Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo | the heart of the lion

lion roar by starkatts

Tonight's Full Moon has everything. 

The Moon, Saturn and Uranus make a Grand Fire Trine. The Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus form a Mystic Rectangle. Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn aspect the Moon while Mercury and Venus are sextile and inconjunct the North Node. And of course, the Moon itself is at 22 degrees Leo and exactly opposing the Sun at 22 degrees Aquarius.

This may be a small eclipse because the Moon barely passes through the Earth's shadow making it barely visible (called pre-numbral) but it is making so many connections with so many energies it is very powerful. MAGICAL. And mostly positive.

Remember what a Full Moon does - something comes to light, something comes to fruition, something reaches its potential, maybe something concludes. It is always a time of Moon opposite Sun. An eclipse can trigger unexpected events - things are one way, the lights go out, and when they come back on things are another way.

It can eclipse something out. Lunar eclipses often bring a focus on relationships.

This Moon is part of a Grand Trine with Saturn (time, structure, work) and Uranus (change, sudden). These energies are working together. Sudden changes and unexpected developments will have a steadying effect. Change stabilizes the situation. 

The Mystic Rectangle is two oppositions (Moon/Sun and Jupiter/Uranus) supported by multiple smooth sextiles and trines. Expansion, sudden challenges, too much/too soon, over-the-top emotions whatever this is if it touches our chart - there are multiple beneficial energies helping us make this all work out smoothly. Focus.

We are working with the Leo/Aquarius polarity - something we are going to be talking about often over the next couple years.

Leo (naturally ruled by the Sun) is asking us to step onto the center stage of our own life - to shine. Leo is that noble lion; generous and heart-centered. At the same time Aquarius is asking us to work for the best outcome for everyone, to stay humble. 

We are asked to release the idea that for us to win - someone else has to lose. This isn't true. We are asked to release the idea that if someone else looks like they have won, that we have lost. That isn't true either. Think about it.

If we want to bring attention to something or to ourselves - we couldn't ask for better energy.

If we are trying to hide something - we couldn't ask for worse.

Whatever happens though there is an excellent chance it will all work out in a positive way ... for all of us.

Even if we are the emperor suddenly shown to be without clothes. Maybe it is our fancy clothes - whatever we are using to separate ourselves from other people - that need to come off. Maybe those suddenly exposed stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite connect us to other people in ways our silks and satins can't. Maybe the stuff we have been hiding is exactly the stuff other people need.

We have to get used to shining. To being exposed. To standing out.

The world needs each of us to be our own hero now. Get over the idea that someone is coming to save you/us. We have to pull ourselves out of that well/onto that rescue boat/over that wall.

We have Saturn to keep all this crazy Uranus/Jupiter energy under control. Note that yesterday a federal appeals court denied (Saturn) the Trump (Uranus) administration's appeal on their travel (Jupiter) ban restoration. This story probably won't totally conclude until August (next Leo/Aquarius eclipse) and neither will our own stories that roar into the spotlight now.

But this is the same energy we are all working with. There are checks and balances. There are forces bigger than our own hands at play here. And everything is working out to all of our benefit in the end; every one of us.

Get out and walk in tonight's Moon. Imagine yourself a lion. Because you are.

xo all

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