the meaning of the astrology of the new moon in aries | April 1, 2022 - an important and imperfect beginning motivated by what hurts, time to start

On Friday, April 1, 2022, at 2:24AM EDT the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun giving us this month's New Moon; our annual New Moon in Aries - kicking off the lunar year.


We think of Aries as the warrior/competitor, but Aries energy isn't really about winning or losing (maybe don't tell this to an Aries Sun sign, because Aries WANTS to win) - Aries is really about having the COURAGE to start that race/face the battle in the first place. Aries supports jumping in and taking action. He doesn't promise us that we will come out a winner or even come out alive (yes, he's ruled by Mars and he's totally bad-ass), but he does promise us we will have evolved from the experience. And that's what we're here for. We didn't come for the outcome, the outcome has already been decided. We all win in the end. We came for the experience. Aries knows this. 

A New Moon in Aries gives us energy, confidence, initiative, courage. It's a time to step up and be ourselves. A flame is lit (cardinal fire).     IT'S TIME TO START!

Let's unpack the chart.

The New Moon is just coming off her meeting with Mercury and sextile to Vesta. So, in the lead-up to Friday's New Moon some information comes in/a conversation happens/maybe a decision is made (this could show up as an argument, but it doesn't have to, words can also be painful with Chiron nearby). This is happening in fiery Aries, so it will likely be short and to the point/could happen quickly. 


This will be the START of a continuing conversation or idea and is creating an opportunity in our Aquarius house thru Vesta as we dedicate ourselves to words/choices/plans and follow-up with actions that reflect our true values/what is sacred to us. Vesta speaks of something that needs a steady focus/can keep us up at night (sometimes Vesta pulls in a home situation and actually with this Aries Moon being about physical self/maybe especially our head - Vesta/Mercury/Chiron/Mars we probably want to be a little extra careful around the house - for example watch out for - food poisoning, accidents, painful arguments, viruses, etc). The Vestal Virgins in ancient Rome were the priestesses of Goddess Vesta and charged with maintaining the sacred fire that was never allowed to go out. They were also 'virgins' meaning un-owned by men and since this sextile is Aries/Aquarius, both freedom-loving/individualistic signs, there might be something here that creates freedom through responsibility or speaks of our need to be 'un-owned' somehow. This might also speak of the opportunity coming through a group situation or, again, our responsibility to a group even as the Aries New Moon's primary focus is on ourselves.


With Vesta here, this New Moon feels like a chance to walk our talk with something. We say this something-or-other really, really matters to us and here is a chance to prove, via our New Moon actions/starts/situations, that it actually does. What we give our time and attention to IS what matters to us. So what are we giving our time and attention to?

The New Moon's first aspect after meeting the Sun is a conjunction to wounded healer Chiron. 


A health situation or a vulnerability/weakness, maybe an embarrassment, is triggered. This could be a very old fear around being able to take care of ourselves or be ourselves. With the Sun here, whatever this is will be VISIBLE. We might feel like we haven't succeeded or we blew it, that maybe we weren't brave enough or fast enough or new enough. We might be saying the words no one wants to hear or be the one hearing them. We might be dealing with a health problem.

The challenge here, and an Aries New Moon, believe me, IS UP FOR A CHALLENGE - and we all have access to this - is to allow the loss/setback/wound/fear to MOTIVATE us. 


Yes, we are starting from kind of an uncomfortable place/not at our strongest at this New Moon, BUT maybe that is our super-power here. The wound being, quite literally right now, the place where the light comes in (to paraphrase Rumi).

The ruler of this Aries New Moon is Mars. He is making his way though Aquarius, not his favorite sign, but high off his days in Capricorn, he is still pretty high functioning here - smart, logical, focused on the future. Mars is applying to his conjunction to Saturn/Juno. He will meet Saturn on April 5th and Juno on the 10th. 


(today is the day Juno makes her own square to the Nodes of Fate - a decision point/crossroad regarding a contract, relationship. Will we stay mired in the collective obsessive drama, the secrets, the death or turn a page toward something that is more solid and simple - something that is growing and that gives both parties, this is happening in Aquarius keep in mind, room to BREATHE)

In a few days, Mars will meet Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius - this is where Jupiter stationed direct back on October 18th, and at the master number of 22. In terms of our New Moon story, this can bring a delay, road block, no, ending, reality check, report card. Seeing this coming NOW is something we can keep in mind. Here is where, most likely, our progress is blocked. 


Now, this is not a reason to avoid starting - we want to move through the process of whatever we are doing. But this IS a reason to take things seriously, to have patience, to think LONG-TERM. We want to be aware of this and NOT jump impulsively into something foolish, because the Aries New Moon can feel like we MUST DO IT NOW. And maybe we must do something now, but we don't have to do everything all at once or move too fast. There is alot of Pisces energy, we should be able to intuitively feel what we need to do, if we slow down a bit and breathe.


People ask me, with situations like these, "can't I just wait until after April 5th to start and avoid the Saturn conjunction altogether?". But, it doesn't work like this. Whatever we start in this New Moon 30 day cycle (and because this is the beginning of our new lunar year, this really applies to the next 12 months) will hit this early Saturnian wall. And this is really about our inner authority/sense of AGENCY - which we heal by stepping into - Chiron! - but often will be projected outside of ourselves and show up as real-world limits, etc. Meetings with Saturn are report card time/can also bring rewards we have EARNED.


This isn't something we need to fear, we just have to keep in mind we will be held accountable for what we are doing/starting.


At the same time they are meeting each other, Mars and Saturn are squaring the Nodes of Fate, which is a karmic cross-roads. Mars and Saturn together here is a VERY RARE THING. There are opportunities now, maybe with our back against the wall, maybe by taking baby steps, to dis-entangle ourselves from something that is no longer life-affirming. Keep in mind, Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and that South Node, so whatever we are needing to turn away from will probably be quite active now. The North Node - our best path forward - in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and, as Mars is meeting Saturn and squaring the Nodes, Venus is FINALLY entering her exalted/beloved sign of Pisces just in time for our 'April miracles' - we are tilling the ground within us to receive GREAT things, even if we aren't sure what those things are yet! We will talk about our 'April miracles' in the next post!


We've talked about the Scorpio South Node/Taurus North Node many times, including HERE. This New Moon cycle is asking us to make a MOVE/CHOICE, because remember the next New Moon is an eclipse (also the Full Moon in two weeks), so what we do NOW and how we respond/react to what is happening, is pulled, with us, into the Eclipse spin cycle.


We don't want to pull in some big complicated mess that requires 37 things to go right in order to work. We want to be turning toward something NEW, stabilizing, practical.

After Mars gets past Saturn and his squares to the Nodes, he is going to meet up with Juno. Juno has already met Saturn - we sealed the deal, came to a liberating understanding - and, so, now here is where we are taking action with this. Then Mars will make some adjusting aspects, but no big aspects until he gets into Pisces. Mars is less effective in Pisces, so we want to be doing what we can do now.


The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, which I rarely write, but often take into consideration, is about a "Triangle of Flying Geese". This is very Aries/Aquarius and speaks of having the courage to TRUST OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. It also speaks of something 'taking off' and this 'taking off' moving all of us in a new direction. So, although this is an Aries New Moon which is very much about ME (meaning you/each of us!) - the moves we make, the starts we take, the energies we allow to go to waste - impact all of us in very real ways. 


Look to the house Mars rules in your natal chart (Aries on the cusp) for the place to START. If you want to know what area of life this is, shoot me an email with your birth-date, place and time and I will let you know.


