Over the Hump Day Honey

Here's a few Thursday goodies that will get your creative juices flowing AND XauXau is having a wonderful giveaway on her blog that you just have to enter AND Jess Gonacha is getting married (like right now) - YIPPEE - so there is alot going on this week!

Also I should mention the thermometer registered 112 degrees in the unairconditioned shop where I solder yesterday, so you can sort of imagine the horror of that.

I should also mention that when I told Alise of XauXau that I could only mention her giveaway if it was NOT her body in those amazing crochet bikinis she sells (yes, I am exactly that kind of girl) - she could not understand why I would say this which tells me that 1. She is very, very nice and 2. That is her body in those bikinis (although she denies this) *sigh*

Anika Mari's sewn leaves

Sophy Robson's gradient nails - love this idea (haven't polished in years)

Urban Outfitters Chunky necklaces - think big with your fall designs

Rebecca Taylor's fall line - awesomeness

Peppermint Daydreams AMAZING illustrations and she has a locket

Coveting a new bike bag (which is literally putting the cart before the horse since Sherry Truitt's post on 4 bikes per person in her household has me thinking I need at least one that isn't a rusty heap) - aren't these bags just pure awesomeness? Purpurin Bike Bags, DNTX Bike Bags, Swiss Army Bike Bags by SHMattson and BoneShakerBags.

Tuesday Confessional

* I have way too much Nickelback on my IPod

* I tried out the new Sonic drive thru without telling anyone (and ordered and ate something really huge and nasty and kinda yummy)

* There is something in my car that smells really bad (this may or may not be connected to my secret trip to Sonic)

* I really want curly hair (I still have nightmares of my middle school home Toni perm but this may not stop me)

* I sometimes complain about who/what Etsy chooses to feature
(unless it's me and I sell 2 corkboards overnight)

* I am very worried that Obama called healthcare for everyone "radical"

* My aunt turns 80 today and her sister is even older and sometimes it pisses me off that their other sister, their much younger sister (my mom), died so young and they get to grow old

* I am way too old to like the Twilight books as much I did

Tuesday Confessional Special - Buy a necklace from either of my shops Uncorked or Polarity and get a FREE pair of matching earrings:

Just confess a little something in the comments to seller section of your order. I'm very good at keeping secrets (I think I have covered this before) and won't tell anyone. Offer thru August 1st.

Awesome 2ReVert Keychain Giveaway CLOSED

AND THE WINNER IS - The Lost Earring and she happens to have an amazing Etsy shop- so check it out. Chosen my random number gerenator 1-125 = # 23!

2ReVert is the amazing husband and wife team of Jann and Jeff from Nova Scotia who ask, "Do you know where your jewelry has been?".

They make the most amazing jewelry and houseware items from recycled skateboards!

2ReVert jewelry pieces are all totally unique! So check out their amazing shop- I have a beautiful pair of their earrings and they are lightweight and awesome!

When they get a new skateboard to recycle, they are thrilled. Jann is always wondering who rode the skateboard and where the boards went... did they get carried around school, did they go on trips ... what about the writing on them. Jeff always looks for the colored layers ... where are they in the board, what colors are there, what will he create ...

One lucky winner will receive one green and black recycled skateboard keychain handmade by 2ReVert in Nova Scotia!

This one is easy, peasy - just leave a comment below with your contact information

For additional entries:

(5) Follow my blog
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(5) Blog about this contest; linking to this post

Let me know if you have done these things so I can give you additional entries. This contest is open to everyone (worldwide shipping).


MIDNIGHT on Sunday, August 2nd!

The Post About Beer and Gutters

I got my amazing vintage coaster collection in the mail today from Etsy's wonderful vintage shop EveryEskimo and they are perfect!

We are thinking of making hubby's customers Christmas gifts of homemade beer and these coasters (after I figure out how best to encase them in glass and cork). In the meantime, I am going to display a few in my studio with some metal gutter covers (and magnetic hooks- could also work with clothes pins) from a garage sale.

And while I am in here with my camera here's a little hanger project I'm working on for a display (although a storm has suddenly kicked up and my sun is gone). I saw some hangers in a magazine recently

(sorry- I'm not sure which one, I didn't actually buy it, just kind of did a drive-by skimming at the register)

but I think they had filled them with wallpaper.

Just use the hanger as a template and get out your glue gun- so easy it's ridiculous (just the way I like these kind of projects). I just used scrapbook paper and cardboard and then threw in a little cork for luck. No idea what I am going to do with these, but they are just so cute I'm going to go ahead and make a dozen (the hangers are from Ikea).

When Good New Year's Resolutions Go Bad

When doing a little spring cleaning last weekend (better late than never as grandma used to say) I stumbled upon a list of New Year's resolutions and I noted a couple things right away.

First of all most of this list could be from any year of my life (what is it I am doing with the 365 days we get?) and my penmanship has gotten really awful!

Since half of 2009 has bitten the dust let's take a look at a few and see where we stand:

1. Learn about wine

(people assume because I work with cork that I am some kind of wine expert as if I drink all the wine that my little corks used to store - but I only know that it comes in 2 colors - I do know my wine coolers, though)

2. Stop talking to family and friends about Etsy all the time

(I think this problem has gotten worse actually - when the neighbors' kids ask you if you have been on the front page lately you know things have gotten bad)

3. Stop eating so much guacamole

(I hear it's good fat and ok now, right?)

4. Join a gym


5. Go to gym


6. Read a biography of Amelia Earhart

(I can't believe I still know nothing about Amelia Earhart- other than the mystery of her death- I am actually going to do this one- like seriously)

7. Learn a skill that hubby usually does

(I was realizing that I kind of "let" him do certain things around here - I mean he should be doing something right? But they are things that I need to know how to do, too. Like I don't know exactly where the water meter is under the house or how to turn the water off down there - stuff like that - stuff that could come in handy one day - not that I'm planning to push him off the roof or anything...)

