Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 27th - pace yourself and stay sober

you are behind the wall by elif karakoc
Sunday's New Moon Solar Eclipse will strongly impact this week's energies.

If there is something we need to "eclipse" out - some thing, belief or expectation in our way that is preventing us from moving forward, this would be the time to take some action to move this energy.

Know there is alot of Piscean fog now (imagination, illusion, delusion).

This is not a good week to make an important decision or sign a contract. Facts will be blurry.

One day we'll be thinking one way and things seem in order - the next day everything will be flipped on its head (kind of like the Oscar's best picture announcement!).

On Monday, Mercury conjuncts the South Node in Pisces. Information surfaces that connects with the past. There could be a significant conversation now. Keep in mind this week's theme of releasing something and separating truth from illusion.

Mars (war, initiative, anger) conjuncts Uranus (sudden, out of the blue, rebellion) and opposes Jupiter. This one is "revolution/freedom at all costs". The spaces that have us feeling caged in and ready to bolt will be activated. It is best to channel this energy toward our goals - try something new, work with something else. The opportunities here come from unusual and unexpected places. We probably don't want to meet this energy in the outer world in the form of accidents and unexpected things happening to us. Use it or be used by it. Practice caution when driving, working with tools or fire.

Keep a cool head. People can be angry. Our own temper could flare as suddenly as a fire grows out of control. Take care in crowds. Avoid alcohol and drugs - their effects will be GREATLY enhanced. You have the wisdom of astrology - use it. Don't over-react.

With expansive Jupiter urging Mars "let's just do it" toward action - not much is needed to compel Mars to act anyway - and with Uranus "let's just do it NOW" electrifying the situation there is also the potential for great leaps forward here. Maybe no one ever crosses any great distance between who we are and who we want to be without that leap or stretch that at the very least risks back injury. Could you toss your back out or land on your ass - of course. Maybe pace yourself.

Activist efforts would be a good use of this energy and we will see increased activism this spring.

On Tuesday, the Moon and Venus connect and have us focused on their themes - home, family, the public, real estate (Moon) and/or love, money, values, women (Venus). Expect increased emotions.

On Wednesday, the Sun conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces). Expect waterworks. Embrace compassion. Meditate. Maybe a light is thrown on a deception. Keep your eyes open. Creative work is favored now.

On Thursday, we have the second of three Jupiter oppositions to Uranus. The first one was around last Christmas. Whatever happens here could be sudden (Uranus) - maybe a sudden ending or conclusion, but just as likely a second chance at whatever was going on back in late December. With Jupiter retrograde this time around it likely won't be about something brand new and there is an increased chance of a more positive result.

On Friday, the Moon is void pretty much all day (starting 10:20 am EST until midnight) - don't start anything new that you want to amount to anything. This would be a good day to connect with authority figures or work with existing plans or goals. As with any long Void Moon plan light as unexpected situations could surface.

On Saturday, Venus stations retrograde in Aries (she will then continue backtracking through Pisces). I'll do a post about this. I've already written on it some HERE. The start of this retrograde being in Aries - the sign of me, myself and I - will make it clear to us what needs to happen to make ourselves a priority. For some of us, it won't be pretty. Mercury also conjuncts Neptune on Saturday - making conversations compassionate, imaginative, blurry or deceptive - which I realize is a broad range of adjectives - we'll narrow this down in a later post, too.

xo all

(remember I am writing about aspects on the days they are most exact - we could feel the energies most intensely as they begin to move into aspect or at the point of disconnection - making the days a bit flexible - keep this in mind - also note I only mention void moons during working hours, there are others this week after 6pm EST)

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces | back to the future

waterworld eclipse by nethskie

This morning's New Moon at 8 degrees Pisces is a solar eclipse (the only annular eclipse in 2017 - instead of the Moon blocking out the Sun totally it will leave a visible ring of fire around itself).

The Sun will, of course, be at 8 degrees Pisces, too. This concludes the Pisces/Virgo eclipse cycle that started in 2015 (last cycle in 1999, next one in 2035).

We also have Mars meeting up with Uranus in Aries, a hair's breadth away from Eris. It's a powerhouse combination and strongly impacts the entire week ahead!

First the Moon. New Moons are times of fresh beginnings - the very tiny beginning, the first impulse. Often the beginning that only looks like a beginning when we look back from a smarter, later vantage point. The seed is planted.

Pisces rules endings. This month's new beginning (New Moon in Pisces) is more about what we have to let go of first. Plus the South Node of the Moon (what we are collectively releasing) is still in Pisces. Something needs to shift.

Find 8 degrees Pisces in your natal chart. What house is it in? What does that house rule? Google - 3rd house astrology (for example), or ask me. In my chart 8 degrees Pisces is in my 4th house and I have Chiron (the wounded healer) at this exact degree. The last eclipse was exactly on my Midheaven and the next one is exactly on my Sun. Big changes coming for me personally and you know how much I like change?!

Within the collective - and everyone has access to this energy - this fresh start energy is about Pisces themes - imagination, spirituality, charity, loss, escape, addiction, healing, release, illusion, delusion, the unconscious, things/people/situations that have been put away. There will be 6 celestial bodies in Pisces today - this is a whole lot of water people! It could be time to purchase that water proof eyeliner you have been thinking about - if you aren't crying at some point over the next week, I'll eat a donut (yes, I've given up sugar ... again ... so if you do not cry this week please let me know because I really, really want a donut). Sniffle.

