Today's astrology forecast | Friday, September 16, 2022 - what's dissolving? what's starting to stick? what's falling into place?



The Moon is in versatile/communicative Gemini now. We are nourished/nurtured through conversation, information, having lots of irons in the fire/balls in the air. We might be focused on writing/reading/learning, children's school issues, sibling/local community/transportation situations. 

She sextiles Jupiter, trines Mercury (retrograde), meets Mars and squares Venus. That's ALOT. This is also the day Venus squares Mars, so the Moon is echoing that, AND Venus trines the North Node AND the Sun opposes Neptune. That's ALOT, too.

Most of this has been applying all week, so the ALOT is already happening. Let's unpack it. The Sun/Neptune can be confusing/dissolving. It can be depleting. Oppositions can bring endings and this one can just kind of drift off. Hold on loosely. The effects of drugs, wine, etc will be multiplied so keep this in mind. 

The Venus/Mars square can a feminine vs masculine thing. Tension/frustration. Maybe we don't attract what we are wanting or we are attracting what we don't want. Venus in Virgo might desire perfection and Mars in Gemini just wants variety.

This is also the day Venus trines the North Node. 


The last time Venus trined the North Node - back in February from Capricorn, Mars and Venus were TOGETHER/starting a new chapter. Now they have reached a natural challenge/tension point from that fresh start last winter, as Venus once again trines (brakes off) the North Node in fixed earth Taurus and Mars semi-sextiles the North Node.


The semi-sextile is kind of like an inconjunct - the signs in question are 30 degrees apart, so right next to each other and not naturally compatible. In this case we are talking about Taurus and Gemini. I like semi-sextiles and have found the aspect allows us to use the better qualities of one sign to counterbalance problems with the other. Some examples with Taurus/Gemini might be - Taurus holding on at all costs and Gemini allowing change/adding new ideas and on the other hand Gemini not sticking with things and Taurus bringing the glue.

Last February, when Venus and Mars met, something was beginning. This was in Capricorn so could have been goal/career/work in the world related. Cappy would have sobered things (and us!) up/required us to work realistically. This was Venus and Mars so could have involved our relationships, new wants, new actions. They were both in smooth flow with the North Node - our best future. Something was falling into place. 


Now, here in mid-September as they square each other we reach a natural problem point with this. Venus wants to fix things from Virgo, Mars in Gemini is still tossing things at the wall to see what sticks. Squares are times of ACTION. Adjustments. Something needs to change. These are both personal planets, in signs that are answering to Mercury who is retrograde. Oh my. I think we want to be leaning into Venus here, adjusting our Mars - she has the mutual reception with Mercury (they are in each other's signs) AND she has the smoothest road to the FUTURE. 

So, Venus in Virgo. And, remember Mercury is going to slip back into Virgo and MOVE FORWARD FROM THERE. With Venus in Virgo our relationships/money/values are viewed through the lens of carefulness, practicality and improvement. There's the notice of flaws and the energy to make them better. We value what is quality/what is healthy. With Venus in Virgo, something not-working/broken has the chance to improve, if we do the practical work. 


Again we want to be taking the simplest path/not making ourselves (and our relationships, etc) nuts with uber-complicated things. Mars says, "let's try this and that/change this and that". And Venus says, "what's the simplest fix here/what's the most practical focus? what's the most healing? what's best for our day-to-day life?"

We have the Sun/Neptune - something is dissolving. Something is confusing/uncertain. This is out of our hands anyway, so open them. We have the Venus/Mars story. Mars is wanting variety and having new ideas and Venus is pulling us back to center/to fix what needs attending to. They are BOTH personal signs and need to be paid attention to. AND we have the Venus/North Node - something that is falling into place. Something that will allow us a better/more fruitful FUTURE. Since I can't see your chart, and don't need to, because you know yourself better than anyone else ever will - this is the soup we are collectively swimming in. This all leads to Mercury (and ultimately his mutual reception with Venus), who is retrograde, so things are IN PROCESS. We might have to do some things twice. We might have to try multiple things. And, even as we are doing this, we need to figure out a way to do ONE THING AT A TIME.


The answers won't be here when we snap our fingers. We are doing the "re's" and working the process. That's the best we can do.


As always this year - lean into that North Node in Taurus - the new growth, time spent in nature, taking care of our physical body, resources and finances and the simple things that make life worth living.

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

photo by the amazing anyaanti

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