In short, this Moon is about taking action/starting what YOU want AND realizing this isn't going to be perfect or totally comfortable and you are going to have to deal with some LIMITS or unusual situations, and that's OK, you need to start/move forward ANYWAY. Just keep going. This won't be perfect and never will be. That's life.


New Moon Affirmations 


This New Moon is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Aries (and your natal/progressed Aries house themes) - the head (headaches, acne, eyes, brain), the overall physical self, exploration, initiative, courage, leadership, strength, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper tantrums, anger, stress from inaction/worry - what do we need more of in our lives, what are we needing to release.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive space (meaning certain)  - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud. With a fire New Moon maybe write your affirmations on strips of paper and burn them - now release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours
xo all

today's astrology forecast | Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 - venus at the bendings


The Moon is finishing up in drifting/dreamy Pisces now. She meets Jupiter at 1:24PM EDT and Neptune at 5:54PM EDT. She will go void off a sextile to Pluto at 2:36AM EDT early tomorrow. Today's conjunctions will amplify/exaggerate Neptune's creative, illusive, escapist, healing qualities. 

This is also the day Venus in Aquarius reaches her square to the North and South Nodes of Fate. Something needs to change before we can move forward. This is her last BIG aspect before she FINALLY reaches her beloved/exalted Pisces on April 5th (yes, the same day Mars meets up with Saturn!).

The good news here is Venus (as us) is PAST Saturn when she reaches this square to the Nodes. So, she is no longer wedged between Mars and Saturn. Venus rules love, our relationships, money, peace, balance, beauty, our self-esteem. "At the bendings" we face a crossroad/decision point. 


Do we move backward/stay where we are - mired in what is complicated, focused on what is dying, third party situations, our debts, our obsessions, manipulations (trying to get someone else to do what we want them to do), our losses, what we are spending or do we find a way to make a NEW choice now. One that is focused on what is more simple, more stable, more grounded. Think about what Venus rules - and this includes your natal Taurus and Libra houses - there is a move you can make NOW to create more stable ground for something here. 


MORE PEACE. More balance.

Squares create friction/movement. We are uncomfortable/sometimes PUSHED to change. Venus is in Aquarius, which is smart/logical, hive-minded, so able to be unattached, but this 'un-attachment' can sometimes detach us from important things. Aquarius squares can also push us to the edge of the group, so we can figure out what WE really stand for. 


Taurus - our North Node - our smoothest route FORWARD - is the ultimate ATTACHMENT - fixed earth. What matters? What do we need to hold onto/cultivate? Taurus is a "me" sign (rules 2nd house of my money, my values, my self-esteem, my resources) and Aquarius is a "we" sign (rules 11th house, the goals that bring us into connection with other people) and we have a New Moon in the ultimate "me" sign of Aries on Friday. 


How can we take better care of ourselves/better care of our Venusian energies? 


This might involve saving our money vs spending our money. Putting time/energy/money into our existing resources/situations rather than seeking new/more complicated ones. Taking better care of what we already have. We are standing in Aquarius - fixed air/the group - and wanting to move into Taurus - fixed earth/my stuff - what does this mean to you and your situation? Do you need to change your thinking? Do you need to spend less time in group/online situations and more time invested in your own physical life? It's not a coincidence that Venus, after her long slog through sober Capricorn and meeting with Saturn brings us to this decision point. 


Taurus is a physical sign. What do we need to do?


Keep in mind the beautiful Pisces Moon connecting us to EVERYTHING. Portals to shift personal timelines are open. Tomorrow morning as the Moon moves from Pisces to Aries - we will surely be ready for a fresh start.

xo all

artwork by the amazing Perry Milou

Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 - going with the flow, signing on the dotted line, partnership agreements, commitments with some breathing room



The Moon moved into Pisces while we slept (EDT). Now we are nourished by 'going with the flow', by art and music, spirituality and prayer. Her only aspect is an opportunistic sextile to disruptive Uranus at 10:53PM EDT. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Move with the flow of things today, expect a possible curve ball or two - not a bad thing. Uranus also pulls friends, groups and online activities into the mix.


This is also the day Saturn meets up with Juno (21 degrees Aquarius) EXACT. If you read the weekly you know that yesterday Venus met up with Saturn and Juno, but now here is where they conjunct each other most precisely - it's surely all part of the same thing. Deals are cemented. Commitments made. Contracts signed. Rules/boundaries decided. Rings slid onto fingers. This isn't the most romantically demonstrative arrangement, but it gets the job done/pulls us into the future. In Aquarius there needs to be some room for both people/parties to BREATH. Keep in mind though this is a still a Saturnian CONTRACT (whether made with our signature, nod or spit-sister handshake) - there will be RULES. The Moon in Pisces sextiling Aqua ruler Uranus speaks of 'spiritual contracts', very old story-lines/ancestral deeds.

We have exactly one more month with all planets full-steam ahead before the year starts kind of folding in on itself.


What do you need to move forward with?

xo all

artwork by the talented robrey

weekly astrology forecast | March 28th - April 3rd, 2022 - financial and relationship reality checks, changes needed before we can move forward, health news, a brave new lunar year


A BIG, busy week with all the inner planets active. Multiple Chiron aspects, so on a practical level, likely lots of health stuff/doctor's visits coming up for people. 


We start the week with a Balsamic Moon - time to tie up loose ends, rest when we can, conserve our energy (we will need it next week!). The New Moon on Friday will be pushing us to START, but with Saturn straight ahead of us next week, it will be best to proceed with a bit of caution. Yes, we want to be initiating/taking action/setting goals/making plans, but we also need to see that REALITY CHECK dead straight ahead.


And, speaking of reality checks we have one this week, too, in terms of what we can afford. 


Can we afford to buy this/pay this? Can we afford not to? Can we afford to stay in this relationship/group? Can we afford to leave? 


 With Venus meeting Saturn on Monday, these things are already in play.


MONDAY - Venus conjuncts Saturn and Juno, Neptune sextiles North Node

WEDNESDAY - Venus squares North Node

FRIDAY - New Moon in Aries, Sun conjunct Chiron

SATURDAY - Mercury conjunct Chiron, Sun conjunct Mercury

On MONDAY - Venus, at 21 degrees Aquarius meets Juno and Saturn while Neptune, at 23 degrees Pisces sextiles the North Node in Taurus and trines the South Node


The Venus/Juno/Saturn speaks of relationship commitments. Signing on the dotted line. Formalizing things. This isn't about losing ourselves here because in Aquarius, one plus one definitely makes two. This also speaks of the limits/rules we have to abide by to be part of a group situation. Is a bad deal better than no deal? Well, that's up to us (and this may not be a bad deal). This transit is good for a Venusian person to find a mentor, a Saturnian person to find a muse. For May/December relationships although this could be more about friendship or our goals than romance, although romances will be serious stuff.

(Juno was Ukraine in our Goddess Wars and Saturn was Russia in the invasion chart and here comes Venus - peace/balance/cooperation - prayers they can detach from their egos and iron something out with this)


Venus has been on the road to Saturn for months and, was answering to Saturn for months in Capricorn. We can't say we weren't warned! Financial road blocks/stop signs/reality checks. Saturn can show us where we don't have enough. Bring up old, ancestral survival fears. We might be feeling lonely within detached relationships or group situations or maybe like we have to earn love. This is a time for balancing what we need and what we have or what we need and what we want. Sometimes Venus/Saturn contacts can just makes us feel old or show us where we need to set firm boundaries/limits. Are we making too many compromises to stay safe, driven by fear of what we want to avoid, and not by what we actually want? What happens with this conjunction is going to depend on what we have changed/worked through with our financial situation and/or relationships since November when Venus first went into Capricorn and started answering to Saturn. If, we have made adjustments, necessary changes and/or figured out what we can live with, this conjunction now doesn't have to be a challenging thing. Venus and Saturn are old friends, can make this one work. If this does show up as a big thing (bill that can't be paid, sacrificial relationship, etc), that square to the Nodes tomorrow, tells us we have to make a CHANGE. 