With Mars (initiative, anger, courage, war) meeting up with "anything can happen, out of the blue, rebellious" Uranus in Aries (ruled by warrior Mars!) and sitting so close to Eris (discord, righteous outrage, Goddess of the angry and powerless) we need to take some caution now. This is great energy to have an accident. If there is a situation we feel angry and powerless about (the more I read about Scott Pruitt the more I channel Eris!) this is the energy to do something about it. Remember the people with weapons who feel angry and powerless have access to this energy, too. We could have flashes of sudden insight now. This is so much like the power of a dam breaking!

(has anyone else connected the Oroville Dam's leak and Trump's 'leak' talk - no, not that leak talk, the Russia/Flynn leak talk - with all this Pisces energy - and the prefix "oro" means gold and is the root of the word orange - both words that make me think of Trump - or have I just become totally unhinged that this is how my mind works now - ha!)

With so much seductive, illusive Pisces - not much is as it seems now. We'll talk more in the weekly!

There is a very big week ahead and I'll write about it tonight. For now, I have to clean my house since I am having company for dinner! Don't forget to set your intentions - powerful energy for fast changes accompany this New Moon - so if you need it, it's right here.


This is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces including our imagination, compassion, peace, releasing victim-hood, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, addictions, lymphatic system, colds, feet, toxicity (if you know your Pisces natal house themes you can use those, too!).

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - always make affirmations from a positive place (and the combination of both definitions of positive is where the magic happens - certain and favorable) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - this month I'll write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours. xo 

Mercury into Pisces | this is our brain on drugs

otwarte, zsiniale granice ... by narva

Today, Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, thinking) moves into Pisces (intuition, imagination, addiction, escape, deception, secrets, healing, clandestine situations, things and people put away) until March 13th.

Our thinking gets more fluid. Details are harder to pin down. There are distractions. As our mental focus widens and blurs it gets easier to see the big picture but also easier to lose sight of the specifics. Goals become more elusive because the target is moving.  

And where the hell did we put our car keys?

Our emotions/intuition will tend to rule our logical mind now and so will everyone else's so keep this in mind. This can be an expansive exercise for our practical intellect - it can also be very frustrating.

Mercury in Pisces is great energy for creative, imaginative work and fanciful words and language. It's not a time to worry about perfection though or saying just the right thing, the beauty will be in the imperfection now. We will all be more psychic.

This transit breeds indecision.

(not Libran style indecision - where we can see both sides of a situation which makes choices challenging - of course Libran energy isn't really here to decide anyway, the energy is here to discriminate) 

With Pisces, decision making is challenging because our thoughts are constantly morphing (think water here - I am picturing the bad guy in Terminator II forming from that puddle). We might find ourselves thinking/communicating one way when we are around certain people or situations and then another way under different circumstances. Our communications blend into the environment we are exposed to. Boundaries shift. Let's give ourselves a break with this - wishy-washy thinking will probably prevail for awhile.

It is easier to get lost in "groupthink" since the boundaries between our minds and other people's minds, which are certainly imaginative to begin with and only necessary to keep us sane - are very, very porous.

Empaths (and everyone else!) will need to meditate and spend time alone or we will be totally bogged down in other people's junk.

Those Aquarius 'alternative facts' evolve into plain old fashioned lies. The don't become any easier to spot though. Reality is foggy.

This is a great transit to listen to other people, especially those we tend to disagree with, because it will be easier to feel what they are saying instead of just hearing it.  

We might be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves during this transit or focus in on the ways we have been victimized. Our Pisces South Node is asking us to release all that. The way through everything (until May) is still Virgo - one step in front of the other, doing what is right in front of us, embracing what is healthy, releasing what hurts.

Tomorrow is the big Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces - a fresh start for our Pisces natal house and all those Pisces themes - post coming - have a wonderful weekend.

xo all

Mercury Sextile Saturn | an opportunity for new ideas to create stability

self portrait with self portrait by ikai-zixie

So we have two themes this week that are marching us toward Sunday's eclipse - one is the fiery Mars energy I wrote about yesterday and the other is Mercury's connection with the other planets during his last few days in Aquarius.

After his conversation with Jupiter earlier in the week, Mercury (mind, communication, ideas) is now sextile (opportunity) Saturn (time, work, structure, stability, authority).

This is good energy for unusual, cutting-edge, new and even revolutionary communications and conversations to work within existing structures - to be taken seriously.

Ideas about new ways of doing things can be discussed with authority figures. This is excellent energy for new ideas to solve long term problems. It's a time to organize our most unorthodox ideas to give them the legs they need to grow.

Organize your ideas and thoughts. Write them down. 

No one else will take us seriously until we take ourselves seriously, so what do we need to do to treat that new "whatever it is" with respect. There may be more questions than answers now and that's OK.

The opportunities here come simply through working with the energies - combining the new and unusual with the old and tested. It is the meshing (sextile) of these two energies that makes the magic happen.

If we have been over-working Aquarius rebelliousness or looking a little too far into the future or been a bit too detached from a situation, Saturn can sober us up now. We could also have contact with an older or more experienced or more stable person (Saturn) who has just the info or guidance we need. Maybe more self-discipline with our words and communication is needed.

