today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 - words are our super-power



The Moon finishes up in Libra, going void at 12:26PM EDT off a square to Pluto (some tension/frustration, power struggles within relationships or with authority). She is void until she moves into Scorpio at 7:15PM EDT. In Scorpio, we are nourished/nurtured by power/collective resources/merging/purging/diving deep. Our emotions become more intense, situations can feel more "life and death".

As the Moon is squaring Pluto, Mercury is moving backward into a smooth trine (his/her second of three) with Pluto. This is the Mercury/Pluto trine with both planets retrograde. We had this aspect on August 22nd and will have the final trine on October 6th. Words are powerful. Secrets can come out. Mercury is in "let's fix this thing" Virgo, so there is something here - maybe involving a conversation or contract or information that we need a better/deeper look at. Seek facts. What needs to be re-viewed/re-vised? What needs to be said again? Something is falling into place, but we are going to have to be smart. The news/talks/our decisions and choices are in DO-OVER mode with this one.


Heads up for tomorrow - although I might be popping back in here. The Scorpio Moon is quiet, but we have Mars in Gemini trining Saturn in Aquarius. You could be feeling this today, too. Our actions/words/ideas will be in a cooperative alignment with authority/with the public. More smooth flow- brakes off. Whatever this is we will have a repeating aspect at the end of November with Mars retrograde, so whatever is happening today we will be re-vising, re-viewing, re-doing, re-peating then. But this is the time to be moving AHEAD.


(the Mars/Saturn trine, both today's and November's is part of the Mars/Saturn cycle that started in April 2022 and winds down in April 2024. We had the tense square in early August, so whatever started in April was blocked then. Now we get the smooth flow of the trine and move forward, but we will have to do this again somehow at the end of November).


Today though (the 27th) has that Plutonian vibe - intense interactions, Scorpio people, going deep, research, intimate conversations, financial information, etc. 


Keep in mind the long void Moon and use it to chill out.

More in the weekly HERE.

xo all

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Astrology forecast | week of september 26 to october 2, 2022 - second chances, the week that 'old gold' shows up, secrets come out, obsessions are stirred, an intense week



This is a BIG week. Yes, I would say it is.


We are coming off the New Moon in Libra opposing Jupiter and right out of the gate the energy starts playing out. Here is the week some rock solid progress can be made. Here is the week that OLD GOLD can show up. Keep going. Don't give up. Take care of yourself. Rest when you need to.

Let's unpack this potentially FORTUITOUS WEEK! Just keep in mind the expression about not looking a gift horse in the mouth (is that how it goes) - if things don't show up exactly as we were hoping. We will be back mining for old gold again in a couple weeks, so we want to be GRATEFUL for whatever comes our way now. Powerful truths are possible, too.

Let's dive right in!


MONDAY/TUESDAY - Venus trines Pluto (retro), Mercury retrograde backs into Venus, Sun opposes Jupiter (retro)

WEDNESDAY - Mercury (retro) trine Pluto (retro) - 2nd of 3rd

THURSDAY - Mars trine Saturn (retro), Venus enters Libra, Ceres enters Virgo

SATURDAY - Venus opposes Jupiter (retro)

SUNDAY - Mercury stations DIRECT! (opposing Neptune), First Quarter Moon (Cappy)

On MONDAY/TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY - So, now, the Sun, doing what the Moon did Sunday, opposes that retrograde Jupiter. We talked about this in the New Moon post HERE.  


A light on the old gold. Maybe an old opportunity comes back around. Expansion. An ending of something that has become too big to handle. This can also be where what we have been OVER-DOING/exaggerating is illuminated. Sun/Jupiter - even the pesky opposition - should FEEL GOOD. This is an elevating aspect, can bring rewards for past good deeds, brings confidence/happiness.

Plus - this is happening while Venus is meeting Mercury and both are trining Pluto. 


The chances are high the NEWS WILL BE GOOD. The illuminated 'whatever-this is' BENEFICIAL somehow. Trines are smooth flow - the brakes are off. Whatever is happening should move in a positive direction without alot of pushing from us. Mercury/Venus speaks of us hearing what we want to hear (as in good news) or saying things that other people will. Mercury is still retrograde for a couple more days, so this will be something that has come back around. Say it again. Reach out again. Make changes/corrections. Try again.

Venus/Pluto is empowering/transformative. Sexy. Something is falling into place. Venus is finishing up in Virgo, so maybe we arrive at an important SOLUTION. This might have to do with our daily obligations, our work, our health, our pets, the theme of your natal Virgo house. Small is big with this one. This is an Earth trine, so brings real things we can hold in our hands/take to the bank. Pluto is retrograde, too, so this will also have its feet in the past. Venus/Pluto and Mercury/Pluto can also bring out secrets - financial, relationship. I hope there are no skeletons in your closet looking to be shaken loose. Manipulations are highly effective now, but never recommended due to their tendency to bite us in the ass later.

After meeting up with Venus, Mercury trines Pluto - for the second time. This time with both planets retrograde. We had this back on August 22nd, so maybe we are re-looking at something from that time frame. Information can be intense/precise. Words are powerful. With Mercury in Virgo, now we can see the problem AND there should be an answer/solution. Even with challenging news we aren't just left hanging out to dry.


The Moon in Libra is making her trines to Mars and Saturn - more smooth flow. The only tangle in the first part of the week is the Moon's square to Pluto at 12:21PM EDT on Tuesday before she goes void until 7:15 EDT. Here's that power struggle we talked about in the New Moon post.

On THURSDAY, Mars in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. An air trine. Good for the flow of ideas and conversations. We are tapping into the collective. This busy/busy, two things at once or doing everything twice thing we have going on is somehow paying off. Authority will be supportive. Saturn is retrograde, so we might be returning to an old responsibility, goal, limit, structure, authority. Revising a business, our reputation, etc. Good for group activities, too.

This is also the day Ceres moves into Virgo - nurturing/change of life situations/things that are outside our control benefit from small steps in a healthier direction. We will talk about this as we move through it..




This transit (until October 23rd) makes Libra Suns and Risings, who are already naturally attractive, even more so - both physically attractive and more able to attract what they want/need. Everyone's Libra house gets more attractive, too (what house was Libra in when you were born? what is the theme of that house? Where is Venus in your natal chart? This area of life gets more attractive, too, as transiting Venus grows stronger in her home sign).

We will be attracted to what we find 'beautiful'. We will be attracted to what we find 'just'. We will be attracted to what we find 'peaceful'. And these are the qualities people will find attractive in us and our work in the world. These are the qualities we'll want to bring to the table (and yes, flowers, flowers would be a good thing to bring to the table, too) to attract whatever we are wanting to attract now.


If our relationships have felt too nit-picky/critical/austere - things will improve under this transit.