At the same time Neptune sextiling/trining the Nodes speaks of an easy release/drifting away from what is no longer needed or a slippery slide into the past/our current stuck-ness. Watch for too much nostalgia, incapacitating compassion/sacrifice, old addictions, compulsions, obsessions that sneak back in because they are just too damn familiar. To use the North Node sextile we have to be more conscious - this is an opportunistic move toward something more healthy, stable, NEW. Keep in mind Venus RULES the North Node, so this is probably all part of the same thing as the Venus/Juno/Saturn. Lean into Taurus - the NEW small/slow growth, gratitude, patience, making things more beautiful/comfortable/simple. The earth signs are telling us to be practical AND Neptune in Pisces pulls in our dreams, our ancestral benefits/gifts.

On WEDNESDAY - Venus, at 23 degrees Aquarius, squares the Nodes of Fate

Tension/frustration - a need to change/adjust. A crossroad/decision point. Relationship, financial, self-esteem, values issues - we are confronted by what isn't working/where the numbers don't add up. This is all part of yesterday's Venus/Saturn reality check. With the South Node in Scorpio we want to be releasing power struggles, debt, complicated third party situations. Something needs to change before we can move forward into something more simple, sustaining. Where is the NEW growth? Maybe here is where a change is FORCED and we are reacting. Something needs to change before we can get past this. Often it is our mindset. Maybe it is a situation/relationship. Squares motivate action - what are we going to do about this? Keep in mind, Venus RULES the North Node, so the square's tension is lessened as we move toward that Taurus house/theme.


On FRIDAY - the Moon meets the Sun, giving us this month's New Moon; our annual New Moon in Aries kicking off a new lunar year. The Sun/Moon meet Chiron.


Here is a new start, time to be brave. There is alot of exhausting/illusive energy out there, and we really need this New Moon to FOCUS us in on one new thing. This new start may come on the heels of some painful news, but will also bring healing as we take action. Keep in mind, this is Aries, so we are probably needing to take initiative here/do it ourselves. Note - the ruler of this Moon, Mars, is on a collision course with Saturn next week, so we will need to be practical, whatever is starting will need patience/hard work and we can run things into a ditch or a brick wall if we rush into something too fast and too hard. That Saturn up ahead can also speak of following rules, limits, pulling in an older person/expert. We are starting a new journey and Aries pushes the gas pedal, but we can see that policeman in the distance with his flashing lights and ticket book. Forewarned is forearmed. The Aries New Moon launches the New Lunar Year, so we can see we have some hurting, some healing, some starts and stops ahead of us. AND I am sure there will be much more to see when we unpack this chart. This will have its own BIG post later in the week and there is a bit more about it in the monthly HERE. See April 1st.


On SATURDAY - Mercury, at 12 degrees Aries meets up with Chiron while the Sun, at 13 degrees Aries meets Mercury 

Words/conversation/information is sharp, pointed, maybe PAINFUL. We could be embarrassed/made to feel vulnerable. Health news comes in and we know what to do with it. This can be a good time to speak up about what hurts. The pain doesn't disappear when we give it a voice because Chironic wounds are old/ancestral and are not 'poof' gone, BUT dealing with them/sometimes learning to live with them and forgiving ourselves can help heal very old situations (we are doing nothing less than healing the wounded masculine here - there is a reason Chiron spends more time in Aries than any other sign). The good news with Aries is whatever this is, even with the spotlight on the situation, the world/life can move on quickly. Health situations can get fast answers. At the same time, and this is likely all part of the same thing, the Sun meets up with Mercury. So Mercury meets Chiron and then is illuminated by the Sun/blown out. This is information/a conversation coming to light, takes us back to late January, so something from then is culminating now. Pay attention, although with Chiron this isn't something we are likely to miss .... healing very old wounds is what this April is made for. Chin up, we've got this thing.

We can see this week looks somewhat challenging and most of the aspects are repeating the same themes. Luckily the Moons look pretty good until we get to a Pluto square on Saturday (power struggle, hard choice, difficult ending). We still have alot of Pisces - will need extra sleep, ways to relax, but this additional fire/Aries will keep us from dreaming our days away/feeling the collective pain too strongly and also fire us up to DO something with those dreams/pull our energy back to ourselves. There is alot of Aquarius energy, too, now, so a focus on the future, group situations, a need to take care of our nervous system and the multiple planets in Aries will help us initiate/be sharp/give us more energy, but also make everyone more easy to anger and more likely to act impulsively - so stay frosty. 


Channel the Aqua chill as needed.

xo all

artwork by the amazing Rick Beerhorst

the astrology of april 2022 | part I - the month that changes everything, plus Ukraine/Russia updates



I am going to quickly run through the month and then break things down below in the 'unpacking' section below. The rest of 2022 is, in many ways, spent responding to the events of January - April.

We begin April with a New Moon (11 Aries) on April 1st. Launching a new lunar year on the first day of the month sounds promising, although this is April Fool's Day, so not sure how we will factor that into our thinking. Hopefully this isn't like the whole hindsight is 2020 thing :) This Moon is about STARTING, being brave, having initiative and beginner's mind. The flame is lit. Keep in mind the ruler of this New Moon, Mars, is on a collision course with Saturn, so big impulsive moves are probably not a good idea just yet. I break this down below and will again in much more detail in its own post later this week!

This Moon is ruled by Mars, who is applying to his conjunction with sober Saturn on April 4th-6th, this is this month's DANGER WILL ROBINSON aspect, at powerful 22 degrees Aquarius. This is EXACTLY squaring the North and South Nodes of Fate in Taurus/Scorpio. Astrologers call this being 'in the bends'. Choice point/crossroads time. Tension/frustration. Evolutionary astrologers see squares to the Nodes as previous skipped steps that cannot be avoided now. Something is happening that MUST be considered to bring this time period into balance and before we can move forward. You might remember when I did the original Ukraine invasion chart this is when I was hoping this thing would be wrapped up because there is something here that sets our course/no turning back. Saturn 'at the bends' is also us/the structures of the world desperately trying to hold onto something that is gone. Mars and Saturn start a hyped up/cyber focused two year cycle now. In our own lives Mars/Saturn can bring a stop sign/road block. We might hear a "no" or have to say one. We might have to take on a new responsibility. This energy is accident prone/can be dangerous and Aquarius rules tech, groups, group think, plus your Aqua natal house, so you want to be cautious in these situations. Avoid impulsivity. This is like a limit placed on our action/passion/anger and, so, can be explosive. The good news on April 6th - Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation! I am still hopeful this time period can bring Mars (the war) to at least a ceasefire (stop/Saturn). Once we get past this point we are depending on prayers - the Jupiter/Neptune - (which are very, very powerful and we can't discount them).

By the middle of the month we are moving into the year's BIG aspect, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, April 12th-13th, but really in play all month. There are an unlimited number of ways this one can play out. Let's make some word salads - big compassion, endless possibilities, unbridled enthusiasm, protecting victims, an abundance of refugees, luck comes out of nowhere, God, spiritual connection, what our ancestors lost we now gain, off the charts intuition, addictions get bigger, dreams get bigger, mass delusion, big lies. This might expand (Jupiter) the virus (Neptune/Pisces) somewhere, but is just as likely to increase freedoms.