8. Stop eating out during the week

(the economy took care of this one for me)

9. When complimented on something I'm wearing, don't say "Oh, I got this at Marshall's for $5.99."

(I rarely get compliments like this anymore, so this problem solved itself, too.)

10. Be off the computer by 8PM

(I am breaking this one right now)

But, at least I am consistent and I am sure "be more consistent" is on here somewhere too and actually finding this list seems a step in the right direction.

1. Bad Ass Ballerina Tunic by Gaia Conceptions
2. Amelia by Purrr
3. Spoon Rest Wine Bottle by Combustion Glassworks
4. Ask Me Tomorrow Earrings by AlamodeStuff
5. Avacado Earrings by OneSelf
6. What She Sees by PoetSummer
7. Vintage Alarm Clock by Ethanollie

More Hump Day Honey

Some total random awesomeness to get us through the middle of this week. Who can resist English Dept's gorgeous bolero, some amazing recycled eggshell (as in the little chickie's birthplace and not the color) stationary by Nicolas Cheng, Unconventional Ida's amazing world by K. Smith, Cristina Pires' stunning dress made from a vintage 60's fabric, do-it-yourself mix and match felt stools, some genius recycled drawer shelving (have to try this!), and some fun Flip and Tumble shopping bags.

Awesome macraMe Owl Necklace Giveaway CLOSED

And the winner is (by random number generator between 1 and 196 = 85) Rachel Herzog! Rachel has a wonderful Etsy shop and a beautiful website called Tickleworm - so check them out. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Two amazing Argentine firecrackers (and sisters); Mariana and Paula, are famous for their little macrame owl necklaces on Etsy. Their shop macraMe is totally unique and wonderful!

Mariana and Paula say that throughout history and across many cultures, owls have held people in fascination and awe.

Folks (like me) who can't tell a sparrow from a chickadee can recognize an owl.

MacraMe make their gorgeous necklaces in every color and they are simply stunning. I have one that I love and if you are the lucky ducky winner here you will love yours, too!

One lucky winner will receive one orange macraMe owl necklace handmade by macraMe in Argentina!

This one is easy, peasy -just leave a comment below with your contact information

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MIDNIGHT on Saturday, July 25th!

Etsy Project Embrace

Etsy Project Embrace is a way for Etsy buyers and sellers to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of Laura Slocum an Etsy artist currently undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

Sellers can tag an item in their shop with the one word tag etsyprojectembrace and donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of that item to the fundraiser.

Buyers can support this fundraiser by searching the tag EtsyProjectEmbrace and choosing to make a purchase of one of these sponsored items.

Etsy Project Embrace was created to support Laura by increasing awareness and raising funds for cancer research.

Laura is a real firecracker and an amazing artist and mother and I am very proud to call her my friend.

Another amazing Etsy artist and wonderful friend; Lynn of UnaOdd is also currently undergoing treatment for cancer and my own donations are made to support Laura and Lynn and in memory of our dear friend Andrew Hampel.

Just a small sample of the dozens of Etsy sellers' amazing donations that you don't want to miss:

String 'Em Up ....

According to the U.S. Department of Energy our clothes dryers are the second largest energy hog in our homes. The Energy Star label of efficient appliances doesn't even bother to label them.

There is a little $5.00 solution to consider.

A clothesline has a few pluses:

1. You can save money and reduce your personal impact on climate change
2. Your clothes will last longer; dryer lint from your clothes is like sawdust from wood, no shrinkage, no static cling, less ironing.
3. Your clothes will smell fresher and the sunlight will bleach and disinfect.
4. Indoor racks can humidify in dry winter weather.
5. No more dryer fire worries (over 18,000 a year in the U.S. alone).

And, I'm not going to get all new age-y on you here, but there is something about the feel of those wet clothes against your arms when you hang them up and the warmth when you take them down that is very grounding - I'm starting to tear up a little bit just thinking about it.

(or maybe I have something in my eye, but you get the picture)

A clothesline has a couple negatives:

1. You can't leave the clothes up for days like you leave them in your dryer
2. It takes a little more time, but not as much as you might think
3. It can be a bit unsightly depending on how crappy your wardrobe is

I have a little clothesline that started out as a yard gym for Olive. It has a rubber donut that dangles from it and she spends hours jumping for that donut and wearing herself out while I work. Now I use it for towels, linens and jeans (I don't use it for everything, but it does save me a few loads a week).

It is also great for beating throw rugs and this is where some real therapy can come in. You can even draw a little picture of your mother-in-law (just as an example not that I have done this) on the back of the rug and the cleaning will be even more therapeutic (this kind of only works if you have kids though).

Hubby - Is that my mom's face on the back of that rug?

Me - Huh?

Hubby- My mom's face drawn on the back of that rug!

Me- *looking confused*

Hubby - Look! *points to back of rug*

Me - *frowning and shaking my head* These kids...

1. Laundry room vinyl lettering by SingleStoneStudios
2. Vintage Washboard from ShamsandCoverUps
3. Vintage Clothespins from TripleTrouble
4. Vegan Laundry Soap by ShowerTreatSoap
5. Dryer Pillow Sheets by zJayne
6. Wool Dryer Balls by Romeo2Juliet

When Things Fall Into Place...

I’ve decided that today I want to be that artist (choking that word out) who posts pictures of her studio on her blog.

(instead of other people's studios, even though those others are way cooler)

Since most of my inventory is packed up for next weekend's show and it will probably never be this clean again- this is my chance to look uber organized.

Plus I've got some flowers on my desk. Plus I've got an amazing photographer here with a fisheye lens.

So I think the cosmos has lined this up for us ....