The potential for peace increases as we move from critic (Virgo) to diplomat (Libra). The potential for people pleasing increases, too, so balance is the key now. Making life too much about the other person is Libra's shadow side. It's easier, or I should say, ahem, lazier (although I am not blaming anyone because I think we are all tired and Venus has just moved out of her opposition to draining Neptune), to just give in to something to have "harmony" than to work out the win-wins or half-assed win-wins that are sometimes required. We need to honor ourselves as well as the other person.

In Libra, there is power in groups and alliances - but the emphasis (for now) is on the shared human experience of connection rather than on what might emerge later. It's not the time for thinking about how it will all play out, what we are getting or giving. There is Scorpio season for that. It's just the time for the experience. We come into real harmony when we can see each other clearly. We don't have to always agree with each other. Agreeing isn't step two or even step one hundred and two. 


These days, it's easy to forget that ...

On SATURDAY, Venus opposes Jupiter retrograde. More OLD GOLD. Also relationship DRAMA possible. Venus in Libra shifts the energy of relationships, money and self-esteem to a social level. If you look good/sound good, you must BE good. Libra gets a bad rap for pouring pink paint on problems and for being superficial, but without Libra's beauty, balance, diplomacy and tasty sugar coating, life would be pretty un-freaking bearable. Opposed to Jupiter this is all on steroids. Relationships are more HOPEFUL. Balance can RETURN. Maybe something overblown is ending and we can breathe. Fingers crossed on that one.


NOTE - the gold-mining isn't over until after October 12th when Mercury direct opposes Jupiter for the final time!

On SUNDAY,  good news - MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT. He is opposite Neptune - although the opposition never quite perfects, so the bubble isn't bursting just yet and things can be confusing! It will take Mercury a couple days to get up to speed, and we will be covering old ground for awhile, but we are moving on, plus now Mars gets a direct Mercury in his home sign to answer to - that will have to make a difference for all of us. Mercury is in the grounded energy of Virgo, soon to be back in the relationship/balance focused energy of Libra. 


I hope we fixed whatever we had the opportunity to fix!

Until Venus comes home to Libra, alot of the sky is answering to Mercury and he is STILL retrograde this week, so keep that in mind. Nothing is full steam ahead and anything we have over-done/over-committed to can be 'in the limelight/in our face'. Any week with multiple personal planets chatting with Pluto will be INTENSE. The aspect itself though is smooth/not jagged, so there should be ANSWERS/solutions to whatever he is digging up. There isn't alot of escape this week, so we are just going to have to roll with things. Keep your ear/eye/basically anything you can stick out there - open for that OLD GOLD. What did you miss the first time through? Maybe this is something that can now be fixed and then BOOM it's Easy Street for you. :)

xo all

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Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in Libra | whatever it takes to bring ourselves and our relationships back into balance over the next few months, ships will be jumped, contracts will be broken

Just days after the Autumnal Equinox, a collective point of balance, September 25, 2022 at 5:54PM EDT, the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Libra.  


Libra New Moons are about new ways to partner/new people/new connections/new situations. New LOVE - not the deep kind necessarily (although it could be), but the social kind that gets us invited to coffee and walks in the park. New peace and harmony. New negotiations. What is fair now? What is balanced now? What does justice look like now? This is a cardinal energy - something is going to START.

They meet at 2 degrees. I like when a New Moon starts close to the beginning, although it almost certainly makes outcomes harder to judge (because it's TOO EARLY).

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon meets the Sun at 2 degrees Libra. They are applying to an opposition to Jupiter. Exactly conjunct asteroid Rhiphonos. The ruler of this lunation (ruler of Libra) is Venus in Virgo who is conjunct (and answering to) a retrograde Mercury and widely squaring both Mars and Chiron. The Uranus/Saturn square of 2021/2022 is within a 1 degree orb/breathing down our neck. 

Since this is also pretty much the Equinox chart, this chart is about more than the next month. We will be working with this chart (yes, with Venus is nit-picking Virgo!) until the Aries New Moon chart next spring. 

The biggest aspect is the lunation's opposition to a retrograde Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter works his magic by MAKING THINGS BIGGER, so almost certainly what is started now is in some way destined/designed to be BIG or exaggerated. Certainly apt to GROW, so we really want to think about the seeds we are putting into the ground now. The Moon/Jupiter brings opportunities for luck, success and happiness, but also a warning around over-doing. Over-committing. Over-promising. Over-expecting. Wanting too much. Being a greedy assh*le. Jupiter is retrograde, so we are looking for the gold we missed the first time through - the gold is BEHIND US. The Libra New Moon fresh start will have a connection to something we did before or something from the past. Relationships can come back from the brink with this one. 


The Jupiter opposition could force us to look at what we are projecting onto other people, by MAKING CERTAIN PROBLEMS BIGGER. We are likely going to have to rely on ourselves more. Or find different people. Sometimes we are putting the wrong things on the wrong people and then acting like they are letting us down. If your partner is an Aries Moon, the chance of them mothering you, yes, even when you are down and out with covid, is pretty unlikely. So you need someone else in your life for THAT. Sometimes people think they need a whole new relationship when what they really need is a FRIEND.


We are in a whole new world and still trying to do relationships in the same old ways!


Over the course of the next few months many partnership contracts (not just romantic) will be broken/many ships jumped. We will be re-looking at what we have committed ourselves to. If our heart's not in it, we won't be either. With the Uranus/Saturn square in play - things we used to rely on are not as stable and at the same time the new structures will have limits/restrictions. Being free isn't free. There is so much retrograde energy - including both Saturn AND Uranus - nothing will be full steam ahead. 


We are going back to go forward.


With Venus conjunct a retrograde Mercury, we are talking/thinking about our relationships. Talking to people we are in relationship with. Old relationships can come back around. Old Mercurian things - commerce, siblings, local community, words, writing, childhood education - can be fallen in love with AGAIN. We could get some good news. Maybe from an old source.


Venus is still in finicky Virgo. Fixing, Refining. In mutual reception to that retrograde Mercury, so we need to go through the fixes/the service/the re-visions to get to Libra - the balance/the relationship/the love. And this opposition to Jupiter is making everything bigger than it should be/needs to be. It will be hard not to be OVER-COMMITTED to something right now! Too much work. Too much service. Too much spending. Venus is opposing Neptune which is draining relationship batteries and finances. 

The New Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Rhiphonos. 


Rhiphonos, whose name means 'throwing or casting' was one of the dozen sprites guarding Zeus's son Dionysus from Hera, when she turned them into centaurs. He later pulled Dionysus's chariot. Rhiphonos, the asteroid, was discovered on the day of Ted Kennedy's funeral, which was kind of the end of American royalty. And, of course, this time period has a very strong connection to the passing of Queen Elizabeth and ending of the 'queen' archetype, which I wish I had time to write about, and will, when things slow down. Ironically, he is one of the few centaurs not famous for the way he died, but most of his story has been lost to time. His name definition might also be another admonition to think about what we are projecting onto other people. Think about how we are doing what we are accusing the other person of doing, etc. 

