Today's astrology forceast | Thursday, September 15, 2022 - long void moon, show me you love me by doing the dishes


The Moon finishes up in Taurus this morning with all smooth aspects then goes void until late this afternoon. 


She trines the Sun at 1:40AM EDT, sextiles Neptune at 4:47AM EDT and goes void off Taurus's monthly productive trine to Pluto at 8:58AM EDT. She is void until 4:16PM EDT when she moves into Gemini setting us up for a busy and communicative couple days.


This is also the day Venus opposes Juno (Virgo/Pisces 13 degrees). Oppositions bring culminations/endings. Juno in Pisces is all about idealized relationships/the sacrifices we make for love/the sacrifices we make to stay within a relationship or sometimes to stay close to power. Juno in Pisces can bring healing to relationships/contracts as long as there is a certain amount of balance and no one is in lalaland. Venus in Virgo is all about practical love/service. The opposition can bring something to a head between what's factual/constructive and something more dreamy/un-grounded.

With the Moon answering to Venus and the Sun in Virgo, the way through this will be today's Waning Trine. Tangible actions. Real solutions. One step at a time. Practicality with love, money and resources. Prayer works when we do/show me you love me by doing the dishes/being responsible with money - that sort of thing.

And, keep your eye on the Void Moon's hours in your time zone - not the best time to start something brand new. Another good day to do our Virgo. We can get alot done. And get some extra rest. The Gemini Moon over the next couple days will have us HOPPING.

xo all


photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier

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