By the middle of the month, Mars is swimming in Pisces, too. It's like we are pushing against water, which has a tendency to run off in unintended directions and even come back at us. The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th has us seeking balance, partnership, peace. The Moon is making a gazillion aspects for us to unpack including a square to Pluto, while ruler Venus sextiles Uranus (change is good). The middle of the month looks dicey with the Sun squaring Pluto - power plays/'before and after' kinds of crisis/tension transformational situations and Mercury meeting Uranus for sudden/chaotic news/change of plans/financial changes. Then the end of the month Pluto stations retrograde (the death postponed, we are re-thinking the massive 2022 transformations) Venus meets Neptune and finally Jupiter, which is dreamy/all's well that end's well kind of energy, and on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH - we move into the Eclipse spin cycle with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus - a super-charged new beginning and conjunct change-maker Uranus. Solar Eclipses can bring the 'the king is dead/long live the king', kind of energetic. Eclipses also work backward and might have brought big changes to us at the end of February or end of March, too. You know we will be talking about this!


If ever there was a year for April showers to bring May flowers - it is this one. We begin the month with a meeting of our two malevolent planets and end the month with a meeting of the two most benevolent. We know better days are coming ... BECAUSE THEY ARE! All the inner planets change signs this month, Eclipse season begins, we have massive conjunctions and squares - it seems that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


Let's unpack the beginning of the month:


APRIL 1ST - April begins with a New Moon in Aries on April 1st to launch the month and the new Lunar Year. Aries New Moons require initiative, beginner's mind, STARTING.


The Moon meets the Sun at 11 degrees Aries. They are sandwiched between Mercury and Chiron, so we might be dealing with some tough news or about to be (could be just new information coming in). Chiron is back where he was early last summer, so there could be a connection to what is starting now or what results we are seeing now to something that was hurtful/healing THEN.


The New Moon in Aries is answering to Mars who, at 18 degrees Aquarius is applying/approaching his meeting with Saturn who has been settled into 22 degrees Aqua (master number and inconjunct the HOT 22 Cappy, so hot itself) for a few weeks. 


Saturn is like the dad, waiting up for his son and pacing the living-room, with things for junior growing more precarious by the hour (not that father bites and is going to eat him, but Saturn being Saturn you never know, it's not outside of the realms of possibility here). All of us are junior with this impending sense of ... what's the word for something that's been building for a long time and we don't want to face it? Well, I won't write the "D" word because words are powerful and we haven't even finished March yet, but we might be feeling something like this. 


There could be a reality-check/limit. We might have to deal with a "no".


Jupiter's approach to foggy Neptune at the same time should provide us with just enough hope/optimism (or maybe this is anesthetic, depends on what we are dealing with, and maybe doesn't really matter right now) to get us through this one. Maybe the "new" is launched from the "no".


Venus is past Saturn by now, so we have somehow maneuvered the finance/relationship/values/self-esteem road-block or reality-check or the new start is connected to our DEALING with it. Mars in Aquarius, who rules the show and the lunar year ahead, and at first glance is making only pretty awful aspects (ugh), IS, when we add in the powerful asteroids, making a smooth sextile (opportunity) to his sister Pallas in Aries. So, Mars in Aqua gets back to his own power/sign/Aries through Pallas - the important thing here is, no matter the challenges ahead - WE HAVE A PLAN (and maybe a sister? Or someone like a sister?). At least, since Pallas is said to have sprung fully formed from her father's head - WE HAVE AN IDEA. 

(Since we've pulled in Pallas to help our Mars, let's see what the other Goddesses are up to and what this might say about Ukraine/Russia since all the Goddesses have chosen sides, through their amazingly tight conjunctions at the birth of all the central players. Except, of course, wise Pallas, which is probably why she can be so helpful now. And Eris, although she is leaning toward Zelenskyy here. 


Saturn is tightly conjunct Juno (Ukraine), the extreme pressure on them, the kind that makes diamonds as well as rubble, so maybe also their stepping into their own authority or the need to have/the earning of their own authority/agency. Remember Russia's first bombing in late February was also Ukraine's first fight for their FREEDOM to exist as a sovereign nation and came just as Pluto returned to the U.S. Declaration of Independence (liberation!) degree. The New Moon is creating an opportunistic sextile with Ceres (Russia). Although this is rapidly unwinding and we'll remember Ceres also rules complicated compromises. Vesta (Putin) is also sextiling the New Moon and this one is applying, so new plans/new moves in the works from him. Venus (Zelenskyy) is PAST Saturn, so has earned his stripes, so to speak, hopefully this says he is past the mortal damage to his physical body. Venus is sextiling Eris so maybe Zelenskyy is using some terrorist tactics of his own now or threatening to pull something out of the shadows and into the light. Venus (Zelenskyy) is sextiling Black Moon Lilith (Putin), so there is an open channel here. It is applying and stunningly exact on April 4th/5th. The portal opens, they connect, then Lilith pulls ahead, then Venus catches up and they meet again, this is all within hours and at the very end of Aquarius/Gemini (mental, smart, cyber, detached), then Venus PASSES the sextile with Lilith, moves into Pisces while BML hangs out at 29 degrees Gemini until mid-May when she moves into Leo. Remember in our original war chart for the first bombing, Saturn was Russia and the Moon/Jupiter was Ukraine. Both planets, Saturn and Jupiter, strong, in signs they once ruled. Traditional thinking would say Saturn beats Jupiter, but as we approach the first meeting of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces since 1856 when Russia signed a peace treaty in a war they lost - called the Treaty of Paris, not coincidentally the same name as the peace treaty that officially ended the American Revolutionary War which Pluto and Neptune are currently re-visiting! - things are not so cut and dried. Whatever happens, early April looks quite dicey, and the whole month opportunistic for a change of direction.)

Whatever begins at this Aries New Moon is very important. We need to be brave. This is our last New Moon with all the planets direct.

April 2nd - the Sun meets Mercury at 13 degrees Aries. New information, conversations. Information is illuminated/brought to light. Communications can be sharp/pointed/fast. Words can be impulsive/unfiltered. This is all part of the New Moon story. This aspect takes us back to late January, maybe brings results from what was discussed/decided/what was happening then.

APRIL 4TH-5TH - DANGER ZONE - our actions (Mars) meet limits/new rules (Saturn). Our will is frustrated. We have two malevolent planets, Mars and Saturn, meeting at master number 22 (Aquarius) while squaring the Nodes of Fate. 


This is very constructive, powerful energy, but can be explosive/dangerous. Here is a stop sign/road block/no. Again this is part of the New Moon story. Sometimes Mars/Saturn can make us angry or resentful - it will be important to calm down and just focus on what we can do and not what we can't. Patience/discipline is required. New responsibilities can come in. Cut corners will found to be lacking and shortcuts will backfire. Mars/Saturn are linked to recklessness/violence and a tendency toward accidents. But like all Saturnian aspects the opportunity is offered to develop more significant values and greater understanding, and, in higher-mind Aquarius to group consciousness.