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed'. The NEW can begin and take hold quickly. Probably many of the changes, this is a lunar event after all, will be INTERNAL.


Just before this New Moon, the Moon passes over Venus, opposes Neptune, passes over Mercury and then meets the Sun and then will oppose Jupiter. She then trines Mars and Uranus and goes void off a square to Pluto. So, things are complicated and this "relationship-focused" New Moon ends with that testy square to power. 

There is alot to like here, too. Just keep in mind the seeds now are going to grow, so is what you are growing really something you want to eat. There is also an out of sign trine to Sedna - pulling something we don't want to look at too closely into the mix, but also more mega-transformational energy and, again, something about RELYING ON OURSELVES.

I hope something here is helpful, although I am feeling that somehow it isn't. Libra is my 12th house, not so much a space designed for me to be able to see clearly. You might have to muddle through much of this one without me 


xo all

weekly astrology forecast | September 19th to 26th, 2022 - all things Venus


A BIG week ahead.


On Sunday night we had Mercury retrograde opposing Jupiter retrograde and the Sun trining Pluto retrograde. BIG energy. Overwhelming. AND empowering. What came to light? What were WE feeling?  If we have taken on too much we will be feeling that now. BIG ideas are possible. Empowering situations. Old gold is being mined. It will be challenging to organize it with all the retrograde energy, but we could see it as being GATHERED.


This week is all about lovely VENUS (we can see her in Virgo with her hair tied back, diving into the nitty gritty) - our focus will be on our relationships, our money, our values, our self-esteem. The world comes into balance at the Equinox and in our own life we can see what is balanced and what is OUT OF BALANCE. 


We start the week with Venus in harmony with Black Moon Lilith and wind things up with Luna's big New Moon in Libra answering to her. We will talk more about the week as we move through it. Keep in mind, Mercury, along with alot of other energy, is STILL retrograde (and Mars is answering to Mercury), so expect to do things twice, do two things at once, for people and situations from the past to be repeating themselves AND for things to take longer than you thought they would. 


The delays are helping us. 

The Nodes of Fate are at 15 degrees Scorpio/Taurus - a world point (and my ascendant/descendant) initiating changes that will last for 19 years. The Old World is dissolving and the New World is pulling us forward folks.

MONDAY - Venus sextiles Black Moon Lilith

TUESDAY - Venus trines Uranus, Venus inconjunct Saturn

THURSDAY - Sun enters Libra

FRIDAY - Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun and then backs into Virgo

SATURDAY - Venus opposes Neptune

SUNDAY - New Moon in Libra (2 degrees)


On MONDAY, Venus at 17 degrees Virgo sextiles Black Moon Lilith in Cancer


Here is a creative opportunity - sextiles require some kind of action - between the practical fixes/healing we are attracting and the womb wound/woman who chooses herself.  Maybe this comes through changes to our daily routine/work that value our need for freedom or that break old family patterns. This is two very different types of female energy in harmony.

On TUESDAY, Venus, at 18 degrees Virgo trines Uranus, retrograde in Taurus, and then inconjuncts Saturn, retrograde at 19 degrees Aquarius


Now Venus is in a smooth trine to Uranus. Surprises with love/money are possible. Venus is in "one thing at a time/one foot in front of the other", healing/fixing Virgo, so small changes are moving us forward. Small changes allow things to fall into place. This might also speak of liberating ourselves from Virgo perfectionism/judgement. Uranus is answering to Venus making the trine more powerful. Lean into something new. Something more liberating. More future-focused.


Immediately, Venus makes an awkward connection with sober Saturn, so we are reminded of our responsibilities, limits, sometimes our age. That's OK, the smooth trine with Uranus doesn't just disappear - and we are leaning into that.


This is also the day the Cancer Moon makes a sextile to the Virgo Sun - this month's Waning Sextile. Family care-taking, responsibilities, home business, family business, real estate, mothering issues all are in a creative opportunity with our daily life, work, health. Again this comes through Virgo's keen eye for detail, practical action, small fixes.

On THURSDAY/FRIDAY - after his empowering trine to Pluto on Sunday, the Sun crosses into Libra, an Aries point, ushering in a new season and quickly meets up with a retrograde Mercury. Alot of the Sun's Libra ingress/autumn equinox will be covered in the New Moon post later in the week, but the Sun's meeting with a retrograde Mercury is the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle - yes, we are halfway there folks! 


HERE/now is clarity about what this Mercury retrograde has been about. 


After meeting the Sun - gathering whatever has 'come to light' - Mercury backs into Virgo, where we are going to figure out what to do with this information/how to make things better. How to fix things in practical ways, especially regarding our relationships and balance issues. We are re-working our habits.  We bring Mercury in Libra's ideas down to Earth.


We will talk more about this in the New Moon post before Thursday.

On SATURDAY - Venus, at 23 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde


Now, Venus, busy bee that she is, opposes Neptune, retrograde in Pisces. What we want can become less defined. Our boundaries more porous. We are communing with ghosts/with everything that has come before us. 


We might find ourselves DROWNING in sacrifices - haven taken on too much with the repeating Mercury/Jupiters - or maybe excessive worrying. Neptunian challenges can speak of exhaustion, so maybe our girl needs a NAP. 


Pencil that in, wait, not pencil, it's Saturday, use permanent ink. 


Oppositions can bring endings/culminations. With Neptune situations can fade away/drift away. On the other hand, Neptune brings imagination/magic to Venus in Virgo's practical routine, opens the door for muses, intuition and inspiration. Just keep in mind with Neptune, everything we are seeing isn't real. Things can look better or worse than they actually are. Venus in Virgo is grounded energy, but if she is TIRED, an escape route will present itself now, maybe in the form of a Piscean/Neptunian person who wants to play/a water or art activity, or we get waylaid by a cold/virus, etc.  


Also keep in mind the effects of drugs/alcohol, medication, any escape tendencies we have is compounded now.

On SUNDAY - the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun at 2 degrees giving us an early New Moon in Libra. I love an early degree New Moon, where we get to start at the actual beginning - this one our annual Libra New Moon collectively focused on our relationships, need for balance, fairness, peace. The New Moon in Libra is answering to ... you guessed it ... Venus. 


We will talk about this in its own post.

xo all

Today's astrology forecast | Friday, September 16, 2022 - what's dissolving? what's starting to stick? what's falling into place?



The Moon is in versatile/communicative Gemini now. We are nourished/nurtured through conversation, information, having lots of irons in the fire/balls in the air. We might be focused on writing/reading/learning, children's school issues, sibling/local community/transportation situations. 

