the astrology of the Pisces Full Moon | September 10th, 2022 - trusting in something bigger than ourselves, spiritual marriage, spiritual truth, the queen has died, long live the king

Full Moon in Pisces 2022

On Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 5:59 AM EDT, the Pisces Moon opposes the Virgo Sun at 17 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Pisces.


Full Moons bring things 'to light', to peak energy - to a culmination, to an ending. It is the space in our breath cycle when our lungs are full and we need to exhale. Or maybe if we have been holding our breath, now is the time we must noisily gasp for air. It can be a time of OVERWHELM.


Pisces rules the 12th house of what we do last, what is hidden and put away, the ways we self-sabotage because from our vantage point in our 1st house we can't see what's behind us/don't know what we don't know. Pisces rules llusions and delusions, escape, sacrifice, our addictions, our imagination, lack of boundaries, connection, compassion, charity, hospitals, prisons, the things we have forgotten, our distant pasts, our ancestors, water, sleep, illness, healing, dying, spirituality, GRIEF, angels, God .... it is a mystical space of MAGIC where anything can happen.  


Happening just hours after Mercury stations retrograde might make this one even more confusing or overwhelming than usual, but let's dive in and unpack the chart and see what we see.


The Moon opposes the Sun from 17 degrees Pisces. She is conjunct Juno and more widely conjunct Neptune. She trines the South Node (14 Scorpio) and sextiles the North Node. She sextiles Uranus and widely squares Mars in Gemini. The South Node/asteroid Asclepius, the Moon/Juno and Black Moon Lilith (in Cancer) form a Grand Water Trine. Uranus/North Node at the top of the Grand Water Trine create a Kite. The Moon sextiles asteroid Minerva (17 Cappy) - EXACT. The Full Moon trines asteroid Asclepius (17 Scorpio) - EXACT. The Full Moon squares asteroid Achilles (17 Gemini) - EXACT. 

The Moon's conjunction to Juno speaks of emotional ties with partners. Security concerns involving partners. Mothering our partners or being mothered. Maybe we are feeling what they are feeling. We might feel married to our home now or to a home project, family situation, home business or family business. Pisces, our mutable water sign (collective and changing emotions), makes things more emotional and the fullness of the Moon makes things feel more emotional still. We might feel overwhelmed (or done with) a situation or something could be reaching peak energy. Relationships are SATURATED. Spiritual connections are felt. The past is brought into our marriages/partnerships. 

The wider conjunction to Neptune pulls Pisces ruler into the mix. The Full Moon in Pisces, the final sign, is the 'end of the end'. 

The biggest thing with this chart is the event's Grand Water Trine. So, we already have the emotional fullness of the Moon amplified by the mutable water of Pisces (our collective emotions) with Pisces ruler in Pisces. 


Now we toss in trines (the brakes are off) from the Full Moon/Juno to our other water signs - Cancer and Scorpio - through Black Moon Lilith (our wound womb, the female who chooses herself) and the South Node of Fate (our past that we have pulled into our present). 

This is the heart and soul of this chart - the emotional connection of all these moving pieces.

Sextiles to the North Node and Uranus make the Grand Water Trine into a Kite. The Kite pulls in fixed Earth and gives the Grand Water Trine an easy outlet. CHANGE/THE FUTURE. Through Taurus - new values, new ways we feel secure (especially within partnerships), new ways to use our existing resources and new ways to value them, new ways to make money, new ways to root ourselves/make things more simple.

We could stay mired in the complicated (comfortable because it is familiar) past, the trine to the South Node will make it easy to keep doing what we are doing/what we have done a thousand times. But, the Grand Water Trine's access to Uranus and the North Node tells us we can really TAKE OFF - think of a kite here - when we lean into something else, probably something a bit uncomfortable because it is NEW. 

So, we get to the Full Moon in Pisces, the end of the end, and we are again given this opportunity, and this will likely show up through events and people we are going to want to say YES to, to EVOLVE/CHANGE.

Some flies in the ointment, and I wouldn't be any good to you if I don't mention them (and I am dealing with a fruit fly infestation at the moment, so could hardly forget them) - Mercury is retrograde. His/her multiple upcoming dealing with bigger-is-better Jupiter is worth paying attention to. We could over-promise. We could already be taking on too much and this boundary-less Full Moon could see us slip right into this. 


In September, things are going to take longer than we think they will - know this going in. Breathe.


With Mercury moving backward in partnership-focused Libra PLUS a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Juno - relationship re-evaluations are happening all over the place. Some relationships are challenged by power struggles. Some are becoming more soul-full.


The South Node will be in Libra in just a few months. We are going to be immersed in our partnerships and the shadows we are casting on other people. Relationships based on past-life connections or connections from decades ago may fade. The way we do relationships/rely on other people will start to change - this is already happening. We will need to trust ourselves, nurture ourselves, be ourselves. The North Node will be in independent Aries - we are all going to need some alone time. 


Maybe now, in preparation for then, we are kind of getting clear on where we are emotionally within our closest relationships and contracts, by circumstances getting so BIG. Juno relied on Jupiter's power. It was nice to be the wife of the king ... except for the times it wasn't. People born with the South Node in Libra - we will all get a taste of this starting in a few months and running for about a year and a half - are born with a weakness in their aura's 'identity sector'. This chink in their armor is more than a chink in their armor. It's a big old gaping hole. They don't have a shield to protect them from the strong energy of others. It is hard for them to act intensely with other people without damaging themselves, so harmony becomes too important. In this lifetime, Libra South Node people face the challenge of strengthening their identity. We are all going to start dealing with this collectively starting next year, but as we come to the Pisces Full Moon, 'the end of the end', with all this Venusian dispositor energy afoot - it is probably something to think about. The good that will come from a Libra South Node - the love, the cooperation - will be there, too. 

The Moon's point of fullness comes through her opposition to the Sun in Virgo, so we are charged with seeing/feeling what our service, work, attempts at healing, organizing, fixing - has culminated in at this point. Whatever tangible thing the Virgo Sun has focused on through us. If this is about an ending, the sextile to Uranus indicates a future opportunity or liberation through the ending or might represent the suddenness of whatever happens - although we could certainly have seen whatever this is coming (Uranus retrograde). 

The Moon in Pisces' final aspect is a productive sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun will get the smooth trine on September 18th where this whole things lands. Two minutes to midnight, EDT, so September 19th Universal Time. Something empowering, deep, intense. The death (Pluto) of the king/queen (Sun), but a smooth trine, so not unexpectedly disruptive. I am going to do a post on Queen Elizabeth soon. The astrology of her death and Prince Charles ascension to the throne (even asteroid King exact on his midheaven when his mother died) is amazing. 

Pisces Moons are ethereal, mystical, magic, can't be pinned down. Even writing about it, I am trying to pigeon-hole something that can't be contained. 

This is a Full Moon in Pisces sextiling Uranus - this is about letting go of the past and moving into the future.

I hope everyone can get out and walk in the Full Moon! 

xo all

Expect dailies this week as there aren't any major aspects (other than the Moon, of course) until next Friday's action packed Venus square Mars trines the North Node and the Sun opposes Neptune. It will be more helpful for everyone for me to do daily lunar posts than a weekly.

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