With the Nodes of Fate at 22 degrees Taurus/Scorpio, this is a gnarly T-Square pointed at Saturn. Squares to the Nodes are fated/skipped steps - require an adjustment as old as time itself. Are we moving backward - which is always more comfortable and not because it is better but because it is familiar or are we moving FORWARD toward something ELSE. We want to be directing our sails toward Taurus - something more grounded, stable, simple, our Taurus house theme. We want to be releasing the Scorpio compulsions, complicated drama, third party situations, any over-focus on our Scorpio house theme - see the Nodes post HERE

Saturn 'at the bends' from future-focused Aquarius and squaring the Pluto ruled Scorpio South Node also speaks of the crumbling patriarchy. Mars, the healing of the wounded masculine, and keep in mind Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and the square to our North Node in Taurus, the rising of the divine feminine.

(this is happening exact on Ukraine's natal Moon - the people - on Zelenskyy's mid-heaven and Putin's IC/North Node ie home/roots/fate - if his birthtime is accurate - and sandwiched between Biden's progressed Sun and Ascendant and exactly inconjunct the U.S. Neptune and on the IC for a chart cast for Washington DC, also exact on my own IC, oh my


To me this looks like Putin - with that IC/North Node in his 4th house, is doing something protective/defensive or retaliatory/maybe hidden, but also can be aggressive and Zelenskyy, probably along with allies doing something public and ambitious/aggressive. Both charts' finances/resources are very much activated here. This is an incredibly INTENSE time and taking a very heavy toll on the people of Ukraine - that 22 Aqua Moon in the Ukraine chart. In Russia's chart this is happening on the natal Uranus of both the 1917 Russian revolution and their 1999 chart, so chaos for the people there, too. :(

APRIL 7TH - Mercury, at 22 Aries, sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. New/passionate language, fresh ideas and information is stabilizing/creates structure. Good for commerce. Even a fast argument is helpful/grounding. Now we are working with the new rules. Able to see any new ideas in a more clear-headed, maybe less attached, way (the 'ideas' of many people are actually opinions rather than ideas). There are opportunities now to be blending the new and the traditional, the individual with the group. Both the smooth and challenging Saturn aspects this month, surrounded by all the Jupiter/Neptune, is a good thing - an insistence of life that we not lose ourselves in the ethereal realms/drift away, that we require ourselves to keep our feet on the ground/stay responsibly human/keep pinning the experience to the wall - as a teacher of mine used to say.

APRIL 8TH - Jupiter, at 23 Pisces, is sextiling the North Node (trining the South) while Mercury, at 25 degrees Aries is sextiling (opportunity) Mars in Aquarius.


Confident and lucky Jupiter creates a portal with the North Node of Fate - our best way forward. We are going to have to stretch a bit for this one/take a risk. At the same time our words and actions are working together. Good news can come in. Make/take the call. Take action with what you hear. Do you feel lucky?

APRIL 10TH - Mercury, at 28 degrees Aries (damn he is flying!) squares Pluto in Capricorn. Tension/frustration. Secrets come out. Conversations can be scary/feel like 'life and death'. Our focus narrows. This might also speak of power plays/manipulations. Later this same day, Mercury moves into Taurus, so our words/conversations may turn to our finances, resources, stability. We are thinking about and talking about what really matters/what we value/what we need. 


In Part II we will cover the rest of the month.

Hope something here is helpful. Back tomorrow with next week!


xo all 

artwork by the talented cecile pardigon

Today's astrology forecast | Friday, March 25th, 2022 - hitting a limit, coming up against the rules, how can we make this new thing better by applying some structure/tradition



The Moon is in sober and winter-ruled Capricorn now - we are nurtured by rules and boundaries and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard. Her only aspect today is her square to the Aries Sun at 1:37AM EDT. 

The square is this month's  Third Quarter Square - a chance to make an adjustment (usually via tension/frustration) before next week's New Moon in Aries. This is the old/traditional vs the new/untested. How would it pay off for us to bring more structure/boundaries/rules into a project or situation? Might we need the support of someone older or wiser now? Are we shirking responsibilities we need to step into in order for something to grow?

Cappy squares sometimes pull in blocks via rules, limits, authority. How we can't do it begins to define what we are doing. 


This isn't a bad thing, although it can show up as a problem, but an important/strengthening part of the process. 


Remember Mars, ruler of Aries, wakes up every morning wanting to be a Capricorn! Because here is where Mars, instead of doing something once, does it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aries/Capricorn squares are not times to toss in the towel, BUT, the Third Quarter Square is asking us to take a breath - remember Mars is in smart/unattached Aquarius now - and consider what grown-up limits/structure is NEEDED.

Tomorrow, the Moon will finish up in Cappy, moving through lots of smooth aspects, and, for the first time in many months NOT close out her time in Cappy, where the Moon doesn't want to be anyway, with a conjunction with Pluto. With Mercury at the very end of Pisces, the Moon's final aspect in Cappy will be a sextile to him/her. Cappy/Pisces - making the dream real, sometimes a sacrifice needed, we need to give up this to have that, you've heard this from me before, yada-yada. The Moon will still meet Pluto tomorrow night, but at least she has a nice conversation/information coming in to finalize things. We can iron out any power struggles before bed via compassion/forgiveness/a softening. Maybe a late night movie that shifts the mood.

On Sunday, the Moon will be in Aquarius making nice with the Aries Sun (freedom/fresh starts) and squaring ruler Uranus - more getting comfortable with 'change' via not taking things too personally, seeing the big picture/maybe the group's point of view - make back-up plans.

xo all

back with a post, for at least early April, tonight or Saturday - April has our BIGGEST aspect of the year and kicks off Eclipse season!

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today's astrology forecast | WEDNESDAY, march 23, 2022 - releasing the complicated drama, leaning into something more stable, count your blessings, watch your boundaries, a new dream can be quite sticky


The Moon is in high-flying Sagittarius now. We are nourished/nurtured through adventure, by what is foreign to us, by making something bigger/taking something further. By faith and optimism. Maybe our attention turns to Sag themes - education, politics, media, publishing, religion, foreign or legal situations. She sextiles Mars at 1:11PM EDT, sextiles Venus at 7:48pm EDT and finally squares ruler Jupiter at 11:59PM EDT. If you are in a different time zone or up late enough, you might get a nice Saturn sextile tonight which is very productive and good for burning the midnight oil. Tomorrow and Friday things look a little more challenging as Luna squares the Pisces planets, Neptune and Mercury and then finally the Sun.

Yesterday's exact Mars/Uranus is still in play/separating and the Moon is in a fire sign, making us accident-prone, so slow down a bit, take things/say things more thoughtfully and deliberately. Mars in Aquarius is likely to play out through groups/crowds, online, through our causes, need to individuate/liberate ourselves or other people needing/wanting these same things. The Uranus in Taurus is collectively playing out through our resources, money, income, objects, products, our values, beauty and self-esteem. The Moon's favorable aspects today will greatly help.

THE BIG NEWS TODAY - Mercury meets up with Neptune at 23 degrees and trines the South Node/sextiles the North Node

This portal can make us more intuitive. Information more idealistic/aspirational. Boundaries loosen. Facts blur. We are feeling what everyone else is feeling which can be a good thing or something that goes too far. We might think we are talking to/listening to the person right in front of us when really we are chatting up our dead ancestors/talking to ghosts. Good energy for compassion. Forgiveness. Prayer. Meditation. Letting things go. For things to wash ashore/away. Watch your escape mechanisms, addictions, medications now. One drink becomes three. One video on youtube your entire evening.

The trine to the South Node makes this a good time to release pain/toxicity/complicated drama. The sextile to the North Node, a good time to lean into something more stable, grounding, comforting, GROWING. What feels good and is good for us?