On the flips-side if we have been over-working the old sober Saturnian stuff that just doesn't cut it anymore we could have contact with a newer, younger, maybe less-experienced, but more progressive thinker who could lighten our load. The opportunity comes from opening ourselves to something else now.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, Sagittarian themes (and the themes of our natal Sagittarius house) are in play - travel, foreign, politics, media, education, wedding, philosophy, marketing, publicity.

It will be important to present new ideas with respect to the person we are speaking with. And equally important to be open to new ideas. The space where these two energies intersect is where that pot of gold is waiting for us.

xo all

(see the weekly for more info on the energies at play this week)

Mars Square Pluto | danger and opportunity - be brave

danger by tfavretto
Powerful energies conflict today as Mars (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn).


Remember the Chinese character for crisis represents both danger and opportunity. 

There is opportunity here to move that mountain

(yes, the one you were assigned to show others it can be moved)

and to push through a limit. Imagine a red flower bursting through a rotted concrete sidewalk.

This energy is being supercharged by the positions of Jupiter, Uranus and the Capricorn Moon.

Remember we are in a five month long Cardinal T-Square. It dominates today.

Wear safety equipment. Drive cautiously. And if you have a fender bender keep your cool, because the other person probably won't. Take care with fire. I'm setting my torch down for the day.

This is the energy to start a war, so let's not start a war. We won't be able to make someone do something they don't want to do. We could win the battle and lose the war here by making a powerful enemy, so tread smartly, but bravely. Yes, some things are worth fighting for, but please don't use this energy for any type of revenge. It won't be sweet.

Collectively, the world has too many people who are angry and powerless. Something has reached a tipping point. One way these collective tipping points get re-balanced is through crazy weather events, other times wars or violence, other times a million small but contentious points of interaction between individual people.

Keep this in mind now.

If you have planets or points from 18-20 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn - you will feel this energy most directly.

Remember we have the Sun hanging out with that South Node and we are releasing the stuff that no longer serves us - a push now toward something empowering could be life-changing/saving.

Evolving that rage into passion would change everything. xo all

(see the weekly for more info on the energies at play this week)

Sun Conjunct North Node, Mercury Trine Jupiter | use different words

The Wind and the Sea by ChrissieCool

Today we have Mercury (in rebellious, eccentric Aquarius) trine (brakes off) a retrograde Jupiter in Libra at the same time the Sun (in Pisces) conjuncts the South Node of what we are releasing.

Changes are afoot and the more open we are to different ideas (especially those that are new and unusual) the smoother things will go. A little distance, and a step back, from the way we have always done it could be needed. Try another approach. Use different words. Ask different questions.

The Sun is shining a light or bringing to light something from the past - maybe an old dream or an old wounding. With all this happening in illusory Pisces, it's hard to get a grip on the situation and know what is real. The thing that is pushing our button isn't really the thing that is pushing our button. The best course of action is to release (Pisces) what is unhealthy, un-boundaried and undisciplined. Our North Node (collective way forward) is still in discriminating Virgo.

And with Virgo ruled by Mercury and Mercury aspecting Uranus (change) yesterday and Jupiter retrograde (focused expansion) today - it's probably best to let go of any restricting idea about what is possible. 

We are in between eclipses (karmic portals) now - ANYTHING is possible.

See the weekly forecast for more info on the energies this week. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 20th - the slap in the face that clears our head and spins us around

Tidal Wave by Chrissie Cool

This is a BIG astrological week (understatement).

On Monday, the Moon (in Sagittarius) conjuncts Saturn and aligns nicely with Jupiter. The energy is on our side to work with Sagittarius issues - legal, foreign, travel, higher education, wedding, philosophy, politics, publicity, marketing, media - and particularly in association with someone else. Saturn (time, authority, stability, work) adds security and structure to whatever we are working with. This is good energy to deal with authority figures. Or step into our own authority.

Mercury (communications, news, conversations) hooks up with Uranus so there could be surprising news or an out-of-the-blue meeting or conversation now.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into 'just get it done', all-business Capricorn. Mercury moves into an easy alignment with Jupiter (news expands, conversations and communications are expansive .. and could be over-blown). Jupiter is retrograde so talks could be centered on old issues and what needs to happen to move things forward.

The Sun (now in Pisces) conjuncts the South Node. This energy will carry us right into the space of Sunday's Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces (what house is 8 degrees Pisces in your natal chart?).

Something is being eclipsed out, coming to light or moving to a new level. A spotlight (the Sun) is thrown on something from the past (South Node).

Wednesday is a BIG day. We will probably start to feel this on Tuesday. Mars (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn). Mars squares Pluto opposing Jupiter - this is a biggie. Squares are tension and tension between the active, impulsive, angry and war-like Mars and the powerful, karmic ruler of death and destruction, Pluto, is not something to take lightly. There are power struggles and confrontations. With Mars a major player in Sunday's Solar Eclipse - the situation will be related to something from the past.

This could be the slap in the face that clears our head. Badda bing.

The tension might allow us to move something large and unwieldy out of our way. Or it can bring us face to face with a challenging situation that requires our instinctual action.

On Thursday, the Moon is void until lunchtime, EST, so don't start anything new until after you've had your mid-day meal or 3rd cup of coffee - depending on what kind of day you are having! Mercury is again communicating with Saturn so talks with authority or conversations about security or things we are building over time, should go smoothly. Situations involving Sagittarius themes - legal, foreign, travel, higher education, wedding, philosophy, politics, publicity, marketing and media - get some structure, confirmed plans, some legs placed under them.