She sextiles Jupiter, trines Mercury (retrograde), meets Mars and squares Venus. That's ALOT. This is also the day Venus squares Mars, so the Moon is echoing that, AND Venus trines the North Node AND the Sun opposes Neptune. That's ALOT, too.

Most of this has been applying all week, so the ALOT is already happening. Let's unpack it. The Sun/Neptune can be confusing/dissolving. It can be depleting. Oppositions can bring endings and this one can just kind of drift off. Hold on loosely. The effects of drugs, wine, etc will be multiplied so keep this in mind. 

The Venus/Mars square can a feminine vs masculine thing. Tension/frustration. Maybe we don't attract what we are wanting or we are attracting what we don't want. Venus in Virgo might desire perfection and Mars in Gemini just wants variety.

This is also the day Venus trines the North Node. 


The last time Venus trined the North Node - back in February from Capricorn, Mars and Venus were TOGETHER/starting a new chapter. Now they have reached a natural challenge/tension point from that fresh start last winter, as Venus once again trines (brakes off) the North Node in fixed earth Taurus and Mars semi-sextiles the North Node.


The semi-sextile is kind of like an inconjunct - the signs in question are 30 degrees apart, so right next to each other and not naturally compatible. In this case we are talking about Taurus and Gemini. I like semi-sextiles and have found the aspect allows us to use the better qualities of one sign to counterbalance problems with the other. Some examples with Taurus/Gemini might be - Taurus holding on at all costs and Gemini allowing change/adding new ideas and on the other hand Gemini not sticking with things and Taurus bringing the glue.

Last February, when Venus and Mars met, something was beginning. This was in Capricorn so could have been goal/career/work in the world related. Cappy would have sobered things (and us!) up/required us to work realistically. This was Venus and Mars so could have involved our relationships, new wants, new actions. They were both in smooth flow with the North Node - our best future. Something was falling into place. 


Now, here in mid-September as they square each other we reach a natural problem point with this. Venus wants to fix things from Virgo, Mars in Gemini is still tossing things at the wall to see what sticks. Squares are times of ACTION. Adjustments. Something needs to change. These are both personal planets, in signs that are answering to Mercury who is retrograde. Oh my. I think we want to be leaning into Venus here, adjusting our Mars - she has the mutual reception with Mercury (they are in each other's signs) AND she has the smoothest road to the FUTURE. 

So, Venus in Virgo. And, remember Mercury is going to slip back into Virgo and MOVE FORWARD FROM THERE. With Venus in Virgo our relationships/money/values are viewed through the lens of carefulness, practicality and improvement. There's the notice of flaws and the energy to make them better. We value what is quality/what is healthy. With Venus in Virgo, something not-working/broken has the chance to improve, if we do the practical work. 


Again we want to be taking the simplest path/not making ourselves (and our relationships, etc) nuts with uber-complicated things. Mars says, "let's try this and that/change this and that". And Venus says, "what's the simplest fix here/what's the most practical focus? what's the most healing? what's best for our day-to-day life?"

We have the Sun/Neptune - something is dissolving. Something is confusing/uncertain. This is out of our hands anyway, so open them. We have the Venus/Mars story. Mars is wanting variety and having new ideas and Venus is pulling us back to center/to fix what needs attending to. They are BOTH personal signs and need to be paid attention to. AND we have the Venus/North Node - something that is falling into place. Something that will allow us a better/more fruitful FUTURE. Since I can't see your chart, and don't need to, because you know yourself better than anyone else ever will - this is the soup we are collectively swimming in. This all leads to Mercury (and ultimately his mutual reception with Venus), who is retrograde, so things are IN PROCESS. We might have to do some things twice. We might have to try multiple things. And, even as we are doing this, we need to figure out a way to do ONE THING AT A TIME.


The answers won't be here when we snap our fingers. We are doing the "re's" and working the process. That's the best we can do.


As always this year - lean into that North Node in Taurus - the new growth, time spent in nature, taking care of our physical body, resources and finances and the simple things that make life worth living.

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

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Today's astrology forceast | Thursday, September 15, 2022 - long void moon, show me you love me by doing the dishes


The Moon finishes up in Taurus this morning with all smooth aspects then goes void until late this afternoon. 


She trines the Sun at 1:40AM EDT, sextiles Neptune at 4:47AM EDT and goes void off Taurus's monthly productive trine to Pluto at 8:58AM EDT. She is void until 4:16PM EDT when she moves into Gemini setting us up for a busy and communicative couple days.


This is also the day Venus opposes Juno (Virgo/Pisces 13 degrees). Oppositions bring culminations/endings. Juno in Pisces is all about idealized relationships/the sacrifices we make for love/the sacrifices we make to stay within a relationship or sometimes to stay close to power. Juno in Pisces can bring healing to relationships/contracts as long as there is a certain amount of balance and no one is in lalaland. Venus in Virgo is all about practical love/service. The opposition can bring something to a head between what's factual/constructive and something more dreamy/un-grounded.

With the Moon answering to Venus and the Sun in Virgo, the way through this will be today's Waning Trine. Tangible actions. Real solutions. One step at a time. Practicality with love, money and resources. Prayer works when we do/show me you love me by doing the dishes/being responsible with money - that sort of thing.

And, keep your eye on the Void Moon's hours in your time zone - not the best time to start something brand new. Another good day to do our Virgo. We can get alot done. And get some extra rest. The Gemini Moon over the next couple days will have us HOPPING.

xo all


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today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - seeing the problems with being too nice, conversational confusion, choosing quality over quantity, nature is healing


Today, the Moon is void until 7:30 AM EDT when she moves into Taurus - the sign of her exaltation. 


We are nourished/nurtured by more traditionally nurturing things - a warm bed, a soft touch, good food, security, time spent in nature, time spent with what/who we value/love, all the good stuff money can buy and all the good stuff it can't. Our attention might turn to our money, resources, values, beauty or self-esteem issues. Taurus rules the throat, so take care of yours. Think about what you are swallowing. Think about if you are rushing toward the second thing before you have fully digested the first thing. Think about the words that get stuck in your throat.

The Moon has an inconjunct to a retrograde Mercury (8 degrees Libra) at 7:32PM EDT. Taurus/Libra both Venusian signs, are strange bedfellows to be connected by an inconjunct, but it seems fixed earth and cardinal air don't have much common ground. Taurus wants to nail things down/put a ring on it and Libra can't decide/wants an equal partner kept at arms length. But, both are ruled by Venus - want to make the world more beautiful/abundant/profitable. Both signs want to be pleasant and can tend toward pushing things under the rug.


A Moon/Mercury inconjunct might indicate challenging communications. The right words can be hard to find/stick in our throat. Conversations can go in circles around old topics. We could find ourselves agreeing to something we don't agree with or don't want to do. Conversations to clear the air might only add to the confusion. Choose a better time to have a hard conversation or know the conversation will need to be re-visited (Mercury re-trograde) in a couple weeks. It will be challenging to re-solve things with this energy in play.