Mercury/Neptune are starting a new story at the "new" power degree of 23 (23 becoming the new 22 and remember all those New Moons last year and Pluto moves into Aquarius on 3/23/23). This is the degree Jupiter will meet Neptune in the middle of April. 


A change of habits now/a NEW DREAM can be quite sticky. 


xo all 


I know we are immersed in the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, which is actually a karmic force propelling Ukraine, and the world, forward, and the best thing most of us can do to help, truly, besides give money/help when we can, is to keep the war out of our hearts and living-rooms right now. Don't feed into the chaos AND don't stuff change until it spills out into our lives and the world in negative ways. Stay hopeful. Peaceful. Moving forward. Take care of yourself. Bigger hands than ours have got this thing. It's Pisces season - get some extra sleep.

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astrology forecast for the week of march 21st - March 27th, 2022 | hope, faith and gunpowder, explosive changes ahead


There are two prevalent themes this week, 


one is optimistic/hopeful (likely won't all pan out, but we'll follow the breadcrumbs at this point anyway) - we lean in, toward something BIGGER focused on new growth/the future as we release any tangled obsession with something that is overly complicated/dead.


The other theme is about breaking free from what has grown stagnant/too rooted via unexpected disruptions, outbursts, accidents. And we can see how these two themes are working together.


We want to be RESPONDING AND NOT REACTING to frustrating situations this week. 


Change is necessary, but can be upsetting/uncomfortable.  


We only have a few more weeks of miracle-making/spiritual-healing Pisces energy


(we have not had this much celestial magic in our lifetimes folks as the Pisces heavy hitters approach their own "world starts up again" pow-wow in mid April

and now, with the Sun in Aries and Mercury by the end of this week, it will be easier to actually do something with it. 


We'll talk more about this in the next post when we look ahead to April.

For now, let's unpack the week:


MONDAY - Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, Mars sextiles Chiron

TUESDAY - Mars squares Uranus

WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Neptune, Mercury sextiles North Node

SATURDAY - Mercury sextiles Pluto

SUNDAY - Mercury into Aries


MONDAY - Mercury, at 18 degrees Pisces meets up with Jupiter, while Mars, at 11 degrees Aquarius, sextiles Chiron in Aries, TUESDAY - Mars, at 12 degrees Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus.


There could be BIG news now (it might be a bit or quite a bit overblown, so keep this in mind) - hopeful, optimistic. The impossible can look quite possible ... and this is the sign of miracles, so maybe it is. Life doesn't dangle these carrots to make us crazy (or hungry), but to wake us up to what is possible. Excellent energy for prayer/meditation. There are opportunities for healing via our actions/passion/initiative/men/groups. Maybe the news/information/conversation itself is healing. Maybe this, rather than the accuracy of the information, which is hard to say at this point, IS the point. What does it mean if we really, really want something to be true? With the Mars/Chiron our old vulnerabilities/embarrassments are now empowering us. We CAN be ourselves, take care of ourselves, start something new - whatever this is. 

Now, as Mars is sextiling (opportunity) wounded healer Chiron, Mars is also applying to his square to disruptive Uranus (and with Mars in Aquarius he is answering to Uranus which is probably just powering this whole thing up), so it could be through tension/frustration we get the LIBERATION/CHANGE that creates the opportunity to heal these very old wounds, strengthen ourselves and over time share these strengths with other people because we understand these particular kinds of struggles ourselves.  

Expect breakthroughs, breakdowns, break-ups. Disruption. Impulsivity. Sudden anger. The challenge comes through our Taurus house, so collectively this will be about resources, money and values (and our natal Taurus house theme).


This is explosive energy, although not something that comes completely out of the blue because we've had the Sun and Mercury through here and Venus just within the last few days. This is accident prone energy, so slow down. Think, before you say/do something you might regret later. On the other hand, since Mars is the last inner planet to work a square with Uranus until summer, if something in our Taurus house needs to break free, it probably will. Hold on loosely, change is necessary, but could leave us rattled and we could take things too far if we act TOO impulsively, so try to keep a cool head.

This is Mars/Uranus closing square that will be unwinding until they meet and start a new cycle in August. So, there will likely be a connection now to something we have going on BIG TIME near August 1st when Mars meets Uranus AND the North Node (fate/the future). Space for the NEW is being created.

To use this volatile energy in its most potent/positive form - do something differently. Be brave and INNOVATIVE!

(Mars/Uranus is likely to bring something explosive #unexpected,#nottotallyunexpected to the Ukraine/Russia situation since it was Mars across the HOT 22 Cappy that launched that)

We don't want to be resisting change just because we do not know how to respond to it. The backdrop of the big Pisces energies is silently guiding us through the emotional/mental uncomfortableness, through the Uranus disorder/crisis to a place that is more simple, clear and real.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury, at 23 degrees, meets up with Neptune and sextiles the North Node in Taurus.  

This might speak of acceptance with the change/disruption. We are going to need to go with the flow here. the currents are moving us in the direction we need to go, we can trust this. Our intuition will be high now. We have an open channel to both our ancestors and our smoothest path forward - which is their path, too. They are alive through us just as we are alive through them. Pisces is reciprocal energy, think of the number eight lying on its side; the symbol of infinity. Words/messages are powerful now, and pointing us in an opportunistic direction, but Pisces energy can also be subtle. We are feeling what people are saying more than hearing what words are coming out of their mouths. 



By the end of the week, on SATURDAY (keep in mind dates are not exact for aspects other than lunar), Mercury has now reached 28 degrees and is sextiling powerful Pluto. 

Words are powerful/persuasive. We are looking under the hood/the covers. Hidden resources/opportunities can float up to the surface here. This aspect has some 'dark magic' connotations, so don't try to manipulate data/information/the conversation/other people now. 


This is Pisces/Cappy energy - good for making the dream real. 


Putting some solid legs under something illusive. Good for dealing with authority and stepping into our own in a compassionate manner. Good for healing curses. Making powerful vision boards. Setting intentions. This 28 degrees Pisces is where the Sun sextiled Pluto last week and where Venus will meet Jupiter at the end of April while sextiling Pluto - which could be the best aspect of 2022 and will close out a volatile month with a GIFT. So, what seeds do we want to plant now with our words/imagination? Since this is Pluto (ruler of Scorpio and death/rebirth), and Mercury is at the very end of the very last sign -  thinking about/talking about/writing about what we want to release (because it is dead, not good for us), transformed, merged in a very intimate way or what we are pregnant with (kind of the pre-birth energy of something) is very powerful now. 


On SUNDAY, Mercury joins the Sun in fiery Aries. Our language and thinking becomes more focused, clear-headed, courageous and passionate. We don't want to talk about/think about everything (Pisces) we just want to talk about this one, probably 'new' thing (Aries). There might be as much arguing as talking.

Mercury (ideas, thinking, language) in Aries puts our instinct into words. Our mind gets faster. Our tongue gets sharper. Words get pushy. It is easier to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want/need. We can also more easily pick an argument as language becomes more competitive. The silence that was so golden in Pisces gets broken in Aries. Think: fresh start with Mercury themes - words, thinking, writing, learning, teaching, ideas, sibling issues, transportation, local community. Also bringing fresh words and fresh thinking into our natal Aries house theme and the house that holds our natal Aries. While in Aries over the next few weeks, Mercury will meet Chiron, meet the Sun, sextile the Aqua planets - Saturn and Mars and square Pluto. Mercury will be in Aries until April 10th. 