On Saturday,  Mercury moves into Pisces. I'll do a post about this later in the week. In Pisces, Mercury (communication, ideas, news, conversations) reminds me of those 80's commercials "this is your brain on drugs". It's great energy to work with our intuition and imagination though. The illogical becomes logical now. Just what we need, right - ack?!

On Sunday (the energy carries us into next's week's aspects), we have the BIG Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces (8 degrees). Up is down and down is up. That situation from Tuesday and Wednesday (that had been in play for quite some time before this week) clicks into place and with Uranus in the driver's seat could EXPLODE upon impact. Think tidal wave.

This is ginormous fresh start energy. But something has to end first. And there could be wreckage. Or water damage. Know that the breeze from the door that is slamming shut is forcing another door open. This won't be something we have planned - this will be something else. There is magic afoot.

I'll do a post about this later in the week by sign.

In the meantime use the powerful and positive Mercury energy to get any information, reports, news, communications, dealings with siblings, teachings or transportation issues out of the way before Friday. And use your knowledge of the astrology at play to keep a cool head - not by sticking it in the sand - but by having faith that things are unfurling just as they should be. Because they are. xo all

wizards vs muggles | straddling two worlds - stuff kicks up after Saturday, get some rest

KMag#57 by haania
February (the first eclipse season of the year) is a very important period of 2017. Can't you feel it?

Right now, we are in between two powerful eclipses - in between karmic events - straddling two worlds.

Eclipses are a kind of cosmic reboot; like when we download new software and have to turn our computer off and back on for the newly downloaded material to function properly.

Except in this case, we are the computer, and our connection to a changing cosmos gets "reset".

Eclipses are some of the most dramatic means life has to draw our attention to spaces that need to change. They allow us to move from one level to another in some area of our lives very quickly. They can have influence weeks before and sometimes kick in 1-3 months after they have happened (often to the exact day). They work in cycles astrologers call Saros cycles.

This month we have two eclipses and they are each part of a different cycle.

The first eclipse, on February 11th, was the Lunar eclipse (Full Moon, 22 degrees Leo) - this one had mostly easy aspects and was the first (since 1999) of the new Aquarius/Leo eclipses.

The next one (and last until August when we have another cycle of two eclipses that connect to the February 11th eclipse), on February 26th (New Moon, 8 degrees Pisces) is the final Pisces/Virgo eclipse. Here's a list of eclipse dates and polarities by Susan Miller. The eclipse on the 26th is a doozy.

On Saturday, the Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces is the ethereal realms. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is about everything that cannot be physically held - everything mystical, everything magical, everything hidden. It rules water (I hope they've damn well fixed that dam) and has no boundaries. Pisces also rules imagination, compassion, intuition, escapism, addiction, dementia, lies, illusion, spirituality, things/people/situations put away and hidden from view.

We will need more meditation, more SILENCE, more sleep for the next month - keep this in mind.

At the same time that our Sun moves into this watery realm (I see it as us universally burning these themes as fuel - this is also going to make all of us much more sensitive) the Moon comes into its three quarter square position. This is called the waning part of the Moon. The Moon is moving into the last quarter of its monthly cycle - it is in its fall. The Sun, in Pisces, will be exactly squaring the Moon, in Sagittarius. And Pisces, currently housing the South Node and Chiron, is a very powerful space right now. Then Mars will trigger the Cardinal T-Square. Ouch.

We have had Saturn anchoring the situation and giving us some stability, but that aspect will start to fade this weekend. This sounds like Alice down the rabbit hole time to me.  Next week's astrology (including Mars squaring Pluto - issues over power, control. government, independence, rebellion, anger, the drumbeats of war) is rather gnarly. Then Mercury moves into Pisces and we really won't know what to think. Logic will be challenging. On the plus side we will have access to greater compassion and intuition. These things are not to be discounted. So, there's that.

The stuff we think can't go up another notch will go up another notch. More people will wake up.

And this will all lead us toward the eclipse on the 26th.

It's important to remember as we move through this year the future is an incomplete equation.

We are nine years into a Pluto in Capricorn cycle designed to dismantle our power structures. 

We have six years until Pluto moves into Aquarius. 

If we imagine this as a linear journey, and it isn't, we are in the home stretch. 

Chaos is the new normal. This entire thing is way more challenging if we try to control what is happening. The stuff ahead of us looks nothing like the stuff that is behind us. 

This is why it is all so tricky.

Not because it is all so bad, but just because it is all so NEW.

Remember our bodies crave what is familiar, not what is good for us.

My grandmother used to say "you will never know this little again". Think on that. If you can postpone major decisions/moves into after the next eclipse - do that. If you can't, know this is part of the 'fate-train' and do your best with the info you have.

Get some rest. Learn to meditate. Walk in the woods. Got to make some lockets. We'll talk later. xo

Valentine's Day Massacre ... just kidding

old couple by joyl

Valentine's Day has never been a big day/deal for me. Maybe because I've been coupled with the same rather unromantic fellow since Eisenhower was President, just kidding again, but maybe not, since I'm not sure exactly when Eisenhower was President - and have been programmed over time not to expect too much.

I'm mostly OK with that.