Keep in mind the Moon's elevated status in Taurus. 


Think quality over quantity now. 


Also know she will meet chaotic Uranus tomorrow as she does every month during her time in Taurus (there is also a smooth trine to ruler Venus to help smooth things out). Uranus in Taurus has been upsetting apple carts since 2018. 


We are being guided to understand the impermanence of material things sometimes through shocking reversals of fortune. But, what this is really all about is us gaining the wisdom to wait until we are CLEAR - allowing ourselves to sit fallow and OWN the moment of decrease, not 'fill the empty' as Taurus is likely to do. Then we can CHOOSE experiences that allow an authentic and true version of ourselves to emerge. Let the new arrive naturally. In the Age of Aquarius you will do you and I will do me. That's how it will work best. The hunger that comes up seeking nourishment is NEEDED. We have to allow ourselves to be hungry. Uranus in Taurus is making sure we do. 


One of the things we do here is we come to Earth choosing experiences that allow us to heal old trauma. We do this for ourselves, our ancestry/family and the collective. We are still doing this, but the energies are not so supportive of this as a growth mechanism anymore. The stiff upper lip/stoic/old school sense of duty and responsibility has had its day in the Sun (we will talk more about this in the passing of Queen Elizabeth/passing of the queen archetype post). This doesn't mean every woman for herself although there will be something emerging - and it already is - that is both more individualistic and more universal.

As always I hope something here is helpful.

xo all


photo by the talented DarkGomo 

Today's astrology forecast | Monday, September 12th, 2022 - boss trouble, limits, being responsible and tending to our Virgo



The Moon is in fiery Aries now. Did we feel the shift on Sunday morning or were we still hungover from Saturday's Full Moon?!


In Aries we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. 


Luna makes a productive sextile to a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and a waxing inconjunct to the Virgo Sun as the Sun inconjuncts Saturn - all at 19 degrees. The whole thing forms a Yod - Finger of God, with the apex pointing to the Sun in Virgo, so things are funneled through our mutable earth sign. 


Practical changes. Tending to one thing at a time. Tempered healthy fixes. Calming any perfectionist nuttiness.


We had the BIG Pisces Full Moon and now we are making adjustments. 


The Moon in Aries wants to go/start, is impulsive/brave. The Sun in Virgo is cautious. Notices the details/dragons and wants to attend to them. 


If we are pushed to hurry we will have to somehow take care of the details. Not screw up in our rush to MOVE. 


On the other hand if we are biding our time waiting for something to be just so or standing still for fear of screwing something up, we are probably still going to have to MOVE. 

We have the Aries Moon's sextile to Saturn going for us. Aries/Aquarius. This is exact at 1:25PM EDT. This is good for getting down to business, taking responsibility, stepping into our authority. This harmonious aspect ensures we have access to just enough restraint to keep things in check - some rules/limits/constraints will be there but they won’t shut us down completely. 


And having said that, we have to keep in mind the Sun's inconjunct to Saturn especially with the Sun being the funnel of the Yod. Ego clashes with authority figures are possible, so this wouldn't be the day to ask for a raise or try to argue your way out of a speeding ticket. There is some kind of 'rock and a hard place' between expressing ourselves/shining/being our "Sun" and our responsibilities/limits. 

The Moon will go void at 12:52AM EDT off the Aries Moon's monthly power struggle with Pluto. Things should stabilize once she gets into Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, tomorrow morning. Although Tuesday's Moon looks  a little tricky and we will talk about that Monday night.

xo all

photo by the incredible Natalia Ciobanu

the astrology of the Pisces Full Moon | September 10th, 2022 - trusting in something bigger than ourselves, spiritual marriage, spiritual truth, the queen has died, long live the king

Full Moon in Pisces 2022

On Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 5:59 AM EDT, the Pisces Moon opposes the Virgo Sun at 17 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Pisces.


Full Moons bring things 'to light', to peak energy - to a culmination, to an ending. It is the space in our breath cycle when our lungs are full and we need to exhale. Or maybe if we have been holding our breath, now is the time we must noisily gasp for air. It can be a time of OVERWHELM.


Pisces rules the 12th house of what we do last, what is hidden and put away, the ways we self-sabotage because from our vantage point in our 1st house we can't see what's behind us/don't know what we don't know. Pisces rules llusions and delusions, escape, sacrifice, our addictions, our imagination, lack of boundaries, connection, compassion, charity, hospitals, prisons, the things we have forgotten, our distant pasts, our ancestors, water, sleep, illness, healing, dying, spirituality, GRIEF, angels, God .... it is a mystical space of MAGIC where anything can happen.  


Happening just hours after Mercury stations retrograde might make this one even more confusing or overwhelming than usual, but let's dive in and unpack the chart and see what we see.


The Moon opposes the Sun from 17 degrees Pisces. She is conjunct Juno and more widely conjunct Neptune. She trines the South Node (14 Scorpio) and sextiles the North Node. She sextiles Uranus and widely squares Mars in Gemini. The South Node/asteroid Asclepius, the Moon/Juno and Black Moon Lilith (in Cancer) form a Grand Water Trine. Uranus/North Node at the top of the Grand Water Trine create a Kite. The Moon sextiles asteroid Minerva (17 Cappy) - EXACT. The Full Moon trines asteroid Asclepius (17 Scorpio) - EXACT. The Full Moon squares asteroid Achilles (17 Gemini) - EXACT. 

The Moon's conjunction to Juno speaks of emotional ties with partners. Security concerns involving partners. Mothering our partners or being mothered. Maybe we are feeling what they are feeling. We might feel married to our home now or to a home project, family situation, home business or family business. Pisces, our mutable water sign (collective and changing emotions), makes things more emotional and the fullness of the Moon makes things feel more emotional still. We might feel overwhelmed (or done with) a situation or something could be reaching peak energy. Relationships are SATURATED. Spiritual connections are felt. The past is brought into our marriages/partnerships. 

The wider conjunction to Neptune pulls Pisces ruler into the mix. The Full Moon in Pisces, the final sign, is the 'end of the end'. 

The biggest thing with this chart is the event's Grand Water Trine. So, we already have the emotional fullness of the Moon amplified by the mutable water of Pisces (our collective emotions) with Pisces ruler in Pisces. 


Now we toss in trines (the brakes are off) from the Full Moon/Juno to our other water signs - Cancer and Scorpio - through Black Moon Lilith (our wound womb, the female who chooses herself) and the South Node of Fate (our past that we have pulled into our present). 

This is the heart and soul of this chart - the emotional connection of all these moving pieces.