Keep the faith everyone, BIG, likely chaotic, change in the world this week, but know Venus and Jupiter are meeting on the North Node at the end of April providing a loving/expansive portal into the best possible timeline. We have already started lining ourselves up with this - we'll talk more about it in the next post.

xo all - back with a look at April and we'll take another look at Ukraine/Russia.


artwork by the talented hooook

the meaning of the Full Moon in Virgo | March 18th, 2022 - what comes from being cut off, making healthy changes, what gets fixed

Full Moon in Virgo 2022

On March 18th, 2022 at 3:17AM EDT the Virgo Moon opposes the Pisces Sun giving us this month's Full Moon; our annual Full Moon in Virgo.


This is the final 27 degree Full Moon closing out our streak (unprecedented? hard to say, but I haven't seen it - we had a long streak of 23 degree New Moons last year setting up April 2022 which we'll talk about next post). The Moon makes an applying trine (brakes off) to powerful/transformative Pluto at 28 degrees Cappy, so although all these Moons have been interacting with Pluto, this month we get the SMOOTH aspect, it's applying rather than exact AND Pluto has moved to 28 degrees for the first time since the American Revolution.


This 'brakes off' thing can remove an obstacle. Can allow a seamless elimination/transformation. Give us access to power. But can also make things more intense/obsessive. Give things a 'life and death' urgency, that, (even with earthy Virgo and Capricorn keeping things real), may be out of proportion to the situation, although maybe not, so keep that in mind.


A Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination


One thing this Full Moon in practical Virgo with that trine to Pluto in Cappy might bring us is a FIX as she plays out over the next couple weeks.

Or maybe we've already fixed something/attended to a problem and HERE are the results of our efforts. If our efforts have been practical and grounded - we will have something to show for them. If our efforts have been about trying to manipulate a situation, the Full Moon might be shining a light on a self-created mess.

Either way, even with all these Piscean planets,  even though we are swimming with the fishies, HERE is the Moon's bright light on the situation. For a moment at least the fog clears. The results are visible. Sanity prevails. Here is the view of the situation from the cold light of day.


We want to be as realistic as possible because Virgo is the best sign for bringing problems into the here and now which is the only place anything actually ever gets FIXED. 


With all this Pisces, lots of things could feel like they are hard to hold onto. Lots of things could feel like they are slipping through our fingers. Maybe completions will still feel incomplete and unsatisfying somehow. Maybe we are tired or don't feel well. Or maybe we feel better - the symptoms clear up, but since we aren't sure what really happened or what is about to happen we still aren't clear headed even after the Moon has slapped us in the face with that splash of cold water.


All this Pisces will NOT be discounted. We are going to need extra rest/relaxation. We are going to have to blast some Jack Johnson and dance around our living-room in our skivvies. Paint. Meditate. Listen to music. Pray.


AND because the Full Moon is in practical Virgo - the sign that rules our health, daily routine, our pets, the practical activities that keep our lives in ORDER, we are going to have to get some work done, too. 


These Virgo-type things - attending to the details, etc, will pay off for us over the next two weeks and month. Especially things designed to kind of 'close-out'/clean-out old situations and clear the ground for the New Moon in Aries on April 1st that will start the new Lunar Year.

OK, let's unpack the chart!

The Moon opposes the Sun at 27 degrees - Virgo/Pisces. We can see a pile-up of Pisces planets and another pileup in Aquarius. There is alot going on in a couple areas of our lives. And then the Moon is somewhere else saying, HERE, don't forget about this area, TOO. Life is INTENSE right now. Both collectively and personally. 


Whenever we see an isolated Moon we can think about - what has been left out? What has been neglected? What do I have to do by myself? This also makes the Moon, especially with that trine to Pluto, very powerful. Great things can be accomplished. Great HEALINGS. 


The Moon is tightly conjunct asteroid Aphrodite. When sky god Uranus refused the children he had created with earth mama Gaia she asked their son Saturn to cut off his father’s genitals and toss them into the sea (Saturn's nerves of steel weren't born from nothing folks). Out of the resulting waves arose Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, born not so much the child of love/unity, but from what was lost/conflict. Finding her with the Full Moon (she is exactly trining powerful Pluto) at such tumultuous times might speak of ways to heal the divide between warring factions, between the rising feminine and the wounded masculine (Mars/Venus traveling together for weeks, during all this trauma), between the patriarchy and humanity. Coupled with Luna at such an important time I think this is showing the need for beauty, love and pleasure even in times of trying circumstances, maybe especially, in such times and to not forget that through great conflicts/struggles are birthed new beauty/chances/opportunities - great love. This might also speak of 'cutting off the balls' of great leaders - none of the world leaders' charts I looked at, at this Full Moon look very good and this isn't about one bad apple/demon seed, there have been opportunities for compromise not taken and all points of view are skewed here - and maybe a need to humble ourselves/lose an old source of power in order to move forward.

Because Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, CHANGE is needed/happening. That trine to Pluto speaks of something falling into place - either through a release or a result. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo and so ruler of this lunation is sextiling (opportunity) disruptive Uranus. Change is good. Prayer (Mercury is in Pisces) is powerful. Trying something else - that sextile to Uranus - is what will work.


Besides all those Pisces planets, there is another pile-up of planets in future-focused Aquarius. 


We can see those Aquarius planets are squaring Uranus in Taurus. This is still more in this Full Moon chart that speaks of CHANGE. Saturn, of course, squared Uranus all last year (three times exactly) and most of this year, a little less tightly. Venus, the lucky lady is sandwiched between malefic Mars and malefic Saturn - should we say "squeezed"?!. Interesting how with Venus trapped, Aphrodite shows up. Venus is tightly applying to her square to Uranus - exact this weekend - this is where something NEEDS TO BREAK LOOSE. We talked about how 'real' change comes through changing these fixed/stuck spaces. It's not a coincidence Uranus is in Taurus - fixed earth - during these chaotic times. The Venus square - CHANGE/DISRUPTION - doesn't have to be a bad thing, but squares are challenging. This might bring changes to our relationships, finances, values, self-esteem and, also, show us the NEED TO MAKE CHANGES/need to break free.

(this might show the need to take a little space from a relationship that has grown too claustrophobic or to spend a little money if purse strings have been closed too tight - we don't want to take anything here too far because Uranus only cares that something change, not where that change leads us and remember his cojones being snipped is part of this Moon, too, and now that I think about it, this is another kind of 'fix' isn't it)

With all these planets in dreamy/distractable Pisces and all these planets in logical/future-focused but detached Aquarius, we NEED this Moon to anchor us into the present reality. To say HERE is what must be done, do this. HERE is what must go, eliminate this. HERE is what you have fixed. HERE are the results. 


Remember Virgo focuses on the practical aspects of our day-to-day life. What needs to change? Or what has changed and what do we need to do now to incorporate these changes into our daily life? 


Venus is EXACTLY sextiling Chiron - there is healing here of very old wounds around the wounded masculine, our self esteem, our ability to take care of ourselves, stand up for ourselves and be ourselves.


At the Full Moon in Virgo trining Pluto - we want to focus on what is good for us/what is healthy. We want to release what needs to be eliminated - what is chaotic/complicated/messy/dis-empowering/dead. Maybe something here about losing an old source of power. Keep in mind the Full Moon IS the point of fullness, NOTHING can happen until something is released. 

Start with an exhale.