Some years the convenience store roses, the kind with the silver glitter that sticks to your face if you get too close -

(I've never understood the need to toss glitter on flowers, who is this idiot with the God complex, thinking to himself "these beautiful roses, they need ... something" )

the red ones on sale near the coffee counter, were resting on my kitchen counter by the end of that night. Other years, maybe when hubs was too busy for coffee (unlikely) or brought his own (more likely) or maybe just because those bins of flowers are there 24/7 now and don't catch his eye anymore (most likely) - he forgets.

I'm not complaining. Really (sniffle). No, really. I've known enough "romantic" fellows with colorful bouquets and guilty consciences that I sobered up pretty early. I don't remember my parents celebrating the day either. It's important to remember that love is a verb, too. And hubs did spend a couple hours last night working on my latest 'project'. I'll try to keep that in mind if my flower vase sits empty tonight.

Today's skies are a bit serious for Valentine's Day. We have 1. sober Saturn sextiling the Aquarius Sun. 2. Both Venus and Mars opposing the Libra Moon. And 3. we have Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) inconjunct Chiron.

Let's look at these in reverse order and see how they might apply to V-Day.

3. Jupiter is inconjunct Chiron. Remember Jupiter is retrograde, so the 'expansion' energy in our life is getting re-tooled in some way through June. Having this aspect in play on Valentine's Day makes me think of expectations being too high. Or some small thing that has expanded into a big thing, maybe because we have smooshed a whole bunch of other small things in there (the times he did or didn't do this or that or the other thing). Now it's an over-inflated balloon ready to pop. And since it's filled with all these sharp little things that might hurt if they stick us in the eye, or heart, the explosion could be dangerous. And painful. If something is painful now, pay attention. A universal focus on romantic "love" can make any lack of it felt more acutely. It is alerting us to an imbalance somewhere. A huge adjustment is probably not needed right now, but something needs to give a little bit. Maybe it can be us.

2. Venus and Mars are opposing the Moon. These are fast transits from last night through today. Let's look at Venus opposing the Moon first. This is the maiden vs the mother energy. I am kind of picturing a man coming home from work and a woman opens the front door, the woman he normally associates with motherhood - maybe because she is the mother of his children, maybe because she reminds him of his own mother or maybe because she mothers him - dressed up very sexy and different. So maybe he goes along with it, but maybe he is a bit uneasy with the transformation when he thinks about it later, something about it strikes him as wrong. Or maybe he goes along with it a little too happily and something about that, when she thinks about it later, strikes her as wrong. There is a kind of no-win built in here. On the other hand I have just written a paragraph with a whole lot of 'maybes'. You two could be having cookies and milk wrapped in satin sheets (is there still such a thing) or drinking silky red wine together in your flannels. Or maybe I am totally overthinking this. But you get the idea.

Now Mars opposing the Moon could be a protective energy or it could be an impulse and action toward independence, a tendency to compete, an ability to be self-sufficient. Maybe some kind of security challenge - that's all I'm going to say about that one.

1. Saturn sextile the Sun - this one is in play for a couple days. This transit shows the support of time, the well-weathered relationship, can be looked at fondly. The opportunity (sextile) comes from what is real and has been worked at. We could be ready to commit. I predict lots of engagements today - I hope they are ready to work hard (Saturn) and allow each other to shine (Sun). This is a 'drama-free zone' aspect here. If you got married today, the journey of your marriage would have some challenges, but this wouldn't be one of them. You'd be in it for the long haul (so make sure it is something worth hauling).

This is great energy to give yourself the structure and stability you need. Think about all you have learned over time. Give yourself a pat on the back. You are still here.

xo and Happy Valentine's Day everyone - let's let go of those expectations and appreciate what we have.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 13th - where's that elephant and happy valentine's day

couple by seloart
We are in the season "between eclipses" (the eye of the storm) - that two week period we experience, usually twice a year, when things can change very quickly and energies (and emotions) can be intense. 

This month's eclipses (the next one is February 26th) are continuing some story from the September 2016 eclipse season and also wrapping up the New Moon energy from August 2015. Last week's eclipse launched a new chapter that will conclude with the August eclipse season.

What has "come to light" in your life - usually by way of something being eclipsed out or out of your way?

Seeing the higher perspective with whatever is happening is easier now - there is greater wisdom, and love, available to us. Our ancestors are standing right behind us. How can we translate this month's experiences into a better, happier life?

On Monday, the Virgo Moon is void until 3:43PM EST. We can get a lot of practiced and routine work accomplished. A good day for paperwork. Not a good day to launch something brand new or anything we want to lead to something else. Know distractions might come up and schedules can change.

The Moon is opposing fuzzy Neptune - making this an especially good time for us to be deluding ourselves. So stay grounded and don't bet the farm.

Late in the day Saturn (in Sagittarius) sextiles our Aquarius Sun - this is great energy for steady progress. We could get good advice or assistance from a father-figure or authority-figure.  A serious attitude and work ethic creates stability. Burning the midnight oil could be a good thing. If you can, sleep in Monday and work a later schedule - you will almost certainly get more done.

Some information may come to us now that will be important or resolve in about a week. There could be disappointments, but maybe just delays. Pay attention.

On Valentine's Day, there are a couple smooth aspects and relationships are front and center (actually this energy started Monday night) - does this surprise anyone? Commitments will be made. Gifts will be taken seriously- keep this in mind if you are doing something last minute.

The fly in the ointment is Jupiter's (retrograde in Libra) inconjunct to the wounded healer asteroid Chiron (in Pisces).

