I've Got A Secret...

I love the little weekly confessions shared at post secrets. I am good at keeping secrets (really) except once in a while when I slip up and tell my sister, but luckily for me she is very good at keeping secrets.

(maybe because her name is Victoria - they didn't just pull that name out of their hat - or bra - you know)

So, if you ever want to tell me a secret - know that it is safe with me - really, truly and I am totally doing the library book thing, isn't that clever?

1. Pants by Victoria's Secret
2. Message in a Bottle by A Second Time
3. Secret Garden Sachet by Simple Sweet Design
4. Locket For Laura by Botanical Bird
5. Nancy Drew Book at Callooh Calley
6. Whisper Portrait by Sela Hestelle


Anonymous said...

I think everyone has decided upon seeing that first image to either do the same or hope that they find one of those post it notes. It's a lovely idea!

Kate8085 said...

I want to find one of those post-its too!
I love the message in a bottle necklace, so romantic.

Botanical Bird said...

I love these secrets! I enjoyed each and everyone of them and they made me feel happy, sad, nostalgic, hopeful and more....way to pull the heart strings girl!
btw, please do get a hold of me next time you're in Portland, I'd love to meet you!


Botanical Bird said...

Oops! I forgot to say thank you for the feature and for bringing awareness to "Projectembrace"

thank you!!!

Kolleen said...

LOVE the idea...i'm definitely doing it. i leave little "notes" in random places...in magazines at starbucks or a doctor's office, etc... - you never know who they may reach and what that might mean to that person reading it!