And, make sure to get out and walk in this one!

xo all

There is also a Grand Earth Trine with Sedna - which echoes Pluto's transformative energy and Aphrodite's story - transformation through what has been lost - more 'cutting off' by family (in this case father instead of son), ouch - and also pulls in themes of 'what we know' but don't want to admit to ourselves, more humbling, it would appear. Or a situation where our point of view is out of kilter. Or the results of such situations.

weekly astrology forecast | March 14th - 20th, 2022 - big week, Full Moon Virgo, financial changes, new solar year kicks off washing away what was


I hope everyone had some rest last week (and not like me .. in bed with a thermometer) because this week is a BIGGIE as we start to build toward mid-April's HUGE meeting of Neptune and Jupiter (first time in Pisces since 1856).


With the Sun contacting both the Nodes of Fate and Galactic Center PLUS our final 27 degree Full Moon trining powerful Pluto PLUS a stellium of planets in mystical and delusional Pisces - it will be important to take care of ourselves. Plug the leaks. Keep our feet on the ground. This is a time of important endings and beginnings and it aids absolutely no one to immerse ourselves in fear/chaos (the South Node!). Pray for peace. HARD. Then raise the vibration by giving your attention to what you can control/what is right in front of you. What is GROWING. What is SIMPLE. All the planets are in direct motion - we are moving forward!


Oh, and our New Year starts on Sunday, folks - are you ready?!


MONDAY - Sun sextiles North Node, Mercury squares Ceres, Venus trines Ceres

THURSDAY - Mercury sextiles Uranus, Sun squares Galactic Center

FRIDAY - Full Moon in Virgo, Venus sextiles Chiron, Sun sextiles Pluto

SATURDAY - Venus squares Uranus

SUNDAY - Sun enters Aries, Aries Equinox


On MONDAY, the Sun, at 24 degrees Pisces, sextiles the North Node in Taurus and trines the South Node in Scorpio


This is all subtle energy. We want to be careful - because the trine is a stronger aspect than the sextile - that we don't slip back into something we would be better off done with or stay in something because we have become so mired in the entanglements/drama that it's more comfortable/uncomfortable to stay than go. The sextile - opportunity through what is NEW - requires some effort, but is our better way forward. Let's move toward what is growing/bringing stability/is more SIMPLE. The Sun in Pisces can provide enough anesthetic for the old to dissolve and enough light on the new for us to choose a new direction, but we are going to have to make an effort with this one. Pay attention. 

This is also the day Mercury squares Ceres and Venus trines Ceres. With Mercury in Pisces maybe our conversations/words are soothing/compassionate/unfocused/soft when what is needed is crisp/facts/information/more choices. The good news is that trine from Venus to Ceres. Venus is in future-focused/detached Aquarius and rules the North Node which is getting a sextile from the Sun. This pulls in some much needed air - makes it easier to avoid the sentimentality of Mercury/Pisces which isn't going to work right now. Keep conversations light/logical. Talk about the future and not the past. This is all reinforcing the Sun/Nodes. Make this day work for you. 

Mercury (news/information) squaring Ceres (Russia), might indicate tension/frustration/troubling news for Russia leading to a smoother path between Russia and Venus (Zelenskyy/the invasion event). Maybe Russia more willing to compromise? Pallas meets up with healing Chiron tomorrow. Strategic Pallas was the only Goddess who hasn't chosen a side, and she is strong and brave in Aries, maybe something can get mediated this week. We are going to look at the charts of the countries and their leaders this week, too. 

On THURSDAY - Mercury, at 12 degrees Pisces, sextiles Uranus

New information comes in. New conversations. Plans/our thinking CHANGES. This might be disruptive, but opportunistic. Words are more innovative/focused on the future. Brilliant ideas are out there, ready to be picked like apples in autumn, by just the right person. Or more likely, with Mercury in Pisces, ideas will be absorbed/intuited. This is a subtle aspect - hang out with the smartest people you know. 


After meeting with Neptune, trining the South Node/sextiling the North and just before her BIG opposition to the Virgo Moon tomorrow the Sun squares the Galactic Center. NEW information coming to light. Adjustments. New downloads.

On FRIDAY, we have our annual Virgo Full Moon. This year we have the Moon trining Pluto, while Venus sextiles healing Chiron and the Sun sextiles Pluto - sounds good to me, expect a BIG post. This is our final Full Moon at 27 degrees.

On SATURDAY - Venus, at 12 degrees Aquarius, squares Uranus in Taurus. This immediately follows her sextile to Chiron and the Full Moon, so is likely all part of the same thing.

Changes with our money/resources. Changes to what we value. Disruption. Relationships can come out of the blue or break apart just as suddenly. These two planets are in mutual reception, so more stable than a typical Venus/Uranus square - still, expect the unexpected here. The Moon will be in Libra (focusing us on partnerships, other people, balance, fairness) trining all the liberating Aqua planets which will be helpful and Venus will be sextiling Pallas in Aries pulling in new plans and fresh strategies. We are ready for change/to change and this might be just the push we need!


Venus (Zelenskyy/the invasion event) making a square to change-maker Uranus would indicate a change/disruption for him/the event - maybe a pivot point. Venus is now at the invasion chart's Jupiter (U.S. maybe). This can also speak of finance/resource issues. Squares are tension/frustration and require movement/change.

On SUNDAY - the Sun enters Aries and kicks off the New Solar Year. Equinoxes are potent periods that bring in a need for greater balance/allow us to see what is out of balance. The Sun is much happier in Aries than Pisces, so our energy/confidence/enthusiasm will increase. Our Aries houses WAKE UP. Aries is about being brave/challenging ourselves in some way. Being independent. Starting something. All planets are in direct motion - this is not the time to sit still.


Back with a look at the Ukraine major player charts (unbelievable connections to each other and 1856) and the BIG Full Moon post.  

xo all

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today's astrology forecast | Sunday, March 13th, 2022 - emotionally flooded, a spotlight on our dreams, boundaries thin, what needs to comes out in the wash will



The Moon is finishing up in Cancer now. We are nourished/nurtured by home, family, mom and apple-pie. She trines Neptune at 12:24 AM EST and goes void off her monthly opposition to Pluto at 11:44AM EST. She will be void until 3:32PM EST when she moves into Leo.


In the meantime, this is the day the Sun meets up with Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces. This, plus the Cancer Moon's opposition to Pluto is likely to make this weekend very EMOTIONAL. We will be feeling what we are feeling and what our children are feeling and what that weird guy standing next to us in line at the grocery store is feeling. Turn off the news. Pay attention to what you are allowing yourself to ABSORB now and know when to say when.

Sun/Neptune can bring up feelings of melancholy, grief, exhaustion. It's a good time to catch a cold, for parades to be rained out, actions to drift off course. For something to happen/be happening that is COLLECTIVELY EMOTIONAL. To feel/be FLOODED. On the flip-side this is very soothing,  imaginative, compassionate energy, but it needs to go where it needs to go. Trying to force/manipulate life to go in a certain direction now will be challenging. Like trying to wrestle water.

Sun/Neptune can shine a BIG old spotlight (this is a once a year aspect and this year they meet at master number 22 degrees, so this is big) on our DREAM.

This is excellent energy for meditation (watch for over-medicating, effects of alcohol use gets amplified, etc), prayer, compassionate action. Making art and music. Healing. There is self-sacrifice here and sometimes the ego needs a little dissolving, but let's not take this too far. Self-sabotaging is possible, too. Toxins are more easily absorbed, so extra care should be taken with chemicals/food preparation, etc. If something is too draining, if you can feel yourself 'leaking' all over the situation or someone else is leaking all over you - say goodnight Gracie. 

This would have been felt last Friday and Saturday, too, and into early next week. Whatever comes up is needed, brings cleansing, brings CATHARSIS.

Monday's Moon in Leo looks dicey. Get some extra rest.



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