Whatever situation Jupiter has us revisiting could be a bit uncomfortable. If something is moving too fast or getting too big too fast we will feel the discomfort of the stretch of that now. 

Problems/weaknesses may come to light around what is out of balance or what is unjust. Situations where we are doing too much or too little need a re-evaluation. Expansion could be tempered (maybe temporarily). A careful assessment of what is growing is needed nowFocus.

The shadow of peace loving Libra is denial so Jupiter is showing us that elephant in the livingroom (now through June) by feeding him peanuts. Lots of peanuts. He is, or soon will be, too big to tuck behind the living room sofa. Yes, even one of those five piece sectionals from Pottery Barn. Whatever the situation it will require ADJUSTMENT.

Question : WHERE'S THAT ELEPHANT? Hints below. Check sun and rising signs.

Aries - this imbalance is about equal partnerships
Taurus - this imbalance is about work or health
Gemini - this imbalance is about self expression
Cancer - this imbalance is about home and family
Leo - this imbalance is about self-expression
Virgo - this imbalance is about love or money
Libra - this imbalance is about you
Scorpio - this imbalance is about stuff that is hidden behind the scenes
Sagittarius - this imbalance is about groups, friendship, something public
Capricorn - this imbalance is about career, public image
Aquarius - this imbalance is about travel, higher ed, legal, relocation, publishing
Pisces - this imbalance is about shared resources, intimacy, loans, taxes, investments

On Thursday, Mars (in Aries) sextiles (opportunity) Mercury (flying through Aquarius this week). It gets easier to walk our talk. Our words and actions are supporting each other. This is good energy to announce something new or hear about it and make things happen with it. Words and news could bring an opportunity with friends, the internet or a group cause. Be assertive. Also the Moon is in deep, dark Scorpio, focusing some of us on other people's resources (partner's income, our loans, taxes, investments), fertility issues, research. Initiate.

On Friday, the Moon goes void at 2:38 pm. There could be some surprising news now (yes, again). This is almost a 24 hour void moon ending with the Moon's move into Sagittarius on Saturday. On Saturday, the Sun moves into Pisces. I'll do a post about this!

Heads up -explosive energy coming next week! xo all

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo | the heart of the lion

lion roar by starkatts

Tonight's Full Moon has everything. 

The Moon, Saturn and Uranus make a Grand Fire Trine. The Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus form a Mystic Rectangle. Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn aspect the Moon while Mercury and Venus are sextile and inconjunct the North Node. And of course, the Moon itself is at 22 degrees Leo and exactly opposing the Sun at 22 degrees Aquarius.

This may be a small eclipse because the Moon barely passes through the Earth's shadow making it barely visible (called pre-numbral) but it is making so many connections with so many energies it is very powerful. MAGICAL. And mostly positive.

Remember what a Full Moon does - something comes to light, something comes to fruition, something reaches its potential, maybe something concludes. It is always a time of Moon opposite Sun. An eclipse can trigger unexpected events - things are one way, the lights go out, and when they come back on things are another way.

It can eclipse something out. Lunar eclipses often bring a focus on relationships.

This Moon is part of a Grand Trine with Saturn (time, structure, work) and Uranus (change, sudden). These energies are working together. Sudden changes and unexpected developments will have a steadying effect. Change stabilizes the situation. 

The Mystic Rectangle is two oppositions (Moon/Sun and Jupiter/Uranus) supported by multiple smooth sextiles and trines. Expansion, sudden challenges, too much/too soon, over-the-top emotions whatever this is if it touches our chart - there are multiple beneficial energies helping us make this all work out smoothly. Focus.

We are working with the Leo/Aquarius polarity - something we are going to be talking about often over the next couple years.

Leo (naturally ruled by the Sun) is asking us to step onto the center stage of our own life - to shine. Leo is that noble lion; generous and heart-centered. At the same time Aquarius is asking us to work for the best outcome for everyone, to stay humble. 

We are asked to release the idea that for us to win - someone else has to lose. This isn't true. We are asked to release the idea that if someone else looks like they have won, that we have lost. That isn't true either. Think about it.

If we want to bring attention to something or to ourselves - we couldn't ask for better energy.

If we are trying to hide something - we couldn't ask for worse.

Whatever happens though there is an excellent chance it will all work out in a positive way ... for all of us.

Even if we are the emperor suddenly shown to be without clothes. Maybe it is our fancy clothes - whatever we are using to separate ourselves from other people - that need to come off. Maybe those suddenly exposed stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite connect us to other people in ways our silks and satins can't. Maybe the stuff we have been hiding is exactly the stuff other people need.

We have to get used to shining. To being exposed. To standing out.

The world needs each of us to be our own hero now. Get over the idea that someone is coming to save you/us. We have to pull ourselves out of that well/onto that rescue boat/over that wall.

We have Saturn to keep all this crazy Uranus/Jupiter energy under control. Note that yesterday a federal appeals court denied (Saturn) the Trump (Uranus) administration's appeal on their travel (Jupiter) ban restoration. This story probably won't totally conclude until August (next Leo/Aquarius eclipse) and neither will our own stories that roar into the spotlight now.

But this is the same energy we are all working with. There are checks and balances. There are forces bigger than our own hands at play here. And everything is working out to all of our benefit in the end; every one of us.

Get out and walk in tonight's Moon. Imagine yourself a lion. Because you are.

xo all

Sun Sextile Uranus | letting your freak flag fly

welcome to the freak show by blacklacefigure
The Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries) now.