Sextiles to the North Node and Uranus make the Grand Water Trine into a Kite. The Kite pulls in fixed Earth and gives the Grand Water Trine an easy outlet. CHANGE/THE FUTURE. Through Taurus - new values, new ways we feel secure (especially within partnerships), new ways to use our existing resources and new ways to value them, new ways to make money, new ways to root ourselves/make things more simple.

We could stay mired in the complicated (comfortable because it is familiar) past, the trine to the South Node will make it easy to keep doing what we are doing/what we have done a thousand times. But, the Grand Water Trine's access to Uranus and the North Node tells us we can really TAKE OFF - think of a kite here - when we lean into something else, probably something a bit uncomfortable because it is NEW. 

So, we get to the Full Moon in Pisces, the end of the end, and we are again given this opportunity, and this will likely show up through events and people we are going to want to say YES to, to EVOLVE/CHANGE.

Some flies in the ointment, and I wouldn't be any good to you if I don't mention them (and I am dealing with a fruit fly infestation at the moment, so could hardly forget them) - Mercury is retrograde. His/her multiple upcoming dealing with bigger-is-better Jupiter is worth paying attention to. We could over-promise. We could already be taking on too much and this boundary-less Full Moon could see us slip right into this. 


In September, things are going to take longer than we think they will - know this going in. Breathe.


With Mercury moving backward in partnership-focused Libra PLUS a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Juno - relationship re-evaluations are happening all over the place. Some relationships are challenged by power struggles. Some are becoming more soul-full.


The South Node will be in Libra in just a few months. We are going to be immersed in our partnerships and the shadows we are casting on other people. Relationships based on past-life connections or connections from decades ago may fade. The way we do relationships/rely on other people will start to change - this is already happening. We will need to trust ourselves, nurture ourselves, be ourselves. The North Node will be in independent Aries - we are all going to need some alone time. 


Maybe now, in preparation for then, we are kind of getting clear on where we are emotionally within our closest relationships and contracts, by circumstances getting so BIG. Juno relied on Jupiter's power. It was nice to be the wife of the king ... except for the times it wasn't. People born with the South Node in Libra - we will all get a taste of this starting in a few months and running for about a year and a half - are born with a weakness in their aura's 'identity sector'. This chink in their armor is more than a chink in their armor. It's a big old gaping hole. They don't have a shield to protect them from the strong energy of others. It is hard for them to act intensely with other people without damaging themselves, so harmony becomes too important. In this lifetime, Libra South Node people face the challenge of strengthening their identity. We are all going to start dealing with this collectively starting next year, but as we come to the Pisces Full Moon, 'the end of the end', with all this Venusian dispositor energy afoot - it is probably something to think about. The good that will come from a Libra South Node - the love, the cooperation - will be there, too. 

The Moon's point of fullness comes through her opposition to the Sun in Virgo, so we are charged with seeing/feeling what our service, work, attempts at healing, organizing, fixing - has culminated in at this point. Whatever tangible thing the Virgo Sun has focused on through us. If this is about an ending, the sextile to Uranus indicates a future opportunity or liberation through the ending or might represent the suddenness of whatever happens - although we could certainly have seen whatever this is coming (Uranus retrograde). 

The Moon in Pisces' final aspect is a productive sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun will get the smooth trine on September 18th where this whole things lands. Two minutes to midnight, EDT, so September 19th Universal Time. Something empowering, deep, intense. The death (Pluto) of the king/queen (Sun), but a smooth trine, so not unexpectedly disruptive. I am going to do a post on Queen Elizabeth soon. The astrology of her death and Prince Charles ascension to the throne (even asteroid King exact on his midheaven when his mother died) is amazing. 

Pisces Moons are ethereal, mystical, magic, can't be pinned down. Even writing about it, I am trying to pigeon-hole something that can't be contained. 

This is a Full Moon in Pisces sextiling Uranus - this is about letting go of the past and moving into the future.

I hope everyone can get out and walk in the Full Moon! 

xo all

Expect dailies this week as there aren't any major aspects (other than the Moon, of course) until next Friday's action packed Venus square Mars trines the North Node and the Sun opposes Neptune. It will be more helpful for everyone for me to do daily lunar posts than a weekly.

Mercury retrograde | Sept 9th to Oct 2nd - galactic messages, mining for old gold, taking our ideas back to the drawing board and our relationships back to basics, re-balancing acts and second chances



At 11:38PM on Friday, September 9, 2022, Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees Libra. 

Mercury goes retrograde (from our point of view here on Earth) three, and sometimes four, times a year. He is retrograde (moving backward) for about three weeks and then stations direct and starts moving forward. 


Mercury/think Hermes here - is "the Messenger", the "Trickster", the "Cosmic Magician". He rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Collectively this is our - words, communication, siblings, early childhood education, our local community, commerce, tech devices, transportation, our daily life, our service, our health, our work - our collective 3rd and 6th houses. Mercury retrograde periods are times to slow down/to look within. Anything started with "re" becomes the most effective use of our time. Re-thinking, re-evaluating, re-flecting, re-peating, re-unions, re-novations, etc. 


Mercury retrogrades are re-curring opportunities to shift out of old mental patterns. We are often asked to pull back from the world and face our shadow self in some way. When we’ve exhausted the possibilities for what we can gain by projecting our shadow self onto the external events and people in our lives, we are ready to face them within our own mind (and heart).


On a practical level we see things that were concealed when Mercury was in direct motion. Maybe because we were going too fast to notice them or maybe we took a wrong turn two miles back and need to change direction. Maybe there is a road out up ahead that we don't know about yet. These retrograde periods are always useful/always needed even when we appear to incur delays, re-dos and roadblocks. 


Mercury moved into his retrograde shadow degrees back on August 22, 2022 (this was also the day the Sun entered Virgo). That's when he reached 24 degrees Virgo, the degree he will station direct on October 2nd. He leaves his shadow, reaches the degree he/she will station retrograde (8 degrees Libra) on October 17th and then he (as we), having re-ceived all the necessary information/learning from this re-tro period, will move on and will start covering new ground. So, the entire cycle is from August 22 - October 17, but he is retrograde from September 9 - October 2.

Mercury's retrograde starts in Libra then moves back into Virgo. 


Collectively we are re-looking at our relationships, in particular our partnerships and our need for balance, fairness and peace. Then we move back into Virgo (September 23rd). Air to earth. The re-looking, re-viewing, re-evaluating, re-novating, etc - continues, but now we are dealing with more solid things. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Our words are given form. It is particularly important what we are saying/thinking/hearing - ABSORBING now. Mercury is back in his home sign of Virgo, so we are fixing, making things better.


