be starting anything brand new during that long void Moon on Saturday, if we need/want something to come of it.

I hope something here is helpful. I am still finishing up a few store orders for my jewelry lines and tending to some health stuff, but hoping to get part II of the Nodes series up this week and the first part of the U.S. Pluto return. 

More about this week in the monthly HERE


We have TWO Earth trines this week folks so something is falling into place for ALL OF US.

xo all

artwork by the talented Tohad