This is good excellent energy to start something new!

The Moon is playing nicely with both Venus and Mars and she is waxing (growing) toward tomorrow's Full Moon in Sun ruled- Leo.  

All systems are go for our journey but there is one caveat. The road must be a road we have not traveled before. 

Since both Aquarius (although it rules groups) and Aries can be "go it alone" signs - one being individualistic and one being independent - this first step is likely a step we must take "on our own".

It could take us away from our comfort zone, away from the box, away from our peeps, away from the stuff that feels "safe".

The brave (and unique) girl gets the worm now.

This energy is about following our heart and not the crowd. Opportunities come through the way whatever we are presenting is different from established norms. JUST BE YOURSELF.

Sextiles are subtle energies so small things can lead to big things - the energies can also pass us by. Do something different today - a new route to work, read a book about some subject you are interested in but have never researched, sleep on the other side of the bed - you get the idea.

Or take that big bodacious leap into the unknown ... if not now, when? xo all

Mercury into Aquarius | just the 'alternative' facts, jack

A breezy day by Jana Cleve

Mercury moves into "new and unusual" Aquarius today, where he will hang his hat until February 25th. Having Mercury answering to Aquarius ruler Uranus can feel like a mini Mercury retrograde -

information can get skewed as alternatives are presented, opportunities can come through misunderstandings and sometimes it can feel like entire conversations/communications are nothing more than someone's need to disrupt or dispute (not necessarily a bad thing).

All these things can move our story forward now.

Aquarius is detached. It's often easier to diagnose other people's problems and situations and decide what they "should" do than it is to have an objective eye toward our own life.

That little bit, or lot, of distance between us and them makes it possible to see things with greater clarity. Our take on the situation is less guided by our 'feelings'.

Well, for the next three weeks it will be a little easier to apply this same objectivity to our own story - we can take just a little step back and see our own bigger picture, if we want to. Our compassion can get a bit dulled now though.

Ideas that catch people's attention this month will be ideas that are new and unusual. Innovation will blow in the wind like dandelion seeds in the spring. Keep your mind OPEN. And your hands. Your creative muses will literally be tossing stuff at you. Think outside the box - all the goodies are outside that damn box now. New strategies are needed. "Facts" will be up for discussion.

Conversations and communications can be disruptive.

Expect that people's communications will be more unpredictable and even rebellious. Telling people what to do will not go over so well right now - you say "do this" and they "do that". We won't want to be told what to do either. Keep this in mind.

Disruptive conversations and ideas can also come through the Aquarius or Uranian people (remember what I said about Uranus this year!) in our lives. 

Mercury has some easy aspects this month for those open to something else and those who are not so wedded to their existing ideas and language that the smooth flowing meeting with something NEW would be overlooked.

If we notice the pebbles (tapping on our shoulder) maybe we can avoid the rocks (hitting us in the head). If we notice the niggling idea that something could be done/said/written/presented differently and act on it, well, that difference can make all the difference.

Here's a post from the Shopify blog about Idea Generation.

xo all 

Jupiter Stations Retrograde | where have we been expecting/giving too much?

untitled by lover and the wild
Today, Jupiter begins his four month retrograde, stationing at 22 degrees Libra.

Maybe some push forward has run into a red light or a detour or a ditch.

Remember these are natural cycles we are working with - delays are helpful. Yes, even when we are sitting in the ditch, in the hot sun, with an empty water bottle and need to pee.

Maybe there is something ahead of us on the road we are avoiding. Maybe there is something that needs to fall into place, or catch up with us, or slow down to meet us, before we can move ahead.

Maybe there is something we need to fix. Maybe there is something we need to change - with Jupiter change usually involves Jupiterian themes so we could need more education or more experience with something foreign to us or more open-mindedness or more positivity or more faith.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the space where more is always more. In our world this doesn't always work so well. Stuff that keeps growing and growing and growing is not sustainable. That's what balloons and bubbles do right before they pop, that's what cancer cells do.

This is good energy to look at areas where we are just expecting (or giving) too much. With Jupiter in Libra, the sign that rules other people, this could be an imbalance, or injustice, within our primary (equal) relationships - partners, clients, specialists, competitors. If a return to balance is needed here - events will conspire to create the space for greater balance. Is that picture in our head of how something is "supposed to look" or how someone else is "supposed to act" helping or hurting us?

This is also good energy for improved focus. Imagine Jupiter's expansive energy (in all directions at once) being drawn backward, it creates the perfect vacuum for us to narrow in on that one particular thing. So, that's what we'll do now.

When our boss calls and says our company did not get that big contract we were expecting and belts must be tightened, it becomes very easy for us to focus on what we need to do right now. So that's what we do. Life doesn't stop. We keep moving. But we are moving ahead from this re-grouped space with a focused purpose. This is the energy of Jupiter retrograde. The expansion contracts. And if we are smart and consistent, we are stronger and wiser four months from now when we expand again from a solid, more condensed core.

This is an annual cycle - this year affecting Libra themes (partnerships, relationships, balance, justice) and/or the themes of our natal Libra house? Where is Libra in your natal chart?

Remember all planets have been moving direct for the last month, which is pretty unusual. We have felt this in the collective as GO, GO, GO - it's all been a bit too much hasn't it? Jupiter rules politics, foreign travel, higher education, the big picture, religion - events will conspire to slow things down with these issues so we can re-look at our expectations here.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 6th - eclipse season!

that's when the audience died by linteephelien

We have a busy, active week ahead including the first eclipse of 2017 - something comes to light, culminates or is eclipsed out. The Moon is waxing so great energy to get things done and out there!