During Mercury's retrograde he/she will be in multiple conversations with Venus, multiple trines with Pluto and multiple oppositions with Jupiter. He has mutual reception with Venus almost the entire time and winds up back in his home sign - a comfortable space he rules. We really couldn't ask for much better. The Venusian contacts and the fact Mercury starts this retro in Venus's sign Libra, pulls in our relationships, our money, resources, our values, our self-esteem, women and beauty. The trines to powerful Pluto give us MULTIPLE opportunities for empowerment, to speak our truth, to notice TRUTH. The oppositions to Jupiter indicate multiple opportunities to MINE FOR OLD GOLD. We will talk about all this over the next few weeks as we move through the energies of the retrograde period.

A couple things to keep in mind -  Mars is in Gemini for the long haul (through March 2023), so he is answering to Mercury. We are already doing things twice or doing two things at once. Mercury retrograde is going to complicate this. We are going to need to be smart, at exactly the time 'being smart' will be especially tricky.

Also, Mercury in Libra is answering to Venus in Virgo. So, we have this mutual reception thing going on with each planet in the other planet's sign. This will last for almost the entire retrograde and is VERY GOOD NEWS. Mercury can get back to Virgo (his sign) through Venus/Libra. And Venus can get back to Libra (her sign) through Mercury/Virgo. This is better news for Mercury than Venus, since she has to go through a retrograde planet (meaning our relationships/money/values/self-esteem/women - the Venusian stuff - needs to go backward to go forward). For Mercury this means that Venusian tactics get him back to Virgo. This means cooperation, being social, being fair, being kind and diplomatic. With Mars in Gemini, this will not always be such an easy thing because we are also charged with standing up for ourselves/being ourselves/being brave through our language.


Here are the pertinent dates:


AUGUST 22 - Mercury hits 24 Virgo and starts walking degrees he/she (through us) will walk two more times

SEPTEMBER 2 - Mercury (still direct) opposes Jupiter retrograde

SEPTEMBER 9 - Mercury stations retrograde

SEPTEMBER 12 - Mercury retrograde semi-sextiles Venus

SEPTEMBER 18 - Mercury retrograde opposes Jupiter retrograde

SEPTEMBER 23 - Sun meets Mercury retrograde - mid-point of cycle - ILLUMINATION, here is what the Mercury retrograde has been about for us - this happens at 0 degrees Libra, an Aries point, our collective attention will be on SOMETHING, then Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo, his home sign. Mark this day.

SEPTEMBER 26 - Mercury retrograde meets Venus (26 Virgo)

SEPTEMBER 27 - Mercury retrograde trines Pluto retrograde

OCTOBER 2 - Mercury stations direct at 24 Virgo

OCTOBER 6 - Mercury trines Pluto retrograde (Pluto will station direct 2 days later, is very strong and still here)

OCTOBER 12 - Mercury opposes Jupiter retrograde for the final time, so this will connect to September 2nd and September 18th

Now, besides connecting to the collective energy/the ways we respond TOGETHER, we each have our personal Mercury energy in our natal and progressed charts and the houses he rules within us that are impacted through transiting Mercury. Your natal Gemini and Virgo houses and their themes are affected when Mercury changes sign and direction by transit AND the houses he touches by transit. So, here we are talking about your natal (and progressed) Libra, Virgo and Gemini houses - and we have Mars in your Gemini house and Venus in your Virgo house, and the Sun will move from Virgo to Libra during the retrograde, so this is an action packed area that will be prone to to busyness, delays, repeating patterns, etc.

When Mercury stations on Friday night he/she (Mercury is very androgynous energy, but I will mostly use the pronoun he here) will be tightly sandwiched between dwarf planet Makemake and asteroid Logos. 

Logos is an ancient Greek philosophical term meaning "the Word". "In the beginning was the word" and the way we think about and describe our world is a powerful aspect of our creativity.  The concept of Logos itself could be considered a drive towards rationality (as the Greeks used it), or a connection with the sacred nature of things. We can expect powerful new insights at all levels from personal to collective during this retrograde.


Makemake is one of the group of Trans-Neptunian objects (because they orbit beyond Neptune), that include Pluto, Eris, Haumea, etc. The influence of these planets comes from deep space and moves into our more human realm at certain times. They are galactic messengers -weaving our human-story into a story much bigger than we are accustomed to working with. 


Makemake was named for the Creator God of a small isolated volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean known as Rapa Nui or Easter Island. Astrologer, Philip Sedgwick, believes the position of Rapa Nui bears a direct relationship to the Galactic Centre. It is difficult to know Makemake's story because so much of the oral tradition of the islanders has been lost, but the islanders, as part of the 'bird-man' cult, would swim out to an islet each year through dangerous open sea to collect eggs. Maybe this annual ritual was designed to ensure that the strongest and bravest warrior was chosen each year to be a sort of chiefly figure, someone the islanders could trust to provide for them, to bring them continued fertility for example.  The symbolism of the 'egg' is significant, given that the island was originally named Easter Island by the Europeans who arrived there on Easter Sunday in 1722. The planet Makemake was also discovered on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2005, and astronomers temporarily named Makemake “The Easter Bunny”. 


How this connects to this Mercury retrograde period I will leave up to you to ponder/discover for yourself, but some things to consider might be that Easter Island is another historical example of  European conquest - the devastation of the native people and resources, enslavement, smallpox was introduced here purposefully with devastating consequences. We might see how this connects to current collective events by considering the underlying power mechanics of slave labor (including the current zeitgeist's 'quiet quitting' movement), viral epidemics, wise/unwise use of the earth’s resources, the loss of spirituality and Goddess energy, and the loss of local culture and a sustainable local food supply. It might seem we are re-living Rapa Nui’s/Easter Island's destruction on a global level. Hopefully Makemake and Logos connection with Mercury as he/she backs up speaks of smart AND practical solutions to collective problems. This will connect to our personal lives and circumstances, too. 


Keep in mind our North Node - collective way forward - is still in Taurus, so answering to Venus in Virgo, who is answering to this retrograde Mercury. The way forward/through is BACK. Our words are our fortune and our voice MATTERS. When we speak, we are casting S-P-E-L-L-S and during Mercury's - the God of language - retrograde it is especially important to pay attention to this.


Try not to be discouraged/annoyed at the repeating energies, delays and re-dos. This is all happening as it should be and in its own time. Slow down and double check things. Don't take on too much! Re-turn to the things, people and places that brought you comfort or that need fixing. We are moving from air to earth. Taking our ideas back to the drawing board. Our relationships back to the basics. This isn't really a problem, even when actual problems are presented, but part of the complicated process called "life on planet Earth".


As always, I hope something here is helpful. 

Back with the BIG Full Moon in Pisces post!

xo all

I am always listening to podcasts while I make and would recommend for this retrograde period anything brain/speech related by Andrew Huberman and also, and probably most especially this conversation as podcaster Aubrey Marcus interviews the amazing and brilliant Laurel Airica.



photography by the talented sara-with-a-gun

weekly astrology forecast | september 5 to September 11, 2022 - mercury stations retro, full moon in pisces, flashing green lights and our love and money gets practical


Mercury stations retrograde this week, and although this season's Mercury retrograde should be better than most and will have us panning for old gold, it is still the time to BACK UP OUR FILES, double check our emails, etc. 


