Today's astrology forecast | Monday, September 12th, 2022 - boss trouble, limits, being responsible and tending to our Virgo



The Moon is in fiery Aries now. Did we feel the shift on Sunday morning or were we still hungover from Saturday's Full Moon?!


In Aries we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. 


Luna makes a productive sextile to a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and a waxing inconjunct to the Virgo Sun as the Sun inconjuncts Saturn - all at 19 degrees. The whole thing forms a Yod - Finger of God, with the apex pointing to the Sun in Virgo, so things are funneled through our mutable earth sign. 


Practical changes. Tending to one thing at a time. Tempered healthy fixes. Calming any perfectionist nuttiness.


We had the BIG Pisces Full Moon and now we are making adjustments. 


The Moon in Aries wants to go/start, is impulsive/brave. The Sun in Virgo is cautious. Notices the details/dragons and wants to attend to them. 


If we are pushed to hurry we will have to somehow take care of the details. Not screw up in our rush to MOVE. 


On the other hand if we are biding our time waiting for something to be just so or standing still for fear of screwing something up, we are probably still going to have to MOVE. 

We have the Aries Moon's sextile to Saturn going for us. Aries/Aquarius. This is exact at 1:25PM EDT. This is good for getting down to business, taking responsibility, stepping into our authority. This harmonious aspect ensures we have access to just enough restraint to keep things in check - some rules/limits/constraints will be there but they won’t shut us down completely. 


And having said that, we have to keep in mind the Sun's inconjunct to Saturn especially with the Sun being the funnel of the Yod. Ego clashes with authority figures are possible, so this wouldn't be the day to ask for a raise or try to argue your way out of a speeding ticket. There is some kind of 'rock and a hard place' between expressing ourselves/shining/being our "Sun" and our responsibilities/limits. 

The Moon will go void at 12:52AM EDT off the Aries Moon's monthly power struggle with Pluto. Things should stabilize once she gets into Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, tomorrow morning. Although Tuesday's Moon looks  a little tricky and we will talk about that Monday night.

xo all

photo by the incredible Natalia Ciobanu

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