On Monday, Jupiter stations retrograde at 22 degrees Libra. Jupiter will be retrograde for four months.

During this time whatever has been expanding in our Libra house (or within our life in the Libra themes of partnership, relationship, balance) slows down. Our focus moves from growth to consolidation. Better to concentrate on one thing than to try to move in five different directions. Patience could be required.

In Libra, this can be good energy for relationship/partnership do-overs (is there someone you need to reach out to?) and do-overs that create balance. We have four months to get this stuff right (not perfect!) before Jupiter moves direct in June because then it will be full steam ahead until Jupiter leaves Libra in mid October. We'll be ready.

The Moon is in Gemini on Monday so there will be conversations, meetings, emails, errands, dealings with siblings and neighbors today.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius until February 25th. Our thinking will be more detached and forward-leaning.

Our Aquarius house is the space in our chart where we have been charged by the universe to do things differently. Mercury in this space can brings news and information that gets our Aquarius house moving.

After a month in serious Capricorn, Mercury (communication, conversation, ideas, information) is more than happy to buzz through revolutionary Aquarius, offering us access to cutting edge ideas and fresh information. Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal - conversations and communications will come through these filters.

The Moon is in Cancer today and not in the best aspect - issues around home, family, mother, real estate, patriotism - could get testy.

On Wednesday, that Cancer Moon hooks into the T-Square with Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) and Uranus (in Aries). This connects our home, family, mother, real estate situation with that partner/relationship do-over or balance do-over and Uranus makes sure whatever is happening is unexpected and surprising. Hold on. There is lots of emotion here.

On Thursday, the Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries). Notice the unusual or  unexpected ideas we attract now and the people we meet. There could be opportunities for us here - pay attention.

On Friday, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo. Something is eclipsed out or comes to light. This eclipse has the same degrees as the February 1998 eclipse if this time period is memorable to anyone. It wraps up whatever came to light in August 2015 and also connects us back to events from mid September 2016. I'll do a post about this later in the week. There's a Grand Fire trine at the Full Moon and it's anchored by steady handed Saturn - hard work will be rewarded. People will be making commitments. I predict many, many Valentine's Day engagements!

This is a big, busy week and eclipses tend to make everyone more emotional (plus we've got Jupiter stationing so things could feel over the top for some of us) - keep this in mind. I'll do some dailies as needed. xo all

Venus into Aries | being brave, loving a challenge, attracting something new

warrior by Grinch7

Today, Venus moves from Pisces (where she has been exalted) into Aries, where she is thought to be in her detriment

(what do you think - does the woman in the photo above look like she is in her detriment?).

Aries Suns and ascendants (first house Aries) become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. Everyone's Aries house becomes more attractive, too.

She'll travel to 13 degrees Aries (by March 4th), station retrograde, reverse course (from our view on Earth) until she gets to 26 degrees Pisces and then station direct on April 15th (yes, the planet that rules our money will be very strong, that whole finger through a flame thing, on tax day). It will take her until June 6th to finally make her way into Taurus. This is a LONG time for Venus to be in Aries and Pisces. Whatever we are dealing with now/or about to be dealing with is going to take a few weeks to unwind itself.

It is long considered 'fact' in astrology that Venus doesn't like being in the "me-first", take no prisoners sign of Aries and answering to Mars. I think this view is certainly skewed by patriarchy.

It's true Venus (love, women, money, resources, values) ruler of Taurus (comfort) and Libra (relationship) can attract what she wants in a less assertive/aggressive manner in other signs, but there are lessons for all of us about stepping into our personal responsibility here.

In Aries, Venus functions best when she puts herself first (and we are heading into the Leo North Node in May, for a couple years, where oxygen mask on ourselves first will move the collective forward). In Aries, women need to be thinking "what's best for me?".

In Aries, Venus is a WARRIOR (and love is a battlefield ... cue Pat Benatar).

With both Venus and Mars in Aries now - we can feel a pull toward something new and a push to take the actions needed to get it/make it happen. In Aries, Venus loves a challenge, so that shiny object just out of reach, could become something like an obsession.

Maybe we'll get it, maybe we won't. Maybe the desire will fizzle out - we have a long retrograde to figure it all out. Whichever way the story evolves, the thing that has grabbed our attention will have re-awakened some part of us that needed to wake up. By April 15th, we'll be in a brand new space in regard to some situation involving our Aries natal house theme and/or some situation Venus rules - love, money, resources, our values - everything money can buy and everything it can't.

Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor and we'd be on to the next thing.

Today is also the day Juno (marriage) moves into Capricorn (serious, commitment) and she is squaring Venus in Aries - so she will be a player in our Venus retrograde story, too. There could be competition or issues around authority or commitment within our relationships. 

Juno in Capricorn represents seasoned relationship (even duty), strengthened by firm rules and commitment. Venus in Aries is fresh and fiercely independent and almost precisely the opposite. 

There is tension between these energies, over the next few weeks, as we figure out what works for us now.

Couples in business together, business relationships, whatever we are committed to and feel a duty toward will be challenged with a wake-up call from something else.

For today and this weekend there is a lovely Taurus Moon (think: comfort, nature) - enjoy it!!

xo all