The Sun makes multiple smooth moves with the future/change, affirming our practical actions NOW will pay off LATER. We also have a BIG Full Moon in magical Pisces and Venus leaving fun-loving Leo and getting down to the practical nuts and bolts of life in Virgo. That sounds about right.

Let's unpack the week!


MONDAY - Venus enters Virgo

TUESDAY - Pallas enters Cancer

WEDNESDAY - Sun trines North Node, Sun inconjuncts Chiron

FRIDAY - Mercury stations retrograde

SATURDAY - Full Moon in Pisces

SUNDAY - Sun trines Uranus

On MONDAY - our Virgo house receives its annual visit from lovely Venus. Virgo Suns and Ascendants get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Our natal Virgo houses get more attractive, too!

Venus rules our love, money, self-esteem, values, relationships, women, beauty, our resources, attracting what we want - all areas are subjected to Virgo's keen focus and attention to detail now. We will be analyzing what we want and what we have. We will be analyzing our relationships. With Venus in service-oriented Virgo - LOVE IS A VERB.

The problems will stand out. We won't be able to miss them. And since what we focus on grows, sometimes things get worse before they get better during this transit. Still, this is excellent energy to fix what needs fixing and accept (or eliminate) what just isn't fixable. Venus in Virgo is about loving the details of something, enjoying the work, appreciating the craftsmanship and complexity of something or someone or some situation as well as the problems, Venus in Virgo can't miss those, and choosing not to dwell on them. We might even find while Venus is in Virgo we are attracted to problems. 

This is also the day the Capricorn Moon trines the Virgo Sun at 13 degrees. Excellent energy for fixing problems and making improvements and provides structure and stability for Venus in Virgo's transit. The Moon in Cappy is PRACTICAL and ambitious, can pull us away from the sometimes distracting nit-picky details and problems and focus us in on what we need to do. Good energy for getting things done.


Venus will be in Virgo until September 29th, keep in mind, in Virgo she is answering to Mercury, who will be retrograde - starting Friday - for most of this time. Old relationships, women from the past, love from the past, money from the past will all be in play.

On TUESDAY - Pallas enters Cancer. Our strategic warrior Goddess comes home to work with old family patterns and emerging home/family/mother/real estate issues. Pallas will retrograde here, so will be in Cancer until May 2023. As she interacts with the planets and points through transit and through contact with our natal and progressed charts, we will be figuring out our maternal inheritance, how we fit into our existing family structures, how we are repeating family patterns, what we need to feel safe. It is almost like Pallas is passed a baton from Black Moon Lilith for us to continue this relay race around home/family/safety/security/nurturing - this is a long transit and will be extremely powerful. It will take us through the late 2022/early 2023 major collective changes. Since how something begins is very important, we note she starts this transit with a sober Cappy Moon, the Sun in practical Virgo and Saturn (retrograde in Aquarius and ruling the Moon) opposing Ceres at 20 degrees Leo. This feels like a difficult ending. A life cycle concluding. Our need for attention/appreciation may not be externally met. We have to love ourselves.

On WEDNESDAY, the Virgo Sun, at 15 degrees Virgo will inconjunct Chiron and trine the North Node in Taurus.

The inconjunct is kind of a rock and a hard place. Inconjunct signs (like those right next to each other) do not blend easily. This is Aries/Virgo. Cardinal fire and mutable earth. Aries has no patience for Virgo's tedious details and to Virgo, Aries can appear selfish/rude. Maybe there is a conflict here between autonomy and service. There won't be a tidy solution, but we can look to the Sun's powerful trine to the North Node in Taurus, for a way through. 

With the Sun trining the North Node pay attention to what comes to your attention now/who you meet, etc - your future is calling - if someone invites you to go somewhere, this would be the time to GO.


With the Sun in service and detail oriented Virgo - shining in a practical way, being of service, taking care of the details, fixing, but not fixating on problems, our DAILY HABITS align us with the future. We won't have to push too hard/bang our head against the wall - something should fall into place now.


On THURSDAY - the Moon is void from 8:34AM EDT for the rest of the day. Keep this in mind. With the Moon not in contact with any other planet/point this would probably not be the best time to start/launch something we want 'something to come of'. Situations today are subject to revisions, although everything is right now with Mars in Gemini going to go retrograde next month! A good day to do routine tasks/relax.

On FRIDAY - Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees Libra. All the usual Mercury retrograde admonishments apply. We will be going back over our relationships, our need for balance and fairness, our Libra house themes. We will pull this re-look, re-do, re-evaluation back into Virgo where we can make things better/more stable. Then we will move ahead when Mercury stations direct on October 2nd, and do it all over again in an improved way. 


This Mercury retrograde includes multiple opportunities to pan for 'old gold' and we will talk about this in its own post!

On SATURDAY - we have a BIG Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces. This will have its own post, too. 


In magical Pisces, this will be a big opportunity for emotional release and healing, but also looks confusing/illusory with the Mercury station at almost the same time. One thing for sure here is our intuition will be HEIGHTENED. We will be feeling our way through this one, since our mind is taking a siesta!

On SUNDAY, after his smooth connection with the North Node, the Sun in Virgo makes another smooth connection - this time with change-maker Uranus. So, as we move toward the future, we are more accepting of change/change comes more EASILY.

Uranus in Taurus is the overhaul of finances, security, habits and values. Since May 2018 we have ALL had our personal and collective REVERSALS OF FORTUNE (or they are still to come, Uranus is in Taurus until 2025). 


With today's trine to the Virgo Sun, liberation from old habits/criticism/unproductive daily habits can happen easily. Change is practical. Happens in its own time. The unusual can be welcomed in without so much chaos. Here is where small changes create big results. 

I hope something here is helpful. I never got back here after last week's weekly post, but this week I will be back with the Full Moon and Mercury retrograde posts. Blogging is a bit challenging right now due to some family commitments and other projects.

With the solar energy in a smooth flow with the future/change - this week looks very FUTURE FOCUSED. In a 'things falling into place' not us beating our head against closed doors, kind of way. Something RIPENS. 


The Cappy Moon early in the week, ends with a connection to Pluto and is followed by an Aquarius Moon that ends with a connection to Saturn. Then the late week Pisces Moon - where the Moon will oppose the Sun - will end with a sextile to Pluto, so lots of good endings if we aren't holding on too tightly. Other than Thursday's almost all-day Void Moon, there are multiple opportunities to start and move ahead.

Back with a look at Mercury retrograde.

xo all

photography by the amazing thefirebomb